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Double Jeopardy (M/m)

© Guyspencer 2013
Double Jeopardy

Normally, Sam Reynolds would be happy to rush home after school.  But today was an exception.  In fact, today he dreaded his arrival so much that he delayed the inevitable by dawdling all the way home from school.  As he walked, the coarse fabric of his corduroy pants irritated his still-stinging bottom.  Earlier that afternoon, those pants had been around his ankles as his school’s Dean had delivered six nasty paddle strokes to Sam’s bottom, a bottom padded by only the thin fabric of his boxer shorts.

Although he had already suffered through his punishment at school, Sam knew that he was still in big trouble.  He would soon run afoul of one of the Reynolds family’s most inflexible rules; “When you get paddled at school, you get spanked at home, only worse”.  There was no doubt in Sam’s mind that his already-stinging bottom was about to experience a whole new level of pain.  The only question was if his mother would do the deed shortly after he arrived home, or if he would be made to wait for the more energetic and painful ministrations of his father. 

You see, over the last few months Sam had been having trouble with his mouth.  It probably had something to do with him adjusting to the new flood of male hormones coursing through his teenage body.  Whatever the cause, inappropriate words just seemed to pop out at the worst possible times.  Adults thought of it as “backtalk” or “disrespectful behavior”, but to Sam it was simply “stupid words popping out”.  When stressed, he tended to blurt out things that he seldom really meant to say; things he immediately felt sorry for.  At home such incidents had gotten him warned and then finally spanked by both his mother and father.  But by far, his biggest problem was at school.

Today had been the third such incident this semester.  In a moment of stress, he had disrespectfully and loudly talked back to a teacher.   

Sam would always think of his junior high school’s Dean as a fair, but unimaginative man.  He was so predictable that when you were sent to him for a serious matter, it was easy to guess what your punishment would be.  Students always started a new semester with a clean slate (an innovation he was proud of) regardless of what had happened earlier in the school year.  The first time you got into trouble, you would get an after school detention.  The second time you could expect three swats over the seat of your pants with the Dean’s impressive paddle, and the third time would earn a full six swats (the maximum allowed by the School Board).  Usually those swats were enough to convince students to behave, but four or more disciplinary trips to the Deans office in any single semester would earn the unfortunate student another six swats plus a minimum 2-day suspension from school.         

Since today marked Sam’s third visit to the Dean’s office this semester, he knew to expect the full six swats. But then there would be more at home! 

As usual, the school secretary led Sam into the Dean’s office and dropped his file and the orange teacher’s referral slip detailing Sam’s offense on the great man’s desk.  After a quick glance at the referral, the Dean looked up at the secretary and said, “Give us a few minutes, and then I’ll likely need a witness”.  The secretary nodded knowingly and left, closing the office door behind her.   After another long look at the referral slip, he consulted Sam’s file, shook his head, and then sat Sam down for a long talk about “thinking before shooting your mouth off”.  Finally he picked up the phone; “what is your home phone number?” he asked.  His heart racing, Sam dutifully stuttered the fateful number that would lead the Dean directly to the ear of his mother. 

She answered on the second ring, and Sam was treated to a one-sided conversation about himself and his coming paddling.  “Yes Mrs. Reynolds” the Dean said, “I will be giving Sam the maximum paddling that I am allowed, but please understand that if this happens again this semester he will also earn at least a two-day suspension.”  Then Sam heard the slight buzz of his mother responding; he could tell from the pitch of her voice that she was very upset, and that he would be in deep trouble when he finally got home.  Finally the Dean spoke again:  “Thanks for the offer Mrs. Reynolds, but school board regulations do not allow me to paddle a bare bottom.  However, the specific words are ‘six strokes maximum applied on the covered buttocks’.  That leaves me with the discretion to have Sam lower his pants so I can paddle him over his underwear:  Would that be OK with you?”   His heart pounding, Sam’s sharp young ears heard the buzz of his mother’s emphatic response.   “OK then it’s decided” the Dean responded.  “I will punish your son and then send him back to class.  It really is imperative that he learn his lesson this time because a suspension will affect his grades.”  Sam couldn’t hear his mother’s exact response, but doubtless it was mother promising to reinforce the Dean’s lesson as soon as she got her hands on her son.

As Sam squirmed in his seat, the Dean and his mother said their goodbyes.  All too soon, the Dean hung up the phone and turned his full attention to Sam.  “OK, stand up son, I believe that you are familiar with the position,” the man said, as he reached out and cleared a few items from the center of his desk, “Except that I will need you to lower your pants below your knees this time.”  Shakily, Sam stood up and walked to the Dean’s desk, where he would soon be bending over, and started fumbling with his belt.  As Sam lowered his pants, the Dean stood, retrieved his paddle from its hook on the wall, opened the door, and called for the secretary.  “We need a witness,” he said out the door.

The secretary walked in.  Her brows raised and her cheeks colored when she saw Sam’s lowered pants, so she quickly closed the door behind her.  With a nod at the secretary, the Dean quickly got down to business.  He reminded Sam about the reason for his punishment, and then warned him to stay in position and keep his hands away from his bottom.  He then positioned himself to deliver the first swat.

Two minutes later, Sam had suffered through the first five swats, but not silently.  There was nothing that could have prepared him for the pain of that big paddle on his nearly unprotected bottom, so he cried unashamedly.  Twice, the Dean had to patiently reposition the boy so his punishment could continue.  Even though the school had been built solid enough to last for generations, two students who were walking down the hallway past the school office clearly heard the paddling.  They slowed their pace and looked at each other with big eyes as they heard the paddle smack into buttflesh and then heard the agonized cries of a male student. 

If nothing else, the Dean was an expert hand with a paddle.  He stood back and landed the last swat down low on Sam’s bottom, right where he would be sitting for the rest of the afternoon.  Four hours later when Sam’s mother would finally get a chance to inspect the damage, she would find only a slightly mottled redness with no bruising, yet the man had delivered a truly memorable paddling. 

Sam’s eyes were still red as he crept into his classroom and returned the signed referral slip to his teacher.  She didn’t need to read it to know that Sam had been paddled.  “I hope you learned your lesson this time” she said as she pointed him back to his seat.  She swallowed a satisfied smile as she saw him wince when his bottom met the hardness of his wooden chair.      

It was three excruciating hours before the final bell rang, leaving Sam no alternative but to go home and “face the music”.  Not wanting to further antagonize his mother, Sam didn’t take as long as he would have liked to walk those ten blocks home.  As it turned out, he arrived just as his brother and sister’s elementary school bus let them off in front of the house.  He had been hoping that they would already be home and out of the kitchen before he had to face his mother, but it was not to be.  They would witness his humiliation.   

As soon as Sam walked into the side door of the house, his mother called him into the kitchen.  While his little brother and sister looked on amazed, she scolded him for being disrespectful to his teacher then suddenly stopped, looked him up and down, and barked;  “Shoes, pants and shirt…off…now!” Sam’s brother and sister’s amazed looks turned to smug smiles as they watched their brother shakily strip to his underwear. 

In the Reynolds household, spankings were almost invariably given in private, but all three children were convinced that a spanking was imminent right there in the kitchen.  Although Sam would rather have had more time to let his bottom heal before suffering another spanking, he was also a tiny bit relieved that his mother was apparently about to spank him.  He was much more afraid of his father’s punishments, especially his belt!

The truth was, Mrs. Reynolds hated to spank her kids, but she greatly preferred to get punishments out of the way quickly.  Part of that was her innate kindness towards her children.  She usually gravitated towards the least, and the quickest, punishment that was consistent with the situation.  The other reason was that she hated for her husband to come home to unpleasantness.  So to spare him, she often dealt with disciplinary problems before he arrived home.  Unfortunately, Sam’s behavior problem was just too big to be solved by a mere “mommy spanking”.  This was a job for daddy, and perhaps even a job for daddy’s belt! 
As Sam stood in front of his mother wearing just his T-shirt and underpants, she ordered him to turn around and bend over.  Without warning, she grabbed the elastic of his shorts and pulled out and down, exposing the boy’s red bottom.  “See?” she said, turning to the other two children, “This is what happens when you are disrespectful to your teacher.  But that’s just the beginning for your brother.  Wait until his father gets home.  Then he is in for a blistering!”  Suddenly all hope evaporated for Sam.  He thought he was in for the worst spanking ever.   

Mrs. Reynolds let go of the elastic, allowing it to snap back onto the boy’s tender bottom.  He yelped and stood up straight.  She grabbed him by the ear and led him to a corner, “You wait here until your father gets home” she ordered.

The wait seemed forever, yet when he finally heard his father’s car pull into the drive it suddenly seemed way too short.  Corner time wasn’t a normal event in the Reynolds household.  Sam’s brother and sister tried to question him about what he had done, but were quickly shooed off by mother.  Standing in one place for that long was amazingly hard, so mother twice sharply told Sam to stand still.  Sam’s bottom tingled and he wanted desperately to rub it, but somehow he knew that wouldn’t be allowed. 

Mrs. Reynolds had already called her husband, Earl, at work to warn him what to expect.  He kissed & hugged his wife, greeted the two younger children, and then led Sam down the hall into his bedroom.  For the second time since he arrived home from school, Sam assumed that he was moments from being spanked.  Instead, his father gave him a friendly hug before sitting him down for a long, calm talk.  The talk ended only when they both smelled supper and heard the clink of dishes.  “You have a serious punishment coming son” his father warned, “but let’s have supper first”.  Sam received another hug from his father and then was escorted to the dining room.

Supper was a quiet affair.  Sam only nibbled at his food and felt the curious stares of his younger siblings burning through him.  After supper, the parents took all three children into the living room for a talk:  “Sam got into trouble today and he is very close to getting suspended at school.” The father began, “You will probably hear him get punished later, and that won’t be pleasant for any of us, but we need for all three of you to learn an important lesson from this incident so that we never have to spank any of you for this again.  OK?”  Wide-eyed, all three children agreed.
The mother spoke up next:  “We hope and expect that none of you will ever be suspended from school, but your father and I have discussed it, and this is what will happen if you do:  First, for getting in such bad trouble you will be strapped.  We rarely use a belt on any of you, but this is one time when it will definitely happen.  Understand?”  All three children nodded solemnly.

“OK then” she continued, “this is what school days will be like if any of you get suspended and have to stay home.  First, you will only be allowed to wear underwear just like Sam is right now.  That will make it much more convenient for us to spank you for any laziness, inattention or disobedience.   Second, Daddy will start out your day with a bare-bottom spanking right here in the living room every day before he goes to work.  Got it?”  Three mouths opened in amazement, but finally all three nodded agreement.

She continued: “All morning you will do chores, such as floor scrubbing or toilet cleaning.  In the afternoons you will do school work while I personally supervise.  If you misbehave during the day, you will immediately be spanked and then lose your underpants until I say different.  If you’re good, I may allow you to put them back on before everybody else comes home.”

By this time, all three children were in shock.  Normally, they never saw each other naked.  Mr. Reynolds spoke up to add one more detail; “If I come home from work and find you without your underpants, I will assume that I didn’t spank you hard enough that morning, so you get it again that evening.”

Finally, the parents concluded the family business by stressing that this new rule applied to all three of them, not just Sam.  “Make sure this never happens. There is no reason for any of you to ever be suspended, so we will not tolerate it” was Father’s final advice before he turned his attention to Sam.

“Sam, it’s time for you to prepare for your punishment.  I want you to go to your bedroom, remove your underwear and sit quietly on your bed.  I will be in with the hairbrush, and then you can expect a very hard spanking for the way you acted in school today.  Everybody hopes that you finally learn your lesson this time.  But if you don’t, nobody can say that you weren’t warned.”

Sam’s eyes filled with tears, “Y-y-yes sir” he finally responded before getting up and padding towards his bedroom.  He knew it was going to be bad, but at least he had somehow avoided a session with his father’s belt.     

The spanking happened about thirty minutes later.  Mr. Reynolds came into the room, purposely left the door wide open so that the other two children would clearly hear the proceedings, and without further delay took the boy across his lap and vigorously applied the back of the hairbrush to his son’s bare bottom.  Sam quickly started crying, and then wailing.  His little brother and sister had plenty to hear.  Normally, Mr. Reynolds would have started with a “warm up” hand spanking before welding the hairbrush, but he noticed that Sam’s bottom had already been “warmed up” from his early paddling.  Besides, he intended for Sam to remember this particular spanking for a long time.  So Sam felt the full bite of the hairbrush from the first spank until the very last. 

But still, domestic justice was tempered by parental mercy.  The spanking took slightly more than ten minutes, but Sam was actually being spanked less than half of that time.  Earl deliberately stopped for several longish pauses.  Earl Reynolds was a loving father.  He wanted this punishment to be memorable and effective, but not brutal.  At each pause he waited until Sam had quieted, and then talked to him for a bit, forcing him to respond.  The idea was to force Sam to keep his mind focused on the purpose of his spanking, and on the behavior that he must change.  This delay also gave Earl an opportunity to evaluate the darkening color of Sam’s bottom, to decide where to concentrate the next swats, and to readjust Sam’s position as necessary. 

Most of the time Mr. Reynolds used his right leg to pin down his son’s legs, but towards the end he released them to expose a bit more spanking area along Sam’s upper thighs.    

Every parent must make choices.  Ideally, Mother would have been in the bedroom to show her parental solidarity during Sam’s punishment, but she couldn’t be in two places at once! Instead, she was in the living room with her two youngest children so that she could remind them of the lesson involved, as it was reinforced by the impressive sounds emanating from Sam’s bedroom.  With any luck, and with good parenting, the two younger children would learn to not repeat their big brother’s error, and this punishment would never need to be repeated.   

Finally the sounds of Sam’s spanking dwindled and then ended.  Mother sent the two, throughly impressed, younger siblings to their rooms, and then was free to be with Sam and Earl.  She arrived just in time to see the last of Sam’s naked, lewd, spank-dance.  In a tender moment, the two parents hugged their sniffling, wet-faced, red-bottomed offspring and assured him that all was forgiven.

In return, he tearfully apologized and insisted that he had finally learned his lesson. 

What followed was part indignity and part pleasure for Sam.  Still naked, his mother laid him on his bed and applied cooling creme to his bottom.  Then she helped him into his pajamas.  They gave Sam an hour to recover, and then required him to write two simple letters of apology, which he would deliver the following morning to the Dean and to the teacher he had offended.      


Children don’t grow up and mature in a steady, linear manner.  The process actually happens in fits and starts.  So it often happens that just when a behavior issue grows until is seems to the parent to be insolvable, it disappears.  So it was with Sam’s “mouth” problem.  After that day, the issue disappeared.  Was it the spanking?  ...or did Sam just finally, naturally, grow out of his problem?  Was that nasty hairbrushing really necessary?  Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds will never know!  As parents they must make their choices, and then they must live with them. 

However, they do know that they never had a similar problem with their younger two children.  So it seems entirely possible that a single spanking resulted in three lessons learned.  That’s a bargain!

© Guyspencer 2013


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a time or two that this worked for MY parents when I was growing up too. I was the middle child, having a sister 15 months my senior, a sister 4 1/2 years my junior, and a brother that came along when I was 12 and missed out on most of the second hand lessons.
My older sister was rather wild and reckless, I was independent and curious, and my little sister both craved attention and wanted to keep up with us bigger girls. All of us have my parents reason to redden our butts - which was always a family affair in the living room whether one child was getting it or we all were, no matter what our state of dress. The pre spanking talk was calm and frank, usually ending with "I hope this serves as a lesson to ALL of you not to ______. Alright, front and center."
I know my older sister mostly got in trouble for sneaking out and around, dishonesty, and bullying us younger kids. If she wasn't sneaking out to meet a boy or trying to get into the liquor cabinet she was fighting or backtalking.
I got in trouble mostly for letting my sisters or friends talk me into breaking the rules, being forgetful, and pushing the boundaries to explore exactly where they were. Even if I wasn't covering for other kids or neglecting my responsibilities, I was debating and arguing constantly about EVERYTHING.
My little sister got in trouble mostly for copying me and my sister's transgressions or trying to be too grown up. A twelve year old getting into the thirteen year old's makeup was allowable but discouraged ed, but the seven year old caking up her face was certainly not - especially when for the third time that week or mom heard "ewww, I'll kill you you little brat! Mom, she was in my room again, and got my brand new powder all over the dresser and used up ALL of my eye shadow! And there's blond hair and cereal crumbs all over my lipstick! MOOOOOOOM! If you don't do something you're going to lose a kid I swear to God!"

7:29 AM, November 08, 2016  

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