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The Texas Two-Step

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The Texas Two-Step

In this part of western Texas, Midway is the only town worth mentioning for at least one hundred miles.  The picturesque Mel’s Diner is among the few Midway businesses to survive the competition of the big new Walmart at the edge of town. 

Sitting in a booth at Mel’s, framed by the front picture window, are two classic Texas beauties.  They are in their twenties.  Their tiny waists and their tight denims accentuate their swelling hips and bottoms.  Their bodies seem literally bursting with reproductive promise.  Their western-style tops give them a homey, wholesome look.

Both ladies are in the first lean, formative years of their marriages to hard-working local men.   Deep in conversation, they ignore admiring glances from the diner’s male occupants.

Angela and Velma had recently rediscovered each other and became fast friends.   Classmates in their high school days, the two have reconnected now that they have so much in common.

Meeting is a challenge for the two friends because they each live twenty miles outside of the little town of Midway, but in opposite directions!  But since they both shop in Midway, they simply coordinate their shopping trips to coincide with lunchtime.

Velma is newly pregnant, but Angela and her husband Sam are purposely delaying family matters.         

As usual, the ladies met that day in the aisles at Walmart.  Nobody likes how Walmart has changed Midway and how it has ruined so many local shopkeepers, but that doesn’t stop folks from shopping there.

To save time, they used separate checkout lines.  After helping each other pack groceries into their pickups, it was lunchtime.  Velma had packed a sandwich.  Both on a budget, the two young ladies usually sit in the Walmart café, where they buy only coffee and eat whatever they bring.  But today is different! 

Angela smirked, “Let go to Mel’s Diner.  I’m buying.”

Velma at first demurred, but was easily convinced.  Minutes later, they were ensconced in that front booth in Mel’s.  They both ordered Mel’s signature hamburger, always made from delicious local beef.  Just as Velma was taking her second bite into her five-dollar burger, she asked casually, “What’s the occasion?”

“No occasion,” Angela smiled, “Thanks to the Texas two-step, I have a bit of extra cash.”

“Extra cash” was certainly something that Velma could use, so naturally she asked for an explanation. 

“It’s something I learned at Walmart,” Angela explained.  “When I check out my groceries, I also buy a twenty dollar gift card, and charge everything on my credit card.  Then the clerk cashes the gift card for me and gives me the money!  They call it the “Texas two-step” because it’s a two-step procedure for them.  First they sell you the card, and then they cash it for you.”

Suddenly the hamburger tasted like cardboard in Velma’s mouth.  “But that’s cheating!  Sam isn’t stupid.  Sooner or later he’ll catch on.  Next time I’ll buy my own lunch!”
“Nah,” Angela smiled, “as long as I don’t get too greedy he’ll never know.  Besides, that way I don’t have to hit him up for money so often.  He likes that.”

“He won’t like it when he figures it out.  This can only end one way!”

“What’s that?” Angela asked.

“With you red-bottomed across Sam’s lap, or perhaps even worse!”

“That’ll never happen,” Angela crowed, but her blush revealed her lie.  Had Velma seen the way  Angela’s firm buttocks cringed, it would have revealed even more.

Velma smirked at her friend’s attempt at obfuscation, “Don’t give me that.  We were both raised  Texas-style, and our husbands were too.  Spanking and being spanked is in our blood.   Besides, I’ve seen you wince and squirm when you sit.  We both know that causes that.” 

“OK,” Angela admitted, raising her hands in surrender “Perhaps cheating my budget isn’t the greatest idea in the world, but a girl gets tired of being broke all the time.”


Angela and Sam live on his parent’s 1000-acre ranch.  1000 acres might sound like a palatial spread, but in this part of Texas it rates as tiny.  Their land is too dry to farm, and it isn’t the best grazing land either, which limits the size of their herd.  Fortunately there is a ridge along one edge of the property that Sam’s parents lease out for giant wind turbines.  Their lease income plus what they make from the cattle operation is just enough to support the ranch and Sam’s parents.  Sam and Angela both help on the ranch, but Sam works for a large corporate farm on the bottomland to support himself and Angela.

As the firstborn, Sam will eventually inherit the ranch.  Sam’s parents had scrimped and saved to give his two younger siblings a different birthright, a college education.  Those two have careers in the big city and will likely remain there.

For the first year of their marriage, Sam and Angela had shared the ranch house with Sam’s parents.  But now they finally have their own little place!  It’s in the shade of a clump of trees barely within sight of the main ranch house.  The house is unfinished, little more than a shell with a bathroom and a temporary kitchen.  The “rooms” of their house are marked out on the rough wooden floor in chalk!  Construction on their little place waxes and wanes according to the fortunes of the ranch and Sam’s paycheck.

That little place is Sam and Angela’s starter home, but eventually it will be Sam’s parent’s retirement abode when Sam takes over operation of the ranch and swaps homes with his parents.

Sam has never told his parents why he and Angela had insisted on that particular spot for the house site.  One reason for their choice was that it’s far enough away from the ranch house to give the couple privacy.  Naturally, the shade from the trees is also important.  However the main reason is that as high school seniors, Sam and Angela simultaneously lost their virginity whilst hidden in the shade of those very trees!  


As Sam drove his pickup home from his farm job, he mulled over something.  Their grocery bill wasn’t large, thanks to the family garden and free home-raised beef from his parent’s huge freezer.  So he had noticed the recent up-tick in their weekly grocery bill, adding up to nearly an extra hundred dollars on their monthly credit card bill.  There had also been a recent down-tick in Angela’s usual requests for extra cash.  Now that a coworker had told him of a little scam called the “Texas two-step”, he had put “two plus two” together.  In this case, “two plus two” would likely equal a spanking for Angela!


Angela had long ago put away the food from her shopping trip and stuffed the plastic grocery bags into the trash.  There’s always work to do on a ranch, so she had spent most of the afternoon working in the family garden and caring for the ranch’s three horses.  That left her just time for a bit of house cleaning and supper prep. 

Anywhere you go in this part of Texas seems to take at least an hour, and that includes Sam’s job.  So he arrived home after six.  There, he found a delectable supper waiting for him, along with his even more delectable wife. 

Their little unfinished house was sparsely furnished with hand-me-down furniture.  The one exception was their king-sized bed, a gift from Angela’s parents.  Sam loved his young wife!  Sometimes when he walked in the door after a long hard day, he had trouble choosing between eating supper or snuggling with Angela on that bed!  But today was different.  Today Sam seemed distracted.  Angela questioned him about his day, but Sam said little.

After supper, Sam volunteered to take out the trash.  Angela was pleased, usually he avoided that job.  As he did that chore, she cleared the table and filled the sink to wash dishes.

Outside, Sam looked back to ensure that Angela wasn’t watching.  As he emptied the trash, he checked each of the familiar Walmart bags until he found the one with the cash register receipt scrunched up in the bottom.  He spread it out to see what Angela had purchased that day.  Everything looked normal except the last item, “Walmart Gift Card $20.00".

Thoughtfully, Sam folded and pocketed the receipt.


Sam sat on the couch as Angela dried the last few dishes.  As usual, the moment she was done she curled up on the couch to cuddle with her man.  He kissed her lovingly, but then remarked, “Ugg, I’m nasty.  I’ll take a quick shower and then snuggling with me might be more pleasant.”

Returning his kiss, she replied, “You’re OK as you are Sam, but I’ll await your return.” 

Just before he got up, Sam dropped  the receipt on the couch, making it appear to have fallen from his pocket.  Without looking back, he walked to the bathroom.

Sam had been singing in the shower for a few minutes before Angela noticed the paper on the couch.  At first she ignored it, assuming that it was just some random scrap that needed to be cleaned up.  But then, she curiously picked it up.  Her eyes widened as she recognized it as today’s Walmart receipt.  She was absolutely sure that she had crumpled that receipt and buried it in the trash.  After all, she didn’t want Sam to see it!  Yet here it was, neatly folded on the couch where Sam had just been sitting.

Then, with a start, she remembered Sam offering to take out the trash.  Now she knew she was busted!  That receipt casually left behind had just been Sam’s gentle method of telling her so.  You see, Sam is no screamer.  But his soft-spoken ways should never be mistaken for softness!       
Tears flooded her eyes.  “Dammit!  Why am I always so stupid?”

Sam emerged from the bathroom dressed in clean clothes.  Angela passed him, “I’m taking an early shower too.”

He pecked her on the cheek as she passed, “OK”.


As she showered, Angela worried.  Should she simply confess or wait for him to drag it out of her?  Since Sam obviously knew the truth already, the question answered itself.

Angela was smart enough to realize that Sam had used nonverbal communication to tell her she was busted.  Thus he had neatly avoided a direct conflict, avoiding accusations, recriminations, and possibly even temptation for Angela to lie.  Lying would cost her even more punishment. 

Angela decided to try some nonverbal communication of her own:

Dry but naked, she emerged from the bathroom in all of her curvaceous Texas beauty.  She had Sam’s full attention as she crossed to the dresser.  Opening a lower drawer, she pulled out a hated pair of frumpy pajamas that she reserved for one certain occasion, a punishment spanking.  Without undies, she pulled on the pajamas.  Sam had always said that a punishment spanking shouldn’t be sexy, so they kept those non-glamorous, baggy pajamas for that one duty.

She sat next to her husband, “Thanks for not yelling at me.”

“That’s OK” he replied, “Thanks for making this easy.  Now tell me about the Texas two-step.”

Tears erupted as she confessed her budget-cheating scam.

“How many times did you do it?”

“Five or six, perhaps more.”

“You knew it was wrong...right?”

“Well,” she dissembled, “I invented some good rationalizations, such as I wouldn’t always be bugging you for money.  But yes, I knew it was wrong.”

“If you had tried to lie to me about this, you would have gotten the hairbrush, you know.”

“Gawd Sam, I know!  Both times you’ve spanked me with that thing it was for lying.  The first time we were still living in your folk’s house.  I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life!”   

Hopefully she asked, “So you’re not thinking about using the hairbrush now?”

He had actually been tempted, but Angela’s attitude had convinced him otherwise.  He spoke gently, “It’ll just be a hand spanking this time, but don’t be too happy. You’ve earned a serious spanking and I plan to deliver.”

She hugged him, tears sprouting again.  “That’s fair enough Sam.  I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have done it, but it’s hard being broke all the time.”

“It’s tough sometimes,” Sam agreed, “especially when things break and we can’t afford to fix them.  You know, house construction is keeping us broke right now, but we’re not poor!”  He ticked off on his fingers, “We’ve got no mortgage, we pay no rent, we’ve got no debt, plus much of our food comes from the ranch.  More importantly, we’ve got each other and we’ve got great family backup.  When you think of it that way, we’re doing great.”

She sobbed, “I’m sorry Sam.  I’m a jerk sometimes.  I guess we are lucky after all.”

With effort, she looked him in the eye, “I guess I’m ready for my spanking sir.”

“Not quite yet young lady.  You’ve got an hour of corner time coming, thirty minutes before your spanking, and thirty after.”

“But Sam, you’ve never...”

He cut her off, “But you’ve never embezzled from our budget before have you?  And you’ve done it for over a month.  But if you really don’t want the corner time, perhaps you would rather have the hairbrush?”

“No sir,” she said, looking around urgently, “Which corner?”

With no interior walls, their house had few corners, but he pointed her to the one opposite their bed.

The next thirty minutes was difficult for both of them.  For Angela, it helped that the unfinished corner was at least more interesting than bare walls.  She examined the wood studs, noticing that they were doubled to reinforce the corner of the house.  She had helped staple that insulation between the studs. She memorized the advertising on the insulation’s paper backing. 

Sam picked up a paperback western novel and pretended to read whilst watching the clock. 

It seemed like hours for both of them, but finally the minute hand reached the appointed place.  Angela jumped when Sam broke the silence by calling her over.

With trepidation, Angela made the long walk to stand before her grim faced husband.

Her spanking only moments away, tears welled up in her eyes, “I’m sorry Sam, really I am.  I was wrong and I deserve to be punished.”

“No more cheating on the budget?” he asked, “No more creative bookkeeping?”   

“Never again, I promise,” she sobbed.

He spoke heavily as he reached for the elastic of her pajama bottoms, “Let’s get this over with then.”

She blushed.  After two years of happy marriage, Angela was supremely comfortable parading her shapely naked body in front of her loving husband.  So why did it humiliate her so when he bared her for punishment?  What’s the difference?  Tears ran down both cheeks as her pajama bottoms descended to her knees.

He hugged her, and then gently guided her to his right hip, and thence across his lap.  He wrapped an arm firmly around the small of her back.  His firm hold made her feel trapped, yet safe.

He felt a last-minute need to warn her, “I’ve gotta make this hurt honey.”

“I know Sam, it’s OK.”

Sam and Angela often used spankings as foreplay, especially since they had moved into their own place with its wonderful privacy.  Because most of their spankings are actually pleasurable events, Sam tried to make a sharp distinction on the rare times when he gave Angela an actual punishment spanking.  Those punishment pajamas were part of the distinction.  Unsurprisingly, another distinction was the force of his spanks.

Sam started out with four devastating spanks to each of Angela’s firm buttocks.  She squealed bucked, and then howled as she absorbed the punishment.  Sam’s intention was to push Angela over an emotional cliff, to quickly make her cry.  Perhaps more importantly, he wanted her to hate this spanking from the very beginning.

It worked!  Angela was bucking and wailing long before the eighth spank fell.  And yes, she already hated this spanking!

Without pause, Sam switched to milder spanks delivered at a moderate but relentless pace.  These were harder than “warm up” spanks, their force calculated so that each sting would build on the one before it.  His plan was to keep her crying and to spank her bottom bright red,  but to do so without damaging her bottom.     

This was the longest part of the spanking.  Always keeping the target of his next spank maddeningly unpredictable, he continued it for several minutes as Angela became increasingly loud and her reactions more animated.  At first she merely sobbed, and then she exclaimed, and then, illogically, she tried to bargain for a respite.  Finally, she resorted to begging.  Sam simply ignored it all, implacably punishing her jerking, bouncing, rippling, reddening bottom.  Ultimately words failed her completely.  Her voice became increasingly shrill as she simply wailed and bawled out her pain and distress.    

Another difference between a foreplay spanking and a real punishment spanking is the extent of the target area.  For a foreplay spanking, Sam always confined his attentions to Angela’s buttocks, clearly an erogenous zone for her.  For a punishment spanking, Sam’s target area becomes considerable larger, including the so-called “sit-spots” and even the backs of her thighs. 


In one respect though, this spanking was identical to any other spanking that Sam had ever given Angela.  There was no way that Sam could spank his wife’s perfect bottom without becoming thoroughly aroused!  Today, it had happened the moment that he had seen Angela pull those special “punishment” pajamas out of the drawer. 

Sam felt that a punishment spanking should be a somber occasion, and therefore no place for sexual arousal.  The fact that he invariably became rock-hard was a source of embarrassment and guilt to him.  There really was no way he could hide his condition from Angela.  He worried that she might think he enjoyed causing her pain.

Speaking of pain, that “horizontal mambo” that Angela was doing while laying across his lap was having the dual effect of stimulating his male part into rod-like hardness, at the very same time that her weight painfully crushed it!  

Also, stimulated to near orgasm, Sam wondered if he was thinking straight.  Was he spanking her too hard?  Or on the other hand, was he rushing matters because he was desperate to get his wife into bed?  He concentrated, focusing his mind on his corporal duty.          


Finally, Sam paused.  He waited a few moments for Angela to regain her wits, using the time to critically inspect her livid bottom.

“Are you listening Angela?”  He had to repeat it, but finally she nodded. 

“We’re not done!’  Unhappily, she nodded again.

He continued, “I’ve spared you the scolding this time.  So to ensure that your mind is in the correct place, explain why you are being spanked.”

Simply nodding wouldn’t do this time, so she sobbed out her answer, “Because I cheated on our budget.”

“Excellent!” he said.  “This next part of your spanking will be the hardest, but then we will be done!”

She couldn’t help herself, “Nooooooo!”

Naturally, he paid her no mind.  Starting low on the backs of her thighs, he worked his way up, spanking significantly harder than before.   Angela did her best to keep her legs still for this rough treatment.  Occasionally she failed, but Sam was understanding, urging her back into position.  

It didn’t take him long to work his way up to her “sit spots”, where his spanks became significantly harder.  She shrieked as he quickly but effectively worked on those spots, ensuring that she would remember this spanking whenever she sat for the next few days. 

Then he paused just long enough to trap her legs with one of his.  By now, he had also trapped her errant right hand which had been drifting back towards her bottom. 

By now Angela neared exhaustion, so Sam had no trouble restraining her.  He gave her buttocks the same treatment that he had given her sit spots.  He “branded”“ her with hard spanks, rapidly applied so as not to prolong her agony.

And then he was done.

He carefully inspected his work, and found it good, so he bent over Angela’s still-prone body to mumble calming and forgiving words into her ear.  He held the bawling woman until she came back to herself.   

“I know you will hate this,” Sam told her, “but you still have corner time to do.  The sooner it starts, the sooner it’s over.”

Still blubbering, still miserable, Angela nodded her understanding.  Sam helped her to her feet, and then he pulled her pajama bottoms back up into place, being careful to not drag the elastic over her swollen, livid bottom. 

As he led her to the corner, he gave instructions, “Rub and prance all you want.  Your attention may have drifted during your first corner session, so this time I want you to keep in mind why you were punished and the lesson that you are supposed to be learning OK?”

Still sniffling, Angela replied, “Yes sir.”

Sam put her in the corner, handed her a box of tissues, and then sat.  As before, the next half hour was rough on both of them.  Sam actually picked up his book, but he couldn’t concentrate enough to actually read it.   

Between rubs to her aching bottom, Angela sniffled and blew her nose several times.  She dropped the used tissues on the floor.  She would worry about them tomorrow.    

Sam asked her what she was thinking.  She gave a good answer, “I’m thinking that what I did was dishonest, stupid and greedy.  I’m sorry Honey.  I’ll never do anything like that again.”   

And then it was over.

Sam walked up behind her, turned her around, and gently took her in his arms.  As a symbol of both the end of her punishment and her forgiveness, he gently stripped off her punishment pajamas and left them in the corner along with the used tissues.

There was never any question about their next destination, naturally he led her to the bed!

He pulled back the covers and laid her face down on the sheet.  She sobbed a bit into her pillow as Sam kissed her and whispered forgiving words into her ear.  Finally, when she had quieted, Sam stripped off his own clothes and crawled in next to her.

This was the hard part for Sam!  He was literally vibrating with desire, but he politely waited for her to make the first move.  It wasn’t long in coming, but the delay felt like an eternity!

We needn’t dwell on what followed in that bed, except to say that it was simultaneously healing, satisfying and exhausting!


So we see how a combination of love, atonement and Texas-style discipline worked for this couple. Sam had used the white-hot fire of that spanking to weld up a potential crack in the structure of his and Angela’s marriage.  That same evening, they reinforced that repair with mutual forgiveness, leaving their union stronger than ever.  This could have been a serious row between them, a lasting fracture in their relationship.  But instead, it became a mere one-evening “speed bump” in their life together.         

The future looks bright for Sam and Angela!

© Guyspencer 2015


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