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Detention with Corporal Punishment Part 3

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Detention with Corporal Punishment: Part 3

Ed, a student at Edison Junior High, was a boy who seldom caused trouble, but was now enduring that confusing time of his sexual awakening.  His parents had found enough soiled bed linens and underpants to know the score, so Ed’s father had the traditional “talk” with him about sex and the changes he was seeing and feeling.  In these pre-Internet days, save for that one talk and the dubious wisdom from his peers, Ed really had no sex information available to him.  So mostly, he had to figure things out for himself.

Although normally an easy-going boy, certain things began to weigh on Ed’s mind.  One was his parent’s idea of discipline.  Most of Ed’s friends were spanked, but Ed’s parents favored other punishments, usually grounding.  Ed listened to his friend’s spanking stories, and actually envied them.  Being spanked seemed simpler than grounding, and being able to brag about bravely “taking” a spanking seemed manly to him.  So being spanked seemed “macho” to Ed, not childish.

It’s normal for a teen boy to privately fantasize, but Ed found himself with two recurring fantasies.  The first was about being spanked, but the other involved a sexual infatuation with Miss Sara Russell, his school’s Guidance Counselor and acting Dean.  Miss Russell was also his school’s youngest and “hottest” female staff member.    Since Miss Russell was also the school’s sole designated spanker, Ed’s two fantasies inevitably merged together.

Typical for boys his age, Ed found himself masturbating regularly.  Ed’s masturbatory fantasies often featured Miss Russell spanking his bare bottom. From there, it was a tiny mental jump from dreaming about it, to making it really happen.

There were several ways to earn a spanking at Ed’s school, but Ed’s goal was to pick one that wouldn’t affect his permanent record, and would earn him only the minimum spanking.  Ed focused his attention on the school’s “Three Strikes” rule.  The rule was simple; violating any rule three times in the same semester earned you a “red slip”, which sentenced you to detention combined with a serious spanking.  Ed’s plan was simple and safe; simply to accumulate three unexcused tardies within one semester.       

The first tardy was the very next day.  Every school day started with a 15- minute “home room” period.  Any student late enough to entirely miss home room had to report to the school office for an admission slip.  If the student had no excuse for being tardy, the school clerk also issued the student a yellow detention slip.  Ed simply waited at home until his mother literally kicked him out of the house, and then dawdled on the way to school until he was sure to miss home room period.  The plan worked, Ed was awarded with his very first “yellow slip”.      

As required, Ed dutifully took his “yellow slip” home for his parents to sign.  His parents lectured him, signed the slip and Ed served his detention the next day after school.

Two weeks later, Ed screwed up his courage and was tardy again.  This time, he got his parent’s attention.  They gave him a stern scolding and grounded him for a week before signing the slip.  Again, Ed reported for detention the next day after school.  This time he saw Miss Russell escort a girl out of the room.  30 minutes later, the two returned.  The girl was red-faced, puffy-eyed, and obviously recently spanked.  With a swelling in his groin, Ed clenched his butt cheeks and imagined being spanked by Miss Russell.       

Ed waited a full three weeks before doing it again.  His heart pounding fiercely, he reported to the school clerk.  She checked her records in disbelief, “tut-tutted” a bit, and then issued Ed his “red slip” with instructions to get it signed and to report for detention tomorrow after school.  Ed had finally earned his spanking.  Tomorrow Ed had a “date” with Miss Russell, an appointment for a spanking.   


When Ed got home from school that afternoon, he was surprised that his mother already knew about his “red slip”.  What Ed didn’t know, was that the Principal himself had called his mother.  They had had a long talk about discipline in general, and the recent changes in Ed’s behavior in particular.  Had he known that his mother had totally changed her mind about corporal punishment, and had phoned his father, Ed would truly have been alarmed.

“Go up to your room and start your homework” she said sternly “Stay there until we call you for supper”.

Later, Ed heard his father arrive from work, but he dutifully stayed in his room and concentrated on schoolwork.

Finally, they called him down for supper.  Supper was a quiet affair.  Nothing was said about Ed’s “red slip” until after desert.  Finally, Ed’s father asked him how much more schoolwork he had to do.  “About an hour sir” Ed replied.

“In that case, I want you in the living room at eight so we can deal with your misbehavior.  Have your school stuff finished and packed up.  I want you showered, in your pajamas, and all ready for bed.” 

“Yes sir” Ed replied, and quickly disappeared into his room.  Ed didn’t think his father’s orders terribly alarming.  When grounded, he was required to wear his PJ’s in the home as a reminder, so Ed took this to mean that he was grounded again.

At the appointed time, Ed came downstairs for his “talk” with his parents.  He expected a scolding followed by announcement of a long grounding.  He only had a small fear that his parents would forbid his school spanking, which would result in some alternative punishment; probably suspension.  As it turned out, he had no reason to worry.

He found his parents in the living room, the shades drawn.  He didn’t notice at first, but a bottle of aloe lotion was sitting on a table.  On the same table was the “red slip”.  He could see that his parents had written something on it.

His father started out reasonably enough by asking him what happened to make him tardy so many times.  All Ed could manage was red-faced incoherent mumbling combined with vague apologies.  Things went downhill from there.  Ed endured a scolding, while waiting for the inevitable punishment announcement.  Father finished by reminding Ed that he had been warned after his first tardy, and been grounded after his second tardy.  “And now” he concluded, “we need another plan, since those two things didn’t work”.

At that, Ed’s father lapsed into a glum silence, leaving Ed suffering through a long, awkward pause.  Finally, Father surprised Ed by giving him a long hug.  Ed wasn’t the most observant boy, but he noticed that his father’s heart was beating furiously.  It was then, that a suspicion started to form in the boy’s mind…

“Go give your mother a hug son, then we will get down to business.”

Puzzled, Ed obeyed.  He hugged his mother and apologized for getting into trouble at school.  “We need to be sure that you really are sorry Ed,” his mother replied, “so take off those pajama bottoms for me.”

Ed looked at his mother as if she had suddenly sprouted an extra head! His mouth opened, but no sound came out.  He stood there, frozen before finally squawking “W…w…whaaaat?”  Father answered, “You heard your mother.  Drop those PJ bottoms and hand them over.  You’re done with them for tonight.”

“But…but” Ed stammered, “I’m not wearing any underpants.” 

“Great,” Mother said soothingly, “then they won’t have to come off.  Don’t worry; we’ve seen your body before.”

With his head spinning, his mouth dry, and his heart pumping furiously, Ed reluctantly obeyed, pushing down his PJ bottoms, stepping out, and then placing them in his mother’s outstretched hand.  She folded them neatly and placed them next to the lotion. 

Although it’s true that Ed’s parents had seen every part of his body innumerable times, it’s also true that there were certain parts they hadn’t seen lately.  When Mother saw the developments at Ed’s groin, she pictured the stained linens that had become a regular event, and recalled the principal’s parting words; “Your little boy is gone.  He’s been replaced by a young man with very different needs and motivations.  You may need to change how you discipline him, or you risk losing control.”  

Even in his befuddled condition, Ed was smart enough to figure out what was coming next.  He looked at his father, who pointed to the floor next to his right thigh.  Eyes wide, mouth dry, Ed obediently walked towards his fate.

“I’m…I’m supposed to get spanked tomorrow…” Ed stuttered nervously.

“We know”, Father said firmly, “But that’s at school.  Tonight it’s our turn.”

 “But” Ed objected with perfect logic, “You’ll make my bottom sore for tomorrow’s spanking.”

“You should have thought of that sooner.” Father said.  In a softer voice he explained; “We hoped to raise you without spanking you even once.  Always before, logic and non-spanking punishments worked with you.  But suddenly something’s changed so we’re forced to change too.  Other things didn’t work, so I’ll try to make this spanking painful and embarrassing enough to do the job.”

With real regret he said “Sorry son” as he guided the boy into position across his lap.

For the first time in several years, the father contemplated his son’s bare bottom.  Like many young teens, Ed was slim with coltishly long legs.  The only part of his body that seemed to retain baby fat was his buttocks.  Ed’s pure white bottom contrasted with his tanned body, making his bottom seem to blossom out.  In short, Ed had a surprisingly spankable bottom for a teenage boy. 

The father was new to spanking, but the process was hardly a mystery to him.  He had been spanked regularly as a child, and had witnessed several spankings, so he was confident that he could deliver a credible punishment. 

Ed’s head spun with a million emotions and fears.  Naturally, he was embarrassed to be waist-down naked in front of his parents, and across his father’s lap.  On the other hand, he was curious about what a spanking was really like.  And there was the fear...  Naturally, Ed was afraid of the pain, but he was more afraid of disgracing himself by acting like a baby.

The father patted and squeezed the unfamiliar territory of his son’s buttocks, taking their measure, feeling their resiliency.  He was trying to “calibrate” how much strength to put into the first spanks.

The spanking started.  The first dozen spanks were overly-tentative, and caused little reaction from Ed.  The father “recalibrated” himself, and tried again, harder this time.

After those first few spanks, Ed began to relax.  “I can take this” he thought.  But that didn’t last long.  The next salvo of spanks finally lit a bit of fire in Ed’s tush.  In spite of himself, he squirmed and grunted a bit.  Father noted Ed’s reaction and “recalibrated” his swing again, delivering ever harder spanks.  Gradually Ed’s bottom became a study in motion, with his globes flattening and jiggling from the spanks and his hips moving in every possible direction in a futile effort to move his quickly-reddening bottom away from his father’s punishing hand.  Then his legs started moving as if they had a mind of their own, kicking, spreading, bicycling, and digging his toes into the carpet.

His confidence quickly growing, Father tightened his grip on his son.  Stealing a trick from his own father, he trapped both of Ed’s legs under one of his own before doggedly resuming his fatherly duty.  Totally restrained and enduring this new flurry of spanks, Ed finally “lost it”.  Before he knew what had happened, he was bawling, screeching, begging, and making improbable promises of eternal obedience. 

Now feeling fully in control of the situation, father continued spreading spanks over the target area until he felt his son relax just a bit.  At the same time, he noted a change in his cries.  Somehow, he knew that Ed had finally surrendered himself to his punishment. 

Finally, Father sensed that it was time to end the spanking.  Keeping the crying boy firmly pinned, he stopped and inspected his work closely.  He looked up at his wife with a question on his face.  With teary eyes, Mother gave him a silent “thumbs up”.   

“Are we getting through to you Ed?” he asked.  The boy choked and fervently nodded his head.  “OK then” the father replied, “Just a few more hard spanks on your sit spots and we will be done.” 

Ed bawled “Noooooo.”

Alternating sides, Father landed four scorching spanks on each sit spot.  Ed howled anew.

Moments later, Ed was back on his feet.  His hands flew back to his bottom, but rubbing only made things worse.  Ed’s face dripped fresh tears as he tried to dance away the sting.

Partially to comfort his son, and partly to stop the embarrassing penis-wagging dance, Father stood and hugged the sobbing boy, inviting him to “cry it out” on his shoulder.  It took several minutes to calm him and dry his eyes.  The boy’s eyes widened when Father ordered him across his mother’s lap.  “She’s just going to put lotion on your bottom.” the father promised, “We’re done spanking for today.”

As Mother applied lotion to Ed’s livid bottom, the boy dripped his last few tears.  Finally she helped him back on his feet and gave him a long hug and a kiss.  

In a businesslike tone of voice, Father informed the boy that they still had “business”.  Ed nodded soberly, knowing that his punishment was far from over.  “First” Father said, we haven’t yet decided if you will be grounded.  That decision depends on your attitude over the next couple of days.”

“I’ll be good Dad.” The boy promised soberly.     

“Next,” Father continued, “there’s this ‘red slip’.  He handed the form to Ed.  “Read what we wrote on it where our signature is supposed to go.”

Wiping one rogue tear from his eye, the boy read out loud “Please see attached note.”  “We haven’t written that note yet.” Father explained, “But we know what it’ll say.  We’ll dictate it, but you get to write it.”

With that, they led the boy to the kitchen, where he found a pen and paper waiting on the kitchen table.  They pointed him to a chair.  With his tender and still-bare bottom planted on a hard dinette chair, the parents handed the boy the pen.  “Use your best handwriting” Father commanded, “We want Miss Russell to be able to read every word.”  Then he started dictating.  With increasing horror, Ed had no choice but to write down every damning word.  It felt like writing his own death warrant…

Dear Miss Russell:
We are sorry for the trouble that Ed has caused. We’ve tried to get him to tell us why he has been tardy so many times, but to no avail. He has plenty of time in the morning, and only a short walk to school.  We must conclude that Ed got himself into trouble purposely.

When you see his bare bottom, you might notice that we have already spanked him.  No doubt, that tender bottom will make the spanking you give him more painful for him.  But please don’t reduce his punishment.  On the contrary, we feel that Ed’s wanton disregard of school rules merits a maximum punishment.  We suggest the paddle.  If you leave marks on his bottom, that will be OK.             

Please tell us immediately if you have any more issues with Ed.

Thank you;

Father picked up the completed letter and read every word before signing it.  He handed it to Mother, who also signed it.  She stapled the form and letter together, and then sealed them in an envelope with Miss Russell’s name on the outside.

Writing the letter forced Ed’s thoughts to tomorrow’s “date” with Miss Russell; suddenly it didn’t seem like such a great idea!  How could he have been boneheaded enough to want a spanking?  Despite his fantasies about getting spanked, he had found nothing sexy or manly about the reality of being spanked by his father.  Unlike his friends who bragged they could “take it”, Ed felt completely disgraced.  He had cried like a baby! What would Miss Russell think if he acted that way tomorrow?

The parents escorted the still bare-bottomed boy to his bedroom and tenderly put him to bed.  They left him face-down, with a single sheet over his still-livid bottom.

Alone in the dark, Ed soon felt a familiar tingle in his groin.  He reached down to manipulate the growing hardness.  Somehow his burning bottom made his self-stimulation feel far more intense than ever before.  Suddenly the fantasy was back, and (in his mind) so was Miss. Russell!  Lying bare-bottomed across her silken thighs seemed like a wonderful dream!  Suddenly, though very temporarily, tomorrow’s “date” seemed like a good idea again. 

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Detention with Corporal Punishment, Part 4

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Detention with Corporal Punishment; Part 4

“Tap tap tap” Miss Sara Russell’s shoes tapped purposely as she led Ed, the holder of today’s only “red slip”, down the hall to her office to receive his spanking.  She made light small talk as they walked.  Sara held the boy’s elbow with a gentle, almost accidental, touch; but the hold was no accident.  At Ed’s slightest balk, her grip would turn to iron.    

It was highly unlikely that Ed would balk.  Sure, he was anxious about his imminent spanking, but his young mind was totally intoxicated by his nearness to Miss Russell.  Shortly after detention had started, Miss Russell appeared next to his desk.  Even though her perfume was faint, it seemed to overwhelm him.  She had to tap him on the shoulder twice before he finally stood.  Everyone in the detention room smirked when he clumsily dropped his books and dropped to retrieve them.  The students looked at each other knowingly as she led him out. 

It would be Ed’s second spanking in 24 hours, and only the second spanking of his life.


The day hadn’t started out well for Ed.  Worn out from his spanking last night, and depleted from his solitary bedtime activities, he had overslept.  His mother woke him 15 minutes after his usual time.  So he had to rush, which meant no time to manually relieve the pressure already gathering in his groin.  To his consternation, his mother insisted on walking him to school to ensure that Ed and the envelope made it to school on time.

At the school entrance his face blushed crimson as his mother insisted on a hug and kiss. Leaving, she told him, “Take your punishment like a man, and learn from it.” 

The day’s classes went by in a blur.  Later, he couldn’t even remember his lunch.  Finally school was over, and Ed was in the detention room handing the envelope to Miss. Russell.  She took it without comment, pointing him to a desk.  For a few minutes she busied herself gathering the signed slips and organizing the other students. 

Finally, Ed saw her open the envelope and read the note.  Her eyebrows popped up in surprise.  She looked around to find Ed, and caught his eyes.  Ed felt trapped in her gaze.  He felt trapped in another way too.  He had grown an erection that was there to stay.  

Miss. Russell escorted Ed into her office and sat him down.  She came straight to the point. “You’re here to be spanked because you have accumulated three unexcused tardies this semester.  Can you please explain how that happened?”

Of course, Ed couldn’t tell Miss Russell that he had done it purposely to be alone with her, and to lie across her thighs, and so she would spank his bare bottom.  As a result, all Sara heard was the same incoherent drivel and vague apologies that he had given his parents the night before.

“That’s not helpful.” Sara said.  “Do you know what’s in this letter”?

“Yes” Ed replied, “They made me write it.” 

Sara smiled thinly in appreciation of the parent’s methods.  “Well I agree with your parents, you seem to have been tardy on purpose.”  Again, Ed couldn’t help his case.  He could hardly admit that he fantasized about her spanking him. 

Changing the subject slightly, Sara asked Ed if his bottom was sore from last night’s spanking.  “It’s still a little tender” Ed replied honestly, “But now it doesn’t hurt much to sit down.”

“That means you have no serious bruising and we can proceed with today’s punishment” Sara explained briskly.  “My job is to apply the punishment ordered by the Principal.  I can’t reduce it just because your parents chose to spank you first.”

Although struggling to follow his talk with Miss Russell, Ed’s mind was clogged with notions only a teenage boy could truly understand.  It awed Ed that he and Miss Russell were technically capable of making a baby together.  Of course, that coupling was not only improbable, but professionally, legally, and socially impossible!  But for Ed it was an intriguing thought.  Also, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Miss Russell’s thighs.  Finally! He would touch them!  Even if it did involve getting spanked! 

Moving the conversation along, Sara instructed Ed how to prepare for punishment; “You will go in my washroom, use the toilet if necessary, and then remove your shoes, pants, and underpants.  Finally wrap a towel around your waist so that it opens in back.  I expect you out in three minutes!”

With butterflies in his gut, Ed got up and walked to Miss. Russell’s little washroom.  He tried to casually hide his erection, which had remained locked in place since it popped up in the detention room, but that didn’t fool Sara.  Ed’s parents may have been stumped, but Sara correctly guessed Ed’s motivation for getting himself into trouble.  It was her!  Now what should she do about it?

Sara laid the two copies of the “red slip” in front of her.  The Principal’s copy was signed and noted “#1”, specifying a “normal” hand spanking.  A “#1” spanking was usual for a “three strikes” offense, so no surprise there.  However, in Ed’s case, that didn’t square with the purposeful nature of Ed’s offenses or with the wishes of his parents.  Something would have to be done.

In the washroom, Ed prepared himself.  He kicked off his shoes, dropped his pants, and then doffed his underpants (while carefully pulling them out in front to accommodate his erection).  The erection was a tremendous embarrassment.  He knew how to make it disappear, but there wasn’t time for that.  Fortunately he didn’t need to pee, since that would be difficult in his condition.  Ed wrapped a towel around him as instructed.  The starched material prickled against his penis.  He took a deep breath and opened the door.

Sara looked up at Ed.  The bulge in the towel was painfully obvious, but she pretended to ignore it.  “The Principal should see this letter.” She explained, “Face that corner and don’t move while I’m gone.”    


The Principal’s office was just next door.  She found him at his desk buried in paperwork.  She handed him the note, he read silently:

Dear Mrs. Russell:
We are sorry for the trouble that Ed has caused. We’ve tried to get him to tell us why he has been tardy so many times, but to no avail. He has plenty of time in the morning, and only a short walk to school.  We must conclude that Ed got himself into trouble purposely.

When you see his bottom, you might notice that we have already spanked him.  No doubt, that tender bottom will make the spanking you give him more painful for him, but please don’t reduce his punishment.  On the contrary, we feel that Ed’s wanton disregard of school rules merits a maximum punishment.  We suggest the paddle.  If you leave marks on his bottom, that will be OK.             

Please tell us immediately if you have any more issues with Ed.

Thank you;
Richard Mercer
Barbara Mercer

“Well”, the Principal said, “The School Clerk noticed that Ed didn’t seem to be hurrying or flustered, so she also thought he did it purposely.  But with no other information and Ed’s perfect record, I gave him the minimum.  But if you think different…”

“It’s more than that” Sara explained carefully, “He’s ahhh … errrr.”  Her face colored.  “Do you mean ‘turgid’?”  The Principal asked.  “Yes, yes that’s a good word.” Sara said with relief.  “It appears that Ed has gone to lots of trouble to earn a spanking.  I think his hormones are leading him into trouble.”

“We’ve seen this before,” the Principal said, “and we can handle it.  “Give me my copy of the “red slip.”  Sara handed it over.  The Principal erased the “#1”, wrote “#3” in its place, then initialed the change.  “We don’t want this problem again” he said, handing the form back to Sara, “So start that spanking with a ‘bang’ so he doesn’t get a moment’s pleasure.”  Now it was official!  Ed would get the paddle, the school’s maximum corporal punishment.


Back in Sara’s office, Ed was bummed.  He had planned on receiving only one spanking; and that only a minimum one.  He had already been spanked by his parents, plus Miss Russell was apparently talking the Principal into a more serious spanking than he had bargained for.  Worse, Ed had dreamed of having private time with Miss Russell, but now he was in this corner all alone!  The door opened and Miss Russell strode back in. 

“Let’s get this over with.” She said briskly.  “You seemed to want this, but you’ll soon change your mind.  Significantly, she opened a drawer and extracted a paddle.  Ed’s eyes got large.  “Yes Ed,” She explained, “You did this purposely, so you get the maximum; a hard, thorough hand spanking, and then the paddle.”   To his horror, Ed felt tears coursing down his cheeks.

Sara saw the boy’s consternation and softened a bit.  “Don’t worry” she said, “Everybody reacts differently.  ‘Taking your punishment like a man’ doesn’t mean not crying, it means taking responsibility for your misbehavior and cooperating with your punishment.  I think you’ll do just fine.  Besides, my office is soundproofed.  Nobody will hear except me, and I won’t tell.”

 Sara moved a chair to the middle of the room, sat down, and placed the paddle behind her.  She looked Ed straight in the eyes.  “Make all the noise you want” she instructed, “but for your own good, try to stay in position.  That way, we will get done sooner.  Understand?”  His brain in a protective fog, the boy nodded.

Though still pretending to not notice the boy’s erection, she nevertheless spread her legs as she guided the boy across her lap so it could dangle free.  She opened the towel, tucked the ends away, and raised his shirt tail.  This efficient process left Ed bare from above his beltline to the top of his socks.  As expected, Ed’s bottom was still pink from his father’s efforts, but only slightly marked.  It would look far different in just a few minutes.    

Sara adjusted Ed’s bottom to the perfect spot so she could deliver full-force smacks.  Finally she grasped Ed’s wrist, holding it at his waistline. “You are being spanked because you broke school rules.”  Sara said in a formal tone.  “Repeat that back for me.”  Ed croaked a response.  “Keep that in mind,” she warned, “I will be asking again.”

 “Ready?” Sara asked. 

Ed bleated something, which Sara took as OK to proceed.

Normally Sara started with “warm-up” spanks, but she wanted Ed to hate this spanking from the very beginning, so with machine-like regularity she rained full-strength spanks on Ed’s unprotected bottom.  Ed bellowed and bucked.  She had planned to deliver 20 scorchers to the meatiest part of Ed’s bottom, but at number 18, Ed nearly fell off her lap.  She stopped and ordered the bawling boy back into place.  The boy half-stood, and obediently put himself back into position.  With the towel no longer concealing anything, Sara could see that Ed’s erection was history.

With Ed back in position, Sara concentrated on his sit-spots and the virgin territory below.  Using her peculiar spanking technique, she allowed Ed to move, squirm, and twist as she spanked.  Each movement gave Sara new spanking opportunities.  A twist might expose a hip or outer thigh, scissoring or spreading his legs might bring opportunities in the tender inner thighs.  And so it went, with Ed bawling, begging, bellowing and making indescribable noises. 

Again, Ed again managed to get out of position.  As she readjusted his position, the towel, which was supposed to be trapped under him, slid off and fell unnoticed to the floor. 

Since she had been interrupted anyhow, Sara took the opportunity to order Ed to open his legs so she could spank his tender inner thighs.  This anatomical view made her uncomfortable, but spanked inner thighs were part of a #2 or #3 spanking.  Though not a favorite part of Sara’s job, she did this well and thoroughly, just as she did everything else. She could tell from Ed’s anguished reaction that this was an effective part of the punishment.            

Sara stopped to inspect her work.  It was good, but not perfect.  She “touched up” a couple spots with a few last spanks.  Now it was time for the paddle.

“OK Ed”, she said, “We’re half done. Remind me why you are being punished”

She had to repeat the question, but finally Ed choked, sniffed, and managed to croak the answer, “Because I broke school rules”. 

“Yes,” Sara responded, “Normally we would be done now, but you did this purposely, so now you get the paddle.”  She reached behind her for the paddle. 

The paddle was hairbrush-size, but thinner and lighter.  It was perfectly sized to sting like a bee, but not do damage.  Among the students, its reputation had grown.  Few students had actually seen it, so most thought it was a huge, fearsome thing.  Sara did nothing to clear up that misconception!  The few students who had actually felt it were held in special awe.  Right now, it was fame that Ed would gladly do without!

She raised the paddle, the room filled with a “popping” sound.  Ed’s bottom exploded in a new wave of pain.  When he finally filled his lungs, he let out an impressive screech, totally drowning out the sound of the paddle.  Holding Ed tight, Sara rapidly peppered his buttocks, turning them far redder than before.  She considered Ed’s buttocks “done” when they assumed a mottled look, indicating they were just short of bruising.  Then, she moved down to the “sit spots”.  She worked there nearly a full minute, leaving twin marks for Ed to feel whenever he sat for the next few days.  (The letter said “marks were OK”, so Sara obliged)  Sara finished with a fusillade of spanks to the back of Ed’s legs.  Ed unashamedly bawled like a baby.

Using her usual post-spanking technique, Sara restrained the wailing boy in place with a single hand to his upper back, but allowed him to rub his bottom.  She called this “COL”, short for “crying over lap” time.  At first the boy seemed inconsolable, and not coordinated enough to stand, so she knew her lap was the safest place. 

Then she noticed the missing towel.  Craning her neck, she finally located it under her chair, just beyond her reach.  Finally she got Ed to reach and hand it to her. 

She spread the towel across his bottom, and then urged the boy to his feet.  As he stood, she efficiently wrapped the towel around his waist to preserve his modesty.  Seeing the distraught and hurting boy, she had an almost irrestable urge to hug him, but suspecting his adolescent crush on her, she avoided anything he could mistake for affection.               

Holding his arm, she looked in his eyes. “Tell me why you just got spanked” she ordered. 

“B…b…because I purposely broke school rules” the boy managed.

“That’s right!” she said.  “Sitting will hurt for a few days.  When you feel that pain, remember why you were spanked; OK?”  The boy nodded.  “Will we ever need to do this again?” she asked. 

“No Ma’am” the boy said fervently.  “I never want to be spanked again!”

“Great.” She said, “Then we haven’t wasted a spanking.”  With that, she led the boy to the washroom, instructed him to dress himself, and closed the door behind him.

Inside, he dropped the towel and turned to view the impressive sight of his bottom in the mirror.  Then he gingerly pulled his underpants over his bottom, and shakily donned his pants.  Finally, he delicately sat on the toilet to don his shoes.

The boy emerged from the washroom.  Showing a bit of pity, Sara took him back in and washed the tears off of his face.  Judging her job to be done, she escorted him back to the detention room.

As they entered, the other students gave Ed looks that varied from amusement, to curiosity, to pity.  Seeing the disturbance, Sara said “Would anyone else like to visit my office?”  Simultaneously, every set of eyes snapped back down to their work.

The hard seat was torture on Ed’s bottom until Sara finally dismissed the detention session.  As everyone filed out of the room, Sara stopped Ed.  “I want to make sure you have a ride home,” she explained.  Outside, they found Ed’s parent’s car waiting.  She led him to the car. 

“I paddled Ed as you recommended,” Sara told Ed’s parents.  “He took his punishment like a man and has a good attitude.  We shouldn’t have any more trouble from him; …right Ed?” 

Ed nodded emphatically.    

The parents thanked Sara as Ed gingerly eased himself into the back seat.  She waved and they were gone.  Ed endured a short lecture on the way home, and then a final embarrassing pants-off session in the living room so mother could apply lotion to his bottom.  Finally, the incident seemed to be over.


That turned out to be Ed’s last spanking at school, though he earned a few more at home before his parents finally decided he was too old for such things.  As teen boys do, Ed quickly moved on from his childish crush on Sara.

Unlike his classmate Olivia, Ed’s prurient interest in spanking turned out to be merely a brief side trip in his life’s journey towards a destination of vanilla sexual maturity.  It’s possible that Sara actually “cured” Ed with that moderately severe spanking, but more likely he just wasn’t wired to be a spanko. 

We will never know for sure. 

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