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Maryanne and Danny’s Assembly (By Canadian Spankee)

Author’s Note
With Guy Spencer’s kind permission this is a continuation of his series of stories. They can be read as standalone stories but are intended to be read in the following order: Maryanne's Public Spanking - Part 1 | Maryanne's Public Spanking - Part 2 | Two Bare Bottoms At Assembly | Three Bare Bottoms After School |
© Canadian Spankee 2016

Maryanne and Danny’s Assembly
By Canadian Spankee

Maryanne’s day at the school was going pretty well. She had come back to the school for one term to raise her marks in two subjects, hoping to pick up additional dollars in her scholarship fund. It had been a long time since her public spanking and for the most part she had dealt with her feelings about it. She and her brother Daniel got along well even after what he had put her through by hiding drugs in her car. She had heard the drug dogs that morning in the school yard, but had no concern as she had nothing to hide.

The message to go to the principal’s office was upsetting. She could not figure out why they would possibly call her. Her relationship with Dean Hopkins had been good, considering she was a normal teenage girl. Like any teenager she got into trouble sometimes, but nothing warranting a visit to the office. Maryanne waited until the lunch break and headed toward the office. Whatever it was, she wanted to get it over with. Maybe it would be a good thing, maybe she had won some sort of contest or something like that. She knew things were not good when she viewed the sheriff’s deputy waiting at the counter. There was little doubt in Maryanne’s mind that the deputy being there had to do with her. Her stomach knotted and she felt sick to her stomach, but she kept on walking.

The school secretary spied Maryanne and went over to her. “Maryanne, there has been trouble with your car again. Could you please go to your car with Deputy Barnes here and open the door? It seems there may be something in the car. Dean Hopkins will be going with you.”

Maryanne turned to the Deputy. “There is nothing in my car! It’s been a long time since my brother hid his stash in my car.”

The Deputy put up her hands. “I was here the first time and remember how your brother got you in trouble. There are a lot of things that get the dogs excited. This may turn out to be nothing, but you understand I have to check things out.”

Melissa sensed the Deputy was trying to be kind. Within a few minutes the three were at the car. A dog was being held there by another deputy and as soon as the car door opened, it jumped in. It took about a minute before the dog was pawing at the floor mat on the rear passenger side. The Deputy soon raised the mat and came out carrying a small plastic box. “Do you know what is in this box Maryanne?”
Maryanne could have died the minute she saw the box. Things were happening all over again. “No! I have never seen it before! I don’t know how it got there.” She was almost crying as she remembered the school policy stating drivers were responsible for whatever was in their car. She shook visibly knowing this could lead to another public spanking, and one not nearly as tame as her last one. She could almost feel Dean Hopkins staring at the back of her neck.
The Deputy put the box in an evidence bag. “We will be back tomorrow after testing the contents. I certainly hope it is not what I think it is. Hard drugs are much more dangerous then marijuana cigarettes.”
It was agreed that nothing would happen until the contents of the box were tested for drugs. If it did contain drugs, the type and amount would have a bearing on whether legal charges would be laid. Dean Hopkins indicated he wanted Maryanne and her parents in his office the next day when the results of the test would be known.
Maryanne went home during the lunch hour with no intention of returning that day. She was openly sobbing by the time she entered the kitchen door. Her mother ran over and held her tight as she wondered what could have possibly happened. Hearing the story from Maryanne made her mother start to cry as well. How could such things happen to the girl? When her mom phoned the school where Daniel was enrolled, there was no problem with his father picking him up an hour early. If he was involved the second time, the family wanted to know.
Arriving home, Daniel could not believe his sister was in trouble again due to him.  He loved his sister and although they quarreled like any other siblings, their attachment was strong.  “Dad, they belonged to a guy from school.  When Maryanne picked me up from basketball practice the other night, he asked for a ride.  I knew he had the drugs and he told me later that he had found a great hiding spot. When I found out the hiding spot was in Maryanne’s car, I was going to take them out, but thought I could wait until basketball practice and give them back to him.  You likely heard the news on the radio saying there was a drug raid at our school two days ago.  Darrel was arrested and never made it to practice.”
His mum’s anger showed as she spoke.  “So instead of getting rid of the drugs, you decided to hold on to them.   What did you intend to do with them?”
Daniel shrugged. “I had no idea what to do. I spoke to Darrel on the phone and the last thing he wanted was them back. He did not want the cops finding them. He said I could do whatever I wanted.”
His Father broke into the conversation. “So Darrel gave you the drugs and you held on to them. The box belongs to you.”
Daniel knew it looked bad for him if the police decided to push legal charges. “Yes, if you put it that way, I guess the drugs are mine. I will tell the police the entire story and there will be no reason for Maryanne to be involved.”
His mum nodded, “We may have to deal with the police and the courts later. However, right now there is the matter of her school. You remember what happened the last time she was caught with your drugs in her car?”
Daniel froze on the spot; he had not considered what would happen at her school. The plan to protect his sister jumped into his mind. “I want to go to the school and explain my part in this to that Dean Hopkins. If they have to give someone corporal punishment in public, they can spank me. Maryanne should not have to go through that again. I will go with you to her school and explain things to them tomorrow.”
The powder in the box turned out to be ninety-five percent baking powder with just a slight dusting of a drug. The Rivers family and the school administrators sighed with relief when the Deputy, after hearing Daniel’s story and consulting with the Sheriff, announced no charges would be laid. Darrel had been charged with selling drugs and the police were happy having a dealer off the streets. The Deputy left after a strong warning to Daniel that he had been lucky this time and not to push his luck.
Dean Hopkins cleared his throat before speaking. “Now that the police are gone, there is the matter of the school policies. Maryanne, you know the rule about vehicles on campus. You bring the car; you are responsible for it. You are aware of what happens if a student is found having drugs on themselves or in their personal possessions or property. This is the second time this has happened. I have to tell you the chastisement in this case will be much worse than the first time.”
Maryanne started blubbering, but she managed to get her words out. “I made a decision last night if it turned out to be drugs. I resign from the school immediately and will never come back here. This is my decision. I cannot go through this again. I quit, right now.”
Her parents were shocked, but could understand her reasons and said nothing. Dean Hopkins took it upon himself to respond. “Are you sure Maryanne? You only have a month and quitting will affect every application you made for a scholarship. You would have to repeat the entire term somewhere else, and this incident will be placed on your school records. Maybe you should take a day to think about this. If you accept the correction, it is over and done with, and there will be no mention of it on your records.”
Daniel was close to tears as he watched his sister. “Wait a minute Dean Hopkins. I know I am not a student here, but I’m responsible for this mess. If the school policy states someone has to be punished, then it should be me, not Maryanne. You get to punish the one responsible and Maryanne can finish her studies.”
The Dean shook his head. “You are not a student here, what you are asking is impossible. It cannot be done.”
Daniel’s father spoke out. “Why not? We are willing to give whatever permission the school needs, including a statement we will take no legal or any other action unless the punishment kills or cripples him, which I know will not happen.”
The Dean was about to deny them again, when Principal Flannery interrupted. “The Dean and I will discuss with the Chair of the Board to see if this could be considered. I appreciate that this is not Maryanne’s doing, and to see her punished either by corporal punishment or by having to leave is not fair to her. If you can give us some time, I am sure we can come to a decision.”
When the two administrators were alone, Dean Hopkins expressed his opinion. “This is an all-girl’s school sir. How could we possibly punish a teenage male in front of them?”
Principal Flannery shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe we can’t Dean Hopkins, but I would feel guilty if we force Maryanne Rivers to leave this school due to no fault of her own. There has to be another way around this and I hope we can find one. Let’s get the Chair on the phone and see what we can come up with.”
Two hours later, the Rivers family crowded back into Dean Hopkins office, all of them wondering what the decision would be. Daniel knew if he was not punished by the school, he was going to face the next two Saturday getting a belt across his ass in front of his entire family. Daniel had two options and neither one appealed to him. Getting a belting at home in front of his family was one thing. Getting a bare bottom spanking in front of two hundred plus teenage girls was mind boggling.
Dean Hopkins came into his office with concerns about the decision, but it was out of his hands. The Chair had expressed the opinion that if the parents would sign any and all legal documents, then why not go ahead? It was left up to the school administrators how best to protect Daniel’s modesty within reason. How Daniel dealt with being spanked in front of the girls was his problem, and in the Chairs opinion, most of the girls already had a good idea about male anatomy. There was a good chance the school would be co-ed next year due to financial reasons, so if corporal punishment was to continue as an option for correcting all students, arrangements needed to be made.
The lawyers will have the documentation ready by Thursday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Rivers if you will drop by to sign. It has been decided the special assembly will be held Friday afternoon, just before classes are dismissed for the day. Daniel, this will not be easy. You will have no clothing on below your waist and the audience will be over two hundred girls, many of them around your age. Likely you know a lot of the younger ones. Are you sure you want to do this?”
Daniel took one look at Maryanne and knew what he had to do. “I am absolutely sure Dean Hopkins. Do you guarantee my sister will have nothing placed on her record?”
The Dean nodded his agreement. “Maryanne’s name will not be mentioned at the assembly. However, your name will be and I cannot stop whatever the girls connect to either of you. There will be no mention of this on your sister’s records. To make this work, you have to be at my office at two forty on Friday. Unless there are any question, I will see you on then. Now if you will excuse me, I have a few problems to solve before Friday.”
When Mr. and Mrs. Rivers showed up to sign the papers, they could tell the Dean was flustered. Dean Hopkins took a deep breath and after letting it out slowly, he started to speak. “The lawyer is uncomfortable with the school’s involvement, so he made out the papers for you to sign with a sight change. According to the agreement, Daniel can be spanked at the special assembly with your permission and his consent that we already have. The difference is, I will not be the one spanking him. The lawyer suggested that be done by Mrs. Rivers. The students are used to female adults doing the spanking from before my time here, and the less change the better. Are you all right with this?”
The couple took a few minutes to discuss the change, but soon made up their minds. Mrs. Rivers spoke out. “We agree to what the lawyer is proposing Dean Hopkins.”
When told about the change in plans, Maryanne was unsure how Daniel would react, but thought perhaps it might be better for him. “You know Mom, having you spanking him may make things better for Daniel.” They talked about the possible repercussions of spanking Daniel on stage. Both of them knew he had brought this situation upon himself. They agreed his actions would have earned him several hard spankings at home if the school punishment was not going to happen. There was no reason for his mother to treat him softer just because his spanking would be at the school. Mrs. Rivers came away from that discussion with the full intent to make sure her son would get a paddling he would remember for a long time.
The family settled in for the night. By midnight all were asleep except Daniel who sat in his bed worrying. Things were beyond his control, but he knew there was no chance of backing out. Daniel wondered what his life would be like after the spanking? There was no way his getting paddled would remain secret. There were over two hundred girls in Maryanne’s school. More then one would tell her parents and her siblings. They would tell someone else and soon all his buddies would know what happened. He was up until three in the morning and only fell asleep due to exhaustion. Daniel jumped out of bed at eight thirty, and due to the circumstances was allowed to stay home that day. He had an appointment where he did not want to be, and that would be enough for him.
As Dean Hopkins entered the auditorium, it was the one time he was happy not all the chairs were fixed in place. Only the middle section was attached, leaving the two sides, which seated ninety students able to be moved as the need arose. Dean Hopkins sent over an hour moving the chairs from one side to fill in the aisle on the other side. The girls would have one point of entry and have to file down the rows to obtain seating, but it served the purpose. No girl would sit on the side that gave them a view between his legs if he did any kicking, and the Dean had no doubt there would be substantial leg movement involved. He positioned the spanking chair six feet back from the podium, where it would stay. Normally the chair was placed where the podium was positioned, but in this case the chair would stay where he placed it. The Dean had misgivings about the event, but it was not his decision. In many ways he was glad not to be the one doing the spanking. Any situation where a teenager was spanked by their parents, was better than being spanked by him. In one final gesture in recognizing the change in the situation, the Dean placed his solid wood paddle beneath the chair. He had previously obtained permission to purchase the paddle for future use. It would be the first time the students would see it and perhaps view it in action. He wondered if Mrs. Rivers would bring her own paddle. He knew her hand would likely not be enough and he did not want anything unprepared.
With the assembly starting in fifteen minutes Daniel found himself and Maryanne following the Dean toward the auditorium. It had been decided Maryanne would stay on the stage behind the curtain. Daniel’s father would view the scene from the back of the auditorium. Daniel was wearing a long t-shirt that covered half of his butt cheeks. Before going on stage, he would strip off his sweatpants and place a large bath towel around his waist. When he was over his mom’s knee the towel would be removed and his t-shirt rolled up to the middle of his back, exposing his rear to his mom. When Daniel had found out it would be his mom doing the spanking he rebelled at first, but then thought better of it. If anyone felt sorry for him it would be his parents, and maybe he would get a less swats then from a complete stranger like Dean Hopkins.
Maryanne had been fielding questions from her classmates. Many of the girls knew Daniel and the impression was that he was on the cute side of things. Finding out Daniel volunteered to take the spanking, some of the girls set out to know him better, such a lad was worth at least a second look. Maryanne had sat with Daniel the day before trying to express the feelings of being spanked in front of an audience, but with a room full of girls and Daniel being male, things would be different. On seeing the seating arrangement, she was glad no girl would have a direct view up her brother’s legs as he kicked. Maryanne had seen her brother’s private parts when he had been spanked at home, but there was no reason to have his parts displayed to the entire school. She stood beside her mother as Daniel was changing and could tell her mom was determined to do the job as fairly as could be done.
Principal Flannery spoke first, clarifying the situation was due to drugs being found, and the guilty party was here to be punished by his mother. Once Dean Hopkins had taken his place at the podium, he stressed that Daniel was a good kid who made a mistake. Anyone acting without thinking as Daniel had done could find themselves in a bad situation. No one should think they were above getting themselves in trouble in the future. The Dean then introduced Mrs. Rivers, who stood for a minute viewing the auditorium before taking her place on the chair behind the podium. Dean Hopkins waited until she was seated and saw her place her purse and a paddle under the chair. Noticing it was made of plastic and had several holes drilled in it, he grimaced slightly as he knew such a paddle would sting very badly. He had the podium removed and signaled for Daniel, who had stood in full view of all the girls while the short speeches were happening, to go over to his mother.
Mrs. Rivers looked at her son. “Let’s get this over Daniel. I want you to loosen the knot on the towel and move it so when you bend over the knot is beside me. I will open the towel toward my feet. When we are finished, I will pull the towel up to cover you. You can hold it in place as you stand up. Before we leave the stage, we have to raise the towel for everyone to see your butt, but we should be able to maintain as much of your modesty at that point as we can.”
Daniel was trying to ignore all the girls sitting twenty feet away. He could have sworn many of them could see through the towel and were staring at his groin, but there was nothing he could do. It had occurred to him that being spanked by a beautiful girl around his age may be a great turn on in difference circumstances, but right now he had no sexual feelings at all. He went over his mom’s lap with as little as fuss as possible. For the first time in his life he thought that all those sessions at home bending over his mom’s knee had at least prepared him for that. He felt the towel come off and a cool breeze gave him goosebumps as his butt and his thighs were exposed to the air. He heard a slight murmur from the girls, but the Dean’s voice came across clearly that anyone caught talking or causing any disruption, would be in his office right after this was over. Daniel turned to face the back of the stage where Maryanne was standing. The siblings linked eyes for a brief moment and then Maryanne turned away, this was not something she wanted to watch. He felt his mom’s hand on his right butt cheek and spying the two paddles under the chair, he knew the next few minutes were going to be straight from hell.
Mrs. Rivers was no slouch when it came to spankings, and had no intention of taking it easy on her son. He had got Maryanne in trouble before and now he had done it again. She pushed the viewing audience out of her mind as best she could, concentrating on the butt cheeks presented on her lap. Soon they would not be the pale white colour they were at the moment. She raised her hand and brought it down on his left upper thigh, making Daniel jerk his head up and yelp quietly. She knew he expected her to mainly smack his butt, but she had no intention of making this what he expected. Her hand raised and fell three times in the same spot before moving over to his right upper thigh. It was not until she had delivered the first twelve slaps to his thighs that she started at the bottom of each of his butt cheeks and moved her slaps upward, a quarter inch at a time, before moving over to his other cheek. She could see her hand prints on many parts of his rear, and watched as the colour went from pale white, to pink and then almost to red before she finished the first complete round of his backside. She started over again on his upper thighs and repeated the hand spanking again.
Daniel was not expecting his mother to be easy on him, but when she slapped his upper thighs it was hard to take. His head jerked every time her hand landed. By the time she started slapping his butt cheeks he was close to tears as the added humiliation of having all the girls watching, making it hard to stay composed. His soft yelp when feeling getting the first slap had moved on to a louder vocal sound, one which he thought all the girls would hear, but in truth only his mom heard. When he felt the second round of hand slaps now pummelling his thighs, his vocals could be heard by the front row of girls and only increased in noise level from that point on. Up to then, he had held his feet on the floor, only raising one foot or the other as the pain increased, but now he could not help both his feet kicking in mid-air. He held his knees together and knew if he raised his feet too high his mom would position him over her one leg while placing her leg over the back of his knees. During a re-positioning his front may be exposed to the audience. That was the last thing he wanted, so Daniel made it a point to try to keep his feet low, at least while he could control them enough to do so.
Completing the second round of her hand slaps, Mrs. Rivers paused for a brief moment to look under the chair. “Daniel there are two paddles here. I am going to use the Dean’s paddle first. Then we will be switching to my new paddle that you will be getting acquainted with at home. In my purse, there is a rubber tie-down that is used to secure loads in the truck. Do you want me to use it to secure your legs now by having it over the back of your knees, or do you want to chance having me position you over my lap later on?”
Daniel could hardly believe his mom had come so prepared. He would later realize she had done so to protect his modesty, but at the time it was hard to comprehend. “Do what you think is the best Mom.” He realized when he answered that he was close to crying. He felt the rubber tie-down across the back of his knees as his mom secured each end to the chair leg. He would not have to worry about kicking as his movement was now limited by the tie-down. It seemed to him a long time, but it was barely over a minute before he felt the first smack of the wooden oak paddle crashing into his thighs and he let out a howl that was heard by everyone. His real spanking had begun, and there was no sense in begging her to stop. Begging only make her paddle all the longer.
Mrs. Rivers heard Daniel’s cry, but paid little attention to it. There was a long way to go before this was finished and he would be crying a lot harder before she finished. She liked the balance of the oak paddle in her hand and found it delivered a firm smack as she brought it down at the rate of forty times a minute. If her son was a couple of years younger she may have thought of getting a wooden paddle of her own, but with both children in college within a few years, the plastic one she had spent considerable time reviewing would do the job just fine. She noticed Daniel’s squirming on her lap so she pulled him in closer to her waist and tightened her grip on his hip. His hands were waving about in mid-air as he was crying freely at this point. She had no worries his hand would come back to cover his bum. He had been taught since an early age such action would earn him extra. She applied the paddle vigorously to his sit spot. She wanted him to remember this paddling, and the longer it took him to sit down comfortably, the longer he would remember.
The wood paddle brought a complete end to any control Daniel had. He was now like any young boy over his mother’s lap, and to most of the viewing audience it was not a pretty sight. His squirming, wiggling, bucking and loud crying was recognized by many of the girls who were watching as signs of anyone suffering from a good hard over the knee spanking. Many of the girls had parents who had at some time administered the same type of spanking, so the signs were easy to recognize. When his mom set the wooden paddle on the floor, Mrs. Rivers looked up at the girls in the audience and wonder what they must be thinking.
Maryanne was watching the audience as well, looking for signs that would indicate what kind of reaction she could expect over the next week. She noticed most of the girls were no longer getting a thrill out of hoping to see certain parts of Daniel for their viewing pleasure. Their faces showed they wished the spanking was over. Maryanne noted about ten girls were enjoying the spectacle set before them, observing those ones liked nothing better then to see others suffer. There would be such people in any crowd and from those few she knew crude and rude comments could be expected. Around the same number of girls were crying. Perhaps they knew her brother more than the others or whatever, they no longer wanted to watch at all. Maryanne looked at Dean Hopkins and even he seemed uncomfortable watching the actions on stage. Perhaps it was his first time he was watching, instead of the one doing the spanking. She noted her father had left the auditorium, no doubt embarrassed or perhaps just too emotional to see his son go through the process. Maryanne had distanced herself from what was happening, by concentrating on viewing the actions of others. It was her way of coping with things, and it barely kept her from bawling like a baby.
When the plastic paddle had struck him well over a dozen times Daniel went off to what some people call spank land. He was doing all the physical reactions expected, from bucking up and down on his mom’s lap, squirming, kicking rapidly as much as the tie-down would allow, waving his hands and bawling loudly, but his mind was no longer there. It was concentrating of dealing with the pain. Of course there was no way for him to stop anything. He would have to wait until his mother thought he had learned his lesson and then it would be over. He was no longer concerned with the girls in the audience seeing his face, or any part of his body for that matter. Whatever they saw seemed of so little concern under the circumstances that he did not give it a second thought. None of the girls caught sight of his groin area, but all the girls could catch glimpses of his face. His tears streaming down toward the already formed puddle on the floor, the slobber and mucus from his nose mixed together as he had no control over anything was not an attractive sight.
Mrs. Rivers knew it was almost time to end the paddling, but she had no intention of giving Dean Hopkins or anyone in the school administration the slightest indication they could say she had not done a good job. Holding Daniel over her lap was getting harder with every minute that passed, but she managed to tighten her grip and apply her new paddle once every few seconds to his butt, now alternating cheeks. She had counted every paddle stroke she had given and it was not until she reached the count of thirty from the plastic paddle that she slowed down, giving the last six smacks spaced longer apart. By the time she stopped to lecture him, he would have got thirty-six slaps from her hand and from each of the two paddles.
Mrs. Rivers stopped smacking him and paused while holding on to her paddle waiting for Daniel to settle down somewhat. She could feel the heat radiating from his backside, and she noticed there were areas of purple bruising mixed in with the red colour. She could also see the outline of the paddles where they had struck him. Wherever she could identify an edge of either of the paddle, a welt had arisen. When she thought he was capable of listening to her, she spoke loudly as she raised the paddle up to her shoulders. “Never touch drugs again! Is that clear!” Every word she spoke was emphasized by one smack from the paddle across his butt, causing him to howl every time. His mom did not expect Daniel to answer as his blubbering made speech impossible anyway. After Mrs. Rivers had completed her speech, she dropped the paddle and held him as he continued crying loudly while still moving vigorously on her knee. Her words had sunk into a lot of the girl’s heads, as they could imagine what could happen to themselves if caught with drugs.
Seeing the spanking was over, Dean Hopkins quickly put the podium back in place and addressed the students. “In this case since Daniel is not a student here, and his mother used a paddle to discipline him, I am forgoing any further part of his punishment. All students are dismissed and if anyone besides his direct family is found in this auditorium in the next thirty minutes that person will feel exactly what a paddle can do. This assembly is over. You may go back to your class and await the final dismissal bell.” He turned as the girls started leaving and caught a glimpse of Daniel’s bare bottom. It was not a view he wanted to see again as the welts and bruising caused by the extended spanking would clearly make sitting difficult for a number of days to come.
When the last girl had left the room, Mrs. Rivers helped her son to his feet. Wrapping the towel around him, she simply held him as he cried on her shoulder. After a minute, Maryanne came near holding his sweatpants and bent down to put them over his feet and up to his knees. It was a strain for him to bend enough to grab them and pull the pants all the way up under the towel, but he managed. Mr. Rivers appeared on stage and the family soon left the school. Needless to say, the ride home in the car was a painful one for Daniel even though he had a soft cushion to sit on.
Arriving home, Daniel spent an hour rubbing his bum trying to ease the pain. He thought about sitting in ice water, but any thought of sitting only made him want to stand up all the more. His parents felt bad for having to deliver such a harsh punishment, but they reminded Daniel that it was his actions that caused this whole event. Maryanne was more compassionate as she constantly hugged him, but at times she asked herself a question. Was she hugging him because of his pain, or was it because he had taken the punishment and she was off the hook? Daniel had no doubts his family still loved him, but two things were clear to him. If he ever was found with drugs again, the consequences would be worse than the one he suffered today. His parents would strap him long and hard, and since the police knew of his involvement this time, they would definitely press charges against him.
Daniel went to bed after taking several headache pills to at least partially kill the pain. He was asleep within a few minutes, glad things were over except for dealing with the pain. His parents offered no creams to help, it was a punishment spanking and he would have to endure as best he could. Maryanne checked on him several times, but he never woke up before she went to bed.
Maryanne went on to increase her marks in the two subjects enough to qualify for an additional two thousand dollars per year and left the school. None of the girls said anything rude about what had happened, as Dean Hopkins made clear that any student who did so, would be paddled. Dean Hopkins was given the responsibility to spank the boys allowed in the school next year, the girls would be spanked by the lady appointed as his assistant. Daniel’s first day back at his school was not fun to because of the teasing about being spanked and crying in front of all the girls. The teasing went on for a week, but all his friends knew that not one of them could have taken the spanking given by Mrs. Rivers any better than Daniel. By the second week he found some girls from his sister’s old school expressed an interest in him never shown before. He never wanted another public spanking, but if he could benefit from his first one, why not take advantage of it?

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