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Thief in the Night

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                                                                Thief in the Night

They were a gracious, dignified old couple.  Mildred was an imposing, bosomy woman with a high hairdo.  Roger was a retired banker and looked the part.  He was a tall man with greying temples, horn-rimmed glasses, and hearing aids that he futilely hoped were invisible.

Roger and Mildred were the sort of folk that you might elect to the board of your church, or would see at a charity luncheon. They certainly weren’t the sort of couple that you would likely picture cavorting naked in their bedroom!  But the truth was, they had been married forever and they were still very much in love.  Even at their advanced age, their love was no platonic affair.

Unfortunately in those pre-Viagra days, Roger’s body wasn’t quite in tune with the couple’s desires.  Although he was still very attentive to Mildred and remained quite handy with his hands, fingers and tongue, that other male appendage only functioned when Roger received some sort of extraordinary erotic inspiration.   

But still, the couple loved to “play” and made the best of what they had.


Being old, Roger was quite set in his ways and habits.  Since their bedroom tended to be cold in the morning, Roger faithfully laid out his clothes next to his bed every evening.  That way, he could quickly dress in the morning before he caught a chill.

He did it that way for years, but one morning he couldn’t find his socks.  That time he shook his head with bemusement, assuming that he had simply forgotten to lay them out.

When he arose the next morning to find his T-shirt missing, he began to get suspicious.  The third day, his boxer shorts were missing. 

After several days of this, he finally confronted Mildred, “It’s a fun little game you’re playing,  but you’re not going to convince me I’m going crazy.”

Mildred looked at him as if he HAD gone crazy!  She had no idea what he was talking about.  Perhaps she should have asked more questions, but instead she humored him and went about her business.  

When Roger awoke the next morning to find all of his underwear missing, he decided to take action!  He roared at Mildred, telling her he had “had enough” of her midnight thievery. 

A woman Mildred’s age must take her thrills where she can find them, so she choked back her automatic protest against this injustice.  Since she wasn’t afraid of Roger, she decided to simply play along, thinking this might make for an interesting morning!  Oh yes, she would likely end up spanked, but that sounded good to her.  Her last good spanking had been much too long ago. 

Spankings were hardly new to the couple, so she knew that they usually ended up in bed for an “after care & make up” finale.  Those occasions had resulted in some of the couple’s best sex.  To Mildred, the possible romantic aftermath of a spanking sounded even better than the spanking itself.  Why had it been so long since the last time? 

Mildred was thinking of one other reason to play along with this “injustice”.  Sooner or later, Roger would figure out where his clothes were really disappearing to.  When that happened,  justice would finally prevail.  Not only would Roger need to apologize, he would owe her big time!  There could be some new jewelry in this for Mildred, perhaps even a cruise!

Briskly, Roger divested Mildred of her pajamas before putting his naked wife in the corner to “Think about what she had done.”

Just as she had hoped, a few minutes later he led her to the bed, pulled her across his knee, and started spanking her ample nether cheeks.  Fortunately for Mildred, Roger only had a fraction of his former strength, and so was capable of little more than imparting a pleasant sting into his wife’s bottom whilst coloring her buttocks to a charming pink.  Mildred played along, kicking, squirming, and screeching appropriately.   

For Roger, the sight of Mildred’s rippling, twisting, bucking, and reddening bottom was just as exciting as it always had been.  Her horizontal naked body danced in his lap, causing a predictable, albeit increasingly rare, male reaction.  Roger was so enthralled that he barely noticed the pain caused by Mildred’s weight against his suddenly unyielding manhood.   

When she felt that lump rise under her belly, Mildred knew that she was on the right track!  She smiled inwardly and increased her antics.  Simultaneously though, she also felt a mutual response in a deeply feminine place. 

All too soon Mildred’s spanking was over.  Roger’s “readiness” tended to be brief, so Mildred wasted little time.  Shortly after he released her, she scrambled to her feet and then into Roger’s lap.  There Mildred shed a few crocodile tears whilst allowing him to briefly “comfort” her.  The whole time, she kept up a constant friction to keep him stimulated. Soon they found themselves naked on the bed.  As she received a rare carnal “seeing to” from her loving husband, she reflected that her instincts had been right; this truly had turned into an interesting morning!

Luxuriating in their unaccustomed afterglow, they nuzzled, kissed, and petted.  Exhausted, they finally napped.  He managed to sleep with one hand cupping each of her sweet buttocks.  Breakfast was two hours late, but neither of them complained.


Down in the shadows under the basement stairway, Bandit, Roger’s cat, lay on her new nest as she felt her first labor pains.  The nest was soft and deep.  It smelt like a fresh laundry basket and vaguely of her master.  She was proud of that nest and protective of it.  After all, she had made it herself!

When adopting young Bandit, Roger had been assured that “he” was a male.  Despite increasing evidence to the contrary, he still insisted on referring to Bandit as “him”.  Roger had totally forgotten that evening nine weeks ago when he had absentmindedly allowed Bandit to escape for the evening.  “After all” Roger had said at the time, “Bandit came home all by himself the next morning, so no harm done.  Right?”    

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