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After the Rapture, Part 4

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After the Rapture, Part 4/Conclusion

The guard led Mary back to the Superintendent’s office, knocked on the door, ushered Mary inside, and left.  It took Mary a few moments to recognize the man now sitting across from the Superintendent.  It was “her” Justice!  Not wearing his black robe, he looked different.  Obviously not prepared to see Mary nude, the man seemed quite flustered.  Realizing the reason for his unease, Mary blushed deeply herself. 

It being her office, the Superintendent spoke first, “This is unusual, very unusual, and slightly irregular.  Since it’s been approved by the Senior Justice, so it must be OK though.  We have something here called the ‘Inmate Removal Program’, usually shortened to IRP.  This is a program, under very strict protocols, for people to purchase the services of certain skilled inmates.  I’m not totally in favor of it, but it helps us finance our little jail so it’s a necessary evil.  A request has been made for your services by this man.”

Mary’s blood rose, “I don’t know what ‘services’ he’s thinking about, but if this man thinks he can purchase my body, he can go jump.  I’ll just stay right here and take my spankings thanks!”

The Superintendent immediately flared, but the Justice blushed and winced.  The Superintendent stood to berate Mary, but the Justice interrupted her, “We’re a Christian society.  It’s good that this woman respects her own virtue so much that she is willing to sacrifice to protect it.”

He looked into Mary’s eyes, “I assure you madam, I’ve never forced myself on any woman, and I don’t intend to start now.  I’m both a man of God and a Justice.  Your virtue will be safe with me.  By the way, my name is Harvey Simmons, you many call me Justice Simmons.”    

Then in a reasonable voice he explained, “My wife was taken in the Rapture.  Since then I’ve stayed busy, but my home has suffered.  It desperately needs the services of a housekeeper. You would, of course, have private sleeping arrangements.  However, I can’t leave an inmate there alone all day, so you would be working in the courthouse cafeteria by day, and cleaning my house evenings and weekends.  That’s lots of work and long hours, but the alternative is for you  to remain here in jail.”

Mary considered, “Would I get spankings at your house?” 

“That would depend on you,” the man replied.  “The program leaves that option up to me.  You could get daily spankings and/or separate punishments for bad behavior.  I also can return you at any time if I’m unhappy with your work or your behavior.  However, if I’m happy with you, you may anticipate that I would be unlikely to spank you.”

The Superintendent spoke up, “That neglects her intake spanking which isn’t optional, and it must be a severity ten!  However, if you prefer I could have a guard do that before she leaves with you.”

“That could be Ms. Blackburn’s choice,” said Harvey.  “If she had her spanking here it would happen out in the common area, right?”

The Superintendent nodded her agreement.

“I’m no expert spanker, but I’ve obviously watched experts do it hundreds of times in my line of work.  If she would rather suffer her spanking in private, then I could do it shortly after we arrive at my house.”      

“But we have some pretty stringent procedures to assure that she really gets the proper spanking,” the Superintendent noted.  “We could even require you to repeat it if you don’t do it right the first time, so don’t even think of going easy on her.”


Ultimately Mary made her choice, so Justice Simmons wrote a substantial check to the Christian Guards for Mary’s services.  An hour later, after her ankle bracelet had been specially reprogrammed, many papers had been signed, and Harvey had somehow produced street clothes to fit Mary, they were driving home in Justice Simmons’s car. 

Mary turned in her seat and gave him a frank, appraising look.  “Justice Simmons, of all the women you see in your court, why did you pick me to take home?”

His ears instantly turned red!  “Truth?” he asked. 

“Yes Justice Simmons, let’s please get the truth out so we both know what it is.”

“Well,” he said thoughtfully, “Everything I’ve told you is true.  My house really does need your services, I really did lose my wife in the rapture, and you really are safe with me.”

She continued to probe, “But that’s not everything is it?”

“No,” he admitted reluctantly, “it’s not everything.  I’m a bit infatuated with you.  Perhaps it’s because I sense you’re a lonely soul like me, perhaps you remind me of my wife, perhaps I just thought it would be nice for your presence to lighten up my home for a couple weeks.  But still my promise remains, you are safe with me.”

Finally Mary relaxed.  She understood what was happening, and she considered herself uncommonly lucky!


They parked in his driveway.  Before letting her out of the car he reminded her about her ankle bracelet. “You won’t be locked up in my house but you’re still a prisoner.  Sneak out, and you will probably be back in custody before I know you are gone.  You don’t want to add Escape to your charges do you?”

“No Sir,” Mary replied meekly, “I won’t try anything stupid.”

“Good” Harvey replied, “In that case; welcome to my home.  Lets go in and get that unpleasant business behind us.”

With her heart in her throat, Mary followed the man into his house.  Her first impression was that Justice Simmons had told the truth about the place needing a housekeeper!  He showed her to her room.  Having been unused, it was the only neat room in the house.

In the living room, she automatically starting picking up things. 

“Start with the couch,” he suggested, “we’re going to need it shortly.”

That reminder stirred up butterflies in her belly, but she removed a stack of books, several tattered magazines and an old pizza box.  After a bit of dusting, the couch was clean.  She looked at him nervously.

He spoke in a kind voice, “Let’s get this over with.  Going easy on you wouldn’t be a kindness because your spanking would just have to be repeated.  So go take a quick shower and use the bathroom.  Dry off, but don’t bother replacing your clothing.  Don’t delay, let’s get this over.”

Mary looked at him like a rabbit caught in the headlights, “You mean naked?”

“You saw several spankings in the jail, right?”

“Yes sir.”

“Were any of those inmates wearing anything at the time?”

“No sir.”

“Then why should you be any different?”

She stick a toe in the carpet, and looked down miserably, “I just thought ...”

“You thought wrong,” Harvey said sternly.  “I’ve already seen you naked today anyhow, so let’s just get on with it.”

Her answer was a contrite, “Yes sir.”

Mary disappeared in the direction of the bathroom.

While he waited, Harvey opened a bag that the jail Superintendent had loaned him.  He extracted a standard Lexan paddle, a timer, and a small video camera. 

Mary returned to find Harvey fiddling with the camera.  Looking up, he was surprised to see that Mary had bothered to wrap her nude body in a large towel.  The effect was even more ravishing than if she were naked! 

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said, indicating the towel, “I know it’ll need to come off for the spanking.”

Stunned by the sight, Harvey could hardly speak.

He balanced the camera on a stack of books, aimed it at the center of the couch, and cleared his constricted throat.  “This is how the Superintendent verifies that you received a proper intake spanking.  After we’re done, I’ll also need to shoot a good closeup of your bottom.”

Mary felt something squeeze inside her, almost sending her back to the bathroom!  “Yes sir.”    

He took a moment to gather himself physically and mentally.  As he sat down purposely in the center of the couch, there was no hiding his massive erection.  He looked down at it frankly, “Sorry about that.  I’m a male, it happens.  But I’m no animal, so you’re still safe with me.  Understand?”

It was a truly awkward moment for both, but Mary replied, “Yes sir, I understand”.

He directed her to stand in front of him.  “You might be surprised to hear that I mostly disapprove of the Public Modesty Act.  It greatly affects women, but barely affects men.  Unsurprisingly, it was written and passed exclusively by men.”

Mary started to relax, but his next words changed that!

“Still you deserve to be punished.  We don’t get to pick and choose which laws to obey!  And as a Justice, I don’t get to pick and choose which laws to enforce.  You deliberately and flagrantly flaunted the law, so now you’re a jail inmate and are about to receive the painful spanking that the law mandates for your actions.  Is that clear?”

Dry mouthed, Mary nodded soberly.

He continued, “I have been instructed to give you five minutes with my hand, and then five minutes with the paddle.  When I’m done, your bottom will be a mess.  I might have been inclined to give you less than a ‘tenner’, but I have no say in this matter, you must receive a severity ten spanking!”

He waited for her nod before continuing, “Afterwards, you may go to bed for the evening.  They even allow that in the jail.  I am on my honor to give you no soothing creams or pain medications, although I may apply antiseptic if your skin is broken.”

He waited, apparently expecting some acknowledgment.  Wordlessly, Mary nodded again.

“You have one choice to make before we begin.”

“Wha–what?” Mary chirped.

“Do you wish your spanking to start immediately, or would you like a ‘warm-up’ first?  Either way, you get the same spanking.”

“I d–don’t understand,” Mary stammered.

“Some people say a hard spanking doesn’t hurt as much if you have a moderate spanking first.  It’s supposed to numb you a bit perhaps, or perhaps a hard spanking just isn’t such a great shock to a bottom that already stings a bit.  Anyhow, it’s your choice.”

He could see the wheels turning inside Mary’s head.  Finally she decided, “I’ll take the warm-up please.”

He picked up a cushion and laid it across his lap to accommodate his erection, and then laid another cushion to his left for Mary to use as a pillow. “Drop the towel then, and put yourself into position.”

Mary crawled up onto the couch and laid her naked body across Harvey’s lap.  She buried her face into the provided cushion.

He started gently, spanking her white buttocks with little more that deft snaps of his fingertips.  He carefully covered every square inch of her bottom, including around her hips and down the backs of her thighs.  At first, Mary barely wriggled, and barely breathed.  Then he did it all over again, using a bit of palm this time.   That stung and made her wriggle, but she took it quietly.

But then Mary started noticing an unexpected effect.  She found herself becoming distinctly aroused!  Harvey started on a third wave of spanks, these were definitely hard enough to put color into her bottom.  Responding to heat coming from both the front and the back, Mary groaned, twisted and hunched. 

Harvey recognized her arousal, but he was aroused himself!  Still, he did his very best to concentrate on his mission.

Finally, he paused.  “Open your thighs wide.”

She looked back at him, “Whaaaatt?”

“Sorry,” he replied, “I need to prepare that area also.”

She obeyed, revealing her last few anatomical secrets to Justice Simmons’s eyes.  Glistening moisture just outside her most personal place betrayed her arousal. 

What man wouldn’t be tempted?  Harvey knew that Mary was in a vulnerable state.  If he simply traced that moisture back to its origin and rubbed a bit, it was likely that he could have had his way with Mary.  But he had made a promise, and to him that meant that he wouldn’t take unfair advantage of her.  So he did the responsible thing; he ignored their mutual arousal and got back to the business of spanking her.

Meanwhile, Mary’s brain was clogged with sensations and emotions.  Millions of nerve endings in her bottom and thighs sent her brain urgent messages of pain and sting; but she simultaneously received very different, even more urgent, messages from her groin area.  Also she was scared, and surprisingly contrite.  Finally, she was having contradictory thoughts about Harvey.  She was certainly afraid of the severe spanking he had promised her, but part of her was afraid that he would rape her first, and the other part of her was afraid that he wouldn’t! 

It didn’t take long for Harvey to finish Mary’s warm-up.   He “pinked up” Mary’s inner thighs as she twisted and gasped with a new urgency, and then he gave her just a few finishing spanks to the center of each buttock.  Finally he urged her to her feet.  “Do you need to pee or anything before we start your ‘official’ spanking?” he asked.

Rubbing her nether cheeks, Mary considered for a moment before replying, “No Sir.”

Moving purposely, Harvey turned on the video camera, verified it was pointed properly, picked up the timer and the paddle, and then resumed his place on the couch.  “The sooner we start, the sooner it’s over.”

Trembling and teary eyed, Mary crawled back into place.  The Justice took a moment to remind her about why she was being punished and warned to expect a severe punishment.  Finally he warned, “First a five-minute hand spanking and then you will receive a short break before your paddling.  Cooperate as best you can.  Five minutes is a minimum.  Should you manage to stop or delay your spanking, I will add an appropriate amount of time.  Understand?”

Mary nodded her head and pressed her face into the pillow.

Harvey pushed a button to start the timer, lifted his palm high, and landed the first solid spanks to Mary’s trembling orbs.  Mary jerked and howled into the pillow.  Poor Mary’s firm, athletic rear cheeks flattened and rippled with each spank.  Harvey was shocked at how quickly and how deeply they turned red.  As before, he took care to not miss a square inch of spankable territory. 

At first, he didn’t bother to restrain her legs.  Her kicking and splaying gave him opportunities to land slaps to her tender inner thighs, which made her howls even more frantic.  At first, Mary had kept her arms immobilized by wrapping them around her pillow, but soon they escaped to go to the aid of her besieged bottom.  Of course, Harvey was ready for that move, so he simply pinned them behind her in the traditional manner.  At the three minute mark, Harvey finally threw a leg over her calves to immobilize her, and continued spanking until the timer buzzed.

By then, Mary was nearly exhausted and a total mess.  It took her a few moments to notice that nobody was spanking her bottom. 

As he gave Mary time to catch her breath and recover a bit, Harvey inspected his work and ruefully nursed his stinging hand.  Now he knew why the guards, bailiffs, and matrons always used their paddles. At this stage, Harvey estimated that Mary had suffered a severity five spanking (a “fiver”).  He would have been happy to leave it at that, but unfortunately Mary was required to receive a “tener” because that was routinely required for all new jail inmates.  Besides, that video camera was still unblinkingly recording the scene.  The prison Supervisor would review the video file tomorrow, and she needed to be happy with Mary’s punishment.

Harvey considered allowing Mary up for a few minutes to recover her mental facilities and to rub her sore bottom, but decided that wouldn’t be a kindness.  Better to have her inevitable punishment over with!  With Mary still blubbering, still freshly spanked, and still restrained over his lap, he purposely picked up the paddle.    

He spoke in a voice that managed to be simultaneously firm and sad, “OK Mary, you made the choice to be a scofflaw, and it was you who decided it would be fun to taunt the Christian Guard patrol with your lawbreaking.  Believe it or not, I get no pleasure from what I’m about to do.  Your bottom will hurt for a few days, but you will survive and hopefully you will learn from the experience.”

He restarted the timer, raised the paddle high, and then quickly landed one full-strength swat on the summit of each buttock.  Mary screamed and ineffectually bucked.  For the next several minutes he continued to paddle her bottom and thighs, but with swats of more measured intensity, timed several seconds apart, but still devastating in their effect on Mary.  As he worked, he watched the fight drain out of Mary, but he also watched that timer.

At the four-minute mark, Mary’s bottom and thighs were livid, but he had purposely spanked them just short of bruising.  He had saved that part until last, when Mary would hopefully be too far “gone” to even notice.    Now that time had arrived!

Given a good paddle, any healthy man can do an amazing amount of damage to a bottom in a small amount of time.  In that last remaining minute before the timer dinged, Harvey delivered a rapid fusillade of full-strength swats to Mary’s bottom as she laid exhausted and merely moaned.

When the timer finally dinged, Mary’s bottom had been spanked to the proper “intensity ten” specification, and (strange as it may sound for such a brutal punishment) Harvey had done it in the kindest possible way. 

He had one task left.  Harvey helped Mary to her feet, and then bent the still-distraught lady over the end of the couch so that he could use the camera to take a vivid closeup of her damaged bottom.  His duty done, Harvey turned off the camera before packing it back in the bag along with the timer and the paddle.  They would go back to the jail supervisor tomorrow.

Harvey carefully comforted the still-sobbing Mary for several minutes.  “Carefully” because she was still quite naked, and in a vulnerable state, yet he was a male who was determined to protect her by  “keeping it in his pants.”

After reminding her one last time that her punishment was over, he led her into the guest room, pulled back the top sheet, and guided her face down onto the bed.  As Mary sobbed into her pillow, Harvey inspected her swollen bottom and gingerly applied antiseptic cream in a few spots where the paddle had scuffed skin.  When Harvey felt fresh swelling inside his own pants, he turned out the lights and beat a timely retreat.  Leaving that beautiful lady without so much as a kiss to her cheek was the hardest thing that the man could remember doing in his adult life.

It was still early evening, so Harvey sat up for two lonely hours before finally going to his own bed, still alone.


Mary had dropped off into endorphin-induced sleep moments after Harvey had left her.  She gradually awoke shortly after midnight.  She laid face-down allowing her brain the process the evening’s events.  Her bottom still stung, but didn’t throb too much as long as she laid still.  She felt back there cautiously.  She knew her bottom was supposed to be “black & blue” from her “tenner” and had little doubt that would be exactly the case in the morning. 

Her thoughts turned to Harvey.  She didn’t blame him for her spanking.  She knew that he had been required to do that, and that worse would have happened if he had allowed her to stay in the prison.  Besides, as Harvey had reminded her, it had been her own idea to play the scofflaw!

She remembered her arousal triggered by her earlier warm-up spanking.  Had Harvey tried just a little, she would have happily spread her legs for him!  She was aware that he had been aroused also, and knew that Harvey had shown restraint all evening.  He had kept his promise!  Remembering that warm-up spanking, her hand automatically strayed down below her navel and became busy.

Aroused and lonely, she couldn’t sleep and she couldn’t get Harvey off her mind.  The more she thought of him, the more she realized that she had stumbled into an amazingly nice guy.  A guy who was presumably available...right in the next bedroom...


Not surprisingly, Harvey slept only fitfully.  Yes, the evening’s happenings were weighing on his mind.  Sleepily, he yet again tried to psychoanalyze himself.  What did he think he was doing?  Did he really think that Mary would fall for him just because he dragged her home?  Besides, he had spanked her, spanked her hard!  She must truly be pissed off at him now.  So here he was with his dream lady in the house, yet he was just as lonely as before!

Somewhere in the house a door creaked.  Listening carefully, Harvey thought he heard footfalls.  Perhaps Mary was using the bathroom?  He thought vaguely of getting up to ensure that she wasn’t trying to escape, but then remembered her ankle bracelet.  The latch on his bedroom door clicked.  He heard the door open and close. 

Barely breathing, Harvey decided to pretend sleep to see what she was up to.  As if in a dream, he felt his mattress depress with the weight of another body.  He felt soft hands caress him.  He allowed his own hand to stray just enough to feel a female hip, and to ascertain that it was naked.  Gently, she grasped his exploring hand, kissed it, and moved it to her bare breast.  The hard nipple left no doubt what was on Mary’s mind.

A thousand emotions welled up in Harvey’s brain.  “I promised” he finally croaked, “This isn’t right.”

Mary reached down to find Harvey’s stiffness.  She wrapped her fingers around it.  “You promised that I would be safe from you”, she explained.  “Now I no longer wish to be safe from this part of you, so I’m releasing you from that portion of your promise.  Don’t worry, I’m protected.  We won’t make a baby.  I’m single and so are you, so we’re doing nothing immoral.”

It was all the convincing that Harvey needed!


I would be natural for us to focus on what happened next in that bedroom, but to do so would be to miss the most important part.  You see, the spine-tingling, toe-curling thrill of their near-simultaneous orgasms only lasted for a few delicious moments.  Great as the thrill of their first sex was, it was nothing compared to the thrill of their mutual discovery of each other.  That night, a mysterious process started.  As God always intended, man had met woman and they had began to merge into a close couple.  Never again would either person be lonely.  Never again would either of them have to face their uncertain, unfriendly, changing world alone.  Whatever happened, they would face it together.  They would forever be a couple.             


However, Mary still had her sentence to serve.  The next morning she rode back to the courthouse with Justice Simmons, and was introduced to her job in the cafeteria.  She was assigned to the scullery, a mindless job in a hot humid and cramped corner of the kitchen.  At least it had the advantage of being a stand-up job!

Harvey made it very clear to her that just because she was living in the home of a Justice, she was still an inmate and must expect no special consideration in the courthouse.  In fact just the opposite!  If he heard any complaints about her, he would be forced to prove she wasn’t receiving special treatment by punishing her!

As it turned out, that’s exactly what happened, but it only happened once before Mary learned her lesson.  Mary and her boss at the cafeteria had a misunderstanding about four days into Mary’s sentence.  Since Mary was the inmate, she automatically was in the wrong.  Harvey happened to be working in his chambers when the complaint reached him, so he dealt with the matter immediately by asking the boss to bring her to his chambers.  There, with Mary’s boss watching, he required her to remove her skirt,  lower her panties, and lay across his lap.  Using his Bailiff’s Lexan paddle, the Justice efficiently applied a “fiver” to Mary’s still-marked bottom while she bawled and wailed.  To her credit, Mary learned from the experience and there were no further such episodes.

Surprisingly, Mary’s financial talents were rather quickly noticed by the cafeteria manager.  She spent the last few days of her sentence working in the cafeteria office putting their books into order.  Afterwards, they begged her to stay on as an employee, but her former job was still open.  

Inside Justice Simmons’s home, things went far smoother.  When Harvey and Mary weren’t at the courthouse, or naked in bed, Mary spent her time busily setting Harvey’s house to rights.  However, after the first few days, they both thought of it as their house.

That time in Harvey’s chambers was by no means Mary’s last trip across Harvey’s lap, although he didn’t spank her again until her bottom healed.  Mary’s rebellious nature wasn’t something that could be fixed overnight, or by just one or two spankings.  But Harvey was always able to keep her sufficiently “on track” with just the occasional punishment spanking.  Thanks to Harvey’s attentive guidance, Mary had no more legal problems.

But there was another, more enjoyable, type of spanking!  Remembering their mutual arousal during that “warm-up” spanking, the couple learned that a moderate hand spanking made a wonderful type of foreplay, especially when a little “play acting” was added into the mix.  These “fun” spankings became a regular event for them!


Not surprisingly, Mary stayed on at the Justice’s home after her sentence was completed and that hated ankle bracelet had been removed.  She never did spend a night in that guest bedroom, nor did she ever again sleep in her old apartment.  Tongues wagged, but no adultery was involved in their relationship, so no laws were broken.  Civil marriages were a thing of the past, but Justice Simmons had no difficulty arranging a quiet wedding in a local Parson’s office.  The old Parson declared them husband and wife, and then beamed his approval as Harvey and Mary tearfully clung to each other.
With encouragement (including the occasional spanking) from her new husband, Mary changed her image and kept it carefully polished.  No longer the scofflaw futilely attacking the system from the outside, Mary gradually turned herself into an insider to be reckoned with.  Her goals never changed, but now she opposed the power of the Christian Guard with smiles, diplomacy, and political pull.  Change never happened quickly, but Harvey and Mary reveled in every tiny success.  Yes, people still talked about the “old Mary” behind her back, but they also listened when the wife of a Justice talked!

Harvey and Mary turned out to be a dedicated couple.  They were dedicated to each other, and steadfastly dedicated to reining in the power of the Christian guard by working from within its ranks.  Happy, close, and sensual as they were in private, they chose not to bring children into a world they viewed as temporary, fragile and hostile.  We don’t know if Judgement Day came within their lifetimes, but we’re sure that God looked favorably on how they used their post-rapture years.


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