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Their First Time

© Guyspencer 2013
Their First Time

She asked it in a small voice, dreading the answer, “So you’re really going to spank me?”


Her heart rate accelerated. 

Reluctantly, she asked the next logical question, “When?” 

He had expected an objection, and hadn’t really considered “when”, so he hesitated before answering, “I think Friday evening would be best.  You would probably like to get it over sooner, but you sit at a desk all day and I don’t want you working with a sore bottom.  So Friday will give your bottom the whole weekend to recover.  After all, we’ve never done this before.”

She apologized one more time, “I’m sorry honey, really sorry.  I don’t know what got into me.  I’ll make it up to you somehow.”

He shrugged.  “Make up $800?  I don’t see how Jane.  But don’t worry, after your spanking all will be forgiven.  Just don’t gripe about the belt-tightening to pay off that credit card bill you ran up.  It’ll be painful for both of us, but that’s not punishment, it’s just what it’ll take to get us out of this $800 financial hole.  It’s going to hurt, but are you with me on this?”      

She put her arms around him, “It sucks that you must share the pain for something I did, but honest honey, I won’t gripe.  If I do, then you have my permission to spank me again.”

Working together, they made the painful decisions.  The worst was canceling the long weekend they had planned in Orlando along with the Cirque du Soleil tickets they had saved to buy.  Instead, they would substitute a far cheaper weekend of hiking and togetherness.  The money they had saved towards that weekend would go towards the credit card bill she had ran up.  After that, they would just have to cut out all frills and eat cheaply for a few weeks until they eliminated their card balance. 


Many would say that theirs wasn’t a logical match.  She was a “free spirit”, a fun person who tended towards impulsiveness.  In contrast, he was staid, practical and cautious.  It was that impulsiveness that had led her to run up a credit card balance over $10,000 before she and Sam had even met.  But the truth was that their “yin and yang” personalities perfectly complemented each other.  With Jane around, Sam’s life would never be dull.  But Sam introduced the order and discipline that Jane needed to keep from making a shambles of her life.

Their courtship had been quick and torrid, but Sam had insisted they delay their marriage to live with their respective parents until they had paid off Jane’s credit card balance and built up a small nest egg to set them up in an apartment.  That delay had been difficult and sexually frustrating for the couple, but they both agreed that it had been worth it.

Both Sam and Jane were newly-graduated professionals, so they each faced a period of “dues paying” before they could hope to earn decent paychecks.  Therefore, their first few married years would be lean.  So they had agreed to some financial rules, rules that they both had honored until just recently.

It was Jane’s parents who had brought up the subject of spanking and had even provided the couple with links to the Spencer plan.  Always impulsive, Jane had required regular spankings throughout her youth.  Her last trip across her father’s knee had been a mere two weeks before her wedding, so Jane’s parents rightly assumed that marriage would do little to change her occasional need for discipline.  But now that duty would be Sam’s.

Like mother, like daughter!  It was a truly awkward moment.  One evening, with a red face, Jane’s mother revealed a family secret.  She had signed a spanking agreement shortly after her marriage, and had done it for much the same reason that she believed Jane needed one now.  She said it had probably saved their marriage.  Yes, even at this age Jane’s mother still required the occasional spanking.  Not surprisingly, Jane was shocked!            

Sam hardly knew what to say about the idea.  He had always felt a strange thrill when he happened to see a picture of a spanking, but his thinking had never progressed beyond that.  At first Sam and Jane kept an uneasy silence about the issue.  It was Jane, at her mother’s insistence, who finally resolved the issue.  Over a cup of coffee, she told Sam that she was finally convinced. She was ready to sign a spanking agreement with one proviso, it wouldn’t be a one-way arrangement like her parents had.   In the interest of fairness, their spanking agreement must be fully mutual!

So it was done.  However, over the euphoric first months of their marriage their agreement had been nearly forgotten.  Forgotten that is, until Jane had impulsively made that $800 credit card purchase!             


As they had been discussing their options and working out their payment plan, Jane had been thinking, thinking guilty thoughts.  She saw Sam’s point about delaying her spanking, and appreciated his thoughtfulness because sitting on a bruised bottom at her office would be a miserable experience.  Still, she wanted something to take the edge off of her guilt.  She knew what “that something” would need to be, but was afraid to suggest it to Sam.  Finally she decided to “go for it”.

“Sam,” she said, “You’ve never spanked anyone before have you?”

“No Honey, but I think I can learn.”

“I’m sure you can Sam, but delivering the hard spanking I deserve might not be the best way to start.”

Sam looked at her strangely, “Are you suggesting I ask your father to spank you?”

“Oh no!” She said quickly.  “It’s just that there is something I did that you haven’t mentioned yet.  I deserve to be spanked for it, but hopefully just a good red bottom would do for a punishment, not the $800 blistering I deserve for that other thing.  It would be good practice for you.”

Now she had his full attention, “Explain please.”

So she did, “I went to the closeout sale at the dress shop and blew $800 on nonreturnable merchandise.  So we both agree that I deserve to have my bottom blistered for that.”

Still wondering where this was going, Sam nodded.

“But I lied to you about where I was that day.  When you asked me why I was late getting home, I told you that I had a late meeting at the office, when actually I was at that dress shop’s ‘going out of business’ sale.  I lied to you Sam.”

Recognition dawned in Sam’s eyes.

She finished her thought with a bit of wetness showing in her eyes.  “And so you get to do your practice spanking, while I get to show you how sorry I am and perhaps lose some of this guilt I’m feeling.”

Sam hugged her, and then held her at arms length so he could look into her eyes.  “That makes perfect sense to me, but how will I know when to stop?  I don’t want to bruise your bottom.  You need to work tomorrow.”

“Sam,” she said, “the bigger danger is that you will stop too soon.  My bottom will turn red very quickly.  Just because it’s red, doesn’t mean it’s bruised, so don’t let the color scare you.  I’ll try to stay still and quiet as long as I can, and just absorb your spanks.  When I’m finally crying, squealing, kicking and wriggling, you’ll know that you are really getting through to me, but you need to go a bit beyond that point.  I trust you to recognize the proper time to stop.”


That’s when it really hit me.  I was about to lay my bare bottom across my husband’s lap and allow him to spank me to tears for the first time ever!  It was really going to happen!  I guess it hit him too, because suddenly we were in a hard clinch.  I could feel his heart beating, and doubtless he could feel mine.  I sobbed for a bit and then finally asked, “Sir? Would you like me to prepare myself or do you wish to do it?”

We both knew that I would be naked for this spanking because we had thoughtfully spelled that detail out in our spanking agreement.  He loves undressing me, so I knew what his answer would be.

He started with my shoes and socks, and then my skirt, followed by my blouse.  When he unhooked my bra, he kissed each nipple just like he always does.   This is a daily ritual with us, but it didn’t feel the same as usual because I was distracted by thoughts of my imminent spanking.  I looked at his hands, always so gentle before, and imagined them colliding with my bare buttocks.  How would it feel? 

I felt that old pre-spanking nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, just like when dad used to spank me.  But Sam isn’t my daddy!  That difference was driven home when he pulled down my panties and held them so I could step out.  As my panties descended, I felt that familiar flooding sensation between my legs.  Now I was confused!  My bottom knew it was about to get spanked, but that special female part of me had other ideas!  Never before had I found spanking sexy.  What was happening?

I hated his little last-minute lecture about truthfulness, and was almost relieved when he told me to get into position.  Before I obeyed, I told him again how sorry I was that I had lied to him.  Through tears, I told him that it was OK to spank me and that he should ignore me if I begged him to stop.  I would accept my punishment and I promised I wouldn’t be mad at him. 

And then I put myself into position.  Seconds later, I felt the first slaps to my bottom.


I’m the luckiest guy in the world!  For the last six months, I have been married to the sexiest, most beautiful and most affectionate woman in the world.  She’s an impulsive bundle of energy that lights up my world.  I’m totally convinced that she loves me and that we will remain a couple for life.  It’s like every day is my birthday!  Every evening I get to unwrap my favorite present, and what I unwrap is always Jane!

Naturally, that “unwrapping” happens just before bedtime.  There’s usually sex after that, sometimes athletic, sometimes slow and romantic, but always varied.  Afterward, still naked, we burrow under the blankets for a night-long snuggle enveloped in a loving erotic fog.  We usually sleep spooned, with my arm around her and with my maleness nestled against the silky cleft of her bottom.

How did I ever live without Jane?
Oh yes, we’ve had our little disagreements, but nothing that you would call a fight.  In fact, this is the first major “bump” in our relationship.  Thanks goodness that Jane’s parents shared their secret with us!  This could have been a big fight and a festering wound in our relationship.  Instead, we have our spanking agreement.  It’s a pre-agreed roadmap to get us through this problem.

And yes, I had been hoping that we would never need our little agreement, but that was probably an illogical hope.  So it became my duty to spank my darling wife’s bottom.  As it turns out, thanks to her admission of a lie, I had to do the job twice!  


And so it happened!  Sam put his very first handprints on his wife’s perfect bottom.  Not surprisingly, Sam had reacted normally to the sight of Jane’s naked body, and was a bit embarrassed that she would certainly feel the evidence of his prurient interest jabbing her in the belly as she laid across his lap.  As it turned out, he needn’t have worried because he soon noticed the sweet scent of his wife’s arousal.  A door opened inside Sam’s mind.  A spanking could be erotic!  In later weeks he would investigate this side of his wife more thoroughly, but for the moment this “punishment” frustratingly seemed to be having exactly the wrong effect on Jane.  Judiciously, Sam “upped his game,” spanking moderately harder and significantly faster.  Almost immediately, she started to wriggle and struggle as her bottom took on a deeper red hue.  Then she became vocal, apologizing, promising to never lie again, and then finally devolving into tears and then wails as the sting in her bottom overwhelmed her.      

Finally, she was acting like a spanked woman.

Now that she was genuinely feeling her spanking, Sam assumed that Jane’s arousal would be a thing of the past.  But that certainly wasn’t true for Sam!  He found himself amazing aroused.  He had thought that he had seen all of Jane there was to see, but he had never seen her bottom like this!  It wasn’t just the color, it was the way she moved it as she reacted to his spanks, and the way the spanks roiled her delectable buns.  Not only that, she was physically stimulating Sam by doing a horizontal dance in his lap.  Never had he felt so male, so in charge!
Despite his arousal, Sam struggled to keep his mind on his job.  Now that he was “getting through to her,” he continued on for a couple minutes until he was sure that Jane had learned her lesson.  Only then did he finally stop.  Perhaps it was beginner’s luck, but Sam had done a pretty good job, and had shown good judgment about when to stop.  Tomorrow there would be a mark or two on Jane’s bottom, but no serious bruising.

His very first spanking done, he held the loudly sobbing lady in place for a few moments to allow her time to return to her senses.  As he held her, he felt a bit like a bully.  But also, several worries began to materialize in his mind. 

First, regardless of her promise, Sam was afraid that Jane would be angry. 

Second, regardless if Jane was angry or not, he expected that he had spanked all thoughts of sex out of her.  Sam was immensely aroused, yet he expected to face a night without relief.  Hard as it would be, Sam resolved to not make any advances tonight unless Jane made some first.  He was afraid there was small chance of that!

And there was a third, more personal fear...


When the time seemed right, Sam helped his still sobbing wife to her feet.  After gingerly rubbing her livid mounds, the still-naked lady surprised her husband with a brief but enticing  “spank dance”, which only worsened Sam’s turgid condition.  Then she crawled into Sam’s lap, tearfully apologized for lying to him, and buried her head into his chest for a final cry.

They still had that second spanking to worry about, but neither person was thinking that far ahead.

To Sam’s relief, it quickly became apparent that Jane wasn’t angry with him.  When Jane’s tears dried, her arousal returned with a vengeance. Soon the couple was naked in bed, wantonly and repeatedly making love with memorable ardor.


Finally satiated, the naked couple snuggled under the sheets in that familiar spooned position.  Exhausted, Jane quickly fell into a deep sleep.  Sexually depleted, with his arm cuddled around his beautiful loving wife, and with his manhood nestled against her freshly spanked bottom, Sam should have been as contented as any man could possibly be.  But he lay awake and worried about the future.

Jane’s spanking had gone well.  Her final spanking next Friday should clear up all issues between the couple and give their relationship clear sailing into the future.  Also, he looked forward to exploring erotic spankings sometime in the near future.  But there was a future problem that Sam couldn’t get out of his mind.  The problem was simple.  Now validated by a real spanking, their mutual spanking agreement had suddenly become a very real thing in Sam and Jane’s life.

But it was a two-way agreement! 

Because Sam is human and therefore fallible, it was now virtually certain that sooner or later Jane would have her turn to spank Sam’s bare bottom.  Worse, while their agreement limited Sam to giving Jane hand spankings, the agreement gave Jane the option of using a formidable hairbrush on him. Worse yet, Jane was used to absorbing spankings, but Sam was a spanking virgin.  So how would he act when it inevitably became Jane’s turn to light a fire in his own bottom?

Could he “take it like a man” or would he act like a wimp?

Sam shivered at the thought.

© Guyspencer 2013


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh I love this!! I have a similar arraignment with my soon to be husband and I now wonder if he worried about "taking it like a man". He amazes me by not making a noise but he's terrible about holding position! Meanwhile I stay where I'm supposed to but tend to be pretty verbal. Thankfully for both of is he's rarely on the receiving end. To me telling the lie would be a bigger punishment then spending money because its a trust issue so that has been the main reason for him to be in trouble with me while I get into trouble for being a brat and many other behaviors. I really hope you continue this story with her maim punishment and his first one too. Loving it. II've read all your stories and this is one of the best but I'd still love to see more of the preacher and his new wife too.

6:43 PM, September 09, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing! You should write more...and more...and more! I will continue reading your work.

3:24 PM, December 31, 2016  

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