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Ludicrous, Texas

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Ludicrous, Texas

For reasons that are lost to history, this unimpressive little cow town in a remote corner of Texas had been damned with the name “Ludicrous”. Despite the name, you would likely find little humorous about this dusty, smelly little town. Unsurprisingly, locals were a bit defensive about their town's name. They even had what we now call an “urban myth” to explain it; “the town is named after the flower, not the word”. Yes, in these pre-Internet days of 1890, it was hard to disprove that there was a beautiful flower growing somewhere “back east” called the Ludicrous plant!

So Ludicrous was the ugly, stinky, dusty little town that was allegedly, albeit wrongly, named after a beautiful flower.

The one beautiful flower in Ludicrous was a young woman named Katie Gifford. But few knew that Katie was a “beautiful flower,” because she hid in plain sight by wearing frumpy clothes, by concealing her bright intellect, and by hiding her amazingly successful business affairs.

Katie “hid” because she found that avoiding the notice of the town's menfolk simplified life. Until recently, there had been no men in town that Katie felt the slightest bit attracted to, so she simply avoided men altogether.

But there was another reason why Katie kept a low profile. Back then, a bank was only as good as its reputation, and nobody would trust a bank that was owned and ran by a woman! Not only that, nobody would ever trust the Ludicrous Bank if folks knew how close it had come to bankruptcy before Katie had arrived in town on a mission to save it.


Yes, she had quietly saved the bank, saving the town from financial ruin in the process. But now Katie felt trapped, trapped by her own success.

Katie had never intended to own a bank, and certainly never intended to live in Ludicrous. Her mother had died in childbirth, so Katie had been raised by her devoted father, who had insisted that she get the best education then available to women. Shortly after graduating from Auburndale Female Seminary in Massachusetts, she had returned home to find her father near death. His dying wish was that she help her Uncle Robert save his bank. (“Uncle Robert” wasn't a real relation to Katie, but simply a dear family friend.)

A classical education had done little to prepare Katie for the man's world of business, but shortly after her father's death the sad woman obeyed his last wish by trekking to Texas to see what could be done about Uncle Robert's bank. There, she found it in terrible shape, with Robert scratching for cash to meet routine withdrawals. Katie knew nothing about banking, but she knew that any sniff of insolvency would bring hoards of frantic depositors demanding their money. Such a “run” on the bank would ruin it forever, leaving the town financially devastated.

So against her better judgment, Katie had used her modest inheritance to cover routine bank withdrawals. In the process, she quietly and unwillingly became the bank's owner. Since nobody would trust a bank run by a “mere” woman, she left Robert as the bank's President whilst herself pretending to be a simple clerk.

Taking orders from a young woman couldn't have been easy for Robert, and was made harder when Katie insisted that he deny questionable loans to several of his cronies. At first, his compliance was based on desperation, and the fact that Katie had arrived with sufficient money to delay disaster for a few months. But once the bank started doing better, Robert found that he could again sleep at night! Also, Katie treated him well. Still the putative bank President, he retained his prestige and was making more money than ever before.

At first, Katie had been totally occupied in averting disaster and in improving the bank's condition. Soon both she and Robert realized that Katie had a mind for business, something that Robert lacked. So, her future now wrapped up in the bank, Robert's incompetence kept Katie trapped in Ludicrous.

Life wasn't easy for a young woman in a small Texas town! First, young unmarried female outsiders were assumed to be either schoolmarms or prostitutes. Clearly, Katie fit neither mold. The only evening entertainment in Ludicrous was the saloon, which was no place for a nice young lady like Katie. Also, Katie couldn't live with her unmarried “uncle”, so she rented a room in the only boarding house in town. That meant that evenings were spent either sitting in the boarding home's parlor, alone in her dreary bedroom, or in her little office at the bank. Unsurprisingly, Katie normally preferred the escape of spending evenings in her little office, even if there was no work to do.

Only recently, the town had hired a new Sheriff. Since Ludicrous was too small and poor to attract an experienced lawman, they hired Blake Rogers. Blake was a handsome, earnest young fellow who had served as a Deputy Sheriff in a town near his family farm, but this was his first job as a full-fledged Sheriff.

Back then, Texas life was tough, and early death was common. Blake's father had lived just long enough to leave his mother pregnant with her fifth child, leaving the barely teenaged Blake as “the man of the house”. Doggedly, the young man had shouldered the responsibility of running the family farm and helping his mother raise his younger four siblings. As the oldest male, it was sometimes Blake's duty to take a brother or sister to the woodshed for a traditional punishment.

Blake only left the farm when his brothers were old enough to manage without his daily presence. That was when the Sheriff at a local town saw potential in the boy and hired him as a Deputy. Even then, Blake returned to the farm often to supervise, and to deal with any discipline issues that arose in his absence. So for a young man his age, he was unusually well versed in dealing out corporal punishments to both males and females.

Like any normal boy, Blake's “growing up” years hadn't always gone smoothly. Even when he had been a hulking teen, his mother had never shrank from marching him to the woodshed to “do what needed doing”. So for better or worse, Blake was familiar with corporal punishment from both sides.

Blake's years of family responsibility certainly gave him the steel and backbone to be effective in law enforcement. But the law is backed up by judges and jails and sometimes guns. Corporal punishment is never involved in law enforcement...right?

Blake had been a deputy for only one year when he saw an advertisement for a Sheriff's job at a town about fifty miles away. As you have likely guessed, that town was Ludicrous and our Blake was the successful applicant.

He spent his first weeks on the job becoming acquainted with the town, its surroundings, and its occupants. In the process, he visited Katie's bank and (naturally) talked with Robert, its President. He didn't see Katie, but probably would have taken little notice of the apparently dull and mousy woman.

Young Blake soon learned about a prostitute who owned a house at the edge of town and who often solicited business in the saloon. Although technically illegal, prostitution was commonly tolerated in Texas, so Blake at first thought little of it. However, the Town Councilmen told the earnest and eager-to-please young man that the lady must go. So Blake saw this as his first test, and as a chance to prove himself worthy of his badge.

Even in the cloistered world of Auburndale Female Seminary, Katie had enjoyed a social life of sorts. In certain closely monitored events, the Seminary had even arranged for its girls to meet suitable males from another school. Now that the bank no longer occupied every moment of Katie's attention, she increasingly longed for a social life. Certainly she would have enjoyed interaction with peers, but also her developing body made her yearn for male companionship. Unfortunately, Katie had no peers in Ludicrous, and certainly there were no promising men.

That is, there were no promising men until the town hired that new young Sheriff!

He had been in town for two weeks, but Katie had only seen him from a distance. However, she thought of him constantly! She even peeked frequently through her curtained office window in hopes of a glimpse of him walking down the street.

Yes, she had heard heard his voice when he visited the bank, but she had remained frozen in her office, simply listening as he talked to Robert.

To her shame, dreams of Blake (she now knew his name) surfaced when she was alone at night under the sheets in her bedroom. Until recently the still-virgin young lady had managed to keep from abusing herself, but no more! Her sainted mother would have been horrified! Even the seminary had opaquely warned the girls about that practice. They claimed it was a sin and could lead to madness. If not madness, then self abuse could at least cause female hysteria, a condition that can ruin a woman's life.

So her fantasies of Blake would swell inside her half-asleep head until they seemed to overcome her reason and her self-control. That's when her hand, by it's own volition, would sneak under the sheet and then descend to that place just below her slim, taut waistline. And then she would lay there helpless as her fingers had their way with that secret part of her body.

Then, guilt-ridden, she would imagine what her father would have done had he caught her doing that shameful thing at home. And then her guilt led to something that she didn't understand. As she imagined the frightful spanking that (in her mind) she deserved, she would become aroused again. Again her hand would do that nasty thing before, sweaty and spent, she finally escaped into slumber.

To her further confusion, after a few days of this it was no longer daddy spanking her bare bottom, it was Blake!

So poor Katie was lonely, confused, distracted, and trapped in the tiny town of Ludicrous Texas. Even she knew that it was totally illogical to imagine that Blake could be her salvation. After all, she had never met the man and he apparently didn't know she existed.

So she wondered and worried. How could she decently meet a man like Blake? If she did meet him, how much did she dare reveal to him? Could she decently enlist Uncle Robert to arrange an introduction? After all, Robert barely knew the man himself, and little was known of Blake's character.

As it happened, fate took the decision from her hands.


A normal evening routine for Katie was for her to close the bank and then stroll to her boarding house for supper and a rest. Later, she would return to the bank to spend the evening in the quiet solitude of her office, before trekking back to the boarding house to sleep. Since Ludicrous consisted of only one street, options for her route of travel were limited. Unfortunately, the saloon was between the bank and the boarding house. Katie didn't like walking past it, particularly in the evening, because the street was dark and the saloon was wild. She had tried walking behind the buildings, but quickly discovered that cowboys used that area for their (no so) private bathroom! So Katie's usual strategy was to leave the bank just before dark, giving her just enough light to avoid the fragrant manure that was always scattered in the street. She always walked quickly past the saloon.

But one memorable night she stayed later than usual. To be fair, she wasn't doing bank work that evening. A book had arrived on the afternoon stage, and Katie had lost herself in it. So she started home in total darkness.

Meanwhile, Blake had decided to arrest that prostitute. But how to do it? Fearing that certain of her customers might object, he decided against the saloon. Also he chose not to go to her house. So, having learned her routine, he lurked in the shadows between buildings that were on the scarlet lady's path to the saloon. He would only have to escort her a few steps from there to his Sheriff's office, and nobody would be there to object.

Finally the expected female walked past him. Quick as a viper, he reached from the darkness and grabbed her arm!

With her head full of thoughts of Blake and thoughts of her frustration and loneliness, Katie walked the familiar route home. Fortunately some of the buildings had boardwalks, which kept her out of the dust and manure. Nobody bothered to build boardwalks in the gaps between buildings so there she had to step down to the ground and then walk carefully. In one of those gaps somebody grabbed her arm.

She shrieked! But then she heard a calm, authoritative voice explain that she was under arrest. She had heard that voice once before, when Blake had visited her bank. Her fright instantly turned to indignation, “What do you mean I’m under arrest! I've done nothing wrong.”

“Oh,” he responded, “So you haven't been selling yourself to every Dick and John in town?”

Now Katie had been a bit mixed up in the head lately, but that didn't change the fact that she was likely the smartest person in town. So instantly she realized the situation; the inexperienced Blake had simply nabbed the wrong lady.

Her mind worked furiously, deciding how to react. That iron-like hand on her arm told her that Blake had her, but in a way she had him! She decided to protest, but not too hard...

“Um Sheriff you have the wrong lady. I could never stoop to prostituting myself!”

“Sure,” Blake said, his voice dripping sarcasm, “I suppose you've been organizing a church in that house of yours?”

“I don't know what you're talking about,” Katie insisted.

“Ma-am, I know quite well what you do for a living,” Blake explained, “and I'm here to stop it. So you're coming with me!”

At that, Blake led her firmly across the street to his Sheriff's office, which was also the town jail and Blake's temporary residence.

Later, that short trip would be a blur to Katie, but she had nearly swooned at this unexpected nearness to the object of her fantasy life. Blake! The feel of him, the manly odor of him, even his temporary silence seemed impossibly manly and charged with testosterone-fueled promise!

She lodged another pro-forma protest as they walked, but it was so weak that he didn't bother to respond, but simply stalked silently to his office.

In the first moments of their meeting, Katie had realized that this was a simple case of mistaken identity. She also realized that this matter could be easily cleared up. For example, she could have insisted that the Sheriff take her to either her landlady or Robert, and this farce would have been cleared up in moments. But she chose not to do that, leaving her on dangerous ground. But it was dangerous ground that kept her close to Blake!

He led her into his office, which was black dark. She heard the door close firmly, and realized that she was now totally vulnerable to Blake's whim, a man she didn't even know. Her senses heightened by the darkness, she smelled everything that one would associate with a Sheriff's office of the time, male sweat, saddle leather, dust, gun oil, and a noxious whiff from the jail cell slop bucket. Then she smelled sulfur and blinked owlishly as Blake struck a Lucifer match to light a lamp.

In the resulting light, Blake and Katie regarded each other. Katie tried again to deny that she was a prostitute, but her voice was immediately overpowered by Blake's no-nonsense scolding.

Blake's attempt at scolding seemed slightly ludicrous to both of them, but for totally different reasons. Although he echoed the words of the town's Parson when he accused her of “contributing to the moral rot of the town,” Blake actually spoke from no particular moral high ground. The young Sheriff hadn't (yet) visited the town's “house of ill-repute” for only two reasons, money and pride. Firstly, he was in debt to buy his equipment and horse, plus he regularly sent money home. Second, he was still a virgin. Since he didn't want his inexperience known locally, he had intended for his first whorehouse visit to happen where he was unknown.
For Katie, the lecture seemed silly because she knew that Blake had aimed it at the wrong person!

Silly or not though, Blake's intent was serious. He believed he was talking to the town prostitute, and he intended to properly deal with her.

Once his lecture died down, Blake was faced with a problem; “what now?” Honestly he hadn't planned much beyond the arrest itself. So now that he had the “prostitute” in custody, what should he do next? The jail cell wasn't a good option. First, his nasty little cell was no place for a woman. More importantly, he slept in his office to save money. If he kept the “prostitute” overnight, her customers would just assume that he was keeping her for his own pleasure!

So first he informed her that within one week she should pack up and take a stagecoach out of town. However, beyond simply running her out of town, the Town Council had specified that the lady receive some form of retribution to ensure that she wouldn't want to return.

Unfortunately, Blake lacked a plan.

So he paused to think…

Since jail wouldn't work, Blake reverted to old habits, and to those certain old skills he had learned at home. On that level, he knew how to deal with a misbehaving female!

Decision made, he quickly put his plan into effect. He dragged a sturdy wooden chair into the center of the room, sat himself down, and then reached for Katie. Before she knew what was happening, he had guided her to his right thigh and then pulled her across his lap. She didn't think to struggle, but struggling would have been futile since he was easily twice her strength.

She grunted as the unexpected pressure on her chest forced air from her lungs. When she finally inhaled, her nose was so close to floor that she smelled Texas dust.

Katie's brain roiled with a bubbling stew of mixed emotions. One was certainly fright! But it was fright balanced with resignation and even anticipation. Here was her most intimate fantasy coming true! And yes, she felt a special tingle deep in her most female place.

But a new fear niggled at her, what happens after the spanking? Katie's bedtime fantasy had never gone beyond the spanking itself. She was a virgin, and wished to retain that status. But Blake thought she was a prostitute. Would he take advantage of her after he had spanked her? Katie didn't have a clue! If he did, there would be little she could do about it.

In a firm voice, Blake assured her that he intended to spank with only his hand, after which could go home, where he expected her to pack. However, she must “take her medicine” without struggle or complaint. If not, he would “hog tie” her, put her across his desk, leather her bare bottom, and then leave her in the cell overnight.

Next he made her bend her knees individually so that he could remove her shoes for safety. And then her eyes widened as she felt the back of her dress ascend. It was a hot day, so Katie was only wearing three petticoats. One-by-one, he raised them away from the target area. Unfortunately, raising that final slip revealed an undergarment that was unfamiliar to the young man.

Katie objected when she felt his hands on that final garment, but he gruffly reminded her to take her punishment without complaint. “Besides,” he explained, “It's not a proper spanking unless it's on the bare. Not only that, half the men in town have seen more of you than I'm about to see.”

That last statement gave Katie hope that Blake would indeed release her without “taking advantage” of her.

Later, Blake would realize that he should have questioned Katie's garments. Her dress was dull and rather shapeless, nothing that a prostitute on the prowl would choose. But this lady had admitted that she was a prostitute, hadn't she?

And those pants! Considering the plainness of her dress, the garment that he had discovered under her petticoats seemed more lacy and expensive than what a small-town prostitute could afford. Later, he would discover that “those pants” are called “bloomers”. His sisters had never worn anything like that! It had been a struggle, but finally he managed to work them down to her knee hollows.

A lawman is supposed to be observant, so Blake paused to evaluate this newly-exposed female anatomy sprawled across his lap. He shook his head sadly at the sight. This was an enticing looking woman! Her waist was tiny, and her rounded hips flared into the most delectable and perfect bottom imaginable. Her thighs were shapely and firm. Why would a woman this beautiful sell herself? She could have had her pick of husbands! At least, she could have done so before she made the choice to defile herself through prostitution.

Somehow she sensed when he raised his hand to deliver the first spank, because he noticed her clench her bottom. As she did, a dimple appeared in her right butt cheek.

Katie's father had been a loving, and doting parent to her. But he had never shrank from his disciplinary duty to his daughter. Even into her late teens, Katie had received the occasional spanking. Although not harsh, his spankings had always been sufficiently hard and embarrassing to get his point across.

So although her last spanking had been years ago, Katie knew what to expect.

And she wasn't disappointed! She heard a “slap” and then her right buttock blossomed into pain. Seconds later, her left cheek suffered the same rough treatment. She squealed, bucked, and vainly twisted against his strong restraining arm as her pale nether cheeks sported new hand prints.

All too soon for Katie, Blake settled into an implacable left-right spanking rhythm. Afraid that some passerby might hear her punishment, she bit her lip to keep from making any more loud noises. However, knowing well the unwritten rules of spanking and not wanting this to turn into a contest of wills, Katie did allow herself to sob freely and didn't shrink from vocalizing the occasional “I'll be good” or a plea for mercy.

As she writhed on Blake's lap, Katie noticed something that she had never felt whilst over her father's lap. It was a certain hardness, a definite protrusion. She was inexperienced in sexual matters. The Internet would be more than a century in the future, and there were few factual books on the subject, so much of what Katie “knew” about sex was pure misinformation. Still, she knew enough about basic anatomy to correctly guess what was poking her in the belly! But then she lost the capacity to care about that, thanks to the growing conflagration in her ass!

Totally consumed by the growing sting in her behind, the lady didn't even notice that her legs were increasingly kicking. At first they moved in unison, tethered together by her bloomers. But eventually that garment flew across the room. Now there was nothing to keep her legs from splaying wide, which displayed things to Blake that only a woman's husband should see.

Grimly the young Sheriff spanked on. From previous experience he knew that the biggest mistake he could make was to stop too soon. His hands hardened from years of farm work and his muscles young and strong, he needed no spanking implement.

Just as Blake knew when to continue spanking, he knew when to stop. When her formerly creamy white buttocks and thighs had reached the proper color, and when she seemed exhausted and truly contrite, he suddenly stopped and then helped her to her feet. Automatically, gravity flipped her skirts back into position, hiding her livid bottom. For now, neither of them thought of her lost bloomers.

Honestly, Blake wanted her, wanted her bad! Truthfully, Katie would have been a pushover at that tender moment, but the young Sheriff was too much the southern gentleman. So Blake decided to ease the lady out of his office before she noticed that very unprofessional tenting in his trousers!

In a gentlemanly gesture, he offered her his large red hanky. She accepted thankfully, mopping tears, sweat, drool and mucus from her face. Katie's emotions at the moment were confused. Her bottom still stung madly, so she still felt like crying. But she was wary, not knowing exactly what Blake might do next. Still, she wasn't really angry. There was a logical corner of her mind that remembered that she could have prevented this entire encounter had she wished. But now that it had happened, he was certain to eventually discover his error. And then she would have the upper hand!

But did she really want to have the upper hand over Blake? No, truthfully she didn't. She wanted to be his woman!

With a final warning that she was to have no more “customers”, was to immediately start packing her things, and had one week to leave town, Blake told her that she was free to go.

Katie pulled herself up to her full 5 feet and four inches as she said, “If you are half the lawman I think you are, you will discover your error early tomorrow. If you are half the man I think you are, you will have found me by high noon tomorrow to apologize. Goodbye sir.”

Holding her head high, Katie marched from the building and then walked back to her boarding house, where she spent a restless and aroused night reliving the events of the evening over and over in her mind.

The following morning, Blake arose as usual. He did his morning chores, and then cooked breakfast. As he thought of last evening, Katie's last words puzzled him. He had no doubt that it was the town's prostitute that he had spanked and warned last night.

As he settled into his desk chair, he noticed the bloomers on the floor. It took him a moment to work out what they were and where they must have come from. Thoughts of returning that garment led to the idea to check on Debra (the prostitute) to ensure that she was taking him seriously and was actually packing.

So later that morning, Blake wandered over to the “house of ill repute” and knocked on Debra's door. The lady answering the door wasn't the same lady he had spanked last night! After a few questions of this unfamiliar person, he established that this was the real Debra, who was actually the town prostitute. Suddenly those final words from last night started to make sense. He had spanked the wrong lady!

Thinking that she was about to acquire a particularly handsome new client, Debra had been open with Blake and had happily answered his questions. But then she noticed storm clouds in his face! As she learned the real purpose of the Sheriff's visit, she became aghast and frightened.

So Blake did what he saw as his clear duty. He scolded Debra, ordered her to pack and leave town, and then pulled her across his lap. The bottom that he exposed for punishment, although serviceable, was no match for the one that he had spanked last night. In fact, it was so wilted that Blake felt sorry for her and gave her only a mild tanning.

As he left the tearful lady with final orders to “pack up and leave town”, she had one request, “Can you find someone to buy my house before I leave?”

Unsure how to do that, Blake promised to try. As he walked back towards his office, there were two big questions in his mind, “Whom did I spank last night? And how much trouble am I in?” There weren't many women in town of Katie's age, so a few discrete inquiries answered his first question.


It was almost noon when Katie heard a knock on her office door. At her invitation, the door opened to reveal Blake, hat in hands, “Well ma-am, here I am. I came to apologize, and I'm truly mortified at what I did to you last night. I was totally wrong.”

Katie smiled and then graciously stood to offer her hand. The ice broken, they exchanged introductions with mock formality.

“Well,” Blake said heavily, “Let's cut to the chase. How much trouble am I in? First with you, and then with your husband or boyfriend, who undoubtedly will want me dead.”

“To answer the second question first,” Katie replied, “I have neither boyfriend nor husband, so that's no problem. Also, you needn’t worry about me complaining to the Town Council.”

Blake blew out a long breath in relief, “and the answer to my first question?”.

She smiled, “You'll be fully forgiven after your penance.”

“Which is?”

She spoke boldly, “Which is you having supper with me this evening.”

He smiled, “I would be charmed. When and where.”

“At the boarding house. I expected that you would appear today, so I've already arranged it with the landlady.”

They agreed on a time, shook hands, and then Blake turned to leave. Halfway through the door, he stopped, removed a small poke from his belt, and blushingly handed her the contents, her bloomers. Her cheeks colored prettily as she accepted them.

Again halfway through the door, Blake stopped and turned again to ask a question that he had just remembered, “That prostitute, Debra, will be leaving town. Naturally she would like to sell her house, and I'd like her to receive a fair price. Who in town should I see about that?

Katie gave a half smile, “You may confidently leave that problem with me. I'll find somebody.”

After thanking her, he departed.

That afternoon, Robert showed up at Debra's house, a place he knew rather too well. At Katie's insistence he paid Debra a fair price for her house, added money for her stagecoach fare, and sadly bid her farewell. Robert would need some new way to satisfy his carnal cravings.


Blake and Katie's supper went well. After supper, the other boarding house residents discreetly avoided the parlor to leave the two alone. Defensive of her establishment's reputation, the landlady watched discreetly. It went without saying she would allow no man in an unmarried woman's bedroom! Still, that evening was a pleasant start to what would be a lifelong relationship.

In these times, Victorian attitudes regarding courtship prevailed, even in the backwaters of old Texas. Sex was a mysterious thing, and premarital intercourse was greatly frowned upon. So Blake and Katie's courtship was a decorous affair, at least when they were in public. Although passion and temptation developed quickly, the physical part of their relationship came slowly. Still, they had time alone together. They sometimes rode a borrowed buckboard off into the prairie to picnic in a grove of trees. More often, they discreetly met in her office or in his. Even though Blake slept in his office, his tiny cot wasn't conducive to passion, which helped keep their virginity intact. This early in their relationship, simple togetherness was heady stuff!

Since they were both embarrassed about that first night when when the mistaken identity had led to her spanking, there was initially no further talk of spanking.

For Katie, Ludicrous suddenly seemed like a wonderful place! In fact, anywhere was lovely as long as she would be with Blake.

Naturally they became engaged, even though Blake still believed Katie was a simple bank clerk. Three weeks before their wedding, she finally decided to take Blake fully into her confidence. Thinking carefully how to do this, she decided to do it on Blake's own turf. So one evening she appeared in his office. Fortunately the jail cell was empty, so they were alone.

Pointedly, Katie moved a sturdy chair into the exact spot where Blake had spanked her before. Blake raised an eyebrow, in unspoken question.

She spoke respectfully, “I haven't been totally forthcoming with you Blake. I'm not exactly the person you think I am. Please hear me out whilst I tell you everything and then I'll accept your judgment. After that I hope our relationship will continue as it was before, with you in the lead. Will you promise to hear me out?”
Puzzled and worried that he was about to hear some damming revelation about the woman he loved, Blake nevertheless nodded and then sat to listen.

Katie revealed to him that she was really the owner of the bank, and that “Uncle” Robert was actually her employee. Since the bank was now doing well, so were Katie's fortunes, which made her the richest woman in Ludicrous.

Then she very carefully explained why it was vital to her and to the town that her business matters remain secret, and that Robert continue to be seen as the bank's owner. The world simply wasn't ready to trust a bank that was ran by a woman, and loss of confidence in the bank could devastate the entire town.

“I promise never to deceive you again,” she explained, “And I hope you understand why I've waited to tell you these things. I can run and bank and still be your obedient wife.”

She looked apprehensively at her man as he digested this information. In his face she saw anger and uncertainty. It was his uncertainty that really worried her, so it was now or never! Katie knew that she must act to show Blake that she intended to be his submissive wife.

So she moved to his right thigh, her intent unmistakable, “I'm sorry for deceiving you. I'm prepared to accept my punishment now.”

Being no fool, Blake accepted the proffered bottom. Taking her hand, he guided her across his lap. In the process of raising the back of her dress and her several petticoats, he decided not to bother with her bloomers. Instead, he would simply spank over them. However, when he raised that last petticoat, he discovered that Katie had also decided not to bother with her bloomers! For the second time ever, he gazed at his future wife's bare bottom. It was even more beautiful than he remembered.

His first spanks were mild “warmup” ones. As he applied them, he was nonplussed by a growing hardness in his groin. This didn't happen when he spanked his siblings! Never before had Blake connected sex and spanking, but suddenly there it was.

Meanwhile, Katie noticed not only that lump poking into her belly, but a corresponding flooding deep in her feminine place. As with Blake, a lasting connection formed in her brain. But that thought would have to wait, because Katie was too busy being spanked!

This spanking wasn't as hard as the first time Blake had spanked Katie. But by the time he had spanked her bottom to a cheerful bright pink, Katie was crying real tears. Those tears were more from emotion than from the sting, but Blake neither knew nor cared. The spanking had made its point, and that was that mattered.

Later, Katie wouldn't remember rising from his lap or being pulled into his embrace. As he tenderly held her, she cried a torrent of tears into his shirt. Soon her tears morphed into passion, and then discarded male and female clothing littered the floor. That evening they came very close to consummating their marriage three weeks early. As it was, their shared passion carried them closer to that brink than ever before.


Katie and Blake's wedding was the biggest thing that had happened in Ludicrous in recent memory. Blake's family arrived by wagon several days early. They pitched a tent in a vacant lot, and then set to work preparing a wedding picnic for the entire town. Katie quickly bonded with the entire clan, particularly with her new mother-in-law. Two calves and a large pig, supplied by the bank, gave their lives to feed the town. The meat was accompanied by bushels of roasted corn and barrels of beer. Townsfolk contributed pies and other scrumptious sweets. It was a feast to remember!

In the midst of the celebration, Katie and Blake slipped away on a borrowed one-horse buckboard to a honeymoon hideout. There, they consummated their marriage in the time-honored manner.

Tongues wagged when the couple returned a few days later to set up residence in the former “house of ill repute”. However, the house's past was soon forgotten.

Spanking wasn't an immediate part of Katie and Blake's life. At first, simple lovemaking was sufficient thrill for them. But once that sex/spanking connection is made, it lasts forever. So it came to pass that the couple's bedroom rang regularly with the sounds of gluteal percussion, an activity that was inevitably followed by wild lovemaking. Nature took its course, so soon that former whorehouse required extra bedrooms.

It would be great if all love stories could have a happy ending, but that's not the way of our world. Still, despite the slim pickings in a tiny and remote town like Ludicrous, and despite the unpleasant mistaken identity incident that had thrown them together, Blake and Katie defied the odds and lived a happy, loving, and sensual life together.

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Blogger Ladydubo69 said...

I liked this story. I'd like to post a story about myself. I was bare bottomed spanked by both my dad & my mom. But idk how to post my story. Help me please?

1:41 AM, August 11, 2016  
Blogger Ladydubo69 said...

Did anyone see my post?

1:42 AM, August 11, 2016  
Blogger Ladydubo69 said...

I liked this story. I'd like to post a story about myself. I was bare bottomed spanked by both my dad & my mom. But idk how to post my story. Help me please?

1:42 AM, August 11, 2016  

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