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The Albatross Panties

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The Albatross Panties

Ed was a typical 13 year-old boy who lived in a typical neighborhood.  He was an only child.  His next-door neighbors, the Sandersons, had two children.  Debra, a beautiful 15 year-old, was far more interesting to Ed than her 11 year-old brother Stephen.

Like most 13 year-old boys, Ed was awash in strange feelings and urges caused by his sexual awakening.  These feelings were a matter of great concern and guilt to him.  Naturally, he assumed that he was the only person this had ever happened to!     

At the tender age of 13, a two-year age difference can be a huge social barrier.  So Ed wasn’t terribly interested in spending time with Stephen.  By the same token, Debra, a high school student, had no time for a mere middle school student like Ed.

Naturally, Ed was obsessed with Debra, who in turn seemed to barely notice Ed’s existence.  Her bedroom was directly opposite Ed’s, so peeking in her bedroom window was a natural temptation to Ed.  Unfortunately for Ed, Debra’s parents weren’t stupid.  They had applied an obscuring film to her windows to make peeking in virtually impossible.  Still, Ed watched the intriguing play of shadows on that window, sometimes imagining that he could make out a bit of her feminine form or see the color of her skin. 

From the attic window, Ed could peek down into the Sanderson’s backyard.  Here he did occasionally see Debra sunbathing, but he saw no more skin that he would see at the beach, and that from far away.  Their laundry might have been of great interest to him, but they unfortunately used a drier.  Only rarely did anything appear on their clothesline, and never the delicate, filmy things he dreamed about.

Everything changed one Saturday when Ed was so bored that he allowed himself to be convinced to play with Stephen’s new train set.  Ed almost changed his mind when Stephen led him down to their damp basement where the train was set up.  But something in that cluttered basement grabbed Ed’s attention!  He saw a laundry chute leading from upstairs.  Under it was a half-full laundry basket.     

His chance came a few minutes later when Stephen excused himself to run upstairs to the bathroom.  Hurriedly, he inspected the contents of the laundry basket.  Mrs. Sanderson was a large lady, so it was easy to distinguish Debra’s tiny panties from those that belonged to her mother.  His heart beating madly, Ed selected a wispy pair of Debra’s panties from the pile of soiled laundry and jammed them in his pocket.   

Just has he did, he heard a footstep on the stairway.  Ed jumped away from the laundry basket as if it were on fire and rushed back towards the train set.  Had it been Debra or her mother coming down, Ed probably would have had a heart attack!   Fortunately, it was only Stephen returning.

Red faced and guilty, Ed made a flimsy excuse and fled home.  As he ran, he was sure that the whole world could see that lump in his right hip pocket and know exactly what it was!

Trying to look as if everything were perfectly normal (but likely failing) Ed went straight up to his bedroom.  After carefully locking the door behind him, he excitably examined the stolen panties.  They seemed so tiny, that it was hard to imagine them fitting on any human being.  Taking a whiff of them removed all doubt at to their authenticity.  Debra had brushed past him enough times that he instantly recognized her scent!  He looked at the gusset and imagined the wonderful place where it had once nestled.  As he sniffed the part that had concealed that most feminine part of part of Debra, a primitive part of Ed’s brain recognized female pheromones and immediately alerted his penis to prepare for mating.
Given that Ed was a teenage boy in a private place, we needn’t be surprised at how he dealt with that problem!      

Ed spent the rest of the weekend in a masturbatory haze, which is to say that he did little thinking of any kind.  His parents barely noticed the change.  After all, he was a 13 year-old boy!

It was the next Monday morning while he was dressing for school that his mind finally turned to the practical matter of where to stash the panties while he was at school.  Leaving them anywhere in his bedroom was unthinkable.  His mother’s hobby was keeping their entire home neat and clean.  On one hand, that meant that Ed wasn’t responsible for cleaning his own bedroom.  On the other hand, it meant that nowhere in his bedroom was safe from her attentions!  Chancing his mother finding the stolen panties was unthinkable!

Finally, after much panicked thinking, he left for school with the panties in his pocket.

At school, he was briefly tempted to display the panties to a trusted friend or three, but for all his faults, Ed wasn’t an idiot.  Word would get around!  He was terribly afraid that he might absentmindedly reach into his pocket and then accidentally draw out the panties.  His solution was to hide in a toilet stall while he carefully folded the panties to make them small and then put them in his left pocket.  Everything else went into his right pocket.   He carefully reminded himself to only use his right pocket.  Still, perhaps a thousand times that day, he patted that left pocket to ensure those panties were secure and out of sight.

This went on for an entire week while Ed gradually became a nervous wreck!  Every evening he slept with those panties under his pillow, but every morning he had to remember to stash them in that day’s pants.  Forgetting even one time would lead to discovery!

Of course, none of that stopped Ed from enjoying the panties!  At least daily, he would sniff his stolen prize and then fantasize undressing the girl who had worn them. 

As much as he enjoyed having them, Ed decided that eventually something embarrassing would happen, so he considered various methods of disposal.  Simply dropping them in the trash can at home was unthinkable.  His mother was the person who carried out the trash.  If she saw them, she would surely know they weren’t hers!          

His second idea was to use a trash can at school, but here is where he began to have paranoid thoughts.  What if somebody saw him drop them in the trash can?  The more he thought of it, the more he realized that there may be secret security systems at school.         

But what about using a public trash can on the street?  At first this seemed like the best plan, but then his brain started working overtime, inventing fantastically improbable things that might go wrong.  Perhaps some sanitation worker would discover them and bring them to the attention of the police?  Might there be hidden surveillance cameras that could finger him as the culprit?  Could DNA analysis identify their owner?  He even imagined himself and the panties being featured on the front page of the newspaper!

How could he rid himself of these panties? 

While working on this problem, Ed kept the panties for another week, each morning hiding them in the left hip pocket of his pants.  By this time, he at least had gotten into the habit of only reaching into his right hip pocket, so the panties were a bit safer than before.

In the mean time, Ed’s fear didn’t stop him from enjoying those panties!  Each night he would sniff them and then allow his fantasies (and his hand) a free reign.  Part of him hated himself for both the theft and for the “dirty” things he was doing, but another part of him remained in an auto-erotic heaven.

It was about then that Ed’s Literature class read a Samuel Coleridge poem titled “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”.  It didn’t take a great leap of insight for Ed to identify with that poor mariner who had an albatross tied around his neck.  Ed realized immediately that those filmy little panties represented his own personal albatross!  In that moment of clarity, Ed guiltily realized panty disposal wasn’t his real problem.  He was addicted to those panties!

Ed had to do something!

He finally came up with the perfect plan.  He would simply reverse the steps that he took to steal them!  It was a simple matter to suggest to Stephen that another session with his train set would be a good idea “someday”.  Ten minutes later, he and Stephen were back down in the Sanderson’s basement.  As bored as a paranoid thirteen-year-old can possibly be, he stayed down there for over an hour, but Stephen never mentioned going to the bathroom.  Finally, Ed suggested that drinks would be good.  Stephen immediately took the suggestion, but got them bottles of soda from the family’s spare downstairs refrigerator!  Unable to get the 30 seconds of privacy he needed to return the panties to the laundry basket, poor Ed finally gave up in defeat.  He thanked Stephen for sharing his train set and went home. 

However, part of Ed was relieved to still have the panties.       

But he had to do something!


Tonight was the night.  Ed had crept up to his room early.  His parents didn’t seem to care.  Ed knew that Stephen’s parents were taking him to a special event at school.  Debra would be home all alone.  He would “gird his loins”, he would “take the bull by the horns”.  This evening, he would simply deliver the stolen panties back to their owner, apologize, and take whatever consequences came from that action.  Whatever happened, he would finally be free of those panties!

Watching out the window of his bedroom, he saw the Sanderson’s car leave the driveway.  Like in a dream, he grasped the panties in his fist and crept out the back door of his house.  He seemed to glide across to the Sanderson’s front door.  He didn’t remember knocking, but their front door opened and he found himself looking at Diane.  Beautiful, beautiful Diane!  As usual, she looked right through him.  When he wordlessly held out the panties to her, her eyes widened in recognition. 

“Bad boy,” she spat, “Bad bad boy”.

Guilty, ashamed and unable to meet her strict gaze, he looked down.

She spun around and walked away.  Somehow he knew he was supposed to follow.  Closing the front door behind him, he hurried to catch up with her.  The panties still in his fist, he followed her up the staircase, his eyes not missing one movement of her tightly skirted bottom.   

She opened her bedroom door, then stood aside to let him enter.  He looked in wonder at the window he had tried to see through so many times.  She held out her hand for the panties, Ed gave them up.  Finally he was rid of them!

"Bad boy!" She scolded.

“I’m sorry Debra, really sorry”

She sat on the edge of her bed and looked at him expectantly.  Somehow, he knew just what to do.  He stood in front of her, his hands at his sides.  It seemed perfectly natural for her to undo his belt, unbutton his pants, and then pull them down together with his underpants.  His pants puddled at his ankles.  

His penis popped up and looked at the girl expectantly.  Debra looked down at it, “Bad boy”.

She pulled up her skirt to bare her thighs, inadvertently giving Ed a brief glimpse of heaven.  Then she pulled the unresisting boy across her lap.  We don’t know where Debra learned to spank so well, but using only her bare hand she soon had Ed kicking and wailing.  As he did a horizontal lap dance, the skin-to-skin friction had a predictable effect, nearly finishing the boy.

She took her time, thoroughly reddening his bottom and upper thighs.  She continued until both her and Ed were breathless.  Finally she stopped, but still held the writhing boy across her lap.  When the time seemed right, she helped the still-bawling Ed to his feet.  Rather than let him free to dance and rub, she pulled him up into her lap and held him close.  He had his last cry into her bosom.   Even though his nose was quite plugged, her sweet aroma still nearly overpowered him, making him even more rigid.

That feminine hand that had seemed so hard just a moment ago, snaked down to find his low hanging fruit.  First she gently cupped his scrotum, then she explored the extent of his hardness.  Miraculously, that hand which only moments ago had been punishing him, now felt lotion soft.  Obligingly, she stroked in a rhythm as old as humanity.  Ed was in heaven!  That treatment brought quick results.  She didn’t seem upset when the inevitable happened. 

She only cooed, “Bad boy”.  


His heart beating madly, Ed awoke to a familiar mess.  He clenched his buttocks.  They felt perfectly normal, unspanked.  His albatross lay on the bed next to him.  He pulled the panties out of sight just in case his parents looked in on him.

Perhaps tomorrow he would summon the courage rid himself of them. 

Perhaps not.

Like Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner, Ed would remain attached to his own personal albatross until  fair winds finally blew for him.

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