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On Courting (and Spanking) a Christian Girl: Chapter 2

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On Courting (and Spanking) a Christian Girl
CHAPTER 2 (Ruth)

As it turned out, the first formal “meeting” between me, Mommy and Tim happened the very next week.  By then, both of our bottoms had pretty much healed.  Daddy knew of our “meetings”, but skipped them because he purposely stayed ignorant of the particulars of my sexuality.  All he wanted to know for sure was that I was remaining virgin.  The rest he left to Mommy’s discretion. This saved Tim and I much embarrassment and eliminated uncertainty.  If Mommy forbid something, it was truly forbidden.  On the other hand; if she gave us permission for something, then it was doubtless OK.

Like most everything else in my family, our meetings started with a prayer.  Then we would share a frank conversation, mostly about the physical side of me and Tim’s relationship.  Mommy believed in “clear bright lines”.  That is, she wanted us to have no doubt what was allowed and what wasn’t.  But she also made it clear that her “line” would gradually move as we learned to deal with our urges and she gained trust in that ability.  At first, we were allowed little more than shallow kisses, chaste embraces and light caressing over our clothing.  Naturally, all of our clothing was to remain in place! 

Surprisingly, she allowed us regular use of my bedroom almost from the beginning.  The rules remained the same; lights on, door open.  We were allowed on the bed, but not in it.  She had decided that it was safer for us to be there, subject to her rules and always under the threat that she might peek, than to be stealing intimacies in places such as cars or dark theaters.  That said, I don’t remember her ever actually peeking at us while we were in the bedroom.  But she expected us to not only follow her rules, but to be brutally honest with her about what we were doing when we were alone together.  Even if it got us spanked!  

We usually had a “meeting” every two weeks.  They were amazingly helpful.  Mommy not only made us talk about what we were doing when we were alone together, but more importantly she made us talk about our sexual urges and our feelings.  Thus, Tim and I were forced to communicate personal and intimate things to each other.  We didn’t realize at the time, but mother had done us a huge favor.  Thanks to her, we came to know one another very deeply, probably far deeper than most couples.  In later years, we would have no trouble communicating our most private fantasies to each other.  And often, fulfilling them!

As we gained experience dealing with our sexual urges and temptations, Mommy gradually came to trust us, and so granted us new privileges.  Deep kisses were a delight that kept us satisfied for months.  Later, Tim was finally allowed to slip his hand under my bra.  Exciting and heady stuff!   

I had warned Tim from the beginning that we were required to be totally honest and open with her mother, and that our meeting might cover embarrassing subjects.  But at one memorable meeting it was I who got into trouble.

Mommy started that particular meeting with a real doozy of a question!

“I’m going to ask both of you the same question,” she said, “This may be embarrassing, but you’ll see that I have an important reason for asking.  I’ll ask Tim first: Tim, how often do you masturbate?”

Poor Tim’s eyes bugged out and his face turned puce!  I’m sure that my face turned red also, and that might have tipped mother off to the lie that I would stupidly tell her.

Anyway, Tim choked and gagged a bit over this question.  He started to protest that since that wasn’t something he did with me we didn’t even need to talk about it.  Mother stood her ground.  She insisted that the question was relevant and demanded a full and truthful answer.  Finally Tim supplied one. 

Stammering a bit, he admitted that he “did it” more than once per week.  That answer wasn’t very specific, but I guess it told mother what she needed to know.

Then she turned to me and repeated the question!   

I choked up!  It would have been hard enough to admit it to my mother, but not in front of Tim!  So I lied, “I think I know what that is, but I don’t do it mommy.”

Mother got a strange look on her face.  The meeting broke up quickly.  Tim kissed me and said he had to go home.  Perhaps he was too embarrassed to stay, perhaps he was perceptive enough to see the trouble coming, perhaps even both.  Regardless, he was gone for the evening.


Not wanting to face my mother, I excused myself and escaped to my bedroom.  I was feeling embarrassed and guilty, but unfortunately not guilty enough to go down to mother and come clean. 

She let me stew for a full hour.

When I heard the knock on my bedroom door, I knew who it was and what she wanted.  It was mother and I was about to be confronted.  My stomach felt full of butterflies!

She laid it right on the line, “I’m not going to embarrass you by telling you how I know, but you’ve been masturbating for at least two years.  Your father and I decided that it was best to just pretend like we didn’t know.  But I had good reason for raising that subject tonight.  I know you’ve been enjoying your freedom with Tim, but you only get that freedom if I can trust you to be totally open and honest, as well as to follow the rules we agree to.  But you lied tonight, didn’t you?”

I sprouted tears!  Yes, I had lied to my mother.  I hadn’t even done anything wrong, yet I hadn’t been able to bring myself to tell the truth.

I abjectly apologized, but I knew my ass was in big trouble.   In my family, liars get spanked!

Knowing I had nothing to lose, I raised the issue, “I guess I get spanked now?”

She hugged me tight.  I felt her heart accelerate.  Finally she nodded.

“And after my spanking you’ll forgive me and we can start over?”    

Wordlessly, mother nodded again.

Finally she spoke.  “I think you should get yourself ready for bed, and then meet me down in my bedroom.” 

I suppose I sobbed a bit, but I agreed.  With a final squeeze, mother left me alone to prepare for my punishment.


It was fifteen minutes later when the pajama-clad Ruth knocked on her mother’s bedroom door.  Inside, the girl caught her breath when she saw an armless chair already in the center of the room.  Mother’s trusty hairbrush was on the chair, its purpose obvious.  Spankings weren’t rare in Ruth’s life, but they were mostly just hand spankings.  However she had broken a Commandment, and so wasn’t surprised to see the hairbrush.

Meeting her at the door, mother embraced her, hugging her tight.  Her tearful face buried in her mother’s shoulder, Ruth sobbed out a final apology.  Sorrowfully, mother led the girl to the chair and then sat, tucking the brush behind her.

Without being told, Ruth lowered her pajama bottoms and then stepped out of them, leaving them in a heap on the floor.  As normal, she wasn’t wearing panties under her pajamas so that left her prepared for punishment.

Mother patted her lap meaningfully.  In a practiced family rite, Ruth laid herself across her mother’s lap and then tightly gripped the chair legs. 

“Just to be clear,” mother said, “You’re not being spanked for masturbating.  Tell me why you are about to receive a sore bottom.”

Obediently Ruth answered, “Because I lied to you Mommy.” 

“Not just to me,” mother retorted, “Tim was there too.  He is a nice boy and I’m convinced he loves you.  It was wrong to lie to him.”

Ruth’s tearful voice came from the vicinity of the carpet, “I’m sorry Mommy.  I’ll confess and apologize to him.”


June Marsh had very mixed feelings about delivering this spanking.  On one hand, she could easily have prepared Ruth for that masturbation question.  She could have assured Ruth that masturbation was normal for teens.  She also could have explained her reason for asking the question, which would surely have encouraged Ruth to give a truthful answer.

On the other hand, both Ruth and Tim were sworn to give honest and full answers, even if they were embarrassing or would lead to punishment.  So the question had partly been a test, and Ruth had failed it.  For this “meeting” arrangement to work, and to assure that Ruth stayed virgin, it was imperative that June always have truthful information about what the “kids” were doing in private.  For a conservative Christian, June Marsh was unusually open minded about certain things.  Her aim was to gradually teach the couple that they could enjoy intimacy without it leading to intercourse.  But she could only do that with the couple’s complete cooperation.

So Ruth must be spanked for lying! 

However, mother had decided that she would spank no harder than necessary.       

June looked at her prone daughter with a sweet mixture of parental pride and love.  Oh how the girl was blossoming!  Ruth happened to be naked from the waist down, but a whole closet full of clothes couldn’t have hidden her feminine form.  She knew that every young male in town would give almost anything to share this intimate view of her daughter.  She was virtually positive that the only males to have seen Ruth’s most personal bits so far were her father and her doctor, and June intended to keep it that way for a bit longer!

June looked down at her daughter’s blossoming bottom.  Every time she saw it, it looked more female, more mature, more perfect.  Oh yes!  Eventually Tim might have his chance to view these delights, but not until the time was right!.

Suitably reminded of what was at stake, June turned her thoughts to the task at hand.  She raised her hand and then landed the first spanks.  As always, they were mere stingers, aimed high on Ruth’s twin mounds.

In her usual methodical fashion, June Marsh proceeded to roast her daughter’s bottom.  But it could have been much worse.

As usual, she started at the top of her daughter’s firm bottom and carefully spanked every square inch to a uniform light pink, not stopping until she had spanked down past her sit spots, onto the backs of her upper legs and around to her outer thighs.  June survived this first part with no more than a few urgent wiggles and a few grunts and sobs.

After a suitable pause, the mother started again at the top, this time the spanks were significantly harder and somewhat faster.  Never one to suffer a spanking in silence, this is the point where Ruth dissolved into frank tears.  Shortly later, her wiggles escalated into an urgent horizontal dance.

When the mother achieved an overall redness of the correct hue, she paused again, saying a few firm words to the girl to remind her about why she was being punished.  Through her sobs, Ruth responded, promising her mother eternal goodness and honesty.

As was her habit, Mother started yet again at the top of Ruth’s nether cheeks.  This time the spanks came slower but at nearly full strength.  Ruth’s buttocks shook, rippled and flattened at they absorbed the punishment.  Poor Ruth shrieked urgently.  As she worked, the look on June’s face told a tale of resignation and sadness.  She truly didn’t want to do this, but considered it her job.  To do anything else would have been inconsistent and would have only served to confuse Ruth.

Still, the mother ended the spanking sooner than she might have. 

Holding her squalling daughter firmly in place, June Marsh waited for her to return to sanity.  They both knew that this wasn’t over.  She rubbed her daughter’s back and shoulders until her bawling subsided to mere sobs.

When the time was right, June spoke the lines that her daughter had been sadly expecting, “Ruth, what Commandment did you violate?”               

She had been taught the answer since early childhood, so she choked it out, “The ninth Mommy, I’m sorry.”

“And what happens in this family when you break a Commandment?”

She could barely say it, because her bottom already hurt so much that she desperately didn’t want it to happen, “We get the hairbrush or the strap Mommy.”

“That’s right Honey, and tonight it will be the hairbrush.  Let’s get this over with.”

Ruth started bawling anew as she felt her mother reposition her, trapping her legs and restraining both hands in the small of her back. 

Eighteen-year-old, Ruth had resigned herself to the usual eighteen stern smacks from the hairbrush, along with the usual bruised bottom.  As it turned out, she received considerably less.

Ruth lustily shrieked as her mother raised the hairbrush high and then slammed it into the fullest part of her right buttock.  Then mother deliberately repeated the blow to exactly the same spot.  Then Ruth loudly reacted and ineffectually struggled as her mother gave her left buttock exactly the same treatment.

But after only four blows from that fearsome brush, it was over! 

June never explained to her daughter the reason for this unexpected mercy, and Ruth decided it was best not to ask. 

Mercy or not, Ruth had received a memorable punishment.  Her bottom was livid, but that redness would diminish overnight.  However, those brush marks at the summits of her twin cheeks would serve as painful reminders for the next several days.

After the usual moments of comforting and mutual forgiveness, the still bare-bottomed girl returned to her bedroom, where she would spend the night on her tummy.     

She slept deeply that night, but not before stimulating herself to an intense orgasm.   As her fingers worked their magic in that special female spot, her mind worked its own special magic.  In her fantasy, her naked body was across her boyfriend’s lap, and her heaving bottom was under his lovingly punishing hand!   

The next evening, after the usual prayer, June, Ruth and Tim sat down to finish the meeting that had been cut short the night before.

The talk started with Ruth taking Tim’s hand and offering a tearful apology.  She blushed prettily as she spoke, but she didn’t hold back, “I lied yesterday Tim, and I’m truly sorry.  We’re supposed to be honest with each other even when it’s hard.  I said that I never masturbate, but the truth is that I do it just as often as you do.”  She went on to explain that she had been spanked, and that she would never lie to him again.

As Tim’s male brain absorbed the twin images of Ruth masturbating and Ruth being spanked, he concentrated on receiving the news as gracefully as possible.  But truthfully, he was happy that they were sitting at the kitchen table, because the table hid his epic-sized erection!

With that awkwardness behind them, June went on to explain why she had brought up the subject of masturbation in the first place.  It was to explain the difference between light petting and heavy petting.  “Heavy petting is essentially mutual masturbation,” she explained in her usual direct fashion, “but you two aren’t ready for that yet.  Instead, you will be allowed to gradually explore light petting.  Is that OK?”

Yes!  That was OK with the eager young couple.

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She got off way too easy. She really should have gotten bruised on those sit spots as a better punishment. Four hard strokes was not enough

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Who is John?

"'Not just to me,” mother retorted, “John was there too. He is a nice boy and I’m convinced he loves you. It was wrong to lie to him.'”

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Should be "Tim was there too..."

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