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Punishment Day

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Punishment Day

It's Friday in the dusty little town of Independence Texas. In the town's Sheriff's office, two men sharing a jail cell have just finished breakfast. Although friends, they had been arrested after a drunken fight two days ago, an argument over a saloon lady who couldn't care less. Normally a saloon brawl would be beneath the Sheriff’s attention, but this one caused enough damage that the men, ordinary cowboys, couldn't possibly pay for it. So today, Punishment Day, it would come out of their hides!

If all goes well, Hank and Clint will be released this afternoon. Released shortly after their public thrashing, that is.

Deputy Beverly Birch suddenly loomed outside their cell, “OK boys,” she said in her brassy voice, “Let's get you two ready. Get those clothes off and push them through the bars. When I return, I'd better see two swinging dicks inside that cell and two piles of clothes on the floor outside it. That is, if you know what's good for you!


Beverly Birch, (called “Beverly Bitch” behind her back, but never to her face) represented a huge anomaly in 1920's Texas. Initially hired as the Sheriff's clerk, she had been issued a badge only so she could officially assist with the town's occasional female prisoner. But in a mere two years, she had managed something unthinkable for the times, she had become a full-fledged deputy sheriff. In fact, to everybody's surprise (especially the Sheriff's) she had become the Sheriff's “right hand man”!

Beverly was tall, buxom, blond, and brash. Beautiful in a meaty, earthy, Amazonian sort of way, she had a personality so forceful that arguably she needed no gun to do her job. But that didn't stop her from carrying one on each hip! Another memorable thing about Beverly was the way she dressed. Woman's Deputy uniforms were rarer than female deputies, so she dressed like a man. But underneath that outer layer of apparent masculinity, Beverly was all woman! In fact, she loved the secret joke of wearing frilly things under her male clothes.

Lesbians existed even in the 1920's. From her brash personality and male clothing, many at first pegged Beverly as one of “those” women. But then she married Tom Birch, the town's banker. Soon it became apparent that he was the luckiest man in town. Two years later, the man remained totally smitten with her, his face frozen into the happily dazed look of a sexually-satiated man. But the Sheriff's trained eye noticed something else about Tom, sometimes he walked stiffly and sat carefully. Sheriff Thompson become convinced that Tom was regularly spanked by his wife, Deputy Birch.

The Sheriff was a broad minded fellow. So whatever made Tom and Deputy Birch happy suited him. But that gave him a germ of an idea...


In 1920's rural Texas, justice was still a simple concept. Many of the town's minor offenders needed only a day or two in jail to set them straight. Really serious criminality was rare in Independence, but those people were shipped away to the state prison. Unfortunately, that left a large middle ground of troublemakers and petty criminals. Independence's primitive jail was no more than a short term holding facility. So decades ago the town had developed a tradition known as “Punishment Day”, wherein certain prisoners were paraded nude to the town square at Friday noon for a public thrashing. Those thrashed were overwhelmingly male, but the town didn't shrink from equal treatment for female lawbreakers. Unsurprisingly, those particular Punishment Days were particularly well attended by the townsfolk!

Mr. Dickson had been Sheriff for several years when he had first hired Beverly. Thrashing prisoners was satisfying at first, but had gotten old for him. So as Beverly blossomed into a real Deputy, he gradually began to think, “Why not give her the job?”

Like any good Sheriff, Dickson didn't ask Deputy Birch what she wanted to do; he simply told her that from now on she would run Punishment Day. The Sheriff would attend, would give a short talk first and would assist as necessary, but Deputy Birch would do everything else. Being punished by a woman would add new vistas of humiliation for most prisoners, and perhaps serve as a useful deterrent.

As tough as Beverly Birch was, she hadn't been able to conceal her pleasure!

So that's why it was her job to prepare Hank and Clint for punishment.


As promised, Deputy Birch soon returned to check on the prisoners. Fortunately for them, she found two naked prisoners and two piles of clothing.

“Excellent”, she enthused, “Perhaps you guys know what's good for you.”

She rummaged through their clothing, comparing the two belts and choosing the heaviest. She swung it experimentally, “Yep! That'll do fine. I'll just borrow this if you don't mind. We have straps, but there's something special about thrashing a man with his own belt.”

In no position to object, the men nodded morosely.

Then she spoke seriously, “OK boys, let's get something straight. To be released today, you must cooperate with your punishment. That means you will come out of your cell, ring that bell nice and loud, and then march with me to the square. Then you will willingly climb onto the stage to take your punishment like a man. In return, you get to go without handcuffs and leg shackles, plus you get released today.“

“However, if we have to do it the hard way, you'll still get thrashed, but you'll look like a baby in front of everybody. Plus you'll stay until at least Monday. Worse case, if you're really troublesome, we'll keep you for next Friday's Punishment Day too.”

She looked them both deep in their eyes and then continued, “So boys, what's it gonna be?”

Neither man sounded happy, but both agreed to do it “the easy way”.

“OK”, she agreed in a businesslike tone, “That's a smart choice. The next question is, do you want your thrashing 'with' or 'without'. If you take a warm-up paddling, you'll get a bit less belt punishment, but I’ll still wear you out. As you've probably heard, a belt hurts like hell on a fresh bottom. It's your choice though.”

Hank, the larger of the two men, spoke up, “We've already decided ma-am. We'll take your ass-tanning first.”

“That's smart,” the lady Deputy replied, “Just don't expect to get off easy. We'll restrain you for your thrashing, but I'll expect you to stay in position for the first part.”

Hank spoke respectfully, “Yes ma-am, we'll both do our best.”

“Well,” she said, turning to leave, “Enjoy the rest of your morning boys. I'll be back at about 11:30 to get you ready.”

“Err ma-am?” Hank said hopefully, indicating the barred window in their cell, “You don't have something to block this window do you? There's folks looking in at us, but we're naked.”

“Hell no,” she replied over her shoulder, “You know perfectly well that looking in that window is how folks find out who's on today's Punishment Day menu. If you find that embarrassing, then don't get your ass in trouble.”


So Hank and Clint spent the morning naked and on display in their cell. Later, they wouldn't be able to agree if the morning dragged because of the protracted embarrassment, or flew by because they dreaded their noontime punishment. Periodically, they saw faces in the window, both male and female. Some folks taunted them, but they had been strictly warned not to reply. Knowing that this would be a terrible time to piss off Deputy Birch, they tried to ignore their audience.

However, the men saw one female face that looked altogether too young to be peeking at naked adults. As it so happened, Hank recognized the face. It was his boss's daughter, in town on an errand.

Hank challenged her, “Brenda is that you?”

She ducked her head, but finally answered sheepishly, “Yea, I guess it is.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Mama's at the store buying supplies. She brought me to town with her.”

“That wasn't my question and you know it! I mean what are you doing peeking at naked men.
Does your mother know you are here?”

“I didn't know it would be you and Clint, honest I didn't.”

“You'd better get lost, or I'll tell your father!”

The girl was quick to answer, “OK, I'm going. And I'm sorry that you're in trouble guys.”

They heard little feet dashing away.

Shortly later, Deputy Birch returned.

The town's practice of “Punishment Day” long predated Sheriff Dickson's tenure. Over the decades, various “tweaks” were added to the procedure for various reasons. It was the latest “tweak” that the Sheriff felt particularly uncomfortable with, although he understood the logic behind it. The Parson and the town's doctor had arrived together. The Parson was uncomfortable that prisoners were paraded through town nude, but he could live with that. What bothered him were the erections displayed by a significant percentage of the prisoners, which he thought entirely too salacious to allow.

“But an erection is an involuntary reaction,” the Sheriff had explained patiently, “I can't forbid them any more than I can tell men to stop breathing.”

“True,” the doctor agreed, “But there's a simple way to make erections unlikely.” The doctor went on to explain another concern; an aroused man may not feel pain normally. “In fact,” he explained, “An aroused man might even receive gratification from his 'punishment', which obviously wouldn't be punishment at all.”

Their bottom line was that the Sheriff should require each male prisoner to masturbate just before his march to the town square. The Sheriff didn't like that, but since the Doctor and the Parson happened to serve as the town's Mayor and Vice Mayor, they couldn't be ignored.

So the Sheriff tried that, but with only mixed success. It's virtually impossible to force an unwilling or insufficiently motivated man to masturbate.

Even though he was frustrated and out of ideas, the Sheriff had made one thing clear, “I don't care what they pay me, I'll not massage any man's tallywacker for him!”

That's when Deputy Birch said the two words that forever endeared him to the Sheriff, “I can”.

“But,” he protested, “...but you're married! Tom wouldn't like that.”

Deputy Birch purred her answer, “Just between you and me Sheriff, I love Tom to death, and I'll never cheat on him. But Tom likes what I tell him to like, and he hates what I tell him to hate. Do you get my drift?”

The Sheriff did indeed get Beverly's drift. She was explaining that she was the boss in her house. That didn't surprise Sheriff Dickson in the least!

So Deputy Birch was given the job of preparing prisoners for their Punishment Day march to the town square. That worked out so well that the Sheriff soon increased her duties to include the actual punishment.

So that's why Deputy Birch showed up outside Clint and Hank's cell just a few minutes before they were scheduled to be punished.


“OK men, it's almost time to go. But first you need to empty those little popguns of yours. Who's first?”

One at a time, she took the men out of their cell and into the building's little bathroom. The Sheriff never asked exactly what happened in there, but he knew that it was as quick, chaste and as “professional” as Beverly could make it. The only thing that the Sheriff knew for sure was that the process involved a bottle of whale oil, which he regularly replenished. Further, he knew that no prisoners had ever complained!

Soon both men had been properly “emptied”. Each prisoner left the bathroom with glazed eyes and a strange smile.

Not surprisingly, the remainder of the Punishment Day procedure was rather less enjoyable for them.


She led the two naked men out the front door of the Sheriff's office. Hank was carrying his leather belt and a small paddle. In front of the Sheriff's office was the town's notice board and a tall pole with a large dinner bell mounted at the top. That bell was used for emergencies, to announce important notices, and to announce Punishment Day. She made Clint pull on the bell rope until he was out of breath! By then, they had attracted a small crowd.

The Sheriff stepped outside and nodded his readiness.

“OK boys,” Beverly commanded, “Follow the Sheriff!”

The Sheriff started off towards the town square. Hank and Clint followed, and then Beverly took up the rear of the procession. A gaggle of several dozen townsfolk followed. A casual observer would have noted that most of the followers ignored the prisoner's bare, tight, muscular buttocks in favor of watching the play of Beverly's more luxurious mounds, which strained the fabric of her male trousers.

Naturally the walk was hell for the prisoners. Walking naked through town is no picnic, especially when there's a public thrashing waiting at your destination! The men were barefoot and the streets were unpaved. Their feet kicked up dust, which adhered to some of their most private places. Since horses were still common in town, they also had to watch where they stepped. Some of the citizens razzed them, but most just followed quietly, apparently enjoying the scenery.

Thankfully for the prisoners, it was only two blocks to the town square. Once there, Deputy Birch required them to literally set the stage for their own punishments. The town square featured a sturdy outdoor stage. Stored underneath it were several items of furniture. Deputy Birch had Hank and Clint drag out two A-frame saddle racks and a sturdy old chair. She supervised as the men hauled those items up to the stage. They arranged them where she directed. Then she directed the men where to stand, feet apart, hands on heads, leaving them well displayed.

The Sheriff gave his usual short “law and order” speech, detailed Hank and Clint's offense, and then ceded the stage to Deputy Birch.

Beverly wasted no time. Paddle in hand, she adjusted the chair and then sat. “Hank,” she said, “You're first.”

Bug-eyed, he walked towards her, hands still on his head. Since this wasn't Hank's first time as a “guest” at Punishment Day, he knew what to do.

On command, Hank laid across Deputy Birch's commodious thighs, his pale and hairy bottom pointed towards the crowd. His brain was in a sexual fog, yet he still dreaded what was next. Beverly sweated in the Texas sun, somehow enhancing her earthy sexiness. Hank was obsessed with Beverly, but knew that this position put his penis as close to it's desired target as it would ever get. Sometimes a man must settle for what he can get!

Unfortunately for him, Hank's irrational but well-hidden obsession with Beverly would grant his bottom no immunity from the coming pain.

Businesslike as always, Beverly expertly used her little hardwood paddle to redden those places that soon would be visited by leather. Hank took it well at first, but soon started squirming and gasping. Shortly later, his gasps turned into sobbing pleas for mercy. Naturally, Beverly ignored that request, as she would ignore all others that she would hear before this Punishment Day ended.

She started out with fairly mild spanks, but then gradually escalated their force as Hank's bottom colored. By the time his bottom and thighs had turned an even shade of bright pink, his tears were flowing. She finished with a 30-second flurry of spanks that had him kicking frantically as he howled and bawled.

There was no tender aftercare! Beverly stood and then dragged the distraught man to his feet. When he seemed steady, she released him to allow a few moments of crowd-pleasing post-spanking dancing and butt-rubbing.

As Hank danced, Beverly looked into the crowd. In his usual spot, she saw her husband Tom looking up at her worshipfully. Their eyes met. Sexual sparks flew between the two. Although Beverly was always a passionate (if domineering) wife, this evening she would be like a tigress in heat. Before supper they will already have torn the clothes from each other.

Husband and wife shared their moment of promise, and then Beverly's attention returned to her job.

The Sheriff delivered Clint, who was cringing and barely in control of himself. Then he took charge of Hank, grabbing his arm and ending his antics.

Beverly pulled Clint across her lap, reached down for the paddle, and then immediately started work on his bottom. Unlike Hank, Clint had never been in this situation before. So almost immediately there was trouble. Beverly had plenty of strength to hold Clint down over her lap, but Clint kept curling his legs over his bottom. Yes, Beverly could have easily immobilized him by simply throwing a leg across his legs, but that would cover certain lower regions that she intended to spank.

Three times she warned Clint when he had interrupted his spanking by curling his legs. Finally she paused. This was his first time at Punishment Day, so she guessed that Clint wasn't doing it on purpose. She decided to help him a bit.

She turned her head to call Hank over. Hank was still a mess; teary-eyed, red-bottomed, and snotty-nosed. Still, he obeyed. She had him kneel at Clint's feet, his back to the crowd, and then firmly hold those errant feet.

Beverly resumed Clint's spanking without further problems. As a sort of bonus, the crowd received a closeup view of Hank's recently spanked bottom, whilst Beverly roasted Clint’s bottom to a matching shade of bright pink. Clint took his spanking badly and loudly, but he had no option but to take it all.

She allowed Clint up, and then it was his turn to entertain the audience with his own version of a “dance and rub”. Soon after, Beverly firmly led him to a saddle rack.

The Sheriff fastened Hank to one saddle rack whilst Beverly did the same for the still-bawling Clint. They didn't have fancy straps, so they used bits of rope to tie the ankles and wrists of each man to the feet of his a-frame style saddle rack. Two reddened, hairy, muscular bottoms faced the crowd. Under each saddle rack, the upside-down face and the dangling manhood of each prisoner were displayed to the onlookers.

Without ceremony, Deputy Birch picked up Hank's belt, folded it in half, carefully gripped the buckle end, and then gauged it's length by slapping it against her own upholstered thigh. Then she stood to Hank's left side, took a careful stance, measured her swing carefully against his bottom, raised her right arm high, and then let fly against the very center of the target area.

Hank shrieked and bucked.

At a measured pace, Beverly added four more strokes, carefully spreading the strokes around Hank's bottom. Each swat had similar results, Hank bucked and shrieked each time. Then, using swats that were only slightly short of full strength, she added five welts to his left thigh. Those swats seemed to energize him even more!

Then Beverly walked over to Clint, who already was begging and sobbing for mercy. Rather than mercy, he received five horrid swats to his bottom, and then five to his left thigh, the same as Hank.

Enthralled and impressed, the audience watched quietly.

She switched the belt to her left hand, and then ominously positioned herself to Hank's right. With surprising expertise, she slowly laid ten left-handed swats on Hank, five to his buttocks and five to his right thigh. As before, Hank shrieked, bucked, and bawled.

And then it was Clint's turn to receive the identical left-handed treatment.

Then she repeated the left-right treatment to each man's buttocks, mercifully omitted the thigh swats. Although the men clearly deserved no mercy, their employer had put in a quiet word for them. It's not that he wanted to save them pain, it's just that a big cattle drive was scheduled soon, and he needed the men in the saddle by then. Cowboys who can't ride horses are of little use!

The men were so worn out by then that they barely reacted to those last few blows.

And so it was over. The crowd dispersed as the Sheriff and Deputy untied two very sorry prisoners. Sore or not, Beverly required Hank and Clint to clear the furniture off the stage and stow it under the stage before she marched them back to their cells. They were allowed to dress, (which they accomplished very gingerly) and then were released.


For the townsfolk, today was just another Friday. Punishment Day, a cheap and simple way to keep order, had long been part of the fabric of life in little Independence. And as a bonus, it provided a bit of entertainment. Truthfully, nobody gave it much thought these days.

For poor Clint, Punishment Day did exactly what it was designed to do. He had learned an enduring and painful lesson. Even when drunk, Clint would forever be careful and law-abiding. If Clint had his way, Punishment Day would never again feature his bare bottom.

For the rest of the day Beverly struggled to concentrate on her official duties. As usual, Punishment Day had left her aroused and squirmy. She just wanted the day over so she could get naked with Tom.
Hank's situation was far more complicated. He had a burning and persistent obsession with Deputy Beverly Birch. Oh yes! He knew that he couldn’t have her. So “staring” on Punishment Day was the closest he could get to her. Today had been his third Punishment Day in two years. So today's thrashing was unlikely to cure him, but hopefully it would satisfy his obsession for a long while before he was compelled to plot his next deliberate “crime”.

Honestly though, Hank felt guilty. He hoped that his friend Clint would never figure out how he had been used!

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