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It Works Two Ways

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It Works Two Ways

The naked lady laying across her husband's lap was middle aged, but she was desirable in a way that only a woman her vintage can be. She took care of herself, remaining basically slim and toned. Still, the years had rounded her lines in a pleasing way, plus childbirth had spread her hips, arguably enhancing the lines of her bottom. To her husband, “straight arrow” Sam, the effect was forever arousing. In her present position, bottom-up over Sam's lap, you couldn't see that her belly was still remarkably flat and that her breasts remained firm, but that was the truth. In short, her years had only added to her sexiness, and to her spankability.

Married, and totally devoted to her husband for nearly thirty years, Ethyl certainly had the advantage of sexual experience, at least when it came to “doing it” with Sam. In bed, Sam and Ethyl played each other's bodies like first-chair musicians.

But today, Ethyl wasn't across Sam's lap for a mere “slap & tickle” session or for foreplay: No, she was there to be punished! Ethyl had been careless with their banking, resulting in bounced checks. She recognized her guilt and had been the first to suggest that she had earned a spanking.

Using only his hand as always, Sam commenced to deliver the expected punishment.

Ethyl's spanking progressed in the way that spankings do. Her bottom first showed overlapping red handprints, as she squirmed and gasped under his corporal attentions, and then he carefully and lovingly spread out his spanks until he achieved a uniform and quickly deepening blush across her entire nether region. By then, the lady was shedding real tears.
Ethyl knew that her husband would be aroused, he always was when he spanked her. As she bounced on his lap, she could feel the evidence of his arousal jabbing her in the lower abdomen.
Finally, Ethyl's spanking progressed to what Sam called the “loud part”. That was when he was firmly holding her as he delivered the last and the hardest spanks to her bouncing bottom, and her cries were loud, frantic and truly beyond her control. Some spankings were harder and longer than others, but Sam always knew when the lesson had been learned, and when to end the punishment. He always spanked her bottom red, but he was never severe with his cherished wife.


When Sam and Ethyl had been a young couple contemplating marriage, they had decided that theirs would be an “old fashioned” marriage. They both envisioned Sam as the head of their household, but not as a dictator. Instead, Sam and Ethyl would be nearly equal partners, except that Sam would have the “tiebreaker” vote if, after suitable discussion, they couldn't agree. That way they both would have input in big decisions, and each had a right to have his or her viewpoint heard and suitably considered by the other. It's just that Sam would have the final “say so” if they couldn't reach a mutual compromise. But as it turned out, Sam and Ethyl were such reasonable folks that there had never been a need for him to exercise that authority.

Both of them came from spanking families. In the early days of their relationship, (pre-Internet) they had come across a copy of Dorothy Spencer's “Spencer Spanking Plan”. They read it, and it seemed reasonable to them both. Yes, it called for either partner to punish the other, but Sam was such a “straight arrow” that he had little concern about his ability to follow reasonable household rules, and therefore no concern about actually being spanked. Besides, Sam was a few years older than Ethyl, and the more mature partner.

Anyhow, over the next three decades Sam occasionally spanked Ethyl, but the reverse never happened. Ethyl's spankings were infrequent, but she always agreed that those spankings were fair. Following the Spencer rules, Sam spanked only with his hand. There is no need for modesty in marriage, so Ethyl was always spanked nude, while Sam remained dressed to underline that this was punishment, not sex.

Sam would have liked to deny it, but part of him enjoyed performing this occasional corporal duty. Since evidence of his arousal was embarrassingly obvious, he and Ethyl had forthrightly discussed the issue. Even Ethyl admitted to her own spanking-related arousal, but it was different for her. Ethyl honestly dreaded her spankings and tried to avoid them, but her arousal always came post-spanking. Sitting in Sam's lap with a freshly-spanked bottom, luxuriating in his love, forgiveness and aftercare, she always became unusually passionate once her tears dried.

After spanking his wife, Sam would always be left internally seething with desire, but he would abstain from any advances until she had indulged in her post- spanking cry, her tears had dried and her bottom-sting had somewhat faded. After that, he could depend on Ethyl to make the first move.


Back at the spanking chair, Sam had finally spanking Ethyl.

Sam had spanked her still-firm bottom until she was crying those special cries that told him he should end the punishment. But then it took her several moments to realize that it was truly over. By then, Sam was rubbing her back and cooing softly into her ear. He held her on his lap until her crying slowed, paused to let her get over her hiccups, and then finally, tenderly, helped his darling up. As always, she climbed into his lap and embraced him to indulge in a final crying jag. As he held his stricken but quickly recovering wife, he struggled to tamp down his own arousal.

When she finally stopped crying they shared words of mutual forgiveness, and then the tension between them was gone.

She didn't always do this, but tonight it felt right; she slid off of his lap, knelt between his legs, opened his zipper, and fished out his rigid manhood. He gasped in delight as she gave it several wet kisses. Finally, impulsively, she twirled her tongue around it several times. He lifted himself from the chair, gasped, and then warned her to stop! As great as it would feel let her get him off, he had plans involving her and their bed. It wouldn’t be fair to either of them for him to lose his “mother load” prematurely.

So he led her into the bedroom, somehow undressing himself in the process. They flopped onto the bed, and neither gave foreplay a moment's thought, going straight to the “main event”. As typocal after one of Ethyl's spankings, their lovemaking was explosive.


There had been nothing particularly notable about Ethyl's spanking that evening. Her spankings weren't frequent, but over the last thirty years of their marriage there had been dozens. So this was neither the first time that her “straight arrow” husband had spanked her, nor was it destined to be the last. It had been a spanking that Ethyl had unquestionably earned, and one that Sam had lovingly and firmly delivered. These spankings secured the fabric and foundation of their marriage, so neither partner wished to end them.

“Straight arrow” was a defining characteristic of Sam's personality, encompassing both his personal life and his career. Because he never resorted to deception or trickery and was a man whose word was “like gold,” he did well in business. Sam's golden reputation propelled his climb up the ladder in his corporation. But it was a step up that ladder that triggered an incident that was to become a memorable milestone in Sam and Ethyl's marriage.


Sam's immediate superior was retiring, and Sam was selected to fill his shoes. At the office there had been the usual cake-cutting reception on the man's last day, but everyone agreed to meet at a bar after work for a more informal celebration of both that man's retirement and Sam's promotion. Usually “straight arrow” Sam (who never smoked and rarely drank), avoided these gatherings, but this one was partly in his honor, so he couldn't refuse. So after dutifully informing Ethyl that he would be home late, Sam met his co-workers at the bar.

Apparently the bartender misunderstood his drink order for a “very light” rum & Coke. Sam's inexperience with drinking, remarkable for his age, prevented him from detecting that his first drink was strong! He had intended for subsequent drinks to be alcohol-free, but several friends bought for the entire group, and that first drink had addled his mind.

Perhaps stupidly and irresponsibly, after a few drinks everyone else filtered from the bar, leaving Sam alone. To their defense though, Sam was quietly nursing his drink and not acting drunk. Being a “straight arrow” he didn't want to waste an expensive drink, so he quietly sat there until he had finished every drop. Only then did he make his unsteady way to his car.

He didn't remember the trip, but somehow he made it home.


Having been warned that Sam wasn't coming straight home, Ethyl made a stew to simmer until her man appeared. So she thought nothing of it when she heard his car in the drive and then heard him at the back door. He entered the kitchen, and at first Ethyl failed to recognize the stiff, careful walk of a dignified drunk. She kissed him, and was shocked by the rum fumes. His facade of normalcy cracked when the food smells twisted his gut. He pushed his wife aside and stumbled to the bathroom, barely making it to the toilet before retching into it. Only then did Ethyl realize that her “straight arrow” husband was dead drunk. Worse, he had obviously driven himself home!

The rest of the evening was a trial. Sam was sick, mostly with painful dry heaves. She couldn't share the bed with him because he complained that her movement made him seasick. She couldn't leave him alone, so she spent an uncomfortable night on a bedside chair.

The following morning he was hung over, but insisted on going to work. She fed him a breakfast of dry toast and coffee. As he ate, he apologized several times. She kissed him goodbye with her usual passion, but added, “Sam, we need to talk about this.” He meekly agreed, and then left. In thirty years, this was the first time she had ever said those words to her “straight arrow” husband, especially in that tone of voice!


All morning, Ethyl stewed about what to do with Sam. Should she just accept his apology and leave it at that? No! This was too serious. Obviously he could have killed himself, wrecking their car in the process. Besides the horror of losing the man she loved, that would leave her without support and without transportation. Hell, he could have killed some innocent person! So she had to take action, dramatic action! But what?

Strangely, it was almost noon before she remembered that old document that was supposed to regulate their marriage. There might be some ideas there!

It took a search, but she found it with their wedding memorabilia under their old picture album. It was a few yellowed mimeographed sheets titled “The Spencer Spanking Plan”. Attached to it was a handwritten list of rules that the couple had agreed to three decades ago. High on that list was, “No drunk driving”.

Her memory was correct, the “Plan” did indeed call for the spanking of either spouse: “Men are to be whipped. A light leather strap, a wooden paddle or ruler can be employed to administer the punishment with. Wives must use extreme care, however, not to cut the flesh, raise welts or injure the recipients in any way.”

Looking further, Sam had signed the documents. Being a “straight arrow”, Sam had surely read carefully anything that he had affixed his signature to. If he signed it, it meant he had agreed to it. Further, as a matter of principle, it meant that he would abide by its every word. Still, he might need some reminding!

That left two questions on Ethyl's mind, 1) Did Sam remember that their “Spencer” contract worked two ways? And, 2) Was he thinking about it?

Different scenarios ran through her mind. As she perused the old document, it became increasingly clear to her what must happen. For the first time ever, it would be her responsibility to redden her husband's bottom. Would Sam give in easily? Would he need convincing? Or might he insist on being punished?


That afternoon, Sam arrived home from work as usual. His mood was serious and morose. Ignoring the set supper table, he hugged his wife and sat her down in the living room. Holding her gaze, he announced, “You said we should talk. Well, I suppose I deserve whatever you are about to say. So I'm listening”.

Ethyl didn't hold back! First, she reminded him of how much she loved him and what he meant to her. And then she painted a word picture of how dismal and empty her life would be if he had died in a drunken car wreck. She explained that it wasn't the drunkenness itself that was the problem, but that he had driven drunk! Why not call a cab?
Finally, she handed him the yellowed old document with the list of hand-written rules that the couple had crafted together so many years ago. She pointed to one rule in particular, “Would you read that please Sam?”

His ears reddened as he recognized the document. Obediently he read, “No drunk driving.”

“Did you break that rule Sam?”

He nodded morosely as he perused the document and the accompanying rules. To enforce those very rules, he had spanked Ethyl many times. Now he was remembering that those rules worked both ways.

He saw the words that he had agreed to: “From this date on it is my wish to have my conduct regulated by the enforcement of these doctrines. I give my wife, therefore, the full right to whip me whenever she feels such discipline would prove helpful and be in accordance with the spirit of the Spencer Plan.
I promise to cooperate with my wife faithfully in carrying out this agreement. I will get ready for the punishment promptly when asked to do so and I will bear my wife no ill-will for so disciplining me.”
He understood that he had, for the first time ever, given his wife cause to spank him. Further, sensing the trajectory of this conversation, it was clear that she planned to do just that!

But then he saw one passage that seemed to provide a way for him preserve a precious bit of his male dignity: “I also promise to ask for whippings when I feel I need or deserve them.”

Immediately, Sam knew what to do, “Ethyl, I've decided that I deserve to be punished. Before this festers any further, will you please do that now? And I mean do it mercilessly until you've paddled or whipped my bottom bright red until I'm howling for mercy! Will you do that for me? Please?”

New tears formed in Ethyl's eyes, and she almost sobbed with relief that she wouldn't be faced with the problem of convincing Sam that he must be spanked.

“Yes Sam, I'll do that. At least, I'll give it my best shot.”

They embraced tightly. Each could feel the other's emotion and hear the other's furious heartbeat. They hugged for a long moment. Finally, after a quick kiss he held his woman at arm's length and spoke decisively, “Okay, I'll close the curtains and get undressed.”

As she watched, he closed the curtains over their picture window, kicked off his shoes, and then methodically undressed. His ears reddened again as his thumbs hooked the elastic of his briefs.

As Sam stood naked before her, she reflected that although he was no Adonis, her man remained a desirable specimen, even at nearly fifty.

He looked at her questioningly, “Err, should I fetch our spanking chair or do you want me in some other position.”

She produced a familiar heirloom hairbrush that she had earlier concealed under a newspaper. It was the brush that his parents had used on his bottom back in his childhood, but had lain idle for nearly forty years.

He smiled tightly when he realized that his wife had hidden that old brush with the full expectation of using it today. “Oh well” he thought, “At least it isn't a belt”.

“Nicely played,” he said with admiration, “I guess that means we will need The Chair?”

Now that the moment was near, her voice betrayed her nerves, “Yes Sam, The Chair please.”

“The Chair” normally graced their mud room. A sturdy armless chair of indeterminate age, its worn gray paint hinted at an institutional history. Most visitors would assume that the old chair was there simply to provide a handy perch for pulling on boots, but Sam and Ethyl knew better. Early in their marriage they had found it in a second-hand store, and had purchased it primarily to fulfill its corporal function.

Sam disappeared just long enough to fetch The Chair. He placed it in the center of the living room, their usual spanking venue.

Fully dressed in slacks and blouse, Ethyl took her unaccustomed place on the spanking chair, placing the brush within easy reach. Automatically, Sam moved to her right thigh. “I don't know how I'm going to act,” he admitted nervously, “but if I beg you to stop just keep on spanking. My spanking isn't over until you say it's over. Drunk driving is serious, so I deserve a butt-buster of a spanking.”

“I'm determined to do just that,” Ethyl promised, “so let's get you into position.”

Awkwardly, Sam laid across his wife's lap. He was heavy, but she could bear it. After some adjustment, and an order for Sam to grip the chair legs, she looked down at her husband's white ass-cheeks with professional interest.


Although Ethyl had been happy that Sam effectively sentenced himself to this spanking, she felt that she must now establish a new, and uneasy, temporary dynamic. After thirty years of Sam being the lead partner in their marriage, it was time to temporarily, but emphatically, swap roles with him. For the next few minutes Ethyl must establish herself as indisputably in charge.

So she decided to set expectations, “Sam, are you listening?”

“Yes ma-am”.

Except in jest, he had never called her “ma-am” before. This time he clearly wasn't jesting. She took that as a good sign.

“Here's the deal Sam. For the duration you will grip those chair legs, and stay in position across my lap. I'll do this spanking my way, and you should expect 'my way' to be painful and unpleasant. Like you said, this spanking isn't over until I say it's over. Do we agree so far?”

“Yes ma-am”.

“Good Sam, good! And now the important part. Once your spanking is over, once the sting subsides, this issue is settled. You won't be angry that I roasted your bottom, and I'll forgive your drunk driving. Is that a deal?”

“Yes ma-am, that's totally fair.”

“Hang on tight then Sam, because time is wasting!”


Now that she had Sam over her lap and ready, Ethyl felt it imperative to totally “take charge” of the situation, meaning that this spanking would be totally on her terms. Well, she surely knew Sam's spanking routine on a very personal basis, so hers would be different! She assumed that Sam would expect her to begin like he did, but her plan was different.

Ethyl raised her hand and brought it down smartly … to the middle Sam's right thigh. Then, totally ignoring his buttocks, she quickly started raining medium-force spanks all over his thighs! The surprise and pain took his breath away, but then he bellowed in indignant outrage, “Ouch! Damn! You can't do that. That's not fair!”

She paused, her response ready, “You're honestly saying that I can't spank your thighs? You've spanked mine!”

He sputtered, tried to form a coherent sentence explaining how different it was when the thigh-spanking wasn't expected and when the buttocks weren't properly spanked first. But then he realized that the distinction simply wasn't logical.

Almost too quietly to be heard, he admitted, “Yes, I guess it works two ways.”

“Then let's continue,” Ethyl announced, before restarting the spanking, imparting a nasty sting to his thighs while still leaving the rest of his bottom temporarily untouched. Sam twisted and squirmed under the assault. At one point he started to reach a hand back, but quickly realized that his arm wasn't long enough to protect the area that Ethyl was spanking.


Ethyl knew her man! Even though he was a loving husband, Sam was a “straight arrow”, and “straight arrows” tend to hide their emotions. So Ethyl's goal for this spanking was more psychological than physical. Although Sam had dutifully apologized multiple times for his drunk driving, he had always done so dry-eyed, as though apologizing for a bad business deal or for some minor mishap. To ensure that Sam really forgave himself, Ethyl felt that she must break through his stolid emotional barrier, but wished to do it with a minimum of physical harshness. His temporary outrage was a beginning, but now she needed to drive him to real tears. She wanted to minimize use of the hairbrush, but was afraid that she wasn't strong enough to hand-spank his bottom hard enough to do the job, so that's why she concentrated her hand spanking on his tender thighs.


Squirming and writhing under the assault, Sam first tried reasoning with his wife, but quickly resorted to begging, “Honey please! Please spank me somewhere else?” Unmoved, she implacably continued to briskly deliver those modest, but maddeningly stinging spanks to that tender target. Soon his entreaties morphed into incoherence. At this point, Ethyl believed that Sam was attempting to conceal his sobs, to make them sound like something that might be mistaken for words. She wished that she could see if he were shedding tears, but sensed that he was close. So it was time to switch targets.

To his temporary relief she finally switched her attention to his buttocks and sit-spots. On this more robust anatomy, she felt safe spanking harder and faster. At first Sam calmed a bit, but as sting inevitably built in this area, he again started to squirm and vocalize.

Unfortunately, Ethyl soon had to quit that treatment. The act of punishing her husband's bottom was hurting her hand. To save her hand, she reached for the hairbrush.

She explained: “Sam, you're stronger than me, so I won't try to restrain you. I intend to hurt your bottom with this hairbrush. If you cooperate, this brush will only visit your ass-cheeks and sit-spots, but if you reach back or give me any other trouble, I'll use it on your thighs. Is that clear?”
Sam grunted and nodded.

“Good,” Ethyl enthused, “We're adults, so I won't scold you, but keep in mind why you are being spanked. It's about drunk driving, something you will never do again. Is that what you're thinking about right now Sam?”

His response could only be classified as an affirmative sob.

“Good,” she said, “Then let's finish this thing.”

She breathed deeply, raised the hairbrush high over his pink bottom, and then let fly!


It had been three decades since that hairbrush had visited Sam's bottom. Poor Sam quickly learned that adulthood had granted him no immunity from the sting and pain that it could bring him. Having already been brought near his emotional limits, that hairbrush very quickly overcame his restraint. At first he yelled “I'm sorry, I'm sorry”, but then he simply wailed his anguish before dissolving into unmistakable loud bawling.

To Sam it felt like he had a blowtorch aimed at his bottom. Grimly he gripped the chair legs and tried to ride out the pain as he bawled. He was vaguely aware that his feet were no longer on the floor, which meant that they were waving in the air somewhere, but the growing sting in his bottom was a larger concern.

Sam didn't even know when it happened, but of its own accord his right hand must have drifted back to cover his bottom. Fortunately, Ethyl saw it coming and narrowly avoided whacking the errant hand as it slid between the fast-moving hairbrush and Sam's bright red bottom. Ethyl paused, and then with flicks of her wrist, popped each of his thighs with the brush. The blows were just enough to sting impressively, but without damage.

Her voice firm but not harsh, Ethyl warned Sam to keep his hands on the chair legs. “If you do that again Sam, I won't hold back and your thighs will hurt for days. We're almost done, so hang on and try to ride it out.”

And then she put that hairbrush back to work, briskly reddening Sam's buttocks and sit-spots.

Having been periodically spanked by Sam, and spanked as a child, Ethyl was well acquainted with the mechanics of spanking. Also, having inspected her own freshly-spanked bottom many times, she knew that bottoms change color when properly spanked. But this was the first time that Ethyl had ever viewed a spanking in progress. She was amazed that the brush left a white spot, which almost immediately flushed to red. And then as she spanked, those red splotches gradually melted together into an over-all red patina. If she neglected an area, its lighter hue served as a tattletale. Quickly Ethyl gained confidence, but still she didn't want to overdo it. A bright red bottom and a genuinely tearful husband were her signals to end the spanking.


In a complete reversal of their normal roles, the still-naked, red-bottomed man sat astride his wife's lap and hugged her tight as he cried out his last tears. When he finally regained his composure, she handed him his t-shirt to mop his face.

“Okay Sam,” she said in a loving voice, “You took your punishment like a man. Now you've learned your lesson and you've earned my full forgiveness. So now you must forgive yourself and it's time for us to revert to our usual roles.” So that there would be no mistaking what those roles should be, she kissed him deeply and caressed between his legs. She felt a quick response!

Soon their hugs, kisses, and mutual explorations became increasingly ardent. They were still on The Chair, but never before had they done this with her sitting and him facing her. That different gave him an idea, a simple concept: He thought of the post-spanking “tongue jobs” that Ethyl sometimes gave him, and of fairness and reciprocation.

His voice muffled by her cleavage, he remarked “You know Ethyl, this Chair can work two ways”.

Without further explanation, he slid down to his knees, and then lovingly removed her shoes and stockings. With new confidence in his voice, he commanded “Lift up your beautiful butt for just a moment.”

To her excitement, he unbuttoned her slacks and then prized down slacks and panties together. He pulled the bunched garments right off, kissing each foot in the process.

“Perch on the edge of The Chair Honey, and flaunt those sexy inner thighs for me!”

With eager alacrity she complied, spreading her knees wide. He nuzzled and kissed her silken thighs, teasing her, but also giving and taking pleasure as he gradually zeroed in on his target. His hands cupped her bottom cheeks as his tongue finally reached it's goal. Ethyl's bare bottom bounced on The Chair as she soared towards her first orgasm of the evening.

They snuggled briefly, and then Sam started again.

Just as Sam had taken Ethyl to the brink of her second explosion, he stopped and stood. With both of them literally vibrating with desire, he led her to the bedroom, where an evening of incandescent lovemaking awaited them.

Sam and Ethyl discovered that evening that Dorothy Spencer was right; domestic discipline really can work two ways.

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Master Class

Guyspencer Home Page
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Master Class

It was early evening, when Edward Simmons rang the doorbell of the Kline residence, the home of his bride-to-be, Linda Kline.

Linda's parents genuinely liked young Ed, but they didn't make his life easy! Even though he was formally engaged to their daughter and their wedding was only weeks away, they still mercilessly guarded her virtue.

One of the price tags that the Klines had put on their blessing for the engagement was for Ed to join their church, and for the couple to complete a full course of premarital counseling with Pastor Rollins. It was to one of those counseling sessions that Ed expected to take Linda that evening. She always met him at the door, but then he was expected to dutifully enter the house to make polite conversation with the alert parents, and to explain where he was taking their daughter and when he promised to return her, before he was allowed to leave with Linda.

Finally, the young couple would be together in the front seat of Ed's car for a few cherished minutes of togetherness before they arrived at the church parsonage for their counseling session with Pastor Rollins. Mercifully, those sessions rarely lasted more than an hour. After that, Ed was obligated to take Linda straight home. Edward had learned the hard way that any unauthorized deviation from a direct route home would earn his precious Linda a sore bottom at the hands of her parents.


As usual, Ed heard the doorbell chime when he pushed the button. It took slightly longer than usual for Linda to answer the door, but finally it opened. Also unusual was that Linda didn't emerge to embrace him, but instead hid behind the door as she invited him in. Once the door was safely closed, Ed finally got his hug, but it was offered without Linda's usual exuberance. Ed took her shoulders, and held her at arm's length. Quickly he noted that she was wearing a long nightgown and a longer face. Her eyes were damp and red, obviously this was the face of a girl who had been crying.

“What's wrong Linda? Are you sick?”

“No”, she explained, “just in trouble with my parents.”

“Oh”, he replied. Ed had been looking forward to one-on-one time with his fiancee (limited as it may be) and was as disappointed as he was concerned about Linda being in some sort of “trouble”.

“So we're not going to premarital counseling today?”

She answered enigmatically, “Actually, yes, but not at the parsonage. Pastor Rollins is coming here instead.”

Seeing Ed's confusion, she grabbed him by the arm and spoke urgently, but just above a whisper, “Whatever happens, do what the Pastor and my parents say, and do it well. This will be very important to them, so our future could depend on it. It will hurt me, but just do it!”

Ed tried to learn more, but she pointedly ignored his questions and simply led him to her parents, who greeted him as normal.

Finally Ed tried the direct approach, “Mr and Mrs Kline, will you please tell me what is happening?”

Gerald Kline didn't answer directly, but said, “Linda, tell your fiancee why you are in trouble.”

Linda sobbed softly, and then looked down before answering, “I was disrespectful to mother, and there's no excuse for that. I'm sorry Ed. I don't know what got into me.”

“I'm disappointed in you Linda,” he replied, “But I can see that this is a matter between you and your parents. I'd better go.”

Ed was surprised and mystified when all three Klines simultaneously said, “no” (or variations thereof).

It was Mr. Kline who explained, “Ed, this is something that Linda occasionally does. The cure is simple, but it only works for a few months at a time. So eventually, it's inevitable that your new wife will treat you the same way that she treats her parents. When that happens, it will be your job to apply the “cure”. So today's little behavior problem with Linda also presents an opportunity. Your pre-marriage counseling was scheduled to include training on Christian Domestic Discipline, so the Pastor has decided to move that lesson up to today. He should be here any minute.

As Mr. Kline spoke, Linda cringed and blushed, but her body language betrayed no disagreement with her father's astounding (astounding to Ed, anyhow) announcement. In fact, her chin bobbed distinctly up and down, a private message aimed directly at Ed.

Ed's mind worked furiously, mentally rotating disjointed pieces of knowledge until they fit together into a picture of him witnessing Linda receive a parental spanking. He considered asserting himself to protect her, or at least demurring and insisting on departing before any spanking happened. But that clearly wasn't what Linda wanted. Linda had implied that whatever was about to happen was important to their future together, and he wanted a future with Linda more than he wanted anything else in the world! So Ed decided to go along with the situation, but could barely contain his curiosity.


Just then the doorbell rang. Linda dutifully went to answer the door, and then shortly returned with Pastor Rollins.

After the usual greetings and pleasantries, the Pastor gathered everybody in the living room. First he mentioned several Bible passages that support his church's view that the husband is supposed to be “the head of the household”, and that the wife should submit to him. He emphasized that marriage was a partnership and that no husband should be a tyrant, but instead he should be the family's benevolent and Godly leader.

From there, the Pastor segued to the subject of Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD), which is the means by which the husband can lovingly enforce his leadership. Ed's eyes widened as the Pastor endorsed modest and measured husband/wife spanking among the main methods for a husband to assert his authority.

The Pastor paused his talk to inquire about Ed's experience with spanking. Ed explained that he came from a “spanking family”. He had received paternal spankings until his late teens, but hadn't been spanked for a couple of years, although he knew that Linda was still spanked. In response to the Pastor's questioning, he explained that he doubted if his father ever spanked his mother, and that the idea of marital spanking was new to him.

That's when a rather obvious penny dropped in Ed's head. In surprise, he looked at Gerald and Sylvia Kline, the question etched in his expression unmistakable. Sylvia blushed prettily as Mr Kline explained, “Yes Edward, Sylvia and I practice Christian Domestic Discipline, but it's a private thing between us, surely not something we advertise. You will soon be family, so we are trusting you with this information. Linda is very much like her mother, which is how I know that your marriage to her will be happier if you use your God-given husbandly authority to lovingly spank her back into line when her behavior strays.

Sylvia Kline was a slim, well-preserved woman who seemed only slightly older than her daughter. Ed found himself imagining her bare-bottom over her husband's lap. Guiltily he tried to banish that thought, with only partial success. Worse, he felt a potentially embarrassing stirring in his groin.

Partially to distract his own unwelcome erotic thoughts, Ed questioned the Pastor, “Sir, I've been attending your church for months now and this is the first I've heard of this. Does your entire church practice this Christian Domestic Discipline?

“Well”, the Pastor started, “First let's make it easier by calling it CDD. But the answer to your question is “no”. First, CDD is only applicable to married couples, and it's no subject for children. That's why I don't mention it in sermons. Second, CDD is a private thing, not something that couples announce to the world. It was very trusting of the Klines to choose to confide in you. And finally, there are certain couples in the church who have great marriages without CDD. That said, it's a common practice in our church and I'm a big advocate of it.”

Mr. Kline broke in, “Pastor Rollins is too modest to admit it, but he literally wrote the book on CDD, and it's sold thousands. He and CDD have made a big change in our church. Before he came to us, the church's divorce rate was very concerning. But now, there hasn't been a divorce in years. That's the main reason we asked you to join our church Edward, to assure that you and Linda enjoy a happy and peaceful marriage.”

He continued,”You and Linda are very lucky to have Pastor Rollins as your marriage counselor. He made a very positive change in our marriage, and has taught CDD to many couples in our church. Because of his book, he is known nationwide and travels to give CDD instruction. So you and Linda are being taught by a true master.”


Pastor Rollins took charge again, rapidly “shifting gears”. “Ed and Linda, we'll have more counseling meetings before your marriage, but presently we have a situation to address and it's not fair to make this young lady wait.”

He turned to Ed, “I believe that you know why your fiancee is due to be punished. Her parents have generously volunteered this opportunity for you to receive 'hands on' CDD training. I will advise you through the process, but you already know the basics of spanking so please take charge of Linda's punishment. Discuss with her why she is to be punished, and then assure her of your love. Before you actually take her across your lap, I suggest that you have her reconcile with her mother, and then you should offer her a bathroom trip.”

As the Pastor talked, Ed's eyes were on Linda. She blushed, but she looked at him beseechingly, and her chin again made that up-and-down movement.

Ed stood, he could feel butterflies in his stomach, and desperately hoped that his nerves and unsureness weren't obvious. “Linda,” he commanded, “Explain why you are about to be punished.”

Linda stumbled through an explanation of how she had disrespected her mother. It seems that she had forgotten a chore that her mother had assigned to her, and then gone ballistic when her mother had asked her why it hadn't been done.”

“What should you have done instead of yelling at your mother?” Ed asked.

Linda answered with tears in her eyes, “I, I should have asked some questions that might have cleared up the misunderstanding, and then I should have apologized for forgetting to do the chore.”

“That's a good answer,” Ed replied. “What should you do now?”

Her eyes were damp as she answered, “I would like a moment to reconcile with mother, and then I'll be ready for my punishment.”

Ed nodded and pointed his tearful fiancee towards her mother. A tender family scene ensued where mother and daughter shared tearful hugs while Linda blubbered her heartfelt apology. Finally they parted. Linda then briefly hugged her father, and delivered another apology. Finally she went to Ed, who embraced her rather more ardently than her parents had. He whispered comforting words of love, and then told her that she should learn from her coming punishment. Linda promised that she would, and then assured him that he should “do a good job”.

When Linda went for her bathroom break, Pastor Rollins took charge. He asked Mr. Kline to supply an appropriate chair. Gerald quickly fetched an armless chair from the dining room, and plopped it in the center of the living room. The Pastor pointed Ed to the chair. Nervously, Ed sat, just in time to see Linda's return.

Their eyes locked, and they exchanged tight smiles. Ed pointed to the floor next to his right thigh. Linda obeyed, standing in the appointed place.

Holding her gaze, he spoke, “You're clear on why you are about to be spanked?”

“Yes sir, perfectly clear.”

“Is there anything you wish to say before we start?”

“Only that I'm sorry and I'll learn from this.”

Linda was still wearing that long, loose nightgown. Ed had already contemplated why she was wearing that particular garment, and deduced that it had been chosen because there would be no need to remove it. So Ed reached up to Linda, and gently pulled her down for a kiss. As they kissed, they could feel each other's uncertainty and nervousness. And then Linda cooperated as Ed urged her across his lap, wriggling her bottom into the correct position for correction.

Ed looked up at the three adults, seeking instruction or at least permission to continue.

Pastor Rollins spoke up, “That's great so far Edward, now fold the back of her gown high and out of your way.”

Ed obeyed, unveiling first her bare thighs and then two delicious panty-covered orbs as he raised the back of her loose gown nearly to her bra straps. Knowing her parents, he hadn't really expected to find her nude under that nightgown, and sure enough, she wasn't. But the view was still stimulating, accentuating the narrowness of her waist and the flowering swell of her hips. In deference to the wishes of her conservative parents, Linda wore full-cut panties. But Linda had selected a light-blue pair so filmy that her pale skin shined through, allowing Ed a view that extended almost to the bottom of that mysterious valley between her buttocks.

In Ed's family, spankings were always given bare bottom, but he had no sisters. So were girls usually spanked bare bottom? Ed didn't know, but he wasn't about to lower Linda's panties without permission.

As it turned out, the matter was settled for him: As Ed contemplated the alluring beauty of Linda's cringing panty-covered bottom, he became aware of a 3-way discussion among the adults. First, Pastor Rollins explained to the parents, “She's your daughter, so it's your call. I could argue either side of the question. Bare is obviously the best way to spank. Given our presence as chaperones, there's no impropriety, but the matter of modesty is up to you.”

So the parents had a brief discussion. The father was at first adamant that the panties remain, but Sylvia argued that it was “best to teach Ed the proper way right from the beginning,” and that “Edward certainly knows what a bottom looks like.” It was Sylvia's promise to arrange things in such a way as to conceal Linda's most intimate parts that won the father over.

So Mr. Mr. Kline conceded defeat: “Okay Sylvia, if you can arrange to preserve the rest of her modesty, I see no harm in baring her bottom.”

Poor Ed's male part had been stiff when he had first sat in the chair, but he had hoped that nobody had noticed. But that was before Linda had laid across his lap, before her thighs and panties had been exposed, and before word that her panties would be coming off! So now he was painfully tumescent. Linda wriggled slightly, managing to slyly convey to him that she had noticed his condition, yet didn't object.

Having obtained her husband's permission, Sylvia ordered Linda to raise her bottom, and then Ed watched wide-eyed as she whisked her daughter's panties right off! With a slight smile, Sylvia rearranged the panties, and then forced both of Linda's feet through a single leg hole. Then she tugged the panties back up to just above her knees, where they served as a tether to effectively bind Linda's thighs together.

Mr. Kline nodded with approval, but Pastor Rollins enthused, “Why didn't I think of that before? I'll remember that trick for the future!”

Through all this, Ed was momentarily speechless. Thanks to the vigilance and authority of Linda's parents, his and Linda's love life hadn't progressed beyond deep kisses and a few heady stolen moments of moderate petting. So Ed had experienced a few quick feels inside his fiancee's panties, and had caressed their delightful contents, but today was the first time that he had actually laid eyes on her bare bottom. He was totally captivated by the sight!

But then the moment passed, and the Pastor again assumed the role of teacher. He pointed to Linda's left buttock, “Okay Edward, before starting, let's contemplate how God designed the human body.”

First he had Ed palpitate Linda's right buttock, and then he instructed him to repeat the process with a thigh. “Do you feel the difference?” he asked. “There is a huge difference in the padding provided isn't there?”

Then he had Ed feel a sit-spot, and noted that it had more padding than a thigh, but less than a buttock. “So you see that God made our buttocks very robust, and the rest of us less so. So be extra-judicious when you spank the thighs and sit-spots. Understand?”

Then he discussed spanking technique, having Ed use Linda's bottom as a practice target. Linda hadn't been expecting this part, but did her best to lay still as she absorbed Ed's very first spanks to her bottom. Finally, after a few words on targeting and tempo, the Pastor stepped back and told Ed to “go to it”.


So the moment of truth had finally arrived, Ed had his bare-bottomed and willing fiancee across his lap, she clearly deserved a spanking, he was supposed to deliver it, and three adults watched expectantly.

It had become clear to him that whatever happened tonight was very important to Linda's parents. Since Linda's parents continued to hold much authority over her, their approval was necessary for him to have a future with the woman he loved. So Ed had listened closely to his instructions, and intended to carry them out to the best of his ability!

He spoke sufficiently loud for all hear, “Remember what this is about, Linda. You may not disrespect your parents.”

The answer came from a small voice near the floor, “Yes sir, I'm sorry sir.”

“Here goes,” he replied.

He raised his hand to shoulder level, and then brought it down forcefully. Her bottom was already splotchy from the “practice” spanks, but that first spank left a definite hand print on her left cheek. Without delay, he placed a twin on her right cheek. She wriggled slightly, and clenched her buttocks, causing a temporary dimple in the left one, but otherwise took the punishment well.

But when he continued on, delivering modest spanks to alternating buttocks with a steady cadence, her restraint quickly evaporated and she became more mobile as well as more vocal.

Early on, Ed had had a rather unwelcome erection. To Ed's relief, the Pastor's instructions had provided just enough distraction to deflate it a bit. But now that his loudly crying, bare-assed fiancee was doing a horizontal dance whilst laying across his lap, it not only returned, but the stimulation threatened to cause an eruption!

Ed struggled to control himself, while simultaneously trying to concentrate on his job. His worries added more distraction; Would there be a big wet spot on his pants? Could he somehow escape this room without it being noticed? Could he keep a straight face and keep spanking through the “event”. Another concern, perhaps an overly paranoid one, occurred to him: Could enough semen soak through their clothing to inseminate Linda? Frankly, he didn't know. Their marriage was soon, but children weren't yet in their plans...or their budget.

However, Ed's panicked brain actually formed a plan: Just before an explosion became inevitable, Sam paused the spanking, causing Linda to stop her vigorous antics.

Ed covered for the delay my quizzing Linda: Why was she receiving this spanking? What lesson was she learning? Would she ever disrespect her parents again? To the best of her spank-diminished ability, Linda sobbed out answers.

And then, holding her as immobile as possible, Ed gave her a final brief flurry of spanks. She struggled and squealed pitifully, but it was over quickly and it provided a suitable ending to Linda's punishment without overly stimulating Ed.

He held her over his lap for a long time, letting her “cry it out” while at the same time giving his own excitement time to deflate to a less-obvious condition.

Ed looked up at Pastor Rollins, who favored him with a congratulatory smile. “For a first attempt, that was amazing! You're a natural at this.”

Even Linda's parents were smiling, although Sylvia had a distinct tear in her eye.

Suddenly remembering Linda's tethered thighs, Sylvia pulled the re-purposed panties off of Linda's legs, stuffed them in her pocket, and then tugged down the back of Linda's nightgown over her red bottom, restoring the still-sobbing girl's modesty.

Gently, Ed helped his stricken fiancee to her feet. Teary-eyed and puffy-faced, she touched her bottom gingerly and pranced a bit. Remembering herself, she went to her parents and again apologized. They hugged her, and told her that all was forgiven.

That done, she went to Ed and threw her arms around him for another cry. Temporarily oblivious to anyone else in the room, he held her tight.


Pastor Rollins was a Master at CDD and an expert in marriage counseling, so it's understandable that he should see what Mr. and Mrs, Kline didn't; he saw that Ed and Linda urgently needed time alone! Using tact to avoid a conflict, he tapped on Ed's shoulder to gain his attention, “Edward, you and Linda need time to deal with this between you. I know that emotions are high right now, but if we leave you two alone for a few minutes can I depend on you to assure that nothing happens that Mr. and Mrs. Kline would forbid?

It took Ed a few seconds to focus on what the Pastor had said, but finally the promise of the man's words sank in, “Pastor Rollins, if you could arrange that, we would be forever grateful, and you have our promise that we will stay clothed and zipped.”

The Pastor spoke respectfully but firmly to the reluctant parents, “This young couple desperately needs privacy to process this huge thing that has just happened in their lives. I suggest that the three of us cede the living room to them by retreating into the kitchen for a long cup of coffee. They have assured us that their virtue will remain intact, and I believe them.

Tightly clinched together, Ed and Linda barely noticed when the adults left the room. As the adults drank their coffee, gradually Linda's tears dried, and their kisses and caresses became less tender yet more ardent. Still they kept their promise, even though Ed's hand did stray under her gown to feel her warm bottom. Finally they talked, and both agreed that today's was unlikely to be Linda's last trip across Ed's lap.


Only a father could understand the emotions boiling inside Gerald Kline as he led his beautiful virgin daughter down the aisle to the waiting Pastor and her husband-to-be. The lump in his throat felt like a grapefruit as he struggled manfully to hold back his tears. Those tears, should they escape, would be sweet tears of loss because his “little girl” was going away forever. But they would also be tears of joy because he knew that his former “little girl” was about to enter a happy and successful marriage.

For her part, Linda seemed to glow. Firstly, her gown was a fully-earned pure white that seemed to brighten the entire church sanctuary. Secondly, as you would expect, her face glowed with happiness. But there was another glow, one known only by her, Edward, and her parents. Down inside her dress, under those several slips and inside her white lace panties, her nether regions glowed bright pink from a spanking received only the night before.

It seems that the inevitable flaws in wedding details and the normal “new bride” nervousness had combined to drive her behavior off the rails. The final straw had been a minor issue with the flower girl's dress. Sylvia had quickly stepped forward to cover for Linda's behavior and had repaired the little dress herself. But Linda's tantrum hadn't escaped Edward's notice.

That evening, Edward had taken his fiancee across his lap, bared her bottom, and showed how well he had learned his lessons from Pastor Rollins. That spanking had been just what Linda needed to set her back to rights. However, the only reason that their virginity survived the passionate aftercare following that spanking was the presence of Linda parents!

So the newlyweds both knew that Linda's “treatment” would need periodic repetition, but that was something they were both prepared to do. Besides, now that they were man and wife, the sweet aftermath of Linda's occasional spankings would add a special spice to their intimate life.

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