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The Choosing

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The Choosing

Author's note: The Sentinelese, a tiny primitive tribe on North Sentinel Island in India, lives an isolated stone age existence. Since we don't know what they call themselves, the name “Sentinelese” is simply derived from the name of their island. We know little about them because of their violence towards outsiders.

So from this tiny platform of reality, we take a brave plunge into the fictional world...

The Sentinelese believe themselves to be the only civilization in the universe. The few outsiders they meet always reinforce that notion for them, because no outsiders know how to speak Sentinelese! So to the Sentinelese, those poor dumb outsiders seem able to only gesticulate and babble incoherently. Over the generations, these people have learned the hard way that outsiders always bring disease. So it makes perfect sense that they protect themselves by using their primitive weapons to drive interlopers away.

They are a matriarchal society, ruled by a Chieftess. Women rule the household, leaving men little better than slaves. Husbands are Chosen for their physical attributes and usefulness, but also for their obedience. Besides procreation, the male's role is to serve his woman by gathering food, fuel, and doing whatever other tasks she commands.

For lack of a better term, we will call the Chieftess's husband a “Chief”. Although he lacks authority, he is the only male who holds any position of respect in the tribe. His role is that of teacher and enforcer. He isn't viewed as a leader and is never the equal of any female. In his role of enforcer, the Chieftess sometimes commands him to punish tribe members, even females. Failing to submit to him would be unthinkable.

Uga was the tribe's newest woman. For the last several moon-cycles, her bleeding had reliably foretold the disappearance of the moon, a sure sign that she was ready to mate. Therefore, in a 24-hour ritual she had been elevated from maiden to woman. Being an eligible and virgin young woman made her a rarity in the village, so her actions would be under constant scrutiny until she took a husband. Since her elevation, Uga wore her hair high in the manner of a woman, but she wasn't yet allowed to wear the high headdress of a married woman.

Throughout her maidenhood, tribe law had allowed her no sexual experience, not even solitary masturbation. All sexual conduct was taboo until she became a woman. Uga's mother had once caught her with her knees far apart, her breath heavy and with her hand busy under her breach-cloth. Furious, Uga's mother had ordered her father to spank her severely, after which the tearful and red-bottomed maiden was made to confess to the Chieftess herself. The Chieftess took this very seriously, and sternly promised to order the Chief to punish her should it happen again. That painful and humiliating incident had ended her sexual experimentation.

There are no secrets in one-room huts, so Uga's sharp eyes and ears couldn't miss witnessing the carnal acts of her parents in the gloom of their windowless dwelling. Thus, like youth everywhere, she had believed that she knew all there was to know about mating. But her elevation ritual had changed that notion!

The preparation for her elevation ritual took two hands of suns (ten days). The ritual itself took an entire sun-cycle (twenty four hours). The preparations started when the Chieftess ordered the village men to build a new hut, which would eventually be occupied by Uga and her Chosen mate. When it was done, the medicine woman entered the hut to make the special smoke and chant the ancient incantations to keep the baby-killing demons at bay.

Meanwhile, the medicine woman fed bitter herbs to Uga. Those herbs sickened her, but were a vital preparation for her elevation ritual because they would temporarily stop her bleeding so that the Chief's seed wouldn't grow in her belly.

Uga wasn't allowed inside her new hut until the day of her elevation. On that special morning, she ceremonially took the Chief's hand and led him into her hut. Over the next sun-cycle, they emerged only to feast. Afterwards they would quickly return to the hut, where the Chief busily introduced Uga to the joys of womanhood.

Highly skilled at teaching the art of mating, the Chief put an itch and a yearning into Uga's groin that would remain there for the rest of her life. In the process, Uga discovered her ignorance about mating, even though she had seen her parents do so it many times. Even after that sun-cycle under the tutelage of a master, she knew that she still had much to learn.

Even though he was her teacher, the Chief was obliged to treat Uga with the same respect and gentleness that would be expected from any Sentinelese male towards a woman. At least, that was true until near the end of the ritual. When the sun rose the following morning, Uga shyly emerged from her very first night in her new hut, leading the Chief into the new daylight. Following tradition, the entire village had quietly gathered around her hut to witness the final act of her elevation. The Chieftess stood tall, laid her hands on Uga's head, and declared her to be a true woman of the tribe.

As a woman, Uga's loyalty and duty of obedience now transferred from her mother to the Chieftess. Her heart thumping madly, Uga fell to her knees, and kissed the lady's feet. Her voice stumbled only slightly as she humbly recited the proper incantation to acknowledge the Chieftess's new authority over her.

Following centuries of tradition, the Chieftess snapped an order to her husband, who served as her enforcer. The Chief bowed to her. And then, with a special look in his eyes, he bowed even deeper to Uga. Uga dropped her eyes submissively and then offered the man her hand. He led her to a convenient rock, where Uga willingly laid across his lap. He had no need to bare her bottom because she was already naked from her night of “instruction”. What followed was a serious spanking that publicly demonstrated the Chieftess's authority over the new woman. Uga wailed in pain, but the end of that punishment marked the instant of her official elevation to adulthood. From now on, Uga would look to the Chieftess for leadership, and for discipline if necessary.


Uga wouldn't again sleep in her new hut until her wedding night. So now her task was to choose a husband. This was done according to a certain etiquette and also a strict set of sexual taboos which any anthropologist would recognize had the effect of reducing inbreeding. Although there were some fifteen unmarried young men in the village, only five weren't taboo for Uga. They all knew who they were, and were all anxious to be Chosen by the beautiful and suddenly eligible Uga.

By custom, it wouldn't be seemly for a new woman to rush into marriage. She must be seen to properly deliberate on her Choice of husbands. Most new women take around two moons to Choose. Males are Chosen for their strength, their speed, their body, their useful skills, and their submissiveness. Should Uga not find a desirable specimen among those five, she might reject them all to wait for a better man to come along!

So with everybody pretending not to notice, those five males took every opportunity to demonstrate their best traits to Uga by carrying heavy loads where she can see them, or bringing in game and collected food whilst ensuring that she saw, and even by ostentatious acts of obedience to their mothers. Uga played her part in the game, always pretending not to notice, whilst missing nothing!

Meanwhile, the “itch” that the Chief had created in Uga's groin remained. That itch was best “scratched” by a man, but other means had to suffice until her marriage. As a woman, Uga was now allowed to pleasure herself, but she couldn't bring herself to do it in the presence of her parents. So she went daily to her new hut to “meditate on her Choice”.

Because of the tribe's strict taboos against extramarital copulation, there was no such thing as paired-off “one-on-one” courtship among the Sentinelese. To enforce this, Uga could only leave the village with a female escort. There was one exception to that rule, and that was for a “Choosing”.

Uga had been a woman for two moons when she decided that the time was ripe for a Choosing. For reasons of her own, she had eliminated two of the five eligible males, leaving three candidates.

One day she suddenly gathered those three males and imperiously ordered them into the jungle. They were all proud and excited to be under consideration! The village buzzed in excitement as the four young adults disappeared into the wilderness, “A Choosing, a Choosing!”.

They came to a clearing with a fallen tree that seemed perfect for Uga's purposes. She sat. Automatically the three males lined up respectfully before her. As they posed, she examined their bodies, seemingly comparing carefully.

At her command they hefted heavy rocks so that she could compare their strength. And then she set them off on a footrace to the creek and back, carefully noting the winner.

Then she lined them up again, this time without their breech-cloths. One at a time, she examined their male fruit. As the Chief had taught her, she massaged each one, testing that it would harden and lengthen impressively. Two stayed up proud and long, but the other spurted prematurely at her caress and then quickly deflated. He lost points.

Truthfully, none of these three young men had male fruit that could compare to that marvel that swung between the Chief's legs. Any of the three would do though, although one would need more training than the others.

Theatrically, she frowned at the three hopeful males. As was proper, all dipped their eyes submissively in the face of her apparent displeasure. “You are all bad. Bring sticks so I may correct you!”

The three naked males scampered off to find proper implements for their correction. Soon they returned, each with a stick. One of the sticks was brutishly heavy, clearly not suitable. She rejected it. That male looked downcast.

She chose another that looked promising. She swung it experimentally, striking the ground. It broke. The male that had brought that stick cringed.

She accepted the third stick. If this one wasn't satisfactory, she would repeat the exercise. It was thin, but strong and more flexible than the others, obviously selected with care. She made it whistle through the air. Good! As she struck the ground with it, it made a satisfying “thwack” and then bent without breaking. She smiled benevolently at the male who had found it. Wisely, he didn't smile back. Instead, as he basked in her approval, he lowered his eyes to emphasize his submissiveness. She hid her pleasure, but he had just scored points!

She stood and then pointed imperiously at the fallen tree. All three knew what to do! Steeling themselves, they laid across the fallen tree trunk, spacing themselves appropriately for the test to come. Three lean, dusky bottoms mooned up at Uga.

She started with the first bottom, giving him ten hard swats. He didn't react. This was the same male who had brought the brutish stick. She gave him ten more, receiving little more than a grunt for her efforts. She realized that this was a contest of wills. But a contest is no way to show submissiveness! Would he never learn? He would never understand why, but he had no chance with Uga.

The other two reacted to Uga's corporal efforts more appropriately.

She whipped them hard! Their anguish filled the clearing. When all three bottoms had been appropriately striped, Uga dropped the stick and abruptly departed, giving no hint of her Choice. The men finally picked themselves up and painfully made their own way back to the village. Now they could only wait and hope.


Being unmarried, those three males still lived with their parents. But tonight they each had hope in their hearts. That night each slept just inside the entrance of his parent's hut. As morning approached they all listened...and hoped!

Uga rose early that morning. She climbed a hill, straining her eyes for the first sight of the rising sun. When the first rays lit the treetops, Uga greeted the Sun God with outstretched arms and announced her Choice. The Sun beamed back its approval.

Uga marched down the hill directly towards a certain hut, the one where her future husband lay. She pushed the hide aside from the entrance, and nearly stumbled over her intended. He lay still, feigning sleep, but his heart raced. His life was about to change forever, but the next few minutes would hurt!

She grabbed him, pulled him out the door, and then firmly led him by the arm to the Chieftess's hut. Outside, she sat on a stone and ordered him across her lap. He lowered his eyes respectfully, but his penis rampantly rebelled. As submissively as possible, he laid himself across his dream woman's lap, allowing his male fruit to dangle between her thighs for the first time ever. His bottom was terribly tender from yesterday's beating, but he cared not.

The Chieftess awoke to the sounds of a loud spanking. She smiled, knowing that the sound signified that Uga had finally Chosen. Seeing no point in interrupting a good spanking, she delayed emerging from her hut. By the time the Chieftess made her regal appearance, the winning male wasn't feeling so lucky. Attracted by his howls of pain, the villagers gathered for the show. And show it was! Uga wasn't yet an expert spanker, but you wouldn't know that from seeing the red-bottomed, kicking, desperate male across her lap.

At a word from the Chieftess, Uga ended the spanking. She urged the sobbing male to his feet, and then they fell together to their knees bowing deeply. The Chieftess smiled benevolently as she ceremonially touched each on the head, “I marry you; I marry you!”

Uga stood and then pulled her new husband to his feet.

“You have chosen well Uga,” said the great lady, “Take him to your hut and train him. The village needs babies.”

With everybody following and chanting an ancient fertility song, Uga led her man to her hut. Inside, they found blessed privacy to do those things that newlyweds do. Finally she had a way to properly scratch that all-important “itch” that the Chief had put into her groin.


Even in primitive society, things aren't always as they seem. Only Uga and her mother were privy to the truth. Uga's entire two moon “Choosing” period had been an elaborate ruse to satisfy village tradition. Sentinelese women rarely marry for love, but Uga had secretly Chosen that young man several seasons ago. Although he had no way of knowing, she had admired and loved him from a discreet distance ever since. Now she finally had him.

Since they knew no other way to live, Uga would forever dominate. However, they would forever be lovers.

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Maryanne's Public Spanking; Part Two

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Maryanne's Public Spanking; Part Two

The next morning arrived all too soon for Maryanne. As she awoke, reality came crashing down on her. Today was the day that she would be spanked in front of the whole student body of her school!

Taking refuge in habit, she prepared for school like any other morning. Automatically she brushed her teeth, showered, and did the usual things that a girl does to prepare for school. The only difference was that she wore her most modest underwear under her school uniform.

At breakfast she found her parents artificially cheerful, and her brother sad and apologetic.

After explaining that Maryanne shouldn't drive today, mother drove her to school. When they arrived at the school's driveway, Maryanne saw Mr. Hopkins, the school's Dean, waiting on her. She realized that her pickup must have been prearranged between him and her parents. Her mother hugged and kissed her, and then told her to “be strong”. Mother departed after promising to pick her up after school. Polite as always, Dean Hopkins walked her to his office.


David Hopkins was a man who had taken a few false starts before finding his perfect niche in life. However, it was exactly those false starts that had made him perfect for his job. After taking the trouble to become a Registered Nurse, he discovered that hospital stress wasn't for him. Next he tried teaching in a public high school. Teaching sufficed for a while, but the poor discipline in the school constantly appalled him.

Meanwhile, the Dean at Lee Christian Girl's High School (LCGHS) retired. She was a nice lady from David's church. She had mentioned to him that her position at LCGHS might not be filled. New regulations required the school to hire a nurse, but the school couldn't afford to hire two new staff members. An idea occurred to David, so he met with the school's Principal, Mr. Flannery, to propose that he fill both positions, whilst costing the school only one salary.

Because of the all-girl student population and the Dean's corporal punishment duties, LCGHS had always had a female Dean. Ultimately the school's Board decided that David's status as a Registered Nurse somehow made it OK for him to spank the school's all-female students. Besides, a witness was always required. It helped that David was a devout Christian and a happily married man.

So Dave was hired with the dual titles of School Nurse, and Dean. As Dean, he was responsible for student discipline. At first he found his spanking duties embarrassing, but remembering the chaos at that non-spanking public school where he had taught, he realized the importance of discipline to the entire character of LCGHS. Soon he became an expert spanker, although it wasn't his favorite task.

David proved to be perfect for his new job. Rather than rely on bluster, he addressed students as if they were adults, and expected then to respond accordingly. A few students interpreted his mild manner as weakness. But when they tested him, they always regretted it.

So even though David Hopkins was the school's Dean and thus the school's spanker, he was universally adored by the students. David was a handsome man, so some of the girls thought he was “hot”. Fortunately, his married status discouraged girlish crushes.

It felt wrong to call David “Nurse Hopkins”, so he was often addressed as “Dean Hopkins”.


When the two arrived in Mr. Hopkin's office, he did “nurse” things first. In the part of his office that served as the school infirmary, he checked her vital signs. A scan of her medical record revealed no problems. Finally he asked her a few medical questions. Some she found embarrassing, but all were necessary.

As expected, he found Maryanne in the full blush of teenage health, so there was no reason to delay her punishment.

His nursing duties done, Mr. Hopkins now switched to “Dean” mode. To calm her, he actually fixed them both tea. He disliked having a desk between him and a student, so he sat next to her to talk.

After a bit of “small talk” about school happenings he finally asked, “Maryanne, may we talk about why you are here this morning?”

A tear escaped the girl's right eye, and her chin quivered a bit, but then with an almost physical effort she pulled herself together, “Yes sir”.

He responded in a gentle voice, “Good! We were both in that meeting yesterday, so we know that you are here to prepare for your punishment. Now first, explain to me why you are to be punished.”

“Well, she said, it's not because I use drugs, because I don't.”

“That's correct,” he said in a reasonable voice, “And we will make that clear to the entire school. So tell us what you did wrong to deserve punishment.”

“I was careless,” she sobbed. “I was supposed to check my car, but I didn't do it. That's how I accidentally brought drugs onto the campus.”

“It wasn't exactly an accident, was it?” The Dean asked, “If you had obeyed the school rule to check your car, it wouldn't have happened.”

She slumped, “Yes sir, that's right.”

“OK, here is the deal,” Mr. Hopkins said, “If you give me the maximum cooperation and continue your good attitude, I will make your punishment as dignified as possible. The students will still see you receive a hard bare-bottom spanking, but there will be no “walk of shame” and we will preserve your modesty as much as possible. Deal?”

She nodded, and then they solemnly shook hands, sealing the deal.

Briskly he looked at his watch. “Principal Flannery has called a special assembly in place of second period classes. He will speak briefly, I will spank you, and then your life returns to normal. An hour from now it will be over.”

Sadly, Maryanne nodded.

He studied her discipline folder for a moment, and then looked up at her, “I see that I've spanked you twice before, both times over your panties.”

She nodded.

“So you know the procedure. Your school skirt stays on. You lay across my lap, I flip up your skirt, to spank you.”

“Yes sir”.

The Dean colored a bit,”A major difference over before is that you must remove your panties today. This will be a maximum spanking, so they must be removed, not simply lowered.”

She teared up at that revelation.

He handed her a tissue, “So let's decide. You can keep your panties on until the last moment if you wish, but that means removing them in front of two hundred people. Wouldn't you prefer to remove them privately?

She blushed sweetly and nodded, dislodging a tear from each cheek.

“Then go into my lavatory and do that now. While you're in there, try to empty your bladder. OK?”

Nearly blinded by tears, Maryanne nodded miserably and then stumbled into the Dean's little lavatory, closing the door behind her.

In the privacy of the Dean's lavatory, she raised her skirt, lowered her panties, and then sat on the pot. As she “did her business”, she slid her panties down and then stepped out.

She exited the lavatory with her briefs tightly bunched in her fist. In a kind voice, the Dean suggested, “Just leave them on my desk along with your purse and backpack. I'll lock up, so everything will be safe.”

Then he checked his watch, “Only ten minutes until the next period bell. Let's go to the auditorium while the halls are still empty.”


He kept one hand on Maryanne's arm as they walked together down the hallway. His touch was light, almost friendly, but it would have turned to steel if she were to balk or try to flee. Cool air swirled under the girl's skirt and tickled unaccustomed places. The odd feeling served to continually remind her of her temporarily hidden nakedness.

They entered the empty auditorium. He led her up to the stage, and thence to privacy behind a backstage curtain. He told her to remove her shoes and then issued final instructions, “Maryanne, accepting your punishment with dignity means cooperating with your punishment to the best of your ability, but not taking it silently. I've had girls try that, but none have succeeded yet. Just know that it's OK to cry or squeal, or however you naturally react. Nobody will think less of you. The only thing is, don't cuss!”

She croaked through a stiff throat, “Yes sir”.

A bell rang, and soon they heard the first students enter the auditorium. As the auditorium filled with girls, the noise rose to a feminine crescendo, and then suddenly diminished. The effect was familiar to Mr. Hopkins. It meant the Principal had arrived.

Mr. Hopkins stepped from behind the curtain. On seeing him, the Principal asked, “Is everything OK?”

“Yes, everything is as good as it can be.” he responded in a near whisper, “I'm not looking forward to this though!”

“I dread it myself,” the Principal agreed, “Still, don't go soft! I have the same misgivings as you, but we have agreed that she gets a full punishment.”

“Don't worry,” the Dean responded, “I've told Maryanne to expect the worse, and I will reluctantly deliver.”

The Principal nodded his agreement, “OK, bring her out at my signal, and then you two stand behind me.”

They shook hands. The Dean disappeared back behind the curtains.


The Principal's lectern stood front and center on the stage. He leaned over it and frowned out at his audience. Instantly the room went silent.

He spoke, his voice grave, “The last time we had an assembly about illegal substances on campus, we marched two of you off for immediate punishment. At that time, I told you that the next person or persons caught would be punished on this stage in front of the entire student body.” (There was a buzz from the students, but a glare from the Principal squelched it.)

“Since then,” he continued, “That procedure has become official school policy. Also, you all know about our 'zero tolerance' policy. That means that we accept no excuses. If you are caught bringing illegal substances onto the campus, even inadvertently, you will be punished.”
Then he got to the point, “Yesterday we had a campus drug sweep. It came up clean except that drugs were found in one student's car. That student, Miss Maryanne Rivers, admits to failing to check her car that morning. Even the most cursory check couldn't have missed that bag of marijuana under the driver's seat of her car. To be fair, subsequent events have convinced us that the drugs didn’t belong to Maryanne. So in that narrow respect she is innocent. Still, she is guilty of bringing drugs onto our campus. School policy is unambiguous, she must be punished here and now.”

There was an excited buzz from the assembled students as he tapped on the microphone, the signal for Dean Hopkins to bring out Maryanne.

Backstage, Mr. Hopkins told the frightened girl, “Like your mother said, 'be strong'. The worse will be over soon, and then your life returns to normal. OK?”

Rigidly, she nodded. He took her firmly by the upper arm to escort her onto the stage. Together, they stood behind the Principal, who turned to acknowledge them. Maryanne had never seen an assembly from the front before. The sea of expectant faces blurred together. There was a nervous flutter in her stomach. She felt dizzy at first, but then gained her mental bearings and stood tall facing the crowd. The Dean watched with concern, and then nodded encouragingly when he saw her brace up.

As the Principal turned his gaze back to the assembled students, they immediately quieted, “Maryanne is a good student who simply was careless and disobedient. She isn't the type whom I expected to punish in this manner. But the policy is clear, so her punishment will be carried out. As you watch, remember that it could be you instead of her! Furthermore, if you think you can get away with bringing drugs onto this campus, someday you will be on this stage.”

He continued on, saying that Maryanne would be fully forgiven after her punishment and that he would stand for no student to tease or otherwise abuse her. Then he called on the PE coach, Miss Evans, to officially witness the punishment and to assist if necessary. Finally, he dismissed all male staff members from the assembly (excepting Mr. Hopkins). And then, after admonishing all students to witness the punishment quietly and respectfully, he departed the auditorium, leaving the Dean in charge of the assembly. As he left, he closed the double doors that led to the hallway. Now the only male in the room was the Dean.


Fearfully, the girl watched Mr. Hopkins rearrange the stage for her punishment. He moved the Principal's lectern aside, and then slid a chair to center stage. He sat facing the audience, and then signaled Maryanne to his side. He pulled gently on her arm. Taking the hint, she laid herself across his lap. Desperately she focused on the floor to keep from seeing all those students witnessing her disgrace.

Dramatically, the Dean looked out at his audience. He projected his voice forcibly, “Remember! If you are caught with illegal drugs on this campus, you will be the next student in this position, and I will make it even worse for you. Now watch respectfully. When it's over, remain quietly in your seats until you are dismissed. Any questions?”

He was greeted with silence.

The LCGHS student uniform featured a full pleated skirt. Those skirts weren't terribly stylish, but they were very convenient for spanking! The Dean could take a fully-dressed girl over his lap, and then fully expose her panty-covered bottom by simply flipping up her skirt.

But of course, Maryanne wasn't wearing panties. So when Dean Hopkins flipped up her skirt, it left her bare bottom exposed from her waist to the tops of her socks.

He heard girlish gasps from 200 students as they recognized her underlying nudity, and what it signified. He frowned at the crowd, causing a sudden silence. Not wishing to further prolong Maryanne's anguish, he raised his hand high and then delivered five rapid full-strength spanks to the center of her left buttock. The auditorium filled with the clapping sound of the Dean's hard palm colliding with firm young nether flesh. The surprise of those first awesome spanks literally paralyzed the girl momentarily. All that escaped her lips was a strangled grunt.

The arrangement of the Dean's chair, him facing the audience, represented a careful compromise. It allowed the audience to plainly see that Maryanne's bottom was bare, plus allowing them an indirect view of every spank. Also, some would see her bottom change color. But still, the side-on view would protect the modesty of her most private bits.

He paused momentarily, and then repeated the same treatment to her right buttock. She uttered what would be her only coherent words of the entire punishment, “Please! Nooooooooo!”

By the time he had finished that second set of five spanks, she had lost all semblance of control. Her anguished shrieks reverberated throughout the auditorium.

Two hundred girls watched this opening volley of punishment open-mouthed, not believing their eyes. But Maryanne didn't return the favor of their attention. By simply turning her head, she might have been been able to see them. But her brain was too occupied absorbing the messages from millions of outraged nerve endings in her bottom.

After those terrible first ten spanks, which the Dean had calculated would quickly push Maryanne “over the edge”, the spanking settled into a more reasonable, more sustainable pace. He randomly peppered her bottom with firm spanks. As he did, that bottom flattened and rippled with each spank.

Naturally, her bottom was hardly a static target. Desperate for respite, Maryanne bawled, screeched, kicked and twisted. Still, she was no newcomer to spankings and knew the rules. So at first she desperately gripped the chair legs, which served to secure her hands from mischief and helped anchor her to the Dean's lap. And perhaps that temporary solidity made the Dean too complacent. It had been ages since a girl had managed to break loose from his lap, but it nearly happened that morning.

The incident happened when Mr. Hopkins targeted the first spanks to Maryanne's sit spots. Surprised by this new pain, she released the chair legs and tried to reach back with both hands. Unfortunately, that happened at the exact moment that she was giving a mighty twist! Before the Dean knew what was happening, the girl was sliding off of his lap. Desperately, he raised his legs to break her fall and grabbed for her. She slid gently almost all the way to the floor. That movement served to point her livid bottom at her audience. As he helped her up, her skirt didn't flop down rapidly enough to prevent her from flashing her all to the audience.

The Dean mentally shrugged, at least the audience was all female.

He blamed himself, but the middle of a spanking is hardly the moment to apologize, so he covered with a mild reproof, “Try to stay in position, or this will take all day.” He neither received nor expected an answer, but she cooperated as he re-positioned her across his lap. He pulled up her skirt high, and then demanded her right hand.

School policy didn't allow Mr. Hopkins to use a paddle, nor did he need one. As any girl who had ever been spanked by him could attest, his open right palm was easily up to any spanking job. Before resuming the spanking, he put his left hand to triple duty. It held up her skirt, restrained her right hand, and firmly pinned her torso down. In a businesslike gesture, he raised his right hand high.

The spanking started again. It started with a serious flurry of spanks to the meatiest part of her already-red twin hillocks. Maryanne's cries had diminished during the delay in her spanking, so that flurry was intended to send her back to “spanked girl land”, and leave him again thoroughly in charge of the situation. It worked! Her cries again filled the auditorium.

Most spankings would be done at this point. Maryanne's bottom and sit spots were bright red. She had clearly been spanked to the point of acceptance, and he could feel her strength start to flag. Holding her down was now simple. But unfortunately, this spanking wasn't yet over. The new policy required the school's maximum corporal punishment in this situation, which is why the Principal had coded her punishment slip with “CP2X”. The “2” stood for bare bottom, the “X” meant “extra”. “Extra” means extra hard, extra long, and extra territory.

Before continuing, Mr. Hopkins looked up to gauge the reactions of his audience. He liked what he saw. Most girls were rapt and somber looking. Several had teary eyes. This punishment would be remembered!

Next he targeted her thighs and the backs of her upper legs. Purposely he did nothing to restrain her legs, because their movements actually helped him. There wasn't as much flesh in this area, so he didn't spank quite as hard. Still, she reacted strongly to this corporal treatment in that tender area. The nearly exhausted girl kicked and shrieked with renewed gusto. Because of the movements of her legs, his tempo was uneven, but it was exactly those movements that offered him targets of opportunity in rare places such as her inner thighs. Unfortunately for Maryanne, Mr. Hopkins was an expert spanker, and spanking this difficult area was where his skill shined.

It took him a full two minutes of concentrated spanking to finish up that area to his satisfaction, but it likely seemed like hours to poor Maryanne!

Then he paused again. He checked his work carefully, and then looked up to gauge the conduct of his audience. Next he snugged his left arm tightly around her tiny waist for the ending spanks. First he “touched up” her sit spots with several hard swats to each side, and then returned to where he had started, the fullness of her buttocks. In one final thirty-second flurry of solid spanks, he spanked her flesh until he saw the first evidence of round whitish “targets” on the summit of each buttock. That was his signal to stop.

He held the bawling girl in place, and then looked up at two hundred somber faces. He spoke loudly, so he could be heard above the crying, “When I dismiss you, you will quietly leave and then quickly report to your scheduled classroom. If I see anyone talk, you will be summoned to my office. Understand?”

Two hundred heads nodded.

“Remember what happened here, because if you are caught with drugs you will be next! OK then, you are dismissed!”

Happy to leave, the students filed out of the auditorium. Not a sound was heard except for Maryanne's continued sobbing.


When the last student left, Mr. Hopkins flipped down Maryanne's skirt and then gently helped her to her feet. He allowed her to do the usual things girls do after a hard spanking, and then suggested that they return to his office, “so we can get you straightened out.”

He asked Miss Evans if she would be available for “perhaps half an hour”. Fortunately the Principal had already anticipated that need. He would cover her next class until she returned.

So the three took the short walk to Mr. Hopkins office.

As always, he offered the spanked girl no hugs or other show of affection, but was happy when Miss Evans donated a long hug. Then he suggested that Maryanne lay on the exam table so that he could treat her bottom. He gave her a pillow, and then flipped up her skirt to expose her livid bottom. He placed a cold pack on each cheek. As the girl sobbed her last few tears into the pillow, he let the cold soak into her flesh to reduce her bruising.

As he worked, he spoke gently, reminding her that her punishment was over and that she was forgiven. “From the look on your compatriot's faces,” he explained, “I think you will get plenty of support from them. But if anyone gives you the slightest trouble, I want to hear, OK?”

Finally recovering, Maryanne expressed her thanks.

Miss Evans gently washed the girl's face, and then suggested that she might want to put her panties back on. That reminded Maryanne of the tube of cream in her purse. She asked permission to use it.

Assuming his “nurse” mode, Mr. Hopkins asked, “May I see it?”

She produced the tube. “Well,” he said, “I usually don't allow analgesic creams because that defeats the purpose of a good spanking, but I think that you have suffered enough.”

Professionally, he snapped on gloves and then applied the cream. The girl signed as she felt it work. After that, Miss Evans helped the girl on with her panties.

With the girl finally fully clothed, Miss Evans went off to claim her class, leaving Mr. Hopkins and Maryanne alone.


He allowed her to stay in his office until the end of that class period. With the resilience of youth, she recovered quickly from her ordeal.

He offered to loan her a pillow to use as a cushion in class, pointing out, “No need to be embarrassed about a sore bottom. After all, your spanking is no secret.”

For obvious reasons she had been standing until now, but she sat experimentally with only a mild wince of pain. She wriggled her bottom a bit in the chair as she decided, “Can I have a rain check Mr. Hopkins? I'll try it without the pillow to see how I do. “

“That's the spirit!” he said before sending her off to her next class.

Just as she was about to leave, Mr. Hopkins extended his hand, “Are you mad at me Maryanne?”

Her answer was almost vehement as she shook his hand, “No sir. Us girls know that you just do your job, even though that includes spanking us. You're never unfair to anyone. You told me what to expect, and that's exactly what you did. I know you had no part in deciding my punishment.”

With a grin she left, leaving Mr. Hopkins feeling much better about his role in a punishment that he wished could have been avoided.


For the rest of the school year, every drug sweep at LCGHS came up clean. In that respect, Maryanne's public spanking had been a complete success. But that wasn't quite the end!

Late the following year, one last cache of marijuana was found. Investigation connected it to two girls, who had plans to become drug entrepreneurs. The resulting double public punishment, done with less of the consideration and delicacy that had been afforded Maryanne, finally ended the drug problem at LCGHS.

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