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Before Breakfast

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Before Breakfast

Heartsick, young Miss Dana Edwards sat in front of the Principal’s desk whilst listening as the great man phoned her mother.  She could hear enough of the conversation to know that her shapely bottom was in big trouble.

“Yes Mrs Edwards,’ he said, “Surely this was only a senior prank, but this prank wasn’t thought out.  So it went wrong and could have gotten someone seriously hurt.  Besides, it’s the beginning of the school year and we have a whole year of schoolwork ahead of us.  It’s normal for seniors to kick up their heels a bit, but not yet!  It’s way too early for this stuff, so I must jump on this behavior with both feet!’

What he said next, made the pretty little teen’s gut twist!

“Unfortunately, the most I’m allowed to give her is six swats.  I intend to make them good ones, but hopefully you will add some emphasis at home?”

Dana knew her parents, and knew that the Principal needn’t ask.  Her parents lived by the rule, “Spanked at school, spanked at home.”

She saw the Principal smile a bit, and knew exactly what her mother was telling him. 

But there was more: 

The Principal responded, “Thanks for your offer Mrs Edwards, but even with your permission for more, six swats is the maximum allowed.”

He paused again, listening to another suggestion from Dana’s mother.  Inexplicably, he blushed.  “Mrs Edwards I appreciate your support in this matter, but that’s the school board’s strictest rule!  Surely my paddle would be more effective on her, um, (cough) unprotected bottom, but all corporal punishment in this school is applied over clothing.”

Dana was trying to shrink into her chair when the conversation finally concluded with the words, “So I’ll give her the maximum punishment and then send her back to class.  From what you’ve told me, I’m totally confident that you and Mr. Edwards will deal properly with this matter.   (pause)  Yes, I’ll instruct her to go directly home after school.  Thanks for your support in this matter Mrs. Edwards.

The Principal hung up the phone and then paused for effect, watching the girl squirm.

Finally he spoke, “As you doubtless heard, you are to go straight home after school, where you can expect the lesson that I’m about to deliver to be reinforced by your parents.”   

Dana nodded sadly.  Doubtless she would be spanked at home.  From long experience she even knew precisely when it would happen.  It would be tomorrow morning, before breakfast.


The Principal called his secretary to witness.

As the lady solemnly walked into the office, Dana felt her stomach cramp.   

With her paddling obviously imminent, Dana thought ruefully about today’s choice of clothing.  Her panties were so tiny as to be nonexistent.  They certainly wouldn’t offer protection against a paddle!  Similarly, her slacks were tight and thin.  Had her mother been paying attention that morning, she likely would have made Dana wear something more substantial under them.  From stories that she had heard, she knew that the Principal’s heavy paddle could easily burn through three layers of clothing.  Unfortunately Dana was effectively only wearing one layer, one thin layer!

At the principal’s order, she shakily stood.  In a practiced routine, he cleared the area in front of his desk.  He ensured that Dana was watching as he opened a cupboard to extract a fearsome looking paddle.  The sight took her breath away.  That paddle was legendary in the school, but Dana had never before actually glimpsed it.   

Perhaps, (considering Dana’s frame of mind) the paddle wasn’t really as huge as it looked to the girl, but it impressed her enough to weaken her legs and cramp her bladder.  That bladder twinge left Dana with a whole new worry.  She considered asking to use the toilet, but was too timid to speak up.

With a hand on her shoulder, the Principal urged her to his desk, and then positioned her carefully, her small breasts smashed against the desktop, her legs slightly apart for balance, and with her hands grasping the far edge of the desk.  Her world contracted to include only the tiny square of desktop directly in her vision, her cringing bottom, and that now unseen paddle.

“This paddle will burn an important lesson into your brain.” he lectured, “for your own good, try to stay down for all six swats.”       

The Principal inspected his target.  Dana’s thin pants were molded to her bottom.  Trying not to be obvious, he admired the sight.  Were the pants molding Dana’s bottom, or was her bottom molding the pants?  Finally he decided that neither was entirely correct.  What he was seeing was perfect synergy between the female form and the textile that covered and restrained it.  He noted that her pants were thin, so thin that they offered microscopic peeks of female flesh underneath.    Professionally, he checked for panty lines.  They were hard to find!  Near the tops of her cheeks, dual lines emerged from her cleft, diverging right and left at an angle out towards her tiny waist.  Had she not been wearing those thin slacks, most of her cheeks would be exposed.

Since his paddle was devastating even through multiple layers of winter-weight clothing, he could imagine how it would feel through Dana’s paper-thin slacks with virtually nonexistent panties.  He mentally shrugged.  That was Dana’s problem, not his.

Keeping one hand in the small of Dana’s back, he raised the paddle high and then let fly, smashing it dead center into the meatiest summits of Dana’s delectable bottom.  There was the usual pause, the time it takes for the pain signals to reach the girl’s brain.

Dana screeched and then tried to stand, but the Principal was ready for that.  His restraining hand kept her pinned in place.   

Dana was no stranger to the parental lap, so she knew well what a spanking felt like, but this was different!  This was a deep pain inflicted on her bottom with absolutely no “warmup”.

She yelped after the second blow, and immediately reached back to protect her bottom.  In a firm
but surprisingly kindly voice, he warned her to put her hand back onto the edge of his desk.  After the third swat, poor Dana was blubbering miserably and seemed unable to hear his orders or control her hands.  He looked at his secretary and waved her around the desk.  Mercifully, she restrained Dana’s wrists so that the Principle could finish the girl’s punishment.

He delivered the last three blows slowly.  Because of her thin pants, he carefully spread them out to reduce the chance of bruising.  Finally it was over!

Dana hadn’t taken her punishment well, but at least it was over.  He helped her up, delivered a short lecture, and then asked the secretary to take the blubbering girl into his washroom to “clean up”.

Still stricken-looking in spite of the secretary’s TLC, and still obviously in pain, Dana waddled out into the hallway.  The Principal watched her go with a mixture of satisfaction and empathy.  He was basically a kind man.  He knew Dana as a good girl.  In this case, she had simply been the unfortunate one to serve as an example.  By “cracking down” now, he sent a message to the entire senior class.  In the long run, he hoped to paddle fewer bottoms.


The rest of the school day was difficult for Dana.  She presented her pass to the teacher.  As she did, she mumbled a plea.  Taking pity on her, the man allowed her to stand in back of the room.  By her next class, the throbbing had abated enough so she could sit, but not without squirming.

As the Principal had intended, the news of Dana’s paddling soon spread throughout the school.  Dana found herself the center of attention, but not in a way that she would have preferred!

As bad as the school day was, it ended too soon for Dana.  Obediently, she walked straight home, dreading the encounter with her mother. 


If nothing else, Dana’s parents were predictable.  Like many parents, they had a certain rule; if you get punished at school, you also get punished at home.  Dana’s parents were even more predictable than others though, because their spanking routine was unvarying. 

That rigid routine came from her mother’s upbringing.  Simply put, spankings were always delayed until the following morning, and delivered before breakfast.  This may seem odd, but the tradition held a certain logic.  First, it ensured that spankings were delivered only after parental anger had been given time to cool. 

Second; the calculated delay made the punishment more memorable and effective without making it more severe.  Thus, the parents shouldn’t need to spank as often, or as hard.  In that respect, the parents thought of it as a kindness.

You can imagine that Dana and her older brother spent many sleepless nights worrying about their imminent punishment, and thinking about the behavior that caused it.  Also, assuming that the spanking happened on a school morning, those hard school chairs would reinforce the parental lesson as the kids squirmed on a freshly spanked bottom.

Finally; since spankings were always privately delivered at a time when they were always bare, spankings could be delivered minus drama and possible sexual connotations of stripping for the event.

As each child reached ten, father became their exclusive spanker, although both parents were always present.  The father took his parenting responsibilities very seriously.  He was the spanker because his wife was a small woman.  At first he thought this wouldn’t be a problem because, naturally,  he had seen both children nude since their infancy.  So why would that be a problem?  However, as Dana’s female body matured, he had become increasingly reluctant to spank her.  It simply wasn’t the same as spanking her older brother.     


All too soon, Dana’s reluctant feet took her home, and to the inevitable encounter with her mother.  It actually helped that her mother already knew.  That saved Dana the misery of confessing that she had gotten into trouble at school, and she was spared the sight of sudden disappointment on her mother’s face.  Perhaps more importantly, her mother had been given time to cool down. 

Dana’s parents weren’t screamers, but mother sat her down and spoke firmly, “You’re on restriction starting now, young lady.  You got yourself spanked at school, so you know what will happen tomorrow morning.  Right?”

Sadly, Dana shook her head and then sobbed, “I know Mommy, I’ll get spanked.  I’m sorry.  What I did was stupid.”

Mollified for now, mother next asked how much homework Dana had brought home.  Fortunately, she could be done before supper.

“Good,” mother said.  “I want you to get started quickly, but first show me your bottom.”

To Dana’s discomfiture, Mother insisted on doing it right there in the kitchen.  As the girl turned around and reluctantly lowered pants and panties, she had an illogical fear that her brother might suddenly burst into the room.  (It was unlikely, his community college classes ran late.)  Mother huffed when she saw Dana’s thin pants and tiny panties.  “You’re supposed to wear full panties with those thin pants,” she scolded, “ Well, I guess you learned your lesson today.”

Mother examined her daughter’s bottom closely, even making Dana lower her pants more to view her paddled thighs.  She complimented the Principal’s handiwork.  “You surely felt that, but he spread the swats around nicely.  With those thin pants, I was afraid you would be too bruised to be spanked tomorrow morning, but you’ll be fine.  I hope you learned something.”

Dana tearfully assured her mother that she had learned her lesson from the Principal’s not-so-tender ministrations.  Naturally, that wouldn’t save her bottom from her parents!

Then mother sent Dana to her room with instructions to change into her pajamas and to finish her homework before supper.   


On restriction, Dana followed rules by donning her pajamas and then opening her bedroom door wide before she sat at her little desk to do her homework.  As she worked, she heard her father and later her brother arrive home for the evening.  Her ears tingled, wishing that she could hear her parents talk about her and know what they had decided about her punishment. Unquestionably, she would be spanked tomorrow morning, and on her bare bottom.  The major questions were “with what” and “how hard”?  Also, her restriction may, or may not, end with her spanking.  

She heard footsteps on the stairs, and then Mark looked into her bedroom.  His face told her that he already knew everything.  Unfortunately, all he could offer was brotherly kindness. 

“Are you OK kido?” he asked.

“Yea,” she said sadly, looking up from her work, “but plan on waking up to the sounds of a spanking tomorrow morning.” 

“It won’t be the first time,” he replied, “And my spankings have woken you up enough mornings.  It sucks, but it’s just a few minutes of hell, and then life goes on.  The truth is, I’ve never had an unfair spanking.”

“Yea, I know.” she replied, “To be fair, I really screwed up.  I’m not looking forward to this ass-beating, but I suppose I earned it.”

“If there’s anything I can do, just say the word.”  He spoke a bit lamely, because they both knew that he could do nothing to help his sister except offer his consolation.  Still, she appreciated his kind words.

Thanks Mark,” she replied.  Sadly, she returned to her homework.


Soon everyone was called to supper.  Dana’s father greeted her as if nothing was wrong, and then everybody sat to eat.  Conversation was a bit forced, as everybody tried to pretend that all was normal.  Dana picked at her food.  She felt funny being the only person in pajamas, and couldn’t get her pending punishment out of her mind.

After supper, mother asked about homework.  Dana’s homework was done, so mother asked her to help with the dishes.  “And then,” she said, “your father and I need to talk to you.” 

Dana dreaded “The Talk” almost as much as a spanking, but said, “Yes Mommy,” and helped with cleanup.

With the dishes done, mother escorted Dana to the living room.  Dana immediately noticed that the TV was off and her brother had disappeared.  She was alone with her parents.    

After a hug and reassurances of their love, they started by requiring her to “tell the whole story.”  Resisting the urge to sugar coat things by minimizing her role in the prank, Dana laid out the facts from the beginning to the end, ending with a lame apology. 

In truth, her parents were impressed with her frankness and honesty, and that probably saved her from the hairbrush later and even minimized the inevitable parental lecture.  Still, by the time “The Talk” was over, Dana was in tears.

And then came the logical conclusion: 

Father said, “You know the rule about when you get punished at school, so you know what to expect, right?”

Dana sobbed the answer, “Yes daddy, I’ll get spanked tomorrow morning.” 

In answer, he hugged her, “Yes Honey, that’s correct.  Believe me, I hate it, but that’s a daddy’s job.”

While father talked, mother slipped from the room.  She returned moments later holding an old alarm clock, a family heirloom.  She sat down for a moment to lovingly wind it, set the alarm and  set the time.  She handed it to Dana, who tearfully accepted it with both hands.

Mother spoke, kindly but firmly.  “You’re on restriction, so it’s now your bedtime.  You know the routine!  Take this clock with you.  When it alarms tomorrow morning, you jump out of bed and then take a quick shower and dry yourself .  I’ll find you in your bathroom.  Don’t dawdle!

Yes, Dana knew her family’s punishment routine well.  It hadn’t varied since her early childhood.  Although Mark hadn’t been punished recently, he was still technically subject to it because he still lived at home.  Dana hadn’t been so lucky.  Her last time had been only last month.  

She knew what time the alarm was set for.  It would go off at exactly seven AM, a full half hour before her usual waking time.  That extra thirty minutes was to give her parents time to spank her!

Although it wasn’t dark yet, Dana reluctantly carried the ticking clock up to her room.  She was on restriction and had been sent to bed, so she would remain there until that alarm went off.  There would be no radio, no phone, no reading, no nothing.  Just her, the bed, that ticking clock, and her thoughts.


At first, she couldn’t sleep.  The day’s events ran through her head time after time, always tinged with a hearty helping of guilt.  She actually cried when it occurred to her how much she had disappointed her parents.  Later, when she inevitably thought of her coming punishment, she shed a few more tears.

When she wasn’t thinking of today’s events, even worse thoughts about tomorrow filled her head.  Doubtless she would be spanked on her bare bottom, but she didn’t really know how severe a spanking to expect.  A mild spanking was highly unlikely, but her parent’s ultimate sanction was a hairbrush spanking.  Was that likely?  She wasn’t sure.

Several times she drifted off into a troubled sleep, only to be awakened by the ticking of that clock, which would remind her of what to expect in the morning.  Later, it would seem like she had been awake all night, but she probably spent much of the night fitfully dreaming. 


Finally she drifted into a deep enough sleep to have “The Dream”. 

Being spanked by her father wasn’t an erotic experience for Dana, not even in her fantasy life.  However there was a recurring dream that she wasn’t equipped to understand, and was too embarrassing to discuss with anyone. 

The dream was always the same: She would find herself across the lap of a young man, her bottom bared for punishment.  His face was a blur, but his body was taut and well proportioned.  Like her father, this man expressed love, firmness and compassion as he spanked her.  But it wasn’t a fatherly kind of love!  This was an erotic love.  At the climax of the dream, and the climax of her imagined spanking, Dana dreamed she was thrashing and bouncing on her spanker’s erect phallus.   That was the end of the dream.  Dana would awake sweaty and aroused--and confused!    

Dana knew that teens often have erotic dreams, but how did her mind manage to mix spanking with sex?  And why did she feel so guilty about it?


Coming in the wee hours of the morning, “The Dream” actually helped because afterwards she managed an endorphin-induced slumber for the next several hours.  She was startled by the old alarm clock’s clamor.   

It took only moments for her brain to clear enough to remember her instructions.  She jumped up from bed, and went straight to the upstairs bathroom.  She shed her pajamas, took a quick pee, and then jumped into the shower.  She quickly soaped down her body, washed, and then rinsed off, leaving shampooing for another time.  Then she toweled off her developing body.

Dana was up early, but her parents had awoken even earlier.  Father had showered and dressed for work while mother made coffee.  By the time he heard Dana’s shower start, he was fully dressed and was sipping coffee.  He truly hated the task that was ahead of him, but wanted to be fully awake whilst performing his corporal duty. 

When Mother heard the shower stop in the upstairs bathroom, she picked up a large towel and purposely climbed the stairway.  She knocked at the bathroom door.  In a strained voice, Dana called her in. 


When Dana had risen from bed and taken her shower, she had been acting mostly from habit.  Oh yes, she remembered the purpose of her early awaking and quick shower, but habit and her slightly fuzzy mental state helped her cope.  But when she heard that knock, she snapped fully awake.  Dana knew who was knocking, and she knew exactly why mother was there.  Dana was about to be escorted downstairs to be spanked!

As Dana invited her mother to enter, her buttocks clenched, her tummy spawned butterflies, and tears spurted from her eyes.

Mother had been through this routine several times with both Dana and her brother.  As she opened the door, she wasn’t surprised at the stricken look on her daughter’s face.  She opened her arms and pulled the girl into a hug.  Dana’s still-damp body smelled pure and clean.  She allowed the girl a moment to sob on her shoulder, and then mumbled morning greetings to the sad girl, and told her she loved her.  Finally she finished with, “The sooner we start dear, the sooner your punishment will be over.  Shall we go downstairs to see your father?”

Tearfully, Dana nodded, and then lifted up her arms.  The mother shook out the large towel she was carrying, and then wrapped it around Dana, hiding her nakedness.  The towel hung from Dana like a shift, neatly covering her from just above her breasts down to below her knees.

Then mother led the unresisting girl down the stairs, through a short hallway, and thence into the parental bedroom, where father unhappily awaited.   

Tearfully, Dana faced her father.


Mr. Edwards was a good man who took his parental duties seriously.  Throughly vanilla, he received no joy from spanking his children.  Having raised both of his children from infancy and having that special parental relationship with them, there shouldn’t be any issues with him viewing their bodies when necessary.  At least, that’s what he thought when he assumed exclusive spanking duties when the kids became too big for their mother to spank. 

Although it hadn’t been necessary recently, he had no particular issues spanking Mark.  They used exactly the same procedure with both children, the early morning spanking in the parent’s bedroom.  Both kids were spanked nude.  Always done in private, immediately after their morning shower, the nudity wasn’t for humiliation, but only because it was the simplest and best method.  But now that Dana’s body was flowering into adulthood, the father had discovered that was becoming a problem.  At least, a problem to him!

He truly hated to spank Dana, and hoped that every time was the last time!


As the tearful girl entered his bedroom, the father stood, went to her, and tenderly embraced her.  As the mother had before, he greeted her, assured her that he loved her, and pecked her on the cheek.

Through her teary vision, Dana looked past her father to scan the surface of the bed.  She was slightly heartened by the lack of a hairbrush.

Then the atmosphere in the room became very serious.  Purposely, father released his precious daughter and sat on the edge of his bed.

Time was short, and Dana had already been lectured, so father briefly reminded Dana of the reason for her punishment and of the lesson she should learn from it.  As always he ended with, “Do you have anything to say before we begin?”

Dana knew what that question signaled, so she sobbed an appropriate answer, “Only that I’m sorry daddy.  I know you have to spank me, and I promise to learn my lesson from it.”

She had been standing in front of her father.  Now, without being told, she shuffled around to his right thigh.

“Because of your good attitude, I won’t use the hairbrush.  But if this ever happens again...”

“Thank you daddy,” she responded with relief, “I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Don’t thank me too much young lady,” he replied as he patted his lap purposely, “You’ll take a sore bottom to school, which means that I will be taking a sore hand to work.” 

From previous experience, Dana knew the drill.  She raised her arms, allowing mother to unwrap and remove the towel.  Seeing new developments in his daughter’s ripening body, father blushed and looked away.  To hide her most private parts, Dana wasted no time in laying herself across her father’s lap.

Father kept his face averted until he felt his daughter’s weight settle onto his lap.  Finally he reluctantly looked down at his target.  He noticed that Dana’s bottom had spread a bit since the last time he saw it.  The girl was maturing fast!  He also noted that the Principal’s paddle had left a few mild reminders, but nothing that would prevent Dana from being spanked today.

He adjusted her, sliding her body out towards his knees to allow a better swing.  He had sat on the edge of the bed, so that she was jacknifed over his lap as if he were sitting in a chair.  Her toes dug into the bedroom carpet and she balanced herself with the palms of her hands.  With her head-down position, blood rushed to her head, making her feel fuzzy. 

Father felt off balance.  Spanking Dana felt nothing like spanking Mark!  He always insisted that he loved both of his children equally, but the fact was that his “little girl” had always been very special to him.  But now that his “little girl” was filling out in such an adult and feminine way, he really didn’t feel right seeing her body.  He noticed that he was breathing hard and he could feel his heart beating furiously.  Had his body responded to this uncomfortable situation by reacting in a “male” way, the earnest father would surely have fled the room! 

Dana was much lighter than her brother Mark, and her body was correspondingly thinner.  The man had to remind himself that Dana was no fragile flower.  He had a serious spanking to deliver, and Dana’s young body was plenty tough enough to absorb it.  He knew from previous experience that once started and once fully absorbed in his task, he would do OK.  So best to get on with it!    


A rhythmic slapping sound intruded on Mark’s dreams without quite waking him.  His mind was just figuring out a way to work this new sound into the plot of his slightly erotic dream, when the sound of his sister’s loud blubbering and then bawling rousted him.  Of course, he had known that his sister was due for a spanking this morning, so his sleep-addled brain quickly focused enough for him to process the pained sounds.

He tried covering his head with a pillow, but further sleep was impossible.  The spanking continued, and his sister’s vocalizations became increasingly frantic.  Listening, he realized with a blush that Dana had often woken to his own “before breakfast” spankings.

By the time he stepped into the shower, Dana’s voice was increasing in register, quickly becoming a shriek.  Wow!  Father was really laying it on her!


Dana’s white round bottom quickly colored under her father’s vigorous corporal ministrations.  As you would expect, her bottom bounced and roiled under the first flurry of spanks.  Long ago, Dana had learned that there was nothing to be gained by silence.  She wasn’t overly dramatic, but neither did she hold back.  Already sobbing even before the spanking had started, that first volley of spanks did exactly what it was designed to do, it broke down Dana’s already shallow reserves, leaving her crying openly. 

Then father’s spanks became more measured, more calculated.  He spent the next several minutes delivering slower, but still devastating spanks.  The pauses between were calculated to allow her to properly appreciate each spank, and to allow him to judge the effectiveness of each, whilst planning the next one.  Her legs kicked freely, but her hands stayed busy.  When she instinctively raised a hand to reach back to protect her bottom, it would unbalance her, so that hand went back down where it belonged.

For a while, her cries turned to totally illogical pleas for respite, even though such pleas never worked with her parents. 

By now father had found his stride, and had managed to put his emotions aside long enough to do a proper job.  Long ago, he had learned not to rush a spanking, so he paced himself, allowing time for the lesson to indelibly sink into Dana’s brain.

Mother also had a part in this drama.  She stood back and watched Dana’s legs.  As long as they merely kicked, scissored, twisted and fluttered she did nothing.  But finally, inevitably, Dana curled them over her bottom.  The first time, father paused to pull them down and to warn her.  The second time it happened, he simply nodded at mother, who firmly but gently restrained her daughter’s feet.

He finished off with a long flurry of spanks that started alternately at the top of each cheek and worked their way down onto each upper leg, and then delivered several very firm spanks to each sit spot.  By now poor Dana was hoarse, exhausted, and thoroughly spanked.

Holding the stricken girl in place, he rubbed her back and spoke gentle words until she seemed to come to herself.  Then, reluctantly, he allowed her up for the inevitable dance.  As he tried to ignore her lewd naked antics, the father blushed anew.

They didn’t have time to prolong Dana’s aftercare, so they got her calmed and re-wrapped as quickly as possible.  Then, after tenderly washing her face, mother took her back upstairs to her room.  There she solicitously helped the still-sobbing girl dress for school.  Thinking of Dana’s comfort, the mother selected loose, full-cut panties, along with a long, loose-hanging skirt.

Then she sent the girl to the bathroom to repair her hair and face, with instructions to return for breakfast as soon as possible.


After Dana’s punishment and aftercare, there was no time to cook breakfast.  So Dana found cereal, milk and toast waiting for her when she finally limped down the stairs to join the family.  She was puffy-eyed and walking carefully, but otherwise seemed remarkably recovered.  As usual, mother and father sat together, so she put an arm around each and hugged them together to show that there were no hard feelings.  “Mom, dad, I’m really sorry.” she mumbled.

“All is forgiven,” father said gently, “and you are off restriction.”  She hugged him again.

As expected, Dana found a pillow on her chair.  Gingerly she sat at the table, turned to her brother, and spoke with a charming blush, “Sorry if I woke you up this morning.”

Remembering his own “before breakfast” spankings, it was Mark’s turn to blush, “I’m sure I’ve woken you the same way.” 

Dana nodded and smiled.  It had been sweet of Mark to share her embarrassment.    

By the time she had walked the several blocks to school, much of the stiffness was gone from Dana’s gait.  The first two periods were difficult and squirmy, but her young body quickly began to heal itself.  Noticing her eyes and her quietness, some friends asked what was wrong.  Dana claimed that it was just her allergies.  Her closest friends weren’t fooled.


Dana was a smart, happy and obedient girl who occasionally did things that seemed childish and (frankly) stupid.  Thus, she still had a few parental spankings in her future.  In spite of “The Dream”, Dana never sexualized those spankings.  They remained pure punishment, and were always followed by true forgiveness.

But “The Dream”, that erotic vision of some anonymous and aroused young man spanking her bare bottom, kept returning.  At first it bothered and confused the girl, but eventually she accepted it, welcomed it, and even embellished it.  “The Dream” became part of who Dana was, even though her only outlet was her fantasy life.

However, on the other side of town a young man whom Dana didn’t yet know was having similar dreams, only from another perspective.  In his dreams, he was the spanker.  The beautiful young lady he spanked wasn’t quite identifiable, but the man liked to think that he would know her when he met her.

Eventually, if the fates are kind, our two young dreamers will find each other.  

Sequel to this story: The Dreamers
© Guyspencer 2014

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The No-Panties Day

© Guyspencer 2014

The No-Panties Day

They were a young couple.  Their marriage was still in its formative stage, so they weren’t yet trying for children.  With no big responsibilities, their life was still mostly about “them”.  Except when Ed was working, they spent their time doing things together.  As with many young couples, sex was frequent and good!  Because of the marriage style they had chosen, they had few disagreements.  The few issues they had were quickly solved and put behind them. 

They had decided that theirs would be an “old fashioned” marriage, but they were still working out exactly what that meant.  Two things they had decided for sure, Ed was to be both the breadwinner and the undisputed head of the family.  The couple accepted the restraints of a one-paycheck budget in favor of togetherness and simplicity.  So Ed worked all day, while Mary’s job was to manage everything else in their lives to allow the maximum free time together.  Mary’s role included not only purely domestic tasks, but also responsibility for managing their bills, banking and budget.  Unfortunately, Mary had a little problem with organization, so she didn’t always do those jobs well. 

Nobody’s doormat, Mary was a woman with a mind of her own, and a person with no spanking in her upbringing.  Thus she had surprised herself when she had consented to specifically grant spanking privileges to her (then) fiancé as part of their “old fashioned” marriage.  After all, why call her husband the “head of the household” if he had no authority to enforce his wishes?

Mary’s parents would be shocked to discover that Ed sometimes spanked their darling, which was exactly why they didn’t know.  This was strictly a private matter between Mary and her spouse.

For his part, Ed had promised he would always be fair, never be a tyrant, and would always consider Mary’s side of every story.  And then, should he deem it necessary to punish, he would always do so with love and with restraint.  Mutual forgiveness would always follow punishment, as surely as night follows day.

For her part, Mary had agreed to always accept Ed’s final judgement, and to accept any punishment with grace and obedience.   


The morning started like any other workday morning.  After the alarm clock’s din, they enjoyed a few precious minutes lazing together in bed exchanging kisses, cuddles, gropes and morning greetings.  Ed was in full bloom, so this day would have started with sex had there been time.  But they reluctantly rolled out of bed.  While Ed showered and dressed for work, Mary threw a housecoat over her undies and prepared breakfast for two. 

Breakfast was almost over when, unsure of the date, Ed casually asked about an upcoming doctor’s appointment.  Mary kept that information in a little book, so she went to retrieve it from her purse.  As she opened her purse, she paused, squeaked as if she had seen a mouse, and then said feelingly, “O Shit!”

Ed had no trouble telling from the tone of her voice that this was something serious.  Walking like a tearful zombie, Mary carried her open purse to the table and sat heavily.  She spoke with a sob, “Honey, I’ve screwed up.  Screwed up bad!”  

Concern in his voice,  Ed asked, “What is it Sweetheart?”

“The bank deposit,” she wailed.  “I mailed the checks, but the deposit to fund them is still in my purse.  I’m so sorry Ed!”

Ed bit back a frustrated rant.  He paused, forcing himself to sip coffee and to think before speaking.

Working hard to keep his voice level, Ed asked when she had mailed the checks.  She replied that it had been three days ago, time enough for some to have reached the bank.  They agreed that she would go to the bank first thing this morning, make an immediate deposit, and then make good any checks that had bounced.  They would talk at lunchtime.  She would tell him how bad the “damage” was.

Tearfully she waited, knowing that there would be more to this conversation.

He stood, took her in his arms, and then spoke in a mild, almost friendly voice, “This has happened before, hasn’t it Mary?”

Sadly, she nodded.

“And we agreed on the consequences should this ever happen again, didn’t we?”

Again, she nodded.

“Tell me what we agreed on.”

She looked at him beseechingly, but saw firmness in his eyes.  Reluctantly she spoke, “We agreed on a spanking.”

He raised his eyebrows and looked at her questioningly.  She knew he was demanding she say more, so with even greater reluctance she added more information, “...a hard spanking.  One that you said I would remember for a long time.” 

Satisfied with her answer, his face softened, “I’m afraid you’ll have to wait though.  It wouldn’t be fair to spank you until we know the extent of the financial damage.  Besides, I need to leave for work so there’s no time.”

He gave her a hug and a kiss, which she returned to show that there were no hard feelings between them.

“One last thing though,” he said.  “I think this calls for a No-Panties Day, just to keep your mind on track.”

To be honest, walking around all day sans panties would do the opposite of focusing Mary’s mind, but this wasn’t the time for argument.  

A “No-Panties Day” was something that Ed had used before as a mild punishment.  Exactly as the name implies, Mary would be forbidden to wear panties.  She would “go commando” all day.  She hated it because the odd feeling of having no panties was a constant distraction. 

“Yes sir,” she said, and stepped back slightly from him so that he had room to unbutton her housecoat.  Actually, Mary’s emotions regarding “No-Panties Day” were so complex that she didn’t totally understand them herself.  On one level, Mary found it embarrassing and mildly humiliating.  That part was easy to understand!  But on the other hand, Mary found being forced to go without panties to be hugely arousing.  Today was no exception.  Ed hooked his thumbs in the elastic of her dainty panties and slipped then down.  Even before her panties hit her ankles, Mary felt herself moisten.  From previous experience, she knew that she would spend this No-Panties Day squirmingly horny. 

Obediently, Mary stepped out of her panties.   It would be easy to “cheat”.  There was nothing to stop her from simply putting them back on the moment Ed left for work, but that would be disobedience.  Mary had agreed that Ed would be the head of their household, so she obeyed him.

Before kissing her goodbye and leaving for work, Ed instructed her to prepare a meal that could safely simmer without attention, and to set the table for supper early in the afternoon.  “We’ll deal with your spanking before supper.  You’ll likely do corner time before I arrive home, so get everything done early.”

“Yes sir,” she agreed, and then apologized once again.  Then, following a passionate kiss and embrace, Ed reluctantly left for work, leaving Mary standing in the kitchen wearing nothing but a bra and an open robe.


As part of the simple lifestyle that Ed and Mary aspired to, they had only a single car.  Since Ed normally drove to work, Mary rode a bicycle.  This wasn’t nearly as inconvenient as it might sound.  They lived in the French quarter of historic and picturesque Charleston South Carolina.  The streets were tight and often one-way.  Further, tourists often  jammed the roads and clogged the parking spots.  But because everything was close, the bicycle was perfect for quickly negotiating the crowded streets. 

Riding a bicycle with a skirt is always dangerous, but far more so without panties!  So Mary donned a top and pulled a tight pair of jeans over her bare bottom before leaving for the bank.  Walking out the door, she immediately felt a rude but tantalizing friction in her most intimate place.  The padded gusset of her panties usually protected her from the rough inseam of those jeans, but today she wasn’t allowed panties.  She knew from experience that peddling her bike would cause even more friction.  Fortunately, being aroused wasn’t all bad, and nobody would know but her.

She rode her bike to the bank, locked it, and then waited the last few minutes until the doors opened at nine.  Inside, she found mixed news.  Only three of her checks had reached the bank, all from local utilities.  There had been sufficient funds for the telephone bill, but unfortunately the power and gas checks had been returned due to insufficient funds. 

Her heart pounding in frustration, and her bottom cringing in unhappy anticipation of her future punishment, Mary made her deposit and then drew out cash so that she could settle her power and gas bills in person.   Unfortunately, the bank’s non-sufficient fund fee was $35.00 per item.  So Mary’s carelessness had cost the couple $70.00.

Then she pedaled to the gas company office where she settled their bill with cash.  Their “bounced-check” charge was $15.00, but Mary convinced them to waive it.  Unfortunately she had no such luck at the power company office, where they zapped her $20.00 for her bad check.  Mary and Ed were now out a total of $90.00, plus receiving “black marks” on their credit history that could be expensive in the future.  Now Mary knew that she was in major trouble indeed with Ed.   

Her business done, she parked her bike at a sidewalk café that was nearly in the shadow of the imposing steeple of the historic St. Philips Episcopal Church.  As she ordered coffee, she idly watched the tourist trolleys parade by, each with its load of camera-wielding gawkers.  Other tourists clogged the sidewalk.  As usual, some stopped to inspect Mary’s unusual bicycle as if it were a museum exhibit.  Mary’s bike, a Dutch cargo bicycle, was a throwback to another age.  Bulky and solid, it was just the thing for fetching groceries home from the supermarket, and eventually (she hoped and dreamed) safely carrying her future children to their future school.

Normally Mary would take the opportunity to converse with the tourists drawn to her bike, and perhaps even invite them to sit, but today she was lost in her own thoughts.  The delicious coffee and tranquil setting of this café were a frequent part of her morning routine, but Mary found no solace here today.  The only good thing was that sitting still, without the unpadded friction from those jeans, it was easy to forget her pantyless condition.  That’s when the thought hit her that this hard chair would best be avoided tomorrow, along with her bicycle seat. 

Mary wasn’t spanked often, but usually Ed used only his hand on her bare bottom.  Only once before had Ed used the hairbrush on her, but she glumly predicted that today would be her second episode with the brush.  After all, Ed had promised her a “memorable” spanking.

In a welcome distraction, Mary’s mind turned away from her predicament and towards supper.  Whilst finishing her coffee, she decided on a supper that would meet Ed’s “unattended simmer” specification, a new England boiled dinner.  She pulled out her shopping list to add the necessary ingredients, corned beef and assorted vegetables.  While she was at it, she planned meals for the next two days.  With the sore bottom she expected to have after this evening, she would certainly want to avoid bicycle rides, so she would buy groceries ahead.

Anyone watching Mary working at that little café table would see a young, beautiful, self-assured, independent woman.  Nobody would have guessed that before the day was over this woman expected to be naked, kicking and howling, whilst her husband spanked her delectable bottom until it was sore and red.       

Her cup empty, Mary climbed aboard her bicycle and peddled towards the supermarket.  Almost immediately, that persistent friction started again, as did her arousal.  She hoped that nobody would guess why she peddled with her knees so wide apart.  She had discovered that position reduced the friction somewhat, while simultaneously airing out a certain damp spot.  Even her breasts betrayed her; her nipples became hard and tingly under the padding of her bra.

Not anxious to go home, she took her time in the cool market.  When she finally checked out, her bike easily held her four shopping bags full of groceries.  It was less than a mile, so she was home long before that dreaded lunchtime phone call from Ed. 

She spent the rest of the morning cutting vegetables and preparing the boiled dinner.  As with her shopping, she tarried over this task because it offered welcome distraction from her situation.  All too soon, her dinner prep work was done.  It was too soon for cooking, so there was nothing to do but put the ingredients in the refrigerator and then sit in dread of the phone’s ring.


At his desk, Ed looked businesslike and productive.  But it was mostly show.  His mind was more on Mary than on business.  Trying to be fair, he racked his brain for some reason to not spank Mary.  He couldn’t find one!  There were absolutely no mitigating circumstances.  Mary had been negligent and forgetful and that’s all there was to it.  Still, he looked at the situation from all angles to ensure that he was being totally fair.  Finally he decided that there was no alternative.  Mary must be spanked.

That decision irrevocably made, he was glad for the cover provided by his desk, because he felt himself get hard!   

Since he and Mary had shared a delicious sex since their marriage, Ed thought that he knew all that was important about sex.  Similarly, since he had spanked his wife several times and those spankings had made their marriage stronger, he thought he knew all that was important about spanking.  However, since Ed believed that sex and spanking were supposed to be two totally separate and unrelated subjects, he still had much to learn.

Ed had a secret, although it was poorly kept from his wife.  You see, like his wife, Ed had rather “complicated” feelings about spanking.  To the point of self-denial, he tried to keep his feelings secret.  The simple fact was, the idea of spanking his beautiful wife was highly arousing to Ed.  As with Mary, this sexual connection with spanking was a source of guilt for him and was a source of embarrassment because when he spanked Mary, an erection was both inevitable and obvious.  He sometimes suspected that Mary had similar feelings, but her arousal was less obvious.

He checked the clock.  It was finally noon.  Delaying lunch, he looked around carefully.  Assured that his call would be sufficiently private, he dialed home.

The phone finally rang.  Mary jumped.  She knew it was Ed, and knew why he was calling.  So she didn’t sugarcoat it, she unloaded the whole truth in one long breath.  Two checks had bounced, nearly one hundred dollars in extra charges, and unknown damage to their credit record.  It was probably what he had expected, so he took the news with grace.  She apologized, but finished with, “I know my bottom is in big trouble.  I’ll take my punishment as gracefully as possible, and I’ll only blame myself”.

Ed was relieved to hear that, but didn’t let it show in his voice, “I still need time to think about your punishment to ensure I’m doing the right thing.  Expect to serve corner time before I come home, so be sure to have supper prepared early.  I’ll call you during my mid-afternoon break with my decision and instructions.”

Under the circumstances, they ended the conversation as upbeat as possible, with mutual statements of “I love you” and with one last apology from Mary.               

It unfortunately took Mary only a few minutes to dump the vegetables, meat and spices into a pot of water.  With supper heating up on the stove, there was little for Mary to do but think of her upcoming punishment.

With supper cooking, Mary would have nothing for the next two hours to distract her mind from her problems.  She found herself obsessing.  She wondered how long she would be in the corner.   This wouldn’t be the first time that Ed had given her unsupervised corner time.  Yes, she knew that she could “cheat” by simply scurrying into her corner the moment she heard Ed’s car arrive and then pretending she had been there the whole time, but it was the same concept as with her panties.  She had agreed to obey her man and to accept his discipline, so obey she would!

Mary truly hated the prospect of a long solitary corner time, but her attitude about her actual spanking was far more complicated and confusing.  The truth was, she honestly hated the pain of a spanking, so she did whatever she could to avoid them.  But at the same time, the concept of having her man take charge of her and then spank her bare bottom never failed to make her hot!  Mary tried to hide these sexual feelings, and she certainly didn’t discuss them with Ed!  That said, it was clear to her that Ed, at some level, was also turned on by spanking her.  When she went across his lap, she always felt his hardness.  Also, after any spanking they were always in bed moments after her tears stopped! 

Some day in the future, Mary would stumble across a spanking site on the Internet and the penny would drop for her.  With her new understanding she would eventually lose the need to hide her feelings.  However, that liberating day was still in her future.

Mary had shucked those irritating jeans soon after arriving home.  Along with it went her top.  Since she wasn’t allowed panties, that left her wearing only a bra.  Losing the pants had eliminated their arousing physical irritation, but that wasn’t the only source of Mary’s arousal.  She found herself picturing her own naked body thrashing across Ed’s lap.  As she did, she felt an itch “down there”, so she rubbed it without conscious thought.  

Belatedly realizing what she was doing, Mary guiltily withdrew her hand.  Minutes later, on its own, that same hand drifted down to land on that same place. Again, Mary quickly withdrew it, but this time it was too late.  Mary was fully aroused, and there was no turning back.  She had been forbidden to wear panties, but nothing had been said about pleasuring herself.

So she made herself comfortable on their bed and took the time to do the job properly.  In fact, she did it twice!  Two shuddering, groaning, sweating climaxes.  The whole time she was pleasuring herself, she imagined her own bottom wriggling and bouncing across Ed’s knee whilst he spanked it bright red.   

Mary stood on shaky legs to straighten out the tangled sheets and then showered to cleanse the residue from her earlier bike ride, as well as from that “special” ride she had just taken on her bed.

She donned a robe, checked supper, and then set the table.  Then all Mary had to do was worry whilst she waited for Ed’s next phone call.


Mary wasn’t the only person preoccupied with thoughts of her coming spanking.  All day long, Ed had trouble keeping his mind on business.  He had honestly tried to think up some logical excuse to let Mary off with just a perfunctory spanking, but after hearing that checks had actually bounced due to Mary negligence, that simply wasn’t possible.  So he had to decide on her corner time and then the big decision; should he use the hairbrush? 

While he secretly enjoyed spanking Mary, his fantasies didn’t include really hurting the woman that he loved.  So he received no additional thrill from spanking her with the hairbrush.  The one time he had done it before, he had acquitted himself well, but both of them had truly hated it.
In the end, he had decided that there was really no decision to make.  He had promised Mary a “memorable” spanking if this ever happened again, and it HAD happened again.  So there was no avoiding it.  Knowing that there were bounced checks, almost one hundred dollars in penalties, plus damage to their credit record, there was really only one thing to do.  To preserve his credibility, Mary not only needed to be spanked, but she had truly earned a session with the hairbrush.  Further, that punishment should be preceded by corner time. 

It was 2:30 PM, break time.  Ed wanted this next conversation with Mary to be truly private, so he walked into the back of his employer’s warehouse where there was a seldom-used phone.  His heart beating furiously, he dialed Mary.     


Mary jumped when the phone rang and then felt instant butterflies in her stomach.  She guessed that it was Ed, but part of her hoped that it was a wrong number. 

Sure enough, it was Ed.  He started out by telling her how much he loved her, she responded in kind, and then they lapsed into an awkward silence. 

She decided to help, “I know this is about my punishment honey, and it’s really OK.  I’ve got all the supper preparation done, and I’m ready for your orders Sir.”

He gulped, “Yes sweetheart, that’s right.  This is really hard for me, but there’s no way out.”

“I know”, she replied, “I have no excuse, and we agreed to this.  I deserve my punishment, so don’t hold back.”

He looked around the warehouse to ensure privacy, “Make the usual preparations as soon as you hang up.  At four o’clock I want you naked with your nose in the corner.  Don’t move until I arrive home and use that corner time to think about why you are there and why you are to be punished.  Understand?”

She spoke without rancor, “Yes Sir.”    

“And Honey?”

“Yes sir.”

He swallowed, “We’ll need your hairbrush.  Take it into the corner with you and hold it the entire time.”

He heard her gasp, but then she answered, “Fair enough sir.  I don’t blame you.”

She couldn’t hide the tears in her voice as they signed off, but they finished their conversation on a mutually loving note.

“The hairbrush”, she thought as she tearfully hung up the phone, “Damn!”  However, she consoled herself.  The corner time could have been much worse.  At least it wouldn’t start until four.  He could have made her start right now!


It was almost ninety minutes before Mary would have to put herself into the corner, and she would much rather have delayed arranging the room for her spanking.  But Ed had said to do it now, so she obeyed.  

They lived in a garage apartment in the rear of a large house that had also been converted to apartments.  What their apartment lacked in style and luxury, it gained in privacy.  Surrounded by bushes, their little building was as secluded as one could hope for in this dense urban area.  They  had the entire backyard to themselves, so Mary had little fear of anyone hearing her spanking.  The apartment was all one space except for the bedroom and bath.  To prepare the apartment, all she needed do was close the windows and curtains, and then pull a chair out from their tiny dinette. 

Now she would have to look at that damn chair until four o’clock!  Shortly after Ed arrived home from work, that chair would simultaneously serve as Ed’s throne and Mary’s pillory.  Until then, its presence would serve as a constant reminder of Mary’s impending punishment.  As if she needed a reminder!

The time dragged, yet paradoxically four o’clock seemed to approach much too quickly.  At ten minutes till, Mary checked the simmering dinner one last time, and then visited the bathroom for one last pee.  Finally Marry shucked off her robe, picked up her hairbrush, and then put her naked body into the corner.

Ed got off work at five, but it took him about twenty minutes to drive home through the thick Charleston traffic.  So she would be stuck in that corner for some eighty minutes.  It was hell.  The time dragged.  She had time to think about why she was there, she had time to feel sorry for herself and cry a bit, and she even had time to think about her spanking and get horny.   

Standing in one place that long is harder than you might imagine.  Her feet hurt.  She pranced to keep circulation in her legs.  Even the hairbrush seemed to get progressively heavier.  She switched it from one hand to the other.  Poor Mary had no idea of the time.  She was supposed to keep her nose in the corner, so she had turned the clock around so she wouldn’t be tempted to peek at it.  The quiet of the room didn’t help.  Even the constant city sounds could barely be heard in the tight little building.  Time slowed to a stop. 

She jumped when she heard a key at the door, and suddenly she was assailed by a million competing emotions, there was relief that her corner time was nearly done, balanced by trepidation at her imminent spanking.  She felt herself getting damp “down there”, at the same time that her belly seemingly filled with butterflies.  Naturally, she felt the usual joy of her husband’s arrival, but she also felt shame for disappointing him, and shame for what was about to happen.

At least the worst part of her no-panties day would soon be over.

It was too all much for the lady.  Tears flowed.


As he entered the apartment, Ed was nervous and embarrassingly aroused.  Supper smelled delicious, but he barely noticed.  One glimpse of the rear end of Mary, who was obediently standing in her corner, made him nearly lose his breath.  Mary was 22, but she was still often mistaken for a teen, and still routinely carded when she bought alcohol.  From this angle you would see that she was slim, with perfect skin, with a tiny waist, and with rounded hips and a perfect bottom.  You might notice that her thighs were upholstered, but without even a hint of excess fat.

By happenstance, a light beam from a crack in the curtain kissed Mary almost exactly in her rear divide.  Most of Mary was nicely tanned, but the modest bikini bathing suit she favored left her bottom untouched by the sun, and thus pure white.  Now the combination of that sun beam and her nether tan line combined to make her bottom glow fetchingly.   While enjoying the sight, it occurred to Ed that Mary’s bottom would soon sport a very different glow. 
He noticed that Mary’s shoulders were shaking slightly.  As he glided closer, attracted like a moth to light, he heard faint sobs.  He embraced her from behind, and kissed the back of her neck.  He spoke soothingly, assuring her of his love, and complimented her for her obedience.  Then he released her and invited her to turn around. 

They kissed hard, and then embraced again.  Finally he stood back a bit and they regarded each other awkwardly.  She had a gift for defusing these situations, which she used now.

She offered him the hairbrush, “I’m so sorry Ed for what I did, but I’m ready for my punishment Sir, and I promise to learn from it”.

With a lump in his throat, he accepted the proffered hairbrush.  He barely trusted himself to speak, but he croaked it out, “I promised you ‘a memorable spanking,’ I must deliver now or my word means nothing.”

“I know,” she said softly.

Moving purposely, he laid the hairbrush on the floor next to the chair, and then divested himself of shoes, tie and shirt, retaining his t-shirt, pants and stockings.  Their costumes, him mostly dressed yet her totally nude, sharply defined their roles in the corporal drama that was to follow.

He sat in the chair.  Automatically, Mary came to stand before him.  He looked up at her, “Is there anything you want to say before we start?”

She answered in an emotion-filled voice: “Only that I have no excuse, and that I’m sorry for the damage I caused, and that I’ve learned from my error.  From now on, I won’t delay taking a deposit to the bank, and I won’t mail any check until I’m certain it is funded.”

Happy and proud at her answer, he smiled, “That’s a good enough answer to save you from the lecture I had planned.”

He paused, and then swallowed before continuing, “But I’m afraid nothing will save your bottom.”

Relieved that she was at least spared the lecture, Mary nodded solemnly, “I understand.  I’m ready for my punishment Sir.”

He wrapped his arms around her hips, gave her a lingering hug, and then planted a kiss on her taut belly.  As he did, he caught a distinct whiff of her arousal, which helped him feel less guilty about his own condition.  Hands on her hips, he guided her to his right side, and then helped her over his lap.

Mary found herself looking down at the hardwood floor, and at the hairbrush!  She quickly guessed that Ed’s placement of that implement had been no accident.  She would be forced to look at it as she received the first part of her spanking, which would be with his hand.

Intending to properly “warm up” her bottom, he started with spanks that barely stung.  To her confusion, she actually found herself enjoying the sensation.  She wiggled her bottom in appreciation.  Perhaps fortunately, Ed misinterpreted the movement, thinking that she was showing the first signs of distress. 

Ed still had a lot to learn.          

When her bottom cheeks finally showed color, Ed gradually moved his target area down, carefully marking the entire territory he intended to spank.  He lingered on the area that he would later know as her “sit spots”, and than spanked his way down the back of her legs almost to her knees.  Then he carefully spanked her right hip, and then slid her out a bit on his lap so that he could reach her left hip.

Then he started back at the top of her buttocks to repeat the entire process, only spanking faster and harder this time. 

Her emotions already fragile, this second assault was plenty sufficient to push Mary over the edge. In obedience to a silent vow, she didn’t beg, but she sobbed loudly and kicked her feet like a swimmer.   

Naturally the sting was rapidly building in her behind, but Mary was surprised at how uncomfortable her head felt!  Her nose almost immediately filled with mucus, making her gasp for air, and her sinuses felt full.  Her face was bright red from the face-down position, and her eyes burned from brimming tears.  And always, swimming in her distorted vision, was that damn hairbrush!  The brush served as a reminder that this was merely the preliminaries.  The future didn’t bode well for her bottom!

Ed was having his own problems.  The sight of Mary’s quickly reddening, roiling and bouncing buns was so erotically stimulating that Ed was having trouble reminding himself that he was supposed to be delivering a real punishment.  Also, Mary’s increasingly frantic movements were painful to Ed’s engorged manhood.  Besides, Ed honestly wasn’t looking forward to using that hairbrush on his beloved woman.

For the second time, Ed finally completed spanking the entire area from the top of Mary’s bottom crack down almost to her knees, and around both hips.  By now Mary was a complete mess.  But there was still one untouched area to be spanked.  He usually didn’t bother with this, but today was different.

“Open your legs,” he ordered, “Open them wide and keep them open until I tell you different.”

Mary had been afraid that she would hear that order today.  She hated to have the tender insides of her thighs spanked, and had been hoping against the odds that Ed might not spank her there.  As before, she resisted the urge to beg.  But she did allow herself a plaintive groan as she obeyed Ed’s order, exposing her delicious thighs for his corporal attentions.

He started on her left thigh, she shrieked and twisted as he spanked it pink, barely managing to keep from snapping her legs shut.  He took a longer time with her right thigh.  Because of the odd angle, it is difficult to get a good swing, so it takes more spanks to do the job.  When he returned to the already pinkened left thigh with much harder spanks, he twice had to remind her to keep her legs open.  She was almost relieved when he shifted his target area to finish off the other thigh.

That area done, he instructed her to put her legs together, and then he shifted her position so he could throw his right leg across the back of her legs.  From previous, experience, Mary knew that the worst part of her punishment was imminent.  Wisely, she released her iron grip on the chair leg to offer her right hand for restraint.  Steeling himself, Ed secured that hand in the small of her back, raised his right hand high, and then delivered a fusillade of nearly full-strength spanks to Mary’s bottom and sit spots as she thrashed, twisted, wailed and shrieked.   That done, he took a moment to finish off the backs of her thighs with spanks that were only slightly less harsh.      

He paused, giving her time to calm down a bit and to catch her breath.  Both knew that this punishment wasn’t over.  That hairbrush still awaited employment.

He spoke gently to her and rubbed her back.  He released her hand, but kept her over his lap, her legs still restrained.  It took her a moment to calm down and to realize that she was no longer being spanked.  Her hand wandered back towards her livid bottom.  He thought about stopping it, but then decided to grant her that small kindness.  She tentatively explored her throbbing bottom.  As if mocking her, that damn brush remained centered in her swimming vision.

When he was sure that she had calmed down enough to understand him, he spoke, “We’re almost done Sweetheart.  When you’re ready to continue, hand me the hairbrush.  For your own sake, I suggest that you don’t delay long.”

Even in her addled condition, Mary recognized that as good advice.  As bad as her bottom hurt, she knew that it was partially, but temporarily, numb from her recent spanking.  She dreaded the kiss of the hairbrush, but the longer she delayed, and the more she rubbed circulation into her bottom, the more she would feel it.  Her hand gently rubbed her bottom one last time, and then reluctantly reached down for the hairbrush.  With trepidation, she picked it up and handed it over her shoulder.  She felt Ed accept the instrument.  As he did so, he squeezed her hand comfortingly, and then kept it, guiding it back into the small of her back.

He cleared his throat, or perhaps it was a sob, “This will leave your bottom tender for the next few days.  Every time you feel that pain, you are to remember the lesson behind this punishment.  OK?”

She nodded and made an unintelligible sound that he took for agreement.     

“Here goes.”  He raised the wooden brush high and then slammed it into her right buttock.  The mound of flesh flattened, rippled, and then bounced back into its delectable female shape.  Poor Mary bucked, howled, and tried to pull her wrist from his iron grip.

The look on Ed’s face showed determination but no joy as he deliberately waited several moments for the full effects of that first blow to sink in before he added another one, slightly lower on the same buttock.          

After a suitable wait, calculated to maximize their effectiveness, he delivered the same treatment to Mary’s left buttock.  Mary’s cooperation with this part of her punishment was neither possible nor expected.  With each blow she shrieked, struggled and bucked.

And then Ed decided to do Mary a kindness, although it didn’t seem like a kindness to her at the time!  Unwilling to draw out his wife’s punishment any further, he delivered the rest of her hairbrush spanking in one quick devastating flurry.  In another mercy, he spared her thighs, confining his spanks to the meatiest part of her bottom.

Finally it was over.  Mary had been properly spanked.  Glad his grim task was over, and feeling like a bully, Ed shifted immediately to aftercare.  He held her down, caressed her back and her hair and cooed soothing and forgiving words until she finally came to her senses.  Then he carefully helped her to her feet.  He supported her a bit to ensure she was steady, and then released her.  He allowed her a moment to dance and to gently rub her bottom, and then pulled her into a tight hug.  They stood like that for several moments, rocking slightly as she cried into his shoulder and danced a bit in place.

When Ed sat back down, Mary needed no further invitation.  She crawled straight into his lap.  Mary’s previous arousal had long been overwhelmed by the sting in her bottom and the emotional impact of her punishment.  It would take a few minutes to return.  Ed’s interest, and his erection, had similarly deflated during Mary’s spanking.  However, Ed’s arousal now came roaring back.  

As Mary sat in his lap and sobbed on his shoulder, it was all he could to restrain himself from pawing her.  Wisely he held back, trusting that her passion would soon return, and sensing that it would be wrong and possibly counterproductive to try to hurry her.  Finally, she began to show signs of a return of her previous ardor.  He gave her a peck on her cheek, which she returned with an open-mouthed kiss.  Encouraged, he still restrained himself, determined to give her time.   

Mary made her move only a few minutes later.  As if wrapping her arms around him and giving him a kiss with definite tongue action wasn’t enough to signal her return to arousal, she dropped down on her knees in front of him.  She first massaged his hardness through his pants, and then went for it!  Not satisfied with merely unzipping and fishing out the part that interested her, she undid his belt, unbuttoned and then opened his pants wide.  Obligingly, Ed raised his bottom from the chair.  Taking the hint, Mary rucked down his pants and briefs.  With little joyous cries of discovery, she cupped his pouch and fondled his hardness.

It was now Ed’s turn to squirm and twist as Mary’s tongue flicked his firm glans.  Selfishly though, she quit before triggering an explosion.     

Ed didn’t remember getting naked, nor recall their rushed trip to the bedroom, but the action that followed in their bed was defiantly memorable.   Eventually, the couple would figure out why their best sex always happened immediately after a spanking, but that would be an insight for another day. 


Supper was delicious, albeit late.  After simmering all afternoon, the flavors in that boiled dinner had melded in a way that no quick meal could possibly match.

Wearing a purple robe and sitting high on her pillow-topped dining chair, Mary looked and felt like a Queen.  For the first time since she had discovered that late bank deposit, her face looked totally relaxed.  Her punishment had been difficult, and her bottom would be marked and sore for a few days, but the incident between them was truly over and forgiven.  Rather than divide them, today’s troubles had brought them closer together.

For now, all was again right in Ed and Mary’s world.       

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