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After the Rapture, Part 3

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                                                             After the Rapture, Part 3

Following her punishment, life returned to normal for Mary Blackburn.  She lived alone, took the bus to her job, and occasionally partied with friends.  Still, none of those friends were close.  Appearances can deceive.  On the surface Mary appeared to be a happy and social person.  But you would have needed to really know her to understand that inside that shell lived a lonely person.  The trouble was, nobody really knew Mary.

Mary had lost her most important outlet, she no longer enjoyed jogging.  Oh yes, she had tried doing it the Christian Guard way, but jogging just wasn’t the same when one is dressed from head to toe.  Even sweat suits were discouraged for women, as were all trousers.  Ladies were supposed to wear long skirts or dresses.  The best she managed was sweat pants worn under a light skirt.  Still, jogging just wasn’t the same!  First of all, that outfit was just too hot for summer, and she missed that special feeling of air rushing by her bare skin.  Besides, the long skirt kept getting tangled in her legs.  In the meantime, men were still allowed to jog in shorts, although even they had to wear shirts. 

One evening when she had sipped a bit too much wine in her apartment, her alcohol-enhanced brain finally figured a way to beat the system.  She would jog late at night when nobody could see her!  Dressed in her favorite halter and shorts, she tried it that very night.  She snuck out of her apartment, and kept to the very darkest shadows.  Fortunately, the county no longer maintained the street lights, so the streets were mostly dark.

At first, she totally got away with it!  After several nights though, she was finally spotted when she happened to get pinned in the headlights of a Christian Guard patrol car.  Fortunately for her, she knew that neighborhood like the back of her hand!  Cannily, she ran in the opposite direction from her apartment.  Allowing the stalking patrol car only occasional glimpses, she led the car several blocks in the wrong direction before she ducked behind a bush that was in dark shadow.  She stifled a giggle as the patrol car circled the block in apparent confusion before proceeding off in the wrong direction.  Her heart exploding from the adrenaline rush, Mary carefully made her way back to her apartment.

These nightly runs quickly became a habit for Mary.  It was just her little way of thumbing her nose at the system.  Soon she needed more!  It wasn’t as much fun unless a Guard Patrolman actually spotted her and she managed to evade.  So she began to flaunt herself.  Once spotted, she had invented a million ways to disappear.

The Christian Guards soon realized that some woman had been making a fool out of them by running around at night flaunting her body.  Having no idea who she was, they called her “The Streaker”. 

The Christian Guards may have been amateurs, but they weren’t stupid.  A cleverly placed surveillance camera finally yielded the probable identity of “The Streaker”.  Now they just had to catch her in the act.  Since they now knew where she lived, catching her was a simple matter of staking out the bushes outside her apartment house.  One night as Mary was sneaking back to her apartment, two burly Guard patrolmen jumped from the bushes and grabbed her.  Still in her jogging outfit, she spent the rest of the night in a holding cell at Christian Guard headquarters. 


The next morning, freshly showered but still wearing that jogging outfit, they transferred her to the courthouse.  In a routine that she had become entirely too familiar with, they had her out of that jogging outfit and dressed in a sackcloth shift in plenty of time to make the morning Tribunal session.

Following the usual opening prayer, the Tribunal took Mary’s case first.  As before, that certain “special” Justice was there.  By now there was no doubt that he recognized her and even remembered her name.  He did the speaking, “Mary Blackburn, we are sorry to see you back.  This will truly be an unfortunate day for you if you are found guilty.  You have been charged with twenty counts of violating the Public Modesty Act.  It seems that you have been busy!  Also, you have two prior convictions.”

Then he fell silent as the three Justices huddled around the folder of evidence detailing the charges.  There was the usual short but heated discussion while Mary stood there with her head swimming.  Twenty counts?  How could they do that?  They had only caught her once!

As it turns out, that was exactly what the Justices had argued about.  The Justice spoke again, “Again young lady, you seem to be fortunate.  You have been charged with twenty counts, and from what we read you are likely are guilty of those and more.  However, the Guards have only submitted substantive evidence to support one count.  Therefore, we find you guilty of a gross and willful violation of the Public Modesty Act.  Do you have anything to say before we pronounce sentence?

Mary could think of nothing to say in her defense that wouldn’t make things worse, so she simply thanked the three Justices and threw herself on the mercy of the court.

“Mary Blackburn,” the Justice said gravely, “This court sentences you to fifteen days in jail.  That may not sound like much, but legal and financial reasons force to make jail stays brief.  So we make life in our jails very unpleasant, as you will soon discover for yourself.”

Then, before they sent her away, the Justices huddled again.  Mary’s ‘special” Justice was talking earnestly to the other two, as if begging for some sort of favor.  Mary couldn’t figure out what was happening, but the other two Justices smirked, and then signed a form that he offered them.  Some deal had been made, or a favor given, but Mary had no idea what it was about.

It took the Clerk of Court about twenty minutes to add several various forms to Mary’s file while she sat and watched a few other defendants suffer through their brief trials.  Finally a matron arrived, picked up Mary’s file, and escorted her from the courtroom.  Mary didn’t notice, but that “special” Justice stared after her as she left the room.

It was a short walk.  The lady’s jail occupied an entire sub-basement of the courthouse.  A large door swung open.  The matron handed over Mary’s file, and then surprised her by ordering her to remove her shift.  “That’s court property,” she said, “Since you are now a jail inmate, it goes back with me.”  Naked as the day she was born, Mary entered the jail. 


The guard that had accepted Mary’s file gruffly pointed her to a spot, and directed her to stand with her arms and legs spread wide.  Professionally, his eyes swept over her.  Seemingly totally unaffected by her nakedness, the guard was looking only for contraband.  Since she was naked, he didn’t bother patting her down.  He went down on his knees.  She felt a strange pressure at her right ankle, and heard a “click”.   He explained, “This isn’t exactly a high security facility, but the programming in that ankle bracelet changes everything for you.  Should you somehow manage to end up where you’re not supposed to be, that device will instantly stun you and sound both an audible and wireless alarm.  You will be back in our custody in minutes, and in an amazing amount of new trouble.  Understand?”

Wide-eyed, Mary nodded her understanding.

Looking around the facility, Mary saw that it indeed was low security and low-budget.  The cells were made of little more than boards and chicken wire!  Occupying an entire floor of the courthouse, the jail had a large common area with cells along three of its four sides.  The other wall contained a communal toilet and other doors that were likely offices.  Right in the middle of the common area was a sturdy chair.  As it contained a guard with a naked lady across her lap, Mary had no trouble figuring out its purpose!  Much of the balance of the common area was taken up with rough picnic-style tables which held an assortment of female inmates wearing bright orange pajamas.      

As the guard led her through the common area towards a certain door, a loud spanking commenced.  Mary shuddered.

Next, Mary found herself in a small nurse’s office.  The nurse was gentle and professional, but there’s no way that a cavity search can fail to humiliate.  A cursory physical exam followed.  “You’re OK” the nurse announced.

Still dressed only in her birthday suit, Mary shivered just a bit, “Do I get some clothes now?” she asked hopefully.    

“Those are issued right after your intake spanking”, the nurse replied.  “But first comes your interview with the Supervisor.  Her office will be your next stop.”

Flabbergasted, Mary asked dumbly, “Intake spanking?

“Well yes”, the nurse replied helpfully, “You mean you didn’t know?  All new inmates start their jail term by receiving a severity ten spanking, which is the legal maximum.  It doesn’t matter if you’re only here overnight, everybody gets it.  I really think that they should publicize this stuff better.  Perhaps we would have fewer criminals.”

Mary was floored.  She was almost afraid to ask, “I’m-I’m going to get a severity ten spanking?” 

“Oh yes, but not just yet,” she replied comfortingly, “Like I said, you see our Supervisor first.  And your daily spankings will only be severity five as long as your conduct is perfect.”

Mary was horrified, “We get a daily spanking?”  The answer seemed so obvious to the nurse, that she didn’t even bother with an answer.

Taking Mary’s file, the nurse escorted Mary out of her office and to another door.  She knocked politely and then waited for an answer.  Hearing a voice from inside, she left Mary for a moment to enter.  She emerged seconds later without the file.  The nurse pointed Mary to a line of chairs.  “Wait here, the Supervisor will call you in when she’s ready.”  Then she disappeared, leaving Mary to herself.

Waiting outside the supervisor’s door felt a bit like waiting outside the Principal’s office.  Mary felt slightly sick with dread, but the delay gave her time to watch the happenings in the common area.  Most of the cell doors were open.  There were perhaps a dozen inmates sitting at the picnic-style tables or milling around the common area.  She would discover later that there were other inmates, but they were scattered around performing various menial jobs.  There were several video screens on the walls, strategically placed where they could be seen from the common area or inside the cells.  They all played the same program, which appeared to be some sort of religious indoctrination.

A loudspeaker crackled to life, drowning out the video program, “CATHY HIGGINS, REPORT FOR YOUR DAILY SPANKING.”

She saw an inmate stand up from a picnic table with a stricken look on her face.  Quickly the lady stripped off her prison pajamas.  Since she wasn’t wearing underwear, that left her naked.  Mary could see from the pink hue of Cathy’s bottom that she obviously hadn’t had time to recover from her last spanking, whenever that had been.  Carrying her pajamas in a tiny bundle, the nude lady sadly walked to the center of the common area where the spanking chair and a female guard waited.

Already sobbing loudly, Cathy put herself across the guard’s lap.  The ensuing spanking was a carbon copy of what Mary had seen and experienced in the courtroom.  Cathy’s legs flew as her bottom and thighs absorbed blow after blow from the guard’s Lexan paddle.  Her already-red bottom turned a fresh shade of crimson.   The paddle sounds echoed through the mostly open space of the jail, accompanied by Cathy’s screams.  None of that noise seemed to impress the guard in the slightest.  She implacably continued the spanking until she had delivered a punishment of the designated severity.    

Mary watched in horror as she quickly learned what to expect in her own near future!  Suddenly her little rebellious nightly jogging forays seemed like a particularly stupid idea! 

Her spanking finally over, the guard helped Cathy back to her feet.  Still naked, still sobbing, and with her bottom now bright red, Cathy picked up her pajamas and padded back to her cell.  For the moment, life in the common area returned back to normal, but obviously those loudspeakers would eventually call another name.  Mary wondered how many more “daily spankings” remained to be doled out today.

It seemed forever before the Supervisor called for Mary to enter the office, but Mary would have been happy to wait much longer!  There, she found her file spread out on the desk.  “So I have the honor to address ‘The Streaker’?” The lady asked sarcastically.  “There’s been lots of talk about you, but I had faith that you would end up in my office eventually.” 

Mary’s answer was polite but non-committal.  She didn’t think that it would be wise to admit anything.  “Well Ma-am, my name is Mary Blackburn.  I was convicted of a violation of the Public Modesty Act, and I’m truly repentant for what I did.”

Sensing Mary’s game, the lady smiled ironically.  “I’m sure that a lawyer would tell you to answer that way, but we don’t allow those here.  Anyhow, you’re here to be punished, and punished you shall be.”

She handed Mary a single sheet of rules.  “These are the rules you will obey for the next fifteen days.  They are simple and fair, so expect nothing but the worst punishment should you violate any of them.  You will receive your intake spanking sometime today.  There’s a slight discrepancy in your file that must be cleared up first, so expect a delay.  Don’t get your hopes up, your spanking will defiantly happen.   In addition, every inmate gets a daily spanking.  With perfect behavior, it’ll only be a ‘fiver’.  If you have broken any rules or not shown perfect attitude, then expect worse.  We like those daily spankings to be a surprise, so we give them at random times and in random order.  If fact, you may have already witnessed one or two?”

Mary nodded.  She quickly realized that she had already seen two such spankings.

The Supervisor continued, “You will eventually be issued prison pajamas.  You will have a cot in your cell with a single blanket, which shall remain neatly folded except at night.  Meals are twice daily.  They are small, nourishing, but not necessarily appetizing.  If you are assigned work, you will also receive a bag lunch.  Questions?”

Slightly cowed, Mary had none.

“In that case, I will put you into a holding cell until your file is -- cleared up.” 

With more questions than answers in her head, Mary was locked into a holding cell.  There, she waited through much of the afternoon.  Through the chicken wire of her cell, she clearly heard and saw several more inmates receive spankings as she awaited her own fate.  She saw nobody take her spanking quietly.           
Finally a guard appeared.  She opened Mary’s cell door and stood aside.  Her knees nearly knocking together in fear, Mary followed the guard to her fate.

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