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Two Bare Bottoms at Assembly

Two Bare Bottoms at Assembly

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Author's Note: This story can be read by itself, but it's best enjoyed after reading both parts of “Maryanne’s Public Spanking”.

Lee Christian Girl's High School (LCGHS) was just waking up for the morning. The halls were still empty, save for a few students who come to use the library before class. David Hopkins, who serves as both the school nurse and the Dean of LCGHS, sat in his office staring at two referral forms. In red ink, Principal Flannery had scrawled the same punishment code on both forms, “CP2X, Public”. It was a code that had only been used once before in the history of the school. Two girls were in serious trouble, epic trouble! As usual, it would be the Dean's job to punish them, and it would happen this morning.

Although Dean Hopkins was the first contact for all school discipline issues, the Principal reviewed all corporal punishment cases before punishment. The Principal always interviewed the student before approving the punishment, and then specified its severity by scrawling a simple code on the referral form. By far, the most common code was “CP1”, the school's minimum corporal punishment. The Principal always wrote his punishment codes in red, and then circled and initialed them. “CP1” stood for a brief but brisk “tearjerker” spanking applied over panties. “CP2”, used rarely, specified the same punishment but bare bottom. For especially serious or repeated offenses, he might append an “X”, standing for “extra”. Thus “CP2X” was normally the school's most serious punishment. Sometimes an entire semester went by without its use.

However, there was one offense for which school rules specifically mandated a “CP2X” spanking, and specified that the punishment must be given in view of the entire student body. That offense was bringing illegal drugs onto the campus. That punishment had only been given once before, to a girl named Maryanne Rivers. Although both the Principal and the Dean had regretted the necessity of spanking Maryanne in such a public manner, it had ended the school's drug problem for more than a year. Now it was happening again!

Unusual as it may be, this school's policy of using hand spankings, rather than paddling, was based on a simple and defensible logic; it's the same punishment that most of the school's parents used at home.


This early in the morning, Mr. Hopkins could usually be found patrolling the campus. But today he waited in his office for his two charges to appear. He would use the first class period to prepare them for punishment. At the start of the second class period, the Principal planned to call a special assembly. There, it would be the Dean's job to punish two would-be drug dealers on their bare bottoms as the entire student body watched. As much as he hated to do this, he knew that this was a lesson that every student in the school needed to absorb. Spanking these two girls in this manner should teach a lesson that would save other students from the same fate.

He had just laid the referral form down when there was a knock at the door. After he called “enter”, Jean Cole timidly entered, followed by her father.

Mr. Cole shook hands with Mr. Hopkins, and then turned his attention to his daughter, “OK Jean, you did the crime, so now you've earned some serious lap time.”

She sobbed, “Yes Daddy, I know. Just like I promised you, I'll take my punishment like a big girl. And don't worry about me learning my lesson, I already have!”

As he gave his daughter a parting hug, he looked beyond her to the Dean, “As per your request at our meeting yesterday Mr. Hopkins, we resisted the temptation to spank Jean last night, so you have a fresh bottom to deal with. If you do a good job on her and especially if she cooperates with you, we might be tempted to decide that she's been spanked enough.”

Sudden hope in her eyes, Jean looked up at her father, “Really? Oh thank you dad!”

“Don't thank me yet!” Mr. Cole warned, “That's still to be determined by me and your mother.”

“I'll do my part!” Jean promised, “I'll be good as gold for Mr. Hopkins.”

“And I'll do my part also,” Mr. Hopkins promised ominously, “This young lady and her friend are in for serious spankings!”

“That's only fair,” Mr. Cole said, “She is a tough girl and she has certainly earned a sore bottom. I appreciate you working things out with the police so that the school punishes her rather than the courts. After all, she could have ended up in Juvenile Detention.”

“Think nothing of it,” Mr. Hopkins replied, “Jean is a good girl who simply acted on a terrible idea. We don't want to lose her as a student, and she certainly doesn't need to start adulthood with a police record against her.”

After one last handshake with the Dean, and after one last kiss to his daughter's forehead, the man reluctantly departed, surrendering his precious daughter to the not-so-gentle ministrations of school discipline.


Mr. Cole had no sooner left than the school's other nascent drug dealer, Gale Peterson, arrived. Escorted by her mother, the girl was distinctly teary-eyed. Mr. Hopkins sighed a quiet sigh of relief that both girls had actually showed up for punishment, meaning that this nasty business could be resolved soon.

With a tear in her eye, Mrs. Peterson gave her daughter a crushing hug, “Honey, you're in for some serious punishment this morning, but it's nothing compared to what happens to an adult for doing the same thing. Possession of illegal substances with intent to sell can get you hard prison time. Compared to that, a sore bottom is nothing! So take your punishment with all the grace you can muster, OK?”

Gale sobbed, “I'll do my best mommy.”

“Just don't disgrace yourself,” mother advised, “Crying is okay, but just obey every order you are given and no attitude!”

“Yes Mommy.”

After a final peck on her daughter's cheek and a last hug, Mrs. Peterson shook the Dean's hand, “Thanks for everything Mr. Hopkins. Tell the Principal that I appreciate how he kept my daughter out of court. I know she deserves punishment, and I trust you to teach her the lesson she needs.”

And then the mother reluctantly left.


As the Dean looked at the two uneasy girls, he mused that they seemed like an odd couple. They were a classic “Mutt and Jeff team”, with Jean tall, blond, full-figured and curvy, but Gale exactly her opposite; dark haired, olive skinned, short and pixie-like. Gale appeared at least two years younger than her real age, but was actually the “brains of the outfit”. She was so tiny that she tended to trigger a protective instinct in adults, something Mr. Hopkins silently vowed to guard against. Both girls must be fully and fairly punished!

In retrospect, it's hard to believe that such intelligent girls could have been so silly as to imagine they could get away with it. Both members of the school's Marketing Club, it was Gale who first saw a way for the two friends to put their marketing education into practice. A neighbor boy offered to supply her with marijuana cigarettes for a very attractive price. The girls figured out that they could quadruple their money if they sold them one-by-one at school. So, just as they had learned in their club, they developed a marketing plan. Their advertising would be word-of-mouth, and therefore free! Their undoing involved their security plan, which simply involved warning potential customers to not tell!

It's a credit to the trust and esteem that the students had for Mr. Hopkins that three separate girls told him about the pending drug sales at LCGHS. He shared his knowledge with the Principal (who already had heard something himself). The Principal talked confidentially to the police, who sent two female detectives to the school on the day when sales were to start.

The entire “take-down” was deliberately kept low key. That morning, the Dean intercepted Jean and Gale just as they entered the campus. He escorted them to the Principal's office and the waiting detectives, who quickly found a few low-quality homemade marijuana cigarettes on the girls. After interviewing the girls to discover their source, the detectives left, leaving the discipline of the two would-be drug dealers to the school. A drug sweep that same morning determined that there was no more marijuana on campus.

Since the school policy was unambiguous, determining the appropriate punishment was a “no-brainer”. Unless their parents insisted on withdrawing them from the school, they would be spanked bare-bottom at an assembly of the entire student body! So the Principal arranged hurried conferences with both sets of amazed and horrified parents. Once recovered from their shock and thinking clearly, the parents unanimously agreed that their daughters should be punished as per school policy. They would personally deliver Jean and Gale to Mr. Hopkins early the following morning.

So that explains why Jean and Gale were in the Dean's office that morning. Mr. Hopkins would use the first class period to prepare them for their punishment, which would occur at a special assembly planned for the second class period.


Mr. Hopkins took the girls one at a time to the part of his office that served as the school infirmary for a quick check of their vital signs and for a few confidential questions. Jean blushed bright red at one of those questions, but felt compelled to answer truthfully. Her answer presented Mr. Hopkins with a small dilemma, since it had proved to be an inconvenient time of the month for Jean.

Fortunately that's when Miss Evans, the school's PE teacher, arrived to assist Mr. Hopkins and to serve as the official witness.

Delighted to see her, he whispered his problem into her ear. “I'm the perfect person for that!” she soothed, “In PE I often help girls deal with that exact problem. I keep the necessary item in my purse.”

She took Jean into the little lavatory. Ten minutes later they emerged. Jean was blushing brightly, but Miss Evans brightly assured Mr. Hopkins that everything was sorted and that Jean would be able to remove her panties for punishment without incident.

Next they sat the girls down for a talk. Being careful not to lapse into lecturing, they discussed with the girls how they could have made better choices. To Mr. Hopkins, spanking was simply an extreme form of pedagogy. When spanking a student, he always ensured that she learned the proper lesson from the painful experience, otherwise a spanking was likely to be wasted effort.

Then they talked about what Jean and Gale's post-punishment life would be like. Their parents wanted the two girls separated, and Mr. Hopkins agreed. He would rearrange their schedules to separate them. Also, they were banned from the Marketing club. (From now on, that club would teach Ethics along with Marketing.) Finally, to keep the girls from being shunned, the Principal would communicate to all parents that Jean and Gale were not drug users, but basically nice girls who had made a bad choice and had paid the appropriate price.

Understandably, the girl's emotions were tender. Several times this conversation was interrupted when one girl or the other burst into tears. Thinking that it was best to get the histrionics out of the girl's systems, Mr. Hopkins and Miss Evans were patient with the girls, but unmoved by their tears.

And then, in broad terms, they informed the girls what was ahead of them. As it turned out, both girls had witnessed Maryanne's public punishment a year and a half ago. Still, Mr. Hopkins explained, “This will be embarrassing, and it will certainly make your bottom sore, but it won't harm you and it's nothing you can't handle. Once the assembly is over, so is your punishment. Except for your new class schedules, there will be no further reprisals against you and life will quickly return to normal for you.”

Still, witnessing Maryanne's earlier punishment had created certain expectations in the girls. Naturally they expected a hard bare bottom spanking. Mr. Hopkins wouldn't disappoint them on that account! But still, they would discover that their situation was different from Maryanne's, so their punishment wouldn't be exactly the same.

Next came the tender subject of panties! Miss Evans fielded this one, “Girls, as you know these will be bare bottom spankings. Because they are “maximum” spankings, you must remove your panties entirely, not just lower them. The good news is that you will be able to keep your panties on until just a few minutes before your spankings actually start. I know this is hard, so when we order you to remove them, don't even think about what you're doing, just automatically push then down and then step out. Got it?”

Both girls gulped and then blushed. Regardless of the lapse of good sense that had gotten them into trouble, the girls were no dummies. Gale spoke up first, “You don't mean that we must take them off in front of everybody do you? Maryanne didn't have to do that.”

Patiently, Mr. Hopkins' explained the facts of life to the girls, “Maryanne got herself into trouble by being negligent and careless. However, she never broke any law, and she clearly didn't intend to bring drugs onto the campus. But still, she was wrong and had to be punished. You girls, on the other hand, committed a criminal act and willfully brought drugs on campus! So you won't get the same deal as Maryanne. The procedure for your punishment will be different. In fact, you're fortunate that I can't spank you harder than I spanked her.”

That brought new tears from the girls, but no new protests.

Looking at his watch, he said, “Time is short, and we still have things to do. But let's decide something in advance. Would one of you like to volunteer for the first spanking, or shall we flip a coin?”

There was a pause as both girls considered. Hesitantly, Jane raised her hand.

“So Jane just volunteered for the first spanking. Is that acceptable to you Gale?”

Without enthusiasm, Gale nodded.

“Then let's get this show on the road,” Mr. Hopkins said in a businesslike tone. “Now I would like you two to use the bathroom. Even if you don't feel like it, try to go. After that, we will adjust your skirts.”

The girls had no idea what he meant about their skirts, but they obediently used his little lavatory, and then quickly emerged.

Now Mr. Hopkins voice turned firm and serious, “OK young ladies, your punishment starts now and continues until the last student leaves the assembly. From this moment on, you will follow every direction without protest, question or delay, and certainly with no attitude! Just do what we say! Understand?”

Nervously, they both nodded. “Okay then,” he said, “First kick off your shoes, and then face that wall with your hands on your heads.”

He pointed them to a bare wall. They obeyed.

The girl's school uniforms consisted of a dark vest, a light blue blouse, and a full pleated skirt that matched the vest. Mr. Hopkins had borrowed a handful of large safety pins from the Home Economics teacher. He handed half of them to Miss Evans. Standing behind Jane, he lifted the back of her skirt, and pinned it up high. He used two more pins almost under her armpits to pin up the sides. Then, noticing that the tail of her blouse covered half of her bottom, he pinned that up also.

When he was done, Jean's skirt covered her front like an apron, leaving her panty-covered bottom and hips on display.

Miss Evans did the same with Gale.

They stood back to admire the effect, noticing with approval that both girls wore modest panties. Startling as the display might be, the girls were actually less exposed than if they had been wearing modest bathing suits.

Then they marched the girls out the door. With tears already flowing, in stocking feet and with exposed panties, the girls padded down the empty corridor to the auditorium entrance.


Outside the large open double doors that lead into the auditorium, Mr. Hopkins stopped the girls. He positioned one miscreant to each side of the doors, both facing the wall with hands on heads. He and Miss Evans stepped back to judge the effect. The school's uniform was purposely designed to demurely obscure a girl's rapidly ripening figure, but now Gale and Jean's panty-covered bottoms were on full display! Unintentionally, that display served to emphasize the physical differences between them. Jean was more full-figured than her friend. Her bottom was significantly wider than Gale's, but her height was beautifully proportional to her width. Pixie-like, Gale was slim, petite, and bouncy, which gave her a fetchingly young and innocent look. Mr. Hopkins had no doubt that both girls must attract boys like magnets. It occurred to him that it's fortunate that no boys could see them displayed like this!

He checked his watch. Only two minutes to go! By now, the girls had obviously guessed that they were to be on display. They sobbed quietly, dreading the bell that ended the first class period.

The bell rang, and soon the corridors filled with girls streaming towards the auditorium. Mr. Hopkins stood near Jean, whilst Miss Evans guarded Gale. Their role for the moment was to ensure that their charges didn't bolt, whilst protecting them from teasing or other abuse. As gaggles of students approached the auditorium entrance and saw Jean and Gale, they all expressed shock. Apparently word hadn’t yet spread of the two girl's disgrace, or the purpose of today's special assembly. However, enough students knew of the girl's “marketing” plan, that they quickly guessed the truth.

Mr. Hopkins even saw fear in certain eyes. Those would be the students who had “placed orders” for Jean and Gale's wares. He had already extracted names from the girls. Since the drug deals hadn't been consummated, nothing official would happen to those students. However, he and the Principal would have a serious talk with each, and would communicate with their parents.

Principal Flannery arrived just as the last few students had entered. Coldly ignoring the two miscreants, he shook hands with Mr. Hopkins and Miss Evans and inquired if “everything was OK”. They assured him that all was ready. Pleased, he entered the auditorium and then walked purposely down the center aisle towards the stage. As usual, his very presence quieted the room.

Principal Flannery climbed to the stage, stalked to his podium, glowered at the class, and started the predictable lecture about how drugs weren't allowed on campus, and that he would do whatever it took to eliminate the scourge.

Halfway through his talk, he paused to call Jean and Gale to the stage, triggering a “walk of shame” down the auditorium's central aisle. The Dean came first. At ten-pace intervals came the two girls with their panties exposed in the rear and sides, their faces tense, red, and tear-stained. Miss Evans brought up the rear of the solemn procession.

On the stage, they arranged the girls to each side of the Principal.

Now the lecture continued, with the Principal directly lecturing and shaming the two would-be drug entrepreneurs. Soon they were openly bawling, the Principal's exact intent.

Finally, as he had done with Maryanne's case, Principal Flannery shooed all male staff from the room, and then turned the assembly over to Dean Hopkins before leaving himself.

The Principal left with some conciliatory words, “To our knowledge, neither Jean nor Gale are drug users. Neither are they bad people. After their punishment, we should assume that they have learned their lessons. So no teasing will be allowed, and it's perfectly OK to be their friend.”

With that, he left the stage, marched up the aisle and then closed the doors behind him. Mr. Hopkins broke the silence with the brisk words, “Jean and Gale, remove your panties.”

Remembering Miss Evan's advice to “Don't think about it”, Jean obeyed quickly by pushing her plain white panties to her ankles and then stepping out. However, Gale just stood there looking stricken, perhaps catatonic.

Miss Evans acted. She took Gale by the upper arm and whispered urgent words into her ear. Miserably, the girl nodded, and then reached for her panties. Soon both garments lay on the stage floor. The fronts of their skirts maintained the girl's frontal modesty, but their rear view was totally exposed from their waist down to their ankle socks.

As Mr. Hopkins slid the podium aside, he pointed to a sturdy chair in one corner of the stage, “Jean, fetch that chair for us. Put it where the podium was.”

So poor Jean had to fetch her own spanking chair whilst some two hundred of her schoolmates watched.

And then the three of them; Jean, the chair, and Mr. Hopkins, met at center stage front. Holding a microphone, Mr. Hopkins led Jean through a simple confession and an apology for the damage she had done to the school's reputation. She solemnly promised to never touch drugs again.

Satisfied, Mr. Hopkins took the chair, oriented it sideways to the audience, and then purposefully sat with his right hip facing his audience. Jean stood awkwardly, eyes wide, unsure what to do.

“Jean” he said pointing to the floor next to his right hip, “Come stand right here”.

She obeyed, her bare bottom now directly faced the audience.

He spoke in a voice that was almost kind, “Right over you go.” As he spoke, he pulled lightly on her arm. She bent at the waist, gradually putting her weight onto his lap. He guided her over a bit further, leaving her toes barely touching the hardwood stage floor and her bare bottom well elevated. Her golden hair hung down, puddling on the floor. Jean was no stranger to the corporal lap, so she automatically grabbed the chair legs for support.

He looked down to evaluate his target.


Mr. Hopkins was a happily married man, a man who got this sexual thrills at home. In a typical week, it was his job to spank several of the all-female school's students. So to him, there was nothing special or titillating about Jean's bottom. Still, he examined its structure with a professional eye, evaluating how much spanking it could safely take. It looked quite robust indeed!

Jean had a full bottom, with hips that were flowering into ladylike curves. At the moment that bottom was pure white, and unmarked. But soon it would look quite different.

Jean sensed when the man raised his hand. Her nether cheeks clenched in unhappy anticipation and her toes pointed. She heard a noise, and then suddenly her right buttcheek stung so badly that she lost her breath!

He started out the way he usually started a “maximum” spanking, with five fast and awesome spanks to each cheek, starting with the right. The slapping sounds resounded through the auditorium. Had he been able to concentrate on his audience, he would have seen many of the girls catch their breath at the grim spectacle. As it was, he only noticed Jean gasp in shocked and pained surprise. He was actually starting on the second cheek before Jean finally managed sufficient control of her breath to give voice to her agony. She shrieked, and then screamed, “Nooooooo Pleeeze!”

Naturally, the Dean ignored her entreaties and steadfastly continued on with his task. After those terrible starting blows, he reduced both the pace and the force of his spanks. And then he took several minutes to carefully spank every square inch of Jean's buttocks to a uniform bright red. As he worked, he was careful to miss nothing, even spanking around towards her hips.

By now Jean was bawling and struggling at full throttle. Naturally, Hr. Hopkins simply ignored her antics.


As Jean endured her spanking, Gale endured her own sort of hell. Miss Evans had positioned her facing the rear of the stage, putting her bare and condemned bottom on display, even though it was Jean's bottom that was presently the center of attention. So Gale couldn't see Jean's spanking, but she could hear every scintilla of it.

With a potent stew of fears, regrets, guilt and other emotions swirling in her mind, Gale swayed slightly in place. Although Jean had been an eager partner in crime, Gale felt guilty about leading her friend into trouble. Could they still remain friends even after this trauma and after being separated? Jean and Gale were “best friends”. They would try to remain friends, but the efforts of the school and their parents to separate them would be a powerful force.

Naturally, Gale quaked in apprehension of her own spanking, which was only a few minutes away. She tended to hyperventilate in stressful situations, so she concentrated on controlling her breathing. That was better than concentrating on her coming spanking!

Gale knew that she deserved to be spanked just as hard as Jean was now being spanked, and had no doubt that it would happen. The only bright spot for her was hope that this nightmare would have a quick and definite ending. She had been told that at the end of this assembly her school punishment would be over. If Mr. Hopkins marked her bottom well enough, perhaps her parents might take pity on her and not spank her again. More likely though, she thought sadly, they would simply delay her “home” spanking for a day or two until her bottom healed.


In the spanking chair, Mr. Hopkins was still hard at work on Jean. When he had finally spanked her buttocks bright red and checked his work for any missed areas, he shifted his target area to her sit-spots. If Jean was happy for this temporary respite on her bottom cheeks, it certainly didn't show! The Dean's attention to this new area animated the girl, making her cries more shrill, whilst imparting a new urgency to her horizontal dance.

This being a smaller area than her buttocks, it didn't take him long to spank it just short of bruising.

And then he started on her thighs! It's hard to tell the exact moment when a shrill wail finally becomes a scream, but it was immediately obvious that this wasn't Jean's favorite part of her spanking! Her legs, which before had only fluttered like a swimmer, now flew in all directions. Her ample thighs, which until now had concealed her most private places, flew open, exposing her secrets to the auditorium full of students. Fortunately, LCGHS was an all-girl school.

As usual, Mr. Hopkins took his time, assuring that he did a thorough job. He purposely had left her legs unrestrained. Experienced as he was, he had no trouble hitting a moving target, and Jean's flying legs offered opportunities for him to redden her tender inner thigh area. Although still loud and shrill, by now poor Jean was showing definite signs of exhaustion.

After roasting her thighs to his satisfaction, he carefully revisited Jean's buttocks, sit-spots and thighs in turn. His goal was to reignite her sting and to assure that he hadn't neglected a single square inch of her bottom.

Normally this spanking would be over now, but this was an “X” spanking, meaning “extra”. Therefore, in accordance with the Principal's instructions, he had carefully spanked every bit of Jean's “spankable territory”. Now there was just one task left. Mr. Hopkins wasn't one to scold while he spanked. He seldom even spoke while he was spanking. But this time he paused to speak.

“Jean,” he said loudly, “Are you getting the message? Will you ever mess with illegal drugs again?”

“No sir” Jean wailed, “Never again. I'm so sorry!”

Then he looked out at the audience, “What about you people? You're not here to be entertained! You're here to learn this lesson along with Jean and Gale. Do you all get the message?”

Two hundred female heads nodded vigorously.

“OK Jean,” he warned, “Just a bit more and then we're done.”

Jean felt the Dean's left arm hold her much tighter than before. He raised his hand high and then slammed it into the peak of her left buttock, giving an expert last-second flip of his wrist to add to the impact. And then he quickly repeated the process until he noticed a certain whitish tinge at his target area that told him that he had created an incipient bruise. Jean bawled, twisted and kicked as he quickly repeated the treatment on her left buttock, and then did the same to each “sit spot”, that area where buttock meets leg.

And so it was done, Jean had been spanked.

While Jean bawled across his lap, Mr. Hopkins continued to hold her down as he shook circulation back into his spanking hand. That final flurry had hurt his hand, but he still had one girl to spank.


He didn't rush the girl off of his lap. When she finally seemed responsive, he helped her to her feet. Although his heart went out to the distraught girl, he never offered visible signs of affection that might be misconstrued. The ever-helpful Miss Evans took her by the arm to lead her away. At the same time, she delivered a very nervous and reluctant Gale.

Miss Evans led the still-bawling girl to a spot on the stage, and arranged her with her spanked bottom facing the audience. She handed her a wad of tissues, and told her to stay put. She bounced and pranced a bit, but generally obeyed. Nobody had told her to keep her hands off of her bottom, but the tissues kept her hands busy for the moment.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hopkins turned his attention to Gale. She was a teary blubbering mess! Still, he picked up the mike and then patiently tried to lead her through the same confession/apology routine as he had done with Jean. Because Gale was already crying, this was less successful than before, but at least the delay gave time for the sting to fade from his spanking hand.

Finally he sat and urged her across his lap. As he evaluated this new target, his eyes widened. Except that her rear was similarly naked, Gale's bottom was totally different from Jean's! To begin with, the bouncy, petite Gale had much less bottom. Also, whilst Jean had a tight cleft in her bottom, Gale's buttocks, while shapely, were two separate entities with an intervening wide valley that concealed nothing. Similarly, Jean's thighs were fleshy enough to totally hide her “female parts”, except when she scissored her legs open. In contrast, Gale's thighs never touched each other.

So where Jean's rear anatomy served to discreetly hide her charms, Gale's actually framed her most intimate anatomy and presented it for everybody in the auditorium to see. On realizing this, Mr. Hopkins was once again thankful that he was the only male in the room.

Although Mr. Hopkins rarely touched a girl's bottom before spanking it, he discreetly palpated her flesh to ensure that his eyes weren't deceiving him. He quickly realized that Gale's bottom couldn't safely take as much spanking as he had just delivered to Jean. First, it was simply smaller. Second, there was less padding under her skin to absorb the punishment. Always inventive, he decided that if he couldn't make Gale's spanking the equal of Jean's, then he would make it drastically different! So he reversed his usual order.

As per his usual spanking procedure, he securely wrapped his left arm around Gale's diminutive waist. After a brief word of warning to her, he raised his hand high. He watched her bottom clench in anticipation, and then he let fly, landing his first spank...down low on her thigh! And then he continued. Working with only moderately hard spanks, he carefully spanked both of Gale's thighs to a cheerful shade of red, whilst temporarily forsaking her buttocks.

For Gale, the surprise was total and very unpleasant! She had expected Mr. Hopkins to start on her buttocks because everyone starts there! When her punishment started not there but much lower, Gale at first thought that there must be some mistake! She squealed, “Noooo, not there! That's not fair!” Naturally, he ignored her, spanking on implacably. After a final screech of “Please stop!” she lapsed into teary, sobbing incoherence.

Unlike Jean. Gale's feet couldn't touch the floor, which served to give her legs more range of motion to kick and scissor open, which offered her spanker more opportunities to spank her tender inner thighs, which made her kick even more! It's a vicious cycle, but one that works to an expert spanker's favor.

In her desperation she tried to reach back to protect her thighs, but quickly discovered that her arm wasn't long enough to protect the area in question. Mr. Hopkins noted the questing, ineffectually grasping hand, but ignored it for the moment.

When he had finally satisfied himself that he had thoroughly spanked her thighs, Mr. Hopkins trapped that wayward hand and then started work on her sit-spots. On Gale this was a vague area because her nether skin was so taut that there was no crease delineating where one area started and the other ended. As her sit-spots started to sting, Gale commenced wailing anew. That sting inspired a new movement of the girl, best described as an urgent horizontal dance. As she danced, her sock-covered feet fluttered in a swimming motion and her black pony tail bounced.

With her thighs and sit-spots done, he finally addressed Gale's untouched buttocks. Although Gale had originally been horrified when Mr. Hopkins had ignored her buttocks in favor of her thighs, now she was hardly pleased with the sudden sting on her buttocks. Soon she was yet again howling and bawling anew. To her former horizontal dance, she added a twisting motion as she ineffectually wriggled her bottom in a desperate attempt to dodge the man's punishing hand.

When Mr. Hopkins finally finished reddening Gale's buttocks, he returned to where he had started, Gale's thighs. Now his goal was both to satisfy himself that he hadn't neglected even the tiniest area, and to reignite the overall sting in that area. He carefully completed that area, and then did the same to her sit-spots and finally to her buttocks.

And then he paused.

As he steeled himself for the final flurry of spanks, he knew that this would hurt his hand again, but it had to be done. As he had previously done with Jean, he rapidly applied a flurry of hard spanks to mark Gale's buttocks and sit spots. Considering her lean bottom and his already tender hand, it felt like he was spanking rocks! Gale screamed, kicked and bucked. Despite his sore hand, Mr. Hopkins implacably did his duty.

And then it was done.

As he had done with Jean, he didn't rush Gale off of his lap. As she bawled her heart out, he looked out at his audience. He was pleased with what he saw etched on their faces!

He picked up the microphone to address the students, “OK two girls have been punished. Your job is to learn this lesson along with them. No drugs are allowed in this school! Does everyone get it?”

200 feminine heads nodded their understanding. “Good!” he said. “Remain in your seats and maintain a respectful silence until you are dismissed.”

Miss Evans tenderly helped the still-bawling girl to her feet. They gave Gale a few moments to prance and to blow her nose, before Mr. Hopkins ordered both girls to pick up their panties from where they were laying on the stage. Then he and Miss Evans helped their charges down the short stairway off the stage to the front aisle. Then, still holding their panties, he ordered the two sobbing girls to put their hands on their heads and to walk up the central aisle towards the rear of the auditorium. Gale scrunched her panties up in her fist, but Jean didn't think to do that, so her panties spread over her head like a bizarre bonnet as she walked. Everybody in the auditorium noticed, but the moment was so solemn that nobody even smiled at the sight. At the exit doors, he arranged one girl on each side of the doorway so that their spanked bottoms would be on display.

Finally he dismissed the assembly. As the students quietly filed out of the auditorium, they passed between the two exposed spanked bottoms. If the students weren't impressed enough by watching two punishments, that close look at the results should have done the trick!

As the last student left the auditorium, Mr. Hopkins closed the door to give privacy while they restored Jane and Gale's modesty. They had the girls put on their panties, and then they unpinned their skirts, letting them fall back into place.

As Mr. Hopkins had promised, that marked the official end of the girl's punishment. However, that didn't mean that they would receive the same aftercare that he had given Maryanne Rivers after her public spanking. As he had already explained to the girls, they were more guilty than Maryanne had been, so their treatment was different.

They walked the two still-sobbing girls back to Mr. Hopkins' office. There he allowed them a few minutes in his tiny lavatory to “freshen up”. Last year, Maryanne had been given an icepack treatment to her bottom, been allowed to use an analgesic creme, and had been allowed an entire class period to recover following her public spanking. But Jean and Gale received none of those favors. They put on their shoes, picked up their backpacks, and were sent straight to class. However, the Dean had allowed them one small kindness. When they protested that they wouldn't be able to sit, he informed them that their teachers already had the word to allow them to stand at the rear of the classroom. However, they would be be expected to participate normally in class.

The rest of the day was difficult for them, but nothing they couldn't manage. From that day on, both Jean and Gale were model students.


That left Mr. Hopkins with a list of three girls who had ordered marijuana cigarettes from Jean and Gale. Because those deals had been made off-campus and because Jean and Gale had been “taken down” before they had a chance to make any deliveries, the difficult decision had been made that these girl's hadn't actually breached any school rules. But that didn't mean that they would go free! Later that morning, Dean Hopkins summoned those girls from their classes. As they arrived in his office, the look of fear in their eyes was unmistakable. He walked the girls to the school's administrative office, where he separated them. One at a time, he escorted them into the presence of the Principal. Working as a team, they explained to each girl how close she had come to joining Jean and Gale up on the stage to have her bare bottom publicly spanked! And then, with the girl listening, they called her parents and told them everything. LCGHS parents tend to be very traditional in their discipline methods, and very supportive of the school, so each parent made it very clear that their daughter's bottom would pay the price.

So after school, those three girls went home to a certain fate. Sure that they had done a good day's work, Principal Flannery and Dean/Nurse Hopkins relaxed over cups of coffee.

With his boss suitably relaxed and happy, Mr. Hopkins seized the moment to display his swollen hand and make his case for permission to use an appropriate hand-equivalent paddle in the future. Fortunately for his spanking hand, he prevailed!

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