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The Dreamers

© Guyspencer 2015
Author Note:  This story is best read after reading  Before Breakfast .     But with the below excerpt to get you started, it works perfectly well by itself.

 The Dreamers

Excerpt from “BeforeBreakfast
Dana was a smart, happy and obedient girl who occasionally did things that seemed childish and (frankly) stupid.  Thus, she still had a few parental spankings in her future.  In spite of “The Dream”, Dana never sexualized those spankings.  They remained pure punishment, and were always followed by true forgiveness.

But “The Dream”, that erotic vision of some anonymous and aroused young man spanking her bare bottom, kept returning.  At first it bothered and confused the girl, but eventually she accepted it, welcomed it, and even embellished it.  “The Dream” became part of who Dana was, even though her only outlet was her fantasy life.

However, on the other side of town a young man whom Dana didn’t yet know was having similar dreams, only from another perspective.  In his dreams, he was the spanker.  The beautiful young lady he spanked wasn’t quite identifiable, but the man liked to think that he would know her when he met her.

Eventually, if the fates are kind, our two young dreamers will find each other.


For some reason, Dana felt that her “dream spanker” was real and lived nearby. He was about her age, so he was probably a student in a nearby high school. By now, she had concluded that she wouldn't find him in her own school. So Dana did things that might help her find him, wherever he was.

So she joined every intercollegiate activity she could manage, whatever would help her meet students from other schools.

She finally scored at a Junior Chamber of Commerce “Jaycees” meeting. At first she saw nothing special about him, except that he kept staring from across the room. At a break, obviously nervous, he approached and introduced himself. His name was Jim. They talked, then suffered the remainder of the dull meeting together. He offered his phone number. Taking a chance, she reciprocated.

They met at the library, supposedly to discuss a Jaycees project. An outdoor bench was sufficiently public for Dana to feel safe with this unknown young man, yet private enough for talk. Was he the one? Dana didn't know, and didn't dare directly ask. Jim, a senior at a local high school, was more sure that Dana was the object of his dreams, but wasn't foolhardy enough to reveal his most private dream. But still, he obliquely raised the subject of “dreams” twice during their conversation. Each time, Dana's heart raced.

That night, Dana had “The Dream”. It was like before, except now her spanker had Jim's face! That made Dana sure that Jim was her dream spanker. But was he having those dreams too? How could she ask without sounding crazy?

Dating Jim was forbidden until her parents had gotten to know him, so they met twice more at the library. Each time their conversation tiptoed around the subject of “dreams” but both were afraid to directly ask the other about a spanking dream.

But their friendship blossomed. Finally Dana wrangled permission for him to eat supper with her family. Dana's family was naturally suspicious of any new male in Dana's life, particularly a stranger. Dana could only introduce Jim and hope for the best.

That first dinner went well. Dana's father questioned Jim more than Dana was comfortable with, but Jim handled it patiently and made a fair impression. All the time, her big brother sat with a poker face. Obviously he would form his own opinion about Jim.

They were allowed a bit of private time on the front porch before Jim left. By now Dana and Jim had become more comfortable talking about personal subjects. “The Dream” was still off-limits for discussion, so Jim brought up the general subject of spanking, something they both found interesting. They shared tales of their spankings “back when they were kids”.

The stakes increased when Jim asked Dana when her parents had stopped spanking her.

Dana considered lying, or treating the question as a joke, but instead took the plunge. Blushing, she answered, “They haven't stopped yet.”

Then, before he lost his nerve, Jim honestly answered his own question, “Me too.”


It took two more dinners with Dana's family, and discreet checking into Jim's family, before Dana’s parents reluctantly acquiesced to a date. It was to a dance at Dana's school, which afforded them only limited private time, but enough for them to verify their mutual interest in spankings. They shared stories of their family's more recent spankings. Naturally, Jim was unabashedly interested in Dana's family “before breakfast” spanking procedure.

Alone in bed after that date, Jim visualized a naked Dana bent over her father's lap for correction. And then, in his mind's eye, he substituted himself for Dana's father. The picture was identical to his recurring dream.

By now, Jim knew that Dana was the girl he spanked in his dreams. But was Dana having the same dream? He was still afraid to ask!


That night in her bed, Dana allowed her fantasy free reign. She pictured herself naked across Jim's lap. Although Jim was new in her life, she had been dreaming of laying across his lap for the last year. Was he having the same dream? She didn't dare ask!


Finally Dana's parents allowed them out on a real car date. They were supposed to see a movie, get refreshments, and then come straight home. So that she wouldn't have to lie to her parents, they actually went to the movie, but left early. They found a safe spot to park for a private talk. At Dana's insistence, “safe” meant a well-lighted place in town, no lover's lane.

Jim spoke first, “I'm falling for you Dana. It’s like I've known you for years.”

Dana snuggled close to him, “Same here Jim. It's funny you say that, but when I first saw you, I knew you were the man of my dreams.”

Jim's heart rate doubled when she said “same here,” but then redoubled at the word “dreams”.

She chose that moment to bring up an important matter, “Things are happening fast Jim, but one thing we need to get straight. I'll promise to not be a prude. As we get to know and trust each other, we can be more intimate, but will you promise to help me keep my virginity?”

By now convinced that Dana was a spanko just like him, Jim squeezed her hand and said the perfect thing, “OK. No promises about your bottom, but I promise to respect your virginity.”

Dana responded with a hug and offered herself for their first deep kiss, which proved to Jim that he had finally scored. To be fair, that kiss left Jim breathless with arousal, but he meant his pledge about Dana's virginity. He wasn't ready for fatherhood, and would happily settle for spanking rights to her perfect bottom.

There was more action in the car that evening, but little erotic progress beyond more deep kissing and a fondle of Dana's left buttock. Still, the date ended well.

Since they had been mutually honest about both being subject to parental spankings, Jim carefully returned Dana home on time from every date. Jim didn't want to cause her to be spanked by her parents. But it was also a matter of jealousy. Jim wanted her bottom for himself!

As you already know, Dana tends to do the occasional childish or (frankly) stupid thing, so she did end up spanked. We won't dwell on her “crime”, but it was trouble at school, nothing to do with Jim. Witnessed by the secretary as usual, Dana absorbed the school's maximum punishment, six scorchers to her clothed bottom. That hurt! But as usual, much worse awaited her at home.


It was a routine that had happened many times before. To Dana it was embarrassing and (obviously) painful. But the whole family found comfort in this familiar disciplinary routine. After her punishment, Dana would feel forgiven and on a fresh new footing in life. Her family's spankings always happened early the next morning. Before breakfast.

But first Dana suffered through an evening on restriction that featured a tag-team lecture session from her parents. Then she was sent to bed early with an old alarm clock which would remind her of her fate by loudly ticking all night.

Not surprisingly, when she finally, fitfully fell asleep, she had a vivid version of “The Dream”. In this dream, she was naked across Jim's lap as he vigorously took her to task for her misbehavior at school. But each spank pushed her groin against his erection, which made her hotter and hotter. She awoke to find herself damp and with her fingers already working to remedy the situation. Soon she was asleep again. She slept until the clamor of that old clock announced it was time to rise and take a quick shower.

As per her family punishment procedure, Dana's mother met her after her shower with a large bath towel, which Dana wrapped around her damp body. Then she sorrowfully followed her mother to the parental bedroom where her father awaited. After hugs, Dana reluctantly dropped the towel and then quickly laid across her father's lap. Her bottom still showed marks from the Principal's paddle, but that earned her no respite. Soon the house rang with the sounds of Dana's spanking, along with Dana's shrill response to her father's capable but reluctant corporal ministrations.

As usual following a “before breakfast” spanking, Dana sat on a pillow to eat breakfast and then took her sore and squirmy bottom to school. It was a long day, but at least it was Friday and she still had a date with Jim to look forward to.

Because that school incident happened on a Thursday, she had been spanked Friday morning. Dana had been “on restriction” last night, but her spanking marked the end of her punishment. So her weekend wasn't ruined.


Whilst dating that evening, Jim naturally wanted the whole story! Dana didn't hold back, she told him about her trouble at school, about her paddling, and then related every detail of her home punishment. Naturally Jim was keen to see her bottom, but Dana's next statement riveted his attention: “I dreamed about you last night. You bully, you spanked me!” (She left out what she did after that dream.)

Finally Jim had the opening he had been looking for! His heart in his throat, he asked, “Has that ever happened before? I mean, have I ever spanked you in your dreams before?”

“Please don't think I'm crazy,” Dana said hesitantly, “But someone has been spanking me in my dreams for over a year now. Now I know he is you.”

That's when Jim took Dana's hand and explained that he had been having the same dream for about the same period of time. That's what had attracted him to her in the first place, “Besides the fact.” he added, “You're the hottest girl I've ever met. I can't believe you like me. Without the dream, I'd never have introduced myself to you.”

It may sound corny, but that's the moment when Jim and Dana decided that they were truly meant for each other.

Before the evening was over, after reminding him of his promise to help her stay virgin, Dana laid across Jim's lap in the front seat of his car and allowed him his first peak at her bare bottom, which still showed the effects from her paddling and parental spanking.

It was the greatest moment in his young life!


Their love blossomed. High school graduation near, they both applied to the state university. Dana's parents had come to like Jim. But truthfully, Dana and Jim's love was beyond their control, and they were wise enough to see that.

Surprisingly, Dana and Jim stuck to their pledge to keep Dana virgin. That first glimpse of Dana's bottom that Jim had enjoyed on that date wasn't his last however. Dana routinely went over Jim's lap whilst parked in lover's lanes, but lover's lanes aren't private enough for serious spanking.

For her own part, Dana was content to kiss Jim long and deeply. She had allowed him access to her breasts and her bottom, but that was the limit. So far, she hadn't even reached inside Jim's pants, although she often massaged his stiffness from outside them. She had even made him “go off” that way. He hadn't yet petted her to orgasm, but spanking was uppermost on both of their minds anyhow.

So as young lovers do, they plotted their first real assignation. What they planned required a level of privacy that would be difficult to arrange, so they had lots of time to discuss details. Not surprisingly, their plan involved a full enactment of “The Dream”, meaning a real bare-bottom spanking for Dana.

One thing that Dana insisted on was that she have no control over her spanking. “After all,” she argued, “When Daddy spanks me I have no control, so it just wouldn't feel right if I could make you stop. I'll just have to trust you. But please spank me bright red, and until I really cry and struggle.”

Naturally, there were no guarantees that the inexperienced Jim could do a perfect job the first time. Lover's lanes aren't the place for something as loud as a real spanking, but they did essay a few short spankings over the weeks. That at least gave Jim a chance to learn how much force to use, and to learn the feel of his palm striking her bare cheeks.


Finally they got the opportunity they had been waiting for! It would be a Thursday night. Dana's big brother had an evening class, and her parents would take a rare evening out for a show, leaving Dana home alone.

They planned carefully. Jim's car might give him away, so he fixed up his neglected bicycle. It would be an easy bike ride across town.

The big day finally came. After theatrically complaining about her homework, Dana kissed her parents goodbye and then watched them drive away. Then she called Jim's cell phone to summon him. Minutes later, Jim rode up the back alley. He stashed his bicycle behind a hedge in case a stealthy escape were necessary. Dana met him at the back door with a nervous but ardent greeting. As they hugged, she felt his erection. “Remember our deal,” she reminded him, “One of us stays dressed and zipped at all times. Promise?”

“I'm not ready for fatherhood yet,” Jim explained, “But even if I were, I would respect your wishes. You have nothing to fear.”

They hugged again, their hearts literally beating together. And then Dana led him to her bedroom.

Dana had taken some advice from a girlfriend, always a dangerous thing for teens to do where sexual matters are concerned. But in this case, even though it would have horrified Dana's parents, the advice had a certain logic. Dana planned to reduce Jim's sexual tension by “unloading” him.

Jim thought only a spanking was on the agenda, but Dana urged him down on the bed. As you would expect, they “made out” for a few minutes. And then, for the first time ever, Dana unzipped him and gently fished out Jim's rigid male anatomy. This was the first time she had actually touched and seen his penis. Naturally, it was a fascinating sight for the young lady!

Dana had taken an optional “family living” course in school, taught by the school nurse. Although the nurse had stressed the dangers of sex, she had also provided frank information. So when Dana noticed a slight discharge from the end of Jim's penis, she immediately recognized it as “pre-come”, which reminded her of the danger of pregnancy. That reinforced her regard for the nurse's teaching as well as reminded her to be careful.

Jim watched amazed as Dana lubricated his penis with a bit too much baby oil. What happened next was new for both of them. Using both hands, Dana worked inexpertly. Jim kicked, bucked and squirmed almost as if he were being spanked. It didn't take long! Dana was shocked and impressed by the force and quantity of Jim's ejaculation. Remembering that a speck of that goo in the wrong place would ruin her life, she again remembered the nurse's warnings.

The one damp cloth that she had ready wasn't enough, so it took time to get Jim cleaned and zipped. As he recovered, he thanked her profusely and grinned, “That was amazing! Why did you do that?”

“Well, I knew that you would like it. Also, it will 'unload' you for a while to help you keep your pledge.”

“A pledge is a pledge Dana. I won't take your virginity. But wow! I didn't expect that hand job. But now I hope it wasn't the last.”

“Oh no!” Dana replied, “There's more fun ahead. I'll stay virgin, but we can still have fun!”

“Cool” Jim grinned. But then his expression turned somber, “Now shall we deal with our main business?”


Jim sat on the edge of Dana's bed. Dana stood before him, her eyes downcast, but with her stomach seemingly twisting inside her.

She spoke, “I...I...I've been naughty, I deserve to be spanked.

Dana hoped that Jim wouldn't ask about her naughtiness, because it was mostly what she was doing right now!

Jim felt the awkwardness, and shared her nervousness. He thought about lecturing her, but about what? He found the right words. “Are you ready for our dreams to come true?”

Dana nodded, “Yes!” and then continued, “Should I undress or do you wish to do that?”

In answer, he reached out towards her waist. She moved close to facilitate her unveiling.

Dana was dressed for a typical home evening. Freshly showered and barefoot, she wore light slacks and a plain blouse. But underneath were her best bra and panties.

He quickly removed her blouse and slacks, but then caught his breath when he saw her lacy bra and filmy panties. Wisely grasping the greatness of the moment, Jim paused to savor the experience. His hands at her tiny waist, he tenderly kissed her. With his eyes and his lips, he explored her flat tummy, her shallow navel, and the faint trail of silky hair that led down from her navel and disappeared under her panties. The panties were filmy enough to reveal evidence of a thatch of hair down below. His hands roved to cup her buttocks and then down to explore her silky thighs.

His recent release notwithstanding, Jim was again turgid.

He turned her, and then inexpertly unhooked and removed her bra. With her facing him again, he kissed each firm breast. Finally, he lowered her panties and helped her step out.

He caressed her with his eyes. He was sorely tempted to explore the unimaginable treasures hidden by her lowest curls, but he had a spanking to deliver. With a new stern look on his face, he guided her around to his side, and thence across his lap. She went willingly.

From his own experiences with parental discipline, he felt a need to at least state the reason for this spanking, but no logical reason existed. He looked down at a perfect bottom with a deep cleft that he knew led down to unimaginable delights. Looking right yielded a view of her firm, unblemished thighs, while glancing left showed where the top of her cleft gave way to her tiny waist. She had no reason to cry yet, but her shoulders shook slightly, perhaps from tension, fear or emotion?


For the first time ever, Dana lay nude across her boyfriend's lap. This was it! Finally! Her ears rang. Her head rumbled with a stew of conflicting emotions, their sum total powerful enough to make her visibly tremble.

This felt very different from her father's lap. First, her parents would never spank her without a specific and clear reason. But now, Dana felt only a non-specific guilt. In fact, much of that guilt stemmed from wanting to be spanked, and from wanting Jim to do the job!

Can a spanking be sufficient punishment for the “crime” of wanting to be spanked? Dana certainly had no answer to that conundrum, but she knew that this was where she wanted to be.

The second difference between this lap and her father's lap involved that lump she felt right in its middle. The effects from Jim's hand job were wearing off fast!

She felt the first stingy “warmup” spanks patter over her bottom, and used the opportunity to wriggle against that lump, that lump from her dreams!

All too soon, the “warm up” was over, and more serious spanks landed alternately on the meatiest part of her nether cheeks. A familiar sting blossomed. Never before had she welcomed that feeling!

Not wanting to spook Jim into stopping her spanking too soon, Dana tried to absorb the assault quietly, and she managed...for a while anyhow.


Jim enjoyed the color and motion show that was Dana's bottom. As he applied the warm-up spanks, her bottom rippled and colored to a light pink. When he increased the force, each spank flattened a buttock, and then the orb snapped back into shape with a delightful jiggle. Naturally, those harder spanks added color to her bottom.

At first Dana seemed oblivious to her spanking, but inevitably she began to react, first with a side-to-side wiggle as if her bottom were trying to escape his palm, and finally with audible sobs.

Even though he lacked experience, he sensed an imperative to push her over an emotional precipice. So he spanked harder. This quickly got her attention! Dana bucked and squealed. Her legs kicked open, giving him an intimate anatomical peek show.

From there, Jim was totally in control, and Dana had totally “lost it”. She bawled and kicked as he applied the last few spanks to her livid and plunging bottom.

And then it was over! As Jim calmed and soothed the freshly-spanked naked girl on his lap, he had an attack of “spanker's remorse”. Did he go to far? Would she be angry? Did he injure her?

Her actions quickly set his fears to rest.

Once free, the red-bottomed, still-naked, teary-eyed girl climbed into his lap for a final cleansing cry into his shoulder.

Time seemingly stood still as the couple cuddled closer than ever before.

They didn't know it, but the identical thought occupied both their minds;

“Dreams really can come true.”

© Guyspencer 2015


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