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Another Disciplinary Picnic

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Author Note: This story may be read by itself, but it's best if you read Punishment Day and A Disciplinary Picnic first.

Another Disciplinary Picnic

In the 1920's, especially in Texas, female law officers were virtually unheard of. Yet Beverly Birch was a full-fledged Deputy Sheriff in the little town of Independence Texas. Since dresses weren't terribly compatible with her job, Beverly wore pants, a shirt, and a gun belt with twin revolvers. The effect was quite manly, especially true since Beverly was imposingly tall, full-figured, and brash. However, under those rough clothes she was all woman. She even liked the joke of wearing frilly things hidden under that manly exterior.

Beverly was married to Tom Birch, the town banker. Totally smitten by his wife, he was clearly the happiest man in town. What they kept secret however, was that privately Tom and Beverly had an unusual arrangement. In the Birch family, Beverly was in charge! Since both of them preferred it that way, the arrangement was perfect for them.


Despite her outgoing, brash and self-confident personality, Beverly wasn't perfect. At home she was quick to spank Tom if he got out of line, but she also was no stranger to Tom's lap. Usually Beverly gave him pure punishment spankings, whilst most spankings that Beverly received from Tom were of the foreplay variety. Even though he was happy for Beverly to be in charge, Tom was no spineless pushover! On those rare occasions when Beverly was clearly in the wrong, he would give her real punishment spankings, but always with her own consent. On those occasions, Tom acquitted himself quite well!

Also, Beverly had no formal law enforcement training. The Sheriff had originally hired her as a simple clerk. At first she had been given a Deputy's badge only so that she could legally supervise the occasional female prisoner. But later her duties had gradually expanded to include supervising all prisoners. Next, she occasionally filled in for the Sheriff when he was out of town. From there, it was a small step to designating her as a full-time Deputy. So the hiring of a female Deputy Sheriff, normally unthinkable in those times, had actually happened gradually over time. With each small step, the leaders and citizens of Independence, as well as Sheriff Thompson himself, had been given time to become accustomed to this strange new idea.

But although Beverly was well suited for her job, she wasn't perfect. She did make the occasional error.


One time that Beverly really screwed up was when Rufus Perkins was a prisoner, picked up on an arrest warrant from another county. Rufus was a card shark, a con man, and (only when necessary) a petty thief. Beyond that, Rufus was one of the nicest, most engaging folks you would ever want to meet. Of course, that likeable exterior is what made him such a great con man!

Perhaps because he was so likable, and also because he had committed no crimes in Independence, (he was wanted in several other towns) Beverly initially developed a liking for the man. Unfortunately, that blinded her to the escape danger that this slippery character presented. So one morning when the Sheriff was off on other business leaving Beverly in charge, Rufus took advantage of Beverly's too-trusting inattention to slip out of his cell, and then escape via the building's rear door!

Fortunately Rufus wasn't a dangerous man, but it took two days of hard work plus bloodhounds borrowed from another town to recapture him. Over that time, Beverly worked tirelessly to catch the man. Finally, Rufus was safely back in his cell.

The next few days were rough on Rufus. Before, having broken no laws in Independence, his status was simply that of a prisoner being temporarily held until he could be transferred to a proper jail for holding and trial. But now he was also guilty of a jailbreak! Sheriff Thompson was furious with both Beverly and Rufus, but it was Rufus that he dealt with first. He did two things to Rufus to make any further escape unlikely. First he confiscated his clothing, leaving him dressed only in a blanket, and then he fastened an old-fashioned ball and chain to his ankle.

The next Thursday, the town's normal Punishment day, Rufus carried that heavy iron ball to the town square, where the naked man was publicly tied to an A-frame for a thrashing. Although uncommonly good at the job, Beverly normally didn't receive any particular pleasure from thrashing prisoners. But Rufus was different. For Beverly, delivering that thrashing settled a personal score.

The next day a special wagon arrived to take Rufus away to the state prison. Now that Rufus had been dealt with, the jail was temporarily empty and things were quiet in the Sheriff's office. It was time for Beverly to privately face the Sheriff's wrath.


“What am going to do with you?” Sheriff Thompson asked. It was a rhetorical question, but a vital one. There was no way that the Sheriff could ignore Beverly's screw-up. On the other hand he didn't want to fire her. Anyone else that he could afford to hire would likely be far more error-prone than Beverly. As a practical matter, firing Beverly would mean going without a deputy.

Still, Beverly felt honor bound to suggest the possibility, “Boss, if you want my resignation...”

“If I wanted your resignation,” the man stated very clearly, “I would already have fired you!”

But that didn't mean that Beverly would get off free! “I can't simply ignore this,” he explained. “The Mayor will surely ask me what I have done to ensure this doesn't happen again. I could dock your pay, But dammit, you're married to a banker! That surely wouldn't hurt you.”

“If you were my daughter,” he mused, “I would simply take you out to the woodshed and take a belt to your bare bottom. You would learn your lesson and life would go on.”

This time, Beverly was a bit ahead of her boss. She already had a suitable punishment in mind for herself. And now he had given her the perfect opening!

“Umm,” Beverly interposed, “Let's think about that for a moment. I'm honestly devastated by this. You are justifiably disappointed in me, but I'm also disappointed in myself. So you just mentioned the perfect solution. Something like that would clear the air at the same time that it washed away my guilty feelings. Rufus was thrashed for his part in this farce, so it's only fair that I receive the same.”

The Sheriff thought before speaking, “I can think of a thousand reasons why that won't work Beverly. Yes, I could march you to the town square and then thrash your bare ass, but it would totally ruin your authority in this town. You would never live it down!”

“I agree” Beverly replied, “Rufus was thrashed in the town square, but that won't work for me. You should thrash me just as hard as I thrashed Rufus, but it must be in private.”

“But there is no place in town that's that private! A proper thrashing makes noise, lots of noise.”

“Again, you are correct Boss. So we will need to leave town. I know of a private place.”

The Sheriff threw another roadblock at Beverly's idea, “What about your husband? I can't imagine Tom letting me hurt you that way. And besides, I can't imagine him allowing me to see his wife naked.”

“Sheriff Thompson,” Beverly explained, “I believe that you have seen most of our female prisoners naked at one time or another. Certainly you have seen every female prisoner who has gone to Punishment Day. Whenever it happens, you are a perfect gentleman, even though the sight of them must secretly raise your male passions.”

The unmarried Sheriff blushed at the mention of his “male passions”. Reluctantly he nodded, conceding Beverly's point.

“Also,” Beverly continued, “you are the one person who has a hint about the nature of the relationship between Tom and I. So you know that Tom will go along with this if I tell him to. But, I don't think that will be necessary. Under the circumstances, I think Tom will see the value of you punishing me to get this problem behind us once and for all.”

A decisive man, Sheriff Thompson spoke, “Talk this over with Tom, and think about it yourself. If it still seems like a good idea tomorrow, we will decide when we can do this.”


Two days later, all the arrangements had been made. A retired Deputy would fill in so that both Beverly and the Sheriff could leave town together. Tom had arranged to be gone from the bank that day so he could accompany Beverly.

Immediately after breakfast, Tom hooked Bossie, their harness horse, to their light buckboard wagon and loaded a few essentials into the wagon's rear. Meanwhile, Beverly packed a picnic basket for three.

Soon they drove their wagon out of their yard and stopped outside the Sheriff's house. The Sheriff emerged, greeted Tom and Beverly, and slipped the horse a treat. With Tom and the Sheriff in the front seat, and with Beverly meekly seated on a box in the rear, they drove the wagon out of town. If any of the townsfolk noticed, nobody thought anything of three people taking an apparently friendly outing.

With little human input, Bossie spent the next two hours pulling the wagon to one of her favorite places, the remote picnic site that Tom and Beverly called “South Branch”. There they released the horse to drink and wade in the river, and then unpacked their picnic lunch.

They took their time at lunch. Actually, none of the three ate much, especially not Beverly. Each person wondered why they even bothered with the ritual of bringing a meal when nobody was hungry. With determination, they kept the lunchtime conversation light, with no mention of what was scheduled for afterwards.

Finally, when everyone had long stopped eating, it became impossible to maintain the pretense of normalcy.

It was Beverly who broke the ice, “Sheriff Thompson, I need a couple of minutes to “water the grass” behind a tree, and then I'm all yours. Naturally you are in charge of proceedings, but I would appreciate it if you would allow Tom to warm up my bottom before you thrash it. We have brought a suitable belt, but the choice of straps is yours.”

After returning from her “bladder break” Beverly asked respectfully, “Should I undress now?”

“No Beverly” the Sheriff responded, “You being naked would be a distraction, so let's talk first.”

Beverly started out with a sincere apology, and then Sheriff Thompson got his say. “This really feels strange,” he explained, “Because you are the best Deputy I've ever had. But even so, we can't tolerate mistakes like this. Rufus isn't particularly dangerous, but some prisoners are very dangerous! You could have been hurt, or some innocent person would have been hurt because of your negligence. We just can't let that happen!”

By the time the conversation was over, tears streaked Beverly's face.

Finally Sheriff Thompson said, “Okay Beverly, you may prepare yourself for your punishment.” There had never been any discussion about what “preparing” would entail, because such discussion was unnecessary. In Independence, thrashings were always given nude.

Beverly had worn a simple dress and had left her gun belt home. She stepped out of her shoes and then turned her back for Tom to undo the buttons on the back of her dress. With an unaccustomed blush, she pulled the dress over her head.

The Sheriff blushed and looked away from the sight, but Beverly noticed. With a trembling voice she begged, “Please sir, I appreciate your gallantry, but I deserve no such thing.

Reluctantly turning his eyes towards his half-naked Deputy, he agreed. “Your point is taken Beverly. Please continue.”

As Sheriff Thompson reluctantly watched, Beverly stripped away her underthings, and then stood before her husband and her boss with her impressive body on full display. Both men had sprouted erections, but Beverly took no notice. In fact, with her tear-filled eyes she likely didn't even see them.

Her blush revealed her embarrassment at her exposure, but she stood proudly straight, making no attempt at cover. The lady knew all too well that she would soon display even more, and that neither man would be able to avoid that sight.

Without being asked, Beverly picked up the picnic blanket from the ground, folded it in half, and then laid it over the fallen tree trunk where it would raise her bottom to an appropriate height. Purposely, she walked to the wagon, rummaged momentarily, and then produced the promised belt, which she handed to Sheriff Thompson. He examined it momentarily, noted that it was heavy and limber from a recent application of saddle oil, and then declared it perfect for the job.

There were details to be decided: Beverly explained to her boss, “We have brought wooden stakes to drive into the ground, and short ropes for restraints. With your permission though, I would like to try it without them. Perhaps though, you would allow Tom to hold my wrists? That should be sufficient to hold me in place, and I'll attempt to keep my thighs open for you.”

The Sheriff nodded his agreement, “You've thought this out well,”
She turned to Tom, “Tom, don't even think of interfering with my thrashing. It will hurt like Hades, and you should expect me to make lots of noise. Perhaps I'll even beg for it to stop, but ignore me. The Sheriff is a master at this. He will hurt me with the belt, but will leave no lasting injury. Just hold my down so it can be over quickly. Understand?”

Reluctantly, Tom agreed.

She turned to the Sheriff and asked in a respectful tone, “Is it okay for Tom to prepare my bottom for the belt now?”

“Yes,” he said, “That would be appropriate.”

With a businesslike air, Tom selected a spot on the fallen tree, sat down, and then patted his lap. Humbly, Beverly lowered her curvaceous body into place, ready for her warmup spanking.
There was no reason for preliminaries, so Tom started immediately. As usual for a warmup spanking, it wasn't severe, but neither would it be an easy spanking for Beverly to take. Already tearful, she sobbed lightly as her substantial, shapely and firm bottom bounced, shimmied, and gradually flushed from Tom's corporal efforts. Knowing that her inner thighs would soon be fair game for the belt, she spread her legs wide to invite Tom to spank there.

Sheriff Thompson winced at this wide-open view of his Deputy’s female charms, but knew that he couldn't avoid seeing them again when his turn to punish Beverly came.

Tom accepted Beverly's wide-open invitation, spanking her tender inner thighs pink, which made the lady squirm and gasp at the sting.

As usual, Tom acquitted himself well. He spanked carefully, making sure that every place that the belt might land had been thoroughly prepared. When he finally decided that her bottom was as ready as it ever could be, he landed a quick flurry of full-strength spanks without warning. Beverly squealed, kicked and tossed as he belabored her bottom. The moment he judged that he had pushed his wife over an emotional precipice, he stopped spanking, and then looked up at the Sheriff for instructions.

Without a word, Sheriff Thompson helped the bawling lady to her feet, and then led her the few steps to the blanket-covered fallen tree trunk. As he gently bent her over, he motioned Tom into a position where he could restrain her wrists.

Beverly was soon in position. Tom had a firm grasp on her wrists to hold her naked and shapely torso stretched across the blanket-covered tree trunk, and Beverly had somehow remembered to assume the required wide-open stance with her legs.

The whipping wasn't pretty to watch! As the Sheriff worked, his expression was grim but businesslike. There had already been enough talking, so he didn't bother to scold.

Because the Sheriff had assigned Beverly the weekly job of publicly thrashing prisoners on Punishment Day, she had learned that corporal skill from him. But even though he hadn't thrashed anyone lately, it quickly became obvious that he hadn't lost his touch!

Using techniques that were no mystery to Beverly, the Sheriff targeted every square inch of her buttocks and upper legs with that vicious leather belt, not missing her inner thighs. Just as he had taught her to do, he swapped sides several times so that the belt tip could find every nook and cranny of her nether anatomy. Except that she bravely did her very best to hold position, Beverly made no attempt to take her punishment stoically. In fact, she kicked and shrieked the entire time. Because her feet could touch the ground, her bottom was in constant motion, but that didn't seem to hurt the man's aim.

To Beverly her punishment seemed to go on forever, but the entire thrashing likely took no more than five minutes. Out of breath, the Sheriff finally laid the belt next to her and told Tom, “She's an amazing woman, and I hate that was necessary. I'll give you a few minutes of privacy to care for her, and then let's take her back home.”

Tom helped his woman up, and then held her for a long time as she bawled into his chest. Finally she regained her senses, but was clearly still in pain. Not bothering with her underwear, he helped her back into her dress, which thankfully was very loose fitting.

As Tom cared for Beverly, the Sheriff had been hooking up Bossie. When the time seemed right, he reappeared, his face showing concern. Through her face was still a mess, Beverly went straight to him to hug him and thank him for caring enough to correct her.

They spread the blanket in the back of the wagon, and then both helped the hurting woman up into the wagon, where she laid face-down. Tom crawled in and laid next to her. Doing his best to ignore the tightly spooned couple behind him, the Sheriff sat in the driver's seat as Bossie automatically made the return trip to back to town.


That entire incident settled an important matter that the Sheriff had recently been considering. That unfortunate episode with Deputy Beverly Birch had actually done nothing to reduce his faith in her. In fact, it was just the opposite. The man had great respect for the way Deputy Birch had taken responsibility for her error. Unknowingly and accidentally, she had passed a crucial test of her integrity.

Yes, Beverly was human. As such, she would always occasionally make errors. But Beverly had demonstrated that she had the integrity to own up to her mistakes and to fix them if possible. That would make it possible for Sheriff Thompson to do something that he had been seriously considering.

It wasn't simple to arrange, so it was almost a year later before it finally happened; Sheriff Thompson retired to a small ranch that he finally had saved enough money to buy. On his last day, he packed the final wagon load of his possessions and quietly drove out of town. Standing in the middle of the street with tears streaming down her face, stood the only female Sheriff in Texas as she waved goodbye to the retreating figure.

In coming years, Sheriff Beverly Birch would prove to everyone that she was “man enough” for her job.

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