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Appointment For Contrition, Part 13

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                                         Appointment For Contrition, Part 13

It was a wonderful problem to have, but it was still a very real problem.  Pastor Lee had two wonderful young ladies to choose from.  He wasn’t the only eligible bachelor in town, so it was a situation that couldn’t last forever.  Both girls had recently been confirmed in the church, which made them full adults.  Both were available, and seemed quite interested in him.  Since their confirmation, he had been dating both Nancy and Cindy and doing his best to remain neutral and chaste, but that couldn’t go on much longer!  Soon he must concentrate his energies on one or the other.  Either Nancy or Cindy might make a great wife for the young Pastor, but they were very different girls!

Nancy was frankly beautiful.  Just having her on his arm fed his ego in a very deep way.  His nighttime sexual fantasies often featured Nancy’s shapely body pressed against him. 

Nancy was a personable and memorable person.  That might make her a good fund-raiser for the church, but beyond that she had no special talents that would help him with his pastoral duties.  Further, Nancy was a fairly shallow person.  Once one got beyond the excitement of her body and the lure of her smile, there really wasn’t much left.

Cindy, though far from ugly, was so plain that most men would never notice her in a crowd.  Her body was short, solid, and big-boned.  However, while Nancy was shallow, Cindy was deep.  Cindy was a natural organizer, a natural teacher, and a fair musician.  In short, she had much to offer in terms of helping a Pastor run a church.  Also, Lee loved to spend hours just talking to her.  She was intelligent, funny, and well-read.

In short, Cindy appealed to Pastor Lee’s heart and soul, while Nancy appealed to his ego and his groin.  It was difficult for all concerned, but his advances on either young lady hadn’t yet gone beyond a chaste hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Until he was ready to commit, it felt immoral to take advantage of them.  Besides, the whole congregation was watching!

Both young ladies showed up dependably for their weekly Contrition appointments.  They each coordinated with Sister March so that they always had their required chaperone.  He hadn’t had any reason to spank either lady again, so the appointments involved just talking and prayer.  As before, Nancy was reluctant to discuss anything deep.  Pastor Lee felt that he was making slow progress with her.  His talks with her were generally uninspiring, but he loved the scenery!  Although he scheduled an hour for each appointment, Nancy always required much less time.  She simply had little to say.

Cindy’s appointments were totally different, and the Pastor always looked forward to them.  She would honestly discuss her behavior over the week so that she and the Pastor could evaluate it together.  Often their conversations branched off into philosophy, current events, religion, or any of thousands of other possible directions.  Because their conversations often ran past the allotted time, he always made sure to keep the following hour open to allow extra time. 

As a Pastor, Lee had no doubt which choice he should make.  Affairs of the heart and soul should always take precedence over affairs of the groin!  Still, a virile young man lived inside Pastor Lee’s body.  That horny fellow was having trouble giving up on the decorative and nubile Nancy.


Meanwhile, Sister March’s courtship with Henry, another church member, was coming along famously.  At Pastor Lee’s suggestion, Sister March and Henry had shared a long talk about “limits”.  Although, pregnancy wasn’t an issue at their age, they still chose to set their “limit” at something less that actual coitus.  Still, that left many sensual delights “on the table” for them to enjoy together. 

Sister March also took another of Pastor Lee’s suggestions, although he had made it half in jest.  She had put herself across Henry’s lap for a moderately serious bare-bottom spanking.  That spanking had triggered a cleansing crying jag, and a release of her pent-up emotions.  After that, her lingering irrational guilt over her new relationship became a thing of the past.  Also, that spanking and the necessary aftercare had brought the two even closer together.  It wouldn’t be Sister March’s last bare-bottom trip across Henry’s lap, not by a long shot!                 

Sister March needed a confidant, but had no close female friends in the church.  So Pastor Lee, her closest friend (beyond Henry) served as a convenient and trustworthy sounding board.  As a result he heard more about their intimate life than he really wished to know!  This only served to increase his frustration level with the current state of his own personal life.     

It surprised nobody when Henry and Sister March announced their engagement.  Sister March made it clear that she intended to live with Henry after their marriage, and that her present house would become Faith Temple’s new parsonage. 

Pastor Lee would soon have his own house, now all he needed was a wife!   


Nancy was a person who usually got her way, especially where males were involved.  Her smile and her attractiveness made them all putty in her hands!  She knew that the Pastor was proceeding slowly, but felt confident that she would prevail in the end.  She believed that time was on her side.  Besides, she had no lack of potential male suitors.  She dated other men on a regular basis and made sure that Pastor Lee heard about it!  She figured that jealously would eventually have its effect.  Sure enough!  The young Pastor secretly hated to see her with other men.  Of course, he couldn’t say anything until/unless he finally declared himself to her.     

Unfortunately, Cindy had no other immediate prospects.  Although she took pains to not let it show, Pastor Lee’s inaction was wearing very thin on her.  Like everyone else, she assumed that she wasn’t the “front runner”, but she retained a bit of hope.  As time went on, she began to see opportunity slipping away from her.  Quietly, she became desperate.  She had to do something to “upset the applecart”.

So Cindy’s plan was born from a combination of desperation and impatience.  Like most plans born from desperation and impatience, it wasn’t a very good one!  In fact, it wasn’t even a complete plan.  Cindy hoped to figure things out as she went along!   

Her plan started out very simply.  She scheduled her usual Tuesday morning Contrition appointment, but neglected to call Sister March to chaperone the meeting.  That would put her alone with Pastor Lee.  Once alone with Pastor Lee she would...  Well, she didn’t know what she would do, but something would occur to her!  Something that would  “upset the applecart”.

Her plan went a bit awry when Sister March noticed that she hadn’t received a call from Cindy.  She found Cindy after church that Sunday and asked if her Contrition appointment would be at the normal time.  Cindy was forced to lie!  She explained that she had a special class that day and would have to reschedule her meeting.  That explanation seemed to satisfy the lady, who asked to be notified when the new appointment was set.  Therefore, Cindy thought nothing more of it. 

For some reason, it never occurred to Cindy that since Pastor Lee roomed in Sister March’s house, it would be trivial for them to compare notes.


The next Tuesday morning, Cindy was dressed in her “truth gown” and standing outside Pastor Lee’s office.  Even though it was cool in the empty church, she was sweating.  What was she going to say to him?  Should she demand that he choose between her and Nancy?  If so, would she like the choice he made?  Perhaps she should simply declare her love for him?  What was she going to say when he asked her why she didn’t have a chaperone? Would she lie to him?  Lie whilst wearing her “truth gown”?  Tell a lie at a Contrition appointment?  That was unthinkable! 

The more she thought of it, the more stupid she felt.  She belatedly realized that there was no way she would get through this meeting without being spanked!  Oh well!  At least the Pastor would see her naked body again and perhaps be reminded that she is a female! 

Before she could change her mind, she reached out and knocked.  The die was cast!  She heard Pastor Lee’s voice, “Enter!”


Shaking a bit, she opened the door and walked in, closing it behind her.  Pastor Lee looked straight into her eyes as if he could peer straight through her.  Normally he would jump up to greet her, but today he just sat there and pinioned her with his gaze.  The silence seemed to fill the whole room.  It was then that she saw movement in her peripheral vision.  With an effort, she tore her eyes away from his and looked to her right.  There was Sister March!  The look on Sister March’s face was unreadable, but Cindy knew immediately that her plan was a shambles.  Her knees felt weak, the waterworks started!

Finally the Pastor spoke, “Cindy you are wearing your truth gown and this is a Contrition appointment, so this is no place for games.  We all know that you lied to Sister March, so sit down and honestly tell us exactly what’s going on.” 

The problem was that Cindy wasn’t sure herself!  She had never concocted a complete plan.  Finally she gave the best answer she could. “I just know that I wanted to be alone with you, even if it got me spanked.  I...I don’t want to lose you to someone else.”

He replied, “Cindy, our chaperone requirement is to protect the church, as well as to protect you and I personally, from damaging loose talk.  That rule was made for a good reason, and you were totally wrong to try to circumvent it.  Also, lying is terrible for relationships, that’s why our God has commanded us not to lie!   You do know your commandments, right?”

At this, Cindy broke down into sobs, “Yes Pastor, I know it’s wrong to lie.  I’m so sorry Sister March!”

For the next few minutes, the talk became a bit more normal for a Contrition appointment, except that Sister March remained in the room, rather than sitting in the outer office as usual.

Finally Pastor Lee came to the pre-spanking words that she had heard once before, “And so Cindy, are you truly contrite, truly ready for change and truly ready to accept your consequence?”

Her heart rate accelerated, sweat appeared on her brow and her eyes generated fresh tears as she imagined herself naked across his lap, “Yes Pastor Lee, I’m so sorry, and I’m ready to accept my consequence.”

He spoke firmly, “As it turns out Cindy, Sister March and I have already discussed your consequence.”  As he talked, he opened a desk drawer, produced a paddle, and laid it dramatically on the desk.  Cindy bit her lip, but didn’t object. 

Looking her in the eye, he continued, “Place a chair in the middle of the room Cindy.”

With a sniffle, Cindy obeyed, and then automatically reached for the hem of her white truth gown. 

Pastor Lee stopped her, “No Cindy, you will remove that after I step out of the room.  You lied to Sister March, so she will carry out your punishment.  You will apologize to her, and then hand her the paddle and ask her to punish you with it.  I expect you to cooperate with your punishment as much as possible.”  

“But-but,” Cindy stuttered, “why can’t you do it?”

Pastor Lee interrupted, “That’s not how it works Cindy.  You don’t get to choose your punishment or who does it.  If you are truly contrite, and truly seeking forgiveness and inner peace, you will relinquish control and trust that you will receive a fair punishment.”

Cindy choked back her response, and nodded. 

Pastor Lee gave her a quick and impulsive hug, and then left, leaving her alone with Sister March, who had occupied the chair that Cindy had placed. 

“I...I’ve messed up everything,” Cindy sobbed, ”Now he doesn’t even want to be in the same room with me.”

“I don’t think it’s that at all,” Sister March said soothingly, “I think he doesn’t feel right being in the room while your robe is off.”

“But why not?” Cindy sobbed, “He’s done it before.” 

“I have a theory, but it’s only a theory” The lady cautioned.

“What is it?”

“I suspect he has feelings for you, so it doesn’t feel right to him to be in the room when you disrobe.”

Hurriedly, Sister March explained, “I don’t want to get your hopes up honey.  That’s only my opinion.  I don’t really know what he’s thinking.”

“And,” she continued in a motherly tone, “you really do deserve this spanking.”

Cindy allowed herself a bit of hope as she went through the ritual of preparing for her punishment.  She removed her gown, folded it, and laid it on the desk next to the paddle.  She picked up the paddle and faced Faith Temple’s matriarch.  The look in the Sister March’s face was determined, but not totally unkind.

The situation was embarrassing for Cindy, standing in front of this lady whom she had lied to. Embarrassing because she was naked, embarrassing because she had lied and was about to get spanked, but mostly embarrassing because she felt like a naughty little girl! 

Sister March also found the situation uncomfortable.  Cindy certainly deserved to be corrected, yet this whole incident somehow had to do with Pastor Lee’s love life.  Was she really helping by being here?  ‘Yes,’ she decided, ‘This young lady really does need a spanking!’

Dutifully yet meaningfully, and with tears in her eyes, Cindy apologized, handed the paddle to Sister March and asked for her consequence.               

How hard should it be? Sister March asked.

The question brought a new deluge of tears, but finally Cindy managed an answer, “H-hard; until I’m red and crying hard.  Until you’re sure I’ve had a fair consequence and learned my lesson.”

Touched by her honest answer, Sister March stood and hugged Cindy, allowing the girl to cry into her shoulder.   Finally she sat and patted her lap meaningfully.  Obediently, Cindy put herself into position and allowed her bottom to be guided into the perfect position for her chastisement. 

Sister March and the Pastor had discussed this; Cindy’s punishment would be firm and memorable, but not harsh.  Sister March was no weakling, and could have done a perfectly good job with just her hand, so the main reason for the paddle today was psychology.  But also for psychological reasons, she started the punishment out with a “bang”.

The matriarch lifted the paddle high and then quickly brought it down hard three times on each cheek.  Cindy shrieked and struggled.  Satisfied that she had gotten off to a good start, she tucked the paddle behind her for later use.

Then Sister March masterfully applied a firm, leisurely and memorable hand spanking.  By the time it was over, every spankable part of Cindy’s bottom and thighs was bright red, and poor Cindy was exhausted and winded from struggling and howling.


Outside the office, Pastor Lee listened to the spanking and did some deep thinking.  There were many thoughts running through his head, some conflicting with each other.

On one layer, his thoughts were downright randy.  He couldn’t help but visualize Cindy naked across Sister March’s lap.  Her bottom would be bouncing, jiggling and coloring.  Her legs would be thrashing, flashing intriguing glimpses of the promised land!

On another layer, he felt guilt.  Guilt because Sister March was doing his job for him, and guilt because his actions had apparently pushed Cindy into her lie.  For the first time, he thought that perhaps the Catholics had it right.  His sex life certainly seemed to be interfering with his pastoral duties.  Would celibacy be better?

Then he pushed all those thoughts aside and just thought about Cindy.  Whatever the rest of us think, God was a very real and personal concept to Pastor Lee!  He realized now what God wanted him to do about Cindy, and he realized that there had always been only one logical path open to him.

With the big decision finally made, Pastor Lee felt much better.

He heard a sudden silence inside his office, but knew that Cindy’s punishment wasn’t quite finished.


Dimly, Cindy realized that Sister March had stopped spanking her.  From miles away, she heard the lady’s voice.  It was nearly drowned out by cries, finally she figured out that it was she who was crying.  She struggled to control her sobs so she could hear, “Cindy we’re not done yet, but get up so I can reposition you.”  

It took a few moments for Cindy to get control of herself, but finally she pushed herself off of the matriarch’s lap and wobbled to her feet.  Her hands went automatically to her livid buttocks, and the inevitable “spank dance” began.  Gently, Sister March took her wrists, guided her between her legs, and then urged her over her left knee.  Soon Cindy found herself totally restrained, her right hand firmly held in the small of her back, and with Sister March’s substantial right leg pinning her legs.

“Let’s finish this Cindy,” Sister March said in a gentle voice as she reached behind her to retrieve the paddle. 

Before Cindy had a chance to respond, her already tender bottom felt the first kiss of the paddle as it slammed onto her right buttock. 

Sister March saw no reason to prolong it, so she delivered the final paddling quickly as poor Cindy bucked and shrieked.


On the other side of the door, Pastor Lee shed a few tears as he heard Cindy’s distress.  He knew that he couldn’t play favorites.  Cindy had lied, and so she must receive an appropriate consequence.  Still, it was hard for the Pastor to resist the impulse to barge into his own office and stop Cindy’s spanking.

Finally it was over.

A few minutes later, Cindy was still sobbing loudly, but he heard Sister March’s voice call him back into his office.

He found Cindy rubbing her bottom through her truth gown, and with tears streaming down her cheeks.  “I’m sorry Pastor Lee, really sorry,” she sobbed.

He took her in his arms, “I’m also sorry Cindy, but lying is always a bad idea.”

“Yes I know,” she blubbered, “I guess I’ve messed everything up now.”   

“I don’t know about that Cindy,” he said with a hint of a smile.  “After that spanking do you still wish to be alone with me?”  



“Are you really going to make me say it?” She asked.

“Well,” the Pastor replied, “You are wearing your truth gown.  Why don’t you just say what’s on your mind?”

Her mind a blur, she choked out the words that she really had wanted to hear from him, “I - I love you, I want to be with you.”    

His reply was simple, “Me too.”

Cindy couldn’t believe her ears, “Do you mean...?”

“Yes Cindy, I love you.  I’ve loved you for several weeks now.  It just took me a while to figure it out.”

He turned to Sister March.  “Sister March?  I don’t think anyone would object to a Pastor spending a reasonable amount of time alone with his fiance do you?    

Guessing where this conversation was going, the old lady wiped a tear from her eye.  “No Pastor Lee, I don’t think there is a thing wrong with that.  In fact, I’m alone with Henry all the time.”

“That’s what I thought.” Pastor Lee said in a purposeful tone of voice. “So we just need to change Cindy’s status.”

He released Cindy from his arms, but not his gaze.  He took her hands before bending down on one knee.  Finally understanding what was happening, Cindy looked at him in shock, her throbbing bottom forgotten.  New tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Cindy? Will you marry me?” 


A few busy, arousing  and memorable weeks later, they were married.  It was a  huge event in the town.  In a double ceremony presided over by Reverend Februs, two couples started their new lives together.  

Naturally, Cindy and Pastor Lee had had their own talk about “limits”.  The evening of their marriage, following a tingly and mutually arousing play spanking, Cindy happily relinquished her virginity to her new husband. 

At few blocks away, a similar scene played out in Henry’s bedroom, where he and Sister March were enjoying their first night as man and wife.   

© Guyspencer 2013


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This was a wonderful series. I have an active imagination and can plot stories but I am a poor fiction writer.
The imagination to create this series was beyond me. Thanks for posting this.

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