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On Courting (and spanking) a Christian Girl - Chapter 11

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On Courting (and spanking) a Christian Girl
Chapter 11 (Colossians)

It was Saturday, the day before Tim and Ruth’s wedding.  Naturally, both Tim and Ruth were eager and on edge.  It made things much harder, yet sweeter and more memorable, that the couple had made a solemn pact that neither would have an orgasm for the last week before the great event.  It was worse for Tim.  Lack of release merely made Ruth jittery and served to focus her mind on sex, but Tim’s male physiology worked against him.  Poor Tim was in pain!   

Saturday morning, the couple and their parents met at the church.  They spent nearly two hours setting up the banquet tables in the Fellowship Hall and decorating the hall and the church sanctuary for tomorrow’s wedding and reception.

The Pastor, along and the best man and maid of honor, showed up for a rehearsal just as everyone finished work.  After the rehearsal,  the Pastor and the couple spent an hour together in the Pastor’s study for prayer, reflection, and a final premarital counseling session.  Then everybody met at a local restaurant for a simple rehearsal lunch. 

By church custom, that would be the last time the couple would see each other until Ruth walked down the aisle at her father’s arm to the sounds of the Wedding March.  Both Ruth and Tim would dedicate that last evening to their parents, to mark their last day as their unmarried offspring.  Tim’s parents would take him out to a nice restaurant, but Ruth’s parents would fix a cozy meal at home. 

So the couple parted with mixed feelings.  On one hand they were reluctant to be separated.  But on the other hand, they knew that the next time they met it would be to join together for life!  So Tim left with his parents, and Ruth left with hers. 

When he and his parents returned from their evening meal at the restaurant, Tim could have begged off and retired early, but actually he spent a nice evening reminiscing with them and excitedly discussing his honeymoon plans and his anticipation of newly married life and life as a university student.  His parents were happy and thankful that their son seemed so attentive that evening, but actually part of his motivation was that he was afraid to face a long sleepless night and the temptation from his seemingly permanently aroused condition! 


That night was difficult for both Ruth and Tim, but finally it was over and the big day was upon them.

Tim, along with his wedding party, stood before the congregation.  The piano struck up the Wedding March.  Finally Ruth appeared, a vision in white.  She was wearing a generations-old wedding dress, but rags couldn’t have hid her glowing beauty.

Across the length of the church the lovers locked eyes and smiled at each other.  But as Ruth took her father’s arm and started her march down the aisle, things went tenderly awry.  Ruth started thinking about leaving her parents and how much she loved the man who was walking her down the aisle.  Tears started to flow.  She didn’t understand what an emotional moment this was for her seemingly tough father, who was about to present his only daughter to another man, but the man’s face was also wet with tears.  Viewing this tender scene, Tim had a similar reaction.  In full view of the congregation, tears ran down his face.  The effect spread through the church faster than any contagion.  Soon there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.           

Maintaining a professional detachment, the Pastor dramatically started the wedding service with the immortal words from Genesis, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

Then he went on to praise the couple and gave examples of their devotion to each other over their long engagement.  Mrs. Marsh’s chest swelled in pride as the Pastor praised the couple’s “purity”, a codeword which every adult in the congregation instantly understood meant that both were still virgins.  Then he intoned words from Hebrews, “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.”  Then he made it clear that Tim and Ruth had nothing to fear in that respect!

Both Tim and Ruth had hoped that the Pastor’s mini-sermon would give them time to get their emotions in check before their part came.  But it didn’t happen!  Both of them had to gasp and sob their way through their vows.  They exchanged rings, which were modest silver bands.

Finally the moment came, the Pastor pronounced them Man and Wife!

Tim and Ruth exchanged the traditional kiss, but somehow it didn’t end there.  They embraced.  The rest of the world seemed to fade away from them.  Suddenly they were the only couple in the world!  But actually, they still stood before the entire congregation.  Watching the lovers cling together, many a hanky dabbed at many an eye.  It took a loud throat-clearing from the Pastor to call the couple back from their own little world. 

The receiving line formality went quickly because everyone already knew everybody, and all knew that wonderful food awaited in the Fellowship Hall.


A potluck meal is a wonderful invention!  Each family brought their very best specialty dish and set it on the buffet for all to enjoy.  As usual, there was way too much food!  And not incidentally, the family was spared the expense of a caterer.  The Pastor said grace and then everyone dug in.  Tim and Ruth sat alone at the head table facing the congregation. Unfortunately Ruth was so worried about staining that borrowed heirloom wedding dress that she just picked at her food.  There was a table full of homemade deserts, but even that was redundant because the Marsh family had provided a multi-tiered wedding cake.

Then it was on to the public opening of the wedding gifts.  Since everyone knew that the new couple wouldn’t be actually setting up housekeeping until they graduated from the University, the pile of wrapped gifts was smaller than usual, but there was a basket of envelopes that likely contained much needed cash and checks.

It was well known to both Tim and Ruth that there would likely be at least two events at the reception that were designed to be blush-inducing.  One of them would likely be somewhere in that pile of wrapped gifts.                      

It’s easy to box and wrap a hairbrush so that it’s impossible to guess the contents from the outside.  So when Ruth opened that particular box, she blushed furiously and tried to jam it back in the box before anyone noticed.  Naturally, it didn’t work!  The congregation insisted that she pose with the brush as flashbulbs popped.  Rising to the occasion, she handed to hairbrush to Tim.  “Tim,” she said, “I’m pretty sure that my parents intended for you to take charge of this.”

Tim accepted the object with a shy grin, but every adult in the room, (with the possible exception of Tim’s parents who were guests at that church) knew that the brush was just as likely to visit Tim’s bottom as it was to redden Ruth’s lovely bottom.

Then Ruth had at least one more embarrassing ritual to endure.  It would happen just before they left the reception.  Naturally, Ruth was anxious to leave the reception as soon as she could politely do so.  Her honeymoon and unencumbered erotic togetherness with her new husband beaconed!    But leaving sooner would mean facing that last embarrassment sooner. 

In the end, it wasn’t Ruth’s decision to make.

After all the gifts had been opened, everyone sat back down for wedding cake.  Once the cake had been eaten and the last cup of coffee consumed, the Pastor stood and asked the congregation to form two lines across the hall.

Knowing what was about to happen, Ruth blushed furiously!  Ruth’s parents had momentarily disappeared.  Those two lines of parishioners formed a walkway that led from the newlyweds to a certain door at the opposite end of the hall.   

Everyone grew quiet, expectant.

Ruth parents emerged through that door carrying an envelope on a silver tray.  Ruth knew exactly what it contained; it was her “Envelope Spanking”.

Ceremoniously, Ruth’s parents walked through the walkway formed by the two lines of people, carrying the envelope on the tray.  They stopped in front of the newlywed’s table.  Respectfully, Tim and Ruth stood.

Speaking so that the entire congregation could hear, Mr. Marsh explained the envelope, “Tim, this is Ruth’s ‘Envelope Spanking.’  You may know the custom, but please allow me to explain anyhow.  It is the custom in this church for a bride’s parents to ‘save’ one spanking the future bride has earned so that it can be delivered by her new husband on their honeymoon.  Three months ago, Ruth earned a spanking.  Ruth, myself, and my wife agreed to delay that spanking.  The full particulars of what Ruth did to earn that spanking are in this envelope.” 

“Tim, it will be your job as Ruth’s husband to deliver that spanking for us sometime during your honeymoon.  Don’t be timid, and don’t feel overly sorry for Ruth.  She earned this spanking fair and square, so deliver a full measure of discipline to your new wife’s bottom.”

Then the Pastor stepped forward to speak, “The delivery of the ‘Envelope Spanking’ is a lighthearted part of every wedding reception in this church, but it also has a serious side!  Among other important things, a wedding signifies the moment that a new family is born.  The Bible tells us that the husband is always head of that family, which means that, among other things, he is in charge of discipline.   It is important to establish this relationship early on, so we ask the bride’s parents to ‘save’ one of the last spankings that they would have given their daughter.  Sometime during the honeymoon, the new husband will deliver that spanking to his new bride.  It is important that he deliver it in its entirety, and do it just as hard as the parents would have.  And naturally, he should do it in love, just as her parents would surely have done so.

The Pastor finished with a Bible quote that was familiar to every adult in his congregation, “Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting with the Lord.  Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them.”

At that, he ceremoniously picked up the envelope and handed it to Tim.  “Do you accept this duty Timothy, and will you discharge it in love but also in firmness?”

Tim answered simply, “I will.” 

But by now Tim was very good at reading the emotions behind his new wife’s face.  As Ruth looked at the envelope, he saw something strange in her expression.  Something about that envelope frightened or perhaps saddened her.  He knew that Ruth was brave and accepting about taking punishments that she had earned, so what was her problem?  He would eventually need to get to the bottom of that, but today wasn’t the time.  Tim simply accepted and pocketed the envelope.  

Then the Pastor turned to Ruth, “Ruth, please promise that you will fully accept this punishment that you have earned, and accept it with grace.  Further, I request your promise before God and everybody here that you will insist on a full measure of punishment and do nothing to minimize it or escape it.”

Her face blushing puce, Ruth managed to speak loudly enough to be heard, “Before  God, my parents, and the entire congregation, I promise.”                            

Finally, Tim and Ruth were free to say their goodbyes to friends and family and depart to start their new life!

Momentarily forgotten, the hairbrush remained behind.  Along with the other gifts, it would be collected and safeguarded by their parents for their return from their honeymoon.

But Ruth’s “Envelope Spanking” accompanied them, along with its bit of mystery .

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