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Brenda’s Punishment Swap

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Brenda’s Punishment Swap

The problem started a week ago when Brenda had missed curfew for the third time in a month.  The first time she got off with a warning.  The second time earned her a three-day restriction along with a stern warning.  That third time, she had been deathly afraid that she would end up bare-bottomed across her father’s lap for a painful application of the family hairbrush.  When she had instead “only” been given two weeks strict restriction, she tearfully thanked her parents for their forbearance and promised that she had learned her lesson.  Actually it was almost final exam time, so Brenda needed to stay home to study anyhow.

While relieved, Brenda hadn’t been totally surprised at her parent’s decision to not spank her.  Now that she and her brother Jim were both teens, their father was the family’s sole spanker.  Although always a reluctant spanker, for the last couple years Brenda had noticed that her father was more reluctant to spank her than her brother, even though Jim was the oldest!  At 16, Brenda was finally old enough to understand some of the complicated reasons behind her father’s reluctance to spank her.  Frankly, Brenda tended to use that reluctance to her advantage. 

Jim also noticed the difference in treatment, but really didn’t mind.  Although he hated still being subject to parental discipline at his age, unlike Brenda he preferred a quick spanking to a lingering restriction.  Unlike many siblings, Brenda and Jim were close friends.   

Nobody could possibly have predicted it, but their school’s football team, the Dover High Bulldogs, won the local playoff against a much better team.  Frankly, the Bulldogs had been happy to simply make the playoffs as the underdog team.  Actually winning was far from anybody’s mind.  It was a first in the history of the school!  But these things happen in the uneven world of high school football.

With funding donated from various sources, the school planned a huge victory celebration/party in the school gym for the following Friday evening.  Suddenly this was a huge problem for Brenda!  

Brenda was a member of the junior varsity cheerleading squad.  Competition was fierce, but she had reason to hope for a slot on the varsity cheerleading squad next year.  Her restriction initially hadn’t posed a problem for her cheerleading because the JV football team had already played its last game of the year.  However, both cheerleading squads would be expected to “dress out” and perform at the celebration.  If Brenda were absent for that important event, it would devastate her chances to make next year’s varsity squad. 

Suddenly  Brenda went from being content, even happy, with her restriction, to being desperate to get out of it!

She first went to Jim for advice.  Viewing Brenda’s situation from a student’s prospective, he uniquely understood how important this was to his sister.  “You should ‘cop a plea’ with mom and dad,” he advised.  “Your chances are small though. They’re hard-nosed about following through on punishments.  The question is, who to talk to first?  Mom or dad?” 

After a short discussion, they agreed that Brenda should approach mom first.  Having once been a cheerleader, she might be more understanding.

They decided that Brenda’s first offer should be to substitute two extra days of restriction for that one evening that Brenda needed.  Failing that, she would offer a whole week.  Failing that, Brenda had a “desperation plan” in mind.  If necessary, she would volunteer to suffer the punishment she had been initially happy to miss, the hairbrush on her bare bottom!


At first, Brenda’s mother stonewalled, dismissing out of hand Brenda’s escalating offers of extra days of restriction in exchange for permission to attend the victory celebration.  She repeated an old mantra, “Once a punishment is decided, it’s final.  Nothing you say can change it.”

“But mom...”

“Do you realize that I hate being your jailer when you are on restriction?” mother asked.  “Frankly, I wish your father had just spanked you and gotten it over with.”

Brenda’s mouth went dry.  Desperate, Brenda went for broke,  “OK mom, can I take the spanking then?  I know I was due for the hairbrush on my bare bottom.  I’m so desperate that it could even be bare in front of the whole family.”

Her mother colored and gasped.  Certain proprieties were very important to her, “Any bare bottom spanking you get in this house will be in private.  Of that you can be sure!”

In a more reasonable tone, mother sat her down, “Brenda do you really want to do that?  Really?  I remember the last time your father spanked you bare with that hairbrush.  You were a blubbering, squalling mess!  Your bottom was a sight!  Your eyes were red and puffy and your nose ran so bad that you got it in your hair. You sat gingerly for several days.  That’s a serious punishment.  Think girl!”

“Besides,” she continued, “Your father hates spanking, especially spanking you.  Since your punishment is already set, he’ll never consent to spank you.

Seeing nothing but failure if she continued down this path, Brenda suddenly received inspiration, an idea born from desperation!

“Mommy, please promise that you’ll consider what I’m asking.  If I don’t make that victory celebration, it will kill my chances of making the varsity cheerleading squad.  You were a cheerleader once, so you understand how important that is!”

“What difference would that make Brenda?” her mother said with exasperation, “ I’ve already told you that your father won’t go for it.”         

Then Brenda sprang her little idea, “Could you please ask daddy to put the question to a family council?  That’s the fairest way to decide without any one person’s personal feelings getting in the way.”

Mother’s mouth opened in shock.  She started to speak, then paused with a thoughtful expression.   “You realize that you wouldn’t have a vote, right?  You would get to say your piece, but then the vote would be up to dad, me and Jim.”

“Yes,” Brenda said with a nod, “That’s fair.  The hard part would be getting dad to agree to put the question before the family council.”

Mother looked at her watch. “It’s three hours before your father is due home.  Young lady, you go up to your room.  Think hard!  Remember the last time you felt that hairbrush on your bare bottom.  Remember it well!  See me in two hours to tell me if this still sounds like a good idea to you.”  Mother pointed to the door, “Now go!”

Brenda ran, ran straight to Jim’s room, where she fortunately found him just as he was preparing to leave.  She told him that her only chance was to swap her restriction for a spanking.  Then she explained her “family council” brainstorm.  “Can I count on your vote Jim?  “Pleeeeasse?”

“You want me to help you get spanked?” He gasped incredulously, “Really?”

“Yes Jim,” Brenda said with assurance, “It scares the crap out of me, but it’s the only plan with the slightest chance of success.  I hate the idea, but I must go to that victory celebration!”

“OK Brenda,” he said kissing her on the cheek, “It’s your ass.  And I mean that literally!  If you change your mind, be sure to tell me.” 

At the appointed time, Brenda found her mother.

“Well sweetheart, did you do that serious thinking?”

“Yes mommy, but I didn’t change my mind.  I’ll take the spanking.”

“Whoa there,” Mother warned.  “We’re just talking about the possibility of having a family council to decide if it’s OK to change your punishment.  Is that still what you want?”

“Yes Mommy,” Brenda gushed, “Can you please talk daddy into it?”

“I’ll try,” mother promised, “But don’t count on it.”

Brenda hugged her mother eagerly, but then got a calculating look on her face.  “One more thing Mommy, is there any chance of you voting my way?”

“I’ll only promise to listen and then to vote my own heart.”

“That’s all I ask Mommy.”

At that, Brenda literally skipped from the room.


Brenda stayed scarce when her father came home, but snooped just enough to know that he and mother had disappeared into their bedroom, where they likely were discussing her.

The parents called Brenda and Jim down for supper.  Just before desert, father announced that there would be a family council at 8 PM, but gave no further information.  Jim groaned inwardly.  He had other plans for the evening, but knew how important this was to Brenda. 

Brenda’s stomach flipped.  Suddenly she was so nervous that she had to pee!  She asked to be excused.  Her father replied, “OK darling, but be there at eight.”  Brenda fled.


Shortly before eight, Brenda knocked on Jim’s bedroom door.  He appeared and looked deep into her eyes, “Changed your mind?”  She bit her lip and shook her head “no”.  “Well,” he said, “Let’s get downstairs.”

As was traditional for a family council, the living room had been arranged so that the four of them sat in a rough circle.  Brenda wore pajamas, her restriction outfit.  Everyone else wore street clothes.   

Father got right down to business, “I believe that Brenda has a request for the family council.  Brenda, explain your request and why you want it.”

Suddenly Brenda wished that she had prepared better!  She stammered, “I ... I ... I would please like to s-s-swap punishments.  I would like to be s-sp-spanked instead of being on restriction.”

She went on to explain her problem and why it was important she be allowed to attend the victory celebration.  Her heart thumped wildly and her buttocks cringed as she ended up by offering to “take the hairbrush.”  She gulped then added, “On the bare bottom - tonight.”

There was a long silence as everyone absorbed that, but then Jim’s hand shot up.

Father recognized Jim with a nod.  Jim said, “That won’t work.”

Father’s eyebrows rose, “It won’t?”

Jim colored, “Well I’ve - err - had a bit more experience with that punishment than Brenda has.  It leaves the bottom and thighs marked for several days.  It also leaves you sore.  Even moving can hurt.”

Everybody looked at Jim with a blank expression.  Obviously they didn’t see the problem, so he pointed out the obvious, “She’s expected to dress in her cheerleader costume...”  Mother’s eyes widened.  “...and perform with her squad.  Her spanking will show, and it might hurt her to make those cheerleading moves.”

Seeing the huge flaw in her plan, Brenda’s face fell.  Tears flowed.

“Wait a minute,” father said.  “Thanks Jim.  But let’s continue with our family counsel.  We each speak and then Brenda gets a followup before we vote.  Brenda may withdraw her request then.  May I go next?”

Nobody objected, so father spoke: “Your mother has reminded me that it’s common knowledge that I’m a reluctant spanker.” 

He gave a rare blush, then added, “Especially where Brenda is concerned.”

Taking a deep breath, he continued, “I initially refused to entertain Brenda’s request.  However your mother pointed out that part of my reason for refusing might be selfish due to my dislike for that particular parental duty.  So I consented to allow this issue to be settled by a family council.” 
“That said, I remain opposed in principle to changing punishments once they are announced.  Brenda was happy when we gave her restriction because she perceived it as a lesser punishment than spanking.  Now she perceives otherwise, so she wants to swap.  That’s unfair.”

He nodded to mother, yielding the floor.  Brenda’s heart fell when she heard her mother’s words, “You know, that’s right!  Brenda wants to swap punishments because she suddenly sees the spanking as the lessor of two evils.  Fundamentally, that’s unfair.  Let’s not forget that we’re here because Brenda repeatedly broke curfew.  Whatever we do, she must be properly punished for that.  She must learn her lesson!”

Father visibly relaxed, now believing his wife totally on his side.  Thinking the game lost, Brenda shed tears.

But mother continued!  “If we agree to swap punishments, there should be a price to be paid.  Do you agree Brenda?  Are you willing to pay a reasonable price for the privilege of swapping punishments?” 

Sudden hope shining in her damp eyes, Brenda emphatically nodded.

“Then this is what I propose,” mother continued, “A hand spanking today.  That would be the price you pay for the privilege of making this punishment swap.  The effects of a hand spanking will easily fade by Friday afternoon.  Your actual punishment would happen after the celebration.  That should be the hairbrush on the bare!  Does anyone see any problems with that plan?”

Brenda’s heart rate had reached epic heights, and her mouth went dry, but she said nothing.

Father spoke up, “For the record, I’m still opposed.  Jim, you have the floor.”

As Brenda expected, Jim spoke in her behalf.  He said that as a high school student he could uniquely understand how important this was to Brenda.  He also mentioned the days of restriction that Brenda had already served, “So she would actually be receiving two punishments for the curfew violations, besides paying the price for her punishment swap.  That’s not letting her off lightly.  So I’m in favor of the punishment swap if she still wants it.”

Then Brenda was allowed the floor.  She reiterated her brother’s points, said that she was nervous but would take her spankings without complaint, and was sorry for repeatedly breaking curfew.  “Had I taken family rules more seriously, we wouldn’t be here,” she confessed.  “Regardless how you people vote, I’ve learned my lesson.  I promise, no more curfew problems.” 
A long silence followed.  Father looked around, wordlessly inviting any further comment from the council.  Finally he called a vote, “All in favor of allowing Brenda’s punishment swap raise your hand.”

Jim’s hand shot up.  Father’s hand stayed firmly down. Brenda couldn’t vote, so the deciding vote was mother’s.  Brenda’s stomach flipped as everybody looked at mother.  Finally, hesitantly, mother’s hand went up.  Brenda’s mouth went dry, she had just “won” two spankings!      

Father spoke formally, “Brenda, the family council has spoken.  Starting now, you are off restriction.  Sometime next weekend, you will receive a serious barebottom hairbrush spanking as your alternative punishment for repeatedly breaking curfew.  It will be on the bare, so that spanking will be in private.  The price for making that swap is a hand spanking that happens now.  You have the option; barebottom in private or over panties here.  

Wiping fresh tears from her eyes, Brenda stood, “First, thanks to everybody for taking my request so seriously.  I would have said that regardless of how the vote went.”  She looked sadly at her father, “Daddy, I know you didn’t want this.  I’m sorry to put you through it.  I promise that I will learn my lesson though.”

“Don’t be too sorry,” he replied graciously, “Spanking is one of the jobs I signed up for when I decided to become a father.  You are both good kids and the good has far outweighed the bad.”

Wet-faced, Brenda nodded and swallowed hard, “Since this is a family matter, I would please like to take my spanking here.”

Mother spoke up, “Do you need to use the bathroom first?”  Brenda shook her head, “I did that just before the family council.” 

Mother continued her pre-spanking query, “Are you wearing panties under your pajamas?”

Brenda blushed and nodded.

Always concerned about modesty, mother pressed, “Full cut panties?”

Brenda nodded again.

“In that case you may remove your pajama bottoms and then present yourself to your father.”

As Brenda shyly obeyed by removing her pajama bottoms, father jumped up, disappeared into the dining room, and returned with an armless chair.  He placed the chair sideways a few feet in front of mother and Jim where they would have a full view of the proceedings.

He sat.  Clad only in pajama top and panties, Brenda automatically came to him and spontaneously gave him a wet-faced hug.  Father remarked lightly, “You don’t make this easy on me do you?”

Brenda gave him a forced smile, “It’s OK daddy, I know you’ve gotta hurt my bottom.”

He cleared his throat and spoke is a slightly choked voice, “This spanking is the price you pay for swapping punishments, but it’s really caused by your disobedience in disregarding your curfew.  Is that clear?

Soberly, she nodded.

He craned his neck to inspect her panty-clad bottom, “Pull those panties up tight, and then lay across my lap so we can start.”

She obeyed, pulling all slack from her panties, leaving them molded around her buttocks as if painted on. Then she laid herself across her father’s lap and cooperated as he adjusted her position.  Her bravery stretched to the limit, she started to sniffle.

Father was a reluctant spanker, but  not a timid one.  He didn’t believe in token spankings, nor in warmups.  He started out with a quick flurry of hard spanks to each panty-covered buttock.  Brenda’s tears started immediately, and for good reason!  Within a minute of that first spank, poor Brenda was kicking and squalling as her father lit an intense fire in her bottom.  Remembering not to mark her bottom, he carefully spread out his spanks.      

Mother and Jim squirmed uncomfortably as they watched Brenda absorb her punishment.  The room was filled with not only spanking sounds, but also with Brenda’s bawling and shrieks.    Brenda’s legs kicked and splayed, so mother was thankful for those modest panties, and for their wide gusset.

With Brenda’s bottom uniformly shining red through the weave of her panties, father shifted his target area to her thighs.  He was especially cautious here to leave no lasting marks, but still spanked hard enough to intensify Brenda’s pained antics. 

With one last flurry of spanks to the fullest part of Brenda’s buttocks, father suddenly stopped and looked up at mother.  She nodded, he nodded back.  It was over.

Then came their usual post-spanking ritual, holding the girl in place until she calmed, helping her to her feet, allowing her to dance and rub, and then inviting her into father’s lap for a forgiving cuddle and another cry.  Mother and Jim hovered, offering whatever comfort they could.

Finally the parents escorted their freshly spanked girl to her room.  They pulled back the sheets, laid her face-down on the bed, and then sat on each side rubbing her back and murmuring calming, loving words.

Mother gingerly peeled down Brenda’s panties to check for damage.  She was bright red, but with little potential for bruising.  Still, they decided on ice packs just to be sure.  Father left to fetch them.  After the ice treatment and an application of soothing cream, they declared her aftercare complete.  Mother removed her panties completely and covered her bare bottom with a sheet.  After final kisses, they left Brenda to drift off to sleep.               


For the next two days, Brenda determinedly pushed her pending hairbrush spanking from her mind.  She had many things to do, including study for final exams.  Being busy, plus happily anticipating the victory celebration, distracted her from her troubles.  Her spanked bottom wasn’t a problem.  She checked in the mirror, and it looked normal.  As advertised, that hand spanking had no lingering physical effects.

Soon the big day came!  The victory celebration was great fun!  Brenda performed with her cheerleading squad, and their performance went perfectly.  There was no guarantee, but Brenda felt she had an excellent chance for a spot in next year’s varsity squad.  She even scored some good face time with the varsity coach.

But all good things must come to an end!  Jim had also attended, so he drove her home.

Excitedly they talked, but soon Brenda fell silent.  Finally Jim noticed, “Are you OK sis?”

“Not really,” she admitted, “I’m going to ask daddy to spank me tonight.  I’m scared, but I want it over with.  I’ll bet he wants it over too.”

Jim paused before speaking, “That’s a good idea Brenda.  Waiting is hell and it’s the same spanking now or later.  You’ll hate it while it’s happening, but you’ll be so relieved when it’s over that your sore bottom will seem minor.”

Another thought occurred to him, “Would you like me to leave the house this evening to give you more privacy?  

“No!” she exclaimed, “Even though you can’t be with me when it’s happening, I want you there for moral support.”

In truth, Jim had planned an outing with friends that evening after dropping off Brenda.  But how could he say “no”?

“Of course I’ll be there for you sis,” he promised.  “Should I come into your room afterwards?” 

“Please do,” she said, “but I might not be much fun to be with just then.”

“I’ll understand,” Jim promised, “And if you decide that you would rather be alone, just say the word.  I won’t be mad.”

“You’re the best big brother in the world!” she enthused. 


Still wearing her cheerleader costume, Brenda swallowed a lump in her throat as she faced her parents.

Lightly they asked, “Well?  How did it go?”

“Wonderful,” she enthused, “It was perfect, and I’m so thankful that you allowed me to go.  Speaking of which...”  Her voice trailed off in a nervous gargle.

They both looked at her, wondering what was next.

She tried again, “Speaking of which, mommy and daddy, can I have my punishment tonight?”  Her voice broke, but she forced herself to continue, “I’m scared, but I think we all hate waiting.”

The parents looked at each other.  Sometimes parents have whole conversations at a nonverbal level.  This was one of those times.   Simultaneously they looked back at her.  Father delivered the verdict, “If you are really up for it after such a long day, I think that would be best.”

Her eyes swam with tears.  She couldn’t speak, so she just hugged both parents together.  Then she started sobbing.  That little cry helped.  She wiped her eyes, stood up straight and said, “I’m ready mommy and daddy.”

Mommy took charge of the preparation details, “Go upstairs, undress, and quickly shower.  Then put on a modest bra.  No panties, but wrap a towel around your waist.  Do it fast!  Call us upstairs the minute you’re ready.”

Brenda nodded, then fled.         


In his bedroom, Jim’s sharp ears heard the shower run.

Ten minutes later, he heard Brenda’s voice calling her parents.  She sounded strained.

Then he heard heavy footsteps on the stairway, and then footsteps down the hall.  It could only be his parents.  The door to Brenda’s bedroom closed firmly.

There were several minutes of silence.  Just when Jim dared hope that nothing would happen, he heard the first sharp report of heavy plastic meeting firm young buttflesh.  Brenda immediately squealed out in pain.  He lay on his bed and pulled his pillow around his ears, but it didn’t help.  He could still hear every nuance of his sister’s spanking.   It seemed to go on forever.  As she neared exhaustion, Brenda’s cries became hoarse and pitiful. 

Jim wondered if it sounded just as bad when it was he getting the hairbrush.  He decided it must be so.  At times like that, nobody can stay brave.  

Finally it was over.  Brenda bawled piteously for several more minutes, but finally the house again became quiet.  He knew he wouldn’t be allowed in there if her bottom was bare, so he waited.  As usual, they stayed with her a long time.  Finally they left. 


Jim crept into Brenda’s room.

At first he thought she was asleep, but then he heard a gentle sob.  He caressed her back.  She jumped at his touch, but then realized it was Jim.  He gave her a brotherly kiss on the cheek.

“Boy, you really got it.”

“Only what I expected,” she replied, “and honestly, no less than I deserved.”

“How are you feeling?” 

“I feel stupid,” she replied.  “I put everybody through this drama and me through this pain just because I decided to blow off curfew rules.  I knew better, but somehow it wasn’t important at the time.”

“Did you hear it?” she asked shyly.

“Yes.  Honestly, I was hoping you’d want me to leave so I wouldn’t have to hear it.”

“I guessed that Jim, but I needed you here.  Was it loud, was I a baby?”

“Yes, it was loud.  Don’t worry Brenda, I yell too when I get the hairbrush.  That hairbrush is serious business!”

Wide awake now, Brenda seemed to need to talk, so Jim listened to her story:

 “They told me to just wear a bra and a towel around my middle, and to call when I was ready.  I called, and they came right up.  I never saw the hairbrush, dad probably hid it behind his back so it wouldn’t freak me out.” 

“They were nice to me Jim!  We talked for a while.  I told them how sorry I was, and I thanked them for swapping my punishment.  I told them I knew my spanking would be bad, and promised not to be mad at them.”

“Then we talked about rules, and the ones I had broken.  I told them I was sorry and that I deserved to be punished, but I had already learned my lesson.  At least I tried to say that because I was crying by then.  I think they got the message.”

“And then it happened.  Mom took me gently by the shoulders and led me to daddy’s side.  Then she bent me over and quickly took my towel.  I don’t think daddy saw my front, but I was over his lap and naked from my bra down!”    

“He made me put my arms behind me and then he held them so tight it hurt.  And then he started spanking me with the hairbrush so I forgot about my arms!  I know I screamed and made all kinds of noise but I couldn’t believe how much it hurt!  It seemed to go on forever!  I must have struggled, but I was totally helpless.  I couldn’t even kick.  I think mom was holding my feet.”

“It’s hard to describe, but I finally just surrendered.  I think I went limp and wasn’t screeching so loud.  And then it was finally over, but I didn’t even notice that for a while.”

“When he finally let me up, I was supposed to let mommy put the towel around me, but I sort of went crazy and gave them a dance show.  I embarrassed dad, and mom wasn’t pleased either.”

“But once I finally got calmed down and decently covered, mom and dad really made me feel loved.  They spent a lot of time with me and made sure I was OK.  They didn’t put ice on me like before though.  They said my bottom was supposed to hurt for a few days after a hair brushing.
They used that lotion though.  That helps some.  I haven’t seen my bottom, but I know it’s a mess.  I haven’t tried sitting yet, but I know it will hurt”

“Yep,” Jim said, “a lot of that sounds familiar to me.  Even that towel thing.  And don’t feel bad, I’ve given our parents some nude dance performances also.”

Brenda giggled at that mental image, but then yawned sleepily, cueing Jim to leave so his sister could sleep.  Painful as it was for Brenda, the incident served as a great bonding experience for Jim and Brenda. They remained fast friends through adulthood.  

Almost immediately, life returned to normal in Brenda and Jim’s household.  

Fortunately, that was Brenda’s last hairbrush spanking.  She did manage to earn two hand spankings before reaching adulthood, but for other issues.  From that day on, Brenda was a believer in following rules.

© Guyspencer 2014


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I loved this story! It was developed logically and seemed quite plausible. The use of a Family Council was a unique touch, and readers got to see an intersting family dynamic unfold because of it. The decision of the Council presented a different way to view the love of her parents, and that of her brother... despite the harsh punishment she had negotiated and received. The story was about love, rising tensions, and a couple of good, hard spankings! This was a great spanking story! Well done!

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