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Sara's Dutch Uncle Part IV

© Guyspencer 2012
Sara’s Dutch Uncle: Part IV

Just as there was a first time that Wilhelm spanked young Sara, there was also a last, but by then Sara was a young adult.

Sara’s spankings continued through her high school years with little change. Her need for spankings went a bit beyond mere discipline. She hadn’t yet sexualized the experience, but simply needed the occasional emotional release of a good spanking. When the time came for college, Sara completed her first two years in a local college. Since she remained living at home being supported by her mother, she agreed to remain governed by her mother’s discipline. Thus, her occasional spankings at Wilhelm’s studio continued.

During these years, the relationship between Mary and Wilhelm continued to evolve. They had been in an exclusive but discrete relationship for several years now.

When Sara received her Associate’s degree with honors, Wilhelm was impressed enough to send her to a big-name college. Still, Sara visited the studio occasionally for spankings during her frequent trips home. Sometimes she was spanked for genuine issues, but usually just to relieve the stress of academia.

By now, Sara was sexually active, a fact she shared with Wilhelm but not her mother. Wilhelm ensured that she took the proper precautions and had the proper medical care. During this time, Wilhelm used the hairbrush on Sara only once. That was when she had tearfully confessed to an evening of drunkenness and unprotected sex. Over these years, their spanking procedure remained unchanged; Sara appeared at Wilhelm’s studio wearing a loose skirt. She would position the spanking chair and remove her own panties before placing herself across her uncle’s lap.

Sara finally settled on one certain young man, John. Happily John was both a student at Sara’s university and a local lad from Sara’s high school class. Both Mary and Wilhelm heartily approved of John, and were hardly shocked then they announced their engagement near the end of their senior year.

A few days after the announcement, Wilhelm invited Mary for a quiet evening at the studio. Wilhelm cooked a rib roast in the studio’s tiny kitchen and served it with succulent vegetables, tiny new potatoes, and fine champagne at a table for two. After dinner, as they sat on a tiny terrace on the studio’s roof and looked over the town, Wilhelm asked Mary to marry him. To his consternation, she burst into tears. Totally mystified, he held her until the tears stopped. There was a long silence as they held each other.

Finally she spoke one word; “Yes”.

He was so startled that he had to ask her to repeat it!

A bit more than 30 days before the scheduled wedding of Sara and John, things weren’t going well. The pressure of planning for a wedding whilst studying for final exams was just too much for Sara. Whenever Wilhelm saw Sara and John together, Sara seemed to be berating John for something. John tried to be understanding, but he was clearly close to being fed up. Wilhelm felt like he had to act. Even if Sara’s attitude didn’t cause the couple to call off the wedding, he feared their problems would snowball and finally lead to misery or divorce.

He caught Sara by herself and confronted her; “Do you think that John really deserves the abuse you have been giving him?” At first, Sara looked like she would blow up, but instead; she tried to form a logical answer for Wilhelm’s question. It never came because there was no logical answer. She ended up sobbing on his shoulder.

Finally she calmed down. “You know what you need don’t you sweetheart?” he asked gently. Her face still buried in his shoulder, she nodded.

“Does John know about your little need for periodic spankings?” he inquired.

“I’m too ashamed to tell him.” she sobbed, “He’ll think I’m some kind of wacko!”

“What sort of message do you think he’s getting from your recent behavior?” Wilhelm asked reasonably.

She paused so long that he thought she wasn’t going to answer; but finally admitted, “He must think I’m some kind of wacko.”

“We can’t have that, can we Sara? He responded, “Because you’re really a wonderful young woman, and certainly no wacko.”

She shrugged.

“I want you to come by tomorrow afternoon wearing one of your spanking skirts. We’ll deal with this matter. OK?”

She knew what she needed, so as always, she agreed.

Then Wilhelm dropped his bombshell, “And bring John.”

Her head shot up, “I can’t! Please don’t make me Uncle Wilhelm.”

In the end, he convinced her, explaining that he couldn’t keep spanking her after her marriage.


They showed up at the studio the following afternoon. As ordered, Sara was wearing a loose skirt. Unsurprisingly, Sara seemed nervous. John just seemed perplexed.

Wilhelm got Sara by herself, “Did you tell John why he’s here?”

She bit her lip, “I couldn’t, I just couldn’t.”

“Then I guess it’s up to me” he said decisively. “Go upstairs and leave us alone until you’re called down.”

Without a word, she fled up the stairs, her skirt billowing behind her.

Wilhelm popped open beers for John and himself. They had a long “man to man” talk.

It was John’s voice that called Sara downstairs.

He met her at the bottom of the steps with a long hug. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he murmured.

“I didn’t know what you’d think of me.” She replied honestly. “I’m sorry.”

“It’ll be OK.” He said. “Your Uncle told me everything. We can deal with this.”

Then in a firmer voice he said: “OK prepare yourself. I understand you know what to do.”

Sara looked surprised to hear the command come from her fiance, but she obeyed. She dragged the battered old chair to the middle of the floor. After looking anxiously from one male face to the other, she finally reached under her skirt. With a charming blush, she drew down her panties. With John watching raptly, she stepped out of them and picked them up. They were cream-colored, tiny, and lacy. Cheekily, she handed them to John. Distractedly, he stuffed them in his pocket..

Wilhelm sat down in the spanking chair. Looking over, he couldn’t help but notice a distinct tenting at John’s groin.

He motioned Sara across his lap. As Wilhelm flipped up Sara’s skirt, exposing her perfect but maturing bottom, John’s eyes looked like they were about to pop from his head. Wilhelm had already warned John what to expect, so he got right to work, giving her bottom his usual hard starting spanks. She bounced and squealed piteously.

Now that he had Sara frantically writhing, wailing, and crying, he gave John a significant look before switching to the main part of the spanking. As he started diligently applying his usual “stingers”, Sara forgot her modesty and started to kick and scissor her legs, giving John an inadvertent show. Standing directly behind his future wife, poor John looked like he was getting week in the knees. Wilhelm smirked to himself. It appeared the young man was in danger of making a mess inside his underpants!

Over the last few months, John had enjoyed ample opportunities to see his fiancee in the buff, but this was a whole new experience!

Wilhelm was spanking in a curious pattern. He had left Sara’s right buttock barely pink, but was industriously spanking the left one to his usual bright red hue. Sara had noticed the difference! The contrast in sting between the two sides made her nearly frantic. This was a new and very uncomfortable sensation for her.

Wilhelm stopped and waited for Sara to quiet down enough so that he could speak to John. “All you have to do John is spend a few minutes slowly spanking this cheek so that its color matches this one. Then pause to be sure that it’s right. Don’t be afraid to go back and re-spank. Finally, put some finishing spanks here and here (he indicated her “sit spots”) using almost all your strength. Then cuddle your woman and allow her to cry it out. Don’t rush her; she needs to cry out her frustrations and tensions.”

“Any questions?”

With a look of determination (if not confidence) John replied “No sir.”

Wilhelm urged Sara to her feet. “Sorry for the delay.” He told her, “It’s time for the ‘changing of the guard’. I’ll be upstairs until you two are done”

As Wilhelm reached the staircase, he looked back to see Sara brazenly doffing her skirt. He smiled, charmingly reminded of the time when Sara's mother had done much the same thing.

Upstairs, Wilhelm heard Sara’s spanking recommence. From the sound of things, John was a man who could follow instructions. It was two hours before Wilhelm heard them leave. From the sound of things, Wilhelm's impromptu “spanking lesson” had been a complete success.

Sara and John’s wedding came off as planned, two weeks after their graduation from the university. It featured a bit of a surprise. After the couple had taken their vows, they stepped aside so that the preacher could call the brides “parents” to the front. As the newlyweds looked on, Wilhelm and Mary, after a relationship of some 18 years, finally became man and wife. That evening, Mary moved into the studio with Wilhelm. Following a honeymoon cruise, Sara and John moved into Sara’s childhood home.

Although the four visit each other regularly, there was one visit that Wilhelm and Mary laugh about. It was the time that Sara came by the studio to blushingly ask if she could please borrow the old family hairbrush. Naturally, they made her a gift of it; no questions asked.


Since I created Sara, John, Mary and Wilhelm, I can’t help but feel a bit of responsibility towards them. So two years after that big double wedding, I slipped back to see how they were doing.

From all accounts Sara and John are doing fine. They've survived the usual issues of newlyweds, learning to live together whilst simultaneously enduring the pressures of starting their professional careers. I spied them out in a restaurant the other day, and they looked happy together. Sara was sporting a distinct bulge low in her belly, but was not yet in maternity clothes. One strange thing though; I saw her sit down very delicately with a definite wince. I don’t know what her trouble could have been!

Wilhelm and Mary are retired now and happily growing old together.

In the opinion of this writer, homosexuality is neither a choice to be made, nor a disease to be cured. Therefore, Wilhelm will forever be a gay man who happens to have chosen a lasting and exclusive relationship to a woman he deeply loves. I imagine he privately appreciates the sight of a sexy young man with the same remote, wistful and hands-off attitude with which a happily married straight guy enjoys the sight of a sexy young woman.

What’s their sex life like? It would be terribly rude to ask! All I know is that: 1) Their studio has only one bedroom and, 2) When you see them they seem happy and you’ll find little daylight between them. Does Wilhelm ever spank Mary? My guess is yes! But for all I know it could also be the other way around.



Sara's Dutch Uncle Part III

© Guyspencer 2011
Sara’s Dutch Uncle – Part III

Wilhelm had occasionally indulged in erotic expeditions back to his old haunts in Amsterdam, but had never “played” in the USA. After those first tentative intimacies with Mary, Wilhelm faced a difficult choice to protect Mary; “break it off” with Mary, or “go exclusive” by stopping his trips back home. It took all of his character and his Dutch stubbornness, but he stopped the trips. For Mary’s protection, whatever relationship they could manage would, at minimum, be monogamous.

Their relationship gradually evolved, although without sudden breakthroughs like what happened that day of Mary’s spanking. Two years later little else had changed in their lives except that Sara was rapidly growing up. She was now 16 and a junior in high school. The girl was shapely, beautiful, smart and popular in school.

Sara had grown out of her impulsiveness, but not out of her need for occasional spankings. There were the usual issues with teens; temptations such as alcohol, broken curfews, and the inevitable testing of authority. Also, Wilhelm believed that Sara was somewhat “addicted” to her spankings. Not addicted in a sexual way, but Sara seemed to need the stress relief from a good spanking. If she went more than six or eight weeks without a spanking, she became noticeably irritable. That very irritability usually led directly to the spanking she needed!

To his relief, Wilhelm rarely had to resort to the hairbrush. His hand spankings were usually more than adequate for the job. Fortunately his belt remained unused, but remained an official option.


One of Sara’s spankings was especially memorable:

In a rare return of her impulsiveness, Sara had been involved in a scuffle at school, and been sent home with a note. Naturally, Mary prescribed a spanking. As usual, Sara’s spanking was to happen at Wilhelm’s studio the next day after school. Therefore, Sara was to wear a loose skirt to school, although she much preferred tight-fitting slacks.

The next morning, Mary ensured that Sara had donned a skirt before she left for work. Sara had ten minutes between her mother’s departure and her time to leave for school. We’re unsure why, but unaccountably Sara rebelled just enough to change into slacks before leaving for school.

All day long, she wondered how Wilhelm would react on seeing that she wasn’t properly dressed for her punishment. Would he spank her over her slacks? Would he forget the whole thing? Would he (shiver) make her doff her slacks and then spank over her panties? The morning seemed to go on forever, but in the afternoon her nervousness increased. As the time got closer, the classroom clock seemed to accelerate.

With genuine reluctance she walked down the street to Wilhelm’s studio. She couldn’t rush home to change into the skirt; it was too far.

Feeling trapped and jittery, she let herself into the studio.

Wilhelm raised an eyebrow when he saw Sara’s slacks, but he greeted her as usual. It was Sara’s job to request her spanking, so he awaited events. Would she try not mentioning it?

Sara seemed nervous. She went to the bathroom and was gone several minutes. Finally she emerged and found her uncle working on a canvas.

“Err, Uncle Wilhelm?”

He swished his brush in thinner before granting her his full attention; “Yes?”

“I ahhh, was sorta bad at school yesterday. I’m supposed to ask you for a spanking.”

“Then why aren’t you properly dressed for punishment?” he asked mildly.

“I, errr, sorta forgot this morning.” She finally replied, avoiding his eyes.

“OK” Wilhelm replied in a level voice. “I need to do something first, then let’s talk.”

With that, he disappeared into his tiny office. Sara waited nervously, listening to the murmur of her Uncle’s voice behind the door. With dread, she guessed what was happening.

He emerged moments later, his face carefully blank.

“OK” he said, “Please tell me exactly that happened at school.”

With no way to sugarcoat it, she gave a fairly honest account of her misbehavior at school.

“Then your mother is correct” he finally judged, “You definitely need one of my famous bare-bottom spankings.”

The girl agreed submissively, but the matter of her slacks still hung between them.

With a deadpan delivery, Wilhelm dropped a bombshell. “OK, prepare yourself as usual.”

Slightly desperate, Sara replied, “But I can’t take my panties off Uncle Wilhelm, I’m wearing slacks.”

“Of course you can,” replied Wilhelm as if talking to a child, “You just need to take then off first.”

“But Uncle…”

He cut her off, “As you’ve probably guessed, I just talked to your mother about how to handle this. Prepare yourself as usual!”

With a sob, Sara’s hands went to the fastenings at her tiny waist.

He could have made things a bit easier for her by at least turning his head. That’s exactly why he didn’t. Her slacks came down, but then stopped just below her hips. Her panties were baby blue and amazingly wispy. She gave him a pleading look. He replied with his best “on with it” look. The slacks descended. She sat to extract her legs from them, first removing her shoes and socks. Stalling, she carefully folded her slacks and hung them over an easel.

She repeated the drama with her panties, first the begging look, then the glum acceptance, finally the descending garment. Again, Wilhelm made things difficult by keeping his eyes on her. Now Sara desperately wished that she had worn a longer blouse. It was officially against school rules, but she preferred blouses short enough to show a tiny bit of midriff. Thanks to the short blouse, her little muff was in full display. Despite the many bare bottom spankings that Wilhelm had given Sara, he now saw that part of Sara for the first time ever.

Surely Sara would have preferred to immediately start her spanking, but Wilhelm had no plans to reduce her embarrassment. He reminded her to position the spanking chair and then ordered her around the studio to lock the door and close the windows. He even sent her after a damp washcloth to wash her face after the punishment.

To her relief, he finally sat down in the spanking char. When she started to bend over his lap, he stopped her and motioned for her to stand in front of him.

“Tell me again why you were wearing slacks today?” he said, with a tiny bit of menace in his voice.

She started to speak, “I forgo…” but then stopped herself, remembering that Wilhelm had just spoken to her mother, and so must know the truth. Instead, she shrugged her shoulders, looked down and sobbed.

“Sweetheart, you lied to me didn’t you?” Wilhelm asked gently.

“Yes” Sara replied in a tiny voice.

“I think that’s the first time you’ve ever deliberately lied to me.” He said in a serious voice, “And over such a small matter! How will I be able to believe you in the future?”

She wrapped her arms around her uncle’s neck and sobbed on his shoulder. “How could I do something so stupid?” she blubbered.

He gave her a peck on the cheek, before gently disengaging her arms. “To answer my own question, I’ll believe you in the future because after I’m done spanking you for your folly at school, you will bring me the hairbrush and ask me to teach you not to lie.”

She looked him bravely in the eye, “Yes Uncle Wilhelm”.

Taking her by the shoulder, he guided her over his lap. With an almost fatherly pride, he admired her perfect bottom. Impossibly tiny down-like hairs reached from each side of her cleft. Last year they were touching, but now nature had spread her hips, preparing her young body for its future role. The widening of the hips presented more territory for him to spank, but it also pulled outward on the firm flesh, widening her cleft enough to come tantalizingly close to revealing intimate secrets at her valley’s bottom.

Automatically, she placed her right hand in the small of her back. He gripped her wrist, and pressed down firmly on her torso to restrain her.

He started, as usual; five hard swats directly to the fullness each asscheek. She bounced; ripples flowed through her buttocks with each blow. This part of a spanking never took over twenty seconds, yet Sara had never once lasted through it without totally losing control.

His dominance established, Wilhelm moved on to what he considered the “heart “ of the spanking, several minutes of sharp “stingers” that would scorch her bottom while giving her plenty of time to contemplate the error of her ways.

Sara had lost some of her earlier “drama queen” antics over the years, but still she didn’t take a spanking silently. She squealed, yelped, howled, begged, and made impossible promises. As usual, Wilhelm ignored it all.

Wilhelm didn’t bother to restrain her feet, so Sara was free to kick and scissor her legs. In doing so, she displayed her most personal anatomy. Wilhelm, being who he was, didn’t find the view especially stimulating.

Normally, when Sara was due to be paddled after her hand spanking, Wilhelm would cut the spanking slightly short. In particular, he would leave out his usual parting bruisers to her “sit spots”. Today, since Sara was being punished for two separate matters, he didn’t feel that such niceties were necessary. He continued the spanking to its painful conclusion, leaving a limp, sobbing and totally exhausted Sara.

The spanking temporarily over, Wilhelm suddenly became gentle and solicitous. He patted her back for several moments, making sure that she had regained her breath and her senses before allowing her up on her feet. She rubbed her bottom gently, danced a bit and started sobbing anew. Suddenly uncomfortable with her nudity, he didn’t invite her into his lap as usual. Instead, he stood and embraced his niece. Her face was a mess, smeared with the classic post-spanking amalgam of tears, mucus. drool & sweat. He remembered the washcloth and used it on her. That seemed to help.

It took ten minutes before she was recovered enough to climb up the stairs to Wilhelm’s bedroom to fetch the hairbrush from his bureau. He stood at the foot of the stairs and watched her climb; watched her out of concern for her stability, but also because the sight of Sara’s flexing beet-red buttocks retreating up the stairs was too fetching to be missed!

She returned with the hairbrush and found her uncle waiting in his spanking chair. She offered him the brush before stammering out an apology and a request to be paddled for lying to him. Soon she was back in the familiar position. He positioned her carefully, pinning her legs with one of his and insisting that she put both hands behind her back so he could secure them safe from the hairbrush.

Most people would have found the ensuing paddling hard to watch. Wilhelm steeled himself and then got to work, methodically marking her flawless bottom with the hardwood. Like all of his paddlings, it was severe but relatively brief. To Wilhelm, the purpose of a paddling was to inflict mild bruising to ensure sitting discomfort for a few days. He saw no reason to draw the process out. Poor Sara shrieked and bucked, but was pinned totally helpless for the duration.

Now Wilhelm faced the problem of soothing his niece again. He repeated his earlier methods, but now it took much longer. When he finally got her safely to her feet, he slipped up to his bathroom for a large bath towel and lotion. Back downstairs, he gently slathered the lotion on her bottom before wrapping her nudity in the towel. Finally, he invited his spanked and forgiven niece onto his lap and into his arms.

The spanking was a complete success. It was the last time Sara ever lied to her uncle.



Sara's Dutch Uncle Part II

© Guyspencer 2012
Sara’s Dutch Uncle: Part II

Needless to say, that first spanking wasn’t Sara’s last trip over her Uncle Wilhelm’s lap.  Sometimes she made it a whole month without a spanking, but every two or three weeks was a more common interval.  However, both Mary and Wilhelm noticed a slow but steady improvement in Sara’s behavior.

There was one spanking in Wilhelm’s studio that would have greatly surprised Sara had she been allowed to know about it, because it involved her mother!


Wilhelm was gradually becoming more known in the community.  He was active in local cultural affairs and fund raisers.  Thanks to his relationship with Mary, nobody suspected his sexual orientation.  In fact, many of the local women were quite jealous of the auburn-haired beauty that was so often seen on the arm of this distinguished, virile-looking man with the charming accent.

Just as Mary was good for Wilhelm, the opposite was also true.  The two supported each other in many ways.  In particular, Wilhelm was helpful in raising Sara, being the “father figure” in Sara’s life, babysitting, and countless other things.

Since Mary had a regular job, Wilhelm often did errands and handyman jobs for Mary.  And then there was the financial help…

Wilhelm had begun to notice that Mary was looking increasingly distracted.  He asked her more than once what was wrong, but she never gave a clear answer.  But one day Wilhelm was doing an errand at Mary’s house when the lights suddenly went out.  He investigated and found a man in the back yard disconnecting the power for nonpayment.  Wilhelm’s bank card quickly solved the matter.

That evening when he asked Mary why she hadn’t paid the electrical bill, she burst into tears.  Wilhelm soon established that Mary was behind in all of her bills. 

We should stop the story here to explain that Mary made just enough money to handle all of her normal expenses.  Wilhelm quietly helped at irregular intervals with unexpected expenses, such as car repairs.  But this was different.  There had been no recent unusual expenses and Mary had been pretending that all was well. 

Wilhelm made Mary lay out all her records on the kitchen table.  A look at her last few credit card bills solved the entire mystery; Mary had made several amazingly irresponsible purchases.  When her credit card maxed out, she had simply applied for a second one, and then another…   Making the payments on all the cards had become an impossible task.

Wilhelm gathered the bills and demanded the credit cards.  He would pay the accounts, and then cancel all the cards.  They negotiated a strict new budget for Mary that would gradually pay back Wilhelm without Sara being hurt by the resulting austerity.

Wilhelm looked at Mary appraisingly.  “If Sara had done something this irresponsible and this deceitful, what would you do?”

Mary’s already sad face collapsed into tears.  She put her head on the table, her shoulders shaking in sobs.

Wilhelm sat patiently, and then realized that it wasn’t really fair to pressure Mary just then.  “I need an answer to that question, but I’ll give you time to think.” He said.  After an affectionate squeeze and a chaste kiss to her forehead, he left.

He got a call the next day.  First she apologized profusely and thanked him for his help.  Then she addressed “the question”.

“To answer your question, you know exactly how I would have punished Sara if she had done something as bad as what I did.”  There was a pregnant pause, then a sniffle…   “She has a study date at the library Saturday morning.  I’ll drop her off and then come by the studio.  …And, oh yes; I’ll be wearing a loose skirt.”    

“You don’t have to do this…” Wilhelm began.

Mary cut him off; “Oh yes I do.  I don’t think I need anything worse.”

“I agree.” Wilhelm said, “I just don’t want to force you into anything.”

“Don’t worry” Mary replied, “I’ve given this lots of thought.  Feel free to do a good job on my bottom.  I won’t expect to sit comfortably for a while.”

“I love you Mary” was Wilhelm’s only reply.

With a sob Mary replied “I love you too” before cutting the connection.


As promised, Mary showed up at the studio the next Saturday morning, wearing a colorful loose skirt.  She was full of conflicting emotions, and nervous as a young colt.  Her head was a spinning amalgam of guilt, fear, frustration and sexual arousal.  Mary’s sex life consisted of fantasizing about Wilhelm whilst alone in her bed; and then doing what comes naturally.  Last night had been no exception, but the fantasy had included an erotic spanking.  Although she had climaxed only last night, she was embarrassed to feel a distinct dampness as her spanking neared.  Would Wilhelm notice? How would he react?  Should she flee?  

“How long do we have before you need to pick up Sara?” Wilhelm asked.

“The rest of the day if we need it,” she responded, “Sara is going out with her study group after they’re done at the library.

“Good,” he said, “I don’t want to spank you then just send you away.  I want to be sure you’re OK first”

Wilhelm noticed her unease, but assumed it was mostly due to fear.  To calm her down, he led her to a table, and showed her the progress he had made straightening out her affairs.  “Are there any more surprises on the way?” he asked gently. 

She answered honestly, “I made such a mess of things that I won’t be 100% sure for a couple weeks.  Again, I’m so sorry!”

“As you know, this takes far more than an ‘I’m sorry’ to fix” Wilhelm said.  “But we’re off to a good start.  I’m really proud of your attitude so far.”  

That made Mary feel better, but only for a moment, because now it was time for Wilhelm’s lecture; “I can’t believe that a wonderful person like you could be so dishonest.  You were dishonest to yourself, to me, and to the people you borrowed money from.  You knew you couldn’t pay it back on time.”  Her face fell, but the lecture went on for several more minutes.

Finally he stopped and just looked at her.  In spite of herself, she squirmed.  She guessed that the next order of business involved her bare bottom.

“This is your last chance to opt out of your punishment.” He warned, “If you don’t, I’ll expect you to stay for the entire punishment, and it will involve a bruised bottom.”

She answered with a question;” Should I prepare myself now?   

He nodded curtly.  “I believe you know the procedure.”

She stood, moved the sturdy old armless chair to the proper place, and then kicked off her shoes.   

Wilhelm stood, watching her next move with interest.  He looked at her from the particular viewpoint that a gay man has for an intriguing woman.  It’s not quite the same sexless ambivalence that straight men have when seeing see each other naked in the locker room, because femininity always involves a bit of mystery.  She reached up under her skirt, gracefully pulled down her panties, and then stepped out, leaving them on the floor.  Today’s panty color was white.  

But then she did the unexpected:  “Screw this” she mumbled, “We’re adults, let’s do this the easy way.”  She reached behind her skirt, unzipped, and then unhooked.  The skirt dropped to the floor.  Wilhelm raised one eyebrow.

“Well that will simplify things just a bit” he finally commented.

Exposed from her waist down, Mary looked at Wilhelm’s surprised expression, and then looked down to his groin…nothing.  

Regaining the initiative, Wilhelm sat down in the spanking chair and motioned Mary to stand in front of him.  “Here’s what’s about to happen,” he explained.  “I will spank you for your irresponsible behavior.  It will be a hand spanking much like I give Sara.  By the time I’m done, you’ll be sore and in tears.  Then I’ll give you time to recover.  When you’re ready, you will go to my bedroom and get the hairbrush from my bureau.  It’s the same one you gave me to use on Sara.   Then I’ll paddle your bottom for your dishonesty.  Sitting will be painful for several days.  Understand?”

“Yes sir” said Mary.  (She rarely called him “sir”.)

“Then let’s start” Wilhelm said, motioning to his lap.

Mary’s bottom was a fuller version of Sara’s.  Wilhelm estimated that it could take considerable more punishment that her daughter’s smaller model so he intended to deliver!  Moments later, Mary was bouncing across Wilhelm’s knee as he landed the first few spanks; big ones designed to rob Mary of what little composure she had.  

Mary squealed, and then shrieked, before dissolving into tears and incoherent blubbering.  With the mood properly established, Wilhelm switched to faster, but “stingy” spanks.  These were spanks just hard enough to build together into an unforgettable sting, but not hard enough to cause damage.

It was then that Wilhelm started to notice that Mary’s movements while across his lap were considerably different from Sally’s.  In fact, they were distinctly erotic!  Clearly Mary was finding this part of the spanking arousing.  Some spankers would get angry at this point, but Wilhelm’s typically Dutch permissive attitude towards sex led him to assume that Mary’s apparent arousal wasn’t her fault.  He simply ignored it, and continued the spanking.

When Wilhelm spanked young Sara, he usually confined himself to her buttocks and sit spots, with Mary, he felt free to range considerably further, taking time to redden her upper legs and outer thighs before making her spread her legs so he could spank her tender inner thighs.  This made her screech anew.

Finally the spanking was over, but Mary’s movements weren’t.  She continued to hump and “scrunch”, obviously in need of relief.  In his earlier, “undecided” years, Wilhelm had gained some experience with women, so he knew basically what to do.  Keeping her across his lap, he gently urged her legs apart before feeling for the natural lubrication.  He was a bit clumsy at first, but with Mary’s eager tutelage he brought her to what must be called a massive orgasm.  It was the first non-self induced orgasm that Mary had felt since her husband’s death.  Although still sobbing from the spanking, now her shoulders shook with great sobs of relief.

Wilhelm kept her in that position for perhaps ten minutes, rubbing her back gently, watching her cry, and marveling at the color of her bottom.  Although he had felt little sexual reaction to Mary’s arousal, pleasuring her gave him a surprisingly warm, satisfied feeling.  A germ of an idea started to form...

Finally she regained composure and caught her breath.  He let her up.  Her face was a mess!  Mucus from her nose mixed with mascara, which mixed with her tears and sweat.  Wilhelm left her standing for a moment while he ran for a damp washcloth.  He washed her face as if she were a child, and then sat down and invited her into his lap.    

“Now you must think I’m some kind of slut.” She blubbered. 

“No” Wilhelm murmured, “I think you’re sexually frustrated, and perhaps I’m the cause.  I’m sorry I can’t be like other men.”

Her head shot up.  “You have nothing to be sorry about.  You’re the way God made you, that’s not your fault.” 

“We will come back to this discussion, because I actually liked what just happened.” Wilhelm said, “But remember, your punishment isn’t over, not by a long shot.  Are you ready for your paddling?”

“The sooner we start, the sooner it’ll be over.” Mary said soberly. 

She climbed out of Wilhelm’s lap and checked her legs for steadiness before shambling off towards the bedroom to fetch the hairbrush.  Noticing that her blouse was clammy with sweat, she pealed it off and left it draped over an easel to dry.  Now she was wearing only short stockings and her bra.

The paddling was relatively brief but almost brutally intense. The pops of wood against firm bottomflesh were loud, but were easily drowned out by Mary’s wails.  It took him perhaps two minutes to thoroughly brand Mary’s tush with the hairbrush, then a further couple minutes to thoroughly check his work and “touch up” a few spots that he suspected hadn’t received enough attention.  His goal was a well-bruised bottom that would give a painful reminder whenever Mary sat down for the next few days.  His mission was a resounding success.  This time, Mary felt no arousal, only pain

Wilhelm again had to console Mary and help her calm down.  He soothed her, reminding her that her punishment was over and all was forgiven.  Noticing that she was again a mess, and was nearly nude anyhow, he suggested that she take a shower.

As she showered, Wilhelm gathered her clothes and put them in the washer.  As she got out of the shower, he met her with a big towel.  He helped her dry off, being especially careful to pat her bottom dry gently, then laid her on his bed for an application of lotion.  Exhausted from her spanking, climax, and paddling, Mary quickly drifted off. 

Feeling closer to Mary than ever before, Wilhelm, fully clothed, lay down next to her, enjoying her warmth and her nearness.  He awoke two hours later to find a still-nude Mary unzipping his pants and pulling at his y-fronts to expose a massive erection. 

His heartbeat accelerating, he closed his eyes and awaited events.

Her tongue felt exquisite.



Sara's Dutch Uncle Part I

© Guyspencer 2012
Sara’s Dutch Uncle: Part 1

Walking downtown, the threesome looked like a typical family unit.  The man and woman moved together with the easy familiarity of long-term spouses.   The teen daughter, Sara, looked like a younger version of her curvaceous, auburn-haired mother.  But looks can be deceiving.  Mary and Wilhelm weren’t married, weren’t even lovers.  That’s not to say they didn’t love one other, but they loved the way cherished family members love each other, not as lovers do.

Had you followed closely, you would have heard the girl address Mary as “Mommy” and the man as “Uncle Wilhelm”.  The girl and the lady spoke in a soft southern drawl, but he spoke excellent English with a distinguished Dutch accent.

The term “Dutch uncle” can have two separate meanings.  It could literally mean an uncle who hails from Holland, but it could also mean a stern, non-parental disciplinarian.  As it turned out, Wilhelm filled both of these roles for Sara.

When Sara’s father unexpectedly died nearly 10 years ago, Wilhelm flew from Holland to attend the funeral and to help his brother’s family.  As it turned out, the little toddler Sara instantly took Wilhelm’s heart.  Also, in his own way, Wilhelm found himself taken by his brother’s young widow, Mary.  Wilhelm was a successful artist, who could afford to live wherever he pleased, so he ultimately moved into an artist’s loft in Mary & Sara’s southern USA city.      

The move was actually a huge sacrifice for Wilhelm.  Wilhelm not only gave up his native country; he also had to suppress an important part of himself.  In the 1970’s, gays weren’t welcome in the southern USA.  To live near his niece and sister-in-law, Wilhelm was forced to hide his sexuality.   

As Sara grew up, Mary and Wilhelm spent much time together and became fast friends.  Although they never directly discussed the issue, Mary gradually figured out that Wilhelm wasn’t “the marrying kind”.  He encouraged her to find another man, and she actually dated a few over the years, but none measured up to either her late husband or Wilhelm.  They developed a comfortable, close, relationship, but Wilhelm never spent a night with Mary, not even once.    

Given that he would never be Sara’s father, Wilhelm initially left most of Sara’s parenting and all of her discipline to Mary.  This arrangement worked well until Sara’s early teens, when Mary finally decided that she needed help. 

Sara was basically a loving and obedient child, but she had an impulsive streak that was becoming troublesome as she approached her teens.  Sara’s impulsiveness created regular school discipline problems, and occasionally her mouth seemed to “run away from her” causing her to speak disrespectfully to her mother.  Many times Wilhelm had to almost physically restrain himself from intervening between the mother and daughter, but he continued to resolutely leave all discipline matters to Sara’s only true parent.

That changed shortly after Sara’s 13th birthday when Mary tearfully asked Wilhelm for help; “I’m afraid I’m losing control of her Wilhelm.  I don’t want to lose my daughter”. 

“I don’t think it’s all that bad,” Wilhelm soothed, “but how would you like me to help?” 

“It’s getting so I’m afraid to spank her.” replied Mary.  She’s almost my size now and I can barely control her.  If she ever decided to really defy me, she just might win.  Then I’d lose all control of her.”

“OK, I think I see your point.” Wilhelm said thoughtfully.  “So you’re asking me to carry out Sara’s corporal punishment for you?”

“Yes” Mary said hopefully, “would that be possible?” 

Wilhelm scratched his chin as he considered the proposition.  “Yes, I suppose its possible.” he said with genuine reluctance “But let’s think carefully before we act.  This is serious business.  To keep your parental authority, you should decide when Sara needs spanking, and you should always be the one to tell her so.  I would just be the instrument of her correction.  Would that work?”

“Yes, that would work.”  Mary said excitedly.   

Over coffee, they discussed specifics.  Then they decided to both think about it for a couple days before they finalized their plans.

The next Friday night, they continued their conversation over coffee.  When they had covered all bases, they called Sara and asked her to sit.  Mary made Sara a cup of coffee (with heavy cream and sugar) before carefully explaining the plan to her. 

“But…but,” Sara protested, “If you both spank me, then I’ll get a lot more spankings.” 

Wilhelm spoke up, “No Sara, you’ll get the same number of spankings as before.  Only your mother has the authority to decide on your punishments.  The only difference would be who actually does the spanking.”  

Perhaps Sara thought that she could wrap Wilhelm around her little finger, or perhaps she wished to avoid the escalating tension between her and her mother, but Sara seemed remarkably agreeable to the proposition.  Mary explained the “procedure” that she and Wilhelm had agreed to.  Sara balked at the idea of going bare-bottom over Wilhelm’s lap, but the three ultimately found a procedure agreeable to all.  It involved a loose skirt.


The change in her discipline was sobering to Sara.  Obviously, she knew about her own impulsivity, and was always remorseful after she had yielded to it by doing or saying something stupid.  So the spankings seemed scary but fair.  Basically, she wasn’t overly worried; she knew that her uncle Wilhelm loved her, and she trusted him.  Secretly, she harbored the hope that she could manipulate him into a lesser (or no) punishment.

She tried to be good, she really did!  But a few weeks later the inevitable happened; she blew up at her mother over a stupid trifle. 

It was Sara’s routine to walk the few blocks to Wilhelm’s studio after school.  About 90 minutes later, her mother would pick her up on her way home from work.  Sara and Wilhelm both cherished this time together.  Sara could discuss things with her Uncle that would be uncomfortable or impossible to bring up with her mother.  Thus, Uncle Wilhelm had gradually become Sara confidant, and even her confessor. 

But today would be different.

Wilhelm greeted Sara as usual.  Mary had called, so he knew everything, but he pretended ignorance.  Although she normally wore slacks, he noticed with approval that today’s outfit featured a loose skirt. 

She looked at the floor.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” he asked.

Her voice was barely audible; “Uncle Wilhelm, I’m supposed to ask you for a spanking.” she mumbled. 

“That’s why you’re wearing that skirt?” he asked. 

She nodded.

“I’m listening, tell me the whole story.” Wilhelm said gently.

They sat down and discussed the entire incident.  Wilhelm didn’t lecture her, but instead urged her to suggest ways that she could have defused the situation.  It turned out to be a useful discussion.  Wilhelm’s reaction was so mild, that Sara actually hoped that he would let her off.  She tried her very best “little girl look” on him. 

“The look” didn’t have the effect on her Uncle that Sara had intended.  Instead, he took it as his cue to move the discussion to the “penalty phase”.

“Would you like to get your spanking over with now?” he asked.

“Do we really have to?” she said with pleading eyes.  He would have been disappointed if she hadn’t tried, but now Sara was to meet a new side of her Uncle; the implacable disciplinarian.

“Yes Sara, we must” he said firmly.  Your mother says that you have earned a punishment, and I can’t to change that.  Now prepare yourself the way we discussed.”

She tried for one more concession; “Can we do it over my panties?  …just this once?” she whined. 

Wilhelm didn’t bother to answer.  Seeing the firm look in his eyes, she shrugged before finally kicking off her shoes.

She checked his eyes again.  When she saw only icy certainty, her eyes finally leaked a tear or two.  With a darling blush, Sara reached up under her skirt, hooked her thumbs in her panties, and then drew them all the way to the floor before stepping out.  They were tiny and pink.  Standing awkwardly, she held the panties, unsure what to do with them.      

The loose skirt was a concession to Sara’s concern about Wilhelm spanking her bare.  The skirt, flipped up at the last second, would protect much of Sara’s modesty and preserve a bit of her dignity while still allowing Wilhelm full access to her bare bottom.   In return, Sara had promised to always remove her own panties without objection.

Wilhelm told the girl to place her panties on the table.  Pointing to a paint-splattered armless chair, he directed her to move it out to the center of the studio.  “In the future, you will always put that chair right there…understand?”  Standing nervously beside the chair, she nodded obediently.

He took a moment to think about his studio.  The high windows guaranteed privacy, and he had already locked the door.  Previously he had closed all windows to keep the punishment sounds inside.  

With the “moment of truth” imminent, both Wilhelm and Sara were noticeably nervous.  He told himself that this is just a spanking, not brain surgery, so he could do this.  Mary had given him careful instructions.  “She’s a girl, but she’s not fragile.” Mary had said, “It takes a good hard spanking to get through to her.  The worst thing you can do is stop too soon.  She’s a drama queen.  She makes lots of noise at first and you’ll think you’re killing her, but don’t stop until the fight is out of her.  You’ll know when that happens; she gets quiet and limp.  And naturally, her bottom will be bright red.”   

Mary had described three different punishments.  The first, a long-hard hand spanking, would be the most common.  The second added a second session with a hairbrush; the third substituted a belt for the hairbrush.  Wilhelm fervently hoped that third option would remain theoretical only.  He had no wish to use a belt on anyone. 

A look into Sara’s wet eyes reminded Wilhelm to stop delaying the inevitable.  He pulled her into a long hug.  Both hearts thumped wildly.  Finally he took her gently by the shoulders and held her at arms length so he could look her in the eye.  “You know I love you and want what’s best for you right?”  The girl nodded.  “And you know I have to spank you good and hard…right?”  That brought a new gush of tears, but Sara nodded again.  “…And you’ll try not to hate me afterwards?”

Her response was emphatic:  “No way Uncle Wilhelm.  You love me and you’re just giving me the spanking I deserve.”  Then in a small voice she asked “Will I get the hairbrush?”

“No” Wilhelm answered with relief, “Your mother said just my hand this time.”

Wordlessly he guided her into position.  He lifted her hips and urged her higher over his lap so that her bottom was presented high. Her toes could barely touch, so she was forced to balance herself with her hands.  He lifted her skirt high and draped it over.   This simple action bared her bottom from the small of her back to the tops of her bobby socks.  Twin dents formed in her butt cheeks as she clenched.  She sprouted goose pimples from the studio’s cool air.

As a gay male, Wilhelm had a unique perspective to the sight of Sara’s undraped bottom.  A perfect bottom is a perfect bottom, so he looked with frank admiration, but he could do so without guilt from inappropriate sexual arousal.  

“Here we go” Wilhelm said, “Remember that this punishment is to teach you to control your temper and your words.” She nodded.

Wilhelm raised his hand high and delivered several solid slaps to the fullest part of Sara’s asscheeks.  She squirmed, bucked, and squealed.

Wilhelm paused, fascinated by the color show.  By now, Sara was sobbing continuously.

He started again, spreading his spanks around more and landing them unpredictably.  Sara lifted a foot, and then twisted with all her strength, but it wasn’t nearly enough to disrupt Uncle Wilhelm.  He pinned the girl in place and continued his task implacably.    

Her struggling thwarted by Wilhelm, Sara got loud; really loud.  All this drama simply reassured Wilhelm that even though Sara’s bottom was quickly reddening, the spanking was far from its goal.  Unmoved, he continued with his grim duty, but now he could understand Mary’s concern.  It’s not that Sara was being deliberately uncooperative; it’s just that she naturally reacted to spankings in a vigorous manner.

She was kicking so hard that he became concerned that she might hurt her toes on the studio’s hard floor, so he hiked her even higher on his lap.  Now her legs sprawled wide, giving him new sights and new vistas to spank. 

Finally, just as her mother had predicted, Sara began to lose her fight.  She was still crying heavily, but without the screams and wails and without the wild gyrations.

He paused again to slide her back into a more conventional position, her bottom centered over his right leg.  Sara’s skirt was obstructing spankable territory, so he readjusted it. 

He started again, peppering her entire bottom with fast, stingy slaps for an entire two minutes.  Now she was barely moving, and was crying with deep, exhausted sobs.

Remembering Mary’s final instructions, he finished with a final fusillade of very hard spanks to her sit spots.  Sara bounced but offered no resistance.

Wilhelm stopped and critically examined his work.  To his relief, he decided the job had been properly done.  He flipped down her skirt.  Sara had been thoroughly spanked.

It took a few minutes for Sara to recover her breath, her wits, and her composure.  At first, Wilhelm kept her over his lap and gently rubbed her back as her sobs gradually diminished.  Finally, he invited her up.

Wilhelm had expected her to do the “spank dance” that he remembered from his own youth, but instead the girl almost immediately crawled into his lap for a comforting hug and a last cry on his shoulder. 

He wouldn’t have blamed his niece for being angry and standoffish after her spanking, but instead he found her cuddly, apologetic, and suggestible.  Their post-spanking talk was even more productive than the pre-spanking talk.

Sara was still on her Uncle’s lap when Mary let herself into the studio.  She took a few minutes to further comfort her daughter, and then slyly sneaked a peek at Sara’s still pantyless bottom.  She mouthed “well done” to Wilhelm.  Slightly afraid he had overdone Sara’s spanking, Wilhelm smiled in relief.

It had been Sara’s first spanking over Wilhelm’s lap, but nobody, least of all Sara, thought it would be her last.

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