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The Panty Parade

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The Panty Parade

It was Monday morning at Sylvester Girl’s Academy, and time for the school’s weekly assembly.  Normally, Lisa would be among the first to enter the auditorium, proud to be seated in the very first row, which was reserved strictly for honor roll girls.  But today was different, much different!  Her stomach in turmoil and teary-eyed, Lisa instead knocked at the nurse’s office.

Last week, this fifteen year-old girl had been the top student in her class at Sylvester.  But the pressure of remaining on top had been too much for Lisa.  Normally learning new material was trivial for her.  But that last unit in her Biology class had been a challenge for her.  Unable to face the possibility of receiving below an “A” on a test, she had prepared a “cheat sheet” for herself.  Lisa was aware that other students routinely got away with cheat sheets, but as the class “goodie-goodie,” she didn’t know the tricks to avoiding discovery.

So Lisa’s fall from grace had been sudden and devastatingly complete!   

Her Biology teacher hadn’t made a scene when that terrible event happened last Friday.  Alerted by Lisa’s furtive manner, she had crept from behind and grabbed the cheat sheet and her test together.  Then she had whispered for Lisa to see her after class.

The scene after class would forever remain etched in Lisa’s mind.  She had tearfully begged for Ms Cumberland to “take care of the matter herself”.  Lisa had offered to return after school to accept whatever punishment her teacher thought fair.  Unfortunately, Ms Cumberland explained that the matter was out of her hands, cheating was on a short list of offenses that the Principal reserved to be handled only by himself.

So Ms Cumberland filled out a dreaded “referral” form, and instructed Lisa to take it directly to the Principal’s office.  Worse. The teacher sealed the test and the cheat sheet in an envelope and stapled the envelope to the form.  Five minutes later, a tearful Lisa handed the school secretary the form along with that terrible envelope and its incriminating contents.    

After the usual deliberately gut-crunching wait, Lisa was finally called into the presence of the great man.  There she stood and sobbed as he read the referral form and perused the contents of the envelope.  Then Lisa endured the worst scolding of her life.  She would forever remember the moment when he opened a ledger labeled  “Honor Roll” and dramatically struck out her name.

Suddenly Lisa was just another student, but a student with a severe punishment ahead of her!  Having always thought Lisa a model student, the Principal considered her cheating a very personal matter.   Worse, the Principal particularly hated cheating.  He considered it a symptom of a sort of moral cancer, so he worked to eliminate any trace of it from Sylvester Girl’s Academy!  

“You are lucky that this is Friday,” he bellowed, “because you only have three days to dread your punishment.”

Strangely, Sylvester girls feared the Principal’s hand more than his paddle.  He punished most offenders immediately with a few sobering strokes of a very normal school paddle applied over clothing.  The whole thing took only minutes.  The result was always a tearful sore-bottomed student who had likely learned a valuable lesson. 

But there was a far worse punishment reserved for repeated or severe offenders.  Officially called the “Punishment Queue”, it had been a tradition at Sylvester for generations.   Unofficially, that old tradition was known as the “Panty Parade”.  Following a humiliating public confession, the tradition involved a long bare-bottom trip across the Principal’s lap, usually in his office, but occasionally at assembly.  Regardless of the place of her spanking, the girl then spent the remainder of the school day without her skirt!
So, since cheating was always considered a severe offense at Sylvester, Lisa watched horrified as the Principal added her name to Monday morning’s “Punishment Queue” list.  Far worse, he added the dreaded “*” signifying that she would receive her punishment in front of the school assembly.

Naturally Lisa begged for immediate punishment, but the man wasn’t moved.  He restricted her to campus, and announced that he would notify her parents forthwith.  His only concession was that she could keep her private “valedictorian’s” bedroom for the weekend.  After that, she must move into the dorm with her class to make way for a new valedictorian.   Then he coldly dismissed her, but not before he reminded her to report to the nurse’s office Monday morning for Punishment Queue.   


So that’s why Lisa reported to the nurse’s office that morning.  By tradition, she had donned her best school uniform.  The Sylvester uniform featured a light blue top with a red tie, a knee-length tartan skirt and brown loafers.  Panty regulations weren’t rigidly enforced at Sylvester, but today Lisa wore a new pair of full-cut green regulation panties.  After all, they would be exposed for the entire school day!

As the Principal had intended, Lisa’s weekend had been brutal, and all the more brutal because Lisa had no real friends to lean on.  It’s not that Lisa was hated, although certainly she was envied, it’s just that most students thought Lisa was unapproachable.  As a sort of hyper-intelligent “teacher’s pet,” they associated her more with the staff than as one of them.  There were other high-performing girls in the school, but they were competitors, all vying for that top “valedictorian” spot along with its special privileges.  So none were really friendly with each other.  Therefore Lisa’s only friends were teachers and staff, but they instantly froze her out when word spread. 

Since the Principal had called her parents, Lisa’s mother called that evening.  An alumni of the school, Lisa’s mother knew exactly what Lisa was in for.  She had starred in a couple “Panty Parades” herself!  Yes, the mother was disappointed, but more philosophical than angry.  “OK, you fell down.  So take your medicine like the real Sylvester Girl that you are.  After that, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to redeem yourself.  That’s the way your school works, and that’s why we sent you there.  Believe me honey, this will be tough, but it will make you a better person.”

That conversation with her mother had been exactly what Lisa needed to hear.  Now she understood that her life wasn’t over!

Surprisingly, the student body was slow to hear of Lisa’s disgrace.  Since nobody had bothered to notice that Lisa had been moping in her room all weekend, nobody had figured out that she was in trouble.  So Monday morning, Lisa herself was the only student to know.  But that would soon change!


Nurse Joan Lane wasn’t entirely comfortable with her role in the punishment of the school’s worst offenders.  The normal paddlings that took place in the Principal’s office were usually witnessed by the school secretary.  But the nurse herself was required to witness the bare bottom spankings that were given at “Punishment Queue.”  In fact, the nurse was involved in the entire process.  Nurse Lane sympathized with the girls and thought that some of their punishments were excessive, but as a staff member she kept her opinions to herself and just did her job.

To this end, Nurse Lane found it best to maintain a professional detachment.  She was businesslike with the girls, nether harsh nor soft.


When Lisa entered the Nurse’s office, one girl was already there.  It was Isabel, a known troublemaker who had been involved in an altercation with another student.  Unlike Lisa who looked quite stricken, Isabel looked merely somber.  She certainly wasn’t looking forward to her coming punishment, but had the advantage of previous experience. 

When she saw Lisa, her eyes grew big, “No joke?  You?  Miss perfect is really in the Panty Parade?”

Lisa studied the floor and sobbed. 

“That will be quite enough!” the nurse scolded.  She consulted her list, “One more to come, and then we’ll start.”

Just then, there was a timid knock at the door.  It was Charleen, a girl not normally in trouble.  Like Lisa, Charleen was nearly in tears.  Wrapped up as Charleen was in her own troubles, she still gawked when she saw Lisa. 

Before Charleen could talk, the nurse interrupted in her most businesslike tone.  “OK girls, that’s everybody on the list and I see that everybody is in proper school uniform.  May I assume that all of you are wearing regulation panties?”

All three girls nodded. 

In that case, remove your skirts and shoes.  Be sure that your skirts have good laundry marks so they don’t get mixed up.  Fold them neatly and then stack them on that corner table.  Pick up your shoes after your spanking.  The skirts remain here until after your last class.       

The nurse watched as the three girls reluctantly obeyed.  That done, she took the girls one-by-one behind a curtain for a quick physical.  She also checked and documented the condition of each bottom, and asked each an embarrassing but necessary question regarding menstrual status.

Naturally Nurse Lane could delay any girl’s spanking for medical reasons.  In that case, it would happen the following Monday.  While it was normal for a girl to plea sickness, she seldom granted it unless the girl was clearly ill.  She wasn’t a mean woman, on the contrary!  She felt that adding weeks of delay simply made a girl’s ordeal worse.  The kindest thing she could do was ensure that each girl received her punishment as soon as possible.       

Her medical chores done, she talked the three girls through the entire “Punishment Queue” ritual.  Finally she looked again at her list, “Fortunately, only one of you has a star by her name.”

Isabel and Charleen looked at each other, each thinking the other person had the dreaded star, which meant a spanking in front of the entire school.  Both were shocked when the nurse continued, “And I’m sorry Lisa, but you already know that’s you.  Try to retain your panties through your spanking.  That will help to restrain your legs so that you show less of yourself to the audience.  However, your bottom must be bare for your return march up the aisle.  So if you have kicked off your panties, simply leave them off.  Otherwise, you may raise them to mid thigh so that you can walk, but no higher.  Understand?”

Tearfully, Lisa nodded.

“After the return march, the four of us return here.  I will check Lisa and then release her for class.  Then I will escort Isabel and Charleen to the Principal’s office for your spankings.  After that, we return here so I can check your bottoms before I send you to class.  Is that clear?”

All three girls soberly nodded. 

As the nurse completed her instructions, Isabel and Charleen remained aghast.  Isabel finally managed to speak, “Lisa, what did you do?  Assassinate a teacher?”

Lisa sobbed her answer, “I cheated on a test.”

Isabel looked at her wide eyed, “But you’re on the Honor Roll.”

“Not any more,” Lisa sobbed. 

Eye on the clock, the nurse interrupted the conversation, “OK girls, check your uniforms and pull your panties nice and smooth.  It’s almost time for us to go.”

After a last quick inspection of her charges, the nurse opened the door and ushered the skirtless girls into the hallway.


Her heart beating fiercely, Lisa accompanied the nurse and her two classmates into the hallway.  To say that walking the hall without shoes and skirt felt funny would be a tremendous understatement!  Thanks to the nurse’s timing, the hall was empty because everybody was at assembly.  She led her three charges to the school’s auditorium.  As usual, the double doors to the auditorium yawned open.   

The assembly was just starting as they arrived.  They stood in the doorway as the meeting ground along.  The doors were at the rear, so only the Principal saw them standing there.  Few students dared turn to look.  One brave soul did, and was shocked to see Lisa among those awaiting punishment.  Although talking during assembly was strictly forbidden, the news somehow buzzed through the student body at the speed of light. 

First the invocation, then the Principal’s opening remarks, followed by the school song, and then the Principal droned through several announcements.  The art teacher came forward to discuss a special project, and then the Principal took the mike again to harangue the students about schoolyard litter.  Finally it was time for the Panty Parade.  As always, the Principal used the official name, “Unfortunately we have three students for Punishment Queue today.  Nurse Lane, kindly send them forward.

Lisa’s breakfast twisted in her belly!  She sweated and gasped from nervousness and tension.  According to strict protocol, the nurse released the girls singly to slowly parade down the central aisle of the auditorium, displaying the panties that would be exposed all day.  When the first girl reached the front and turned left to march to the little stairway that led to the stage, the nurse released the next girl.  She held Lisa until last, and then tapped her on the shoulder to order her to march.  When Lisa first stepped out, she stumbled.  But then she squared her shoulders and forced her feet to make the humiliating journey down the central aisle, to the left, and then up on the stage to line up with her partners-in-crime.  Unobtrusively the nurse climbed the stage, remaining at the sideline.

The Principal pulled his lectern aside so the girls would have no place to hide.  First he called Isabel to meet him at center stage.  The Principal explained, “Isabel has been involved in an altercation with another student.  That other student has been paddled, and I believe has learned her lesson, but this is Isabel’s second offence, so she will be spanked bare-bottom in my office immediately after assembly.  Like the others, she will remain skirtless until class is over.

A key part of the ritual, Isabel took the microphone to confess and apologize for her conduct and to promise it wouldn’t happen again.

He sent Isabel back to the queue, and then repeated the process with Charleen, who had been caught  in the schoolyard red-handed with a cigarette.  Then he sent Charleen back to stand with Isabel and Lisa.

“It especially saddens me to present the final member of today’s Punishment Queue” he intoned in a heavy voice.  Her offense is especially reprehensible because she has committed an honor violation.  Therefore, in recognition that honor violations reflect dishonor on the entire school, and also to serve as a warning to others, she will be punished here at assembly.”

Shocked gasps escaped from the mouths of hundreds of students!  It wasn’t unusual for troublemakers to be spanked at assembly, but never somebody like Lisa!.         

The principal motioned Lisa to join him at center stage.  It was like an out-of-body experience as Lisa automatically obeyed. 

Ignoring Lisa, the man launched into a diatribe on cheating.  “Any cheater”, he said, “cheats everyone”.  By chipping away at the academic integrity of Sylvester School, Lisa had cheapened the value of a Sylvester diploma for all other students, past and present!  “This cannot be tolerated.”

Finally he finished.  In accordance with the generations-old Sylvester penance ritual, Lisa took the mike.  She choked, but then rallied herself.  Clear-voiced, offering no excuses, she confessed creating and using a cheat sheet on an exam.  She apologized to the entire school and promised to never cheat again.

And then she did exactly what a Sylvester girl should do in this situation: She squared her shoulders and straightened herself before turning to the Principal to intone, “I’m ready for my punishment sir”.     

The Principal actually rewarded her with a half smile, “Well done Lisa.”  He pointed out a chair at the stage wing.  “Bring that chair to stage center.”


What was to follow would never be allowed in any coeducational school, but Sylvester had been all-girl since its establishment over sixty years ago.  The staff was overwhelmingly female.  The few male staff, like the Principal himself, were mature married men of impeccable character.  So what was to happen shouldn’t be considered at all unseemly.    

The “Punishment Queue” and it’s related rituals date back to the school’s beginning, and had survived virtually unchanged.  This character-building tradition was part of the heart and soul of Sylvester Girl’s Academy, a reason why generations of parents keep sending their daughters.

The nurse’s instructions had been well meant, but were redundant.  Any Sylvester girl would know exactly what to do.   Lisa was no exception.


Lisa dragged the chair to the front and center of the stage.  As required, she turned it sideways so her bottom would face the audience.  With great dignity, the Principal sat.  Automatically, she placed herself at his right thigh, her back to the crowd.  The auditorium became deathly quiet.

He intoned, “Lisa, you may prepare yourself.”

Obedient to Sylvester Girl’s Academy tradition, Lisa’s hands immediately went to her panties.  With a pretty blush, she lowered them below her kneecaps.  As she laid across the Principal’s lap, she obligingly lifted the tail of her school top.  That left Lisa exposed from just below her bra strap down to the elastic of her ankle-length socks.   

Lisa wasn’t thinking about it at the time, but she had just passed a test.  By remaining dignified through this humiliating ritual, she had upheld the best traditions of a Sylvester girl.

Just because Lisa was known as the school egghead and as a “goody goody” didn’t mean that she was plain.  The rear view of her body was sufficient evidence to show that Lisa was gifted with far more than just brains!  Her slim but flowering body bulged and flared in all the correct places.  Her twin mounds stood tall, unblemished, and ready.  The dimple in her right buttock only served to accentuate her bottom’s perfection.

Laying across her principal’s lap, Lisa belatedly remembered the nurse’s advice about retaining her panties.  Unfortunately they were already at her ankles.  In hopes of retaining that suddenly precious garment, Lisa spread her legs slightly and flexed her ankles to hold them in place.

The Principal addressed Isabel and Charleen, speaking loudly enough to be heard by all, “Watch closely you two, because you’re due the same treatment in my office immediately after Assembly.

Lisa heard them answer together, “Yes sir.”

Then the Principle raised his hand high.

The first four swats, two to each buttock, were devastating.

Lisa bit her lip to remain quiet, but that didn’t stop the tears.   

The Principal paused.  The audience could clearly see overlapping handprints staining each of Lisa’s previously pristine buttocks.  With a supreme effort, Lisa fought the sting, and kept herself from squirming.

“Tell us why you’re being punished, say it loud!”

Lisa swallowed, but then answered in a clear loud voice, “Because I cheated on a test.  I’m sorry!  I’ll never cheat again.”

The Principal’s intention had been to add an extra bit of humiliation, but all he accomplished was to give Lisa credibility with her sister students.  Her clear answer had proved that she wasn’t yet crying.  Suddenly it occurred to many of the students, “She’s taking her punishment rather well, like a real Sylvester girl!”   Unknown to the Principal, who would never totally understand the underground culture of his student body, Lisa had just passed her second test.    

Unlikely as it may seem, temporarily what was good for the Principal was also good for Lisa.  You see, the Principal wanted Lisa’s spanking to seem as terrible as possible to the assembled students, but he needed to do it without injuring Lisa.  So after those first four “scorchers” he switched to a limp-wristed spank that made an impressive clapping noise as he hit Lisa’s rump, but imparted only a moderate surface sting.  This allowed him to safely prolong Lisa’s punishment at the same time that he warmed her bottom for the more severe spanks to follow.  

Lisa had a totally different imperative, and those moderate spanks helped.  She knew that nobody could hold out against the Principal’s efforts forever.   Like any human being, eventually she would capitulate.  Eventually she would surrender herself to the punishment, she would bawl, shriek, buck and kick.  But by the Sylvester girl’s unofficial code, it was important for her to hold out.  She must accept her punishment bravely and silently for as long as possible.  With so many students watching, seconds count!

So Lisa rode it out as long as she could.  To distract herself, she bit her lip, she pinched her hands together painfully, she concentrated on retaining those panties.  Her bottom turned pink, and then rosy.  It was well on its way to bright red before the sting finally burned through Lisa’s reserve.

At the side of the stage, Isabel and Charleen watched with trepidation.  They were in for the same as what Lisa was receiving, but were both thankful that their punishment would be in private.  Neither was sure that they could hold out as long as Lisa!         

Without realizing it, Lisa, began to squirm as sting built upon sting.  Finally the first audible sob escaped from deep in her throat.  From there it was all downhill.  But Lisa had held out long enough!  Her credibility as a real “Sylvester girl” had been solidly established with the student body.  Just when she needed them most, she had gained a chance to win friends and respect.

Before it was over, poor Lisa was in full voice, screeching, kicking and struggling as the Principal applied the last few full-strength spanks to her bottom.  By then, her panties were long-gone, as was the last vestiges of her modesty.      


With surprising gentleness, the Principal helped the stricken girl to her feet.   Her spanking had  seemed like an eternity.  Knowing well that Lisa wasn’t the only student in the room to have ever used a cheat sheet, he wanted to make the biggest impression.  So he allowed the still-bawling girl to hop around the stage and rub her inflamed buttocks to her heart’s content.

Finally, tears still streaming down her cheeks and her face a slimy mess, Lisa gained a bit of self-control.  Immediately she went to the Principal and held out her hand, “Thank you sir.” 

Gravely, the man took her hand and shook it, “You took that very well Lisa.  I hope to never repeat it.”

From the student body came scattered applause.  The Principal frowned, stopping the noise. But Lisa had received the message.  Her redemption was underway.             

The nurse retrieved Lisa’s panties and then herded her three charges down from the stage.  Then she supervised the reverse of their earlier parade.  Each girl marched slowly up the center aisle, first Isabel, then Charleen, and finally the bare-bottomed Lisa.  In accordance with Sylvester tradition, Lisa raised the hem of her top to display her entire livid bottom.  

Back in the nurse’s office it took only moments for her to document the condition of Lisa’s bottom.  The Principal was an expert spanker, so what she wrote on the chart was almost always the same, “Vivid red buttocks and upper thighs.  Possible mild bruising.  No broken skin.”

The nurse helped Lisa on with her panties and then returned her shoes.  She would now send Lisa back to class, and then deliver Isabel and Charleen to the Principal’s office, where she would witness their spankings.  With their spankings imminent, Isabel was sober looking, but Charleen’s eyes glistened with tears.  Lisa hugged them both before she left. 

The rest of Lisa’s day had its share of humiliations, but nothing compared to what had already happened.  Yes, she attended class with her panties on full display.  Since everybody had already seen her without them, that added little extra humiliation.   Yes, everyone could see her red bottom shining through her panties.  And if they missed that, her spanked thighs were on full display.  But again, everyone had witnessed her spanking, so that was old news.

Sitting with her spanked bottom protected only by her panties was painful, but her uniform skirt would have added negligible padding. On the plus side, Lisa wasn’t the only girl without her skirt that day, there was also Isabel and Charleen, who had endured and survived their own spankings. 

The three spanked girls sat together at lunch that afternoon, and departed friends.

After school, Lisa claimed her skirt.  Strangely, after all day in panties, wearing the skirt felt strange! 


That day, Matron had moved Lisa’s things into the dorm.  Another girl, the one formerly number two on the honor roll, moved into the private “Valedictorian” bedroom.  Lisa congratulated her. 

During the day, it gradually became clear to Lisa that she had become something of a celebrity among the students.  “You’re a real Sylvester girl” was the most common praise that she heard.

That evening, several of the girls shyly asked to see her bottom.  Lisa happily complied.  She also compared bottoms with Isabel and Charleen.  They decided that the damage was so similar that there was no contest. 

Over the coming weeks, Lisa discovered that she preferred the feminine bedlam of the dorm to the privileged ivory tower solitude of her former private room.  More importantly, she had a circle of friends for the first time ever.  She even got into mischief with friends once, and was among three paddled in the Principal’s office.

Barred from the honor roll, Lisa discovered a talent for tutoring.  Soon, to Lisa’s huge satisfaction, two of her “pupils” were newly on the honor roll and on the rise.  Teaching things to others actually helped Lisa’s learning process, so her own grades soared back to the top of her class, albeit not the honor roll.  Still she paid little attention to those girls who forever vied to occupy the valedictorian’s spot.  If they wanted it, they could have it!

Lisa’s mother had been right.  Her school had provided a way for her to redeem herself.  In her new-found friends, Lisa had found her redemption.

Author's Note: This story took 1st place in the 2015 Library of Spanking Fiction "Cheaters" story contest.

© Guyspencer 2015

The Texas Two-Step

© Guyspencer 2015
The Texas Two-Step

In this part of western Texas, Midway is the only town worth mentioning for at least one hundred miles.  The picturesque Mel’s Diner is among the few Midway businesses to survive the competition of the big new Walmart at the edge of town. 

Sitting in a booth at Mel’s, framed by the front picture window, are two classic Texas beauties.  They are in their twenties.  Their tiny waists and their tight denims accentuate their swelling hips and bottoms.  Their bodies seem literally bursting with reproductive promise.  Their western-style tops give them a homey, wholesome look.

Both ladies are in the first lean, formative years of their marriages to hard-working local men.   Deep in conversation, they ignore admiring glances from the diner’s male occupants.

Angela and Velma had recently rediscovered each other and became fast friends.   Classmates in their high school days, the two have reconnected now that they have so much in common.

Meeting is a challenge for the two friends because they each live twenty miles outside of the little town of Midway, but in opposite directions!  But since they both shop in Midway, they simply coordinate their shopping trips to coincide with lunchtime.

Velma is newly pregnant, but Angela and her husband Sam are purposely delaying family matters.         

As usual, the ladies met that day in the aisles at Walmart.  Nobody likes how Walmart has changed Midway and how it has ruined so many local shopkeepers, but that doesn’t stop folks from shopping there.

To save time, they used separate checkout lines.  After helping each other pack groceries into their pickups, it was lunchtime.  Velma had packed a sandwich.  Both on a budget, the two young ladies usually sit in the Walmart café, where they buy only coffee and eat whatever they bring.  But today is different! 

Angela smirked, “Let go to Mel’s Diner.  I’m buying.”

Velma at first demurred, but was easily convinced.  Minutes later, they were ensconced in that front booth in Mel’s.  They both ordered Mel’s signature hamburger, always made from delicious local beef.  Just as Velma was taking her second bite into her five-dollar burger, she asked casually, “What’s the occasion?”

“No occasion,” Angela smiled, “Thanks to the Texas two-step, I have a bit of extra cash.”

“Extra cash” was certainly something that Velma could use, so naturally she asked for an explanation. 

“It’s something I learned at Walmart,” Angela explained.  “When I check out my groceries, I also buy a twenty dollar gift card, and charge everything on my credit card.  Then the clerk cashes the gift card for me and gives me the money!  They call it the “Texas two-step” because it’s a two-step procedure for them.  First they sell you the card, and then they cash it for you.”

Suddenly the hamburger tasted like cardboard in Velma’s mouth.  “But that’s cheating!  Sam isn’t stupid.  Sooner or later he’ll catch on.  Next time I’ll buy my own lunch!”
“Nah,” Angela smiled, “as long as I don’t get too greedy he’ll never know.  Besides, that way I don’t have to hit him up for money so often.  He likes that.”

“He won’t like it when he figures it out.  This can only end one way!”

“What’s that?” Angela asked.

“With you red-bottomed across Sam’s lap, or perhaps even worse!”

“That’ll never happen,” Angela crowed, but her blush revealed her lie.  Had Velma seen the way  Angela’s firm buttocks cringed, it would have revealed even more.

Velma smirked at her friend’s attempt at obfuscation, “Don’t give me that.  We were both raised  Texas-style, and our husbands were too.  Spanking and being spanked is in our blood.   Besides, I’ve seen you wince and squirm when you sit.  We both know that causes that.” 

“OK,” Angela admitted, raising her hands in surrender “Perhaps cheating my budget isn’t the greatest idea in the world, but a girl gets tired of being broke all the time.”


Angela and Sam live on his parent’s 1000-acre ranch.  1000 acres might sound like a palatial spread, but in this part of Texas it rates as tiny.  Their land is too dry to farm, and it isn’t the best grazing land either, which limits the size of their herd.  Fortunately there is a ridge along one edge of the property that Sam’s parents lease out for giant wind turbines.  Their lease income plus what they make from the cattle operation is just enough to support the ranch and Sam’s parents.  Sam and Angela both help on the ranch, but Sam works for a large corporate farm on the bottomland to support himself and Angela.

As the firstborn, Sam will eventually inherit the ranch.  Sam’s parents had scrimped and saved to give his two younger siblings a different birthright, a college education.  Those two have careers in the big city and will likely remain there.

For the first year of their marriage, Sam and Angela had shared the ranch house with Sam’s parents.  But now they finally have their own little place!  It’s in the shade of a clump of trees barely within sight of the main ranch house.  The house is unfinished, little more than a shell with a bathroom and a temporary kitchen.  The “rooms” of their house are marked out on the rough wooden floor in chalk!  Construction on their little place waxes and wanes according to the fortunes of the ranch and Sam’s paycheck.

That little place is Sam and Angela’s starter home, but eventually it will be Sam’s parent’s retirement abode when Sam takes over operation of the ranch and swaps homes with his parents.

Sam has never told his parents why he and Angela had insisted on that particular spot for the house site.  One reason for their choice was that it’s far enough away from the ranch house to give the couple privacy.  Naturally, the shade from the trees is also important.  However the main reason is that as high school seniors, Sam and Angela simultaneously lost their virginity whilst hidden in the shade of those very trees!  


As Sam drove his pickup home from his farm job, he mulled over something.  Their grocery bill wasn’t large, thanks to the family garden and free home-raised beef from his parent’s huge freezer.  So he had noticed the recent up-tick in their weekly grocery bill, adding up to nearly an extra hundred dollars on their monthly credit card bill.  There had also been a recent down-tick in Angela’s usual requests for extra cash.  Now that a coworker had told him of a little scam called the “Texas two-step”, he had put “two plus two” together.  In this case, “two plus two” would likely equal a spanking for Angela!


Angela had long ago put away the food from her shopping trip and stuffed the plastic grocery bags into the trash.  There’s always work to do on a ranch, so she had spent most of the afternoon working in the family garden and caring for the ranch’s three horses.  That left her just time for a bit of house cleaning and supper prep. 

Anywhere you go in this part of Texas seems to take at least an hour, and that includes Sam’s job.  So he arrived home after six.  There, he found a delectable supper waiting for him, along with his even more delectable wife. 

Their little unfinished house was sparsely furnished with hand-me-down furniture.  The one exception was their king-sized bed, a gift from Angela’s parents.  Sam loved his young wife!  Sometimes when he walked in the door after a long hard day, he had trouble choosing between eating supper or snuggling with Angela on that bed!  But today was different.  Today Sam seemed distracted.  Angela questioned him about his day, but Sam said little.

After supper, Sam volunteered to take out the trash.  Angela was pleased, usually he avoided that job.  As he did that chore, she cleared the table and filled the sink to wash dishes.

Outside, Sam looked back to ensure that Angela wasn’t watching.  As he emptied the trash, he checked each of the familiar Walmart bags until he found the one with the cash register receipt scrunched up in the bottom.  He spread it out to see what Angela had purchased that day.  Everything looked normal except the last item, “Walmart Gift Card $20.00".

Thoughtfully, Sam folded and pocketed the receipt.


Sam sat on the couch as Angela dried the last few dishes.  As usual, the moment she was done she curled up on the couch to cuddle with her man.  He kissed her lovingly, but then remarked, “Ugg, I’m nasty.  I’ll take a quick shower and then snuggling with me might be more pleasant.”

Returning his kiss, she replied, “You’re OK as you are Sam, but I’ll await your return.” 

Just before he got up, Sam dropped  the receipt on the couch, making it appear to have fallen from his pocket.  Without looking back, he walked to the bathroom.

Sam had been singing in the shower for a few minutes before Angela noticed the paper on the couch.  At first she ignored it, assuming that it was just some random scrap that needed to be cleaned up.  But then, she curiously picked it up.  Her eyes widened as she recognized it as today’s Walmart receipt.  She was absolutely sure that she had crumpled that receipt and buried it in the trash.  After all, she didn’t want Sam to see it!  Yet here it was, neatly folded on the couch where Sam had just been sitting.

Then, with a start, she remembered Sam offering to take out the trash.  Now she knew she was busted!  That receipt casually left behind had just been Sam’s gentle method of telling her so.  You see, Sam is no screamer.  But his soft-spoken ways should never be mistaken for softness!       
Tears flooded her eyes.  “Dammit!  Why am I always so stupid?”

Sam emerged from the bathroom dressed in clean clothes.  Angela passed him, “I’m taking an early shower too.”

He pecked her on the cheek as she passed, “OK”.


As she showered, Angela worried.  Should she simply confess or wait for him to drag it out of her?  Since Sam obviously knew the truth already, the question answered itself.

Angela was smart enough to realize that Sam had used nonverbal communication to tell her she was busted.  Thus he had neatly avoided a direct conflict, avoiding accusations, recriminations, and possibly even temptation for Angela to lie.  Lying would cost her even more punishment. 

Angela decided to try some nonverbal communication of her own:

Dry but naked, she emerged from the bathroom in all of her curvaceous Texas beauty.  She had Sam’s full attention as she crossed to the dresser.  Opening a lower drawer, she pulled out a hated pair of frumpy pajamas that she reserved for one certain occasion, a punishment spanking.  Without undies, she pulled on the pajamas.  Sam had always said that a punishment spanking shouldn’t be sexy, so they kept those non-glamorous, baggy pajamas for that one duty.

She sat next to her husband, “Thanks for not yelling at me.”

“That’s OK” he replied, “Thanks for making this easy.  Now tell me about the Texas two-step.”

Tears erupted as she confessed her budget-cheating scam.

“How many times did you do it?”

“Five or six, perhaps more.”

“You knew it was wrong...right?”

“Well,” she dissembled, “I invented some good rationalizations, such as I wouldn’t always be bugging you for money.  But yes, I knew it was wrong.”

“If you had tried to lie to me about this, you would have gotten the hairbrush, you know.”

“Gawd Sam, I know!  Both times you’ve spanked me with that thing it was for lying.  The first time we were still living in your folk’s house.  I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life!”   

Hopefully she asked, “So you’re not thinking about using the hairbrush now?”

He had actually been tempted, but Angela’s attitude had convinced him otherwise.  He spoke gently, “It’ll just be a hand spanking this time, but don’t be too happy. You’ve earned a serious spanking and I plan to deliver.”

She hugged him, tears sprouting again.  “That’s fair enough Sam.  I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have done it, but it’s hard being broke all the time.”

“It’s tough sometimes,” Sam agreed, “especially when things break and we can’t afford to fix them.  You know, house construction is keeping us broke right now, but we’re not poor!”  He ticked off on his fingers, “We’ve got no mortgage, we pay no rent, we’ve got no debt, plus much of our food comes from the ranch.  More importantly, we’ve got each other and we’ve got great family backup.  When you think of it that way, we’re doing great.”

She sobbed, “I’m sorry Sam.  I’m a jerk sometimes.  I guess we are lucky after all.”

With effort, she looked him in the eye, “I guess I’m ready for my spanking sir.”

“Not quite yet young lady.  You’ve got an hour of corner time coming, thirty minutes before your spanking, and thirty after.”

“But Sam, you’ve never...”

He cut her off, “But you’ve never embezzled from our budget before have you?  And you’ve done it for over a month.  But if you really don’t want the corner time, perhaps you would rather have the hairbrush?”

“No sir,” she said, looking around urgently, “Which corner?”

With no interior walls, their house had few corners, but he pointed her to the one opposite their bed.

The next thirty minutes was difficult for both of them.  For Angela, it helped that the unfinished corner was at least more interesting than bare walls.  She examined the wood studs, noticing that they were doubled to reinforce the corner of the house.  She had helped staple that insulation between the studs. She memorized the advertising on the insulation’s paper backing. 

Sam picked up a paperback western novel and pretended to read whilst watching the clock. 

It seemed like hours for both of them, but finally the minute hand reached the appointed place.  Angela jumped when Sam broke the silence by calling her over.

With trepidation, Angela made the long walk to stand before her grim faced husband.

Her spanking only moments away, tears welled up in her eyes, “I’m sorry Sam, really I am.  I was wrong and I deserve to be punished.”

“No more cheating on the budget?” he asked, “No more creative bookkeeping?”   

“Never again, I promise,” she sobbed.

He spoke heavily as he reached for the elastic of her pajama bottoms, “Let’s get this over with then.”

She blushed.  After two years of happy marriage, Angela was supremely comfortable parading her shapely naked body in front of her loving husband.  So why did it humiliate her so when he bared her for punishment?  What’s the difference?  Tears ran down both cheeks as her pajama bottoms descended to her knees.

He hugged her, and then gently guided her to his right hip, and thence across his lap.  He wrapped an arm firmly around the small of her back.  His firm hold made her feel trapped, yet safe.

He felt a last-minute need to warn her, “I’ve gotta make this hurt honey.”

“I know Sam, it’s OK.”

Sam and Angela often used spankings as foreplay, especially since they had moved into their own place with its wonderful privacy.  Because most of their spankings are actually pleasurable events, Sam tried to make a sharp distinction on the rare times when he gave Angela an actual punishment spanking.  Those punishment pajamas were part of the distinction.  Unsurprisingly, another distinction was the force of his spanks.

Sam started out with four devastating spanks to each of Angela’s firm buttocks.  She squealed bucked, and then howled as she absorbed the punishment.  Sam’s intention was to push Angela over an emotional cliff, to quickly make her cry.  Perhaps more importantly, he wanted her to hate this spanking from the very beginning.

It worked!  Angela was bucking and wailing long before the eighth spank fell.  And yes, she already hated this spanking!

Without pause, Sam switched to milder spanks delivered at a moderate but relentless pace.  These were harder than “warm up” spanks, their force calculated so that each sting would build on the one before it.  His plan was to keep her crying and to spank her bottom bright red,  but to do so without damaging her bottom.     

This was the longest part of the spanking.  Always keeping the target of his next spank maddeningly unpredictable, he continued it for several minutes as Angela became increasingly loud and her reactions more animated.  At first she merely sobbed, and then she exclaimed, and then, illogically, she tried to bargain for a respite.  Finally, she resorted to begging.  Sam simply ignored it all, implacably punishing her jerking, bouncing, rippling, reddening bottom.  Ultimately words failed her completely.  Her voice became increasingly shrill as she simply wailed and bawled out her pain and distress.    

Another difference between a foreplay spanking and a real punishment spanking is the extent of the target area.  For a foreplay spanking, Sam always confined his attentions to Angela’s buttocks, clearly an erogenous zone for her.  For a punishment spanking, Sam’s target area becomes considerable larger, including the so-called “sit-spots” and even the backs of her thighs. 


In one respect though, this spanking was identical to any other spanking that Sam had ever given Angela.  There was no way that Sam could spank his wife’s perfect bottom without becoming thoroughly aroused!  Today, it had happened the moment that he had seen Angela pull those special “punishment” pajamas out of the drawer. 

Sam felt that a punishment spanking should be a somber occasion, and therefore no place for sexual arousal.  The fact that he invariably became rock-hard was a source of embarrassment and guilt to him.  There really was no way he could hide his condition from Angela.  He worried that she might think he enjoyed causing her pain.

Speaking of pain, that “horizontal mambo” that Angela was doing while laying across his lap was having the dual effect of stimulating his male part into rod-like hardness, at the very same time that her weight painfully crushed it!  

Also, stimulated to near orgasm, Sam wondered if he was thinking straight.  Was he spanking her too hard?  Or on the other hand, was he rushing matters because he was desperate to get his wife into bed?  He concentrated, focusing his mind on his corporal duty.          


Finally, Sam paused.  He waited a few moments for Angela to regain her wits, using the time to critically inspect her livid bottom.

“Are you listening Angela?”  He had to repeat it, but finally she nodded. 

“We’re not done!’  Unhappily, she nodded again.

He continued, “I’ve spared you the scolding this time.  So to ensure that your mind is in the correct place, explain why you are being spanked.”

Simply nodding wouldn’t do this time, so she sobbed out her answer, “Because I cheated on our budget.”

“Excellent!” he said.  “This next part of your spanking will be the hardest, but then we will be done!”

She couldn’t help herself, “Nooooooo!”

Naturally, he paid her no mind.  Starting low on the backs of her thighs, he worked his way up, spanking significantly harder than before.   Angela did her best to keep her legs still for this rough treatment.  Occasionally she failed, but Sam was understanding, urging her back into position.  

It didn’t take him long to work his way up to her “sit spots”, where his spanks became significantly harder.  She shrieked as he quickly but effectively worked on those spots, ensuring that she would remember this spanking whenever she sat for the next few days. 

Then he paused just long enough to trap her legs with one of his.  By now, he had also trapped her errant right hand which had been drifting back towards her bottom. 

By now Angela neared exhaustion, so Sam had no trouble restraining her.  He gave her buttocks the same treatment that he had given her sit spots.  He “branded”“ her with hard spanks, rapidly applied so as not to prolong her agony.

And then he was done.

He carefully inspected his work, and found it good, so he bent over Angela’s still-prone body to mumble calming and forgiving words into her ear.  He held the bawling woman until she came back to herself.   

“I know you will hate this,” Sam told her, “but you still have corner time to do.  The sooner it starts, the sooner it’s over.”

Still blubbering, still miserable, Angela nodded her understanding.  Sam helped her to her feet, and then he pulled her pajama bottoms back up into place, being careful to not drag the elastic over her swollen, livid bottom. 

As he led her to the corner, he gave instructions, “Rub and prance all you want.  Your attention may have drifted during your first corner session, so this time I want you to keep in mind why you were punished and the lesson that you are supposed to be learning OK?”

Still sniffling, Angela replied, “Yes sir.”

Sam put her in the corner, handed her a box of tissues, and then sat.  As before, the next half hour was rough on both of them.  Sam actually picked up his book, but he couldn’t concentrate enough to actually read it.   

Between rubs to her aching bottom, Angela sniffled and blew her nose several times.  She dropped the used tissues on the floor.  She would worry about them tomorrow.    

Sam asked her what she was thinking.  She gave a good answer, “I’m thinking that what I did was dishonest, stupid and greedy.  I’m sorry Honey.  I’ll never do anything like that again.”   

And then it was over.

Sam walked up behind her, turned her around, and gently took her in his arms.  As a symbol of both the end of her punishment and her forgiveness, he gently stripped off her punishment pajamas and left them in the corner along with the used tissues.

There was never any question about their next destination, naturally he led her to the bed!

He pulled back the covers and laid her face down on the sheet.  She sobbed a bit into her pillow as Sam kissed her and whispered forgiving words into her ear.  Finally, when she had quieted, Sam stripped off his own clothes and crawled in next to her.

This was the hard part for Sam!  He was literally vibrating with desire, but he politely waited for her to make the first move.  It wasn’t long in coming, but the delay felt like an eternity!

We needn’t dwell on what followed in that bed, except to say that it was simultaneously healing, satisfying and exhausting!


So we see how a combination of love, atonement and Texas-style discipline worked for this couple. Sam had used the white-hot fire of that spanking to weld up a potential crack in the structure of his and Angela’s marriage.  That same evening, they reinforced that repair with mutual forgiveness, leaving their union stronger than ever.  This could have been a serious row between them, a lasting fracture in their relationship.  But instead, it became a mere one-evening “speed bump” in their life together.         

The future looks bright for Sam and Angela!

© Guyspencer 2015