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Brenda's Homecoming

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Brenda's Homecoming

It was a tough month for the Parker family. Brenda, the Parker's only offspring, had gotten pregnant and had undergone an abortion. A university Freshman two hundred miles from home, Brenda was technically an adult and hadn't involved her parents in the decision. Her and her boyfriend had chosen to terminate the pregnancy. The details had been smoothly handled by the university Student Health office.

Brenda's father, Henry, had stayed home to work, while his wife, Sara, had traveled to the state university to help her daughter through the trauma of the procedure and the recovery. There she had necessarily met Brenda's boyfriend, Sam Adams. Naturally, their relationship was strained and awkward at first. From the start though, Sara could see that the young man loved Brenda.

Sara and Sam spent several hours together in the clinic waiting room, anxiously waiting for news of Brenda. By the time the ordeal was over, Sam had won Sara over. She just couldn't help but like the young man. Further, he had convinced her that he fully planned to marry Brenda. Also, Brenda clearly loved Sam.

From the beginning, Sam had been apologetic. He told Sara that he and Brenda had made a terrible choice. In fact, he said that his decision to have sex without a condom was the stupidest, most irresponsible thing he had ever done. Sara didn't disagree!

Brenda was similarly apologetic, but she would eventually have to face her parents. Her parents still supported her, and by mutual agreement still held some parental control over her. The Parkers were a close family. Brenda was content to remain her parent's child, even though that meant the occasional spanking. She accepted it though, because she recognized that she still needed strict guidance to stay “on the straight and narrow.”


Sara stayed with Brenda for two weeks. While there, she rented a motel suite. Brenda stayed in the suite while she recovered, but still managed to attend most of her classes. Sara didn't immediately tell her husband, but Sam also stayed in the suite. After all, Sam and Brenda were adults. If they wanted to sleep together, there was little that Sara could do to stop them!

The Parkers had mixed emotions about their daughter's decision to have an abortion. Honestly, they had been relieved that the decision hadn't been up to them. On one hand, they felt sadness at the loss of a potential life, and a potential grandchild. On the other hand, they knew that this wasn't the time for Brenda to have children. Being a parent now would end her college education and greatly reduce the future prospects for her and her children. Far better that Brenda wait until she had been properly educated...and had grown up herself!

Also, Henry and Sara struggled with the moral aspects of the decision. Frankly, they hated the concept of abortion and questioned it's morality. But also, they hated the idea of their daughter ruining her life by having a baby so early. There was simply no right answer!

They were a close couple, so Henry was delighted when his wife finally returned home. It was the longest they had ever been apart. They enjoyed a long night together, trying their best to catch up on all of that lost sex, but inevitably failing.


At the end of that semester, Brenda came home to “face the music” with her parents.

Henry and Sara were actually grownup hippies. They had outgrown most of their hippie ways, but some of those attitudes and ideas remained. For one thing, they had no expectation that Brenda would abstain from sex while at the university. In fact, they knew that Brenda had lost her virginity in high school. They had always been direct with their daughter about such matters. Their problem with Brenda wasn't that she had sex, but that she had broken her promise to always use protection. Also, Brenda confessed that she hadn't always reliably taken her birth control pill, meaning that she had failed to keep that promise also.

Sara had done her best to remain nonjudgmental during Brenda's procedure and recovery, but just before leaving she had sat Brenda down for a serious talk. As always, they parted on good terms, but they also parted with the understanding that Brenda would face a serious spanking when she returned home at the end of the term.


So the big day finally came! At term's end, Brenda packed up and drove home. She looked forward to returning to the womb of her family, but dreaded the spanking she knew she had earned. Likewise, Henry and Sara looked forward to hugging their daughter, but dreaded spanking her.

Although she had no plans to duck that earned spanking, she did throw her parents a “curve ball”. In the passenger seat of her car sat Brenda's boyfriend, Sam!

Although they had only expected Brenda, the parents received the couple joyously. Still, there was bit of awkwardness as Sam and Henry met. Sam dodged any unpleasantness by saying as they met, “Sir, I owe you a huge apology, and I intend to deliver. But let's get one thing straight, we both love Brenda.”

The father responded politely, “Yes, we must talk, but any friend of Brenda's is welcome in this house.”

By previous agreement, nothing would be said that day about Brenda's punishment, so that bit of tension was left for another day.

To nobody's surprise, Sam and Brenda announced their “unofficial engagement” that evening. Their tentative plan was to marry after their sophomore year, and then continue school as a married couple. That put their wedding more than a year in the future. Particularly considering the long engagement period, the Parkers quickly (if not enthusiastically) gave their blessing.

Wisely, the parents allowed the couple to decide their own sleeping arrangements. The second floor of the house contained both Brenda's bedroom and a guest room. Sam and Brenda were adults, so the parents simply ignored the issue.


The next morning after breakfast, Brenda took Sam away to show him off to her friends. Before they left, her parents had a quiet word with her, and asked if she remembered that she had a punishment due. She spoke respectfully, “Oh I remember! I earned it, and I agreed to it, so I know it's going to happen. That usually happens in the evening, will it be tonight?”

“Well yes,” Henry agreed, “But what about Sam?”

Brenda dropped a small bombshell, “Sam knows about my spanking. Daddy, you and him really need to talk, so that's something you can discuss. He won't interfere with my punishment, so please allow him to be present. I want his support. But it's your decision.”


In the early afternoon, Sam and Brenda returned from meeting Brenda's old friends. All of them approved of Sam. To Brenda's pleasure, some seemed downright envious.

Sam sought out Mr. Parker, finding him in the garage, “Sir, can we talk?”

In a deliberate attempt to reduce the tension, Henry produced beers from an old refrigerator. They opened them, and then settled in old chairs. Henry looked at Sam expectantly.

Nervously, Sam started, “Sir, first I wish to humbly apologize. I love your daughter, and feel that it's my place in life to protect her and guide her. Instead I did the opposite. I got her pregnant, and I can't even call it an accident. I made a terrible choice. It was immature, greedy and irresponsible of me to make love to her without a condom. I'm so lucky to have her, so why couldn't I be satisfied to love her safely? I promise you that won't happen again until our marriage.”

Henry took a thoughtful sip before responding, “OK Sam, that puts us on the same page. What's done is done, so let's leave it be. Obviously you and Brenda love each other.”

Sam took a long nervous breath, and then jumped to the next difficult subject, “I feel that I'm more to blame than Brenda for her pregnancy, yet you plan to spank her. I should be punished, not her.”

Henry's face hardened, telling Sam that he wouldn't prevail with that argument. So he braced himself for Henry's rejection, “While I agree with your guilt in this matter, that doesn't excuse Brenda. She not only had promised us that she would take her birth control pills religiously, but she also promised us that she would only have sex with a condom. She broke both of those promises. So while I respect your attempt to take the blame and your apparent offer to take her punishment, that won't happen.”

Sam shrugged, “I didn't didn't really expect that argument to fly, so at minimum I should get the same punishment as her.”

“Perhaps,” Henry agreed, “but you need to talk to your own parents about that.”

Sam finished his beer, giving him a chance to think before speaking, “That won't work. My parents aren't spankers. Allowing me to accept the same punishment as Brenda would show that I’m both remorseful and serious. Also, it would help me with my guilt.”

Over a second beer, the two men continued to talk. Like his wife did earlier, Henry fell under Sam's spell. He liked the young man and instinctively trusted him.

An idea occurred to Henry. He couldn't clear it with Sara in advance, but somehow he knew she would approve. He discussed it with an initially incredulous Sam.

Finally they came to an agreement and sealed it with a third beer. Sam would receive the punishment he requested, along with a bit of training.

Meanwhile, Brenda nervously awaited news of the discussion. There were many possible outcomes, some distinctly bad!

Finally they came in from the garage. Neither man offered any information, but at least they seemed friendly towards each other. Brenda finally got Sam alone to pump him for information, but all he would say was, “You'll be spanked this evening. I'll be allowed to be there when it happens.”


Supper was a quiet affair. Sara tried false cheerfulness, but it fell flat so she gave up. Brenda helped her mother clear the table and then washed dishes. After that, she sat with Sam on the front porch, where they talked about anything except Brenda's coming punishment.

It was barely dusk when Sara stuck her head out the front door, “Go upstairs Brenda, and get ready for bed. Be in the living room by eight.

For the next twenty minutes, Sam sat on the front porch alone. Well not truly alone, he had butterflies in his stomach to keep him company!

Just before eight, Sam went back into the house. He found the shades closed in the living room, and a dining room chair sitting in the middle of the floor. Ominously, a hairbrush was on the chair. Just then, Brenda came down the stairs. She was wearing pajamas and had a “scared little girl” expression on her face. She winced when she saw the hairbrush. Despite their mutual nervousness, Sam thought Brenda looked absolutely darling!

Henry and Sara entered together. They sat together on the couch.

“I want you two to face us,” Henry ordered. Holding hands, the couple stood before Brenda's parents.

The ensuing “talk” was heartfelt. Without yelling, the parents poured out their heartbreak at Sam and Brenda's irresponsibility and the poor choices they had made. There were tears all around. Although they acknowledged Sam's guilt and responsibility, they reserved most of the blame for Brenda. It was Brenda who had broken promises to the parents, not Sam.

Also, they talked about the future. Both Sam and Brenda agreed that they would save unprotected sex for their wedding day. Also, Sam promised to watch Brenda to assure that the took her pills regularly.

“Speaking of Sam keeping an eye on you, that brings up something that your mother and I have been discussing. You need supervision at the university. In the past we couldn't imagine who to trust, but now we have Sam. He got off to a bad start, but he seems to be a nice reliable fellow. Brenda, we suggest that you accept Sam as your disciplinarian while you are at the university.”

Brenda gulped, and her head spun at the possibilities, but she finally agreed.

And then it was time for Brenda's punishment.

“Young lady, prepare yourself,” ordered Henry.

Sadly, Brenda reached to her waist. She pushed her pajama bottoms down beyond her hips. With a little wriggle, she dropped them to the floor. She stepped out, and then picked them up. Sam's eyes widened when he saw that she hadn't bothered with panties.

As she prepared herself, Brenda shed tears, but she also looked at Sam and blushed. The blush wasn't because of her nudity. Brenda's hippie parents had raised her to not be ashamed of her body. To Brenda, nudity wasn't humiliation, but simply part of the spanking process. Actually, the blush was because Sam was about to see her this way for the first time, as a big “little girl” about to be spanked by her parents.

Nude from the waist down, Brenda laid her pajama bottoms on the couch and faced her father.

Henry explained what was about to happen, “Brenda, I will first give you a good sound hand spanking. And then your mother will spank you with the hairbrush.”

Miserably, Brenda nodded her understanding.

Sara stood, leaving Henry alone on the couch. She picked up the hairbrush and then seated herself on the armless dining chair facing the couch.

Henry scooted himself to the middle of the couch and then patted his lap meaningfully. Sara gulped, but then hugged her father and whispered “I'm sorry daddy” before laying across his lap.

Standing awkwardly, Sam saw his fiancee's round bottom in a way that he never had before. Suddenly a whole new world opened to him. Until Henry had mentioned it during their private talk, he had never really considered spanking Brenda.

The young man felt an uncomfortable pressure. Trying not to be obvious, he reached down to adjust himself to accommodate his raging erection.


Before starting, Henry explained to Sam. “This punishment is about a serious matter between Brenda and us. So this spanking will be more than anything you should give Brenda yourself. Normally, two minutes of moderately hard hand spanks to her bare bottom will be sufficient to convey your point to her. Also, we will use a hairbrush, but you use only your hand unless we talk first, understand?”

Wide-eyed, Sam nodded.

“Pay attention to how her bottom changes color.” With those words, Henry wrapped his left arm around Brenda's tiny waist, and then let fly with a flurry of several hard spanks to the fullest part of her bottom.

Brenda bucked and twisted under the assault. Totally mesmerized by the color and motion show that was Brenda's bottom, Sam watched open-mouthed. He saw each buttock flatten in turn, and then ripple and pop back into shape as if competing with the other for more attention.

Brenda quickly became vocal, starting with “Owwww”, progressing to decreasingly coherent apologies and ardent promises, finally regressing to all-out bawling, and then her voice climbed the scale into a full-fledged screech.

Several times Henry paused to offer Sam pointers.

At one point Brenda succumbed to the temptation to reach back. Henry explained that he usually restrained her hand himself, but this time asked Sam to hold Brenda's hands. And then Henry started again, spanking faster and harder.

By the time Henry finally finished his job, Brenda had been spanked bright red from the tops of her buttocks down to almost the hollows of her knees. Sam noticed that as the spanking progressed, Brenda's cries became less loud, and her struggles waned as she approached exhaustion.

His job done, Henry lovingly rubbed the still-blubbering girl between her shoulder blades. “OK honey,” he said heavily, “it's your mother's turn.”

Brenda slowly climbed from her father's lap. By then she had recovered sufficiently to actually thank him and to receive a hug. Then she took the three fateful steps to her mother.

She hugged Sara and mumbled, “I'm sorry mommy. I love you. It's OK to spank me hard.”

And then Brenda laid herself across her mother's lap. Sara threw a leg over the back of Brenda's legs, and then asked Sam to hold her wrists. Still rigid, Sam turned away from Sara as he walked, but he only made his condition more obvious.

Mercifully, Sara did the job quickly and without ceremony, marking Brenda's buttocks and sit spots with that heavy plastic brush. Brenda screamed and bucked as Sam held her wrists tightly. Sara didn't give any special number of spanks, only enough to do the job well. Brenda sobbed for several minutes afterward, but recovered quicker than Sam expected.

Brenda's bottom hurt like hall, but that was partially balanced by the relief she felt that this long-dreaded punishment was finally over. Emotionally, she hugged Sam. She couldn't know, but Sam's tummy now churned harder than ever.

Fortunately Brenda wouldn't have classes any time soon, because sitting would be a painful experience for the next few days.


Once Brenda's sobs had decayed to mere sniffles, Henry spoke to Sam, “Well Sam, you can still change your mind.”

That exchange caught Brenda's attention, and confused her!

Sam responded, “That was certainly sobering to watch, but my mind is made up.”

“OK,” Henry said decisively, “Start by kicking off your shoes, and then remove your pants and underpants.”

Realizing what was happening, Brenda's mouth opened in surprise. “You don't have to do that Sam.” Brenda wailed. “I broke promises to my parents, but you didn't.”

“We can discuss this later,” Sam replied,“but now I have a debt to pay.”

Sam kicked off his shoes, and then looked at Sara and Brenda, obviously reluctant to drop his pants. “Mr. Parker, I've… I've...”

Henry spoke reassuringly, “Yes Sam, you have an erection. It's perfectly normal, so we won't think any less of you. We've all seem them before.”

Sam shrugged, and then lowered his pants and underpants together. At first he turned away, but then he had no choice but to turn back. In the process he displayed the impressive anatomy that had gotten Brenda pregnant.

For the second time that evening, Henry patted his lap. Awkwardly Sam obeyed, laying across the proffered lap.

Henry looked up at Brenda, “Hold your man's hands.”

Red-bottomed and bare-bottomed, Brenda knelt down and firmly locked hands with Sam.

Henry's voice was surprisingly gentle as he explained, “You 'will' cry Sam, so don't bother fighting it. Besides, it will help release your guilt feelings. Try not to struggle, that would only prolong your punishment.”

The spanking that followed was a carbon copy of what Brenda had so recently received, except that Henry started out harder and faster to quickly push Sam over an “emotional cliff”. It worked! Sam kicked, twisted, howled and bawled as Henry spanked his firm bottom and thighs beet red. Bravely, the young man made no attempt to escape from Henry's lap. Brenda held on for all she was worth, restraining Sam from the irresistible urge to reach back.

Henry didn't stop until Sam was finally totally exhausted and complaint. Then he finally released the thoroughly spanked young man. Brenda helped him to his feet, and ardently hugged him. Sam pushed himself free so he could prance and rub his bottom. His erection was obviously history, but his man-parts flopped as he bounced.

Finally he regained control of his facilities.

Never before spanked, Sam was frankly amazed at how much his bottom hurt. But unfortunately, he wasn't done.

With massive self-control, the young man faced Sara, who was still in that chair and still had that hairbrush. “I'm sorry Mrs. Parker. From now on, you can depend on me to properly care for your daughter. I'm ready for the rest of my punishment now.”

Brenda started to protest, but Sara stopped her, “Don't worry Brenda. He isn't as guilty as you, so I only intend to give him a sample of this hairbrush.”

She patted her lap, and then Sam laid across it. She adjusted him, but didn't bother to restrain his legs as she had done with Brenda. Again, Brenda took his hands.

Sam crossed his legs nervously as he waited. He heard Sara's voice. “Henry has already told you to only use your hand on Brenda. But just in case, you need to know what a hairbrush feels like. You'll only get four swats, but they will be memorable ones. OK?”

Sam didn't argue, “Yes Ma-am.”

Slowly, Sara applied one hard swat to the center of each of Sam's muscular buttocks, and then a similar swat to each sit-spot. At each one, Sam yelled and kicked, but then grimly braced himself for the next.

After the fourth swat, Brenda tenderly helped him up. The parents allowed the two lovers to comfort each other briefly. And then, hand-in-hand and with their red bottoms still on display, they were sent to share a corner for the next thirty minutes.

As Sam stood in that corner and held his fiancee's hand, he had a thought that would have been totally foreign to him only that morning, “I wonder how long it will be before she ends up across my lap?”

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