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Three Bare Bottoms After School

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Author's Note: This story can be read by itself, but it's best enjoyed after reading  “Maryanne’s Public Spanking”(both parts) and Two Bare Bottoms at Assembly

Three Bare Bottoms After School

It had been a difficult work day for David Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins enjoyed an unusual position at Lee Christian Girl's High School (LCGHS). Thanks to his unique mix of training and skills, he served as both the school Nurse and as the school's Dean. His “Dean” duties, included spanking anywhere from one to three girls per typical school week.

But this morning had been memorable. Because two girls had been caught bringing marijuana cigarettes onto the campus for sale, school regulations had compelled him to give them both the school's most severe spanking, and to do it on stage in front of the entire student body! This was quite unprecedented in the history of the school, and Mr. Hopkins hoped that it would never happen again.
After spanking the two ringleaders, the school leaders had to decide how to deal with three other girls who had ordered marijuana cigarettes from the two.

School rules can't cover everything, so today the rules came up short. Since the girls had made their deal off-campus, and the “merchandise” had been seized from the first two girls before any could change hands, the three girls in question, Anna Caldwell, Becky Simmons and Camila Lopez hadn't actually broken any school rules. Still, leaving them “off the hook” was unthinkable.

So Dean Hopkins and Principal Flannery decided on a combination of counseling and parental action. Because LCGHS parents tend to be both supportive of the school and traditional in parenting style, the Principal could depend on the girl's parents to “do the right thing”.

Late that morning, Mr. Hopkins notified those three girls to report to the Principal's office. When they appeared, their faces betrayed that they knew why they were there. The Principal and Dean already had sufficient evidence to be sure of the girl's guilt, but still interviewed each girl individually to hear her side of the story. To their credit, once confronted with the evidence each girl acknowledged her guilt.

In a session with each girl, they stressed just how close she had come to a public bare-bottom punishment, before placing a speakerphone call to the girl's parent. Each parent was naturally shocked at his/her daughter's misbehavior, but naturally wanted assurances that their daughter was truly guilty. Here the speakerphone came in handy, because each girl confessed.

Finally, the three were sent back to class, to stew about what punishment to expect from their outraged parents after school. Now both the Principal and Dean assumed that the matter was over for them, except possibly for hearing back from the parents regarding the girl's punishment. For Dean Hopkins however, it wasn't to be.

That afternoon, Mr. Hopkins fielded calls from all the concerned parents. Each understandably craved reassurance that their daughter was truly guilty, and each also asked who else was involved. Mr. Hopkins explained that although three “buyers” had been caught, but wasn't allowed to disclose names. Also, he suggested that they discreetly check their daughter's bedrooms for evidence of drug activity.

Soon he received distraught calls from two of the mothers. Anna's mother had found a baggy with a bit of leafy material that she assumed was marijuana, along with a mostly-full book of cigarette paper and a lighter. Fortunately, after literally sniffing around, she found no evidence that her daughter was a regular user. More likely, Anna had obtained a small amount as a lark, and had been caught trying to buy more. Becky's mother found much the same; a full book of cigarette papers but no marijuana. Apparently Becky was a bit behind Anna in her experimentation!

No incriminating evidence was found in Camila's bedroom, although she was clearly guilty.


On reflection, Mr. Hopkins wasn't surprised that those particular girls had been involved in this incident.

Although he wished otherwise, every high school has a social pecking order. He had learned that there were three basic types of students. There were the “popular” students atop the social order. These students rarely were disciplinary problems, because they needn't take risks.
Similarly, most students at the bottom of the pecking order simply didn't care, because they had other interests. These were the musicians, science geeks, and other types.

The ones who caused disciplinary problems were typically those who Mr. Hopkins thought of as “social climbers”. These types take risks in an attempt to “look cool” or to otherwise appeal to the “popular” students. These three girls were definitely social climbers.


LCGHS parents had an unofficial “jungle telegraph” network, so the three girl's parents easily found each other and organized a group punishment for their girls. It would happen after school at the Caldwell residence.

Dean Hopkins received a call from Anna's mother, Rose Caldwell. She explained that the other two girls and their parents would all be gathering at her house. Details were still under discussion, but there would definitely be punishments for all three girls. Mr. Hopkins listened with approval, but also thinking that this had little to do with him. But that was to change!

Later, Mrs Caldwell called again, “Could you please come this evening? We plan to have all the parents involved in the punishments, but unfortunately Camila has no father. We wanted you there anyhow, but we especially need a stand-in for Camila's father.”

He tried to demur, explaining that his hand was sore from spanking the two girls who had tried to become drug dealers, and that the school management might disapprove of him attending since this wasn't official school business.

But Rose had that all worked out, “I’ve already cleared it with the school Chairman and with Principal Flannery. Naturally you would attend unofficially. Please bring your nice wife, and plan to have supper with us. And oh yes, you will be using a hairbrush, so that shouldn't hurt your hand.”
Before accepting he checked with Principal Flannery, and was indeed strongly encouraged to attend the punishment session.


So early that evening, Mr Hopkins and his beautiful wife knocked on the Caldwell's door. The Caldwells were easily the richest parents in the school, and their large house made it the logical venue for a group punishment. Important school donors, the Caldwells insisted that their children receive no special privileges, and were known as strict parents.

The door opened, and they were greeted by a distinctly glum looking Anna Caldwell, who wore her school uniform and a deep blush. Although obviously answering the unwillingly, she politely greeted Mr and Mrs Hopkins. As she turned to lead them into the living room, the reason for her blush became obvious. Anna's skirt had been pinned up at the back and sides in a manner which was familiar to the Dean, leaving her modest white panties in full view. Unused to such sights, Mrs. Hopkins went bugeyed.

In the living room they were met by the three mothers, Rose Caldwell, Ann Simmons, and Martina Lopez. Anna resumed her place next to Becky and Camilia who both faced a wall with the backs of their school skirts pinned up high, displaying their panty-covered bottoms.

Rose Caldwell was an imposing woman, a tireless champion of the school, and a natural leader. After briefly embracing Mrs Hopkins, she took the Dean's hand to apologize for her daughter's actions and to thank him for coming. The other two mothers echoed the sentiments.

Then Rose spoke commandingly to the three girls, “Us adults must discuss your punishments. Go upstairs to Anna's room. Everybody use the bathroom and then wait quietly. Expect to be called down for your punishments shortly.”

The three mumbled “Yes ma'am” and then trooped from the room.

Over coffee the adults huddled. First they brought Mr. Hopkins up to speed on the evening's events.
He learned that the three girls and their siblings had all eaten supper. The siblings, all younger, had been told what their big sisters had done, and about their coming punishments. And then they had been sent downstairs to a game room. They would overhear the punishments, but wouldn't see.
Mr. Caldwell, Anna's father, had arrived from work and would soon join them. Just then George Simmons, Becky's father, arrived.

Now that all seven adults were finally together, they quickly agreed on the few remaining details of the girl's punishments. First, each mother would hand spank her daughter. Then the girl's bottoms would be allowed to simmer whilst the adults ate supper. After supper, the men would administer final punishments. First Ronald Caldwell would strap his daughter Anna, who had been caught with a bit of marijuana, and then George Simmons would spank his daughter with a hairbrush. Finally, Dean Hopkins would stand in to spank the fatherless Camila with that same hairbrush.

There was a short break, which allowed Dean Hopkins a moment with Camila's mother, Martina, to hear her expectations for Camila's punishment. The lady was clear, “Please give my daughter a memorable spanking. Leave marks that she will feel for several days.”

Brazilian born, Martina had attended college in the USA, where she met the Latino man who fathered Camila before tragically dying. Martina's English was excellent, but retained a charming Spanish flavor. She was olive skinned, with a tiny waist and a jutting bottom that Mr. Hopkins privately (and discreetly) found tantalizing. Secretly, he thought of her as the “Brazilian bombshell” and often mentally pictured her modeling tiny bathing suits on a Brazilian beach.


Once the adults had decided on the few remaining details, Rose Caldwell summoned the three girls back downstairs, and told them to line up along the wall facing the adults. In her best no-nonsense voice, she warned the girls, “Your punishment starts momentarily. As you know, it will be bare bottom. Only your bottoms will be exposed, and we will angle your spankings for modesty. However, that's only if you cooperate and show a good attitude. Anything less, and we will make your punishment more embarrassing. Got it?”

Three girls nodded.

“Okay then,” Rose said, “Let's begin so this unfortunate business can be over.”
And then, in her best “drill sergeant” voice, Rose commanded, “Girls, turn and face the wall!”
They obeyed, putting three panty-covered bottoms on display.

“Stick your thumbs inside your panty waistbands.”

She watched closely, ensuring everybody obeyed.

“Okay girls, push them down to your knees.”

Reluctantly, they obeyed. Three bare bottoms came into view. Sitting behind the fathers, Dean Hopkins noted that both of them had turned their eyes away from the sight.

“Girls, push right down and then step out. Leave them on the floor for now.”

As the girls obeyed, Rose slid an armless chair to the middle of the floor. Then came her next order, “Anna pick up your panties and bring them here.”

Anna gulped, then obeyed, meeting her mother at the chair and surrendering her panties. Rose pocketed them, and then pointed to the adults seated in the room, “Face these people. Tell them what you did and what punishment you will receive.”

Actually, Anna wasn't totally unhappy to be facing her audience. Her skirt was pinned high at her back and sides, but hung down like an apron in front. She blushed, and then spoke haltingly. “I...I bought a “dime bag” of marijuana from a boy. It was barely enough for one cigarette, but then I spilled it and couldn't even make that. So when I heard that two girls planned to sell joints at school I ordered some. I'm sorry, I know now it was a stupid thing to do.”

Rose prompted her to continue, so Anna choked out, “Mommy will spank me now. Later daddy will use the b-b-belt. I'm...I'm really sorry!”

Anna knew the routine, so she laid across her mother's lap and firmly grabbed the chair legs. Since Rose's knees were pointed at the onlookers, they had only a sideways view of Anna's rump, a positioning calculated to preserve Anna's modesty. This detail had been decided only moments ago.
Without panties and with her skirt pinned up, her entire nether area was exposed for correction. Rose wasted no time. Soon the room filled with spanking sounds.

Dean Hopkins watched Rose's technique with professional interest. She started with mild spanks that barely made Anna squirm, but gradually added color to her bottom and to the backs of her upper legs. Perhaps Rose was a believer in “warm up” spankings, or perhaps she was allowing Anna a face-saving delay before her inevitable breakdown. Way sooner than Anna would have liked, Rose “dialed up the heat”. Like Rose, Anna was a large girl, so these spanks made her buttocks bob and wobble impressively. Anna uttered her first involuntary noises, mere grunts and gasps.

The Dean took a moment to notice others in the room. Becky and Camila's mothers watched raptly, Mr. Caldwell dutifully watched his daughter's spanking, but Mr. Simmons purposely avoided laying his eyes on the exposed flesh of another person's daughter. He stared at the window, although it was tightly curtained!

Finally Rose “pulled out the stops”, covering the target area with hard and fast spanks. Anna responded loudly and vigorously, fluttering her feet and bawling without reservation. Despite her apparent distress, Dean Hopkins noted that Anna still gripped the chair legs. Obviously this girl was no stranger to the parental lap.

Rose spanked her daughter's buttocks, sit-spots and thighs to a nice even red hue, and then finally paused. After allowing Anna's cries to wind down, she briefly reminded her of the reason for her punishment, and then ordered, “open your thighs Anna, and keep them open!”

Anna protested, but it was more of a whine than a serious beg. Anna knew that once her parents chose a punishment, begging could only make things worse!

So, thankful that her bottom wasn't directly facing the audience, Anna reluctantly opened her thighs for what would be her most-hated part of this spanking. And then she wailed as her mother implacably spanked her tender inner thighs pink. Since her father wouldn't target this area with the strap, Rose saw no reason to tread lightly.


Dean Hopkins had never intentionally spanked a girl's inner thighs, and didn't intend to start because that seemed too intimate for a school setting. Still, he watched with professional interest. He noticed Becky and Camila's mothers both watched closely and then quietly conversed. He correctly guessed that they would try this on their own daughters.


Meanwhile, since they were facing the wall, Becky and Camila couldn't see Anna's spanking, but could hear every scintilla of it! In their individual ways, both girls were sad. Becky was truly regretful for disappointing her parents, whilst Camila castigated herself for getting caught!

Because Becky was Anna's close friend, she knew what was happening to Anna's thighs! Anna had confided that her mother did this, how it hurts, and how much she hated it. Not wanting to give her mother ideas, Becky had carefully kept that information to herself! Unfortunately, her mother was now watching a thigh-spanking demonstration, and would soon have an opportunity to try it herself.

Becky's buttocks cringed at the thought.


After spanking her daughter's inner thighs smoking hot, Rose ordered Anna to close her thighs. Anna obeyed with mixed feelings. She knew this would signal this spanking's “grand finale”.

Sure enough, Rose peppered Anna's entire bottom with a flurry of rapid and hard spanks landing seemingly randomly over her bottom, sit spots and thighs. Anna shrieked, but by now was too exhausted to do more than kick feebly and squirm. Fortunately for her, that last assault was brief. Unfortunately though, this spanking represented only the start of Anna's punishment!

Wasting little time (since there were more girls to spank) Rose helped her daughter to her feet, favored her with a lingering hug, and then led the blubbering girl back next to her two cohorts facing the wall. That made for an interesting tableau, one bright red female bottom next to two untouched ones. Anna pranced in place, imparting a kinetic aspect to her bottom.

Rose looked at her daughter with satisfaction, and then turned towards the group, “Mrs Simmons, would you like to go next?”

In answer, Ann Simmons stood and ordered, “Becky, bring me your panties.”

Shaky kneed, Becky obeyed. Ann pocketed the panties, and then made Becky face the group to explain why she deserved punishment. Through her tears and nerves, she choked out a confession. And then she went over her mother's lap. Like Anna before her, Becky's bare bottom was modestly sideways to the onlookers.

Ann wasted no time!

Becky's bottom was smaller than Anna's, although still shapely. Perhaps the smaller size is why it reddened quicker than Anna's had. Interestingly, Becky managed to remain stoic longer than Anna had. She crossed and uncrossed her legs repeatedly as she absorbed the first few dozen spanks, and her knuckles whitened from gripping the chair legs. Inevitably she succumbed, bawling, begging, and squalling.

Several minutes into her spanking, Becky heard the feared order, “Open your thighs and keep them open!”

Reluctantly, for the first time ever, Becky exposed her tender inner thighs for her mother's corporal attention. Again, Ann went to work! As sting flared in places that it never had before, Becky wailed even louder than Anna had. Twice Becky interrupted this part by reflexively slamming her thighs closed, but each time she obediently re-opened them when ordered to. Finally, Ann allowed Becky to close her thighs. After a final two minutes of all-over spanks whilst Becky bawled, kicked and attempted to twist, Ann suddenly stopped.

Ann looked at her husband, who nodded his approval. So the first part of Becky's punishment was officially complete. Ann helped her livid-bottomed daughter up, hugged her, and led the bawling, prancing girl back to the wall.

Now there were two spanked bottoms.


Without being ordered, Camila picked up her panties and then turned to look sadly, yet expectantly, at her mother. Martina stood, and then motioned her daughter to the spanking chair.

As with most of her friends, Camila was no stranger to the maternal lap. The difference was that Camila's spankings were mostly token events. Perhaps because there was no male figure in her life, Camila successfully manipulated her mother. Often she talked her way out of punishments altogether. But when she did get spanked, she played “drama queen”. Unfortunately, her mother usually bought her act, ending a spanking with a barely pink bottom.

However, things didn't look good for Camila today. Earlier she had failed to talk her mother out of this punishment session. Now Martina had just witnessed two proper spankings, and felt duty bound to emulate them with her own daughter.

So after prompting her daughter to confess to the group why she deserved punishment, a determined Martina took her across her lap. Camila's shapely young bottom was sideways to the group, same as the other girls. Like the mothers before her, Martina quickly started the spanking. Almost immediately, Camila shrieked, kicked and carried on as if in mortal pain. Martina's lips simply tightened as she gamely held her struggling daughter tighter and spanked harder and faster. Soon the girl's bottom and thighs began to color.

Finally, the spanking began to overwhelm Camila's defenses like no spanking had done in several years. Frantic, she momentarily forgot where she was. Momentarily abandoning her fake tears, she exclaimed in her most sarcastic voice, “Mu...ther, haven't you spanked me quite enough?”

Martina looked at her daughter in open-mouthed astonishment! She stopped the spanking, grabbed Camila's arm, and helped her to her feet. There was a momentary look of triumph on the girl's face until she saw the anger and determination etched on her mother's glare. In order to look good in comparison to them, Camila had planned to emulate Anna and Becky's brave behavior, but under punishment she had “reverted to type”. Instantly the girl apologized for her outburst, but that didn't save her!

Martina's Spanish accent thickened as she scolded, “Young lady that's quite enough! And no, I haven't spanked you nearly enough, and I'm not talking about just today either! I see now that I've been letting you off too lightly.”

She continued, “We warned you about plans for girls who didn't show the proper attitude or didn't cooperate, so now you'll learn about them.”

Deliberately, she turned the spanking chair ninety degrees, sat back down, and then guided Camila back to her right hip, leaving her bare bottom facing the group. “Young lady, you've lost the privilege of protecting your modesty. You'll take the rest of your spanking obediently and respectfully, or we take the next step, which will be to relieve you of your skirt.”

Camila's skirt, pinned up at the rear and sides, protected her frontal modesty, so she definitely wanted to keep it! “I'm sorry mommy. I'll cooperate, honest I will!”

So Camila went back over her mother's lap, with her pink bottom facing the group. However, unknown to her, by prior arrangement the men faced away. They wouldn't view what Camila would soon display.

At her mother's order, the girl put her right hand behind her. Martina firmly gripped the offered wrist, firmly restrained her daughter's slim torso, and then resumed the spanking; hard and fast! Camila bucked, kicked, bawled out an incoherent apology, and then dissolved into tears, genuine tears this time. With determination, Martina ignored all and continued until her daughter's bottom, from the top of her nether divide, down to her upper thighs had been spanked to a dark patina.

Camila had listened to the two spankings before hers, so the command to open her thighs came as a horror, but no surprise. By now, the girl had no thoughts of modesty. So her reluctance was based mainly on fear. But still, she obeyed. Martina had to repeat the command only twice until she was satisfied that the girl had sufficiently exposed her thighs.

And then Camila screamed as her tender inner thighs received their first taste of a maternal punishing hand. As this happened, she displayed her most feminine secrets, but the males weren't looking and the females were interested mostly in Martina's spanking technique, which was excellent!

With that inner area finally roasted, Martina shifted back to the summits of Camila's firm mounds for a parting flurry of spanks.


Shortly thereafter, three sad spanked girls facied that wall. Their preliminary spankings done, they now faced the final acts of this disciplinary gathering. But first, there would be a break for the adult's supper. The girls and their siblings had eaten earlier, so now it was the adults turn to eat.
Except for a quick bathroom trip, Anna, Becky and Camila faced that wall during the entire supper break.

Rose had prepared a simple meal, a huge bowl of salad and hearty sandwich makings. The adults built sandwiches, filled their salad plates, and then sat around the table. Rose poured coffee and then sat down to talk. Pointedly avoiding talk of drugs, the girls, or punishment, the center of attention naturally gravitated to getting acquainted with Claudia, Dean Hopkins wife. Previously, the others had only met her in passing. They found Claudia charming and interesting, and approvingly noticed that her and Mr. Hopkins seemed totally in love.

Soon it was time to direct their attentions back to their three errant girls!


The adults resumed their previous seats in the living room, except for Ronald Caldwell, who firmly called Anna to the spanking chair. A short question-and-answer session followed.

“What happens now Anna, and why will to happen?”

Her tears flowed, “I brought illegal drugs home, and then ordered more. So you're going to whip me with your belt. I'm really-really sorry daddy and I'll never touch drugs again!”

“When was your last whipping, and why did you deserve it?”

Her face already red, she managed to blush even more, “Two years ago daddy, I was fourteen.”
Reluctantly she continued, “It was for shoplifting.”

“Back then,” he said, “I hoped that would be your first and the last whipping ever. Now I hope this is the last.”

His belt made that certain unforgettable sound as he drew it from the loops. Anna folded and started blubbering. He positioned her bent over the front of the chair, her hands gripping the seat edges. As before, she was modestly sideways to the group. Her skirt, pinned up high, was out of the way, and this position presented her bare tush perfectly.

He wrapped the belt carefully to shorten it, leaving a single tail hanging. Twice he measured it against her right buttock. At each touch of the leather, Anna flinched. Finally sure of his aim, Ronald raised the belt and let fly. The “crack” of leather striking taut female flesh rang through the house.

Downstairs, the siblings stopped their games and stared at each other wide-eyed.

Anna shrieked, jumped up, and reached for her stinging buttock. Instantly realizing her mistake, she looked apologetically at her father before slowly re-assuming her vulnerable position. Again Ronald slammed the belt into Anna's right buttock, and again she shrieked and jumped up, neatly twisting from under her father's restraining hand.

Poor Anna was frustrated, frightened, and more. She wanted to cooperate with her whipping, but couldn't. That belt simply overwhelmed her defenses. Tears streaming, she turned to her father, “I'm sorry daddy! I'm really trying! Last time mommy held me down. Can she do that again?

Realizing that his daughter really wanted to cooperate, Richard summoned Rose. Rose sat in the spanking chair, positioned Anna in front of her, and then bid the girl to bend over, where she held her in a sort of corporal embrace. Rose firmly gripped Anna's upper arms, leaving her head nearly in her mother's lap, and her bottom nicely presented. Rose nodded at Richard, who delivered another blow to that fiercely-stinging right buttock. Anna shrieked, bawled and pranced, but successfully stayed in place.

His face registering a mixture of sadness and determination, Richard quickly completed the strapping of his daughter. When done, she sported four uniform welts on each buttock, two on each feminine thigh, and two on each “sit spot”. Both parents hugged the blubbering girl, and then Rose escorted her back to the wall to display her striped bottom until the end of the proceedings.


Next George Simmons stood and called his daughter Becky to the spanking chair. Rose had provided a suitable hairbrush, which George brandished. He first questioned her to ensure her mind was on the lesson that he intended to convey. Without further ceremony, he pulled her across his lap, adjusted her position, and then utilized that hairbrush.

Although he had earlier copied the two fathers in avoiding the sight of the girl's bare bottoms, Dean Hopkins closely watched this particular spanking. In just a few minutes he would be expected to emulate it, although he had never used a hairbrush or paddle before.

Earlier, the Dean had talked with George Simmons, confessing his inexperience with a hairbrush requesting pointers. George described the all-important “wrist snap”, before adding, “Watch what I do with Becky. The hairbrush multiplies your strength so don't spank with full force. Concentrate on the sound that the hairbrush makes on Becky's bottom. When you're spanking Camila, match that sound and give her approximately the same number of spanks.”

So the Dean took that advice, paying close attention as George spanked Becky. The girl shrieked, kicked and bucked as her father efficiently spanked every smidgen of Becky's firm bottom. Clearly, Becky would wear painful brush marks for the next several days!

When it was over, George helped Becky to her feet, favored the sobbing girl with a hug, and then guided the unsteady girl back to face the wall.

And then George nodded significantly to Dean Hopkins before returning to his seat. He left the three girls facing the wall, two with bottoms darker than the third. But that was a temporary situation!


“Dean” David Hopkins squeezed his wife's hand and gave her a quick kiss before standing and striding to the spanking chair, where George had helpfully left the hairbrush. After exchanging a quick glance with Camila's mother, he called the girl to him.

Her mind clogged with a potent stew of emotions, she obeyed.

First he led Camila through the usual confession of her crime and a discussion of the lesson connected with her imminent punishment. Skilled in dealing with girls of Camila's age, he noted that she parroted the proper words, but without conviction. He had seen that behavior before in girls, but knew that a bit of extra sting in their bottoms normally restored them to the proper attitude. So he did the obvious, he ordered the girl across his lap. With a sob, she obeyed.

Camila noticed appreciatively that the Dean hadn't rotated the spanking chair, so her bottom was again sideways to the onlookers.


Naturally, without panties and with her skirt pinned up, there was no need to adjust clothing. But now, with Camila's bare bottom mooning up at him, David confronted an uncomfortable truth; it was delectable! In fact, Camila was clearly her mother's child. He had always thought of Camila's mother, Martina, as a “Brazilian bombshell”, and had unobtrusively ogled her protruding bottom at every opportunity. But now he saw a younger and somewhat trimmer version of that same bottom, in the bare! It was pink from her earlier spanking, and its reflexive clenching betrayed Camila's nerves.
This was a guilty problem for the Dean because he valued the ethics of both the educational and medical worlds. So to him, underage girls weren't sexual objects!

Yet here was a girl across his lap in need of correction. So he forced himself to concentrate on business so that this could be over and he could return to the safe guilt-free intimacy of his wife.
He hefted the hairbrush and briefly admired the burl hardwood. Finally, hoping that he didn't screw up his very first hairbrush spanking, he raised the brush and let fly. Remembering his earlier instructions from George, the Dean's first swats were conservative as he perfected his “wrist snap” and concentrated on the sound of hardwood impacting firm female flesh. But then he gradually increased his force until he was rewarded with the correct sound, “slap, slap. Clap, clap. Pop, pop. SNAP, SNAP!” Camila was briefly encouraged by those first exploratory spanks, but immediately and loudly reacted when the Dean landed his first proper swats.

Quickly gaining confidence, he spanked in a “left-right” pattern, as he watched those firm buttocks ripple, briefly flatten, and then bobble back into shape after each spank.

Motivated more by peer pressure than contrition for her “crime”, Camila at first held the chair legs white-knuckle tight as she shrilly bellowed out her pain. But gradually reason left her, replaced by a desperation to end the mighty and growing sting in her bottom. Finally, unbidden, her right hand drifted back to ward off the stinging blows. Expecting that move, he simply moved his target area down. The frantic girl tried vainly to make her arm longer, but that errant hand waved ineffectually as the Dean peppered her thighs beyond her reach. He didn't spank quite as hard in this thinly-cushioned area, so her shrieks overpowered the “Snaps” of the hairbrush striking her taut skin. She probably didn't realize that her legs were waving and splaying, offering the hairbrush new areas to painfully visit.

Only when he had completed her thighs did the Dean casually intercept and immobilize that wandering hand. And then, to her distress, he started on her “sit-spots”.

By the time he had completed those “sit-spots”, Camila was nearly exhausted. But the Dean was still fresh, and his hand didn't hurt! This was the easiest spanking ever! He was quickly developing a love for the hairbrush, and definitely intended to introduce it at school.

The job nearly done, he paused to critically inspect his work. It was nearly perfect! After one last all-over flurry of spanks, he released the girl, leaving her bottom deep red and mottled. After a suitable pause, he helped the stricken girl to her feet. Characteristically, he didn't hug. Instead, he motioned for Martina to take charge. Martina tenderly hugged her daughter before leading her back to the wall.

So finally all three girls had been properly punished! The mothers unpinned the girl's skirts, but nobody mentioned panties. Finally each mother gave her daughter a forgiving hug.

If nothing else, Dean Hopkins was expert at reading girl's attitudes. From their body language and their words, he knew that Becky and Anna had learned their lessons tonight. Never again would they touch illegal drugs. At least, not during their high school years.

But Camila was different. Written on her face was relief that her punishment was over, but no contrition. This was the face of a girl who had lost one skirmish, but hadn't conceded defeat. Instinctively, Dean Hopkins knew that Camila would bear watching. He also guessed that he hadn't seen the last of her bottom.

He had a rogue thought, “That's not all bad”.

It had been a long day for the Dean! With mixed emotions bubbling inside his head, a bemused David Hopkins took his cherished wife's hand, said his goodbyes to the group, accepted their thanks for his help, and called it a day.

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