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Appointment for Contrition, Part 12

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Appointment for Contrition, Part 12
(Cindy and Sister March)

It was Tuesday morning.  At the appointed time, Cindy and her mother Joan, both dressed in their “Truth” gowns, knocked on the church office door.  Cindy was noticeably nervous, in fact her teeth were silently chattering.  Her jitters also infected Joan and the Pastor.

There’s an old saying; “If you wish to know what a girl will look like in 25 years, just look at her mother.”  With that in mind, Pastor Lee looked at Joan with a new interest.  The resemblance between mother and daughter was strong, yet the mother was still quite presentable.  Score one for Cindy!

After the usual preliminaries, Cindy found herself semi-alone with Pastor Lee.  Her mother was visible in the outer office, but outside of earshot.

Cindy knew why she was there, and knew to expect a spanking.  Now an adult, she could have refused, but for many reasons that was unthinkable.  In fact, she wouldn’t have missed this appointment for the world!  Like other Faith Temple kids, she was no stranger to the parental lap.  Yes, Cindy knew the symptoms of pre-spanking jitters well, that buzzing feeling in the stomach, the cringe and tingle in the nether regions, the uneven breathing.  And she was feeling those identical symptoms right now!  Also, that sheer gown worn without undies allowed cool breezes into places where she wasn’t accustomed to feeling them!

But this was more than normal jitters!  Cindy had something to get off her chest, and it would likely make her spanking worse.

Still, a few minutes of small talk with her Pastor had managed to make her temporarily forget her coming spanking.  Gradually the conversation became more serious and more focused onto her childhood behavior.  As the conversation developed, Pastor Lee was struck by the contrast between Nancy and Cindy: While Nancy was beautiful although shallow, Cindy was plain looking, but deep...and honest!  Cindy honestly related several instances where she had seriously misbehaved, but also noted that she had already been punished for most of them. As the conversation continued, she became increasingly pensive.  Pastor Lee knew something was on her mind.  He could see her biting her lip as if she were fighting against some inner conflict.

Finally Lee fell silent, deciding to try leaving the direction of the talk up to Cindy.

Tears appeared in Cindy’s eyes, “So now the spanking?”

Surprised at her directness, and a bit disappointed that she hadn’t spit out whatever was on her mind, Pastor Lee replied, “Yes Cindy, but it shouldn’t be too bad.  This is just sort of an introduction to the Contrition process, and it’s strictly about clearing away any issues of childhood guilt to give you a fresh start into adulthood.  You may even keep your gown on this one time if you wish.  Just lift it up in back.” 

“Pastor Lee,” she sobbed, “I don’t deserve any special favors.  If the normal procedure is to remove the robe, that’s what I’ll do.  You see, I haven’t always been nice to my parents, especially my mother, and I’ve been feeling guilty about that lately.  I would like a chance to apologize to Mom.  After that, please consider giving me a ‘real’ spanking.  Don’t worry, I’m not fragile.”

Pastor Lee felt gratified. It had finally come out!  He wanted to jump up to comfort the girl, but was afraid the gesture might be misconstrued.  Instead, he carefully maintained his professional and slightly stern demeanor.

Watching from the other room, Joan could tell from her daughter’s sudden tears that something had happened, but was otherwise clueless.  Jittery, she watched, wishing that she knew what was happening.  Finally Pastor Lee beckoned, “Joan, I believe that Cindy wishes to tell you something.

Cindy hugged her mother and then haltingly and tearfully apologized for her treatment of her parents.  She had been a trial for a couple years, but they had written her attitude off as teenage angst.  The fact that Cindy had improved recently had only reinforced that notion.

Cindy sobbed it out, “This has been going on for years now.  I guess you gave up trying to change me.  I realized I was wrong a while back and I think I have been a lot better lately, but I caused you and Daddy years of pain.  I’m so sorry.  Now I’ve figured out a way to show that I’m sorry, a way to show Contrition and to accept a real consequence.  I’ve asked Pastor Lee for a real spanking, not the halfway spanking he had planned.”

Pastor Lee looked at Joan questioningly.  It was obvious he hadn’t yet made up his mind, so Joan gave her opinion, “Cathy has a good head on her shoulders.  If she asked you for a punishment, it’s because she believes she needs it.”

Lee sat at his desk for a moment of prayer and contemplation as the two ladies looked on nervously.  Finally he looked in Cindy’s eyes and asked, “Cindy, are you truly contrite, truly ready for change and truly ready to accept your consequence?”

Wide-eyed and wet-eyed, Cindy nodded agreement.

“Tell me what the removal of your gown symbolizes.”

She sobbed it out, “Sir, it means that there is nothing hidden.  It means that I have told the complete truth, confessed everything, and that I have given up all control and  am ready to fully accept my consequence, whatever it may be.”

“That’s a good answer Cindy,” he said in a kind voice, “That’s why we call it a ‘Truth Gown’.  You seem to understand everything well, so please remove your gown.  Fold it up neatly and place it on my desk.

Pastor Lee wouldn’t have been human if he hadn’t been interested in the sight.  He sat back to watch the total unveiling of a young lady who at least theoretically could become his wife.  He had instructed her to neatly fold the robe because it would keep her mind and her hands occupied to help her through those first few mortifying moments of her exposure.

Although he tried to maintain his professional veneer, Pastor Lee didn’t miss any of Cindy’s movements as she obeyed his orders.  In an instinctive gesture that Lee had seen many times before, Cindy turned her back to him before lifting the gown over her head.  This served to delay Cindy’s frontal unveiling for a few precious seconds, but it simultaneously showcased the Pastor’s favorite part of the God-given female anatomy.  He found Cindy’s bottom well worth looking at!  With the gown off and folded, Cindy was left with no choice but to turn around so that she could place it on the Pastor’s desk as he had ordered.  Pastor Lee found this new view of Cindy’s body surprisingly comely.

When referring to the female body, the terms “full-figured” or “big boned” are usually code meaning “fat”.  Yes, Cindy was full in the bust, hip, bottom & thighs, but her relatively flat stomach proved that little of her bulk was fat.  Her full but gravity-defying breasts also attested to her basic leanness.  His eyes were drawn down to her neatly-trimmed triangle.  From there, his eyes naturally went to her sturdy but definitely feminine thighs.  These thighs might never walk a model’s catwalk, but he found them strangely enticing.  These were padded thighs that would someday pleasure a man in upholstered comfort, sturdy thighs that would later bear that man’s babies with a minimum of fuss.  Suddenly he had a thought.  That man could be himself!          

With almost a physical effort, Lee pulled himself back to the task at hand.  He pointed to a chair, “Cindy, move that chair to the center of the room for us.”

Her mind clogged with a jumble of conflicting emotions, Cindy stood nude and dumb in front of her Pastor and her mother.  He had to repeat the order twice, but finally she managed to process it enough to obey.  She stared at the chair, imagining what would happen there momentarily.  Her bottom clenched, and she found herself with her hands covering her buttocks like a child.  She blushed when she realized what she was doing.  Her mother smiled thinly at the sight.

To her, Pastor Lee seemed to float across the room.  She looked at his hands, and saw no implements.  With vague relief she realized this would only be a hand spanking.  The next thing she knew, he was in the chair with a pillow across his lap.  It’s odd that she noticed the pillow because automatically she stood in front of him and his eyes had instantly captured hers.   She knew that this was some sort of pre-spanking lecture, but her brain had trouble locking on to his words, so she just caught the occasional phrase, “...your childhood sins...honor your parents...hard spanking...”

Her mind spun.  Did he really say “hard spanking”? 

She managed to process a few more of his words, “...OK to cry...only God and us will hear are a good person, but this will make you better...”

She didn’t remember being told to lay across his lap, but suddenly that’s where she was!

There were a few more words after that, all totally wasted on her fuzzed-out brain.  Somebody in the room was sobbing, vaguely she realized it was herself.

Then Cindy heard the distant sounds of a spanking.  Quickly those sounds became very personal, because her brain processed a sudden sting on her nether parts.   Her head cleared somewhat as the pain burned away her mental fog.  No stranger to the parental lap, Cindy would try to be “good” for at least this first part of her spanking.  Later she wouldn’t be able to keep herself from thrashing or even struggling, but for now she simply tried to absorb the bare-bottom punishment.

Joan watched as her daughter weathered those first spanks.  Naturally, she had spanked Cindy herself, and had seen her spanked across her father’s lap several times.  But this was quite different!  She was proud of her daughter!  Proud of her honesty in confessing to the Pastor what was really on her mind, proud of her for realizing that she needed this spanking, and for being brave enough to say so.  No prude, she realized that part of Cindy’s motivation might be to attract the young Pastor.  She didn’t mind, because she knew that the issues Cindy had raised were real, and knew that this spanking would clear her mind of them.  Besides, Joan would love to have Pastor Lee for a son-in-law!

Although Joan would never tell Cindy nor anyone else besides her husband, she had once visited Pastor Lee’s lap.  So she knew first-hand what was in store for her daughter.  That spanking had cleared up some old issues for Joan and greatly improved her marriage.  Now it was Cindy’s turn.

Looking down at Cindy’s bottom, Pastor Lee was once again struck by the differences between her and Nancy.  The first thing he noticed as Cindy laid her bare body across his lap was the difference in weight.  Cindy weighed as much as the more mature ladies he usually spanked, while Nancy had seemed to float.  However, that extra weight translated into a much more substantial and spankable bottom!  Where Nancy’s rear view featured gaps between her buttocks and thighs, Cindy’s bottom was more normal.  Cindy’s tight cleft and touching thighs would hide her most private parts until her legs started thrashing later in her spanking.

Over the months, Pastor Lee had perfected his spanking technique.  The final result was something between Sister March’s direct approach, and Reverend Februs’s “question and answer” technique.  He spanked Cindy’s in waves.  Waves of spanks that gradually increased in frequency and amplitude, punctuated by occasional pauses so he could question or lecture her about the reason for the punishment.

For Cindy, the first “wave” consisted of mere buttock-pinkening ripples which she endured with barely a wriggle.   

The next “wave” of spanking was more like small whitecaps on a windswept lake.  She tried to remain steady and quiet under the onslaught, but her bottom developed a noticeable wriggle, she crossed her ankles to try to hold her legs still.  Sobs and gasps escaped her lips as Pastor Lee spanked her bottom, thighs and hips to an even shade of shocking pink.

It was the third “wave” of spanks that finally mastered Cindy.  Her last intelligible words before she sank into that special incoherence of the seriously spanked were, “I’m sorreeee momeee, really sorreee!”  From there, she lost all control of the situation.  In spite of herself, she squealed, wailed and shrieked.  It took most of Pastor Lee’s strength to hold her torso in place, but her legs kicked and splayed freely.  This not only displayed her wares to the interested eyes of the young Pastor, it gave him fleeting opportunities to spank her tender inner thighs, opportunities he seldom missed.

He paused one last time to allow her to catch her breath and gather her wits a bit.  He spoke gently, reminding her of the purpose of the spanking.  Then he finally said, “OK Cindy, let’s finish this.  This will be the worst part, but then it will be over and all will be forgiven.”

Those words hadn’t yet sunk into Cindy’s spank-addled brain when the last “wave” of spanks hit.  These were like big surf rollers, twice as hard as anything that preceded them.  Cindy screamed “Nooooooo”, she kicked and struggled at first, but then quickly gave up the fight, meekly absorbing the last of her punishment.

Held safely in her Pastor’s lap, Cindy expressed her pain, and her relief with a final torrent of bitter sobs.  When her sobs finally slowed, Pastor Lee carefully, experimentally, helped the naked, red-bottomed, wet-faced girl to her feet.  He held her until he was sure that she was steady on her feet, and then carefully released her.

With ideas of modesty and embarrassment long forgotten, she did an impressive spank dance / ass rub before finally collapsing in her mother’s arms for a last cry.  Then Joan said exactly the right thing, “Your father and I forgive you for everything that happened in your childhood Cindy.  Now, going forward, we’ll work out a new relationship.  We will still be your parents, still love you and still support you, but we will relate to you as an adult.”

“Thank you mom” Cindy sobbed.

As Pastor Lee looked on in satisfaction, mother and daughter continued to embrace as they shared a cleansing cry. 

Finally it was all over.  The ladies washed each other’s faces from the Pastor’s tiny lavatory, and then Cindy finally thought to cover her nakedness.  After a brief benediction and a scheduling of Cindy’s next Contrition appointment, mother and daughter both profusely thanked Pastor Lee before leaving arm-in-arm.

That evening, for the first time ever, Cindy featured prominently in Pastor Lee’s bedtime fantasy. Score one for Cindy!


Since Pastor Lee rented a room in Sister March’s home, she was the only Lady’s Circle member who wasn’t required to appear in his office for Contrition Appointments.  Instead, Sister March would don her “truth robe” and they would meet in her living room.  It was at her latest such meeting that she had appeared with her eyes downcast.  She got it off her chest quickly.  “I think you need to spank me Pastor Lee.” 

It was surprisingly hard to worm the details out of her.  She seemed terribly embarrassed, but he quickly figured out that it had something to do with sexual activity between her and her boyfriend, Henry. 

“Henry and I are getting very close,” she said, “You may even hear an engagement announcement soon”.

Pastor Lee knew Henry well, and had great respect for him.  He was a church member, a retired police Sergeant and a widower.

With a world-class blush, she finally described the “sexual activity” between her and Henry.  It turned out to be little more than nudity and heavy petting.  

Pastor Lee tried to put her mind at ease, “You’ve done nothing wrong.  I would be worried about any couple who were discussing marriage yet hadn’t shared a few intimacies in private.

“Then why do I feel so guilty?” She sobbed.

“Perhaps you are feeling some guilt from your first marriage, and perhaps you are receiving some bad vibes from your grown children.  But you married Albert until ‘death do you part.’ Albert has gone to be with his Lord, so that obligation is behind you now.  You are totally free to have a new life with another man and your children simply must get used to it.”

“OK” she said, not entirely mollified, “If what Henry and I have done isn’t a sin, then where is the dividing line?”

Lee thought carefully before answering, “If you ask ten different Pastors, you will get ten different answers, but the answer is actually within you and Henry.  The apostle Paul gives us the best advice. In his first letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 7, verse 18, he says ‘Don't be immoral in matters of sex. This is a sin against your own body in a way that no other sin is.”

Sister March frowned, “But that doesn’t really tell us anything, where is the dividing line between moral and immoral behavior?”

“Sister March, that’s something to be decided between you and Henry.  Regardless of what some think, the Bible offers us no clear bright line.  You two must decide your limits together, and then stick to them.  But there is no reason why you two shouldn’t have the happiness of at least some intimacies.  You two should explore those and many other things before you commit to spending the rest of your lives together.” 

Seeing that Sister March still wasn’t totally convinced that she shouldn’t feel guilty, he left her with one final thought.  “Your Pastor can’t spank you for this because you have committed no sin nor done anything to hurt anyone.  Think on it for a couple days.  If you still have emotions you can’t shake after that time, then I will give you a spanking that hopefully will help you release those bad emotions.  But I would do it as your friend, not your Pastor.”

Sister March furrowed her brow in thought, but then Pastor Lee got an inspired idea, “I have an even better idea if you truly need that spanking.  I know a certain retired police sergeant with several grown kids.  I’m sure he knows how to spank and could do that job perfectly well.  Besides, he has already seen your bare bottom!

Sister March blushed prettily at that slightly ribald suggestion.  But Pastor Lee noted that she didn’t say “No.”    


That night Pastor Lee retired to his room feeling that he had done a good job with Sister March.  Her courtship with Henry was progressing nicely.  He hoped to have the privilege of uniting them in matrimony soon.

But then, as usual, his thoughts went to Nancy and Cindy.  He had been squiring them around town at every opportunity, usually to functions at other churches.  He hadn’t settled on either one just yet, so he was dating them alternately, acting as impartial as possible and making no promises.  He knew that he wouldn’t be able to get away with that for long!
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