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On Courting (and spanking) a Christian Girl - Chapter 10 (Proverbs)

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On Courting (and Spanking) a Christian Girl 
Chapter 10 (Proverbs)

It was a quiet weekend, only two weeks before Tim and Ruth’s wedding day.  Since it was a weekend, Ruth’s father, John Marsh was home.

Only yesterday, both Tim and Ruth had sat for their last final exams.  Once grades were posted, they would graduate from their community college with 2-year Associate’s degrees.  School next week would consist only of a few administrative details, some social events, and the graduation ceremony itself.

The last few weeks had been hectic and stressful, but now school-caused tension was mostly behind them.  Finally Tim was able to relax, but not so Ruth!  Nervousness over her coming wedding was making her jittery.  One symptom of her stress was her recent tendency to obsess and fret over what Tim considered to be unimportant details of their wedding day, such as the table decorations for the reception. 

So today, Saturday afternoon, Ruth and her mother were working on wedding decorations at the kitchen table.  The men, Tim and John, had been banished to the living room.  This was uncomfortable for Tim, because he was still uneasy around his prospective father-in-law, and found it difficult to make conversation with him.

John Marsh was a big man with an intelligent, handsome face and a commanding personality.  It was easy to see how he had won June as his wife.  Even in his forties, he was still a man who turned female heads.  In the military he had become rock hard.  As a police officer, he used the small gym in the police station to stay in shape.  

At first glance John seemed stern, even dour, but that was just a veneer, an artifact of his decades in police work and his military life before that.  It didn’t help Tim that the entire town looked up to John as something of a local hero.  So Tim remained in awe of John, and secretly thought that he couldn’t possibly have anything to say that John would consider important.     

Despite his tough exterior, John had a massive soft spot for his daughter, and a growing respect for Tim.  So despite the generation gap, both men struggled to find common ground.


Later Tim blamed himself for what happened.  He had noticed Ruth becoming sharp with her mother that day and had meant to pull her aside to warn her and hopefully to calm her, but hadn’t “gotten around to it.”

So Tim was in the living room manfully trying to make conversation with John when he heard Ruth shriek, “Dammit Mom, why do you always treat me like a child!”

Tom and John looked at each other with open mouths!  Never before had Tim ever heard Ruth say a swear word, not even “damn”.  Now she was shrieking it at her mother!

Tim had expected to see anger in John’s face.  What he saw instead was a professional “poker face” cultivated by decades of police work.  John was on his feet before Tim could even move, and seemed to glide into the kitchen.  With surprising gentleness, he professionally separated the combatants before more damage could happen.  After suggesting that his wife retire to the bedroom, he firmly escorted Ruth into the living room.

Rather than immediately scold his stricken daughter, he pointed her to a chair, handed her a Bible, and directed her to read Proverbs 20:20.  Then, saying something about calming down his wife, he left.  But first he firmly instructed Ruth, “Sit right there and memorize that verse.  I’ll be back to deal with you!”   

Almost instantly, Ruth was apologetic, teary faced and contrite.  Her father had removed her from the kitchen so fast that there was nobody for her apologize to but Tim.  She did apologize to Tim, but knew that she still must square things with her parents! 

Always before, on finding himself amid any Marsh family drama, Tim would have considered discreetly leaving.  But Ruth was to be his wife in only a few days.  He and Ruth were already a close couple, so whatever happened to her was Tim’s business.  He resolved to stay unless specifically asked to leave, and perhaps even then!  

Ruth opened the Bible.  Through her tears she found the specified verse, “ Whosoever curseth his father or his mother, his lamp shall be put out in obscure darkness.”  On reading the words, Ruth started bawling.  Although Tim supported Ruth’s parents in this matter, he comforted his fiancé as best he could.  Finally she calmed a bit.

It’s only human that Ruth starting thinking less about what she had done and more about whatever punishment she might be facing.  That made her start crying again!  “Daddy hasn’t spanked me in years,” she bawled, “But I’ll bet he straps me today, or at least spanks me with the hairbrush.  Did you see the look on his face?  How could I be so dumb?  All I had to do was keep my cool for two more weeks!  But no, I had to fly off the handle!  I’m stupid!”  Despite Tim’s comforting embrace, Ruth continued to bawl.

Mr. Marsh came strolling back into the room.  First he quizzed Ruth on the Bible verse.  It’s application to the situation was obvious, so it took little discussion.  Without raising his already commanding voice, John spent only moments scolding his daughter. 

By now, Ruth expected her father to immediately order her to prepare for some memorable bare bottom punishment.  Instead, he told her to “sit tight” and then pulled Tim from the room.


What neither Tim nor Ruth knew was that Mr. Marsh had sworn off spanking Ruth years ago.  His reasons were complicated, but the bottom line was that he was no longer comfortable spanking his daughter.  Ever since her body had started to flower into womanhood, spanking her had felt like incest to him.  So he had quietly handed spanking duties over to his very competent wife, but never saw reason to announce that decision to Ruth!

So even though Ruth expected her father to spank her momentarily, unbeknownst to her, it wouldn’t happen. 


In the kitchen, and out of Ruth’s earshot, Mr. Marsh showed Tim a familiar hairbrush.  It looked curiously small in the big man’s hand.  “You will own this after your marriage.  Use it on my daughter only rarely and with great caution and discretion!”   Tim was already familiar with that brush.  It had been used on his own bottom more than once, plus he had watched Mrs. Marsh use it on Ruth.

Next he handed the brush to Tim with instructions to “try it on himself”.  Cautiously at first, but then more bravely, Tim popped himself on his palm, his hip and finally on his own bottom.  John looked on approvingly.  Apparently satisfied that Tim had a bit of feel for the implement, he took it back.

Finally the subject turned to Ruth’s situation. John carefully explained to Tim that Ruth had two problems.  First, she was stressed out over various pressures, chief of them being anxiety over the huge life change she was about to undergo.  Second, she was feeling terribly guilty over having cussed out her mother.

“Fortunately” John explained, “both of those issues can be fixed by one good spanking.  It will deal with her guilt, and simultaneously trigger the stress relief that she needs.”

By now, Tim had figured out where this conversation was going, John had no intention of spanking his daughter’s bottom.  Instead, as had become usual in the Marsh family, the job would fall to Tim. 

Sure enough, without offering to explain his intensely personal reasons for not spanking his daughter, he asked Tim to please spank Ruth.  As usual, Tim accepted.

John elaborated, “I feel sorry for Ruth and I think I understand what she is going through, but she still needs to be spanked.  Perhaps more importantly, she needs to see herself as having been properly punished so that she can forgive herself for losing her temper at her mother.”

Tim nodded his understanding.

John continued, “Give her a good long spanking until she is bright red, but don’t be overly harsh.  Then hold her in place until she recovers enough to hand you the hairbrush.  Give her the minimum credible spanking with the hairbrush.  Don’t prolong it, but don’t be timid either.  The hairbrush should leave marks that she will feel for a few days.  As few as two or three hard shots to the summit of each buttock and then to each sit spot should do the trick.  Just eight to twelve moderately hard swats quickly applied.  Any questions?”  

By now, Tim had spanked Ruth enough times that he had a good feel for what needed doing, so he nodded confidently.

“Good,” John enthused, “Let’s go see your fiancé.”    


Ruth’s stomach cramped as her father determinedly strode into the living room, followed by Tim.  As always, Ruth found Tim’s presence reassuring, and she was actually relieved to see the hairbrush in her father’s hand.  She took that as a sign that perhaps her bottom might somehow escape the kiss of the belt. 

Without lecturing, Mr. Marsh reminded Ruth of why she was about to be punished, and noted how her misbehavior applied to the Bible verse.  Finally, he allowed Ruth to tearfully apologize, to promise that “it would never happen again”, and finally, to say that she was ready for her punishment.

John Marsh usually spoke with more candor, but today he used a convenient fiction, “Luckily for you young lady, I’ve been called to the police station to deal with an unexpected matter, so Tim will deliver your punishment.  You are to give him your full cooperation!  Understand?”

Almost eagerly, Ruth agreed.

John handed the hairbrush to his daughter, which she received gingerly and unwillingly “Tim has consented to give you one of his usual thorough spankings for me.  You will place this hairbrush on the floor so you can see it while you are being spanked.  After Tim has finished spanking you bright red, you will hand him that hairbrush and ask him to please brand your bottom with it.  Understand?”

Unable to speak due to the lump in her throat, Ruth nodded vigorously, dislodging a few teardrops in the process.    

“After that,” he instructed, “you will apologize to your mother and promise her that it will never happen again.”

To this, Ruth agreed enthusiastically.

Moments later, Tim and Ruth were alone in the living room.  They had heard John’s car leave, but Mrs. Marsh was still “on duty”.   Tim sat on the couch.  Ruth stood tearfully before him, trying to meet his eyes but failing.  Tim began by reminding Ruth that their wedding itself wasn’t terribly important.  It was their life together after the wedding that mattered.  “Our wedding is supposed to be simple Honey.  Our church does it that way purposely.  Please stop trying to complicate it.  Instead, please relax and enjoy it with me!” 

With tears in her eyes, Ruth nodded, “I’m sorry Tim, I guess I went off the rails a bit.  I’m so sorry that I hurt mother.  She’s only tried to help me.  I can’t wait to apologize to her.” 

“Well,” Tim answered, “Let’s get you spanked, and then you can do that.”

“OK,” Ruth agreed in a tiny voice. 

“Tim?” she said.

He raised an eyebrow, inviting her to talk, “I’m glad that you’re going to do this instead of Daddy.” 

“Why?” Tim asked, “Your spanking will be just as hard.”

“I know,” Ruth explained, “and that’s OK because I deserve it.  It’s just that I would rather you undress me rather than Daddy.  Somehow it’s a lot less embarrassing.”

“I guess I can understand that,” Tim agreed. “So shall be start?”

Submissively, Ruth nodded and shuffled slightly closer to facilitate the process.

Knowing what must happen to her, Ruth had already kicked off her shoes.  He started by removing her blouse.  Normally Tim would have removed her pants and panties separately to savor the experience, but on this occasion he felt it more appropriate to drag them down together.  As Ruth pulled her feet from the resulting tangle, she lost one of her socks.  That left her wearing her bra and that one remaining sock.  As before, Tim sent her to the dining room to fetch a chair.  As before, he admired the kinetic retreating view of Ruth’s soon-to-be-livid bottom.

As Ruth dragged the armless chair into the center of the room, Tim met her, holding the hairbrush.  When she released the chair, he handed her the brush and then sat down purposely. 

Following her father’s orders, she laid the hairbrush on the carpet to the left of the chair, directly under where her head would soon be.  She stared at Tim for a moment and asked in a tiny voice, “Can I have a hug first?”

Startled that he had forgotten, Tim wordlessly stood and gathered his young lover into his arms.  As they kissed, his hands traveled down to kneed her firm, bare bottom.   They stood for a long time that way, swaying together slightly, both breathing hard.  Finally Tim’s hands traveled up to Ruth’s shoulder and pushed her gently to arms length.

She looked into his eyes and managed a wry smile, “Time to get to work?”

A sudden lump in his throat, he nodded wordlessly.

“Daddy told  you to mark my bottom with the hairbrush?”

He nodded again.

“Do a good job then, because Mom will definitely see my bottom and there’s no fooling her.  Don’t worry, I earned this, so I won’t blame you.”

He swallowed, finally finding his voice, “OK Honey.  I love you, but the kindest thing I can do is  spank you and get it over with.”

Moments later, Tim was seated on the chair with his nearly naked fiancé in the traditional disciplinary position across his lap.  Feeling that he had already wasted too much time, he started the spanking immediately.  He made the first “layer” of the spanking significantly faster and harder than normal.  Never one to hold back, that resulted in Ruth crying sooner and louder than normal for that part of her spanking, and squirming more energetically, even though she had resolved to cooperate as much as possible.   

By the time Tim paused at the end of the first “layer”, Ruth was crying loudly and nearly out of breath.  As usual, Tim paused to let her breathe and regain her wits.

Before he started again, he made her gasp out a basic explanation of why she was being punished.  When she managed that feat, her reward was the start of the second “layer” of her spanking.  This was faster and harder than before, but still not at Tim’s full strength.  He pinioned her torso tightly, but allowed her legs to kick and scissor freely as he spanked.  As usual, he didn’t confine his spanks to just her buttocks, but included her thighs and upper legs in the action!  Had it been Ruth’s father spanking her rather than Tim, Ruth would likely have held out longer, held her thighs together to preserve her modesty just a bit longer until the sting in her bottom finally overpowered her resolve.  But she had nothing to hide from Tim, therefore she freely allowed her legs to express the pain her bottom was feeling. So Ruth’s anguished throes offered Tim peeks of her most secret places, places that Tim expected to become intimately familiar with after their wedding which was now only two weeks away.

And it wasn’t only Ruth’s legs that expressed the pain and sting that she was feeling.  Against her own will, her body tried to twist and wrench itself away from that punishing hand, but it did so totally ineffectually.  In the process, her bottom clenched, wobbled, flattened, sprang back to shape, assuming ever more brilliant shades of red.  Never one to hold back, Ruth was quite loud, her bawling gradually escalating to something just short of a true shriek.     

By the time Tim was done with the second “layer”, Ruth’s bottom and thighs were livid red.  Laying on the floor where she couldn’t miss it, even through her teary eyes, was that waiting hairbrush!

As usual, the third “layer” of Ruth’s spanking was difficult for both of them.  Tim got no enjoyment from spanking his lover so hard.  As always, he locked down her legs and securely held her right wrist.  She shrieked through the ordeal as he quickly and expertly spanked her bottom to a point just short of bruising.

Then Tim paused for the third time.  Normally this would have been the end of Ruth’s punishment, but today her father had decreed otherwise.  That hairbrush still awaited its chance to visit Ruth’s bottom! 

Tim gave the girl a few moments to catch her breath, but then suggested that she hand him the hairbrush.  He released her wrist to facilitate that task, but otherwise kept her locked in place, a not-so-subtle reminder that her punishment wasn’t yet over.

He spoke mildly but loud enough to penetrate her addled brain, “For your own good Ruth, don’t delay.  Hand me the hairbrush so we can finish this.”

It took three tries, but finally the still bawling girl received the message.  She picked up the dreaded instrument and then shakily, reluctantly, raised it over her shoulder, offering it up to Tim.

He accepted it almost as unwillingly as she offered it.  He thought back to Mr. Marsh’s instructions and formed his strategy.  He wouldn’t prolong her agony.  His job was to give her four bruises, so he resolved to do the job positively and quickly.

Selecting the summit of Ruth’s right buttock as his first target, Tim delivered two modest blows, followed by a single devastating blow, “Pop, Pop, BANG!”.  In response, poor Ruth bucked and screamed.  Tim paused for several seconds to evaluate the results.  When he saw a satisfactory color change, along with a slight frosty-white tinge, Tim knew that he had gotten it right.

 Without warning or further delay, he quickly applied the same treatment to her left buttock and her two sit spots.  The neighbors probably heard Ruth’s vocal reaction, but at least the job was done!  Ruth had been properly punished to her father’s specifications.  Now all that remained was her aftercare and a heartfelt apology to her mother.


Immediately he released his vise-like grip on her torso, and released her legs, announcing that her punishment was over.  But as usual, he kept her across his lap until he was sure she would be steady on her feet.  When he finally allowed her up, she stomped through a brief and awkward dance before crawling up in Tim’s lap and burying her face in his shoulder for a long, soul-cleansing bawl.    

As had become her post-spanking pattern, Ruth sat astride Tim’s lap, facing him.  Her knees rested on the chair seat, keeping pressure off of her livid and mottled bottom.  Tim was painfully aware that his lover was currently attired in only her bra and a single sock.  He also didn’t miss that her naked and spread-open womanly portal was pressed directly over the spot where his penis was doing its painful best to break its way through his zipper!

Before he left, Mr. Marsh had talked to Tim about Ruth’s aftercare, telling him to allow her to “cry it out”.  He was to do nothing to stop her from crying until she was good and ready.  The idea was for her to “get it all out of her system”.  “After she stops crying, she might start talking about her frustrations,” he explained, “That’s a good thing too.  Let it happen.”

He also had told Tim that he and Ruth could enjoy relative privacy in the living room for as long as needed.  “Your ‘talk’ will turn amorous at some point,” he said, “and as long as you stay buttoned and zipped, that’s allowed.  Just don’t rush things.  She needs to dump all those frustrations first, so let her cry and let her vent.  It will be hard, but keep your hands to yourself until she is ready.”

So Tim allowed his fiancee to cry.  In the process his shirt became wet with tears, drool and worse, but he didn’t mind.  He just held her and let her vent.  Then, as John Marsh had predicted, she began to talk, pouring out her frustrations in the process.  By now Tim was almost desperate to love on her, but with almost superhuman effort he held back, offering her nothing more amorous than a peck on the cheek.     

In the end, it was Ruth who initiated the amorous activity.   After she had finally cried herself out, and then talked herself out, her kisses became directed at his mouth rather than just his cheek, and they incorporated just enough tongue to encourage her man.  Still face-to-face on that same chair where she had so recently been spanked, their hugs became ardent and their hands wandered.  Not wanting to rush things, it was a few moments before Tim’s hand found an inviting slippery warmth between her legs.  When she felt that softly exploring finger, Ruth responded like a tigress!


As had become usual when Tim was spanking Ruth, Mrs. Marsh anxiously listened to events from the open door of her bedroom.  Her husband had left her with instructions before departing the house, but June wasn’t totally comfortable with them.  He had told her to “give the kids plenty of time and space to work things out for themselves, especially after the spanking” and to “monitor them just enough to make sure that things don’t get out of hand.”  Unfortunately, these two things were mutually exclusive!

“The Rules,” left Tim and Ruth with no expectation of absolute privacy.  They weren’t allowed behind closed doors or with the lights out.  Therefore, they knew that there was always at least a theoretical possibility that their activities might be observed.  In practice however, Mrs. Marsh had never peeked on the couple in their most intimate moments.

But today would be different.  She had listened to the spanking, and from the sounds it was clear that Tim had done his usual good job.  The hairbrush spanking had been unusually brief, but she knew that had been done according to her husband’s instructions.

After the spanking, she had heard Ruth sob for a long time.  But now, for the last fifteen minutes, the mother had heard only silence.  It was time to check!

Feeling like a voyeur, but accepting this as her job, she walked out into the hallway to peek into the living room.  The spanking chair happened to be facing that doorway, so June Marsh was treated to a red-bottomed rear view of her daughter sitting astride Tim’s lap.  She immediately noticed that the girl was naked save for her bra and one sock.  Strange as it may sound, following a spanking this state of undress was perfectly OK as long as Tim remained thoroughly buttoned and zipped.  

But what caught her eye next was the motion of her daughter’s red bottom!

June caught her breath as she spotted her daughter’s lewd pelvic motions that made her freshly-spanked bottom heave and thrust!  Obviously, her daughter was near orgasm.  At first, she thought that she had been too late, thought that Tim and Ruth were engaged in intercourse.  In short, Mrs. Marsh feared that even after all her hard work and attention, Tim and Ruth wouldn’t be “pure” as they stood before the altar.  Foiled in the last two weeks!

But then to her relief, she noticed that Tim was sitting fairly motionless on the chair.  Looking more carefully between Ruth’s thighs, she saw Tim’s hand working.  They weren’t breaking “The Rules” after all!  Tim and Ruth had preserved their purity!

Further supporting her observation that the couple wasn’t engaged in coitus, Tim’s eyes were focused.  They grew wide for a moment as he noticed Ruth’s mother framed in the doorway.  But then, obviously remembering that he and Ruth weren’t breaking any rules, he shrugged with a wry smile and threw Mrs. Marsh a “thumbs up” with his free hand. 

Greatly relieved, the mother returned the friendly gesture and then disappeared back into her bedroom.  As she walked down the hallway, the gasping sounds of Ruth’s orgasm following her. 


Tim had momentarily panicked when he had looked up to see Mrs. Marsh watching him as he fingered her nearly nude daughter to orgasm.  But then he had remembered that he was doing no wrong, and realized that the lady was merely concerned that they might “go too far”.  So Tim simply acknowledged her presence and continued on with his task.  Ruth, with her back to the door and quite busy,  never had a clue that her mother was there, and Tim never intended to tell her.

Fifteen minutes later, after her second orgasm, Ruth was finally satiated.  They talked for a few quiet moments, and then Tim reminded Ruth that it was time to get on with her apology.  Solemnly, the girl nodded.

Tim raised his voice slightly to call Mrs. Marsh into the living room.  Moments later, she anxiously appeared.  Knowing that she would want to inspect her daughter’s bottom, Tim had kept Ruth on his lap.  Mrs. Marsh checked the damage, whistled, and then complemented Tim for doing a good job.

Stepping stiffly from Tim’s lap, Ruth tenderly hugged her mother and then tearfully apologized.  Both ladies shed a few tears, and then the incident was history.  All was again peaceful in the Marsh household.

Naturally, both ladies recognized that Tim was in a bad way from unrequited arousal.  Shyly, Ruth picked up her clothing.  She started to go into the bathroom to dress, but then realizing that there was nothing further for anyone to see, she shrugged and dressed herself right there in the living room. 

With her mother’s permission, Ruth took Tim by the hand and led him upstairs.  When they returned thirty minutes later, Tim seemed much more relaxed. 

In only two weeks life would change completely for Tim and Ruth.  Two weeks are but a tiny part of their lives, yet these particular two weeks would seemingly take forever!        

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