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A New Captain Takes a Bride M/F

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                                                      A New Captain Takes a Bride

It was 1853, and nearly a year since 16-year-old Mary had first met Joshua Patten.  Yet she barely knew him on the day he unexpectedly showed up to claim her as his wife.

When he first saw Mary Bolton, Joshua was a man of 25 who had been a merchant sailor since his earliest teens.  He had started out as a cabin boy, but soon signed on as a common seaman.  Slight, wiry, and fast, he quickly became a valued sailor who was as comfortable in the highest peaks of the rigging as he was manning the helm of a giant ship.  Having fortunately received a good education as a boy, he began to gradually learn navigation.  Joshua was a natural leader, so eventually he became a fourth mate, exchanging his bunk in the crowded and damp forecastle for a  shared closet-like officer’s “stateroom” off the ship’s saloon.  Over the next few years he was gradually elevated until he was finally a First Mate, second in command of a Boston-based ship which was owned by the New York company, Foster & Nickerson.  

Joshua had first heard of Mary Bolton when his ship’s purser mentioned the beautiful young lady who worked at the bakery where the ship bought bread.  Buying provisions wasn’t a normal duty of a First Mate, but he had been intrigued enough to insist on the privilege of making a buying trip to the bakery.  Over the following months, he made more such trips.  Naturally, he wasn’t allowed alone anywhere near the comely 15-year-old, but they “made eyes” at each other whenever Joshua could contrive to visit, and they even managed a few dangerous whispered conversations.

So it was that Joshua finally paid a formal visit to Mary’s father to discuss the young lady’s future.  Samuel Bolton was a loving father, but also a practical man.  He wanted the best for his daughter, and knew that she was of age to wed, but Mary’s help was also important in his bakery.  Marrying a ship’s Captain would be a step up the social ladder for Mary.  Unfortunately Joshua was no Captain.  At least, not yet. 

Of course, in these Victorian times it never occurred to Samuel Bolton to consult with his daughter or even his wife on these matters.  He considered it his own prerogative and duty to select Mary’s husband.  But as it happens, Mary was more than willing to marry this handsome ship’s officer and longed for the life of adventure that he offered.  Joshua was ten years her senior, but that wasn’t uncommon for the times.  A beautiful young lady like Mary couldn’t fail to have several possible suitors, but those were mostly tradesmen like her father.  Marrying any of them would simply be swapping one narrow work-filled existence for another.  A marriage to Joshua would literally open the entire world to Mary.  For now, all Mary could do was hope!  

In the end, Samuel Bolton was impressed enough to agree to entertain no other suitors for Mary for a reasonable time, but told Joshua not to return until he had been promoted to Captain and was able to fully support his daughter.  Naturally, Joshua wasn’t delighted with Mr. Bolton’s response, but on reflection he realized it was probably the best he could hope for.  Frankly, Joshua had little faith in the father’s pledge to wait, but there was little he could do to rush things except to apply to his company for promotion and to work diligently at his present post.  As an experienced First Mate he was technically qualified for command, but there was no guarantee that it would ever happen.  Further, until he was Captain of his own ship,  his company wouldn’t allow his wife to live aboard his ship, and Joshua had no other home in which to keep a wife.      

Joshua’s ship left on a months-long coastal run, and Joshua had to leave with it.  He could only hope that Mary would still be waiting when he returned.


As it turned out, Joshua’s big chance came just a few days after his ship had finally returned to port.  Another Captain had been taken ill, so ill that he had to be carried to the Boston Marine Hospital.  That ship, the extreme clipper Neptune's Car, was offered to Joshua.  Naturally, he accepted the commission.  Unfortunately, he also had to agree to sail in three days time!

He spent the first day moving aboard, inspecting his ship, meeting his crew, and signing uncounted documents.  All day, he barely had time to savor his new Captain’s cabin.  That evening, totally exhausted, he climbed into his new bed and immediately fell asleep.

The next morning, April 1, 1853, he gave his First Mate a list of tasks for the crew to accomplish and then left the Mate in charge, begging urgent business ashore.  Then he donned the Captain’s uniform that he had ordered months ago in hopes that this day would come.  Properly dressed for his new station in life, Joshua went ashore and headed straight for the Bolton’s bakery.

Rather than walk in the front door, he passed through a nasty alleyway to the bakery’s back door.  Peeking into the hot gloom, he saw Mary!  Quietly, he waved her outside.  There, she saw his new uniform and immediately guessed what was afoot!  For the first time, Joshua took his woman into his arms.  It would have shocked her parents, but Mary responded by kissing him right on the lips!  With Mary properly warned, and assured of her willingness, Joshua circled to the front of the bakery.  He boldly walked in the front door, and asked to speak to Samuel Bolton.

Seeing the new uniform, Mr. Bolton took Joshua upstairs to the family’s quarters.  There, Joshua pulled a flask from his pocket.  The father produced two glasses, and the men shared a strong drink as Joshua explained that he had come for Mary and that he must sail in two days time.

Mr. Bolton was aghast! “You propose to take her today?  That’s not seemly sir!  There first must be a proper period of engagement.”

“That’s not possible,” Joshua retorted, “Soon I am leaving for a voyage around Cape Horn to California, and then on around the world.  I could be gone for a year.  I must have Mary with me.
We will never know exactly what was said between the two gentlemen to finally convince Mr. Bolton.  It’s safe to assume that Joshua kept refilling the man’s glass while they negotiated.  Perhaps a sum of money changed hands so that the father could hire a worker to replace Mary.  Perhaps the father feared that Mary would leave with Joshua regardless of his decision!  We only know that Joshua finally prevailed.  Mr. Bolton agreed to close the bakery for the morning so that everybody could go see the Rector.  Mr. Bolton warned, “It’s up to you to convince the Rector to allow a marriage on such short notice.  However, if you cross his hand with sufficient silver, you might find him much easier to convince.”

So Mr. Bolton informed his astonished wife of his decision, who urgently ordered Mary to don her best dress.  Soon the two couples were walking down Salem Street to Christ Church.  Mary and Joshua were even allowed to hold hands!  

Now that her marriage was suddenly so close, poor Mary had an attack of the nerves.  Mary had rarely been allowed near men, and was a virgin in mind soul and body.  In the name of purity & chastity, her parents had deliberately kept her ignorant of worldly things.  So she had only the vaguest notions of sex.  In those days, there was no sex education, and no books on the subject were available to young ladies.  Being brought up in the city rather than on a farm, Mary hadn’t even been able to observe animals mate.  Back then, sex was something that wasn’t discussed between decent people.  Mary’s only sexual “information” had been the misinformation that she traded with her peers.   One tidbit that she had heard many times was that a bride’s “first time” hurt as badly as childbirth!  That belief alone was enough to make her so nervous that she nearly lost her breakfast!   

The ancient Rector at first refused, but after Joshua dutifully offered a “contribution to the church” he grudgingly became cooperative. Perhaps the Rector also realized that the pairing of these two strong-willed people was inevitable.  If he refused, they could simply elope.

Rector John Woart of Boston’s Christ Church  knew Mary well.  He had baptized her as a baby.  As the titular head of the church’s school, he had seen to her education and had warmed the bottom of that spirited young lady more than once.  He knew well that at 16 it was time for her to be married while she still had the looks to attract a good husband.  The donation didn’t hurt, but he had been impressed by this young and handsome ship Captain and thought him a good match for Mary.

And so it happened!  Joshua and Mary held hands, and Mary’s mother sobbed as the Rector led the couple through their wedding vows.  Mary promised to “love, honor, and obey” her ship’s Captain husband.  She had much to learn, but the die was cast.  Mary had just become a ship Captain’s wife, and would quickly become a sailor in her own right.
At least the old Rector did one thing right; he gave Mary the only useful sex education that she had received so far!  He pulled her aside, “Mary, you have already vowed to love, honor and obey your husband, but it’s also your job to make him happy, because that’s the only way you will ever be happy.  Remember this one thing; there is no sin in the marriage bed!  You have saved yourself for this moment.  Now your body belongs to him.  Give it to him willingly; for that is God’s plan!”

Although Mary still had no idea how to be intimate with her husband, at least she now believed that whatever she was supposed to do was OK with God.    


Their wedding celebration would have to wait until after the voyage, so they walked back to the bakery to allow Mary to pack her few belongings.  While they waited, Mr. Bolton and Joshua sat down to empty Joshua’s flask. 

Perhaps it was the strong drink that loosened Mr. Bolton’s tongue.  Certainly the temporary absence of the ladies helped.  Anyhow, he spoke with uncharacteristic bluntness, “I assure you that Mary is truly virgin, and that she knows nothing of the mysteries of the marriage bed.  It is your task to teach her.  She is a comely girl and surely you are anxious to do what new husbands do.” 

Joshua blushed, but saw no reason to deny this bare truth.

Another sip of drink, and the father continued, “But if you wish happiness in the future, I urge you to be patient and gentle so that her first experience in bed with you is a happy one!” 

That sounded like good advice, so Joshua gave his word that he would be gentle with Mary.

Mr. Bolton had one last word of advice, “She is a good girl, and a smart girl, but she does have a spirited and willful streak.  She still needs a touch of leather occasionally, but there is no need for undue harshness.  A moderate lesson will suffice.”

Joshua’s eyes opened wide at the thought of Mary bent over for corporal correction.  “I’ll keep that in mind,” he answered, “but I hope it’s never necessary.”  But as he spoke, the bare-bottom image of a bent-over Mary settled into his brain.  It was another enticing possibility for his newly married life!  He wondered if Samuel ever punished his own wife, and barely contained himself from asking!

Meanwhile, Mary packed her bag as her mother tearfully watched.  Mary’s stomach still roiled at the uncertainty of her wedding night.  What would it be like?  Finally she could contain herself no longer, “Mother, will it hurt?”

Mother’s blush betrayed her full understanding of the question, but still she tried evasion, “Hurt?  Whatever do you mean?”

“I mean tonight, when Joshua and I are alone together, when we do whatever it is that truly makes me his wife.”

Mother looked away, “These things aren’t spoken of between decent people.”

“But mother, If I can’t ask you, who can I ask?”

There was a long silence, finally the lady spoke, “It may hurt for a few moments, there may even be blood at first, but the pain is nothing that a strong maiden can’t bear without complaint.  After that first time, you may even find more joy than burden in your... your bedtime wifely duties.”

“But nobody has told me what those duties are,” Mary complained, “I want to please my husband, but I have no idea where to start.”

Mary’s mother firmly ended the uncomfortable discussion with one final bit of rare good advice, “He will know what to do, so he will tell you what he wants.  Give yourself without reservation Mary, but only to your husband.  Keep him happy, and you are far more likely to be happy.”

Mary wanted to ask more about that “joy” part, but clearly her mother had already said more than she wished to say.  Besides, Mary’s bag was packed.  It was time for her to start her new life.

In their Victorian way, Mary’s parents weren’t demonstrative, but they both shed a tear as their daughter left with the newly appointed Captain. 


Joshua hired a horse and wagon.  The new couple spent the afternoon shopping for the many things they would need for their long voyage.  Joshua bought clothing for both of them, food for the Captain’s table, wine, toiletries and many other things.  Surely there would be many things forgotten.  They would simply learn as they went, and manage as best they could with what they had.

Finally everything was piled on the wagon and they headed toward the docks where their new home awaited.  As Joshua and Mary sat together on that wagon, it would be inaccurate to claim that they were in love.  You could only say that they were truly husband and wife and that their wedding had been proper, if rushed.  In truth, neither of them, least of all Mary, even understood what love was.  Still, they were happy to be together and they shared a common optimism for their future.  In these repressed times, this was the best any new couple could hope for.
As Joshua drove the wagon through the port, Mary felt a burst of pride.  Everyone seemed to notice her handsome new husband in his new captain’s uniform.  Joshua felt a similar pride.  He noticed that every sailor within sight seemed to stop to stare at his shapely new wife.  Soon they stopped beside the newest and fastest-looking ship in the port.  She was Neptune's Car, an extreme clipper owned by Joshua’s employer, Foster & Nickerson.

Their arrival caused a stir.  As Mary shakily walked up the steep gangplank, sailors vied to gallantly help her.  Joshua had to shoo them away, and then organize help to unload their goods and return the wagon. 

The 216 foot-long ship was an assault on Mary’s senses.  The entire deck was a beehive of activity as the crew prepared for the coming voyage.  Mary’s eyes followed the tree-like masts up until they disappeared in a mass of rigging and furled sails.  She saw faces looking down at her from the heights.  Although in port, she felt the deck move under her feet as if the thoroughbred ship were straining at the leash.  There was a rude whistle of appreciation that caused Joshua to frown and hunt for the perpetrator.  He found the person on the wharf, fortunately not a crew member.  Joshua brusquely shoed the wastrel away and then escorted Mary to her new home, the Captain’s cabin.

Mary had naturally expected the Captain’s cabin to be in the front of the ship, but was surprised when Joshua led her towards the rear.  They climbed a short stairway to a raised deck with a rail around it.  There she saw the huge ship’s wheel.  Soon she would learn that this area was called the “quarterdeck”.  From there, a passage led down to the Captain’s cabin.

Joshua led her into the cabin for the very first time.  It was small, but no smaller than the cramped and hot quarters that Mary had known over her family’s bakery.  To her it looked cozy, like something out of a storybook picture.  But then her eyes fell on the bed.  What would happen there tonight?  She felt a new wave of anxiety.  Would it hurt?  Would she please Joshua?  What if she disappointed him?  

The light dimmed as Joshua closed the door behind them.  She heard it click.  This was the first time the couple had ever been in private together!  She turned to him with a forced smile.  He took her in his arms and hugged her close.  He crushed her dress so that he could feel the outline of her body through the several layers of petticoats.  She stiffened at first, but then found herself responding to his increasingly urgent kisses.  Unfortunately, the moment was short.  A knock on the door caused her new husband/lover to revert back to “the Captain”.  As he turned to answer the inquiry at the door, Mary found herself breathless and with her heart pounding.  Perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad?

The rest of the afternoon was busy.  While Joshua attended to business, Mary worked with Herman, the Captain’s steward, organizing their belongings in the cabin.  Every time Herman called her “Mrs. Patten”, Mary had to remember that he was speaking to her! 

Finally dusk came, and the activity on the deck slowed down for the evening.  Joshua appeared, looked around the cabin, and complimented Mary and Herman on their accomplishments.  Later, the couple shared supper, and then Joshua led her to the ship’s “saloon,” where the other ship’s officers were just finishing their communal meal.  Introducing Mary to each in turn, Joshua formally presented his bride to the officers.  Mary concentrated on their names.  Then the officers insisted that the couple stay to share a drink in celebration for their marriage, and then another for fair winds on their imminent voyage.

Mary felt a distinct buzz in her head as Joshua led her through the gloom back to their cabin.  With the cabin cheerfully lit by oil lamps, Joshua and Mary were finally together for the evening.  They shared a last glass of wine together, and talked for a few minutes.  Soon, she again found herself in the ardent embrace of her husband.  Mary responded as before, but when Joshua lifted her dress to touch her bare knee she pulled back.


Joshua was a tyro at love and marriage, but not to the act of sex.  As was normal for the time, Joshua had patronized sailor’s whorehouses since his teens.  Later, as a ship’s officer, he frequented higher class establishments.  In those elegant bordellos, he learned skills beyond the quick “pump & dump” that was normal fare in the common sailor’s whorehouses.

More recently he had learned that the youngest and most beautiful prostitutes weren’t necessarily the best in bed.  In sex as in sailing, experience counts.  It was to one of those more experienced ladies that he had confessed his hope to soon win Mary as his wife.  “I guess we will be losing you then” she said without rancor.  Although Mary would never hear about it, that prostitute proceeded to do her a huge favor.  She instructed Joshua how to properly introduce his future bride to the wedding bed.  After an intimate anatomy lesson, she emphasized patience and preparation.  She especially consoled proper regard for lubrication, both natural and artificial.  She sent him away with a small bottle of scented olive oil after advising him to eschew bordellos after his marriage.  “Be true to your wife, and she will be true to you.”             


When Mary had recoiled from Joshua’s first fumbling husbandly advances, she immediately regretted the impulse.  So she apologized to her husband, “This is hard for me Joshua, so very hard!  But I learn quickly.”  At that, she reached to expose both knees for him.  They resumed their embrace to their mutual satisfaction. 

Soon it was time for bed!

Joshua understood that it would be difficult for Mary to bring herself to undress in front of him, so he invented a simple subterfuge, “I must make rounds of the ship to check the night watch.  It will only take a few minutes.  Why don’t you use that time to undress and get under the covers?”

Nervously, realizing this was the best deal she was liable to get, Mary agreed.  Undressing in those days was neither quick nor easy.  Mary removed her stiff collar, and then wormed her way out of her dress.  She pulled at the lacings on her petticoats, let them drop, and then stepped out, leaving her in her chemise, stockings and bloomers.  Soon they were gone.  Then Joshua got a little break!  Uncomfortably nude, she looked for her nightgown, but it was nowhere to be found.  Hearing Joshua at the door, she panicked.  Still nude, she jumped into bed, pulling the sheet up to her throat just as he entered.  Thanks to that missing nightgown, Joshua would enjoy unfettered access to Mary’s body that night.

Joshua walked to the bed and kissed her, “I can see you’re nervous Mary, and that’s perfectly understandable.  I want you, but I’ll be patient and gentle.  You have nothing to fear.”

Mary nodded and squeezed her husband’s hand.  Then he discreetly blew out the lamps before removing his own clothing.  He lifted the sheets.  There was an embarrassing moment as they made room for each other in the narrow bed.  And then the young Captain was finally under the sheets with his new wife!      

He kissed her passionately and then gently explored her body with his hands.  Mary initially stiffened as nature fought against nurture.  This was culture shock!  Since birth she had been taught extreme modesty and chastity, yet now this wantonness was suddenly her “duty”.  In the end, nature won the day and made Mary’s deflowering a modest success.  Nature had fortunately been assisted by Mary’s adventurous nature, combined with Joshua’s determined patience and the lubrication provided by that little bottle of scented olive oil.  The pain had only lasted a moment, and was hardly worth mentioning.

Mary wondered if she had pleased him, but she never had the opportunity to ask.  Almost immediately after the event, he fell asleep, snoring gently with one arm thrown carelessly across her flat tummy.   

In the middle of the night, Joshua awoke to find Mary sleeping face-down next to him.  In the darkness, he again explored her body with his hands.  His attention soon settled onto her firm buttocks.  As his hands wandered over the twin peaks, his thoughts went to Mary’s father’s words, “She still needs a touch of leather occasionally”.  Could he actually leather this pristine bottom?  Did he want to?  His heart said “No”, but another part of him rose to express a somewhat different opinion!  Joshua was a natural leader, so he knew human nature.  Therefore he understood that sooner or later a spirited person like Mary would challenge his authority.  That would be the time to consider chastising this delicious bottom.  He hoped she would at least wait until this first voyage was over.

His ministrations woke Mary.  She turned onto her back to accept his kisses and caresses.  Before long, the natural thing happened.  This time Mary received a definite hint of that “joy” her mother had so oblekly mentioned.  Still entwined, the couple slept again.

A few hours later, the first rays of light came streaming through the cabin portholes, lighting up Mary’s perfect face.  Awakened by the light, Joshua stared at his new wife in wonder.  He kissed  her cheek until her eyes fluttered open.  “It’s true then, it wasn’t a dream,” he whispered, “you really are my wife.” 

“Yes Joshua,” Mary replied, “and you really are my husband.” 

“Was last night horrifying?” he asked anxiously, “Can you bear to be my wife? Do you think you can love me?”   

She stretched languidly, “I think I will bear up well under my wifely duties.” she replied, “and yes, I think I can love you.”

He hugged her, savoring her fragrance.  “There is one more thing,” he said cautiously, “especially in this tiny cabin, there’s no room for secrets between us.  We undressed in the dark last night, but there is no dark now. ”

Getting his meaning, Mary gave a nervous smile and then made a suggestion that would have been impossible for her only yesterday, “Then let us lift the sheet and have it done.”

Joshua did exactly that, so the couple saw each other’s bodies for the first time.  Joshua was throughly enchanted by the sight!  Mary ran her fingers through his chest hair, found his navel in the expected place, but then stopped open-mouthed when she spied the rampant tool between his legs.  “That fits inside me?” she exclaimed.  “That?  It’s good that I wasn’t able to see that last night, because I never would have tried!”

Joshua chuckled, and moments later proceeded to show her that it did indeed fit inside her.  This time, he didn’t need any help from his oil bottle.  And this time, Mary had no doubt about the “joy”.  It felt great from the beginning, and kept getting better!  Her first orgasm caught her by surprise, and she wailed in pleasure as she tumbled down a virtual waterfall of sensations and emotions.


The men standing the quarterdeck watch heard the wail coming from their Captain’s cabin, and knew it for what it was.  Soon the news spread around the ship that their Captain was a great lover.  The mild scandal only enhanced Joshua’s already growing reputation among his crew.          


Their shyness returned a bit after they crawled out of the bunk.  Sheepishly, they dressed. 

As they shared a private breakfast in their cabin, Joshua explained his plans for the day to Mary.  “The entire crew will be very busy preparing for our departure on the evening tide.  I’m afraid you will see little of me.  You are to stay out of everybody’s way.  Stow away whatever things you can in our cabin.  Herman will be busy with last-minute provisions, so you won’t see him.  I would prefer that you remain in the cabin until we depart, but in no case stray beyond the quarterdeck.  Understand?”

She obediently nodded, but in truth she didn’t understand.  After claiming Joshua’s attention for the entire night, this felt like a huge letdown to Mary.  However, there was little she could do but agree.  Soon, Joshua was gone as he ranged about the ship tending to the thousands of details necessary for a smooth voyage.  Since this was to be his first voyage as Captain, he was especially attentive.  Unlike other Captains, Joshua impressed his crew by climbing the masts to inspect the rigging close up.  Inevitably, he found details not to his liking, and set the crew to work.

Meanwhile, Mary had done everything possible in the cabin.  She found Joshua’s navigation equipment and books fascinating, and spent time investigating them.  She vowed to have Joshua teach her about them.  Finally, Mary grew bored even of that.

She walked out onto the quarterdeck, that special place where normally only officers and the helmsman were allowed.  As a passenger however, Mary had quarterdeck privileges.  There was so much activity that Mary didn’t feel comfortable.  Unwillingly, she again banished herself to the cabin.  Still, there was nothing for her to do.  She felt irrationally jealous of the crew and even of the ship itself because they all had Joshua’s full attention, while she had none!

With determination in her eye, she donned her bonnet and checked herself in the mirror.  To her own eyes, she looked like a lady of substance, the perfect Captain’s wife!  She marched out to the quarterdeck and looked around for Joshua.  She finally spied him near the bow, his officers gathered around him attentively as he inspected the ship.  With a set expression on her face, she walked down the short stairway from the quarterdeck and towards the front of the ship.  As she walked, she was surprised to find caged animals and large pallets of animal feed.  Later she would discover that these were groceries “on the hoof’.  Since the ship had no refrigerator, this, along with fishing, was the only way to provide the crew with fresh meat.   

As she moved past the animal cages, Joshua caught sight of her.  Mary was a smart lady, and was quick to learn, but she didn’t yet know how to read her new husband.  If she had, after one glance at his cloudy face she would have retreated.  Unfortunately for her, she did exactly the opposite.

As she approached, Joshua turned to her and said, “Is there something urgent Mary?  I expected you to stay in the cabin.”

“What’s urgent is that I’m bored and tired of being ignored.  I came to help you.”

Carefully keeping his voice level, but using what she would later recognize as his “Captain’s voice”, Joshua replied, “We will find useful things for you to do on our voyage, but right now you are simply causing delay.  I require you to return to the cabin as I instructed you earlier.”  

She stomped her foot, “NO!  At least allow me to stay here so I can feel part of what you are doing.”

With a forced smile, Joshua looked at his officers, “You all have sufficient tasks to keep you busy for at least the next hour.  I suddenly have an urgent task.  We will reconvene in one hour to complete the inspection.”        

Holding the fake smile, he firmly took Mary’s arm and escorted her towards their cabin.


Inside the cabin, Joshua said, “Your father told me that you were a spirited girl and occasionally willful.  He also said that your bottom would require an occasional touch of leather...”  Mary’s mouth flew open in shock.  “...but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.”

“You wouldn’t,” she retorted, “the crew would hear.”

“Yes,” Joshua agreed thoughtfully, “I believe that’s exactly the point.”

With a delicate touch, he led her to their little table and helped her into a chair.  Then he sat down across from her so that they could truly talk “one-on-one”.

“You have much to learn about ships and the sea Mary.  Do you know why each ship has only one Captain?

“Because there’s only room for one Captain’s cabin?”  She guessed.

“Not even close!” he replied.  “The sea can be an unforgiving place.  There are thousands of ways that things can go wrong.  If we do the wrong thing, we and our ship could all be lost without a trace.  For that reason, the whole crew must pull together.  The only way that can happen is if a single person issues commands, and everybody else obeys without question.  For that, the crew needs a strong Captain, just one Captain.  A crew member who doesn’t obey commands is a danger to the whole ship.  The Captain must correct or eliminate that person”

“Do you see how a weak or indecisive Captain could actually be a danger to the crew and the ship?”

Carefully, Mary nodded in agreement.

“And you see why a Captain must always appear strong and must never tolerate disobedience?”

Chastened, Mary nodded again.

“And you Mary, have even more reasons to obey me than the crew!  I am not only the Captain of this ship, I am your lawful husband!”

Something about the tone of his voice made her lower lip quiver.  Joshua didn’t miss that involuntary window into her inner thoughts.

In a new, softer voice, Joshua said, “Allow me to help you out of your shoes dear.” 

Mary had no desire to doff her shoes, but was bright enough to recognize that her husband/Captain hadn’t made a mere suggestion.  She raised one foot at a time, so he could unlace her shoes. 

“And now your dress and petticoats.” 

Reluctantly, she stood and turned so that he could undo her dress.  Then he helped her with the petticoats.  To her dismay, he didn’t stop there.  Her chemise, stockings and bloomers soon followed.   Mary was confused.  At first she had feared that Joshua was preparing her for chastisement.  Yes, her father had punished her bare bottom, but never had she been required to be naked!  Perhaps they were going to bed?  If so, why wasn’t Joshua undressing too?  Had Mary been experienced enough to notice that lump in Joshua’s crotch, she might have found reason for optimism.  But sex wasn’t in his plan!  At least, not yet.

He pulled one of the chairs away from the table, “Fortunately for you, I have neither a suitable piece of leather nor the inclination to stripe your beautiful bottom.  So I will chastize you as I was chastised as a child.  Let’s hope that you are wise enough to learn from the experience.”

She backed away from him, “But...but, they’ll hear.”

“Yes, Joshua agreed jovially, “Like I said before; that’s exactly the point.  The quarterdeck watch will hear you being chastised.  Word travels through the crew faster than you could ever believe.  Already, they surely know that you disobeyed me and openly defied me.  Soon the crew will learn that their Captain does not tolerate such behavior.  Worry not about your reputation.  Word can’t spread beyond this ship, and sailors believe that once punishment is given, the matter is over.”

“So come,” he ordered patting his lap, “Come and learn your lesson, and in the process help me properly impress my new crew.”

By now,  Mary had lost all hope that Joshua was about to make love to her.  It was clear that she was to be punished.  She had no desire to escape this man, even if that were possible.  So she had no option but to accept her punishment.  At least it wouldn’t be with leather!  Surely she could stand this juvenile punishment without crying out?  Slowly, hesitantly, Mary obeyed.  Joshua’s heart thudded harder and harder as his beautiful new wife glided across the cabin towards him, and towards his waiting lap.  

He reached out his hand.  Mary hesitantly accepted it.  Gently tugging, he guided her across his lap.  As his lap took her diminutive weight, the pressure against his erectness caused a surprising pain.  Awkwardly, he spread his legs then reached under to adjust himself.  Only then did he look down with wonder at the pale perfection of the bottom that was looking up at him.   Her bottom clenched.  One cheek dimpled as if it were winking at him.  Joshua forgot to breathe!

“Learn from this Mary,” he choked, “I don’t wish to repeat this lesson” In reply, Mary sobbed in nervous mortification.

He raised his hand high, and then delivered two meaty thwacks to the summit of each buttock.  The sharp, distinctive sound of bare palm forcefully meeting bare buttock rang through the cabin.  Determined to accept her punishment quietly, Mary only gasped as her brain registered the sting.


Outside on the quarterdeck, the watchstanders heard sharp sounds filter from the Captain’s cabin.  The men looked at each other in amazement!  It couldn’t be!  Could it? 


Captivated, Joshua forgot himself for a moment and ogled the blossoming hand prints on his bride’s bottom.  As he had delivered those first spanks, her bottom had jiggled and rippled in the most fetching way.  She wriggled and clenched it in a futile attempt to mitigate the growing sting.  Had Joshua taken a moment to consider, he would have thought himself the luckiest man in the world, even though he would have professed to be a reluctant spanker.

Finally, Joshua recovered himself enough to continue his task.  Remembering the advice of her father to avoid undue harshness, he spanked her kinetic and reddening bottom with only moderate force, but with an unyielding tempo. 

Mary’s silent vow to take her chastisement silently didn’t survive long.  First she begged for a moment’s respite, but then switched to a loud and increasingly frantic apology for her behavior.  From there, she burst into tears, and finally surrendered with a loud wail to her husband’s unrelenting attentions.

Mary was no stranger to physical chastisement, so at first she was able to absorb her punishment obediently.  From the beginning, Mary’s bottom was in constant motion as it reacted to the spanks, but the rest of her stayed in position and didn’t offer any struggle.  Inevitably, she gradually lost control. Soon she was desperately kicking and twisting.  Far stronger than Mary, Joshua easily held the struggling lady in place and continued his husbandly duty until he was sure that his point had been adequately made.    


On the quarterdeck, the men heard it all!  The word traveled through the ship at the speed of light, “This new Captain is not to be trifled with!” Joshua was no expert spanker, but he had achieved his aim.  Without brutality, he had delivered a vital and memorable lesson not only to his new wife, but to the entire crew.


His duty done, Joshua gently helped Mary back to her feet.  She rubbed her livid bottom and pranced a bit, but then quickly crawled back into his lap and buried her face in his chest.  When her tears finally slowed and the sting subsided a bit, she became aware of a pleasant feeling between her legs.  She recognized that feeling because she had felt it only that morning.  

Perhaps Joshua recognized her arousal, or perhaps he was responding to his own, but Mary found herself being carried to the bunk.  Quickly, Joshua divested himself of his clothing.

Soon a new, but happier, female wail issued from the cabin.  It was heard and duly reported on by the amazingly attentive quarterdeck crew.

After dressing hastily, the captain made his promised appointment with his Mates and finished his ship’s inspection as if nothing had happened.  Although every man on the ship knew what had happened in the Captain’s cabin, no crew member ever dared to make the slightest reference about the event to either Joshua or Mary.  However, both of them had been instantly elevated to celebrity status in the eyes of the crew.

As Joshua finished his inspection and directed final preparations for disembarking on their long voyage, the problem of Mary’s boredom had been temporarily solved.   Chastened, satiated, and exhausted, the still-naked and red-bottomed lady remained in bed, deeply asleep.  She would sleep until woken by the first movements of the ship as it left port.

Feeling the movement, Mary got up and then dressed.  Finally she emerged onto the quarterdeck.  She walked to the rear of the quarterdeck to watch the city of her childhood slowly disappear over the horizon.  The several layers of clothing covering her bottom retained the heat, reawakening a tingle in her nether cheeks.  She wanted badly to massage them, but not under the eyes of so many men!  Then her mind went back to those wild minutes in bed with Joshua following her spanking.  That made a new tingle develop in an even more personal place.  Mary smiled and shivered in delicious anticipation of her coming weeks alone with Joshua in that cozy cabin.  Spanked or not, she knew that she must be the happiest woman in the world.

Over the aft rail, Boston continued to shrink until only one narrow high structure remained visible on the horizon.   It was the steeple of Christ Church, where she had married Joshua only yesterday.    


On the voyage, Joshua forestalled wifely boredom by assigning Mary various tasks, such as feeding the animals.  These she did gladly.  At her insistence he also taught her navigation, which she seemed to have a knack for.  It was a feat of navigation that later gave Mary a place in naval history, but that’s another story!   

Author’s Notes: This story should be read as fiction.  That said, Joshua and Mary Patten are real historical figures and Neptune’s Car was a real clipper ship.  In a later voyage, Joshua became deathly ill.  The ship’s First Mate proved unreliable and mutinous, so Mary took command at sea and navigated the ship on an epic voyage around Cape Horn to San Francisco, where she was received as a hero.  Mary’s story is worth reading, and is just a web search away.

This story owes a debt to Douglas Kelley’s book “The Captains Wife”.

The steeple of Boston’s Christ Church, (AKA, The Old North Church) was made famous in the American revolutionary war.  It was the site of those famous light signals, “One if by land, two if by sea”.  Still today, it is the highest church steeple in Boston. 

© Guyspencer 2013


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