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Maryanne's Public Spanking: Part One

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Maryanne's Public Spanking: Part One

Around the mid 1980's, marijuana use had become common. Its use had spread to virtually all college campuses, and later became common in high schools throughout the USA. But denial is a powerful force! For several years, the leadership of Lee Christian Girls High School (LCGHS) remained smugly convinced that illegal drugs could never be a problem for them, even though drugs were common in the town's public schools.

After all, LCGHS students come only from Christian families. No troublemakers are allowed. Besides, everybody knows that drugs are mostly a problem with male students. Lee's students were all female, and all raised with the highest Christian values. Nope, drugs could never be a problem at Lee!


What jolted LCGHS from its fool's paradise was the security company that provided canine “drug sweeps” for the local public school system. They offered to provide introductory drug sweeps to LCGHS to determine if their services were needed there. At first Principal Flannery refused, but the local Police Chief prevailed upon the school's Director to accept the company's offer.

Unannounced, the first drug sweep happened soon after. These sweeps were purposely kept low key. Two friendly ladies with lovable and nonthreatening Basset Hounds first directed their dogs to sniff cars in the parking lot, then sniffed all student lockers, and finally anywhere else student backpacks and clothing could be found. In short, the dogs sniffed everything. It was a game to the dogs, but they were highly efficient at sniffing out dope.

The first results horrified the Principal! The dogs found several stashes; one in a car, two others in lockers, plus trace amounts in several student backpacks. To the Principal's frustration, most of the apprehended girls claimed no knowledge of the marijuana found on them.

At an assembly, he granted amnesty to everyone who had been caught in that first surprise drug sweep, but hereafter promised severe punishment for anyone caught with illegal substances. He also had a plan to combat the “no knowledge” claims of caught students. He announced that the school board had instituted a “zero tolerance” policy for illegal substances. The policy required students to ensure that they didn't bring illegal substances onto the campus. Even accidental possession wouldn't be tolerated. “Clean out your lockers, your backpacks and your cars” he ordered, “Inspect them regularly and know what is in them, because you are now responsible! No more excuses! If you are caught with even the tiniest amount of illegal substance, you will automatically receive the school's maximum corporal punishment! Don't bother claiming ignorance.”

The school quickly inked a deal with the security contractor. Future drug sweeps would be random and unannounced; even the Principal wouldn't know in advance.

Suitably chastened by the discovery of drugs on his campus, Principal Flannery hoped that the new policy, along with the surprise sweeps, would eliminate this scourge from LCGHS. The reputation of the school was at stake! For the next two weeks, things stayed quiet. To the Principal, the students seemed impressed by the efficiency of that one drug sweep. The man allowed himself to hope that this incident was over and that he might return to his former feeling of security.

It wasn't to be. The nice ladies and their dogs returned after exactly fifteen days. This time the results were better, but hardly the perfection that Principal Flannery craved. Two girls were found with small amounts of marijuana. Neither were repeat offenders. The Principal fumed. Those girls would be made examples!

That very afternoon, Principal Flannery called a special assembly. On the stage with him were two very woebegone girls.

“I thought we had gotten the message across to all of you,” he thundered, “but apparently some of you still don't get it. We have zero tolerance in this school for any illegal substances. Everybody knew that, yet these two girls were caught today with marijuana cigarettes and lighters.”

He continued on for several more minutes, scolding the two cringing girls. And then came the dramatic peak of the assembly; “Dean Hopkins, please come forward.”

The school's Dean, Mr. Hopkins, stood and climbed to the stage.

“Dean Hopkins, take these two girls to your office. I have already spoken to their parents. They are to immediately receive our maximum corporal punishment. Miss Evans will accompany you to witness.”

Gravely, Mr. Hopkins nodded, and then motioned the two girls towards the stairs that he had just climbed. Miss Evans, the PE coach, stood and walked towards the central aisle. Just as the Principal had intended, they made a solemn “walk of shame” up that aisle where every student could see the stricken, tear-streaked faces of the two girls. Miss Evans led, followed by the two condemned girls. Grimly, Dean Hopkins brought up the rear.

Everybody watched silently as the four walked the length of the aisle, and out the double doors into the hallway. All knew that their next stop would be Mr. Hopkins office, where he would deliver two memorable bare-bottom spankings.


Long ago, the LCGHS board had decided that since the school stands “in loco parentis”, it should adopt the same punishments that parents use. A poll showed that most students were spanked “OTK” at home, mostly by hand. So the school adopted that procedure for corporal punishment.

Principal Flannery acted as the school's judge and jury, but not its executioner. Although he had no particular objections to corporal punishment, he never administered it himself, and was rarely there when it happened. That was the Dean's job.

The school's Dean, Mr. Hopkins, was the first point of contact for all school discipline. If he decided to recommend corporal punishment, rather than a lesser punishment, he sent the girl, along with her referral form, to the Principal. The Principal would interview the student and notify her parents. And then, assuming that corporal punishment was warranted, he returned the student back to Mr. Hopkins to make an appointment for her punishment. A clerk returned the referral form to Mr. Hopkins with punishment orders coded on it.

Normally the LCGS corporal punishment procedure took a couple of days from misbehavior to administration of punishment. But the case of those two particular girls was so important that it couldn't wait. Oddly, that rush worked to the girls' advantage, because they were spared an agonizing wait for their punishment!


So, on that memorable day, as the Principal stood on the stage and watched the two girls' “walk of shame” towards their punishment, he appeared calm. But in reality he was agitated, fearing that the drug situation in his school was beyond control. In a dramatic pause, he looked out at the assembled students. The man felt that he must close the assembly on a firm and memorable note. Usually Principal Flannery considered his words more carefully. But today anger, frustration, and desperation took hold of his tongue.

He thus spoke words that he hadn't totally considered: “As you all know, those girls are off to Mr. Hopkin's office to have their bare bottoms spanked. Everybody take that for a lesson! Also, look hard at this stage, because here is where the next person caught with drugs will be punished, with the entire student body watching! Remember! We have a zero tolerance policy for drugs. That means no excuses! Don't bring them on the campus, because we will find them, and you will be punished, quickly, severely, and publicly!”

“Any questions?” the man roared.

You could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium.

“In that case,” he purred, “dismissed! Return to your scheduled class.”

As the students left the room, the Principal heard snatches of conversation. The students buzzed about the bombshell he had just dropped. Some students were horrified, some indignant, but others opined this was precisely what the school needed!

The students left the auditorium, fanning out right and left into the hallway. Those that turned left passed Mr. Hopkins' office just in time to hear the beginning of the first spanking. The frightful sounds of a manly palm rhythmically striking tender feminine bottomflesh, accompanied by the girl's shrill cries, had the desired effect on the students.

Back in his office, the Principal quickly had regrets about his rash words. Surely he couldn't really give a girl a bare bottom spanking on the stage in front of the entire school! What had he been thinking? Within minutes, he was considering strategies to gracefully rescind his public punishment threat. After all, the school's corporal punishment policy was clear and detailed. It gave him no authority to authorize public corporal punishment.

The more Principal Flannery thought about it, the darker his mood became. He had totally overreacted. What to do?

And then the phone rang. It was a parent congratulating him on his “brave stand against drugs”. How had the news traveled so fast? Before Mr. Flannery could form a cogent response, the parent happily hung up, leaving him in shock. Then another call. It was Principal Flannery's boss, the school Superintendent. He braced himself, expecting to be castigated for exceeding his authority. Instead, the man praised him for his “leadership in this grave challenge to our school's reputation”.

He tried to backpedal, “Errr Mr. Nelson. Honestly, I'm rethinking my position on that. Perhaps you should also.”

“Mr. Flannery,” the Superintendent said reasonably, “Let's not be timid. This is a serious challenge to our school, so we must act bravely and decisively. Our parents could send their girls to public school, but they reject the permissiveness and lack of discipline there. So they pay good money to send their girls here. We cannot fail them!”

The Principal explained reasonably, “Yes Mr. Nelson, but have you truly pictured that scene? You wrote the school's procedure book, so you know that something as serious as drugs requires our maximum corporal punishment, which is a hard pants-off spanking. Do you really want that on a stage in front of the entire school body?”

“I don't really believe it will happen”, the man explained as if talking to a simpleton, “The threat of public punishment should end this drug nonsense. But as the old saying goes, 'you have to break eggs to make an omelet'. So the event would only enhance our no-nonsense reputation!”

Before hanging up, the Superintendent promised that the new policy would be ratified today, and must be quickly disseminated to students and parents. The policy would mandate the school's maximum corporal punishment to be publicly administered to any student who broke the school's “zero tolerance” illegal substance policy.

The Principal received more calls from parents, unanimous in their support of the new “crackdown”. After the tenth call, he laid his head down on his desk. He had set things into motion, but now events were beyond his control. Still, he must follow school policy. Like it or not, there would be public spankings at LCGHS, and it was his doing!


The next drug sweep gave everyone at LCGHS cause for optimism, because it came up clean. The dogs seemed slightly discouraged as they left the campus without earning any special rewards for finding drugs. The school breathed a collective sigh of relief, especially Principal Flannery.

Life at LCGHS returned to normal. At least, it did until the next drug sweep a few weeks later.

It started out as a normal day for Maryanne Rivers. She was in her second period class when the Principal's clerk poked her head in the door to summon her.

“Bring your backpack and purse”, the lady instructed, “They need to check them.”

Puzzled why anybody needed to “check” her things, Maryanne quickly obeyed.

Even after considering the possibilities, Maryanne wasn't terribly nervous. Her conscience was clear. Had she known about the drug sweep, she still wouldn't have been concerned because she never touched drugs, and avoided those who did.

She expected to be taken to the Principal's office, but was confused to find herself being led out to the parking lot. There she found two dogs and a gaggle of people, including a red-faced Principal Flannery, all looking suspiciously at her car.
Maryanne, a senior at LCGHS, was among the few students privileged to park on campus. There were only fifty student parking spots, allotted by merit to mostly seniors. Like most students, Maryanne drove her family’s “second car”. So she shared it with family, including the increasing demands of her younger brother, a new driver.

So Maryanne was confused at the Principal's demand to unlock her car. She obeyed, and then stepped back as the dogs and their handlers converged. It took the excited dogs only seconds to locate a plastic bag under the driver's seat apparently containing marijuana. The handlers rewarded the dogs. That done, the drug team zeroed in on Maryanne, having the dogs sniff her clothing, backpack, and locker. Excepting for that lone bag, nothing was found, not on Maryanne, nor the entire campus.

All too soon, Maryanne found herself in the Principal's office, tearfully (and truthfully) insisting that she knew nothing about that bag or its contents. For once, this particular student's protestations rang true to the Principal. But what to do? The illegal substance had been found in Maryanne's car. So therefore the school's “Zero Tolerance” policy made her the guilty party.

Principal Flannery contacted Maryanne's parents, who were justifiably sure that their daughter would never use drugs. A search of her room turned up nothing, not so much as a match or cigarette lighter. But on a hunch they checked her brother's room. There they found cigarette papers, lighters, and suspicious odors on his jacket. They quickly established that Maryanne's brother was the guilty party. They pulled him from school to confront him. On discovering the trouble he had caused his sister, he quickly confessed.


So Principal Flannery now had a clearly innocent party on his hands, who unfortunately remained in big trouble!

That afternoon, the Principal met with Maryanne, her parents, and Dean Hopkins. He explained the “bureaucratic box” in which Maryanne was caught. First, thanks to the school's “Zero Tolerance” drug policy, Maryanne was clearly guilty of bringing illegal substances onto the campus, since she was responsible for everything in her car. Furthermore, although her brother was clearly the guilty party, Maryanne could have found the stash had she only bothered to look, since it wasn't cleverly hidden. That new policy required students to regularly check their backpacks, purses, lockers and automobiles, but Maryanne hadn't obeyed.

Further, due to the newest policy, the automatic penalty for bringing drugs on the campus was the school's maximum corporal punishment, applied in front of the entire student body! Therefore, the Principal reluctantly presented Maryanne's parents with a terrible choice: Withdraw Maryanne from the school, or allow her to be punished as per school policy.

Maryanne sobbed quietly, but agreed with her parent's ultimate decision that she must accept punishment. The alternative was simply too ruinous. She was already accepted at a prestigious college, but withdrawing would mean no diploma and no college, plus a terrible blot on her record. So a deal was struck. Maryanne would accept the punishment, but with nothing on her permanent record. So her bottom would suffer, but her future would be safe.

Further, the Principal agreed that so long as Maryanne cooperated, her punishment would be carried out with the maximum dignity and the least humiliation possible. Beyond that though, she would receive a full measure of punishment.

So it was agreed. Early tomorrow morning Maryanne would report to Dean Hopkins. The Dean would prepare Maryanne for punishment. A special assembly would be called. There, Dean Hopkins would spank Maryanne in front of the entire student body. He would spank her bare, and spank her hard!

Reluctantly, the Principal opened a desk drawer and withdrew a special red pen. On Maryanne's referral slip he wrote his official decision. He scrawled a simple code that represented the school's most serious corporal punishment, “CP2X”. The “2” stood for “bare bottom”, the “X” stood for “extra”. For the first time ever, he added the word “public” after the code. As always, he circled his entry in red and then initialed it.

With a heavy sigh, he handed the completed form to the Dean, sealing Maryanne's fate. After a few more quiet words and handshakes all around, he adjured the meeting. Her parents left, but Maryanne still had classes to attend.


Obviously, the rest of the school day was a miserable blurry disaster for Maryanne. By the last class period, she felt like she didn't have another tear left in her body. Her classmates knew she was in trouble, but they didn't yet know about tomorrow morning. She hadn't even told her best friend. It was actually a relief for her to go home to her family, although she expected some sort of unpleasantness there. Doubtless her brother Daniel was in trouble, but what about her?

She found her parents ambivalent about her coming punishment, and her brother hugely apologetic about his role in causing it. Maryanne's parents agreed that she should have checked the car, so therefore she couldn't claim total innocence. However, even though their family had a rigid “spanked at school, spanked at home” rule, they waived it this time. She breathed a small sigh of relief.

Of course Daniel was in big trouble! The parents called everyone into the living room for a long discussion about illegal drugs and their dangers. Daniel claimed to have never before dabbled in drugs, and promised never to do it again. He loved his sister and was terribly sorry that he had inadvertently caused her such trouble. In the end, the parents revoked Daniel's driving privileges and ordered him to “Prepare for the belt”.

Normally all corporal punishment in the Rivers family happened privately. So naturally the chastened boy asked, “Should I go to my room?”

Mother looked him straight in the eye, “Not this time. Hand me your belt, and then prepare yourself right here in the living room.”

Most punishments in this home were simple bare bottom hand spankings. But belt whippings were a rare option, reserved for the most serious incidents. Such as today! While spankings were given with lowered pants and undies, a whipping was given nude, or nearly so.

Obviously, this was a dramatic change in the family’s punishment procedure! He easily guessed why he was about to be punished in front of his older sister, but Daniel couldn't help looking pointedly at Maryanne and asking plaintively, “Errr, pants off? Right now?”

Father answered, his voice firm but reasonable, “Yes Daniel! Maryanne can't receive her punishment privately, so you shouldn't either.”

Accepting the answer, the boy sadly nodded and then reached for his belt. Tension showed on Maryanne's face. She was afraid that angering her parents might make things worse for Daniel. But she spoke anyhow, “Dad, Mom, may I be excused?”

Rather than show anger, her father's face actually relaxed from it's former grim expression. He stood to hug Maryanne. “Speaking up like that shows your love for your brother. But no, you must stay. There is a special reason why you should witness your brother's punishment. We will explain later. We understand your feelings, but Daniel has earned his punishment so it's only fair that he receive it.”

Unwillingly, Maryanne sat. She tried not to watch as her brother handed his belt to his mother, removed his shoes and t-shirt, and then dropped his pants. Last of all, after a nervous look at his sister, he lowered his underpants and then stepped out of them.

Totally shamed, he stood naked before his family.

Maryanne was nearly eighteen years old. Even in the 80's, girls didn't achieve that age without somehow learning what a penis looks like. Maryanne had seen baby boys, and had viewed pictures depicting adult male anatomy. Once she had even shyly felt a boyfriend's erection through his pants. But this view of her sixteen year-old brother was her first actual sighting of a (nearly) adult penis. She didn't want to stare, yet couldn't look away.

Both siblings were relieved when father patted his lap and spoke, “I'll warm you up Daniel. Your mother will do the rest.”

Rather quickly, Daniel put himself across his father's lap. He dreaded this spanking, but at least his father's lap temporally obscured his frontal nudity.

Maryanne had suffered through many spankings whilst growing up, but had never before watched one. She unwittingly held her breath as the watched the corporal drama before her eyes. Father started out rather strongly, briskly landing several hard swats to Daniel's firm male bottom. She watched, fascinated at the rapid color change. His bottom bounced, his flesh rippled, but at first Daniel's only reaction was a modest squirm and toe-pointing.

Maryanne didn't realize it, but Daniel was holding out to the best of his ability, holding out to delay crying in front of his sister. So the start of that spanking became a contest, the boy desperate to take his punishment silently, but father determined otherwise.

And then the dam finally burst. With his buttocks and thighs red from his father's diligent corporal attentions, Daniel first sobbed, and then openly bawled. As Daniel became emotional, so did his sister, shedding tears for her brother.

The spanking continued apace. Daniel's legs became mobile, giving his sister new views of his male apparatus. He became louder, although not quite incoherent. He shouted apologies to everyone in the room and openly begged for his spanking to end.

And finally it did. Father suddenly stopped spanking, but held Daniel down until the boy had regained some control over his faculties.

Finally he let him up, but restrained his hands to keep him from reaching back. Daniel jounced and blubbered, but finally Father gained his attention. “Go apologize to your mother for using drugs, and then ask her to finish your punishment.”

As Daniel walked to his waiting mother, Maryanne noticed that his penis was smaller than before. She guessed that it must have been at half-mast previously, so this was the deflated version.

Daniel stood in front of his mother and blubbered out something barely intelligible, which she accepted as the required apology and request for punishment. Holding the belt, she led him to an empty easy chair, and guided him into position across one wide arm. He buried his face in the cushion.

“You get eight on each side and then it's over. That's assuming that you cooperate.” mother announced.

And then she doubled up the belt, and let fly to the center of Daniel's bottom. Daniel howled and flinched mightily. The fight had already been spanked out of him, so he mostly stayed in place for the next seven swats. The last two of those were to the backs of his thighs, drawing screams.

Maryanne cried openly as she watched her brother absorb his punishment.

Mother switched sides, and then applied the last eight strokes with nearly the same results. These she delivered left handed, so they were less hard and less accurate than the first eight. But it's unlikely Daniel noticed the difference.

His punishment over, Mother helped the bawling boy up and gave him a long hug. She released Daniel to dance and rub to his heart's content.

Maryanne tagged along as her parents took the sobbing boy to his bedroom for aftercare. They laid him face down on his bed. Mother produced a tube of cream, and proceeded to gently apply it to Daniel's livid buttocks and thighs. It seemed to work; the boy sighed and gradually relaxed.

When she finished, she handed the tube to Maryanne, “Put this in your purse. You'll want it tomorrow.”

The girl didn't like being reminded of tomorrow's spanking, but still appreciated the gesture.

Everybody kissed Daniel, and then Mother pulled a single sheet over the still-naked boy. They turned out the lights and left him for the night. He would shed a few more tears into his pillow, but then quickly drift off.


Then Maryanne's parents took her back down to the living room.

Father spoke gently, “I know you wonder why you had to watch Daniel's punishment. I could tell by your tears that you weren't happy to see him punished, even though he was instrumental in getting you into trouble.”

“That's true”, Maryanne agreed, “I always thought it would be satisfying to watch someone get their just deserts like that, but I just found it sad.”

“I wanted you to have that experience so that you can think about how your classmates will feel when they are required to watch your punishment tomorrow. I can't speak for all of them, but I can tell you that most of them would rather not be there. Some may enjoy it, and some jerks might tease you afterwards, but the majority will treat you well. By next week your punishment will be old news and your life will return to normal”

“Maryanne teared up, “Thanks Dad. I didn't think there was anything you could say that would help, but now I see that this isn't the end of the world.

Both parents hugged their daughter, and then allowed her to escape to the sanctuary of her room for the evening.


Naturally, Maryanne didn't feel like sleeping. A diligent student, she used the time to work ahead on her homework, guessing that she wouldn't accomplish much tomorrow. Tomorrow promised to be a terrible day. She dreaded it, but at the same time longed for its arrival so her ordeal could be over.

It was after midnight before she finally managed fitful sleep.

(Thanks to Julie for editing assistance on this story.)

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