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"The Date" Part 3 (m/f)

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The morning after his punishment, Jim woke up early and abruptly when he inadvertently rolled over onto his sore, swollen bottom. He was eating breakfast, sitting on a pillow at the kitchen table, when the phone rang. Naturally, it was Sara wanting to know what happened last night.

“I have been worried about you all night” she said breathlessly, “did you get it last night?” “Oh yea” Jim groaned, “I got it good.” “Did you DO it?” she asked. “Yes” Jim responded, “I almost chickened out, but I did it and that’s why I got spanked so hard.”

“What did you get?” she asked.
“I got the hardest hairbrush spanking ever…” “Oh you poor boy” she interjected.
“…followed by the belt” Jim continued, “My bottom will never be the same.”
Sara caught her breath.

Shamelessly, Sara pumped Jim for details:
“Did you get it bare” “Yes”
“Just your bottom or all the way bare?” “All bare”
“Did he undress you?” “No, he made me undress myself”
“Did you get it across his knee?” “For the hairbrush yes, but then I had to lie across his desk to get the belt.”
In a softer voice she asked; “did you cry?” After a pause, Jim responded, “Promise not to tell?” “Cross my heart” she promised. “I think I was crying before I even went over his lap” Jim responded honestly, “By the time he was done swatting my bottom with my belt; I was doing a lot more than just crying.”
“Your belt?” “Yes, my belt; he spanked me with my own belt so I would remember it every time I wear that belt.” Just remembering, Jim was fighting back new tears.

“Did he spank you harder because of what you told him?” Sara asked. “Yes”, Jim said positively, “I was just going to get the hairbrush before I gave him my little speech telling him he wasn’t being hard enough on me, and then he added the session with the belt.” “That is why I had to take everything off; my father thinks you have to be naked for the belt…just like your parents.” Sara blushed at the thought of their previous punishment at the hands of her parents for drinking alcohol on that ill-fated date.
“Do you feel better about that now?” she asked gently. “Yes, I think I do” Jim said, “I don’t feel so guilty, and I also feel better about myself for not chickening out.”

“What does your bottom look like?” Sara asked in a husky voice. “It looks like something you would never want to see” said Jim.
What Sara said next gave Jim an instant erection: “Oh yes I would; today.” (Jim would have to sit immobile next to the phone for several minutes before he would be able to stand without looking like he had a pole in his pants.)

Jim’s father walked into the room just then, effectively ending the conversation. “I am going to ask my parents if you can come over for supper tonight” she promised, before hanging up.
The phone rang later that morning; it was Sara with the promised invitation for supper. It was to be Jim’s first visit to the Dover household since he and Sara had that disastrous date that resulted in both of them getting separately spanked by Sara’s parents. “I told them that your punishment from your father is now over, but you haven’t got your driving privileges back yet.” “It will be a good time for us to apologize to them one last time and perhaps start talking about them letting us date again someday.” She explained. “Also” she said in a husky voice, “I have something else in mind, something I want to see.” Yet again, Jim hung up the phone with an uncontrollable erection.

At Sara’s urging, Jim strained his welcome slightly by showing up at the Dover’s more than an hour early for supper. “You two lovebirds stay somewhere where we can watch you” her father ordered in a no-nonsense but not totally unfriendly manner. In spite of all that happened that terrible night over three weeks ago, Sam (Sara’s father) and Jim had parted on fairly good terms. “How about outside on the front porch?” Sara asked her father. He nodded his permission.

Outside, the two teens were finally able to speak with a reasonable degree of privacy. Sara pumped Jim for every detail of the hairbrush spanking and strapping he had received from his father the previous evening. Sitting on the hard bench, both kids were squirming, Jim because of his sore bottom and Sara because the spanking talk was giving her a special feeling in the pit of her stomach and “down below”. When she discovered that Jim was wearing the same belt that was used on him the night before, Sara was particularly captivated. As Jim sat next to her, Sara’s hand always seemed to be on or near that belt.

Finally, when Sara guessed that her parents were busy with supper preparations and had temporarily forgotten about them, Sara grabbed Jim’s hand and pulled him off the porch and around to the back of the house. When she was satisfied that they were not being watched or missed, she opened a side door to the garage and beckoned him in. Knowing what was coming next; Jim instantly developed a lump in his groin. Moments later, he had his pants around his ankles and, back to Sara, he lowered his underpants in back to show her his bruised bottom. She whistled at the sight and touched his buttocks gently; it was the very first time that his bare tush had ever been touched by a female except for his mother. Straightening up, he pulled away from her touch suddenly. Sara thought that she had done something wrong, but Jim was actually so excited that he was suddenly afraid of having an embarrassing accident. Dressed and safely out of the forbidden garage, it was several minutes before Jim was again ready to be seen in polite company. Now aware of the reaction she had triggered, Sara smirked at his predicament. The couple was safely back on the front porch when they were finally called for supper.

Supper was an embarrassing ordeal for Jim. He sat down much too quick on the hard dining room chair and Sara’s parents looked at each other and smiled knowingly when he shot back up to his feet and then sat back down again gingerly. “Your father tells us that you completed your punishment last night.” Sam said, getting right to the point. Jim blushed furiously, “Yes sir and he did a pretty good job too.” “Well frankly”, Sam said, “I was of the opinion that you had been spanked well enough by Jan and me already, but your father tells me that you convinced him to make your punishment much more severe than he was originally planning.” Although Jim was obviously uncomfortable with this line of conversation, he decided to make good use of the opening that Sam had given him: “Yes sir, that is because you, Mrs. Dover, and my father all focused on the alcohol, and that was a terrible thing for me to do, and I deserved to be punished for that; but the thing that I feel worst about is that I endangered your daughter and got her into trouble when you and Mrs. Dover trusted me to take her out on our first date.” “Because of that, I felt that I deserved every bit of that punishment last night; and now that I have had it, I hope you will trust that I will never do anything like that again and someday will allow me to take Sara out again.”

Mrs. Dover spoke up: “When you put it that way, I can understand why you thought you needed to be punished so hard, but our daughter is not just some package you were responsible for; she is a human being and nobody forced her to take those drinks.” “Her irresponsibility is why we spanked and strapped her that night, and why we refused you when you offered to take her punishment for her.” (Sara looked up with a shocked look on her face) “YOUR irresponsibility is why we ultimately took you up on your offer to accept the same punishment that Sara received.” With both teens squirming in embarrassment, Jan finished her speech with:” Let’s stop all this talk of spankings and bare bottoms and eat.” Nobody had mentioned anything about bare bottoms up to that point, but blushing anew; both teens put their eyes down and attempted to concentrate on their meals.

Later, the two were granted more “public” privacy out on the porch. In the way of all young men early in the dating process, Jim put his hand around Sara’s shoulder, but allowed a finger to “accidentally” trace the outline of her breast. This was heady stuff! Sara sighed with barely suppressed excitement and wished that she had the courage to trace the hardness in Jim’s lap with her own finger. After a long mutual silence, Sara returned the talk to spanking by asking Jim if he had really offered to take her punishment for her. Reluctantly, Jim admitted that he had. “That is so sweet” Sara gushed, “but mom is right, I am just as guilty as you are and it is not fair that you ended up getting spanked twice as much as I did.” After another long silence, Sara finally got up the courage to say what was really on her mind: “My parents spanked you; do you think that your father would spank me? “No way!” Jim said instantly, “Even if your parents were crazy enough to give permission, my father would never make somebody else’s daughter get bare.” “Yea that is what I thought” Sara said thoughtfully, “So I guess you get the job.” Jim gulped, unable to believe his ears.

Jim’s head was still spinning when Sara’s parents called the teens back into the house. “Before you go back home”, Sam said, looking at Jim significantly, “Jan and I would like to have a little talk with the two of you together”. Knowing that is future with Sara was at stake, Jim sat down to receive the Dover’s judgment, his heart racing furiously. Sara’s parents explained that they liked Jim, but that they were not ready to grant him and Sara dating privileges quite yet. However, Jim was welcome to come to the Dover house occasionally to see Sara has he had done tonight and to perhaps gradually re-earn their trust. Knowing exactly what was on her parent’s minds, Sara piped up and reiterated an earlier promise that she had made to them, that she was a “good girl” who would someday walk to the wedding alter as a virgin. With that, they sent Jim home.

Later, on the phone, Sara clarified herself, “I am serious about us not having sex, and I want your promise about that, but there are other things…” “Do you mean things like spanking?” Jim whispered into the phone. “Yes; like spanking” Sara breathed, “we will figure out a way”. Their call over, Sara retired to her bedroom and allowed her finger to do its magic as she imagined her bare bottom squirming, bouncing and turning autumn colors whilst positioned squarely across her boyfriend’s lap; in his own bedroom, Jim was imagining and doing much the same, albeit with distinctly messier results.

Two days later, they again were ensconced on the front porch swing, visible to the watchful eyes of Sara’s parents should they care to look, but relatively safe from their ears. Jim’s arm was again around Sara’s shoulder. They were both acutely aware of Jim’s finger casually tracing out the wonder and the softness of her left breast; both hearts fluttered sweetly in response to the gush of young hormones. Looking up and down the street to assure that they were not observed, they stole a few kisses. Any onlooker could easily have missed the seemingly accidental brush of Sara’s hand across Jim’s lumpy lap. Looking around to be sure that neither parent was within earshot, Sara broached the subject of spanking.

“Well?” “Will you do it?” Sara asked.
“I’m not sure exactly what you want Sara” he responded after collecting his thoughts.
“I want the same thing you got from your father” she said boldly.
“You know that is out of the question” Jim said immediately, “You would not be able to sit normally and your parent’s would notice and worse; your bottom would be marked for weeks. What if you got in trouble and got bared for a spanking and your parent’s saw that you had already been spanked?” “We just can’t take that chance.”
She mulled that over for a bit and then offered another plan: “OK, we will just have to break it up into more than one spanking so I don’t get so bruised.”
“But Sara” Jim said, “I don’t want to hurt you; I want to love you and protect you.”
Sara tried again: “When you heard me getting spanked did you think about my bare bottom and…other things?” After a short pause, Jim finally admitted “Yes”.
“Did you get hard?” After a much longer pause, Jim finally said in a low voice, “Yes”.
“Did you wish you could watch?” Jim squirmed before finally whispering an honest answer, “Yes”. Sara had solidly won her point.

A sort of negotiation session followed, without too much trouble, Sara convinced Jim to give her an ordinary hand spanking for starters. He wondered if she meant on the bare bottom, but was too shy to ask. Now all they needed now was a time and a safe place.

As Sara was much too old to need a baby sitter, and she was an only child, it was not hard to figure out the place; it would be in the privacy of her own bedroom. Sara’s parents were active in the PTA and on church committees, so it was not long before the opportunity presented itself. All Jim had to do was get permission from his father to walk to the drive-in to meet his friends, but instead walk to the Dover residence. He walked up the dark alley so the neighbors would not see and report his arrival, and saw that the driveway was empty and that a light was shining in Sara’s bedroom window as previously arranged. With a lump already forming in his pants, Jim knocked softly on the rear door of the house. The door opened immediately and he found himself pulled inside and buried in Sara’s arms. Sara looked him straight in the eye: “Remember, I am a good girl, and we are not going to have sex; do I have your promise? “Yes” Jim said with a little relief, (things were moving a bit fast, and Jim was getting nervous). “Since my pants are coming down for this, yours have to stay up and zipped regardless of what happens; can you do that?” Jim nodded his agreement, but inside he was not so sure.

Not knowing exactly how much time they had before Sara’s parents returned, the teens went directly upstairs to Sara’s room. Following her up the stairs, Jim noticed for the first time that she was wearing a loose pleated skirt. A moment later, Jim was standing awkwardly in the middle of Sara’s bedroom, a place he had never been allowed before. She pointed him to the center edge of her bed, and he sat down in exactly the same spot that Jan had occupied when last spanking Sara.

“Please spank hard me until I am really crying” Sara said, “even if I beg you to stop”. “Are you absolutely sure? Cross your heart and hope to die that you won’t get mad at me? “Honest!” “Please just do this for me Jim!” “Should I scold you first?” “Yes!” “Try to make me feel really bad.”

Jim proceeded to scold his young girlfriend, and he actually did a pretty convincing job; bringing real tears to her eyes. Finally, just when she was wondering if he ever would, he ordered her over his lap. She wasted no time, climbing right up into position and, in a move she had obviously thought of beforehand, she reached for her pillow and buried her face in it so the neighbors would not hear her cries. Still not entirely sure of himself, Jim asked: “Bare?” She nodded vigorously.

With no further delay, he flipped up the back of her skirt as high as it would go, exposing to his eyes the most exciting view of his young life. Her thin pink panties were straining to contain her twin buns, but failed to hide her pale-white buttskin which glowed fetchingly through the overtaxed fibers. Like a kid unwrapping a birthday present, Jim eagerly reached for the elastic at her tiny waist and rolled down the back of her panties; he now drank in his very first unobstructed view of a perfect pair of female buttocks. Jim would have preferred to pull her panties at least down to the middle of her thighs, but Sara did not offer to lift her bottom and Jim decided not to push his luck. The rolled panties would protect the very bottom of Sara’s buttcheeks at the spot where they met her long legs, but Jim was happy to settle for what was offered to him. Totally bewitched, he traced his finger down the full length of her cleft, starting at her spine and continuing down to where it disappeared under her rolled panties; in the process disturbing a field of tiny, silken, mysterious hairs that decorated her nether cheeks. She shivered and clenched at this, the very first touch of a lover to this private part of her body. As she moved, Jim realized how painful her weight was atop his urgent erection.

Finally remembering why he was looking at this delightful tush, Jim decided to get down to business. He thought about asking her if she was ready, but decided that he already had sufficient permission to proceed. Quietly raising his arm to shoulder level, he experimentally delivered a single moderately-hard spank right to the center of her right
buttock. She heaved and gasped. As his hand bounced off of her firm flesh, he watched fascinated at the white handprint on the center of her bun that instantly blushed to a bright red. He repeated the experiment again and again; her bottom gradually started to move from side-to-side as the heat built in her bottom. Sara’s shoulders shook as she silently sobbed into her pillow. The pain in Jim’s groin gradually was replaced with a familiar tingle caused by the friction of her increasing movements. Jim began to worry about that: Would she notice if he “lost his load” in his pants? What would she think of him if she did? Could that get her pregnant? He had the answers to none of those urgent questions that flooded his brain.

Jim stopped spanking and scolded Sara for a while to give himself a moment to regain control of his body. When he could again trust himself, he started spanking again harder and faster than before. Sara’s legs splayed and thrashed. The pillow muffled, but could no longer contain, her building, increasingly imperative, cries. Her bottom bucked with the blows. Unbidden, her hand came back in a totally illogical attempt to protect her burning ass from further insult. Not wanting to hold her down so the spanking would remain consensual, Jim contented himself with playing a game of hide-and-seek with the errant hand, spanking where it wasn’t. Finally tiring of the game, he told Sara to get back in her proper position “if she wanted him to be able finish the job”. Ten hard-fast spanks later, with Sara’s bottom beet red and with her earnestly crying the tears she had begged Jim to trigger, the spanking was over.

Jim felt like a brute and just sat stupidly as Sara cried out her pain. He would not have felt so bad had he known about, and known the import of, the condition another spot not terribly far from her red bottom, a spot that Sara was not yet quite ready to trust Jim with, a spot that was just now considerably wetter than her tear-stained cheeks. Finally, Sara was up on her feet and rubbing her tortured bottom energetically with both hands. To his relief, she gathered him in an enthusiastic but tearful hug and they shared a long kiss. She was not mad!

Ten minutes later, with a passionate kiss, she let him out the back door into the darkness, but not before she had asked him if he could please “borrow” his father’s hairbrush for their next session. Sara went back up to her room to find solitary masturbatory relief; Jim walked home and did much the same, playing back the night’s activities endlessly in his mind as if it were a favorite music video until spent, he finally fell into a deep sleep.

Sara’s bottom healed quickly from her hand spanking, but it was two weeks later before they found the opportunity to resume their illicit play. Again wearing her loose skirt, Sara was once more in front of him for her scolding, which Jim managed to deliver more inventively and more convincingly this time. When her wet cheeks and soft sobs told him that his words had caused their intended effect, he crooked a finger at her to come closer. She obediently took the one step that placed her front and center between Jim’s legs. With his eyes staring directly into hers, Jim deliberately reached up under her skirt with both hands and slowly lowered her panties past her bottom, past her thighs, beyond her knees, finally leaving them low enough so that he could easily tell that today’s panties were colored bright red. As they had earlier agreed, the hairbrush had been left lying on the floor at Jim’s left. It would be Sara’s job to pick it up and hand it to Jim for use after he had thoroughly prepared her bottom with a hand spanking. It would also be Sara’s opportunity to change her mind at that point and leave the brush on the floor, a privilege that Sara knew she would not be exercising. At Jim’s command, the teary-eyed girl assumed her position across her boyfriend’s lap. Again, Jim flipped up the back of Sara’s skirt; this time exposing a broad expanse of perfect pantyless girlflesh for his attentions. Soon the room resounded with spanking sounds, followed closely by spanked-girl sounds that were only partially muffled by the pillow. Jim used the same pattern as before, several minutes of slow spanks to properly build a fire in her rear, followed by enough hard, fast spanks to make her thoroughly lose her composure. Perhaps it was the practice, but Sara managed to hold her position much better this time.

He gave her a few moments to cry through the pain in her rear, before suggesting that it was time for her to pick up the hairbrush. Obediently, and slightly fearfully, she reached down to pick it up and then reached back, unflinchingly handing it to Jim.

Not trusting Sara to stay in position, Jim requested her right hand and held it tightly in the small of her back, away from harm. Sara felt Jim tense up and thusly knew that her first swat of the agreed-upon ten was irretrievably on its way. A moment later, her butt exploded in pain. She kicked, flinging the red panties across the room. After the second blow, her legs splayed and Jim got his first fleeting view of Sara’s most private parts. The next two swats netted Jim new views of Sara’s charms and even a whiff of her private, feminine bouquet. Sara was now wailing pitifully, but Jim knew that she would later be furious with him if he failed to properly finish the job he had started. After warning her to hold her face tightly in the pillow, Jim swung a leg over hers and delivered the final six swats in as many seconds while she bucked and howled in time with the busy hairbrush.

Her spanking now over, Sara felt herself being gently lowered onto her bed as she continued to bawl into her pillow. She did not hear Jim’s footsteps as he went to the bathroom to find the lotion. Moments later, she felt a draft as her skirt was again raised and then felt the cooling touch of lotion being gently but chastely applied to her brightly-lit buttocks. If Jim had only been sophisticated enough to know, he could have probed lower, and her legs would have opened on their own volition, eagerly inviting his finger into an enveloping secret dampness; but that heady adventure was for another night as the young couple tiptoed their way through their mutual sexual awakenings.

Unable to tarry long because they could not know for sure how long Sara’s parents would stay gone, it was only twenty minutes later when Sara and Jim were saying their reluctant goodbyes at the back door. “When you come for my next session” she said fingering the leather around his waist, “be sure that you are still wearing your favorite belt”. Now more sure of himself, Jim reminded her; “a belt is supposed to be applied on the bare…totally bare that is”.

“I know” she said as she kissed her future husband and admired his firm young Levi-clad ass as he made his unwilling way out the door into the night.

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"The Date" Part 2 (M/f)

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(Where Jim “faces the music” at home)

It took just over a week for Jim’s bottom to stop reminding him of his previous spanking and strapping every time he sat down. With his punished bottom no longer constantly on his mind, and nothing much else to do, Jim found his thoughts dwelling more and more on his coming punishment. While he did not really know what a “reminder” punishment was, he knew that his father only used the hairbrush for the most serious offenses. The hairbrush was always applied, (with bruising results) to Jim’s bare bottom with his pants and underpants lowered below his knees. Bad as this punishment was, Jim found that waiting weeks for it was worse. In addition, something else was bothering Jim; he was feeling increasingly guilty about what he had done and he secretly felt that his upcoming punishment was surprisingly mild.

Finally, this grew in Jim’s mind until he went to his father and asked him if it was necessary for him to wait the entire 30 days before he could get his spanking over and done with. Jim’s father replied that the timing of the punishment was totally up to Jim, except that he had to wait until his bottom was totally healed from his previous punishment at the Dover’s. Jim could not have use of the car before the end of the 30 days, but he could have the spanking much sooner if his bottom was healed and if that was Jim’s desire.

Resolving to get his punishment over as soon as possible to end the terrible anticipation, Jim went to his bedroom every evening, his heart in his throat, to check his bottom in the mirror to see if the last belt tip marks had finally disappeared. It took nearly three weeks before the last two or three angry marks finally started to lighten. By this time, Sara’s restriction was over and they were allowed phone privileges. One Thursday evening, Jim whispered to Sara that he thought “tonight was the night”. Sara did not seem want to end the conversation, obviously very concerned about Jim, yet seeming to need to know all of the details of his imminent punishment.
“Will it be on the bare?” “Yes; it always is”.
“Will you be naked?” “I don’t know; maybe.”
“What room of the house?” “It is always in father’s study.”
“Will you get it over his knee?” “Usually; but perhaps not this time.”
“Are you scared?” “Yes” Jim almost sobbed to his girlfriend, “My teeth are chattering and my stomach feels funny.
“Will you cry?” There was an embarrassed silence on the line, then Jim finally asked; “Could you hear when your parents were spanking me?” “Yes” Sara said, (admitting the obvious). “I don’t think this time will be any different” breathed Jim, “It just hurts too much and I can’t help myself”.

“Are you really going to do what you said you were going to do?” she asked. “My knees are shaking, but I feel that it is something I have to do” he finally responded, “I hope I don’t chicken out, I will never feel right about myself if I do.” After a pause to imagine the enormity of what Jim just said, Sara replied, “you don’t have to do this just for me; I know you are really sorry about what happened to me”. “This is something I have to do,” Jim said, “I have to go now to check my bottom; there was just one little mark yesterday and I think it is probably clear enough now so that my father will spank me tonight when I ask him.” “Call me when it’s over?” “I don’t know” Jim said “my father will probably make me go right to bed when he is done with me and I am going to be feeling really bad.” “If you don’t hear from me tonight, it will mean I got it real good.” On that tense note, after exchanging their goodbyes and their mutual expressions of young live, the teens reluctantly hung up. Jim swallowed nervously and went up to his bedroom to check his bottom in the mirror one last time.

Both teens had been using the only phones available to them, Jim in his living room and Sara at the wall phone in her parent’s kitchen (wireless phones had not yet been invented, and kids rarely had extension phones in their bedrooms in the 60’s), so the entire conversation was in whispers. Throughout this conversation, a familiar feeling had been growing in Sara’s loins, but she could do little more than squirm while she was in this public part of her home. As soon as she hung up, she went directly to her room, shut the door carefully, and guiltily allowed her finger free reign as she laid in the dark imagining the scene unfolding at Jim’s house.

Up in his bedroom, with his pants and underpants lowered in front of the full-length mirror, Jim’s heart fluttered madly; his bottom seemed to be clear of all marks from his previous punishment. Now there was nothing except fear to stop him from getting his punishment over and done with. Gritting his teeth with determination, he pulled his pants back up, and left the room. Almost running so he would hot have time to change his mind, Jim fetched the hairbrush from his father’s dresser, descended the stairs, and knocked tentatively on the door of his fathers study. It seemed impossible to Jim that his father could miss hearing his galloping heart through the tightly-closed study door. A spanking was inevitable once his father invited him inside, but Jim wondered if he would have the courage to go through with his entire plan.

A writer of some renown, Jim’s father, Ed, was a subject of considerable respect in this small southern town. To some he seemed remote and professorial, but he was a true friend to his son. Ed’s “place of business” was his book-lined, pipe tobacco scented, home study, where (since home computers were years in the future) his trusty Underwood typewriter clicked for hours at a time. That study was a very special place in Jim’s house, a very male, wood-toned, place where Ed was king. It was a place where Jim was always welcome, yet it served as an almost holy sanctuary for his father. Because of its importance to the family, his father’s study was obviously a place where special rules applied. One of the rules was that everybody knocked and waited for permission before entering.

Jim was sweating and almost sobbing outside, sorely tempted to turn and run, when he finally heard the typewriter stop and his father’s booming voice invite him in. With the hairbrush occupying his right hand, Jim’s left hand was almost too sweaty to turn the big glass doorknob. After a brief struggle, Jim finally managed to open the door. There was his father dressed as usual; tweed jacket with leather elbow patches, white shirt, horn-rimmed glasses and an unlit pipe in his mouth. Ed looked up and saw his son framed in the door. One look at Jim’s tearstained face told Ed the purpose of Jim’s visit; that hairbrush held in his hand gave instant confirmation.

Ed got right down to business, “are you sure your bottom is healed already?” he asked. “Yes sir” said Jim shakily. “Come here, turn around, and show me” Ed commanded. After carefully closing the study door to seal out the rest of the world, Jim advanced to his father’s desk, laid the hairbrush down and turned his back to his father. Unashamed to expose his body in this safe, private, male stronghold, Jim obediently unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, hooked his thumbs at his waist and lowered his pants and underpants together, bending over for his father’s scrutiny. After a close inspection (which Jim was almost hoping to fail), Ed declared Jim’s bottom to be ready for further punishment. “OK” said Ed, “leave your pants down and turn around so we can talk man-to-man.” Jim complied, tears streaming down his face. “You know that you don’t have to do this today right?” “Yes sir” Jim sobbed, “I just want to get my punishment over with.”

“OK Jim, you can have your wish” Ed began, “I have to finish a little work first and then we are going to have a serious talk followed by a serious spanking.” “While you are waiting I want you to be thinking about exactly why you are to be punished and be ready to seriously discuss it with me.” “To focus your thoughts, I want you to stand there facing me with your pants left down and I want you to pick up and hold that hairbrush.”

It seemed like hours; Jim standing there seemingly forgotten while his father’s Underwood tapped on and on and on. Jim tried to concentrate on his coming “talk”, but all he could think of was his coming punishment and his plan that might make it much worse. Finally Ed covered his typewriter and, looking at Jim significantly, removed his jacket, rolled up his right sleeve, and slid his chair out from behind the desk.

He carefully explained to Jim exactly why he was about to get spanked: It was to remind him to never again illegally drink alcohol, and especially to never touch alcohol when he was driving. Jim’s father gently explained that this would be a very hard hairbrush spanking on his bare bottom with no warm up, and no respite of any kind. This would easily be the equal of any spanking he had ever had before. “You know I love you, I think this is the best thing for you, and this spanking is my parental duty towards you” he explained. “What do you think Jim?” “Do you understand exactly why you are getting this spanking and do you agree that it is what you deserve?”

Jim was expecting this question and now he almost chickened out: “Yes Sir” He started to say but then he checked himself before he could change his mind and substituted “No daddy.” Thinking that his son was simply begging for mercy, Ed started to explain that the spanking was non-negotiable, when Jim interjected, “But you don’t understand!” “OK” Ed said patiently, “Make me understand.”

“It is so hard for me to say this!” Jim sobbed. “Yes, but you are here to receive a very hard punishment and this is not supposed to be easy for either of us, I need to understand exactly what is on your mind right now” Ed said.

In entirely too deep to back out, Jim took a deep breath, gathered his thoughts, and started: First he explained that what he had done was far worse than simply drinking alcohol when he had been trusted with the family car; he had also involved and endangered Sara. He then went on to remind his father that the family rule had always been that when he got a spanking from someone outside the home, (such as a spanking in school) he always got another, worse, punishment at home. “I don’t understand why this is different and that bothers me a lot” Jim said. “I got a hard spanking and a strapping from the Dovers and you are only going to give me a spanking with the hairbrush.” Suddenly Ed understood what his son was trying to tell him. To be very sure that he was correct he asked: “So you think that I am not taking this thing seriously enough and you are requesting a harder punishment?” Jim’s heart flopped with simultaneous feelings of panic and triumph. Finally he managed to croak, “Yes father, this is the worse thing I have ever done, I am feeling very guilty about it.”

There was a long silence; new tears started to flow down Jim’s cheeks as he awaited his father’s verdict.

Ed finally trusted himself to speak: “Now I see why this was so hard for you to say. I have to admit that I have not thought this thing through as clearly as I should have, you are absolutely correct and now I have a much more severe punishment in mind.” “I also have a whole new respect for you; that was an amazingly brave thing to do.” Jim was not feeling very brave, his knees felt so weak that he could barely stand. He responded with a distinct tremor in his voice”; “Please don’t expect me to be so brave when you get started on my bottom.” “As always,” his father gently responded, “I only expect you to do your very best to stay in position.” “This will be very difficult for both of us, you won’t be doing much sitting for a few days and I imagine that you will be wearing long pants to hide your marks for the next few weeks.”

Finally, Jim heard his father pronounce judgment: “The Dover’s gave you a hand spanking and then a spanking with a belt, the only thing I can think of worse than that is to give you that hard hairbrush spanking I described before and then you must go across my desk for a good long hard session with a belt.” Jim miserably nodded his understanding, and shuffled towards his father and his fate, his pants and briefs still puddled around his ankles and the hairbrush still in his hand. “Not so fast” Ed said, “We still have a thing or two to work out.” He looked appraisingly at the belt still in the loops at Jim’s feet; it looked plenty heavy enough to do a very memorable job. Pointing, Ed said: “Do you wear that belt often?” “Yes sir, Jim answered, “It is my favorite.” “Then I want you to remove your favorite belt and hand it to me so I can strap you with it, and then I want it to still be your favorite belt and I want you to wear it as much as possible for years to come so you can always be reminded of today’s lesson.” Sniffling, Jim complied, reaching down and untangling the belt and gingerly handing it to his father as if it were about to burst into flames.

Unhurriedly, Ed stood and cleared off the top of his desk, stacking papers into drawers and stowing pens, pencils, and other tools of his trade, clearing the deck for his son’s coming strapping. He finished the job by placing the belt on the desk, where it would soon be needed. Finally, he sat back down in his desk chair and looked at Jim meaningfully. “There is just one more thing: You are bare enough for the first part of your punishment, but just like my father did for me, you must be naked for the strap,” “Do you want to strip now or after you get the hairbrush?” Jim thought for a moment and realized dimly that movement might not be so easy after the severe hairbrush spanking his father had promised him. “N-n-now sir?” he croaked. Ed nodded his permission and watched patiently while Jim laid the hairbrush on the floor and fumbled through the tangle at his ankles to untie his shoelaces. Finally he kicked off his shoes, and then his pants and briefs, and balanced on alternate feet as he stripped off each sock. Straightening, he unbuttoned and removed his shirt and then finished by peeling off his t-shirt. Hesitantly, he bent over, retrieved the dreaded hairbrush, and looked at his father expectantly.

Ed crooked a finger at his trembling son and reached out for the hairbrush. After handing his father the hairbrush, Jim placed himself in that time-honored position across his father’s itchy wool trousers without further instructions, palms on the floor supporting some of his weight, his bare toes nearly off the floor, his butt prominently presented for correction.

“Tell me exactly and completely the whole story of why we are here” Ed commanded. Looking at the floor, his bare bottom clenching and unclenching, his feet moving fitfully, his voice trembling and sobbing, Jim complied as best he could. Giving him no slack, Ed relentlessly pressed for details. He was still blubbering his way through the end of the story when the house suddenly resounded with 10 sharp, fast, spanks. Caught totally by surprise, it was spank number five before Jim started squirming and twisting and spank number seven before he was finally able to catch a breath so his anguished howls could be heard throughout the house. By spank eight, Jim was supporting himself by only one hand, the other was trapped in the small of his back after he had attempted to cover himself with it. At spank ten, Jim’s bare legs were off the floor and curling up. After a very short pause, spanks 11 and 12 were delivered to the backs of each leg without the slightest reduction in force, painfully and wordlessly reminding Jim to get his legs back down into the proper spanking position. After locking Jim’s legs down with one of his own. Ed delivered the next 8 spanks to the bottom of his nether cheeks; easily controlling Jim’s increasingly frantic involuntary movements and working to the accompaniment his son’s heartbreaking howls that were gradually turning into shrieks.

This was the first time that Ed had ever spanked his son in this manner and Jim’s anguished reaction was breaking his heart. Normally, Ed preceded a hairbrush spanking with a hand warm-up spanking, followed by mild strokes with the hairbrush to properly prepare the bottom before delivering a final bruising with a slow series of 10 to 20 very hard strokes with the brush. Before he got to those last strokes, Jim would be genuinely crying, begging, and making improbable promises to forever “be good”, often by the end of 20 strokes, all resistance would have faded, leaving the boy limp and incoherently bawling. Today, Ed felt that he should change technique to make Jim’s punishment more memorable, so he skipped the easy part and started from the beginning with scorching strokes. After those first 20 strokes, Ed waited a full five minutes, inspecting his handiwork and allowing the naked boy to simply lie across his lap and cry. Ed wanted desperately to rub the sting away, and gather his son in his lap for a forgiving hug, but would not allow himself to do so. When he sensed Jim starting to calm down, Ed started again, stoking the fire in his son’s ass by delivering two quick spanks, just as hard as before, every time the sweep hand on the old wall clock came up to “12”. The continued this pattern until he had delivered another 20 scorching spanks. It was obvious that even without the pending strapping, Jim was going to be sitting very carefully for several days to come. Once Jim caught on to the rhythm of this slower part of his spanking, he would start begging near the end of each minute (“Nooo Daddeeeee”), desperate for the terrible hairbrush to stop piling new pain onto his terribly scorched bottom.

Finally, the hairbrush portion of Jim’s punishment was over. With Jim still held firmly in place, Ed examined his handiwork while allowing the sobbing boy to gradually calm down. Frankly, Ed wished he had an excuse to terminate his son’s punishment right then as he had earlier planned. Jim’s bottom was as brightly red as Ed had ever made it before, and was mottled with numerous darker spots that would likely turn into bruises. But, with the promised punishment session only half over, Ed felt that it was his duty to continue. After reminding Jim that only the first part of his session was over and commanding him to keep his hands away from his bottom, Ed helped the still-crying boy up to his feet.

Ed stood, firmly took Jim’s hand and led the red-bottomed, naked, still-blubbering boy towards the desk, the belt, and the rest of his punishment. When he saw where he was going, Jim stiffened and started to protest. Speaking quietly and reassuringly, yet never relinquishing his firm grip, Ed urged the boy to the edge of the desk and gently, yet firmly placed a hand on the center of his back to compel him to bend across its surface. Without a trace of harshness in his voice, Ed coached the boy into the proper position for the belt. He instructed Jim to reach out to the opposite edge of the desk and urged him to hang on tight, then instructed him to hold his legs tightly together to protect his privates from the touch of the inquiring, probing, devastating, belt tip.

Many thoughts spun through Ed’s mind as he picked up Jim’s favorite belt to finish his fatherly duty. Naturally, he wondered what was going through his son’s head as the boy sprawled there nude, already so well-spanked, yet with so much more punishment yet to come. He also recalled the very few strappings he had gotten from his own father; remembered each one like it was yesterday and he especially remembered the lesson that each one was intended to painfully drive onto his psyche. He knew it would be the same for Jim; bad as this strapping would be for both of them, Jim would benefit from this lesson for the rest of his life.

Jim was only barely aware of his father moving into place behind him but his young ears easily detected the distinct whistle the belt made as it slashed down onto his upturned bottom for the first time. That first stroke landed in a lesser-spanked area a few inches over the back of Jim’s knees, causing him to heave and scream. The next several strokes came at irregular intervals and landed on random spots so that Jim could not know either the time or the place that the next blow would fall. Ed’s aim was not nearly good enough to completely avoid the darkest spots on Jim’s already–spanked bottom; Jim would literally have bruises on top of bruises. Ed noticed that during the first spanking Jim noises and movements escalated as the spanking progressed, but now exactly the opposite was happening as the boy approached his limit. After perhaps ten to twelve very hard strokes with the belt, Ed changed the belt to his left hand and moved across to the right side of his son’s red and wriggling bottom. By this time, staying in position was no longer an issue as the spent boy simply absorbed his punishment. Ed delivered the final strokes slowly and judiciously, but every bit as hard as his left hand would allow. Still more welts appeared on his son’s bottom.

Finally it was over. Ed stood motionless behind his son for a full three minutes, listening to his son’s distress, before Jim realized that something was different and finally looked back at his father fearfully. “It is over son, you may get up now” Ed said, trying to hide the choke in his voice and the tear in his eye. Painfully, the nude, still sobbing, well-spanked boy regained his footing and experimentally reached back with both hands to soothe his bottom. After a long hug and reassurances of his love, Ed gathered Jim’s clothing under his arm and led the teary-eyed, scarlet-bottomed boy to his bedroom where he tenderly attended to his son’s bottom and then lovingly tucked him into bed for the night.

Sara would have to wait until tomorrow to hear Jim’s story

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"The Date" Part 1 (MF/f, MF/m)

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Introduction: There was a time, not all that long ago, when spanking was the norm in American families; particularly in small towns in the southeast. Exactly the reverse of today, parents who never spanked their children were considered somewhat suspect. This story is set in that place and in that time.

The Date

It was nearly midnight and Sam Dover was getting more and more concerned. He was beginning to pace, inadvertently communicating his jitters to his wife, Jan. It was their 16-year-old daughter Sara’s first “real” date; meaning a date that involved her alone with her boyfriend Jim in his car. They were supposed to go to the game at the schoolyard, go to the drive-in burger place to meet friends after the game, and be home by 11PM. Now they were nearly an hour late. Sam knew the game was always over by 10 P.M., the entire trip was less than two miles, and they could even have walked home by now.

At the stroke of midnight, after calling Jim’s father, Sam went hunting for the young couple, leaving Jan to guard the house and phone. “There better be a good reason or her ass is in big trouble” he vowed to himself as he retraced their planned route. His plan was to first check the school, then the burger place, then the common lover’s lanes. As it turned out, he had no trouble finding them. Jim’s car (actually his father’s sedan) was the only vehicle left in the still brightly lit school parking lot. A quick check found the couple in the front seat fast asleep, Sara’s head nestled on Jim’s shoulder. With a sigh of relief, Sam noted that their clothing was still in good order, and little could have happened in this brightly lit, public place.

As Sam opened the car door to wake the couple, he immediately noted the unmistakable odor of alcohol. Now he knew what made them so sleepy. He shook both of the kids awake, locked Jim’s father’s car, pocketed the keys, and drove both of them back to his house to sort things out. Knowing that they were both in big trouble, the kids suddenly seemed wide awake and stone sober.

Arriving back at the house, Sam called Jim’s father to tell him that both his car and his son were safe and that he would call back with the particulars soon. He then led everybody into the living room and sat down as calmly as possible to allow the kids the opportunity to speak for themselves. The story rapidly came out: It seems that someone was illegally selling whisky shots at the game and the kids had each had two drinks on a dare. Not being used to drinking, and feeling odd, Jim had wisely decided to sit at the schoolyard rather than attempt to drive. They had inadvertently fallen asleep, and the rest was history.

Finally, it was Sam’s turn to talk. “Well Sara” Sam said, “You know that drinking alcoholic beverages is against family rules and against the law, and cars and alcohol never mix right?” Sara nodded miserably. “Then perhaps you had better go upstairs and wash up for bed while I take Jim home.” “I think that your mother will agree that you should prepare yourself to be punished, and we will be up in a bit to deal with you.” Already sobbing, Sara fled to her room.

Jim was horrified at this turn of events; “please Mr. Dover, it is all my fault, please punish me instead.” “No” Sam said, “Sara knows perfectly well not to drink and what to expect if she does, I respect your offer but there is nothing you can do to reduce her punishment.” “Then I should get the same punishment that Sara gets” Jim suggested. Sam opened his mouth to refuse and then suddenly stopped and looked reflectively at Jim; “think about what you just said, are you serious?” Sam asked. There was a pregnant pause; finally, decisively, Jim spoke one word: “Yes.” Giving no further hint of his thoughts, Sam left the room, saying he would be right back.

Sam walked to the privacy of his bedroom, picked up the extension telephone and called Jim’s father (who happened to be a childhood friend). Sam filled him in on what the kids had done, of his tentative plans for Sara’s punishment and of Jim’s offer to accept the same punishment from Sam. Jim’s father immediately agreed that this was one case where Jim could have exactly what he wanted. Moments later, Sam strode back into the living room. “OK Jim,” he said, “This is your one chance to back out.” “Do you want the same punishment that Sara is going to get or would you like me to drive you home right now?” Jim said that he would stay and “face the music.”

Sam turned to Jan and suggested that she go upstairs and check on Sara while he talked further with Jim. “You know that this will not necessarily get you out of trouble with your father right?” Jim said “yes” and confessed that when he got a spanking at school, he could expect one at home also, and this might be the same deal. “You know that there is no guarantee that I will ever allow you to see my daughter again even if she still wants to see you after her punishment?” “Yes, I understand” Jim said. “You understand that Sara will hear you get punished and will hear you cry?” Jim gulped, and squeaked “y-y-y yes sir.” (but he silently vowed that no sounds would escape his lips) “This is your absolutely last chance to change your mind!” “Yes sir and I am ready.”

Sam paused for effect, as Jim squirmed. “OK,” Sam finally said, “you win; remove your shoes, shirt and pants and fold them up nice for me so I can carry them away.”

Meanwhile, Jan was upstairs as her freshly-scrubbed daughter finally came out of the bath, dressed only in a bra and panties looking genuinely contrite and teary-eyed. Jan gathered her daughter in a long hug and told her how glad she was to have her back home safely and how much she loved her. “I am so sorry mommy” Sara blubbered into her mother’s shoulder. “I am also sorry honey, but we all have our jobs cut out for us tonight, your father and I have to do our parental duties toward you and you have some serious growing up to do tonight” Jan continued, “Suppose you start tonight’s growing up process by suggesting what your punishment should be?”

There was a long silence.

Just as Jan was about to demand an answer, Sara spoke in a tiny voice; “the belt?” Jan’s chest swelled in pride for her daughter; “the belt” was the ultimate physical punishment in the Dover family, and something Sara had always managed to avoid until now. Jan had heard Ben, her older brother, get punished with the belt a very few times and it made enough of an impression on her that she had managed to avoid it herself. Sara was, however, intimately familiar with the painful effect of a well-applied parental hand or hairbrush on her bare bottom and was well aware that the belt would hurt much more than any punishment that she had ever had before. Sara also remembered another Dover family rule, children have to strip bare to be strapped. Lesser punishments for the Dover children were invariably delivered on the bare bottom; but only with pants, panties or pajamas pulled down just far enough to “get the job done.”

Jan finally spoke, “I am very happy that you agree how serious this is, and yes, a whipping with the belt is exactly what I was thinking about for you, and I think your dad will agree.” She continued, “Let’s get you ready before dad comes up.” “Turn around so I can unfasten your bra.” Her eyes wet with fresh tears, Sara complied, reaching up to free her swelling young breasts from the embrace of the A-sized twin cups as her bra strap came loose. With the limp bra still held in her right hand, and without being told, Sara hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her silk panties and slid them down to her ankles, stepping out of them gracefully. She stood nude before her mother, who directed her to stand in a corner of her bedroom to await her fate.

As Sara tearfully and fearfully stewed in the corner, unbeknownst to her, a similar scene was unfolding downstairs.

Jim stood uneasily in front of Sam wearing just his skivvies, and handed over the neat pile of folded clothing. Sam accepted the bundle, and pointed Jim to an empty corner of the living room. “Get your nose in that corner and don’t you dare move a muscle without a direct order from me; understand?” “Y-Y-Yes sir” Jim stuttered, moving into the corner. Standing right behind Jim, Sam explained that the most difficult part of Jim’s punishment would not leave a mark on him; Jim would have to listen to Sara’s punishment while knowing that he was partly responsible for her pain and tears, and knowing that he was next! “Oh yes!” said Sam, “one more thing before I leave; take off your underpants, hand them to me, and then get your nose right back in that corner.” Sam left the room carrying the pile of clothing, the still-warm underpants on top, leaving the very uncomfortable, apprehensive, and nude young man quite trapped. Jim correctly guessed half of the reason why he was nude; if he changed his mind and bolted to escape his punishment, he would have to do it naked. The other half of the reason for Jim’s nudity involved Sam’s belt and Jim’s bare, upturned, bottom. If Jim had known that part, he would have been far more apprehensive.

Sam climbed the stairs, stashed Jim’s clothing out of sight, and walked into his daughter’s bedroom, leaving the door wide open so that Jim would have plenty to hear. He was slightly taken aback by the unexpected sight of his daughter standing nude facing the corner; he had not had reason to see Sara completely nude for several years and she had certainly changed! Her swelling hips accented her tiny waist, and her round buttocks were quite white compared to the rest of her sunbathed body. Sam was instantly reminded of Jan’s delicious young body 20 years ago in the blush of their early romance. He sat on the bed next to Jan with a question on his face. Jan caught the look and quickly explained that Sara had chosen the belt for her punishment and that she (Jan) agreed that a belt-whipping was an appropriate punishment for what Sara had done. Usually punishment decisions were a matter of private debate between Sam and Jan, but this time Sam agreed completely; as he had intended from the beginning, Sara would get the belt.
“Sara” Sam commanded, “Come and stand in front of us so we can talk.” Sara turned around in that particular stance of young women caught unwillingly naked, one hand cupped over her mound (which had been quite bald the last time Sam had laid eyes on it), and the other trying in vain to hide both pert breasts. “There is no need to cover yourself in front of your parents” Sam scolded, “come here and stand directly in front of us with your hands at your sides.” With no further show of reluctance, Sara obeyed. With fatherly pride, Sam immediately noticed that the front view of his daughter was every bit as perfect as his earlier rear view. He knew immediately that this girl could attract any male with a pulse. Much as his wife had done earlier, Sam stood and gave his daughter a chaste hug and told her how much he loved her, how worried he had been at her absence, and how glad he was that she was home safe. Then he sat back down and gave his daughter a long stare.

Sam might characterize what followed as a “talk,” but most of us would call it a “long scolding” or at least a lecture. He stressed that doing unsafe things on dates could easily result in her death, or merely just ruin her life. He told her that the coming punishment would hurt enough for her to easily remember it for the rest of her life, but that she would survive it without injury and it would probably be something to tell her children about when she was teaching them about the dangers of dating. Then he surprised her by telling her that he always thought she would need this punishment someday, but he did not expect it to be so soon. Jan was not silent during this time, making several points and offering Sara no slack. The parents agreed that Sara would serve two weeks of restriction with very limited dating privileges for a time after that. “Are you mad at Jim?” Sam asked unexpectedly. Sara said “no”; she took responsibility for her own actions. Jim complemented his daughter for giving a good answer. He specifically told her that her restriction meant no social life for two weeks and that she was specifically forbidden to contact Jim over that time. She nodded her tearful agreement.

Finally the two parents fell silent and just stared as Sara squirmed; (she would have been squirming far more had she known that Jim was still downstairs and was going to clearly hear her punishment through her wide-open bedroom door). “I guess it is your turn to talk” Sam finally said. Fresh tears gushed. “I-I-I just want to apologize for what I did one last time and I want you both to know that you will be able to trust me in the future” Sara sobbed, “I am ready to take my punishment now.” Sam stood, leaving Jan sitting alone on the edge of the bed, and explained to Sara that her mommy would be giving her a “warm up spanking” and then he would spank her with his belt. Jan patted her lap meaningfully.

Downstairs, Jim had been staring at the corner and listening to silence for what seemed like hours, when finally he heard a flurry of spanks. He had heard enough spankings in his life to know immediately that this one was on the bare bottom. After a few seconds of steady spanks, he began to hear Sara’s voice, first it was just “oww” and “ooo” but then the begging started, her promises to “never take another drink” and to always “be good” becoming louder, more strident and more irrational. Gradually, Sara’s words turned into unintelligible sobs and the sobs finally turned into true bawling as the spanks continued relentlessly. Jim felt every bit as bad about Sara’s punishment as Sam said he would, yet he was dreading the end of Sara’s spanking because he was next! Until now, as these thoughts filled his head, he was so distracted that he did not picture Sara’s bare ass bouncing jiggling, clenching and turning scarlet it absorbed what seemed to him like a very severe spanking. His mental picture changed instantly when he heard the spanking momentarily stop and then heard Jan’s voice loudly order Sara to “open your legs so I can spank inside your thighs” then “wider!” Then came a new flurry of spanks and Jim heard Sara’s bawling increase dramatically in volume.

Jim was still a virgin, but he knew enough about the female anatomy to know what charms a girl bent over a lap with her legs spread wide open must reveal. At soon as that delicious vision entered his head; his penis sprang to attention and locked stubbornly in place. Knowing that there would be no hiding his condition when Sam returned to spank him, Jim concentrated on anything, *anything!* that might cause his erection to go down, but it was no use; his inflated member seemed locked to stay. Jim’s face turned beet red. The thought of Mr. Dover seeing his obvious arousal after hearing Sara’s spanking worried him far more than the prospect of his imminent spanking. Mr. Dover would think he was some kind of pervert and then he would NEVER be allowed to see Sara again.

Finally, the spanking sounds suddenly ceased and Sara gradually began to quiet. Jim was not terribly relieved that Sara’s horrible spanking was over because he was still “locked up” and was desperately afraid that his condition would soon be discovered.

Upstairs, Sara gradually became aware that her mother had ceased spanking her and was now lovingly rubbing her back. Still in that traditional position across her mom’s lap she gradually calmed down and her cries became merely sobs. Her round bottom was crimson red from just below her tiny waist to just above the backs of her knees. (In the Dover family, a “warm up” spanking was far more than the name implied). Sara had received a very hard hand spanking, the only difference from normal being that Jan had been careful to not cause any bruising on the buttocks themselves, saving that job for the belt. During Sara’s spanking, Sam had hovered uncomfortably nearby, not enjoying his daughter’s distress and dreading his impending role. While Jan was spanking Sara’s inner thighs, Sam had averted his eyes to allow his daughter at least that tiny bit of modesty, although Sara had been far too busy reacting to this new flurry of spanks in such a tender area to notice or appreciate her father’s courtesy. With Sara finally quieted, Jan almost reluctantly guided her daughter back onto her feet and gathered her in a hug. Finally Jan released her daughter and gently propelled her to her father, and to her father’s belt.

After another long hug, Sam finally asked Sara if she was ready to continue her punishment. Sara nodded tearfully. “Describe what your punishment is going to be and exactly why you are getting it” Sam commanded. Sara again confessed about the alcohol and adequately described the bare-bottom strapping she was about to receive. Sam directed her to pile both of her pillows on the edge of her bed and to get into position over them, her feet barely touching the floor, her torso resting on her bed, her arms folded under her, and her bright-red bottom presented in the perfect position to receive the strap. Sam instructed her in a low, calm voice: “Keep your arms clasped under you so you don’t reach back and get your hands hurt by the belt.” “I want you to do your best to hold position for me, but if you really can’t, your mom will help hold you down.” Sara nodded her understanding, her sobbing already starting anew.

The next sound that Sara heard was that particular snickering sound that a leather belt makes when it is purposefully withdrawn from around a man’s waist.

Downstairs, Jim was red-faced and increasingly frantic, convinced that his stubborn hard-on was about to be discovered. Horrifying possibilities spun madly through his head: Would Mr. Dover think he was a pervert? Would he spank him harder because of his obvious impure thoughts about his daughter? Would he tell his father? Would Sara find out? What if Mrs. Dover saw him this way?

Suddenly something happened that immediately drove all of these maddening thoughts out of his head, only to be replaced by a far-worse reality. He heard a loud “SNAP” closely followed by a frantic howl from Sara. Jim’s mouth formed into an “O” and his erection disappeared like a toy balloon pricked by a pin. As it dawned on Jim what was happening, the “snaps” continued one-after-another and Sara’s individual howls of pain soon merged together into one continuous heart-wrenching wail, which then escalated into pitiful screams. Now Jim finally understood why Mr. Dover had not yet come downstairs to deal with him, and, (considering that he expected to receive the exact same treatment that Sara was getting) he was also horrified at the alarming details he was deducing about his own imminent punishment. Jim’s sharp young ears had correctly identified those unexpected loud “snaps” as the sound made by swiftly-moving leather impacting taut young female butt flesh while Sara’s anguished vocalizations gave instant verification. As the punishment progressed, there came two or three pauses in Sara’s whipping while Mr. Dover’s voice could be heard urging her to get back into position and to keep her hands under her so her punishment could continue.

Upstairs, Sam was sick about the pain he was causing his beloved daughter, but determined to do his job as a parent. Always one to get the maximum psychological impact from the minimum amount of punishment, he had allowed Sara to stew, squirm, and clench for a full two minutes before delivering the first stroke. That first swat landed just above the very bottom of Sara’s buttocks. Sam continued resolutely, standing to her left and swinging with his stronger right hand, and slowly working his way up her nether cheeks. Noting that the nearly-supersonic tip of the belt was curling around and making welts on the side of her right asscheek, he backed up slightly so that the wicked tip would leave its painful brand on her sit-spots and even right in her center divide. These welts would turn into tiny bruises that she would feel for several days to come. Sam was patient when Sara got out of position, reaching back to protect her scorching bottom or twisting excessively. Knowing that she was actually making her punishment worse by stretching it out, he forced her to remain an active participant in her own punishment by calmly urging her back into position and making her repeat why she was being spanked before he resumed his work with the strap.

About the time that Sam reckoned that the strapping was half over, it was becoming clear that Sara’s self-control was spent. He motioned for Jan to reach across the bed and hold Sara’s shoulders while he moved to her right side for the final strokes. Thanks to Jan’s help, these left-handed swats were delivered considerably faster than the others. The tip of the belt was now seeking out the other half of Sara’s tortured bottom, so that it would receive an even distribution of belt-tip welts that would reinforce Sara’s lesson every time she sat down for days to come.

Ten minutes later, her punishment finally over, Sara was beginning to calm down and recover from her ordeal with the tender ministrations of her parents. Expecting her parents to tuck her into bed and leave (as usual after a spanking), she was surprised to find herself back in the corner, firmly told to keep her hands away from her still-stinging bottom and not to move. Sam mystified her with the following words: “You are to stand right here and listen, and remember that what you hear is partially your fault. We will be back up to get you and we had better find you right here in the corner.” With that, they left the room.

Sam put his hands to his lips as they started down the stairs, cluing Sara to remain silent, he didn’t want to spoil Jim’s surprise.

Still obediently in his corner, Jim finally heard the stairs creak, heard footsteps behind him, and then heard the squeak of a wooden chair being moved into position somewhere behind him. He had no problem guessing the purpose of that chair! There was a long pause (Sam had a flair for drama). Finally Jim heard Sam’s voice commanding him to turn around. As he obediently turned around, Jim was horrified to see Mrs. Dover sitting on a straight-backed chair with a coarse towel across her lap. Sam was standing next to his wife, folded belt in hand. Horrified to suddenly find himself stark naked in front of his girlfriend’s mother, Jim’s hands immediately shot down to cover his crotch. Her voice sharp as a bullwhip, Jan ordered Jim to put his hands to his sides and to stand in front of them. “Don’t worry,” she explained, “my son Ben is in college now, but I remember well what a boy looks like.”

Jim was then forced to stand and endure a version of the same lecture that Sara had heard earlier about the perils of dating and the dangers of drinking. The lecture concluded with him formally being told what he already knew, he would be spanked by Mrs. Dover and then strapped by Mr. Dover. They then warned the stricken boy about Sara’s two-week restriction and forbade Jim to contact her for those two weeks. Finally, he was allowed to place himself in that time-honored position across Jan’s lap, hands touching the floor, feet barely touching, and pale bottom tilted upward in the perfect position for correction. In a dramatic improvisation, Sam placed his belt on the floor right underneath Jim’s eyes. “We will need that in just a few minutes” Sam said, pointing out the obvious.

Still obediently in her corner, Sara was mystified to suddenly hear the sounds of a bare-bottom spanking reverberate through the house. Possibilities flashed through her head: It couldn’t be Ben (he was out of town), was dad spanking mom? Why? How could this new spanking be her fault?

Downstairs, a battle of wills ensued; Jim was determined that Sara would not hear him cry, yet Jan was determined to get a proper response from this irresponsible boy bouncing on her lap who had endangered her daughter. When Jan finally heard Jim catch his breath and then give a sort of low grunt, she knew that victory was at hand. Moments later, Sara was shocked to hear Jim’s voice rise above the incessant spanking sounds, first begging for respite, then making “ouch” and “ooo” vocalizations, and then finally breaking down completely and eventually bawling like an adolescent.

Stuck in the corner of her upstairs bedroom, Sara could only guess what was happening downstairs; she only knew for sure that it was Jim getting the spanking; a bare-bottom spanking judging from the sharp sounds wafting through her open bedroom door. Assuming that her father had taken Jim home earlier, she finally decided that Jim’s father must have brought him back to her house to punish him in front of her parents. Then her ears gave her another bit of information that forced her to rethink that scenario; she heard her mother loudly give Jim a familiar order, “Spread your legs so I can spank your inner thighs” and then “wider!” Her jaw dropped, it was her mother who was spanking Jim Then a horrible thought hit her, what if Jim had been in the house all the time and had heard her wail her way through her own bare-ass spanking and strapping?

Sara was a good girl, and still very much a virgin, but she had the normal hormones that come with a teenage female body and she was blessed with a rich imagination. Her thoughts soon zoomed past her concern for Jim’s distress, and then even more quickly zoomed past her embarrassment at Jim apparently hearing her get her bare tush spanked and strapped. Her head now held a remarkably accurate picture of Jim’s red wide-open red bottom bouncing, jiggling and twisting as it absorbed a torrent of spanks from his mother. Her mental picture was anatomically correct enough to include Jim’s dangling cock and balls nicely framed by his wide-open, muscular legs, swinging from the motion imparted from the spanking. (She had seen her brother naked, and had shyly felt Jim’s stiffness through his pants enough to have a pretty good picture of the male apparatus.) Not surprisingly, Sara felt a not-unfamiliar warm flooding sensation in her groin. Still obediently standing in her corner, her knees spread slightly and a finger guiltily snuck down to scratch a delicious itch. Suddenly every nerve ending in her body seemed to be totally alive, her butt pain changed into a strangely satisfying sting, her groin was involved in obvious ways, Technicolor erotic images played through her head as the spanking sounds from downstairs added erotic reinforcement. Risking that both of her parents were busy downstairs, Sara’s knees buckled against the wall and she supported herself with her forehead jammed in the corner as she quickly gave herself a guilty relief with her plunging finger. Sara was forever hooked, for the rest of her life she would crave the occasional combination of a hot butt along with the satisfaction of her hot womanhood. From that moment on, she would both fear and crave spankings from her parents, and later from her lovers.

When Jim’s resolve to take his punishment in silence was finally broken down by Jan’s capable handiwork, it was like a dam bursting. His world instantly narrowed to include only his scorching hot bottom, the continuing ministrations of Mrs. Dover, and his guilt over the behavior that had earned him this punishment. As he lost control, his hands came up off of the floor and the right one drifted back to protect his fast-reddening bottom. Jan easily caught the wayward hand and trapped it in the small of Jim’s back, which also helped her control the twisting and bouncing of Jim’s rapidly reddening bottom.

With Jim’s buttocks, hips and the back of his upper legs sufficiently punished, Jan finally commanded Jim to open up his legs to expose his delicate inner thighs for punishment, (it was this command that Sara heard upstairs). Jim finally complied to Jan’s satisfaction, (he now had not a single square inch of privacy from Mrs. Dover’s eyes) and the spanking resumed anew with Jim’s incoherent vocalizations becoming far louder and more strident. Jan spanked Jim in that tender place every bit as hard as she had Sara earlier, but the process took slightly longer because she had to take care to avoid damage to certain equipment that Jim had in that general area.

Finally Jim became aware that Mrs. Dover was no longer spanking him, and he looked down at the waiting belt with new trepidation. Finally, Jan released him saying “you may pick up the belt and take it to Mr. Dover, keep your hands away from yourself.” Jim complied, still sniffling. He held the belt as if it were about to burst into flames and looked at Sam fearfully. “Tell us why you are being punished and exactly what is going to happen next” Sam commanded. Jim stumbled and sobbed his was through the required explanation of his wrongdoing and a description of his coming strapping, Sam asked the occasional question to force him to be explicit. Finally, Sam directed Jim to hand him the strap and to position himself across the end of the sofa, with its padded arm forcing his red bottom up high for the caress of the belt.
As he had earlier with Sara, Sam loomed over Jim, belt in hand, for several minutes to give him ample time to squirm and anticipate his coming punishment. Finally, without the slightest warning, Jim heard a whistling sound followed by a loud “Crack!” There was actually a noticeable time lag between the sound of the collision of the belt against his right ass cheek and the moment when his brain finally registered the outraged reaction of thousands of nerve endings. Jim screamed in sudden anguish. Totally unimpressed by Jim’s distress, Sam slashed down with the belt again and again and again. Jim started to rise from the couch, but Sam’s harsh voice threw him back down into position. The belt strokes came somewhat slower now, with Sam watching Jim’s hands carefully to assure that they did not fly back to protect his flaming bottom. Twice, Sam had to stop to order Jim back into his proper position. Jim’s only additional punishment for these lapses was being made to wait as much as a full minute for the strapping to resume, multiplying Jim’s pain and humiliation by simply delaying the end of his punishment. As before, Sam carefully gauged his strokes to guide that evil belt tip to caress various parts of Jim’s bottom rather than always curling around to mark his hip. Finally, Sam switched to Jim’s other side and switched the belt to his left hand, signaling for Jan to help Jim stay in position for the final strokes.

Jan stepped to the couch and held the bare, scarlet-assed boy’s shoulders firmly and nodded at Sam. Sam applied ten fast left-handed strokes of his belt as Jim hollered bucked against Jan’s firm embrace. Upstairs, finally returned to earth from her earlier dalliance, Sara guiltily listened to her boyfriend’s agony and knew first-hand what he was feeling. Fresh tears sprang into Sara’s eyes, some falling to her feet as she obediently remained in her corner.

Suddenly, the strapping was over. Jan continued to embrace the anguished boy as he cried unashamedly; cried from the pain of his punished bottom, cried from the guilt that he still felt at getting Sara in trouble, and cried from his relief at finally finishing the worst punishment of his young life. When she sensed Jim finally returning to reality, Jan gave the boy a motherly kiss on the cheek and asked him softly if he was ready to get up. He nodded silently and Jan immediately released him. He stiffly stood up; eyes wet with tears, and rubbed his bottom gingerly with both hands, not even thinking to turn his still-naked groin away from Jan.

Sam retrieved Jim’s pile of clothing and gruffly told him to get dressed so he could take him home. Still sanding in front of his girlfriend’s parents, Jim complied, carefully stepping into his briefs and gingerly pulling them up and over his swollen bottom. He painfully continued this reverse strip-tease until he was finally fully dressed.

Sam finally spoke, “Before I take you home to face your father, we had better talk; let’s go set down at the kitchen table” Walking stiffly, Jim followed Sara’s parents into the kitchen and, following their lead, sat gingerly on one of the hard dinette chairs. “You have impressed both of us greatly tonight”, Sam started, “first you impressed us with your irresponsibility when you take our daughter out in a car and then drink alcohol, and then you impressed us with your responsibility when you insisted on being punished for your mistake and then took that punishment like a man.” “We don’t know which guy is the real Jim” Jan added.
Sam shocked Jim by asking, “Are you still interested in Sara?” “Y-Y-Yes sir”, Jim answered. Finally Sam delivered his next shocker, “I think she is still interested in you also, but remember that you are not to attempt to contact her for the next two weeks while she is on restriction; understand? “Yes sir” Sam continued: “After that two weeks, if Sara is still interested, we will invite you for supper and the four of us will try to figure out if we can trust you two to do some very limited dating. I can tell you now; there will be no cars for a long time!” Jim grinned in relief, “Thank you sir.”

Sam had more good news; “The final decision is of course up to your father, but I will tell him how well you took your spanking and strapping and that I think you don’t need any more. Now get out to the car so I can take you home and so the Dover family can finally get some sleep”

Jim limped towards the Dover family car, looking as happy as any freshly-strapped boy (who still had to deal with his own angry father) could ever expect to be.


Finally alone with his son, Jim’s father took one look at Jim’s bottom and instantly decided that everything Sam had told him was true, Jim had certainly been punished enough for now; but Jim did not totally escape further punishment. After enduring a long lecture from his father, Jim was told that he was not to be allowed the keys to the family car for at least thirty days and then only after he brought his father a certain hairbrush and requested a lengthy bare-bottom “reminder spanking”. But that is another story.

After dealing with the usual pressures, problems and delights of young love over the next few years, including separations for college and other relationships, wedding bells finally rang in the small town church for Jim and Sara. Their marital bedroom was to resound with many erotic spankings over a lifetime of sensuous and happy marriage. But that is another story.

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