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On Courting (and spanking) a Christian Girl - Chapter 12

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On Courting (and Spanking) a Christian Girl
Chapter 12 (Song of Solomon)

Dozens of well-wishers followed the newlyweds out of the Fellowship Hall to wave them off, and to enjoy their reactions to their newly decorated car.  After final tearful hugs with parents, Tim and Ruth piled into their borrowed car.  Waving out the windows, they drove off and quickly turned a corner to finally escape together into their new life.

Their first stop came quickly.  They stopped at Ruth’s house to doff their wedding outfits.  In Ruth’s bedroom they undressed together for the first time ever.  As they did, Ruth’s bed seemed to beacon.  They were married now!  It would be perfectly OK for them to get naked and “do it” right there!  But no, consummating their marriage was too important an event to be sealed with a quick roll in the hay.  Ruth was secretly relieved that Tim didn’t suggest that they try, because she wanted time to relax and become properly prepared to receive his large male organ for the first time.  She was still worried that it was too big for her!

They left their wedding clothing on Ruth’s bed for Mrs. Marsh to deal with later.  Their gear was already waiting at the Honeymoon Cottage, so they dressed in casual clothing and each grabbed their overnight bag.  After  removing some of the less secure and more objectionable  “just married” decorations from their car, they were truly off!  


It was a three hour drive to the cottage.  Neither had been there before, but they had a map.  Tim’s parents had recently visited there, and had cleaned, installed fresh linens, stocked the refrigerator, and left the couple’s luggage.  So everything was ready for them.  They only had to carry in their overnight bags.  Tim dropped that white envelope on the dinette table.

The cottage sat by itself in a wooded area, excellent for secluded hiking.  The outside was plain, but the inside was comfortable and homey. 

In one way, the cottage lived up to its name.  Except for an open sleeping loft, it only had one bedroom, and that bedroom contained an enormous bed! 

Neither Tim nor Ruth thought about how many marriages might have been consummated on that bed over the years, because the consummation of their own marriage was on their minds!

They barely took time to look around the cottage before they closed themselves up in the bedroom.  Tenderly and slowly, they undressed each other.  Then finally, after nearly three years as a couple, they were naked in bed together.

They had discussed this, and had vowed to take their time and do it right.  It wasn’t dark outside yet, so plenty of light filtered through the window, showing them every nuance of each other’s body.  They spend the next hour exploring each other’s bodies and kissing each other in previously forbidden places. 

Finally the moment for their merging came.  The practical Mrs. Marsh had warned Ruth to put two towels under her the first time, and had given her a little bottle of K-Y warming liquid to facilitate their first attempts at coitus.     

It went badly at first.  The inexperienced couple found it surprisingly hard to get Tim’s impressive tool in just the right spot and at just the right angle.  They tried unsuccessfully for several minutes!  Soon, they were both giggling at themselves, which actually helped Ruth relax, leading to their ultimate success.

As excited as he was, Tim really tried to be gentle, although it’s questionable how gentle he really was.  Anyhow, Ruth felt a moment of pain, and then they were finally one!

The earth didn’t move for Ruth, and it moved all too soon for Tim.  But they had been warned that the first time would be like that!  But nobody had warned poor Tim that the experience might leave his new wife in tears, and he was horrified at the blood!

It took Ruth a moment to figure out why she was crying, and longer to explain it to Tim.  It was a combination of joy that they were finally free to truly love one another, and relief that she really could accommodate Tim’s unusually large manhood.  Others had assured her that it would be OK, but there was no way for her to truly know until she had tried it!  The blood, she assured Tim, was a one-time thing.

Even though their first time had been far less than perfect, it was memorable and sex would only get better from here!

Naturally, they spent their night together naked in bed.  We need not describe all that happened that night, except to say that it wasn’t particularly restful.  They had forgotten to eat supper the evening before, so they arose early to make breakfast. 

Tim hadn’t noticed exactly when it happened, but that envelope that contained Ruth’s “Envelope Spanking” had been moved.  It had been on the dinette table, but now it sat in the magazine rack.  It wasn’t hidden, it was just out of the way.  So Tim guessed correctly that Ruth simply didn’t want to be continually be reminded of it.

After breakfast, they showered and then returned to bed!

That afternoon they explored the area around the cottage.  There were hiking paths that went off in several different directions.  They had discussed their honeymoon wardrobe, and decided that simpler would be better.  They would wear just enough clothing to avoid embarrassment should they meet someone on the hiking trail.  Tim wore jogging shorts and t-shirt.  At Tim’s request, Ruth wore simple tops and short skirts, even though she usually preferred slacks.  Neither bothered with underwear.  The breeze tickling her bare bottom and private parts under her short skirt made Ruth feel wanton, sexy and alive as never before!     
That evening they dressed in nice clothes and drove to a nearby small town, where the nice lady who owned the Honeymoon Cottage had arranged an excellent supper for them at a superb local restaurant.

It was dark when they arrived back at the Honeymoon Cottage.  There were no street lights for miles, so Tim had to pick his way down the narrow and dark track to find the cottage.   
Finally they parked outside.  They sat and necked quietly in the car for a few moments before Tim announced, “We can’t just stay in bed all the time, so I have something special in mind for this evening.  Do you trust me Ruth?”

What else could she say?  “Of course dear.”

“Do you remember that Drama class we took for an elective?

“Yes,” she said, making it a question.

“Were going to have our own little dramatic presentation, just for the two of us.  It will be more fun if I don’t tell you much ahead of time.  Follow my lead, and we’ll just improvise as we go.  OK?”

Intrigued, Ruth hugged Tim, “OK, I’ll do my best.”

He took her by the arm and led her into the bedroom.  As he did, she had the irreverent thought, “This is different?  We always go to the bedroom!”

“Keep all your clothes on”, Tim ordered, “Your name is Angel, but you’re no angel!  You’re a senior in a strict private high school, and you have just been caught smoking in the girl’s room.  You’re in the school’s outer office, waiting to see the Principal.” 

He pointed to the bedroom door, “That is the door to the Principal’s office.”  Pointing out the clock on the night stand, he spoke firmly, “Young lady, I want you to think about the trouble you’re in and what cigarettes do to your body!  In exactly five minutes you will knock on the Principal’s door.  If Mr. Collins is ready for you, he will call you in.  I would hate to be in your shoes young lady!”

At that, Tim left the bedroom, closing the door behind him.   In the cottage’s common room, Tim quickly rearranged the furniture into the best representation of a Principal’s office he could manage with the time and resources available.

Inside the bedroom, Ruth found her heart racing as she watched the clock.  What was going to happen?   She suspected what Tim had in mind.  It would end with a “fun” spanking?

At the appointed moment, “Angel” (Ruth) knocked.  Tim gruffly called her in. 

In the middle of the living area, she found the Principal, “Mr. Collins” sitting behind his desk.  The Principal looked a lot like Tim, and the desk looked a lot like the dinette table, but Ruth was eager to play along.

Her hands together, her eyes downcast, she walked up to the desk.  “I’m so sorry Mr. Collins.  It will never happen again.  I promise!”

“So you admit it Angel?  We can drop all pretense and agree that you were smoking in the girl’s room?   You of course know that is forbidden!”

Looking down, “Angel” nodded sadly.

“Then we can move right on,” the Principal growled.  He then proceeded to deliver a lecture on the evils of smoking and the fire danger to the school as “Angel” seemed to shrink in mortification.

Then the Principal picked up Angel’s file.  (Never mind that the “file” resembled an old lady’s magazine.)

“I see that this is the third time you have been in here for discipline this semester.  It seems that we will require stronger action to get through to you.”

The girl spoke to the floor, “Yes sir.”

The Principal’s voice boomed, making the poor girl jump, “You are a disgrace to your school uniform, so you don’t deserve to wear it.  Take it off, neatly fold it, and lay it on my desk .”

Mortified, the girl first removed her blouse, exposing a lacy bra.  She folded it and shakily laid it before the great man.  Her skirt followed, exposing panties that were decidedly non-regulation.  He shook his head in disgust, then pointed meaningfully to her shoes.  One foot at a time, she doffed them and slid them under the desk.  The girl stood before her Principal’s desk wearing only her bra and panties.  

He pointed her to a corner, “Put your nose in that corner.  Think about what you did and think about how your bottom is about to feel.”

She begged!  With tears coursing down her cheeks she pleaded,  “No!  Please Mr.  Collins.  If you spank me, my parents will spank me too.  Please!  I’ll do anything!  But please don’t spank me.”

“You should have thought of that before,” he growled,  imperiously pointing her into the corner.


Ruth stood in the corner whilst recalling that her Drama professor frequently talked about “suspension of disbelief”.  She knew perfectly well that she wasn’t really in a Principal’s office, and that no real Principal would make her strip down to bra and panties like this.  But if she didn’t believe any of that was really happening, then why was her heart beating so hard?  And why were her panties so wet?          

Apparently, the Principal was a dirty old man.  He came up behind her and unhooked her bra!  As if that weren’t bad enough, he brazenly pulled down her panties and ordered her to step out!  Fortunately she didn’t have to display herself to the evil man because she was still facing that corner.

Then “Angel’s” knees became weak when she heard the squeak of a chair being dragged into position behind her.  Then the Principal grabbed her by an upper arm!


Tim was enjoying his role as the Principal!  He was especially enjoying the darling sight of “Angel’s” bare backside protruding from the corner.  When he had pulled down her panties, he had almost planted a kiss on Ruth’s bottom, but that would be breaking character!

He could easily have picked up that armless chair to move it into the center of the room, but Tim had a flair for drama.  He knew that if he dragged it, Ruth would recognize that sound for what it was, and grasp its disciplinary portent.

Then, for a bit more drama, he grasped “Angel” firmly by an upper arm and marched the naked girl to the spanking chair.  He sat down and quickly pulled her across his lap.  She barely had time to notice that the “Principal” had stripped down to briefs and T-shirt.

Ruth added a bit of her own drama by kicking and squealing considerably more than necessary.  Tim added his own drama by spanking “Angel’s bottom to a true pink color and until her squirms had become genuine!  There were even a few genuine tears.

Although he was judicious with the power and the tempo of his spanks, he spanked sufficiently hard to momentarily flatten Ruth’s nether globes.  They deliciously jiggled back into their perfect female shape between spanks.  She clenched and wriggled her bottom as the sting built, but some of that action was caused by the aroused young lady hunching herself against Tim’s leg.

Finally Tim dropped the pretense.  He massaged his wife’s bottom as she hunched and squirmed.  Her thighs opened wide, and Tim took the hint, finding her dampness and expertly massaging her special place.  Ruth came quickly and violently.

Moments later, Ruth was in her customary post-spanking position, facing Tim, her thighs astride his lap.  They kissed and embraced for a few moments, but then Ruth pushed herself off his lap and sank to her knees.  She teased his rigid penis from his briefs.  And then for the first time ever, she took him in her mouth.          

Before their marriage, there had been nothing in “The Rules” to specifically prohibit Ruth from giving Tim oral sex, but the couple had agreed that oral sex was a premarital step too far.  But now they were married, so anything goes!

Now it was Tim’s turn to buck and clench as Ruth inexpertly twirled her tongue around the end of his penis.  When she detected the signs of an imminent explosion, she selfishly stopped before it could happen.  She had other plans for that orgasm!

Their role play forgotten, they rushed for the bedroom and an evening of spanking-fueled passion.

Thus ended our newlywed’s first full day in the Honeymoon Cottage.

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