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Their First Time

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Their First Time

She asked it in a small voice, dreading the answer, “So you’re really going to spank me?”


Her heart rate accelerated. 

Reluctantly, she asked the next logical question, “When?” 

He had expected an objection, and hadn’t really considered “when”, so he hesitated before answering, “I think Friday evening would be best.  You would probably like to get it over sooner, but you sit at a desk all day and I don’t want you working with a sore bottom.  So Friday will give your bottom the whole weekend to recover.  After all, we’ve never done this before.”

She apologized one more time, “I’m sorry honey, really sorry.  I don’t know what got into me.  I’ll make it up to you somehow.”

He shrugged.  “Make up $800?  I don’t see how Jane.  But don’t worry, after your spanking all will be forgiven.  Just don’t gripe about the belt-tightening to pay off that credit card bill you ran up.  It’ll be painful for both of us, but that’s not punishment, it’s just what it’ll take to get us out of this $800 financial hole.  It’s going to hurt, but are you with me on this?”      

She put her arms around him, “It sucks that you must share the pain for something I did, but honest honey, I won’t gripe.  If I do, then you have my permission to spank me again.”

Working together, they made the painful decisions.  The worst was canceling the long weekend they had planned in Orlando along with the Cirque du Soleil tickets they had saved to buy.  Instead, they would substitute a far cheaper weekend of hiking and togetherness.  The money they had saved towards that weekend would go towards the credit card bill she had ran up.  After that, they would just have to cut out all frills and eat cheaply for a few weeks until they eliminated their card balance. 


Many would say that theirs wasn’t a logical match.  She was a “free spirit”, a fun person who tended towards impulsiveness.  In contrast, he was staid, practical and cautious.  It was that impulsiveness that had led her to run up a credit card balance over $10,000 before she and Sam had even met.  But the truth was that their “yin and yang” personalities perfectly complemented each other.  With Jane around, Sam’s life would never be dull.  But Sam introduced the order and discipline that Jane needed to keep from making a shambles of her life.

Their courtship had been quick and torrid, but Sam had insisted they delay their marriage to live with their respective parents until they had paid off Jane’s credit card balance and built up a small nest egg to set them up in an apartment.  That delay had been difficult and sexually frustrating for the couple, but they both agreed that it had been worth it.

Both Sam and Jane were newly-graduated professionals, so they each faced a period of “dues paying” before they could hope to earn decent paychecks.  Therefore, their first few married years would be lean.  So they had agreed to some financial rules, rules that they both had honored until just recently.

It was Jane’s parents who had brought up the subject of spanking and had even provided the couple with links to the Spencer plan.  Always impulsive, Jane had required regular spankings throughout her youth.  Her last trip across her father’s knee had been a mere two weeks before her wedding, so Jane’s parents rightly assumed that marriage would do little to change her occasional need for discipline.  But now that duty would be Sam’s.

Like mother, like daughter!  It was a truly awkward moment.  One evening, with a red face, Jane’s mother revealed a family secret.  She had signed a spanking agreement shortly after her marriage, and had done it for much the same reason that she believed Jane needed one now.  She said it had probably saved their marriage.  Yes, even at this age Jane’s mother still required the occasional spanking.  Not surprisingly, Jane was shocked!            

Sam hardly knew what to say about the idea.  He had always felt a strange thrill when he happened to see a picture of a spanking, but his thinking had never progressed beyond that.  At first Sam and Jane kept an uneasy silence about the issue.  It was Jane, at her mother’s insistence, who finally resolved the issue.  Over a cup of coffee, she told Sam that she was finally convinced. She was ready to sign a spanking agreement with one proviso, it wouldn’t be a one-way arrangement like her parents had.   In the interest of fairness, their spanking agreement must be fully mutual!

So it was done.  However, over the euphoric first months of their marriage their agreement had been nearly forgotten.  Forgotten that is, until Jane had impulsively made that $800 credit card purchase!             


As they had been discussing their options and working out their payment plan, Jane had been thinking, thinking guilty thoughts.  She saw Sam’s point about delaying her spanking, and appreciated his thoughtfulness because sitting on a bruised bottom at her office would be a miserable experience.  Still, she wanted something to take the edge off of her guilt.  She knew what “that something” would need to be, but was afraid to suggest it to Sam.  Finally she decided to “go for it”.

“Sam,” she said, “You’ve never spanked anyone before have you?”

“No Honey, but I think I can learn.”

“I’m sure you can Sam, but delivering the hard spanking I deserve might not be the best way to start.”

Sam looked at her strangely, “Are you suggesting I ask your father to spank you?”

“Oh no!” She said quickly.  “It’s just that there is something I did that you haven’t mentioned yet.  I deserve to be spanked for it, but hopefully just a good red bottom would do for a punishment, not the $800 blistering I deserve for that other thing.  It would be good practice for you.”

Now she had his full attention, “Explain please.”

So she did, “I went to the closeout sale at the dress shop and blew $800 on nonreturnable merchandise.  So we both agree that I deserve to have my bottom blistered for that.”

Still wondering where this was going, Sam nodded.

“But I lied to you about where I was that day.  When you asked me why I was late getting home, I told you that I had a late meeting at the office, when actually I was at that dress shop’s ‘going out of business’ sale.  I lied to you Sam.”

Recognition dawned in Sam’s eyes.

She finished her thought with a bit of wetness showing in her eyes.  “And so you get to do your practice spanking, while I get to show you how sorry I am and perhaps lose some of this guilt I’m feeling.”

Sam hugged her, and then held her at arms length so he could look into her eyes.  “That makes perfect sense to me, but how will I know when to stop?  I don’t want to bruise your bottom.  You need to work tomorrow.”

“Sam,” she said, “the bigger danger is that you will stop too soon.  My bottom will turn red very quickly.  Just because it’s red, doesn’t mean it’s bruised, so don’t let the color scare you.  I’ll try to stay still and quiet as long as I can, and just absorb your spanks.  When I’m finally crying, squealing, kicking and wriggling, you’ll know that you are really getting through to me, but you need to go a bit beyond that point.  I trust you to recognize the proper time to stop.”


That’s when it really hit me.  I was about to lay my bare bottom across my husband’s lap and allow him to spank me to tears for the first time ever!  It was really going to happen!  I guess it hit him too, because suddenly we were in a hard clinch.  I could feel his heart beating, and doubtless he could feel mine.  I sobbed for a bit and then finally asked, “Sir? Would you like me to prepare myself or do you wish to do it?”

We both knew that I would be naked for this spanking because we had thoughtfully spelled that detail out in our spanking agreement.  He loves undressing me, so I knew what his answer would be.

He started with my shoes and socks, and then my skirt, followed by my blouse.  When he unhooked my bra, he kissed each nipple just like he always does.   This is a daily ritual with us, but it didn’t feel the same as usual because I was distracted by thoughts of my imminent spanking.  I looked at his hands, always so gentle before, and imagined them colliding with my bare buttocks.  How would it feel? 

I felt that old pre-spanking nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, just like when dad used to spank me.  But Sam isn’t my daddy!  That difference was driven home when he pulled down my panties and held them so I could step out.  As my panties descended, I felt that familiar flooding sensation between my legs.  Now I was confused!  My bottom knew it was about to get spanked, but that special female part of me had other ideas!  Never before had I found spanking sexy.  What was happening?

I hated his little last-minute lecture about truthfulness, and was almost relieved when he told me to get into position.  Before I obeyed, I told him again how sorry I was that I had lied to him.  Through tears, I told him that it was OK to spank me and that he should ignore me if I begged him to stop.  I would accept my punishment and I promised I wouldn’t be mad at him. 

And then I put myself into position.  Seconds later, I felt the first slaps to my bottom.


I’m the luckiest guy in the world!  For the last six months, I have been married to the sexiest, most beautiful and most affectionate woman in the world.  She’s an impulsive bundle of energy that lights up my world.  I’m totally convinced that she loves me and that we will remain a couple for life.  It’s like every day is my birthday!  Every evening I get to unwrap my favorite present, and what I unwrap is always Jane!

Naturally, that “unwrapping” happens just before bedtime.  There’s usually sex after that, sometimes athletic, sometimes slow and romantic, but always varied.  Afterward, still naked, we burrow under the blankets for a night-long snuggle enveloped in a loving erotic fog.  We usually sleep spooned, with my arm around her and with my maleness nestled against the silky cleft of her bottom.

How did I ever live without Jane?
Oh yes, we’ve had our little disagreements, but nothing that you would call a fight.  In fact, this is the first major “bump” in our relationship.  Thanks goodness that Jane’s parents shared their secret with us!  This could have been a big fight and a festering wound in our relationship.  Instead, we have our spanking agreement.  It’s a pre-agreed roadmap to get us through this problem.

And yes, I had been hoping that we would never need our little agreement, but that was probably an illogical hope.  So it became my duty to spank my darling wife’s bottom.  As it turns out, thanks to her admission of a lie, I had to do the job twice!  


And so it happened!  Sam put his very first handprints on his wife’s perfect bottom.  Not surprisingly, Sam had reacted normally to the sight of Jane’s naked body, and was a bit embarrassed that she would certainly feel the evidence of his prurient interest jabbing her in the belly as she laid across his lap.  As it turned out, he needn’t have worried because he soon noticed the sweet scent of his wife’s arousal.  A door opened inside Sam’s mind.  A spanking could be erotic!  In later weeks he would investigate this side of his wife more thoroughly, but for the moment this “punishment” frustratingly seemed to be having exactly the wrong effect on Jane.  Judiciously, Sam “upped his game,” spanking moderately harder and significantly faster.  Almost immediately, she started to wriggle and struggle as her bottom took on a deeper red hue.  Then she became vocal, apologizing, promising to never lie again, and then finally devolving into tears and then wails as the sting in her bottom overwhelmed her.      

Finally, she was acting like a spanked woman.

Now that she was genuinely feeling her spanking, Sam assumed that Jane’s arousal would be a thing of the past.  But that certainly wasn’t true for Sam!  He found himself amazing aroused.  He had thought that he had seen all of Jane there was to see, but he had never seen her bottom like this!  It wasn’t just the color, it was the way she moved it as she reacted to his spanks, and the way the spanks roiled her delectable buns.  Not only that, she was physically stimulating Sam by doing a horizontal dance in his lap.  Never had he felt so male, so in charge!
Despite his arousal, Sam struggled to keep his mind on his job.  Now that he was “getting through to her,” he continued on for a couple minutes until he was sure that Jane had learned her lesson.  Only then did he finally stop.  Perhaps it was beginner’s luck, but Sam had done a pretty good job, and had shown good judgment about when to stop.  Tomorrow there would be a mark or two on Jane’s bottom, but no serious bruising.

His very first spanking done, he held the loudly sobbing lady in place for a few moments to allow her time to return to her senses.  As he held her, he felt a bit like a bully.  But also, several worries began to materialize in his mind. 

First, regardless of her promise, Sam was afraid that Jane would be angry. 

Second, regardless if Jane was angry or not, he expected that he had spanked all thoughts of sex out of her.  Sam was immensely aroused, yet he expected to face a night without relief.  Hard as it would be, Sam resolved to not make any advances tonight unless Jane made some first.  He was afraid there was small chance of that!

And there was a third, more personal fear...


When the time seemed right, Sam helped his still sobbing wife to her feet.  After gingerly rubbing her livid mounds, the still-naked lady surprised her husband with a brief but enticing  “spank dance”, which only worsened Sam’s turgid condition.  Then she crawled into Sam’s lap, tearfully apologized for lying to him, and buried her head into his chest for a final cry.

They still had that second spanking to worry about, but neither person was thinking that far ahead.

To Sam’s relief, it quickly became apparent that Jane wasn’t angry with him.  When Jane’s tears dried, her arousal returned with a vengeance. Soon the couple was naked in bed, wantonly and repeatedly making love with memorable ardor.


Finally satiated, the naked couple snuggled under the sheets in that familiar spooned position.  Exhausted, Jane quickly fell into a deep sleep.  Sexually depleted, with his arm cuddled around his beautiful loving wife, and with his manhood nestled against her freshly spanked bottom, Sam should have been as contented as any man could possibly be.  But he lay awake and worried about the future.

Jane’s spanking had gone well.  Her final spanking next Friday should clear up all issues between the couple and give their relationship clear sailing into the future.  Also, he looked forward to exploring erotic spankings sometime in the near future.  But there was a future problem that Sam couldn’t get out of his mind.  The problem was simple.  Now validated by a real spanking, their mutual spanking agreement had suddenly become a very real thing in Sam and Jane’s life.

But it was a two-way agreement! 

Because Sam is human and therefore fallible, it was now virtually certain that sooner or later Jane would have her turn to spank Sam’s bare bottom.  Worse, while their agreement limited Sam to giving Jane hand spankings, the agreement gave Jane the option of using a formidable hairbrush on him. Worse yet, Jane was used to absorbing spankings, but Sam was a spanking virgin.  So how would he act when it inevitably became Jane’s turn to light a fire in his own bottom?

Could he “take it like a man” or would he act like a wimp?

Sam shivered at the thought.

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Appointment for Contrition, Part 12

© Guyspencer 2013
Appointment for Contrition, Part 12
(Cindy and Sister March)

It was Tuesday morning.  At the appointed time, Cindy and her mother Joan, both dressed in their “Truth” gowns, knocked on the church office door.  Cindy was noticeably nervous, in fact her teeth were silently chattering.  Her jitters also infected Joan and the Pastor.

There’s an old saying; “If you wish to know what a girl will look like in 25 years, just look at her mother.”  With that in mind, Pastor Lee looked at Joan with a new interest.  The resemblance between mother and daughter was strong, yet the mother was still quite presentable.  Score one for Cindy!

After the usual preliminaries, Cindy found herself semi-alone with Pastor Lee.  Her mother was visible in the outer office, but outside of earshot.

Cindy knew why she was there, and knew to expect a spanking.  Now an adult, she could have refused, but for many reasons that was unthinkable.  In fact, she wouldn’t have missed this appointment for the world!  Like other Faith Temple kids, she was no stranger to the parental lap.  Yes, Cindy knew the symptoms of pre-spanking jitters well, that buzzing feeling in the stomach, the cringe and tingle in the nether regions, the uneven breathing.  And she was feeling those identical symptoms right now!  Also, that sheer gown worn without undies allowed cool breezes into places where she wasn’t accustomed to feeling them!

But this was more than normal jitters!  Cindy had something to get off her chest, and it would likely make her spanking worse.

Still, a few minutes of small talk with her Pastor had managed to make her temporarily forget her coming spanking.  Gradually the conversation became more serious and more focused onto her childhood behavior.  As the conversation developed, Pastor Lee was struck by the contrast between Nancy and Cindy: While Nancy was beautiful although shallow, Cindy was plain looking, but deep...and honest!  Cindy honestly related several instances where she had seriously misbehaved, but also noted that she had already been punished for most of them. As the conversation continued, she became increasingly pensive.  Pastor Lee knew something was on her mind.  He could see her biting her lip as if she were fighting against some inner conflict.

Finally Lee fell silent, deciding to try leaving the direction of the talk up to Cindy.

Tears appeared in Cindy’s eyes, “So now the spanking?”

Surprised at her directness, and a bit disappointed that she hadn’t spit out whatever was on her mind, Pastor Lee replied, “Yes Cindy, but it shouldn’t be too bad.  This is just sort of an introduction to the Contrition process, and it’s strictly about clearing away any issues of childhood guilt to give you a fresh start into adulthood.  You may even keep your gown on this one time if you wish.  Just lift it up in back.” 

“Pastor Lee,” she sobbed, “I don’t deserve any special favors.  If the normal procedure is to remove the robe, that’s what I’ll do.  You see, I haven’t always been nice to my parents, especially my mother, and I’ve been feeling guilty about that lately.  I would like a chance to apologize to Mom.  After that, please consider giving me a ‘real’ spanking.  Don’t worry, I’m not fragile.”

Pastor Lee felt gratified. It had finally come out!  He wanted to jump up to comfort the girl, but was afraid the gesture might be misconstrued.  Instead, he carefully maintained his professional and slightly stern demeanor.

Watching from the other room, Joan could tell from her daughter’s sudden tears that something had happened, but was otherwise clueless.  Jittery, she watched, wishing that she knew what was happening.  Finally Pastor Lee beckoned, “Joan, I believe that Cindy wishes to tell you something.

Cindy hugged her mother and then haltingly and tearfully apologized for her treatment of her parents.  She had been a trial for a couple years, but they had written her attitude off as teenage angst.  The fact that Cindy had improved recently had only reinforced that notion.

Cindy sobbed it out, “This has been going on for years now.  I guess you gave up trying to change me.  I realized I was wrong a while back and I think I have been a lot better lately, but I caused you and Daddy years of pain.  I’m so sorry.  Now I’ve figured out a way to show that I’m sorry, a way to show Contrition and to accept a real consequence.  I’ve asked Pastor Lee for a real spanking, not the halfway spanking he had planned.”

Pastor Lee looked at Joan questioningly.  It was obvious he hadn’t yet made up his mind, so Joan gave her opinion, “Cathy has a good head on her shoulders.  If she asked you for a punishment, it’s because she believes she needs it.”

Lee sat at his desk for a moment of prayer and contemplation as the two ladies looked on nervously.  Finally he looked in Cindy’s eyes and asked, “Cindy, are you truly contrite, truly ready for change and truly ready to accept your consequence?”

Wide-eyed and wet-eyed, Cindy nodded agreement.

“Tell me what the removal of your gown symbolizes.”

She sobbed it out, “Sir, it means that there is nothing hidden.  It means that I have told the complete truth, confessed everything, and that I have given up all control and  am ready to fully accept my consequence, whatever it may be.”

“That’s a good answer Cindy,” he said in a kind voice, “That’s why we call it a ‘Truth Gown’.  You seem to understand everything well, so please remove your gown.  Fold it up neatly and place it on my desk.

Pastor Lee wouldn’t have been human if he hadn’t been interested in the sight.  He sat back to watch the total unveiling of a young lady who at least theoretically could become his wife.  He had instructed her to neatly fold the robe because it would keep her mind and her hands occupied to help her through those first few mortifying moments of her exposure.

Although he tried to maintain his professional veneer, Pastor Lee didn’t miss any of Cindy’s movements as she obeyed his orders.  In an instinctive gesture that Lee had seen many times before, Cindy turned her back to him before lifting the gown over her head.  This served to delay Cindy’s frontal unveiling for a few precious seconds, but it simultaneously showcased the Pastor’s favorite part of the God-given female anatomy.  He found Cindy’s bottom well worth looking at!  With the gown off and folded, Cindy was left with no choice but to turn around so that she could place it on the Pastor’s desk as he had ordered.  Pastor Lee found this new view of Cindy’s body surprisingly comely.

When referring to the female body, the terms “full-figured” or “big boned” are usually code meaning “fat”.  Yes, Cindy was full in the bust, hip, bottom & thighs, but her relatively flat stomach proved that little of her bulk was fat.  Her full but gravity-defying breasts also attested to her basic leanness.  His eyes were drawn down to her neatly-trimmed triangle.  From there, his eyes naturally went to her sturdy but definitely feminine thighs.  These thighs might never walk a model’s catwalk, but he found them strangely enticing.  These were padded thighs that would someday pleasure a man in upholstered comfort, sturdy thighs that would later bear that man’s babies with a minimum of fuss.  Suddenly he had a thought.  That man could be himself!          

With almost a physical effort, Lee pulled himself back to the task at hand.  He pointed to a chair, “Cindy, move that chair to the center of the room for us.”

Her mind clogged with a jumble of conflicting emotions, Cindy stood nude and dumb in front of her Pastor and her mother.  He had to repeat the order twice, but finally she managed to process it enough to obey.  She stared at the chair, imagining what would happen there momentarily.  Her bottom clenched, and she found herself with her hands covering her buttocks like a child.  She blushed when she realized what she was doing.  Her mother smiled thinly at the sight.

To her, Pastor Lee seemed to float across the room.  She looked at his hands, and saw no implements.  With vague relief she realized this would only be a hand spanking.  The next thing she knew, he was in the chair with a pillow across his lap.  It’s odd that she noticed the pillow because automatically she stood in front of him and his eyes had instantly captured hers.   She knew that this was some sort of pre-spanking lecture, but her brain had trouble locking on to his words, so she just caught the occasional phrase, “...your childhood sins...honor your parents...hard spanking...”

Her mind spun.  Did he really say “hard spanking”? 

She managed to process a few more of his words, “...OK to cry...only God and us will hear are a good person, but this will make you better...”

She didn’t remember being told to lay across his lap, but suddenly that’s where she was!

There were a few more words after that, all totally wasted on her fuzzed-out brain.  Somebody in the room was sobbing, vaguely she realized it was herself.

Then Cindy heard the distant sounds of a spanking.  Quickly those sounds became very personal, because her brain processed a sudden sting on her nether parts.   Her head cleared somewhat as the pain burned away her mental fog.  No stranger to the parental lap, Cindy would try to be “good” for at least this first part of her spanking.  Later she wouldn’t be able to keep herself from thrashing or even struggling, but for now she simply tried to absorb the bare-bottom punishment.

Joan watched as her daughter weathered those first spanks.  Naturally, she had spanked Cindy herself, and had seen her spanked across her father’s lap several times.  But this was quite different!  She was proud of her daughter!  Proud of her honesty in confessing to the Pastor what was really on her mind, proud of her for realizing that she needed this spanking, and for being brave enough to say so.  No prude, she realized that part of Cindy’s motivation might be to attract the young Pastor.  She didn’t mind, because she knew that the issues Cindy had raised were real, and knew that this spanking would clear her mind of them.  Besides, Joan would love to have Pastor Lee for a son-in-law!

Although Joan would never tell Cindy nor anyone else besides her husband, she had once visited Pastor Lee’s lap.  So she knew first-hand what was in store for her daughter.  That spanking had cleared up some old issues for Joan and greatly improved her marriage.  Now it was Cindy’s turn.

Looking down at Cindy’s bottom, Pastor Lee was once again struck by the differences between her and Nancy.  The first thing he noticed as Cindy laid her bare body across his lap was the difference in weight.  Cindy weighed as much as the more mature ladies he usually spanked, while Nancy had seemed to float.  However, that extra weight translated into a much more substantial and spankable bottom!  Where Nancy’s rear view featured gaps between her buttocks and thighs, Cindy’s bottom was more normal.  Cindy’s tight cleft and touching thighs would hide her most private parts until her legs started thrashing later in her spanking.

Over the months, Pastor Lee had perfected his spanking technique.  The final result was something between Sister March’s direct approach, and Reverend Februs’s “question and answer” technique.  He spanked Cindy’s in waves.  Waves of spanks that gradually increased in frequency and amplitude, punctuated by occasional pauses so he could question or lecture her about the reason for the punishment.

For Cindy, the first “wave” consisted of mere buttock-pinkening ripples which she endured with barely a wriggle.   

The next “wave” of spanking was more like small whitecaps on a windswept lake.  She tried to remain steady and quiet under the onslaught, but her bottom developed a noticeable wriggle, she crossed her ankles to try to hold her legs still.  Sobs and gasps escaped her lips as Pastor Lee spanked her bottom, thighs and hips to an even shade of shocking pink.

It was the third “wave” of spanks that finally mastered Cindy.  Her last intelligible words before she sank into that special incoherence of the seriously spanked were, “I’m sorreeee momeee, really sorreee!”  From there, she lost all control of the situation.  In spite of herself, she squealed, wailed and shrieked.  It took most of Pastor Lee’s strength to hold her torso in place, but her legs kicked and splayed freely.  This not only displayed her wares to the interested eyes of the young Pastor, it gave him fleeting opportunities to spank her tender inner thighs, opportunities he seldom missed.

He paused one last time to allow her to catch her breath and gather her wits a bit.  He spoke gently, reminding her of the purpose of the spanking.  Then he finally said, “OK Cindy, let’s finish this.  This will be the worst part, but then it will be over and all will be forgiven.”

Those words hadn’t yet sunk into Cindy’s spank-addled brain when the last “wave” of spanks hit.  These were like big surf rollers, twice as hard as anything that preceded them.  Cindy screamed “Nooooooo”, she kicked and struggled at first, but then quickly gave up the fight, meekly absorbing the last of her punishment.

Held safely in her Pastor’s lap, Cindy expressed her pain, and her relief with a final torrent of bitter sobs.  When her sobs finally slowed, Pastor Lee carefully, experimentally, helped the naked, red-bottomed, wet-faced girl to her feet.  He held her until he was sure that she was steady on her feet, and then carefully released her.

With ideas of modesty and embarrassment long forgotten, she did an impressive spank dance / ass rub before finally collapsing in her mother’s arms for a last cry.  Then Joan said exactly the right thing, “Your father and I forgive you for everything that happened in your childhood Cindy.  Now, going forward, we’ll work out a new relationship.  We will still be your parents, still love you and still support you, but we will relate to you as an adult.”

“Thank you mom” Cindy sobbed.

As Pastor Lee looked on in satisfaction, mother and daughter continued to embrace as they shared a cleansing cry. 

Finally it was all over.  The ladies washed each other’s faces from the Pastor’s tiny lavatory, and then Cindy finally thought to cover her nakedness.  After a brief benediction and a scheduling of Cindy’s next Contrition appointment, mother and daughter both profusely thanked Pastor Lee before leaving arm-in-arm.

That evening, for the first time ever, Cindy featured prominently in Pastor Lee’s bedtime fantasy. Score one for Cindy!


Since Pastor Lee rented a room in Sister March’s home, she was the only Lady’s Circle member who wasn’t required to appear in his office for Contrition Appointments.  Instead, Sister March would don her “truth robe” and they would meet in her living room.  It was at her latest such meeting that she had appeared with her eyes downcast.  She got it off her chest quickly.  “I think you need to spank me Pastor Lee.” 

It was surprisingly hard to worm the details out of her.  She seemed terribly embarrassed, but he quickly figured out that it had something to do with sexual activity between her and her boyfriend, Henry. 

“Henry and I are getting very close,” she said, “You may even hear an engagement announcement soon”.

Pastor Lee knew Henry well, and had great respect for him.  He was a church member, a retired police Sergeant and a widower.

With a world-class blush, she finally described the “sexual activity” between her and Henry.  It turned out to be little more than nudity and heavy petting.  

Pastor Lee tried to put her mind at ease, “You’ve done nothing wrong.  I would be worried about any couple who were discussing marriage yet hadn’t shared a few intimacies in private.

“Then why do I feel so guilty?” She sobbed.

“Perhaps you are feeling some guilt from your first marriage, and perhaps you are receiving some bad vibes from your grown children.  But you married Albert until ‘death do you part.’ Albert has gone to be with his Lord, so that obligation is behind you now.  You are totally free to have a new life with another man and your children simply must get used to it.”

“OK” she said, not entirely mollified, “If what Henry and I have done isn’t a sin, then where is the dividing line?”

Lee thought carefully before answering, “If you ask ten different Pastors, you will get ten different answers, but the answer is actually within you and Henry.  The apostle Paul gives us the best advice. In his first letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 7, verse 18, he says ‘Don't be immoral in matters of sex. This is a sin against your own body in a way that no other sin is.”

Sister March frowned, “But that doesn’t really tell us anything, where is the dividing line between moral and immoral behavior?”

“Sister March, that’s something to be decided between you and Henry.  Regardless of what some think, the Bible offers us no clear bright line.  You two must decide your limits together, and then stick to them.  But there is no reason why you two shouldn’t have the happiness of at least some intimacies.  You two should explore those and many other things before you commit to spending the rest of your lives together.” 

Seeing that Sister March still wasn’t totally convinced that she shouldn’t feel guilty, he left her with one final thought.  “Your Pastor can’t spank you for this because you have committed no sin nor done anything to hurt anyone.  Think on it for a couple days.  If you still have emotions you can’t shake after that time, then I will give you a spanking that hopefully will help you release those bad emotions.  But I would do it as your friend, not your Pastor.”

Sister March furrowed her brow in thought, but then Pastor Lee got an inspired idea, “I have an even better idea if you truly need that spanking.  I know a certain retired police sergeant with several grown kids.  I’m sure he knows how to spank and could do that job perfectly well.  Besides, he has already seen your bare bottom!

Sister March blushed prettily at that slightly ribald suggestion.  But Pastor Lee noted that she didn’t say “No.”    


That night Pastor Lee retired to his room feeling that he had done a good job with Sister March.  Her courtship with Henry was progressing nicely.  He hoped to have the privilege of uniting them in matrimony soon.

But then, as usual, his thoughts went to Nancy and Cindy.  He had been squiring them around town at every opportunity, usually to functions at other churches.  He hadn’t settled on either one just yet, so he was dating them alternately, acting as impartial as possible and making no promises.  He knew that he wouldn’t be able to get away with that for long!
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Appointment for Contrition, Part 11

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Appointment for Contrition, Part 11
(Rite of Passage & Nancy)

The congregation was abuzz.  Two girls had reached the magic age of 18, had completed their confirmation classes, and were ready for confirmation.  Confirmation would make them full members of the church.  More importantly perhaps, it makes them adults in the eyes of the church and eligible for marriage.  Social barriers would drop! In Pastor Lee’s case, the girls would instantly progress from untouchables to “fair game”.

The confirmation service would be a huge occasion, replacing that week’s Sunday morning service.  As part of the ceremony, the girls would be inducted into the Ladies Circle and presented with their “Truth Gowns”.  Afterwards, there would be a huge reception in the downstairs Fellowship Room.

After weeks of consideration, it had been decided how to handle their Contrition Appointments.  As usual, the “Truth Gowns” would be the only garment worn.  Although the congregation’s trust in Pastor Lee was absolute, it was decided that “one-on-one” meetings between young unmarried ladies and their unmarried youthful Pastor might cause damaging talk.  Therefore, Sister march would chaperone all such ladies at Contrition Appointments.  For privacy, she would normally sit out of earshot in the outer office, but the adjoining door would always be open.  It would be the duty of each young lady to arrange for Sister March to attend her appointments.

But what about spankings?  Beyond the chaperone, no special rules would be made for the recently confirmed ladies.  The established procedure was just too important!  Removing the “truth gown” for an earned “consequence” left the lady in the state that God had created her.  What could possibly be wrong with that?  Wearing no clothing left no place to hide, leaving no room for anything but the bare truth to shine through!  So, should the young ladies earn a spanking, they would doff their “truth gown” for the occasion just like any other lady’s circle member.

But how were the young ladies to be introduced to Contrition Appointments?  It was here that the mothers of the two girls did some really good thinking, and the Lady’s Circle did some good listening!  It was decided that each young lady should receive a special introductory Contrition Appointment.  For that single appointment only, they would be accompanied by their mothers.  The mother would help her daughter into her “Truth Gown.”  To show respect, the mother would also wear hers.  The young lady would talk to the Pastor semi-privately.  That first Contrition discussion would center on her childhood, and especially any childhood sins or remaining guilt from her childhood.  Then there would be a spanking, but a fairly mild one, just enough to color her bottom and enough to trigger real tears. 

That little spanking would symbolically resolve all of her childhood sins to afford her a “fresh start” into adulthood.  This would also have the effect of “breaking the ice” so that the young lady would have experienced all that’s likely to happen in a “real” Contrition Appointment.  Also, to reduce anxiety, that first contrition appointment should occur soon after confirmation.

Reverend Lee also insisted on one other small accommodation for that introductory meeting only.  Each young lady would have the option of retaining her gown.  She could remove it for her spanking, or she could just raise it enough to uncover her bottom before putting herself across the pastoral lap.  The choice would be hers.  Reluctantly, the group agreed.


The big day finally came!  The sanctuary was resplendent in light and flowers.  The ceremony started much like a wedding march.  Wearing white flowing dresses that somehow managed to individually flatter their very different figures, the girls walked down the central aisle escorted by their parents.  There, Pastor Lee officially inducted them into church membership.  Then the parents, after one final teary embrace, presented the new adults to the congregation and then returned to their seats, leaving the young ladies standing alone.  It was a poignant moment, the parents officially giving up control of their offspring.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

It wasn’t lost on Pastor Lee that this moment also signified that the responsibility for the young lady’s discipline had shifted from their parents to their Pastor.   

Then Sister March officially inducted the new adults in the Ladies Circle, and then publically presented them each with a brand new “truth gown”.

Finally the entire congregation filed downstairs to the Fellowship Hall, which had been decorated for a celebration banquet.


Although the girls had been raised in the same church and attended the same schools, and were both now college freshmen, they couldn’t have been more different from each other.  They would insist that they were friends, but in truth they had never been pals.   In school, they had always traveled in different circles; one girl was highly popular, but the other remained “just another face”.  Seeing them walk down the aisle, one would have no problem guessing which girl was which!  Even the fluffy formal gown failed to hide Nancy’s enticing figure, and she walked with a dignified poise that Cindy, the other girl, couldn’t match.        

Nancy, a slim, long-necked, olive-skinned, athletic-looking dark-haired compact young lady, was a smoldering beauty.  On the other hand, Cindy was a brown haired, plain-faced girl with a figure that one might describe as “chunky,” but rarely as “beautiful” or even as “sexy”.  Not surprisingly, Nancy had long ago learned that she could depend on her looks to get her through any situation, while Cindy used her personality and hard work to compensate for her lack of physical attributes.  It was that hard work which allowed Cindy to get excellent grades in spite of her merely average intelligence and talent.  Cindy had one attribute that made her attractive to any Pastor; she could play the piano and organ.  However, most of the congregation’s bets were solidly on Nancy to be Pastor’s Lee’s future bride.

Being a viral young man, Pastor Lee’s attention remained solidly on Nancy’s sexiness, but he tried not to show it.  Now that the young ladies had reached adulthood, he intended to politely, chastely and impartially date them both.  In particular, he might squire the young ladies to respectable  outings, such as church socials and other special events at local churches.  But the truth was that his hormones pointed him straight to Nancy. 

That evening after the Confirmation service, in the privacy of his bedroom, Pastor Lee finally allowed his drowsy sexual fantasies to dwell on the gorgeous young Nancy.  His hand strayed south.            


Now that they were adults, Pastor Lee hoped to see much more of the young ladies.  But first, there was the matter of their introductory Contrition Appointments and their first spankings to attend to!

Nancy’s Contrition appointment was scheduled for the afternoon following her confirmation.  Cindy’s meeting would be the following morning.  Pastor Lee was a bit nervous about these meetings, but not nearly as nervous as Cindy and Nancy!


Twenty minutes before the appointed hour, Nancy found herself in the church basement, locked in a Sunday school room with her mother.  It felt really strange to get naked in a Sunday school room, and even stranger to do it with her mother!  Earlier, they had visited the lady’s room to remove all of their makeup and jewelry.  When Nancy got down to her bra and panties, she paused, reluctant to continue.  The mother had been expecting this, so she set an example by quickly shrugging off her own bra, peeling her panties down past her own substantial hips, then off.

“Come on Nancy,” she urged, “finish the job so we can put on our gowns and be covered up again.”  Reluctantly, the gorgeous young lady divested herself of bra and panties.   Soon Nancy had donned her “Truth Gown” for the very first time (except that she had privately tried it on in her bedroom the night before.)  That done, the ladies zipped each other up.

Nancy’s stomach churned with a mixture of fear, nervousness and anticipation.   She welcomed Pastor Lee’s attention, and she expected this meeting would play to her favor.   Snagging that handsome and important male would be a huge status symbol to her.  Also, being the preacher’s wife would make her an important person in the church and even in her town.  Oh yes! She knew Pastor Lee was soon to view much of her body, a view most of the town’s males would happily pay for, but he was the one she wanted to attract. 

Naturally, she understood that the purpose of her Contrition Appointment was for her to bare her soul.  She also understood that this time there would be a real spanking involved.  (Future spankings weren’t assured, they depended on her conduct and any confessions she made.)  Actually, she had no intention of actually baring her soul for the Pastor.  However, she was resigned to baring her bottom and enduring her spanking because it was required to meet her intended goal.  

Her stomach still churning, Nancy followed her mother out of the Sunday School room.  In the thin gown, she felt exposed, a feeling enhanced by the caress of the cool basement air on her body.  She shivered, and not only because of the chill!

Nancy’s face turned red when her mother suggested a last-minute trip to the lady’s room.  “You need to be sure your bladder is empty.  When you lay across a lap, it puts pressure there, and sometimes that makes you feel like, you know...peeing.”  Later, Nancy would wonder how her mother knew so much about being spanked, but right now she was only thinking of herself.   For once, she took her mother’s advice. 

Then it was time!


They stood outside the Pastor’s office.  Mother motioned for Nancy to knock.  With her knees feeling weak, she finally rapped on the door.  She jumped as the sound reverberated through the empty church.  She heard his friendly voice, “Come in!”

The routine was familiar to the mother, but new to Nancy; greetings, a bit of small talk, followed by an earnest prayer for openness and honesty.  In a calculated move, Nancy didn’t sit, pleading nervousness when the Pastor offered her a chair.  Instead, she “accidently” stood in front of the window to treat him to profiles of her body through the diaphanous gown.  She ensured that he saw frontal as well as side views.  Having been told it was optional, Nancy had no plans to doff her gown today, but she wanted Reverend Lee to see enough to draw his interest.  From his desk, the pastor could see enough through her gown to know that she was wearing it properly, meaning without undies!

The preliminaries over, the Pastor requested Nancy’s mother to sit in the outer office.  The door left wide open, she could see but not hear the conversation.  Now Reverend Lee became “all business,” asking Nancy about her childhood sins and regrets.  It quickly became apparent that Nancy wasn’t in an introspective mood, and even less inclined towards self-criticism.  He tried to lead her down paths where he knew there were issues, such as how she had treated fellow students who weren’t in her “in” group.  The more Reverend Lee tried to lead Nancy into a deep conversation, the more she managed to evade serious issues.  Finally Reverend Lee decided to save that for future appointments, and to get on with today’s program.

He called the mother back in.  “Nancy, before we proceed would you like to hug your mother and tell her that you are sorry for whatever problems you may have caused her in your childhood?”

Nancy readily complied.  Whatever other faults she might have, Nancy truly loved her parents.  Mother and daughter both shed a few tears as they embraced and kissed.

Then Reverend Lee went into his standard pre-spanking talk, “Nancy, God’s forgiveness is between him and you, but the best path to your self-forgiveness is to suffer a real consequence.  You will suffer a bit and you may find the process embarrassing, but at least it will be private between the three of us and God.”

Knowing where this was going, Nancy bit her lip but nodded nervously.

“Nancy, are you truly contrite, truly ready for change and truly ready to accept your consequence?”         

Eyes wide, and with her knees seemingly knocking together, Nancy nodded again.

She barely breathed as she watched him move a chair to the center of the office, close and lock the office door, and pull a pillow from a closet.  Then he sat down with the pillow on his lap.

He looked up at Nancy’s mother.  “This may be a bit hard for you to watch, but surely Nancy appreciates your support.  Are you OK?”  Teary-eyed, the mother nodded.

Then he turned his undivided attention to Nancy.  “Nancy, this will be a real spanking.  It will really hurt, and it will bring true tears.  There is no need to remain silent.  It’s perfectly OK for you to show emotion, but I expect your fullest cooperation.  OK?”

Visibly trembling, and with tears streaming down her face, Nancy nodded.

“Still,” he said, “This won’t be quite as hard as a normal Contrition spanking.  Also understand that Contrition spankings are not a routine part of the Contrition Protocol.  Some ladies have had dozens of Contrition Appointments yet haven’t been spanked.  That’s a very individual thing.  This spanking is to introduce you to the process, and to symbolically settle your childhood sins so you may start your adult life with a clear slate and a clear mind.  Understand?”

Again, she nodded tearfully.

“Normally the ‘Truth gown’ is relinquished for this type of contrition consequence.  That is to symbolize that the entire truth has been exposed and that there is nothing left to hide.  Don’t be concerned about me seeing your body.  I’m a man of God, and this is my calling.  Still, this one time only, you have the option of retaining the gown over the top part of your body if you choose.  What is your choice?

“I...I’ll keep it please,” she murmured.

If Reverend Lee was disappointed, it didn’t show, “In that case, stand by my right side, lift your gown above your waist in back, and place yourself across my lap.”

Nancy moved to obey, but then bit her lip as she looked down at his pillow-covered lap.

She had intended to impress the Pastor by taking her punishment bravely and stoically.  But now, despite her best intentions, she humiliated herself by whining, “Not, not too hard please?”

In a kind but firm voice he explained, “That’s not the way it works Nancy.  If you are truly contrite, and truly seeking forgiveness and inner peace, you will give up all control and trust that you will receive a fair punishment.  When I start, I guarantee that you will immediately want it to end, but I promise that you won’t receive more punishment than your body can safely take.  OK?”

Nancy sobbed, defeated before even the first spank.  Still, she managed to nod her agreement before shakily hiking her gown and laying herself across the Pastor’s pillow-covered lap.  The operation wasn’t a complete success, the gown fell in the process, partially covering Nancy’s firm bottom.  Her mother stepped forward and rearranged the gown so that it was gathered well above the small of Nancy’s waist.

Pastor Lee had never before seen a bottom like Nancy’s.  Nancy took her appearance very seriously, so she used her college gym like a health club.  That exercise made her shapely little body surprisingly lean and muscular.  Her firm little buttocks seemed to repel each other.  This made a wide cleft that framed, rather than hid, her nether anatomy.  Further, she had a “thigh gap”, which similarly framed Nancy’s most intimate female parts.

Nancy’s mother hadn’t seen her daughter from this angle for several years.  She blanched at this unexpected intimate exposure, but relaxed when the Pastor didn’t seem to take notice.  Had she been able to see under his lap pillow, she might have revised her opinion!   

Pastor Lee started out with only mild spanks, but the young lady proved to be a drama queen.  Even though her bottom was barely pink, she wailed, sobbed, and begged.  It was her final try at manipulation.  It didn’t work!  By now, Pastor Lee was too experienced to fall for alligator tears.  His face impassive, he gradually increased the power of his spanks until her movements became real.  Instead of merely squirming, her knees finally separated as she bicycled and kicked in truly uncontrolled response to the increasing sting in her bottom, sit spots, and thighs.         

Soon, her bottom was coloring nicely and her alligator tears were gone, replaced by the real thing.  Moments later, the agreed spanking having been delivered, the Pastor reluctantly stopped.
He felt she deserved much more, but that would have to wait for another day.  He flipped down her gown, covering her nether scenery while wondering if he would ever see it again.

After a suitable pause and a few words of reminder and forgiveness, he helped the crying girl to her feet.  He was tempted to comfort her himself, but that was too dangerous.  On the outside, Lee was a man of God, and a professional whose every thought rested with the welfare of his flock.  But inside that veneer lived a sex-starved young man!  He handed Nancy to her mother to be comforted.  After a benediction, a few last words, and the scheduling of Nancy’s next Contrition Appointment, Nancy and her mother left Pastor Lee alone with his jumbled thoughts. 


Relieved that Nancy’s ordeal was over, the two went back downstairs to dress.  Riding home in her mother’s car, Nancy squirmed a bit on her smoldering bottom as she privately reviewed her encounter with the young Pastor.  She knew that her figure had scored points.  She had watched his eyes light up as she had deliberately profiled her body against the light from his office window.  On the other hand, she had totally failed to manipulate him.  Her talk with him had been a disaster, and she had whined and begged before her spanking had even started.  Once she had gone over his lap, he had been in total control, while she had acted like a wimp.  Points lost!

She decided that, at best, the meeting had ended in a draw.  Still, she wasn’t worried.  She depended on her body to ultimately win the war for her.  Pastor Lee would be hers!  Cindy’s Contrition Appointment was tomorrow, but Nancy wasn’t concerned about her competitor. 

Had she known that Pastor Lee’s sexual fantasy that evening would feature his remembered rear view of her own womanhood, she would have been even more sure of herself!       


In other news, there was another “rite of passage” brewing in the church.  Sister March had seemed unusually happy lately.  There was a spring in her steps and new color in her cheeks.   She soon privately confirmed it to Pastor Lee; she was in love!

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Appointment For Contrition, Part 13

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                                         Appointment For Contrition, Part 13

It was a wonderful problem to have, but it was still a very real problem.  Pastor Lee had two wonderful young ladies to choose from.  He wasn’t the only eligible bachelor in town, so it was a situation that couldn’t last forever.  Both girls had recently been confirmed in the church, which made them full adults.  Both were available, and seemed quite interested in him.  Since their confirmation, he had been dating both Nancy and Cindy and doing his best to remain neutral and chaste, but that couldn’t go on much longer!  Soon he must concentrate his energies on one or the other.  Either Nancy or Cindy might make a great wife for the young Pastor, but they were very different girls!

Nancy was frankly beautiful.  Just having her on his arm fed his ego in a very deep way.  His nighttime sexual fantasies often featured Nancy’s shapely body pressed against him. 

Nancy was a personable and memorable person.  That might make her a good fund-raiser for the church, but beyond that she had no special talents that would help him with his pastoral duties.  Further, Nancy was a fairly shallow person.  Once one got beyond the excitement of her body and the lure of her smile, there really wasn’t much left.

Cindy, though far from ugly, was so plain that most men would never notice her in a crowd.  Her body was short, solid, and big-boned.  However, while Nancy was shallow, Cindy was deep.  Cindy was a natural organizer, a natural teacher, and a fair musician.  In short, she had much to offer in terms of helping a Pastor run a church.  Also, Lee loved to spend hours just talking to her.  She was intelligent, funny, and well-read.

In short, Cindy appealed to Pastor Lee’s heart and soul, while Nancy appealed to his ego and his groin.  It was difficult for all concerned, but his advances on either young lady hadn’t yet gone beyond a chaste hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Until he was ready to commit, it felt immoral to take advantage of them.  Besides, the whole congregation was watching!

Both young ladies showed up dependably for their weekly Contrition appointments.  They each coordinated with Sister March so that they always had their required chaperone.  He hadn’t had any reason to spank either lady again, so the appointments involved just talking and prayer.  As before, Nancy was reluctant to discuss anything deep.  Pastor Lee felt that he was making slow progress with her.  His talks with her were generally uninspiring, but he loved the scenery!  Although he scheduled an hour for each appointment, Nancy always required much less time.  She simply had little to say.

Cindy’s appointments were totally different, and the Pastor always looked forward to them.  She would honestly discuss her behavior over the week so that she and the Pastor could evaluate it together.  Often their conversations branched off into philosophy, current events, religion, or any of thousands of other possible directions.  Because their conversations often ran past the allotted time, he always made sure to keep the following hour open to allow extra time. 

As a Pastor, Lee had no doubt which choice he should make.  Affairs of the heart and soul should always take precedence over affairs of the groin!  Still, a virile young man lived inside Pastor Lee’s body.  That horny fellow was having trouble giving up on the decorative and nubile Nancy.


Meanwhile, Sister March’s courtship with Henry, another church member, was coming along famously.  At Pastor Lee’s suggestion, Sister March and Henry had shared a long talk about “limits”.  Although, pregnancy wasn’t an issue at their age, they still chose to set their “limit” at something less that actual coitus.  Still, that left many sensual delights “on the table” for them to enjoy together. 

Sister March also took another of Pastor Lee’s suggestions, although he had made it half in jest.  She had put herself across Henry’s lap for a moderately serious bare-bottom spanking.  That spanking had triggered a cleansing crying jag, and a release of her pent-up emotions.  After that, her lingering irrational guilt over her new relationship became a thing of the past.  Also, that spanking and the necessary aftercare had brought the two even closer together.  It wouldn’t be Sister March’s last bare-bottom trip across Henry’s lap, not by a long shot!                 

Sister March needed a confidant, but had no close female friends in the church.  So Pastor Lee, her closest friend (beyond Henry) served as a convenient and trustworthy sounding board.  As a result he heard more about their intimate life than he really wished to know!  This only served to increase his frustration level with the current state of his own personal life.     

It surprised nobody when Henry and Sister March announced their engagement.  Sister March made it clear that she intended to live with Henry after their marriage, and that her present house would become Faith Temple’s new parsonage. 

Pastor Lee would soon have his own house, now all he needed was a wife!   


Nancy was a person who usually got her way, especially where males were involved.  Her smile and her attractiveness made them all putty in her hands!  She knew that the Pastor was proceeding slowly, but felt confident that she would prevail in the end.  She believed that time was on her side.  Besides, she had no lack of potential male suitors.  She dated other men on a regular basis and made sure that Pastor Lee heard about it!  She figured that jealously would eventually have its effect.  Sure enough!  The young Pastor secretly hated to see her with other men.  Of course, he couldn’t say anything until/unless he finally declared himself to her.     

Unfortunately, Cindy had no other immediate prospects.  Although she took pains to not let it show, Pastor Lee’s inaction was wearing very thin on her.  Like everyone else, she assumed that she wasn’t the “front runner”, but she retained a bit of hope.  As time went on, she began to see opportunity slipping away from her.  Quietly, she became desperate.  She had to do something to “upset the applecart”.

So Cindy’s plan was born from a combination of desperation and impatience.  Like most plans born from desperation and impatience, it wasn’t a very good one!  In fact, it wasn’t even a complete plan.  Cindy hoped to figure things out as she went along!   

Her plan started out very simply.  She scheduled her usual Tuesday morning Contrition appointment, but neglected to call Sister March to chaperone the meeting.  That would put her alone with Pastor Lee.  Once alone with Pastor Lee she would...  Well, she didn’t know what she would do, but something would occur to her!  Something that would  “upset the applecart”.

Her plan went a bit awry when Sister March noticed that she hadn’t received a call from Cindy.  She found Cindy after church that Sunday and asked if her Contrition appointment would be at the normal time.  Cindy was forced to lie!  She explained that she had a special class that day and would have to reschedule her meeting.  That explanation seemed to satisfy the lady, who asked to be notified when the new appointment was set.  Therefore, Cindy thought nothing more of it. 

For some reason, it never occurred to Cindy that since Pastor Lee roomed in Sister March’s house, it would be trivial for them to compare notes.


The next Tuesday morning, Cindy was dressed in her “truth gown” and standing outside Pastor Lee’s office.  Even though it was cool in the empty church, she was sweating.  What was she going to say to him?  Should she demand that he choose between her and Nancy?  If so, would she like the choice he made?  Perhaps she should simply declare her love for him?  What was she going to say when he asked her why she didn’t have a chaperone? Would she lie to him?  Lie whilst wearing her “truth gown”?  Tell a lie at a Contrition appointment?  That was unthinkable! 

The more she thought of it, the more stupid she felt.  She belatedly realized that there was no way she would get through this meeting without being spanked!  Oh well!  At least the Pastor would see her naked body again and perhaps be reminded that she is a female! 

Before she could change her mind, she reached out and knocked.  The die was cast!  She heard Pastor Lee’s voice, “Enter!”


Shaking a bit, she opened the door and walked in, closing it behind her.  Pastor Lee looked straight into her eyes as if he could peer straight through her.  Normally he would jump up to greet her, but today he just sat there and pinioned her with his gaze.  The silence seemed to fill the whole room.  It was then that she saw movement in her peripheral vision.  With an effort, she tore her eyes away from his and looked to her right.  There was Sister March!  The look on Sister March’s face was unreadable, but Cindy knew immediately that her plan was a shambles.  Her knees felt weak, the waterworks started!

Finally the Pastor spoke, “Cindy you are wearing your truth gown and this is a Contrition appointment, so this is no place for games.  We all know that you lied to Sister March, so sit down and honestly tell us exactly what’s going on.” 

The problem was that Cindy wasn’t sure herself!  She had never concocted a complete plan.  Finally she gave the best answer she could. “I just know that I wanted to be alone with you, even if it got me spanked.  I...I don’t want to lose you to someone else.”

He replied, “Cindy, our chaperone requirement is to protect the church, as well as to protect you and I personally, from damaging loose talk.  That rule was made for a good reason, and you were totally wrong to try to circumvent it.  Also, lying is terrible for relationships, that’s why our God has commanded us not to lie!   You do know your commandments, right?”

At this, Cindy broke down into sobs, “Yes Pastor, I know it’s wrong to lie.  I’m so sorry Sister March!”

For the next few minutes, the talk became a bit more normal for a Contrition appointment, except that Sister March remained in the room, rather than sitting in the outer office as usual.

Finally Pastor Lee came to the pre-spanking words that she had heard once before, “And so Cindy, are you truly contrite, truly ready for change and truly ready to accept your consequence?”

Her heart rate accelerated, sweat appeared on her brow and her eyes generated fresh tears as she imagined herself naked across his lap, “Yes Pastor Lee, I’m so sorry, and I’m ready to accept my consequence.”

He spoke firmly, “As it turns out Cindy, Sister March and I have already discussed your consequence.”  As he talked, he opened a desk drawer, produced a paddle, and laid it dramatically on the desk.  Cindy bit her lip, but didn’t object. 

Looking her in the eye, he continued, “Place a chair in the middle of the room Cindy.”

With a sniffle, Cindy obeyed, and then automatically reached for the hem of her white truth gown. 

Pastor Lee stopped her, “No Cindy, you will remove that after I step out of the room.  You lied to Sister March, so she will carry out your punishment.  You will apologize to her, and then hand her the paddle and ask her to punish you with it.  I expect you to cooperate with your punishment as much as possible.”  

“But-but,” Cindy stuttered, “why can’t you do it?”

Pastor Lee interrupted, “That’s not how it works Cindy.  You don’t get to choose your punishment or who does it.  If you are truly contrite, and truly seeking forgiveness and inner peace, you will relinquish control and trust that you will receive a fair punishment.”

Cindy choked back her response, and nodded. 

Pastor Lee gave her a quick and impulsive hug, and then left, leaving her alone with Sister March, who had occupied the chair that Cindy had placed. 

“I...I’ve messed up everything,” Cindy sobbed, ”Now he doesn’t even want to be in the same room with me.”

“I don’t think it’s that at all,” Sister March said soothingly, “I think he doesn’t feel right being in the room while your robe is off.”

“But why not?” Cindy sobbed, “He’s done it before.” 

“I have a theory, but it’s only a theory” The lady cautioned.

“What is it?”

“I suspect he has feelings for you, so it doesn’t feel right to him to be in the room when you disrobe.”

Hurriedly, Sister March explained, “I don’t want to get your hopes up honey.  That’s only my opinion.  I don’t really know what he’s thinking.”

“And,” she continued in a motherly tone, “you really do deserve this spanking.”

Cindy allowed herself a bit of hope as she went through the ritual of preparing for her punishment.  She removed her gown, folded it, and laid it on the desk next to the paddle.  She picked up the paddle and faced Faith Temple’s matriarch.  The look in the Sister March’s face was determined, but not totally unkind.

The situation was embarrassing for Cindy, standing in front of this lady whom she had lied to. Embarrassing because she was naked, embarrassing because she had lied and was about to get spanked, but mostly embarrassing because she felt like a naughty little girl! 

Sister March also found the situation uncomfortable.  Cindy certainly deserved to be corrected, yet this whole incident somehow had to do with Pastor Lee’s love life.  Was she really helping by being here?  ‘Yes,’ she decided, ‘This young lady really does need a spanking!’

Dutifully yet meaningfully, and with tears in her eyes, Cindy apologized, handed the paddle to Sister March and asked for her consequence.               

How hard should it be? Sister March asked.

The question brought a new deluge of tears, but finally Cindy managed an answer, “H-hard; until I’m red and crying hard.  Until you’re sure I’ve had a fair consequence and learned my lesson.”

Touched by her honest answer, Sister March stood and hugged Cindy, allowing the girl to cry into her shoulder.   Finally she sat and patted her lap meaningfully.  Obediently, Cindy put herself into position and allowed her bottom to be guided into the perfect position for her chastisement. 

Sister March and the Pastor had discussed this; Cindy’s punishment would be firm and memorable, but not harsh.  Sister March was no weakling, and could have done a perfectly good job with just her hand, so the main reason for the paddle today was psychology.  But also for psychological reasons, she started the punishment out with a “bang”.

The matriarch lifted the paddle high and then quickly brought it down hard three times on each cheek.  Cindy shrieked and struggled.  Satisfied that she had gotten off to a good start, she tucked the paddle behind her for later use.

Then Sister March masterfully applied a firm, leisurely and memorable hand spanking.  By the time it was over, every spankable part of Cindy’s bottom and thighs was bright red, and poor Cindy was exhausted and winded from struggling and howling.


Outside the office, Pastor Lee listened to the spanking and did some deep thinking.  There were many thoughts running through his head, some conflicting with each other.

On one layer, his thoughts were downright randy.  He couldn’t help but visualize Cindy naked across Sister March’s lap.  Her bottom would be bouncing, jiggling and coloring.  Her legs would be thrashing, flashing intriguing glimpses of the promised land!

On another layer, he felt guilt.  Guilt because Sister March was doing his job for him, and guilt because his actions had apparently pushed Cindy into her lie.  For the first time, he thought that perhaps the Catholics had it right.  His sex life certainly seemed to be interfering with his pastoral duties.  Would celibacy be better?

Then he pushed all those thoughts aside and just thought about Cindy.  Whatever the rest of us think, God was a very real and personal concept to Pastor Lee!  He realized now what God wanted him to do about Cindy, and he realized that there had always been only one logical path open to him.

With the big decision finally made, Pastor Lee felt much better.

He heard a sudden silence inside his office, but knew that Cindy’s punishment wasn’t quite finished.


Dimly, Cindy realized that Sister March had stopped spanking her.  From miles away, she heard the lady’s voice.  It was nearly drowned out by cries, finally she figured out that it was she who was crying.  She struggled to control her sobs so she could hear, “Cindy we’re not done yet, but get up so I can reposition you.”  

It took a few moments for Cindy to get control of herself, but finally she pushed herself off of the matriarch’s lap and wobbled to her feet.  Her hands went automatically to her livid buttocks, and the inevitable “spank dance” began.  Gently, Sister March took her wrists, guided her between her legs, and then urged her over her left knee.  Soon Cindy found herself totally restrained, her right hand firmly held in the small of her back, and with Sister March’s substantial right leg pinning her legs.

“Let’s finish this Cindy,” Sister March said in a gentle voice as she reached behind her to retrieve the paddle. 

Before Cindy had a chance to respond, her already tender bottom felt the first kiss of the paddle as it slammed onto her right buttock. 

Sister March saw no reason to prolong it, so she delivered the final paddling quickly as poor Cindy bucked and shrieked.


On the other side of the door, Pastor Lee shed a few tears as he heard Cindy’s distress.  He knew that he couldn’t play favorites.  Cindy had lied, and so she must receive an appropriate consequence.  Still, it was hard for the Pastor to resist the impulse to barge into his own office and stop Cindy’s spanking.

Finally it was over.

A few minutes later, Cindy was still sobbing loudly, but he heard Sister March’s voice call him back into his office.

He found Cindy rubbing her bottom through her truth gown, and with tears streaming down her cheeks.  “I’m sorry Pastor Lee, really sorry,” she sobbed.

He took her in his arms, “I’m also sorry Cindy, but lying is always a bad idea.”

“Yes I know,” she blubbered, “I guess I’ve messed everything up now.”   

“I don’t know about that Cindy,” he said with a hint of a smile.  “After that spanking do you still wish to be alone with me?”  



“Are you really going to make me say it?” She asked.

“Well,” the Pastor replied, “You are wearing your truth gown.  Why don’t you just say what’s on your mind?”

Her mind a blur, she choked out the words that she really had wanted to hear from him, “I - I love you, I want to be with you.”    

His reply was simple, “Me too.”

Cindy couldn’t believe her ears, “Do you mean...?”

“Yes Cindy, I love you.  I’ve loved you for several weeks now.  It just took me a while to figure it out.”

He turned to Sister March.  “Sister March?  I don’t think anyone would object to a Pastor spending a reasonable amount of time alone with his fiance do you?    

Guessing where this conversation was going, the old lady wiped a tear from her eye.  “No Pastor Lee, I don’t think there is a thing wrong with that.  In fact, I’m alone with Henry all the time.”

“That’s what I thought.” Pastor Lee said in a purposeful tone of voice. “So we just need to change Cindy’s status.”

He released Cindy from his arms, but not his gaze.  He took her hands before bending down on one knee.  Finally understanding what was happening, Cindy looked at him in shock, her throbbing bottom forgotten.  New tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Cindy? Will you marry me?” 


A few busy, arousing  and memorable weeks later, they were married.  It was a  huge event in the town.  In a double ceremony presided over by Reverend Februs, two couples started their new lives together.  

Naturally, Cindy and Pastor Lee had had their own talk about “limits”.  The evening of their marriage, following a tingly and mutually arousing play spanking, Cindy happily relinquished her virginity to her new husband. 

At few blocks away, a similar scene played out in Henry’s bedroom, where he and Sister March were enjoying their first night as man and wife.   

© Guyspencer 2013