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Pineville High’s Celebrity Student, Part 1

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Pineville High’s Celebrity Student, Part 1

Using forged passes and other scams, the four teen girls had managed to simultaneously disappear from study hall. To avoid discovery, they hid in the Lincoln High School girl's room.

They might have gotten away with it if Nancy hadn't pulled that pack of cigarettes from her purse. From there, one thing led to another. Sue pretended delight at the sight of the forbidden treasure, pretending that she “smoked all the time”. In fact, none of the girls had ever smoked before, and none really wanted to start. But peer pressure is powerful, so soon each girl held a cigarette.

Again, if Nancy hadn't had those matches, the moment would have passed without harm. But Nancy lit her cigarette, and so the die was cast. It took the inexperienced girls several matches to light each cigarette, but finally it was done.

A perceptive observer of the scene might notice that one of the girls was subtly different from the
others. She held her cigarette with the long graceful fingers of a pianist, but seemed a bit needy. In the manner of an inexperienced teen, her desperation to blend into the group instantly set her apart.

The smoke drifted towards a box near the ceiling.


Lincoln High is a sturdy old building in a school district with a perennially tight budget. The building was considered a tinder box so the district wanted to replace it, but funding simply didn't exist. So they had installed a state-of-the-art fire alarm system, had mandated frequent fire drills, and had outlawed all fire hazards. Matches, lighters and cigarettes were high on the “banned” list!

The four girls puffed away on their cigarettes, each pretending enjoyment. However, their coughing was infectious.

When the fire alarm went off, the girls assumed that it was just another drill. They certainly didn't connect it with themselves. So they continued puffing on their cigarettes.

The fire alarm panel informed the Principal that the source of the alarm was in room 102G, the girl's room. Without a thought to his own safety, he grabbed a fire extinguisher, sprinted down the hallway, and burst through the door into the girl's room.

The scene inside the girl's room, coupled with the distinct odor of cigarette smoke, simultaneously calmed his fears and infuriated him. He collared the four miscreants, put out the cigarettes, and then walked them to his office. Just then, fire trucks and police loudly arrived.

The Principal canceled the fire alarm, thanked the responders and then sent them away, restoring calm to the school. Only then did he turn his attentions to Nancy, Sue, Alice and Melva.


At 15, Melva Perkins was a girl who supposedly had everything. She was beautiful, personable, amazingly talented, lived in a happy and devoted family, and she was rich (although her parents unsuccessfully tried to hide that fact from her).

As a toddler, Melva's musical gift had quickly became apparent. At a toy keyboard, she could mimic any tune she heard. First she played with one finger, and then two. Chords quickly followed as the child played on a succession of increasingly sophisticated keyboards.

The purchase of a specialized small-keyboard piano was a financial sacrifice for Melva's parents, but one that repaid them thousands of times over! When Melva was only eight, local piano teachers had nothing more to teach her, and it was obvious that the child was a once-in-a-generation piano prodigy. So her parents invested again to travel to the best master music teachers. Fortunately, Melva learned fast.

She made her way up through increasingly prestigious piano recitals and competitions, where she frequently won out over competitors many times her age. Never a diva, Melva remained unspoiled by her success.

By her early teens, when she finally had the finger span to use a normal-sized keyboard, she was playing professionally. More specifically, she had become a world-known piano soloist. Always accompanied by a parent, she jetted to concerts worldwide, where she played in front of the world's finest orchestras.

Melva's youth, beauty, and her bright but respectful personality made her a darling of the media. That media exposure made her a household name. Network morning shows loved her! They would interview the young lady, showcasing her beauty and bright personality, and then she would play for the TV audience. She even did special performances for the Public Broadcasting System, who cleverly used her popularity to enhance their fund drives.


So now you know about this girl's artistic and professional life. But she also had a healthy home life. Melva had devoted parents who sacrificed their own careers to accommodate the pressures and complications caused by their celebrity daughter.

No “gold-digging” stage parents, Melva's parents avoided the limelight and deposited much of Melva's earnings into a trust fund for her. In certain ways though, Melva's parents were old fashioned. In interviews about her home life, they insisted that Melva was treated as “just one of their children”. Therefore her celebrity status bought her no special privileges at home.

In fact, Melva's parents expected her to shoulder her share of the family's chores; to clean her own bedroom, take her turn at washing dishes, and even take out the garbage.

Another thing that Melva shared with her siblings is family discipline. All rules that apply to her siblings, also apply to Melva. Her parents are firm, perhaps slightly old fashioned, but never harsh or abusive.

This is a spanking story, so it's unsurprising that the Perkins children, including Melva, were familiar with the parental lap. In the Perkins household, spankings were always given privately, but never secretly. The reason for a pending spanking was always carefully explained to all four children, and then the miscreant went into the parental bedroom for punishment. Punishment was usually a hand spanking applied to a bared bottom. The hairbrush was a rarely used option.

Melva was a good kid. Being the oldest, she had had more occasions to learn from her mistakes than her siblings. So of the four children, Melva was spanked the least, typically no more than twice per year. Being the good kid that she is, Melva always accepted her punishments in the spirit that they were given. She hated being spanked, but glowed in the forgiveness afterwords and always tried to do better in the future.


So we have drawn a picture of a beautiful and intelligent young lady who has a promising career at an age when most kids haven't even discovered their own talents. Also, she is happy and secure in her home life.

But there is one thing that Melva hasn't yet achieved, and it forever eats at her. Melva wants to be a normal high school student. She wants to have normal friends and she wants to be treated like everybody else.

She wants those things, but it simply isn't happening for her!


When Melva's piano career had first taken off, she had exchanged school in favor of home schooling with a professional tutor. At first it had seemed wonderfully liberating to ditch the regimentation of the classroom, and it certainly made it easier for her to schedule her piano appearances. But halfway through high school she had a change of heart. Melva loved her glamorous life as a piano celebrity, but she also longed for the normal life of a high school student. Mostly she wanted friends and daily interactions with her contemporaries. For now, her main goal was to have girlfriends to giggle and to share secrets with. But naturally, she also dreamed of boys and a future love life

So at the beginning of her Junior year, Melva enrolled in her local high school. At first everyone seemed excited to have a celebrity student in the school, but all too soon, problems arose.

Almost immediately, other students mistook her shyness for aloofness. She earned an undeserved reputation as an “ice queen”. It didn't help that Melva was no celebrity to her contemporaries. Most of her fans were adults over 60, and the classical music that she loved and played wasn’t familiar to the average high school student. It’s a sad fact of human nature that teens often find it easy to make fun of something they don’t understand. So the poor girl was often razzed in the hallways.

Simply put: In our society, there is a price to be paid for being different. Like it or not, Melva was different.

Naturally Melva gravitated towards her school's music program. This turned out to be a mistake. The school's music teacher quickly established that she had nothing to teach Melva. Instead, Melva tried to coach some of the school's better piano students. This didn't work out! It seems that since Melva's talent was natural, perhaps genetic, it wasn't transferable to others. So Melva was a flop as a coach, a fact that did nothing for her reputation.

It didn't help when a TV network filmed scenes of Melva in class, and then aired a specious “fluff” piece that falsely portrayed Melva as a normal student, loved by all in her school.

Worse, the Principal asked her to appear in the school's annual piano recital. When word somehow leaked to her Twitter fan site, her fans immediately bought all the available tickets. That left few for the friends and family of the other participants to buy. Worse yet, at the recital Melva's fans weren't polite to the other piano players, all of whom were far outclassed by Melva's talent.

Although the recital was a financial boon to the school, everybody realized that Melva's participation in it had been a mistake. The Principal thanked Melva and apologized to her that it hadn't turned out happily. There would be no more school piano recitals involving Melva.


Miserable, Melva simply kept her head down and tried to tough out the school year.

But then a minor miracle happened. Sometimes we don't get to choose our friends, sometimes they choose us! A group of three girls, outcasts themselves, befriended Melva. The trouble was, these girls, Nancy, Sue, and Alice, were considered to be among the school's worst troublemakers. We might be suspicious of the girl's motives, but actually they simply recognized Melva as “one of them”, just another outcast.

The result of this grouping was predictable. Melva, a “good” girl who never before had gotten in trouble at school, ended up in big trouble.


So there she was with her friends, facing a very irate Principal.

Melva was a girl of two minds. She hated being in trouble, and dreaded the inevitable punishment that was due. She had hated the taste of that cigarette. She hated being caught smoking it, and she hated being in the Principal's office. But she loved the fact that her compatriots were in equal trouble and were by her side! Never before had she had an experience like this. It was her private group against the world. Although in serious trouble, Melva never before had felt like such a true member of a group.

So she stood there with her friends as the Principal lectured them about smoking and the associated health and fire risk, and about sneaking out of study hall and about disruption the entire school with the fire alarm. He threatened to expel them, but had already eliminated that as an option. After all, this was a first offense and no real harm had been done.

But as the man lectured the four girls, he worried about Melva, and he considered the intricacies of the school's discipline policies. Boys were easy, he simply spanked or paddled them as he saw fit. But the prescribed corporal punishment for girls was more politically correct because it didn't involve them disrobing or even presenting their nubile little bottoms for punishment. No. Instead he was required to apply a nasty little strap to their palms. The maximum allowed corporal punishment for girls was four strokes to each palm. Smoking in school absolutely merited the maximum!

But surely he couldn't do that to a piano prodigy!

Before deciding on punishment, he checked the four girl's discipline records. Except for a the expected prior issues, he found nothing unusual in the first three girl's records, and no prior issues in Melva's record. But Melva's discipline record was in a red folder, a warning that she had an SDA (Special Disciplinary Arrangement.)
An SDA is a special agreement that certain parents negotiate directly with the school board to secure some individual exception to the school's discipline procedures, usually on medical/psychological grounds. In general, the Principal disliked SDAs because they almost always reduced his authority to discipline affected students, usually by prohibiting corporal punishment altogether. In effect, they created a privileged class of students, exempt from the school's strictest discipline. For this reason, even students tended to be derisive of classmates with an SDA.

Because they might poison his attitude towards a certain student, the Principal always sealed new SDAs in envelopes, never reading them unless a specific situation required it. Thus, he had no idea what was contained in Melva's SDA. So far he only knew that she had one, and therefore her case required special handling.

But today, the Principal was happy to see the SDA, because it would relieve him of the need to make a decision regarding her discipline. But that's when he made an error, he decided to separate Melva from her friends. He would deal with her discipline later.

Unfortunately, a bit of scorn and frustration may have crept into the Principal's voice as he told Melva to wait outside. In a mental fog, Melva obediently left the office to wait on the bench right outside the door.


It was just dawning on Melva why she had been separated from her friends when she heard the first “POP!” inside the office, followed by a shriek. For the next several minutes, Melva sobbed as she listened to the sounds of her three friends being punished. Some of the girls took it better than others, but none took it silently. From the sounds, it was clear to Melva that four swats to the palm was a terribly painful punishment. Finally it was over. Save for a few last sobs, all was quiet in the Principal's office. A few minutes later, three tearful girls emerged from the office, their hands tucked in their armpits. All looked a Melva with hard eyes, as if she had somehow abandoned them. What Sue said broke Melva's heart. “It must be nice to be privileged!”

Then the three marched off to class, leaving Melva shocked and tearful.

Soon the Principal called Melva back into his office. “OK,” the man said, “That takes care of your friends. Now I'll read your SDA and then decide your punishment.”

As Melva watched, the Principal tore open an envelope and inspected the contents. His eyes bulged.

After a long silence, the man whistled before commenting, “I seem to have underestimated your parents. They have protected your hands from punishment, but they've done so at the expense of your bottom!”

He handed her the paper. Knowing her parents, she wasn't shocked by what she read.

1) Due to her piano appearances, under no circumstances should Melva Perkins receive corporal punishment to her hands.

2) Alternatively, the Principal is authorized to punish Melva on her buttocks. Because the strap is normally applied to a girl's bare palms, her buttocks should be bared (using maximum regard for her modesty).

3) The punishment given should be sufficient so that there is no question that Melva has received at least an equivalent to the normal palm punishment. Her parents recommend a brisk hand spanking, followed by application of the girl's strap.

4) A female staff witness is required.

Director Edward Smith

The Principal expected Melva to be horrified by what she read, perhaps to beg for mercy. Instead he was dumfounded by her request.

Please, please Mr. Jenkins, call Nancy, Sue, and Alice back. I deserve punishment as much as they did, but I need them here.”

Wisely, Mr. Jenkins thought carefully before responding. His first impulse had been to simply refuse Melva's plea, but then he remembered how much trouble she seemed to have making friends. So his answer was more reasoned, “Explain please Melva.”

Tearfully, Melva explained how her friends were angry at her because she had been excluded from their punishment. They obviously assumed that she would escape punishment altogether. “Sir, the only way they can know I was punished is for them to see it themselves. Besides, they had each other for support, don't I deserve the same?”

Again, the Principal mulled his options carefully before speaking. Actually Melva had won him over. He now regretted separating Melva from her friends, but he also saw a problem.

Melva, I hear what you are saying, but I'm leery of making your punishment into a public spectacle.”

She easily countered that argument! “Sir, it would be no more “public” than what you just did with them. You punished my three friends all together because they misbehaved together. I'm a member of that same group.”

Well,” he responded, “it's not precisely the same thing because they didn't have to expose any private body parts for their punishments. Still, I see your point. Here's what I'll do. I must call your mother before your punishment. If she agrees, I will call the three girls back to witness your punishment. If she doesn't agree, I will carry out your punishment with only the secretary as witness. In either case, I expect your full cooperation. Do you agree?”

Sobered by unhappy anticipation of what one result of that phone call would be, Melva nodded.


Melva listened nervously as the Principal called her mother, and explained what Melva had done. She knew the conversation would sentence her to another spanking at home, but she had no hope of hiding this incident anyhow, so this simply saved her the problem of breaking the news to her parents. She listened tensely as the Principal asked for permission to have the other girls witness Melva's punishment. If the answer was “no”, Melva intended to beg to be allowed to plead her case directly with her mother, but that wasn't necessary. Although Melva's mother wasn't happy with Melva's choice of friends, she understood how important these friends were to her daughter, so she gave permission.

Melva sagged with relief at the news.

You would think that most girls would be sad, perhaps panicky at the prospect of receiving a bare-bottom spanking, especially with multiple witnesses, but Melva was far more worried about losing her friends than about getting her bottom warmed. She hated being spanked, but she was no stranger to a sore bottom. A bottom always heals, but friends are hard to replace!

By now, the Principal had decided on the particulars of Melva's punishment. In particular, he had thought of a way to give a girl a bare-bottom spanking with maximum modesty.

Melva's school didn't have uniforms, but there was a dress code. For girls, that code specified a loose skirt or dress that extended below the knees. So Melva's loose skirt simplified the problem for the Principal.

He gave Melva three specific instructions. As he spoke, the man couldn't help blushing. But when Melva realized what would be required of her, she blushed even more!

So the sent Melva to his private washroom to “prepare”. As he waited, he called his secretary to have Nancy, Sue, and Alice return to his office immediately. To forestall any unnecessary anxiety, he instructed her to explain that the girls were in no further trouble, he just needed to see them again.


Obviously, stage fright was something that Melva had mastered years ago. She performed before audiences of thousands on a regular basis. But with her spanking imminent, she had a case of the “nervous butterflies”.

With her panties at her knees, Melva sat on the “throne” in the Principal's tiny private bathroom, a place that students seldom entered. It had been difficult, she had to concentrate on relaxing every muscle in her body, but the stream finally started, so she managed to empty her bladder. That took care of the Principal's first instruction.

As she sat, she kicked off her shoes. That took care of the Principal's second instruction.

The Principal's final instruction was the hardest, even though it was simplicity itself because it required her to NOT do something she would normally do automatically. Melva wiped carefully, and then stood without pulling up her panties.
Her skirt fell back into place, concealing the unusual position of her panties. Despite the cover provided by her skirt, Melva somehow felt exposed, naked. Under her skirt, cool breezes swirled around where none should be. Walking awkwardly, taking mincing yet bowlegged steps to assure that her panties didn't fall past her knees, Melva emerged from the tiny bathroom into the Principal's office to find her three friends standing nervously before the great man's desk. The school secretary was also there. The lady's eyes registered surprise as she read what Melva recognized as her SDA.

Trying to act brave, Melva directed a tiny wave and a wane smile in her friend's direction.

The Principal sat behind his desk as usual, but there was a small leather strap atop his desk.

Melva couldn't help staring at that strap! She had never seen it before, but she knew it was the girl's strap and that it was there for her. New butterflies fluttered in her gut, which Melva recognized as mere stage fright. She knew well that once her performance (spanking) started, those butterflies would be forgotten, replaced by far more urgent considerations!


In a calming voice, the Principal reassured the three girls that they weren't in trouble. Then, after clearing his throat he admitted, “I may have given you three girls the wrong impression about Melva. And I likely erred in separating her from you three. That's why I've called you back. She is just as guilty as you three girls, and will be punished. Because her hands are obviously vital to her piano playing, her punishment will be applied differently than yours, but it will be no less painful. In fact, likely worse.”

He took a moment to arrange the scene. First sliding his chair back from his desk, and then motioning Melva to stand next to his right thigh. Then he directed the three girls to stand against the far wall. They would see and hear plenty, but the desk would block some of their direct view. He directed the secretary to a spot where she could view the proceedings and could assist if necessary.

Then he explained to Nancy, Sue, and Alice, “You girls each received four swats with this strap to each bare hand. Instead, Melva will receive hers to her bare bottom.” (He noted the registration of surprise on the girl's faces at the words, “bare bottom”.)

Then he continued, “Folks disagree if a strap hurts more applied to the bottom or to the palms. But when we are done here, you will all agree that Melva has been adequately punished.”

Finally he turned to Melva, “Do you understand why you are about to be punished?”

She tried unsuccessfully to keep a sob from her voice as she answered, “Because I broke school rules by smoking sir.”

He spoke in a firm but surprisingly kind voice, “That's a sufficient answer, you may place yourself across my lap.”

There was a pause while he carefully adjusted her and instructed her to grip the legs of his chair. Finally, he gripped the hem of Melva's skirt. First he lifted it just enough to expose the bunched panties at the backs of Melva's knees, He looked significantly at his secretary, she nodded her understanding. Then he swept the skirt high, uncovering the girl's perfect twin moons, which flared just high enough to jut over the Principal's desk, putting them in view of the three watching girls. Two of the girls put their hands to their mouths at the sight, the other was merely wide-eyed.

Wasting no further time, he gathered the skirt behind her back, using his left hand at her tiny waist to secure both Melva and her skirt. He raised his right hand high, and then began to randomly pepper the girl's budding mounds with moderately hard spanks.

The girls could clearly see the summits of Melva's buttocks as they bounced and rippled and pinkened under the Principal's ministrations.

Mr. Jenkins was an expert spanker. As part of his job, he regularly spanked boys, and he had raised three daughters who were no strangers to his lap. He wasn't one to overly prolong a spanking, nor did he believe in slow “warmups”. So he quickly “dialed up the heat,” spanking harder and working towards an overall bright red hue.

Melva took none of this quietly! At first she merely sobbed, but then she tried apologizing and then begging. Soon she was frankly bawling.

Those panties bunched at Melva's knees served two purposes. For modesty sake, they held her thighs together, plus they also subdued her kicking. But there was nothing to restrain her legs from coming up together, and threatening to curl over her stinging bottom. This happened once. Her legs raised high enough to show the three watching girls that Melva had chosen plain white panties that day. The Principal paused momentarily to urge her legs back down into place. And then he resumed his loud task.

It was a brisk but measured spanking, the work of a true spanking master. After a mere two minutes, he had achieved an overall brilliant red hue all over her buttocks and sit spots, and he could feel her strength start to flag. Also, he could tell by the looks on the girl's faces that none of them would wish to change places with Melva.

With the preliminary work done to his satisfaction, the Principal picked up the strap. He addressed the three girls. “You all felt this strap four times on each hand. Melva will also receive four swats to each side.” At that, he raised the strap high and slashed it down to the summit of Melva's right buttock. Melva shrieked and bucked. After waiting the proper few seconds to assure that she had the opportunity to fully appreciate the sting, he repeated the stroke. She shrieked again.

He directed the next two swats to her right sit spot, and then repeated the treatment with four slow strokes to her firm right buttock.

And then it was over, Melva had received her first school punishment!

The secretary stepped forward to restore the bawling girl's panties, and then the Principal pulled down her skirt hem, fully restoring her modesty. When the time seemed right, he helped Melva to her feet, and then handed her off to the secretary.

It took a few minutes for Melva to calm down enough to get her shoes back on. By then she had used several tissues, but finally had her crying under control.

Speaking with a new gentleness, the Principal told Melva that all was forgiven. “When I see you tomorrow Melva, you won't be the girl I spanked yesterday, you will be the forgiven girl who is starting out with a clean slate. So let's leave this behind us, OK?”

Yes sir,” she sniffed, “I'm sorry sir and you won't have any trouble with me again.”

They shook hands, and then, accompanied by her friends, Melva made her way out the door. They took her to the girl's room to clean her up, where she treated them to a close-up view of the damage.

Fifteen minutes later, all four girls were back in class.

But the incident wasn't yet over. At least, it wasn't for Melva.

You see, Melva still needed to face her parents! 

 To Part 2

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