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The Panty Choice

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The Panty Choice

Sandy pulled open her panty drawer. She had quite a collection of panties, because every morning the question of what panties to wear required serious consideration by the pretty teen. But today the question would be especially vexing and the possibilities were mind-boggling. You see, Sandy's private Christian school required uniforms. But the school didn't bother specifying regulation underwear for either boys or girls. Therefore, choice of underwear was one of the few ways for a girl to express her personality, even though undies didn't usually show. So that explains Sandy's extensive panty collection.

Sandy had several plain full-coverage panties folded on one side of her drawer. Those were mostly used for a certain time of the month, fortunately not a factor today. Hidden in back, were a pair of flossy G-string panties that she had secretly purchased. Those panties offered an intriguing possibly for today. Smiling wickedly, she dug them out for consideration.

A more conservative choice would be something from her colorful set of “daily” panties. Today was Wednesday, and the panties with “Wednesday” lettered across the rear happened to be bright red. For reasons that will soon become clear, she decided that red panties might be a bit too appropriate.

A pair of full-coverage but very sheer panties caught her eye. Those were a definite possibility! That they were two sizes too small to properly contain her flowering bottom only increased their charm. She tried them on and then looked at her firm little sixteen-year-old body in the mirror. No! They wouldn't do. The leg holes were too tight, causing huge panty lines, even though they molded her buttocks beautifully. Since her school uniform featured a loose skirt and a required slip, panty lines usually weren't a consideration, but today was different.

Today was different because something would happen that she had mixed feelings about. This afternoon, she had an appointment with that dreamy Mr. Russell, her school's guidance counselor. He had scheduled it for her usual study hall period. It was almost a sure bet that Mr. Russel would first scold her for sneaking out on yesterday's last period cheer meeting, and then he would spank her for truancy!


Sandy had no love of spankings. Her father had spanked her bare bottom last night after she had reluctantly handed over the letter from Mr. Russell. She had blubbered and screeched and kicked her way through that spanking. But afterwards, her parents had hugged and kissed her tears away. This morning, she couldn't detect any redness remaining in her bottom. In retrospect, she decided that her punishment had been fair enough.

But now she likely had one more spanking coming. She had never been spanked by Mr. Russell, but knew people who had. In accordance with school rules, he used only his hand. Boys had to drop their britches, but retained their underpants. For girls it was easier. Girls simply laid across his lap fully clothed, and then he flipped up their skirt and slip to expose their panty-clad bottoms for correction. Everybody agreed, he spanked hard! Few wanted to repeat the experience.

Honestly, she dreaded being spanked by Mr. Russell and was terribly afraid that she would blubber and act like a baby. But that's where her fantasy kicked in! Would he comfort her after her spanking? Just the thought of a hug from him made her swoon. Imagine if she could lay her head on his manly chest! Could it be the start of something bigger between them?

Also, since her spanking was bound to happen anyhow, how could she get Mr. Russell to notice her? Since she had to wear her school uniform, that only left her one fashion choice, her choice of panties. Normally it wouldn't really matter what panties she wore because only she saw them. But today was different, because today he would see them, even touch them. So today's choice of panties was crucial!


Mr. Russell was actually only a few years older than many of the students he worked with. He was a handsome young fellow, recently graduated from a Protestant seminary. He called his job a “ministry”, but actually it was just a job. Being a small religious school, his counseling duties included both academic and religious counseling, plus he served as the school's “enforcer”. As such, he often prowled the campus on his golf cart, keeping order and enforcing the school's rules. His duties included being the school's designated spanker.

He hoped to be Pastor of a big church some day, but for now this job sufficed. The school administration was actually delighted with his effectiveness. He had replaced an older sour-faced fellow who was ineffective because the students hated him so much that they wouldn't listen to him. They even plotted against the old fellow!

In contrast, perhaps because he was so young, the students wanted to please Mr. Russell. He got along OK with the boys, but he was aware that some of the girls liked him too much! Part of his allure was that Mr. Russell was not only “hot” looking and personable, but also unmarried.

Fortunately, the school had a rather comprehensive rule book. This made life easy for Mr. Russell because all he had to do was follow it. He pursued his “enforcer” duties with dedication and firmness, but also with a disarming smile and a friendly manner that told students that it was “nothing personal”.

He wasn't totally comfortable with his spanking duties, but that wasn't all bad. When he confided that to the Principal, the man had told him that he would rather have someone uncomfortable. So Mr. Russell did his best to be fair, but always went “by the book”.

With the optimism of youth, Sandy had honestly expected to get away with it. There was a big football game coming, the official homecoming game. It would be a hard-fought affair against another nearby Christian school, a long-term rival. So Tuesday the school canceled the last class period in favor of a Cheer assembly. Everyone was supposed to gather in the gymnasium bleachers to pump up enthusiasm for the coming game. The cheerleaders would show off their newest moves, the team would appear in full football dress, the coach would speak, and the band would play fight songs. Sandy, not a sports lover, found it all boring.

Having attended these things in the past, Sandy knew that all staff and students were required to attend. Since the assembly happened on school time, why not? But these were casual events. Students could sit wherever they liked and nobody took attendance. So it would be a simple matter to sneak off campus. Yes, that would technically make her a truant, but what were her chances of getting caught? It wouldn't be as if nobody had done it before! She had several friends who claimed to have successfully bunked off from assemblies. She had never heard of any of them being caught. And what's the worse thing that could happen to her? Sandy decided not to think about that!

So she tried it.

At the end of the seventh period, the Principal announced on the PA system that everyone should report to the gym for the cheer assembly. It would commence immediately after the eighth period bell.

Sandy gathered her books and then followed the crowd in the direction of the gym. She made a detour into the girl's room and then slipped into a stall to await her chance. Moments after the bell rang, all was quiet. Sandy emerged from the girl's room, looked around carefully to assure she was alone, and then carefully made her way to the rear of the campus. The instant that she walked out the pedestrian gate into the street, she officially became a truant. Sandy had never felt so free in her life!

She was still silently congratulating herself on the perfect crime when she heard a hum behind her. It was Mr. Russell's golf cart coming down the street! Running was out of the question, Sandy was no athlete.

“I figured someone would try it, so I watched,” he explained with an apologetic shrug and his usual disarming smile. “Sandy, I'm afraid that you have broken one of the school's biggest rules.”


So Sandy received an unwelcome golf cart ride. Mr. Russell drove her around to the front of the campus and through the front gate. With his hand firmly on her shoulder, he led her into his office. It was late in the day, plus there was no witness available for a spanking, so Mr. Russell gave Sandy that appointment for tomorrow afternoon to “discuss this incident.” She knew full well that the “discussion” would include a spanking.

Perhaps worse, he sent Sandy home with a note to be signed and returned tomorrow. Sandy had no doubt that would earn her a spanking at home that evening.

And sure enough, she was spanked that evening. The girl went to bed with a modestly sore bottom and a few last tears. She slept fitfully, her mind filled with thoughts of her meeting tomorrow with Mr. Russell.

So that brings us back to Wednesday morning, and back to Sandy, who is still standing undecided in front of that panty drawer. Time was short, she must make her choice.

None of her panties were thick enough to offer any credible protection to her bottom, and surely Mr. Russell wouldn't allow multiple pair, so protecting her bottom wasn't a consideration.

It was something that Evelyn Jones had told her that tipped the balance of Sandy's decision: Evelyn had been spanked by Mr. Russell on a day that she happened to be sporting a pair of very brief, sexy panties. As it turned out, Mr. Russell had simply delivered the rule-mandated spanking to her barely-covered nether cheeks without commenting on her panty choice. The girls had discussed this, and decided that Mr. Russell hadn't commented simply because he relied on the rulebook, but the book contained no rules regarding panties.

Tempted, Sandy fingered the G-string panties again.

If Sandy truly wanted Mr. Russell to notice her, then she must outdo Evelyn.

So Sandy made her choice. It was a choice that any responsible adult would feel duty bound to tell her was absolutely the wrong choice! Yet, decades later the adult Sandy would still think back and smile at her audacious act that morning.

You see, Sandy chose to go to school that morning wearing no panties at all.

© Guyspencer 2015


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This story needs a part two. What reaction did she receive? Did she enjoy or disdain the experience of being spanked on the bare?

12:36 AM, November 10, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A perfect short story with an open end, which let us dream about the further events. I guess,Sandy is Mrs. Russell when she thinks back to that morning.

5:27 PM, December 08, 2015  

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