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On Courting (and Spanking) a Christian Girl; Chapter 3

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On Courting (and Spanking) a Christian Girl
CHAPTER 3 (First Timothy)

Over the next several months, many momentous things happened in our lives.  We went through the buzz of final examinations, parties, partings, and emotions that go with graduation from high school.  Soon, we both had our very first full-time jobs, albeit only for the summer!  We both registered at a community college that was within bicycle range of our homes.  After two years at the local college, we planned to finish our education at the state university.

Another big change was that, with my parent’s somewhat reluctant permission, I joined Ruth’s church.  This earned me many “points” with their Pastor, and improved Ruth’s parents comfort level with me.

Against the odds, our relationship continued to strengthen and deepen.  Technically adults, we could have married and then struggled along on a minimum wage existence, but we wanted more from life.  So for now, we remained unmarried and continued to live with our respective parents.  As was normal in this town, living under our parent’s roofs meant being subject to our parent’s rules and discipline.

So technically we both were still subject to parental spankings.  For me though, parental spankings were merely a theoretical possibility.  I had no particular issues with my parents, and they treated me as a near-adult  But for Ruth, spankings still actually happened with some regularity.  Usually her spankings weren’t triggered by a single event.  Instead, her parents used a demerit-style system.  Modest misbehaviors were called “zaps”, and were noted on the Marsh’s kitchen calendar.  Three “zaps” in one month always triggered a spanking, usually just a hand spanking delivered by Ruth’s mother.  More serious misbehavior could earn her a session with the belt or the hairbrush, but this was rare. 

Ruth accepted her parent’s authority and took her punishments well.  Also, she understood that her spankings weren’t likely to stop when she got married.  According to the teachings of our church, I would be the head of our household and would be responsible for her discipline. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but the possibility of ending up across my lap fed an important part of Ruth’s fantasy life!
The strictest of the Marsh’s rules were intended to keep Ruth “pure”.  So the physical part of our relationship was still controlled mainly by Ruth’s mother.  Those 3-way “meetings” that I had asked for continued regularly and were helpful.  Every two weeks, Ruth, Ruth’s mother, and I sat down for a prayer and a long talk.  We talked directly about “the rules”, and occasionally negotiated new, looser, rules.  Also, Ruth and I confessed everything we did while we were alone together.  Further, Mrs. Marsh made us describe our temptations and our erotic urges so they could be dealt with.  But she always assured us that these things were perfectly normal.  Gradually we learned to live with and control our powerful temptations.  As we gained her trust, Mrs. Marsh gradually granted us new erotic freedoms.  As before, she allowed us the use of Ruth’s bedroom, but only subject to her rules.  She felt that was safer than leaving us to steal intimacies in movie theaters and in lover’s lanes.       

I still hadn’t been allowed to see any of Ruth’s “girl” parts, nor even to remove a single item of her clothing.  We considered ourselves lucky to have been granted “light petting” privileges.  This meant that we could feel under each others clothing but we weren’t yet allowed any stimulation that might lead to orgasm.  So we kissed, we hugged, and we gently explored each others bodies by “Braille”.  Intercourse was still reserved for after marriage, and we were very careful to stay within the “rules” because we took our promise to stay “pure” seriously.  Besides, we didn’t want to feel Mrs. Marsh’s hairbrush again!  

Our first attempt at “light petting” didn’t go exactly the way I had planned.  Suddenly being allowed to let my hands roam under Ruth clothing was a wonderful thing, but perhaps it was a bit too much too fast.  The feeling of her most private parts under my fingertips was so stimulating that I was barely in control of myself.  When Ruth reciprocated by sliding one of her soft little hands inside my briefs, it was just too much to me!  So yes, I had an embarrassing and messy accident. 

After she got over her surprise, Ruth’s eyes became big with fear.  Had she broken a rule?  After all, she wasn’t supposed to “stimulate” me.  I thought that Mrs. Marsh would understand, but Ruth wasn’t so sure!   

In the end, Mrs Marsh was fine with it. 

She put on her “teachers voice” to say, “These things happen”.  That’s why you should take things slow, but that’s also one reason why premarital petting can be useful.  It will allow Tim to learn some control, and that will be important later.”   


Also, we were now “sort of” engaged.  Shortly after our high school graduation, I had asked Ruth if she would become my wife.  Not surprisingly she said, “yes, but...”.  The “but” involved seeking the blessing and permission of her parents.

It happened the next Sunday, after church.  We rode home from church in the back seat of Ruth’s parent’s car.  It was unusually quiet in the car as we nervously held hands.  Shortly after we arrived at Ruth’s home, we gathered as usual in the living room for our usual short post-church devotion.  There, I formally, albeit haltingly, asked the Marshes for their daughter’s hand in marriage. 

Nobody in the room seemed surprised.  It seemed that the Marshes already had a plan for this moment.  June hugged her husband, and then immediately picked up the phone to call my parents, whom they knew quite well by now.  “Its happening,” June said, “Can you both come over right now?”    

The next thing that we knew, we were discussing our future with both sets of parents.  In the end, we agreed to a rather long engagement.  We would be “unofficially engaged” until the end of our first year of community college.  If all went well, we would then formally announce our engagement.  We would marry one year later on graduation from community college and then attend the state university as a married couple.    

It would be a two year engagement, but our parents emphasized that would give us time to “grow together” and also allow us to save money for our future.  Our parents agreed to help support us through our university years.   

OK, we would have liked to have been married immediately, but we knew that at our young ages a long engagement made sense.  As we “sealed the deal” with a lingering hug and a kiss, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room!

At our next “meeting”, Mrs Marsh reminded us that our roles will change the moment we become married.  “At that moment,” she explained, “you will no longer be equals.  Tim will be the head of the family and will be responsible for family discipline.   Ruth’s job will be to support him and to obey him.  Ruth, you should start treating Tim differently starting today.  Help him, love him, but also learn to obey him!”

“But Tim,” she warned, “Don’t let that power go to your head.  You must listen to Ruth’s opinions and consider them carefully.  But once you make a decision, you should rightly expect Ruth’s obedience.  Until your marriage, if you have any problems with Ruth’s behavior, please tell me or her father.  If necessary and if we agree, we will discipline her.”

She finished with a vague and somewhat mysterious promise to “Teach me what I will need to know” to properly deal with her daughter’s discipline. 

Three months later, after we had started our second college semester, I would be forcibly reminded of that promise!


Naturally, I spent as much time at the Marsh’s home as possible.  Classes took up most of our day plus we both had part time jobs.  We did lots of schoolwork together.

One evening I knocked on the Marsh’s front door.  I had been expecting to do class work with Ruth for a couple hours, and then hopefully spend some private time with her.  But when she opened the door and kissed me, I was surprised to find her wearing pajamas!

Afraid that she was sick, I asked her what was up.  Rather than give me a straight answer, she said we would “talk later”.   

It took us about two hours to finish our schoolwork.  As we worked, I found her pensive, quiet, and nervous.  Finally, after we finished our work, Ruth explained that she was “in trouble”.  She was to be spanked that evening because she had stupidly “mouthed off” at her mother and earned her third “zap” for the month.

This was a surprise!  It wasn’t terribly unusual for Ruth to be spanked at home, but I usually didn’t hear about it until afterwards.  Why were things different today?

“I’m sorry honey,” I said whilst giving her a squeeze intended to convey comfort and sympathy, I guess I’d better go then.” 

What she said next bowled me over!  As she spoke, she had a certain light in her eye that I recognized.  That light told me that we were about to be allowed to share some new intimacy together!

“Oh no.” she blurted, “Mother wants you to stay...I do too”

I was honestly confused!  “Why would your mother want me to stay?” I asked.

I suppose Mrs Marsh must have walked into the room as we were talking, because she supplied her own answer, “It’s because you will be responsible for Ruth’s discipline after you marry.  I think the time has come for you to start learning about that.”

If Ruth hadn’t wanted me there, I would have left regardless, but Ruth explained, “I hate spankings, and it will be embarrassing for you to see me cry like a baby, but it will be over quickly and then you’ll be here to comfort me.”

It’s fair to say that I was easily convinced!  There was one particular thing on my mind though. From both painful personal experience, and from conversations with Ruth, I knew that Mrs. Marsh’s default spanking mode was bare bottom!  I hadn’t yet seen Ruth’s bare bottom.  Was today the day?  Did that explain that strange promise I detected in Ruth’s eyes?


We went into the living room.  Ruth closed all of the curtains.  Mrs. Marsh sat down exactly in the middle of the couch.  She looked at me meaningfully, and then patted the couch to her left.  Obediently, I sat in the appointed spot.  Still in her pajamas, Ruth stood nervously in front of us. 

As usual for Ruth’s family, Mrs Marsh started with a short devotion.  Then, Ruth was made to explain the things she had done wrong to earn her three “zaps”.  As I knew, today she had “mouthed off” at her mother.  Earlier in the month she had skipped some chores, and once she overslept, making her tardy for class.  Tearfully Ruth explained all three incidents and individually apologized.  Today’s incident was obviously the worse.  Ruth is seldom disrespectful to her mother.

Now it was obviously time for Ruth’s spanking, but her bottom was still fully covered!  I watched the drama with intense interest. 

“Ruth?” Mrs Marsh asked, “Are you wearing full coverage panties like I told you?”

Ruth blushed, but answered, “Yes ma-am.”

“OK then,” Mrs Marsh ordered, “You may remove your pajama bottoms.”

Thankful that I didn’t have to stand, I squirmed as I watched Ruth push those PJ bottoms past her swelling hips, and then gracefully step out of them.  

Both I and Mrs. Marsh stared at Ruth’s panties.  Surely when she had specified “full coverage” panties, the mother had a more opaque garment in mind.  I don’t know where she found them, but Ruth’s “full cut” panties happened to be sheer nylon.  Mrs. Marsh’s brow furrowed.  We both gaped at the view below Ruth’s waistline. 

As Ruth looked to see my reaction, I saw that light again in her eyes.  This girl was no robot!  However, the mischievous girl had obeyed her mother’s instructions to the letter.  Swallowing, the mother merely said, “Next time, use cotton panties.” 

Her face carefully arranged in her most wide-eyed innocent look, Ruth agreed, “Yes ma’am”.    

To be honest, I had seen more skin when Ruth wore her little sun suit or her bathing suit, but this was different!  I could only see her front, but what a view!  The nylon traced her anatomy like paint.  For the first time ever, I saw the lips of her most feminine place.  The filmy cloth even sank into the beguiling cleft between them.  Her pubic hair showed up as a tiny roughness in the material.  The pink of her thighs glowed through the filmy cloth.

I was in pain!  But it was Ruth who was about to be spanked.

Mrs. Marsh patted her lap.  Obediently Ruth climbed up on the couch and put herself over her mother’s lap.  Her feet and head were supported by the couch, her pert panty-covered bottom was raised perfectly for correction.  Because I was sitting on the left end of the couch, Ruth’s hands ended up in my lap.  Unnoticed by her mother, she gave my hardness a sly squeeze.

Mrs Marsh spoke, “Tim, please do Ruth the kindness of firmly holding her hands so that she can’t reach back.  That way, her spanking will be over that much sooner.”

Then her voice turned firm, “And Tim, remember that being allowed to see this bestows no new privileges on you.  Ruth always remains fully clothed in your presence, and you certainly aren’t allowed to spank her yourself.”

“Yes Ma-am”, I managed to croak out.

Then she turned to Ruth, “OK young lady, raise your bottom.”

As I watched with open mouth, Mrs. Marsh whisked Ruth’s panties down to the hollows of her knees.  Now I understood why she had insisted that I sit to her left.  I could see nothing of Ruth’s intimate anatomy save for the twin hillocks of her delectable buttocks.  In accordance with the latest incarnation of the Marsh “rules”, I had several times slipped my hands inside Ruth’s panties to feel those buttocks, but this was the first time that I had laid eyes on them. 

Mrs. Marsh raised her hand for the first spank.  I saw Ruth tense herself for it, but the lady stopped in mid-spank.  She turned to me and spoke in her “teaching” voice, “You need to learn how hard and how long to spank, so notice the color of Ruth’s bottom and how she reacts to the burn I’m about to put into her butt, because that’s your main cue.”  Open mouthed, I nodded my understanding.  And then I was watching a spanking!


The spanking started with Mrs. Marsh’s usual technique.  Using “stinging” spanks, she started at the very top of Ruth’s bottom and then took several minutes to spank her way nearly down to Ruth’s bunched panties.  I’ll never forget the play of motion and color on that delicious bottom! 

I was only lightly holding her wrists, but I could feel the tension in Ruth’s body as she fought to remain still and silent.  Undoubtedly she would finally succumb to her mother’s attentions, but I knew she was holding out to show me a brave front.  I wanted to tell her it was OK to “let it out”, but was afraid to interfere.

Mrs. Marsh soon resolved the issue!  After a suitable pause, she started spanking again, taking another long and slow pass from the top of Ruth’s buttocks on down almost to the backs of her knees, only this time with doubled intensity.     

Almost immediately, Ruth responded.  I felt her hands stiffen, she cried out “I’m sorry mom!” and then quickly descended into frank tears.  As she gradually surrendered to the spanking, she lost control, kicking her feet and trying to wrest her hands from my lap so she could protect her bottom from her mother’s punishing hand.  Gently, but as firmly as necessary, I restrained my darling’s wrists.  Her mother didn’t seem to notice any of Ruth’s antics, but just continued pummeling that heaving bottom.

Those panties bunched at Ruth’s knees served to dampen her kicks.  I watched fascinated as her most frantic kicks stretched them seemingly to the breaking point.  There was also a bicycling action to her throes, which served to gradually transport the panties down towards her ankles. 

As Ruth’s mother worked at her corporal duties, she seemed oblivious and unmoved by the girl’s pained noises, cries, pleas, kicks, twists, and other reactions. But when those panties neared Ruth’s ankles and she was obviously about to kick them off, the lady stopped spanking for just a moment.  She reached down and then pulled the panties back up to Ruth’s knees and then explained in a remarkably soft voice, “Try not to kick those panties off Ruth.  I don’t know how I would get them back on you without showing Tim more than I mean for him to see”.  

And then the lady resumed spanking as if nothing had happened!

Finally, following her usual technique, the lady paused, said a few words to remind her bawling daughter of the reason for her punishment, and then started applying her third “layer” of spanks.  As usual, those spanks were the hardest of all!  Ruth shrieked through that last part of her punishment as I doggedly kept her wrists restrained.

Suddenly, finally and blessedly, it was over!        

The mother held the bawling girl in place as she reached down to pull up her panties.  She had a bit of trouble at first getting the stricken girl to cooperate, but finally Ruth’s panties were restored to their proper place.  Only then did the mother allow Ruth to her feet and then release her for the inevitable “spank-dance”. 

During the worst of Ruth’s spanking, I suppose my concern for her had outweighed my arousal, because I had distinctly deflated.  But at the sight of Ruth dancing in those nearly transparent panties whilst tenderly massaging her own bottom, my embarrassing condition came roaring back!  I wanted to stand to offer her a comforting hug, but my erection kept me rooted to the couch.   When Ruth’s dance started to slow a bit, Mother picked up Ruth’s pajama bottoms, stood, and then gathered the sobbing girl into a long hug.  Ruth sobbed into her mother’s shoulder, tenderly apologized, and promised to be “better”in the future.

Mrs. Marsh looked at me and said “We’ll be back in just a moment, and then you can take her upstairs to comfort her, OK?” 

Wide-eyed, I nodded.  Of course that was OK!     

They disappeared into the hall bathroom.  Soon they returned.  (I learned later that Mrs. Marsh had put some creme on Ruth’s bottom, and then helped her replace her pajama bottoms.) 

Mrs. Marsh gave her daughter a kiss and then told me, “OK take her up to her room and give her some loving, but don’t get carried away.  Remember the rules!”

I wrapped my arms around Ruth and kissed her teary face, “Yes Ma’am, we will be good.”


Upstairs, I sat on the bed whilst Ruth crawled into my lap and had a last good cry into my shoulder.  It was almost as if it were I who had spanked her!  When she calmed a bit, she laid face-down on her bed.  It showed great trust that she allowed me to gently reach under her panties to briefly feel her bottom.  It was hot and slightly sticky from the lotion.  Ignoring the urge to pet her more enticing areas, I rubbed her back until she was breathing deeply.  Then I turned out the lights and crept out of my fiance’s bedroom, with my erection leading the way.

Downstairs, I had a short talk with Mrs. Marsh.  I told her what we had done upstairs, and thanked her for her trust.  Then I added, “That spanking was hard for me to watch Mrs. Marsh, but I understand why you wanted me to see it.”

She smiled at me oddly, “That’s not the whole story is it Tim?  I know you don’t like to see Ruth hurting, but it was also arousing wasn’t it?”

I must have blushed, because my face burned!

She smiled at me.  “Don’t worry,” she soothed, “That’s a perfectly natural reaction.  Loving a woman and being her husband is a complicated thing.  You still have much to learn.  Most of what you learn you will really enjoy”

With that, I was out the door and heading home, albeit walking a bit bowlegged.  My privates felt tender and swollen from prolonged unrequited arousal.  I had urgent business to accomplish in the solitude of my bedroom!

© Guyspencer 2014


Anonymous Brian said...

Keep the chapters coming! I think you've got a winner here.

7:07 PM, October 09, 2014  
Anonymous Brian said...

Keep the chapters coming! I think you've got a winner here.

7:07 PM, October 09, 2014  
Blogger Kris Warner said...

This is quite entertaining! I hope this story will follow the couple through marriage. You've really created a memorable read so far.

12:01 AM, October 18, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed this story thus far! I am hoping to see this story continue through their marriage. I believe you have really out done yourself this time.

12:04 AM, October 18, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this excellent series! Please give us more installments... this story isn't over by a long-shot! There are several possibilities that can be explored. Perhaps Tim could go over Mrs. Marsh's lap for any number of reasons, maybe resulting from Mrs. Marsh's further relaxing of Tim's and Ruth's premarital relations that goes awry. Or Mrs. Marsh could let Tim perform Ruth's next deserved spanking as a way to further prepare him for his upcoming duties as a husband. Or maybe after Tim and Ruth marry, a situation could arise for Tim to spank his bride, perhaps with Mrs. Marsh looking on to supervise and guide Tim's performance! Please keep writing... the story isn't over!

3:32 AM, October 28, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great beginning of what I hope is a several (more) chapters story!

I am hooked on the characters, and am happy to read that you are not portraying Ruth's religion as wacko.

Granted, it's out of the "norm" but at least you're not grinding an ax on "dumb fundamentalist Christians". That sensitivity is seemingly rare and I for one appreciate it!

Keep up the good writing!!

Chick William

3:09 PM, October 28, 2014  

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