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Rite of Passage

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Rite of Passage

It was early evening in the modest town of Crawfordville Texas.  With the sun low on the horizon, the stifling south Texas heat finally moderated a bit.  Ignoring the spectacular sunset, the girl and her mother sat outside Mel’s Diner in the family pickup truck. A nervous giggle betrayed the girl’s emotions, but the mother camouflaged hers behind a strained smile.  A tiny tear betrayed her. 

“We’ll say goodby here Alice.  I won’t embarrass you by going in with you.  Hank will be waiting.  Remember to relax, be good, and just do as he says.  He’s a good man, and you have much to learn from him.  He’ll bring you back here for breakfast tomorrow morning.  I’ll be waiting to pick you up after you finish.”

Her heart fluttering, the girl pecked her mother on the cheek, picked up her tiny overnight bag, and stepped down from the truck.  With barely a glance behind, she slammed the pickup door and rushed into the diner.  The mother watched the empty sidewalk for a long moment before reluctantly driving off.  The empty seat beside her seemed like a huge yawning cavern.  A single mother, this would be her first night alone in her own house since the day Alice had been born.

Driving home, she squared her shoulders, determined not to cry.  She reminded herself that this was necessary, and that all of the town’s girls did it just after their 17th birthday.  Some of her daughter’s youthful innocence would disappear tonight, but it would be replaced with new knowledge, new yearnings, and a new joy.  

Tonight would be rite of passage for both Alice and her mother.  For Alice, it would be a giant step into womanhood.  She would emerge from her evening with Hank still technically a virgin, but with vital new knowledge.  In the short term, this knowledge would help her relate to her male peers and help keep her from becoming pregnant.  In the long term, it would help her eventual marriage to be a success.  For the mother, this was a significant step in the “letting go” process that every parent must endure.     


Alice stepped into the diner and blushed as several of the regular customers glanced knowingly at her.  Many knew that Alice had just celebrated her 17th birthday, so they correctly guessed why she was here. 

Alice steeled herself.  Yes, this was a bit embarrassing, but it was SO worth it!  Tomorrow she would be a woman, or at least she would feel a lot more like one.  She didn’t know exactly what Hank had planned for her tonight, but she knew that she would spend the night in his bed, and that she would learn what it was truly like to be a woman.  Yet afterwards she would still be a virgin.  What girl wouldn’t kill for that deal?

She saw him sitting at a table alone.  He turned to her and smiled in welcome.  Shyly, still carrying her overnight case, she went to him.  He stood, took her hand, and shook it in chaste welcome.  Then he invited the nervous girl to sit and order herself supper.


Like many of the teen girls who grow up in Crawfordville, Alice was attractive but hardly a raving beauty.  The outdoor lifestyle of the area endowed her with a slim figure and a complexion kissed by the hot Texas sun.  Her body was a study in change, gradually giving up its teen coltishness in favor of ripe curves.  Her golden brown hair was pulled back into a simple pony tail that made her look younger than her barely 17 years.  The taunt clear flesh of her pretty face needed no makeup, but that hadn’t stopped her from painting some on anyhow.  It made her feel older, more womanly.

Alice was too young to have ever heard of the Marlboro Man, but many older people would have immediately thought of that TV cowboy on seeing Hank Crawford for the first time.  To Alice, Hank looked old, but “old” in a strong, sexy and exciting way.  Hank was a slim man, his face was etched and chiseled by the Texas outdoors.  He wore a faded western shirt, and jeans that looked dusty even when perfectly clean.  His battered Texan hat lay on the table, revealing a full head of black hair.

Born into money, Hank didn’t have to work, but work he did.  He also hadn’t needed to join the military after college, but join he did.  His family connections could have assured him a safe military assignment, but Hank would have none of that!  So a younger Hank had deployed to a war zone.  Luck failed him one day, and he had been grievously injured by a roadside bomb. 

Everybody in town knew about Hank’s injury, but they only discussed it in whispers, and never in his presence.  Hank’s legs had been badly damaged, but with the best medical care and Hank’s determined exercise regimen, were now nearly good as new.  But that wasn’t the bad part.  You see, Hank’s male part had also been injured, unrepairably so.   Tragically, Hank had been left with a normal sex urge, but with no capacity for intercourse.

The early months after his injury had been dark for Hank, but two miraculous events saved him from his despair. 

The first happened in his military hospital.  A military nurse risked everything by briefly emerging from her lesbian closet to share a private chat with Hank.  “You and I have three things in common” she said to the startled man, “We both crave women, we both want to satisfy them, yet neither of us will ever have a working penis.  Guess what?  I’m quite successful at keeping my woman happy, and you can be too!  So stop feeling sorry for yourself and go find some ladies.”

From there, the conversation got quite risque.  She didn’t discuss any sexual acts that were new to Hank, but still this was something that he desperately needed to hear.  Later, Hank left the hospital and faced civilian life with that single germ of hope in his heart.  He couldn’t have everything, but perhaps he could still have women in his life, and perhaps he could have the joy of pleasing them.

The second miraculous thing happened after Hank returned to Crawfordville.  By mutual agreement, and over a period of weeks, he received a private visit from virtually every unmarried adult female in town.  Their original motives may have involved compassion, or patriotic duty, or Hank’s money, but it mattered not.  The visits (quite private and sexual in nature) saved Hank’s life.  No, he still wasn’t capable of intercourse, but he learned that he still could enjoy being with a woman, and learned many tricks to satisfy them.  Perhaps more importantly, he gained a reputation as a skilled and exciting lover.  This earned him many return visits from certain of those ladies.

One strange thing about Hank was true even before his injury.  He never settled on any one woman.  He made no emotional demands on any woman, nor allowed them to make any demands on him.  Hank loved to be with females, but it was always a “one night stand”.  In a way, ladies found this liberating.  When it was convenient, they visited his bed.  When a suitable man became available for a long-term relationship or marriage, they left Hank without hard feelings or other emotional baggage.      


Hank knew that the best way to make Alice relax was to get her talking about herself.  It wasn’t difficult.  After ordering supper, he simply asked a few leading questions.  As they ate, the girl relaxed noticeably as she gibbered on about herself, her friends, and her home life.  Hank politely listened to every word. 

He didn’t bring the discussion around to business until they were nearly done with their desert, “Alice” he asked, “You don’t have to stay with me tonight.  If you want, I will take you home to your mother right now.”

“Oh no!” Alice responded earnestly, “I’ve been waiting for this for years.  I’m ready.”

“OK” Hank responded carefully, “Tell me what you expect to happen tonight.” 

She blushed prettily and then looked around carefully before answering in a low voice, “You’re going to spank me, only it will be different.  They say I’ll like it, but I don’t see how.  After that, the good part happens.  We’ll go to bed and you will show me how to do ‘things’, things that married people do.  After tonight, I’ll know how to be a woman.”   

“And you’re OK with all that?”

“Well” she answered, “I’m not so sure about the spanking, but I’ve been spanked plenty of times before, including by you.”  (Remembering those times, she blushed even deeper.) “So I’ll survive, but I’m especially looking forward to that other part.”

At that, Hank paid the bill.  Picking up her overnight bag, he led her out the door.  Hand-in-hand, they walked the two blocks to the house where Hank lived alone.  Hank owned plenty of land and could have lived on a ranch, but preferred town life.


Not totally unlike eunuchs of old, Hank had gradually found himself in a unique position of trust in the little town of Crawfordville.

As Hank had become known and trusted in the community, certain single mothers began to ask him for help with discipline.  Gradually it became common for him to receive phone calls begging for help.  That evening he would visit that home to deal with a teen boy or girl.  He usually used just the tough palm of his hand, applied directly to the bare bottom of the miscreant.  He was a careful man, so he never delivered any of these spankings in his own home, and he always insisted that the mother witness to assure her continuous consent.

Since many of the fathers in town worked on remote oil platforms for weeks at a time, he even began to receive such calls from married mothers whose husbands were out of town.  In this way, Hank became a sort of universal “Dutch uncle” figure to Crawfordville teens.

Also, Hank continued to receive evening visits from unmarried women who happened to find themselves in need of carnal attention.  Gradually, he began spanking several of these ladies, but usually only in the context of foreplay.  However, on request, and if given sufficient reason, he would deliver one of his well-known punishment spankings.

As time went on, he even began to entertain certain married ladies, but only with at least implicit consent from their husbands.  For example: Before leaving for weeks of work on a remote oil platform, a husband might tell his wife “Be ‘good’ if you can, but if you must cheat, do it with Hank.  At least we know he’s clean, he won’t get you pregnant, and he won’t steal you from me.”

There were even husbands who would call Hank from the oil fields after hearing news of some issue with their wife.  “Hank, please see if she really did what they say. And if so, spank her bare bottom for me.”  

So now you see how Hank earned that unique position of trust in Crawfordville. 


As they approached Hank’s house, Alice became increasingly nervous.  Hank had seen it all before, so he spoke soothingly to her.  Finally inside the door, she looked around with big eyes.  The house suited Hank.  It was cool, masculine, and sparsely but tastefully furnished.  For just a moment, Alice allowed herself to imagine living with Hank.  However, Alice knew in her heart that was impossible.

They sat on the couch while Hank calmed her by again asking her about herself.  As always, the simple tactic worked.  Some might ply the young lady with alcohol, but Hank considered himself a teacher, and intended this evening to be a learning experience for Alice.  Hank didn’t believe that alcohol was conducive to learning, so his liquor stayed in the cabinet.  Instead, he used patience, lots of it if necessary.

Hank asked her about her experiences with boys, explaining that he needed the truth, and that nothing she said would get back to her mother.  Alice blushed fetchingly as she confessed to some groping sessions in the town’s small theater with two different boys. 

He asked her if she “played with herself”.  She choked, but finally answered “Yes”.  

At this point, Hank would often ask the girl to describe her discipline at home.  But with Alice there was no need.  Hank had visited Alice’s home several times to deliver a well-earned bare-bottom spanking to Alice or her brother. 

Without even thinking about it, Hank started the seduction process.  First a casual hug, and then kisses of increasing intensity.  Finally he invited her to “get comfortable”, meaning that she should dispense with her clothing.  Some of Hank’s “students” literally threw their clothing off, but others took most of the evening to gradually accomplish that task.  Initially shy, Alice fell somewhere between those extremes.  As always, Hank proceeded patiently and carefully, rushing nothing.  He wanted this to be a positive learning experience for Alice.    Gradually Alice’s developing body emerged from its cocoon of clothing.   As typical, her panties came off last.


Hank had been back from the military for over a decade before the first mother asked him to “train” her daughter.  At first he had been aghast at the idea and had immediately refused. 

She persisted, “All these Texas boys think about is their pricks.  Specifically, they want to stick them into my daughter.  Worse, she thinks that’s what sex is all about.  Hank, I’m afraid that no matter what I do she will end up single and pregnant.  I want her to know that there is more to sex than just intercourse.  You and I have been having fun for years and we’ve know.”  She stopped in embarrassment, not wanting to remind Hank that he was incapable of actual intercourse.

Partially convinced, Hank did some checking.  Then he had a long talk with his lawyer and even with the local police chief, who was amazingly supportive.  He discovered that the “age of consent” in Texas was 17.  After due consideration, he told the lady that he would “train” her daughter for one evening, but not until she turned 17.

And so he did. 

And then word got around and Hank found himself receiving requests to “train” more daughters.  Eventually, that “training” night with Hank became an informal tradition for Crawfordville girls, a rite of passage that happened shortly after their 17th birthday.

When Hank felt that Alice was finally relaxed enough to be receptive, he brought the subject around to spanking.  “Which would you prefer Alice, two weeks on rigid restriction or a spanking?”

Alice gave the answer that Hank expected, “I hate spankings and I hate being on restriction, but a spanking only takes a few minutes and it’s done.  Then your life can go on.  So I would take the spanking”

“Exactly” said Hank, “and marriage can be that way too.  Sometimes it’s better to end a problem with a spanking than to let it fester and ruin your life.  So punishment spankings don’t necessarily end when you become an adult.”

Alice didn’t seem happy about that revelation, but didn’t dispute it.  After a moment’s thought she asked, “Who spanks who?” 

Hank smiled at the perceptive question, “That’s something you and your man will need to work out very early in your relationship.  Often it’s just the wife who gets spanked, sometimes it’s just the man, but sometimes it could work both ways.  It just depends on how you two feel about those things.”

“But enough about punishment spankings,” Hank continued, “There is another type of spanking that has a totally different purpose.  In fact, it’s important to never confuse the two.  I’m talking about an erotic spanking”.   He felt Alice stiffen, but he continued, “Believe me, I have done this with many women.  Most of them come back for more, some even make a habit out of it.  Will you trust me?”

Alice nodded and snuggled up to Hank.

A few minutes later, the naked girl was across Hank’s lap.  He started very slow, kissing and rubbing her nether cheeks and thighs.  When he felt her relax, he teased open her thighs and caressed the area between them.   He allowed a finger to brush against her most personal place and she gasped in surprise and pleasure. 

As he continued these gentle ministrations, her thighs opened wider of their own accord.  Soon Hank detected the first physical symptoms of her arousal.  Her bottom heaved as she tried to impale herself on Hank’s probing finger.

“OK that’s one kind of heat” Hank remarked, “Now we’re going to gently apply another kind.  Are you ready?”  Gamely, Alice nodded her permission.

The first spanks were barely more than energetic caresses.  It took several in one spot before Alice registered the beginnings of a mild sting.  He smiled as he saw her wriggle her bottom and relax.  He continued this treatment until her cheeks finally registered a distinct blush.  By now, she was wantonly hunching herself against his lap.

He stopped spanking for a moment to caress her into a higher state of arousal.  When he started spanking again, it was with considerably more vigor.  Soon her taut buttocks were rippling from his modest blows and turning a distinct shade of red.  Her bottom pumped and clenched.  She began wailing, but not the wail of a girl being hurt by a spanking, it was a wail of pleasure.

For any girl’s first erotic spanking, Hank always quit while he was ahead.  Her obvious pleasure  was his cue to quit.  He wanted her to remember the pleasure, not the sting of the spanking.  He kept her across his lap, caressing the sweating girl as she gradually returned to earth.

When she finally regained control of her facilities, Alice breathed, ”That was amazing!  Your spanks went straight from my bottom to know...”

“Yes, I know,” Hank replied.  “And now you know.  When the time is right, and you have found the right guy,  it will be your job to teach him how to do that. You’ll teach him that, plus a few other things that I will demonstrate tonight.”

They shared more talk, and a late snack before finally retiring to Hank’s king-sized bed for the night.  As Hank undressed, Alice saw the scars on his legs.  However, she never saw Hank’s more private damage because his briefs stayed firmly on for the night.

We needn’t describe what happened in the bed.  Suffice to say that before the night was over Alice was throughly convinced that there was far more to sex than just coitus.  Between sessions they napped.  Exhausted, Alice slept deeply, her naked body plastered against Hank’s.


To her dismay, Hank rolled Alice out of bed shortly after daybreak.  To her further dismay, he was already showered and fully dressed.  For Alice, the “fun and games” were obviously over.

“Shower, dress and meet me in the kitchen in 15 minutes,” he ordered.  “We need to talk about what you learned last night, and a few other things.”  Then we’ll go get breakfast. 

They sat at Hank’s simple dinette table and drank coffee as they talked.  Hank drank his coffee black and bitter, hers was half milk and heavy with sugar.        

“What did you learn last night?”

“Well, I guess I wasn’t too surprised about the things we did in bed.  It felt sort of like when I do it to myself, only better.  Also, I learned that it’s better when you’re enjoying it with another person.  But that spanking... Oh my God Hank!  I never imagined a spanking could feel so good!”

Hank looked at her with a serious expression on his face, “I’m glad you brought that up.  Don’t get any romantic ideas about me and spankings.  You’re only 17, so you must obey your mother for at least another year.  If she calls me over to spank you because you’ve been bad, it won’t be a spanking you enjoy.  Not even for a minute!  Is that clear?”

Alice nodded soberly.

He went on, “The main thing we want you to learn Alice is that there is far more to sex than just intercourse.  Most teens start out petting like you have done, but then they go straight on to intercourse.  We want you to know that there’s a vast middle ground.  Things that you and the right guy can learn to do together that can’t cause pregnancy, and have less chance of other bad effects.  And yes, spanking games are certainly among those things.”

Alice started to protest, “But my mother will never let me...”

Hank stopped her, “Your mother won’t want you to get naked with the first boy you date, and I don’t either.  But now that you’ve been trained, she will start to give you more freedom.”

Alice smiled at that revelation.

“...But only as much freedom as you prove yourself responsible enough to handle!”

The smile faded a bit.

Hank explained, “Sooner or later, you will find the guy you want to try a few things with.  Make sure he’s not a jerk!  Use whatever protection you and your mother decide on, and don’t be in any hurry to ‘go all the way’ with him.  If he’s worth having, he will be patient and want to learn how to please you.  And now you know what to teach him.”

“OK,” Alice finally said, “I think I get it.  Thank’s for teaching me.”

“I’ve only taught you half the story,” Hank replied, “Just as you like to have your needs satisfied, your man will have needs of his own.”

At this, Hank produced a lifelike ‘visual aid’ that made Alice blush and giggle.  In frank terms, he showed her where a penis is most sensitive and the things she could do to stimulate her man to orgasm.  Then he produced a packaged condom and showed her how to roll it on.  He made her practice the simple procedure.

There was only time for a quick “question and answer” period before Hank walked his “student” back to Mel’s diner for breakfast.         


In the diner, they sat at the same table as before.  Hank ate ham and eggs, but Alice ordered a short stack of pancakes.  She picked at her food, something obviously on her mind.  “Hank” she finally said, “Is there some way we can do this again?”

He looked at her with regret etched on his face, “Sorry Alice but no.  You’re a beautiful young woman, and you will do well with the guys.  But I’m an adult and you’re not, --at least, not yet you’re not.  You need to find a young man your own age.  Take your time and be picky!  Date a few boys until you can distinguish between the good guys and the jerks.  When you’ve finally found the right guy, think about trying a few of the things you learned last night.  OK?”

Expecting the answer, she handled his gentle rejection well.  She jumped up and kissed him, “Thanks for everything Hank”. 

Just then, Hank noticed Alice’s mother pull up outside.  “Time to go Alice”, Hank said as he popped her on the bottom to propel her towards the door.    Alice squealed in surprise, and then whooped in delight as she spotted her mother.   Hank temporarily forgotten, Alice ran towards her mother, and towards her future as a woman.

So she never saw that tear in Hank’s eye.

© Guyspencer 2013


Anonymous Ordalie said...

What a strange, good and interesting story! Quite a lot of women never had the chance to find such a considerate lover. Men are not adverse to teaching women how to pleasure a man but women are too shy to explain what they would like really.

2:16 PM, October 12, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this story! It's cute and sweet. Although I didnt think so at first but after I read the last sentence I knew I loved it.

12:18 AM, November 03, 2013  

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