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Ellie's First Time

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Ellie's First Time

Due to receive her very first spanking today, poor Ellie has been on “pins and needles” for the last three days. The prospect of being spanked left the lady alternately terrified and curious. She wasn't only terrified of the pain of the spanking, but even more terrified that she might act like a baby, or renege altogether on the punishment she had agreed to. At the same time, she was naturally curious about what a spanking would be like and how she would respond. The reason for the delay was that Ellie had a desk job that came with an unyielding government-supplied chair. Waiting until Friday evening for her spanking would give her bottom the weekend to recover before she must again face that hard chair. Still, she wondered if waiting had been a kindness. Perhaps she should have begged him to punish her immediately? Had she been spanked three days ago, it would be over now!

Ellie is a smart, beautiful and well-educated lady. Her one flaw is a tendency to be financially unreliable and impetuous. Before Ellie and Ed had met, Ellie already had piled up an impressive credit card debt. So when Ed took on Ellie, he also took on her debt. Ed's first response had been to relieve the lady of her credit card! Then they spent a lean year devoting every spare dime of their combined income to paying off Ellie's debt.


Both Ed and Ellie are in the military, but according to regulations their love isn't supposed to be. The issue is simple; Ed is an enlisted man, while Ellie is a commissioned officer. In the military, commissioned officers are not supposed to consort with enlisted personnel. So, if Ed and Ellie's relationship were to come to the official notice of the Army brass, bad things would happen. At minimum, it wouldn’t be career enhancing for either of them. Worse, the Army would likely separate them by transferring one or the other to the other side of the world. But even a court-martial was a theoretical possibility.

Although they wanted little more from life than to be allowed to be together, they had decided that marriage must wait. Marriages are a matter of public documentation that could bring their relationship to official notice.

Should he encounter Ellie on the job, Ed would be obliged by military protocol to salute her, to respectfully call her “ma'am, and to obey her every command. But in the privacy of their apartment, Ed and Ellie are a very normal couple. Ed is nominally the dominant partner, but is no “cave man”. Ellie has say in what the couple does, and isn't afraid to speak her mind.

To hide their relationship they never allow themselves to be seen together in uniform, and are cautious about being seen together when in civilian clothing. In fact, their relationship is only possible because Ed and Ellie work for totally different commands on the base, so nobody at Ellie's command knows Ed. Likewise, Ellie is unknown at Ed's command.

Still; Ellie is so striking a woman, that male (and even female) heads swivel whenever whenever she walks by. Buff from his military training, Ed cuts a pretty sexy figure himself! This makes it difficult for them to blend into a crowd, and makes it more likely that someone might remember them, might figure out their forbidden relationship and then possibly “out” them. So the couple spends much time at home together. But they don't mind! Being together and being left alone is exactly what they want from life. Budget allowing, they compensate by weekending away whenever possible.

Ed is about five years older than Ellie, and so is more experienced in many ways. For one thing, thanks to an earlier “spanko” girlfriend, Ed is experienced at spanking. Although he had loved spanking that lady's bottom, he wasn't exactly a dedicated spanko. Early on, he and Ellie had discussed spanking, but Ellie hadn't seemed interested. That disinterest was only a mild disappointment to Ed because Ellie offered other compensations! Quite sexually uninhibited, Ellie provides her man with plenty enough erotic thrills to keep him satisfied.


Since Ed had considered spanking to be a dead issue between him and Ellie, it was a surprise to him when she had brought up the subject. That had happened in the midst of a “discussion” they were having about her credit card. When, after that year of sacrifice, they had finally cleared her debt, Ellie claimed that she had “learned her lesson” and that it was now safe for her to again carry a credit card. But Ed wasn't easily convinced, and had originally said “no”.

Frustrated, Ellie first protested, but then tried negotiating “Since I know it won't be a problem, let's make some definite rules about what I'm allowed to charge.”

“OK, that's a good start,” Ed agreed, “But what happens when you break a rule?”

“That's obvious,” she offered, “I lose the credit card.”

“Oh I agree about taking your card, but that would still leave us in debt,” he pointed out, “There should be some sanction beyond you simply handing the card back.”

“Since we both know that I'm adult enough to control my spending urges now, let's just say that if I overspend you can not only have my credit card, but you also get to spank me?”

“Get to spank you?” he asked, with heavy and sarcastic emphasis on the “get”.

That confused her a bit, so she asked “What? Did I say something wrong?”

“Well yes,” he explained, “A punishment spanking hurts and it's a serious thing. If I were to give you one of those it would be a duty, not some sort of pleasure.”

“As I recall,” he continued, “Your parents never spanked you. Right?”

“No,” she admitted, “but that doesn't matter, because I'm not going to abuse my credit card, so my bottom will remain quite safe, thank you.”

Although Ellie didn't really want to hear it, Ed insisted on describing what a punishment spanking would be like. It would be bare bottom, and would continue beyond the point where she wanted it to stop, and she would have no control over her punishment. Should she actually earn a spanking, Ed promised to spank her to tears and then beyond. Further, Ed insisted that Ellie must not expect, request, nor accept anything less than her full punishment.

Given Ellie's belief that her days of irresponsible spending were truly behind her, she accepted everything that Ed said. Convinced that Ellie was truly serious about never again abusing her credit card, they shook on the deal. After agreeing on some written rules, rules that included an overt “spanking clause”, Ed ceremoniously handed over her credit card. Ellie accepted with a satisfied smile, favoring Ed with a deep kiss.


This is a spanking story, so you've probably already guessed where this is going! Sure enough, Ellie went several months without the slightest trouble. To her credit, it was by far the longest that Ellie had ever held a credit card without going into debt. Her Waterloo came when her favorite clothing store had a “going out of business” sale. Ellie knew the proprietors, felt sorry for them and wanted to help. Perhaps Ellie could still have avoided disaster if they hadn't been offering such great prices!

At first, she only bought one outfit. Ellie had a monthly budget for personal items, so that wouldn't have been a problem. But then she saw some new stuff that wasn't even on the shelves yet. When they offered Ellie a very special deal on several outfits, she lost it!

The next day, when she came to her senses, she realized that her purchases were nonreturnable. In fact, doubly nonreturnable because she simply couldn't have hurt those nice people. Ellie could have temporarily hidden her monetary indiscretion, but that would have made things worse. So she had to swallow her pride and confess. So that evening she sat Ed down, and managed to hold her tears back almost to the end of her confession. Her voice trembled as she finished with the words, “So I'm ready for my spanking now sir. And naturally, you get my credit card.” Since it reminded them both of their military status, Ellie seldom called Ed “sir”. But in this situation, it seemed natural to both of them.

His response was wise, “Yes, I'll take that card, but let's wait on your spanking. I'm upset just now, so I need to calm down before I punish you. In the meantime, let's figure out a plan to get us out of debt again.”

Ed's caution was wise. Over the next day he thought of that hard office chair at Ellie's desk. He didn't want any questions raised by her squirming, and he certainly didn't want her punishment to conflict with her job performance, so he announced that her spanking would wait until Friday evening. She greeted that news with mixed emotion, but accepted both the wisdom of his thinking and the notion that it was his decision to make.


Waiting for punishment was a whole new experience for Ellie, one that she could have happily done without. One way that she pushed it from her mind was by staying busy at work. Unfortunately when she was home with the person who intended to carry out her spanking, it was impossible to forget. One thing was sure, Ella wouldn't whine, wouldn't appeal to Ed's pity, and wouldn't beg for respite. She had agreed to this spanking. In fact, the whole thing had been her idea. She had even insisted! So the lady was commendably determined to take her medicine.

One laudable thing about Ellie is that she is neither a mysterious person nor a brooder. When something was on her mind, she almost always shared it with Ed. So as Ellie thought up questions or issues about her coming punishment, her response was to simply ask him. Always when discussing her coming spanking, Ellie set the proper submissive tone by using “sir”.

So Ed had to field several interesting questions over the next few days:

“Will I get any certain number of spanks sir?”
“No Honey. It's hard to explain, but I'll know when you've been spanked enough to have learned your lesson. I guarantee that you'll want me to stop long before I actually do!”

“Sir, will I have bruises?”
“I honestly don't know, but I hope not. Everybody is different, it depends on your skin. I'll spank your bottom bright red though. Most of that will go away overnight, but marks may remain.”

“Will you use a paddle or a belt on me sir?”
“Just my hand will do. At least for this time”

“Will you enjoy it sir?”
He sucked air through his teeth at that question! “I'm actually glad you asked, but the answer isn't simple. You see, I love you! So intellectually, I have no desire you cause you pain. But there is a part of my body that isn't very intellectual.

She grinned, “you mean...”

“Yes,” he said, “That! Think of it this way. While I'm spanking you, you will be naked atop my groin and you will have my full attention. Your buns will be be putting on a hell of a show whilst the rest of you is giving me the most energetic lap dance ever. When you think of it that way, how could expect any man to not be aroused?

“I think I understand,” she admitted, “You're saying that you will have mixed emotions.”

“True,” Ed agreed, “But I intend to do a good job. You can expect a memorable spanking! However, don't worry about being injured. Sane spanking is a very safe thing.”

The questions continued through Thursday evening. Ed didn't mind. He recognized them as Ellie's way of dealing with this new stressful situation. There was no reason to keep her punishment a mystery to her.

After work the next Friday, they shared supper preparations as usual. Ed could tell that Ellie was nervous! She tried to cut some vegetables, but was so uncoordinated that he gently took the paring knife away from her, afraid that she might fumble and hurt herself.

He wrapped his arms around her and spoke soothingly, “It's OK Ellie. We both know why you're nervous. You'll learn a hard lesson tonight, but you'll survive. Goodness knows, I was spanked enough growing up. I hated it, but they were good for me.”

“Ed,” she replied, “My biggest fear is that I'm going to act like a baby. So don't feel sorry for me, and just give me what I've earned. But if I beg you to stop, or to ease up, just ignore me, OK sir?”

“Bet on it Honey,” he replied, “I love you, but you're going to receive a serious spanking. It's OK to cry. In fact, I guarantee you will shed the most honest tears of your life! You'll hate it, but once it's over, that's it. Then you'll know that you've been properly punished and totally forgiven. Also, you should have no trouble forgiving yourself. That's the advantage of a spanking. It settles everything quickly.”

Her arms still tightly around him she asked, “OK sir, this contrite lady has just one last question to ask. When does it happen?”

“At bedtime.”

She processed his answer before saying, “OK, but sooner is better. Waiting is hell.”

“You need time to digest supper.” he replied, “But yes, bedtime might come a bit early tonight.”

He added with a thoughtful grin, “You know, I've never spanked a commissioned officer before.”

Ellie smiled at the incongruity, “But you've done many other interesting things with this particular commissioned officer.”

Ed smiled, “Yes I sure have, but those intimacies have been enjoyable things and I hope they continue forever. I hope not to repeat your spanking.”

They hugged.


It was his only concession regarding her punishment: A bit after eight, nearly two hours early, Ed agreed that they could prepare for bed.

In the second year of their relationship, intercourse was no longer a daily event for Ed and Ellie. But still, the couple was constantly intimate via little daily rituals. Among these was that Ed undressed Ellie every night. Tonight would be no different.

As usual, he sat on the edge of the bed and Ellie stood before him to be undressed. Realizing that today was different, because she was being undressed not only for her shower and bedtime, but also for her spanking, Ellie broke the tension with a theatrical put-on of a childish pout. They smiled, and kissed. Starting with her shoes, Ed methodically undressed his woman. As he worked, there were kisses, caresses, and even frank gropes. When naked except for her bra, she turned to present her bra strap. Ignoring the bra for a moment, he addressed her buttocks, kneading, patting, and finally kissing each nether globe. When he finally released her bra, she did a military about face so he could kiss each nipple and then give his naked darling her pre-shower embrace.

Then Ed quickly undressed whilst Ellie started the shower. Soon they were soaping each other.

It was normal for Ed to be somewhat erect at times like this, but today his manhood stood rigid. Ellie naturally noticed. Showing her usual lack of sexual inhibition, she dropped to her knees. Oblivious to the water streaming off her head, she grabbed the object of interest and ran her tongue around its head. Ed's knees felt like rubber! To remove any doubt as to her intentions, she took him briefly deep in her mouth before looking up to say innocently, “May I fix this little problem for you sir?”.

He was tempted! But he somehow felt that it wasn't right to accept such a favor from a lady whom he was about to seriously spank. Further, Ed remembered that “mellow” mood that a guy feels right after an orgasm. He worried that post-coital lassitude would interfere with his duty to properly punish Ellie. So regretfully, Ed told Ellie to “save it until later”, although he was privately afraid that sex wouldn't be an option after Ellie's spanking. If not, after all this stimulation and no relief, Ed could expect a very uncomfortable night. Perhaps even a case of the dreaded “blue balls”!

Ed stepped from the shower whilst Ellie shampooed her golden tresses. It somehow didn't seem decent to spank her while he was nude, so after drying himself he donned pajamas. When Ellie emerged dripping from the shower, Ed tenderly dried her body with a large towel as Ellie dried her hair with a smaller towel.

She looked at his pajamas, not missing the tent at his crotch, “Should I wear something?”

“No,” Ed answered, “Your birthday suit will do.”


Then Ellie looked Ed directly in the eyes. It was a look that Ed had never seen before! It expressed fear, contrition, determination and bravery all at once. “Sir,” she said softly, “I'm ready for my punishment”.

“OK Ellie, grab your pillow and go into the living room.”

Ed grabbed a fresh towel, moistened a wash cloth, and then followed Ellie.

They lived on the top floor of a three story walk-up apartment building. Nobody could peer into their windows, but Ed had already closed the curtains anyhow. The last thing that Ed and Ellie wanted was to call attention to themselves. That's why the pillow! Their neighbors were mostly young couples. The walls were thin, so sounds traveled. It was normal to hear music, couples arguing, and couples making love. They had even heard a few spankings! So a few spanking sounds escaping their apartment wouldn't be noticed. Somebody shrieking in pain however, would be different! So Ed instructed Ellie to use her pillow to muffle any loud noises she might make.

By now, she was shivering from tension. Ed took her in his arms. “It's OK honey. Very shortly your spanking will be history. But it must hurt or we're just wasting our time. Please forgive me when it's over. I will certainly forgive you!”

Ellie's eyes brimmed with tears, “Honey you sacrificed to help me pay my bills, and then I screwed up again. I deserve whatever you give me! So I won't be mad at you.”
Ed had planned to deliver a pre-spanking lecture, but Ellie had proven that her head was already in the right place, so he simply patted his lap. Sadly, the shapely, naked lady bent over and allowed herself to be guided into position, her torso supported by the couch, her face in the pillow, her arms wrapped around it, and her toes dug into the carpet. He reached under her to adjust himself to get her weight off his rigid manhood. His heart thumping wildly, Ed looked down at Ellie's perfect, unblemished bottom.

This traditional position presented Ellie's bottom perfectly. It was high on Ed's right thigh, her already-firm bottom tightened by her bent-over position. Ellie kept her body military-lean, but leanness couldn't hide her feminine curves.

And then he started, “pinking up” her bottom with spanks that barely stung. She wriggled her bottom, but obviously not from pain.

“Don't get hopeful,” he warned, “this is just a warmup. Hard spanks are coming!”

She nodded.

When he had painted a satisfactory patina to her bottom with those light slaps, he moved on to more serious spanks. After a few tries, he found the correct force to apply, just hard enough to build into a maddening sting, but without bruising. Ellie quickly reacted, wriggling urgently, as if trying to fan her increasingly hot bottom. At first she spoke, apologizing for overspending and reacting spontaneously to the harder spanks. Gradually, words left her. Her shoulders shook with sobs, and she merely screeched or grunted at the hardest spanks. Obediently she used the pillow to muffle her voice and absorb her tears. Ed implacably spanked on, his blows maddeningly unpredictable. Soon Ellie openly bawled, and then her voice shrilled as the sting built.

No conscious male could have ignored the show that Ellie bottom put on. Ed certainly didn't! Ellie's firm nether cheeks rippled and jiggled with each blow as their color morphed under Ed's ministrations. As predicted, Ellie was giving Ed an urgent horizontal lap dance as she wriggled, twisted and kicked, all of which contributed to the dazzling show. As Ellie’s legs kicked and scissored with increasing urgency, she showed him her most intimate parts. Naturally Ed had seen it all before, but this view of Ellie's intimacies was from a new perspective! Hands busy hugging that pillow, she never reached back. As Ellie's contortions became urgent, he used his left arm to hold her firmly in place.

Finally, Ed decided it was time to bring Ellie's punishment to a close.

He wasn't quite done, but he paused to ask, “Am I getting through to you Ellie?”


After waiting so long, it was a relief to finally put myself over Ed lap. I hope he didn't notice how turned on I was! I've never felt a mixture of emotions like that. Besides being aroused, I was sad, scared, and embarrassed, but also glad to “get it over”. It's hard to explain, but across Ed's lap I felt safe and loved, almost childlike. In a way the event was even more intimate than having sex with Ed. Isn't that strange?

The first part of the spanking barely hurt. In fact, it made me as hot as Ed! (There's no hiding it, Ed was majorly aroused.) But then his spanks got harder and the sting started to build. I held out as long as I could, but soon I was doing the things that people do when they are being spanked. Yes, I was crying, apologizing, whining, kicking, squirming, and probably more. I couldn't believe the sting! And it seemed to never stop! By then, I was no longer thinking about being aroused, but I wasn't thinking about not being aroused either. That sting just filled my brain and crowded out everything else! Yes, even crowded out something as basic as sex.

Finally, after seemingly spanking me for hours, I realized that he had stopped.

He spoke to me, and insisted that I answer. Finally I managed to “get” what he was saying, “Am I getting through to you Ellie?” I nodded hard! Yes, he was getting through to me! In fact, that spanking had transported my head to a place where it had really needed to go. After accepting this spanking I knew that all would be forgiven between me and Ed. But also important, I would be able to forgive myself!

But I was starting to understand that it wasn't yet over!

When I finally satisfied Ed that he was “getting through to me”, he explained that there was still spanking to come. This was bad news! But my determination to accept my punishment still remained. Then he shifted my position. At first, I was clueless why he did that, because I was still across his lap, but then I realized that my legs were restrained!

“Hug the pillow,” he commanded, “This will hurt, but then it's over.”

That was a puzzler, because my bottom already hurt. How could it get worse?

Still, I obeyed with a groan.

I felt him grip me tightly, and then my bottom erupted in impossible pain as a flurry of fast and hard spanks rained down on my bottom. Desperately, I hugged the pillow to muffle my screeches! I must have fought, bucked and twisted, but was totally helpless. By the time he stopped, I was winded and weak, but it was finally over. I had survived my first spanking!

The moment I had my screeching under control, he helped me up. Some folks do a “spanked brat” dance at that point, but I just wanted to crawl into Ed's lap, hug him tight, and cry on his firm shoulder! A moment ago, Ed had seemed like an implacable authority figure, but now he was totally different. He gently and patiently held me as I cried the poisonous guilt from my system.

When my tears finally abated, Ed led me to bed. He laid me down, produced a jar of cream, and then spoke soothingly as he so-gently rubbed soothing salve into my outraged bottom. I allowed myself a few last tears as Ed rubbed away the sting in my buttocks. The poor man must have been terribly horny, but he made no advances, devoting himself to my aftercare.

Then something unexpected happened. I was hit by a tsunami wave of arousal!

Thinking back, I must have remained physically aroused throughout my punishment. Probably the sensations of my spanking temporarily masked any thoughts of sex, despite my arousal. Imagine a huge wind holding back a wall of water. When that salve took away the worst of my sting, there was nothing to hold back my arousal! My hands snaked into Ed's pajama bottoms to claim the object of my suddenly desperate desire. Naturally, it was already rigid and ready. No longer seeing a reason to hold himself back, Ed responded with understandable alacrity. Perhaps I tore off his pajamas or perhaps he helped, but they were soon gone! In seconds there was nothing between us and nothing holding us back.

Our passions mutually inflamed, our first coupling was quick and urgent. We briefly fumbled to find a position that worked for my sore bottom, ending up on our sides. Afterwards, oblivious to the heat and sweat of our bodies, we hugged tightly. When our breathing finally slowed, we dosed briefly.

The second time was different, different than it had ever been before! At Ed's urging, I was on top. That worked far better for my sore bottom, but the position itself wasn't important. This time was slower, more complete, and we each made sure that the other received satisfaction. But more importantly, this was more than just our bodies melding together. Sex with us had always been good, but this time I felt our bodies and souls also unite in a whole new way. What was the difference? Whatever it was, I liked it!

Afterwards we slept, or perhaps we passed out?

I woke him in the middle of the night in a way that was sure to both please him and make him ready for our third union of the night. The result was sleepy, dreamy, fuzzy sex that I wished could go on forever.

Ed awoke the next morning with a raging “morning glory” erection. This time he totally lead our encounter, doing so masterfully. After it was over, we both felt like the cat who ate the canary. We hadn't had a night like that since the first hormone-filled weeks of our relationship! We had to shower before breakfast to wash the sex off of our bodies.

Never had I felt closer to this man, what was the difference?


We dried each other off and donned robes. Working together, we made breakfast and then sat together enjoying the afterglow from our amazing night.

Then I apologized to Ed. No, I didn't apologize for my spending, I had been punished and already forgiven for that! I apologized for not listening that day when he had tried to talk about spanking. So that opened the door for a discussion about “fun” spankings. He explained how a bit of role play along with a mild spanking could be a huge turn-on for a couple. That 's something I want to try! (Well, after my bottom heals.) We didn't specifically discuss punishment spankings, but somehow I knew that last night wouldn't be my last. As long as Ed is fair, I have no problem with that.

And I finally figured out what the difference is!

You see, I will never be Ed's “yes girl” and certainly never his doormat. I will always have a mind of my own. But last night I surrendered control to Ed in a way I never have before, and I truly liked that feeling.

So what's the difference? Our life together has always been good, but now for the first time ever I finally feel like Ed's wife. And that's a great feeling!

© Guyspencer 2015


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Very enjoyable story. Certainly affected me. Thank you for sharing.

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Awesomely well written story; very believable. Good real type of story that I am sure many spanked women can relate to.

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I must have written "my favorite" on half a dozen stories by now - but it's true! They're *all* my favorites for different reasons. (Although "Backpackers Campsite" is still the *absolute* favorite of my favorites, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.)

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An excellent discourse about intimacy in this story.

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