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Girl, Get Ready!

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                                                                 Girl, Get Ready!

Tears ran down Anna’s face.  The tears didn’t seem to faze her mother.  Neither had Anna’s excuses.  Neither had Anna’s begging for a second chance and earnest promises for future perfect behavior.  In fact Cindy, Anna’s mother, had quickly ordered Anna to stop begging.  Such manipulation was something that Cindy had little tolerance for.

It was time for Anna to pay the price for her behavior at school. “A seventeen year-old girl shouldn’t be spanked at all, especially not in front of her kid brother and sister” thought Anna morosely as she kicked off her shoes and lowered her slacks.

Moments earlier, Anna had heard those dreaded words, “Girl, get ready!”  The only variation on that phrase that Anna could remember was when it was her brother in trouble.   Then it became, “Boy, get ready!”.  When her mother spoke those words, a spanking always ensued.

Most parents have a set routine that they use to inform one their charges that they are about to be spanked.  There is the old “rolling up the sleeve” act, some parents just quietly leave the room and return with a hairbrush, some might pat their laps; and there’s the ever-popular unbuckling of the belt with the snake-like noise it makes being withdrawn from the loops.  But Anna’s mother, Cindy Bowman, simply says “Girl, (or boy) get ready!

Cindy Bowman had to be tough.  Her husband, who worked for a contractor on primarily foreign jobs, was almost never home.  Yes, the money was good, but poor Cindy was left to do 95% of the parenting herself.  That meant she had to be both father and mother combined.  Sometimes she felt like she had a dual personality, because at any given moment, she might be pressed into either the “good cop” or the “bad cop” mode.  Unfortunately, for the next two days Cindy would be forced to play the “bad cop” role with her oldest daughter. 

She felt really bad for Anna right now.  The note was still there on the coffee table, and Cindy was forced to deal with it.  Anna really hadn’t meant to get into trouble at school.  It was a prank that went horribly wrong.  Fortunately nobody was hurt, but there was damage to school property and to a teacher’s clothing. 

Anna had been the ringleader.  To her credit, she took full responsibility for the farce.  Rigid School Board “zero tolerance” rules left the Principal with no alternative except to suspend Anna for two days.  The paddle had been retired at this school, so that wasn’t an option.  Anna would be assigned schoolwork so she wouldn’t get behind her class, but this would still sully her permanent record.  Today was Monday, Anna would return to school Thursday morning.      

Cindy drove to school to collect her daughter, her books, and her assignments.  Cindy was just mad enough at her daughter to get a bit of pleasure watching her face turn bright red as she told the Principal, “I assure you that these next two days will be no vacation for Anna.  Since you aren’t allowed to use the paddle any more, that will be my job.  My her bare bottom will become well acquainted with my hairbrush.  She’ll still be squirming when she returns to school.”

That pleased the Principal,“I appreciate your support and I can see that you’re quite capable of dealing with the situation.” he enthused as he escorted them from his office.

Seldom used, the hairbrush was the Bowman family’s ultimate punishment.  Cindy had only felt it once before.  On hearing her mother’s plans she burst into tears, informing the Principal that this was no idle threat. 

On the way home, Cindy avoided yelling at her daughter, but did say, “I meant everything I said to the Principal.  Don’t blame me or make this harder than necessary because this is all your doing, not mine.  You’ll get that spanking, and you’ll be on strict restriction until you return to school.  You will work all day at schoolwork.  Your brother and sister see that your suspension is no vacation.  Understand?

Meekly, yet still slightly grudgingly, Anna agreed.     

At home, they had a long “talk”in the living room.  Anna tried everything to soften her mother’s plans for her.  First minimizing what she had done, then making excuses, and finally begging for respite.  Meanwhile her younger siblings, Bill and Sherry, arrived from school.  Sensing trouble, they quickly made themselves scarce.   When the begging started, Cindy decided to end the conversation with those feared words, “Girl, get ready!”

Anna knew what to do, but that didn’t stop a new flood of tears as she obeyed orders by kicking off her shoes, removing her pants, and then her blouse.  All too soon for her, she stood before her mother clad only in bra, panties and tears.  As per family rule for spanking attire, she had pulled the panties down in the rear to display her white bottom.

Cindy looked at her developing daughter with a critical eye.  Today Anna happened to be wearing filmy French-cut panties that Cindy had reluctantly purchased for her.  Even though the material doubled across her sex, the panties left little to the imagination.  This wouldn’t do!  “Go put on more modest panties, find your brother and sister and tell them to come, and then fetch me the hairbrush.

Stomach roiling with that special “about to be spanked” feeling, Anna obediently left.  In her bedroom, she looked in the mirror and saw why her mother suggested she change panties.  She had to admit, that was a good call!  Then she knocked on her brother’s & sister’s bedroom doors, and choked out the words that they were to come downstairs.  After a quick bathroom break, she retrieved the hairbrush from her mother’s dresser, and crept into the living room to find everybody waiting.

If Bill and Sherry harbored doubts about the purpose of this meeting, they were dispelled when they saw their big sister dressed only in bra and panties, and with the back of her panties pulled down to expose her bare bottom.         

As Anna put the hairbrush into her mother’s outstretched hand, she scrunched her gluteal muscles in unhappy anticipation of what she expected next.

As it turned out, Cindy had a surprise up her sleeve.  Although Anna couldn’t decide if is was a good or bad surprise.  Cindy placed the hairbrush in the center of the coffee table.  Then she explained to Bill and Sherry what Anna had done, about her school suspension, and about her plans for Anna’s 2-day suspension period. 

“Anna will remain dressed just as you see her now.  Naturally, she will be on full restriction.  During the day, we will roughly follow Anna’s school schedule.  She will study her books and do  exercises as if she were in class.  Also, just like in a normal class day, she will do her homework after school hours.  I will check all of her work.  I won’t be harsh, but she will work hard and display a good attitude, or her outfit will make her bottom very convenient. Understand?”

Since Anna was hearing this for the first time, all three children nodded, wide-eyed.

Cindy continued, “I have promised Anna a good hard hairbrush spanking for her behavior at school.  I know she expects that right now, but she’ll actually get it Wednesday afternoon.  That gives her plenty of time to look at this hairbrush and think.”

“One more thing!  Don’t tease Anna or you will share that hairbrush with her.  Understand?”

Bill and Sherry nodded solemnly.

On realizing her reprieve from the severe spanking she had expected momentarily, Anna felt a curious mixture of relief and trepidation.    


The next day was among the worst of Anna’s life.  Mother roused her from bed at the usual time.  It felt funny to sit at the breakfast table, with Bill and Sherry dressed for school, but with her in her spanking outfit; which was bra and panties only with the panties lowered in back.  As they bustled around preparing for school, Anna sat as much as possible to hide her bare bottom.

Soon they left and the house became deathly quiet.  Mother told her to get her books and to work at the kitchen table.  Obligingly, mother cleared half the table for Anna.  When Anna sat, she found herself looking straight through the door into the dining room.  Framed in the door was the coffee table.  In “pride of place” on that coffee table was that dammed hairbrush!

School periods always felt long to Anna, but today they felt ten times longer!  Using the example questions at the end of each assigned chapter, mother assigned study questions for Anna to answer.  Mother made a demanding teacher, insisting her work be correct and neat, and making her redo whatever failed to please. 

This was supposed to be a day of punishment, but also Cindy wanted her daughter to learn those chapters so she wouldn’t find herself behind in school.  So Cindy carefully modulated her “good cop, bad cop” routine in favor of productivity.  Regardless, tension still built up in the girl and resentment began to show.  Anna felt trapped, bored, and abused.  Not allowed to disappear into her room, she guzzled water for an excuse to go to the bathroom often.  There, she would stay as long as she dared.  As Anna’s mood darkened, her responses to her mother became less respectful.  There was one small incident where Anna accidentally returned from the bathroom with her panties pulled full up in back.  Her mother’s response was firm and not shrill, but still it rankled Anna to be told to expose her bottom.  “You know what my bottom looks like mom!”

Showing amazing patience, Cindy didn’t allow herself to be baited into yelling at Anna.  During the math lesson, Anna finally blew.  She had gotten the same problem wrong three times in a row, in spite of Cindy’s repeated explanation.  Suddenly Anna threw down her pencil and stalked to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.  She expected her mother to angrily bang on the door, but heard only silence.

Five minutes later, Anna slunk out of the bathroom.  Her mother wasn’t in the kitchen, but wasn’t hard to find.  She was sitting on the couch, her usual spanking spot.  When she saw Anna, she spoke those hated words, “Girl, get ready!”  Wearing her punishment outfit, “getting ready” simply involved laying herself across her mother’s lap. 

Cindy lowered Anna’s panties to the hollow of her knees.  Stroking her back, she reminded her that she would rather not be acting as her daughter’s combination teacher and jailer.  This wasn’t mother’s fault, but entirely her (Anna’s) fault.  “Under the circumstances, have I done anything to you that’s harsh or unfair?” Cindy asked.  Tears flowing from her eyes, Anna conceded that she was being treated fairly. 

Cindy used only her hand.  Using the same restraint that she had shown all morning, she spanked only enough to make her daughter’s nether cheeks pink, and (more importantly) to trigger a cleansing torrent of tears.

She put the bawling girl on her feet, and pulled her panties back into place before speaking,  “Now you have a simple choice.”

“Wha...what?” Anna blubbered.

“If you’re still mad at me, go do some corner time to get a break from me.  Or if you’re over being mad, we could take a break from your studies to do some cuddling and talking.”

Anna’s answer was to crawl into her mother’s lap.  It was the best talk they had enjoyed together for a long time.

The combination of tears, talking, cuddling and lunch greatly improved Anna’s disposition.  The afternoon was still drudgery for Anna, but her disposition was far improved. 

That evening, Cathy allowed Anna the solitude of her bedroom to do her homework assignments, but was allowed no phone calls or entertainment, as per the family’s usual restriction rules.  There was one small punishment that Anna still had to endure that evening; she had to describe her day to Bill and Sherry.

Just before their bedtime, Cindy called everyone down to the living room.  Anna arrived, blushing in her spanking outfit.  Normally there were no private punishments in this house, so Cindy had given Anna the choice of describing her spanking or repeating it.  After describing her boring and work-filled day, Anna described her spanking and how she had earned it.  To Cindy’s satisfaction, she even enhanced it a bit.

Exactly as Cindy wished, Bill and Sherry went to bed thoroughly convinced that they never wanted to be suspended from school.

The second day went much like the first, except this was to be the day of Anna hairbrush spanking!  The first day, the prospect of that impending spanking had been like a monkey sitting on Anna’s back, today it more like a gorilla. 

After Bill and Sherry left for school, Anna haltingly, tearfully, and fearfully asked for her spanking.  Cindy quickly refused.  For their own good, Cindy wanted Bill and Sherry to witness that spanking.  Besides, Anna would hardly feel like studying with the sore bottom Cindy intended to give her, so the entire study day would be wasted if she spanked Anna now. 

There was a third reason, actually Cindy’s main reason for delaying Anna’s spanking:  Cindy wanted Anna to take a sore, visibly-spanked bottom back to school so that the school’s staff and Anna’s friends would know that Anna had suffered punishment, rather than enjoying an impromptu two-day vacation.  The sooner she spanked Anna, the harder that spanking must be to ensure that she was still visibly sore on Thursday morning.  Cindy wouldn’t admit it, but  delaying Anna’s spanking was actually a kindness.          Anna requested to sit in another chair today, so she wouldn’t have to look at the hairbrush.  Cindy had purposely faced Anna towards the hairbrush, but her inner “good cop” won that argument.  Cindy allowed Anna to sit with her back towards the waiting hairbrush. 
Unlike yesterday, this morning went well.  Anna did well in her studies, with none yesterday’s bad temper.  Cindy’s “good cop” suggested a reward, perhaps a nice restaurant lunch, but the “bad cop” reluctantly vetoed the idea.  Rewards simply don’t fit into a punishment day.  Besides, Bill and Sherry would be sure to hear of it, making Anna’s suspension seem more vacation-like to them.  They had sandwiches for lunch.

Unsurprisingly, Anna became more distracted as the afternoon progressed.  She desperately wished that her mother hadn’t delayed her paddling, because now it would be over!  Cindy saw the signs, saw Anna peeking at the hairbrush despite her resolve not to, and felt sorry for her.  Still, hard as it was for both of them, and painful as it would be for Anna, Anna had an important lesson to learn.  Further, Bill and Sherry would painlessly learn an important lesson by witnessing Anna’s punishment.  And then there was the larger matter; the school staff and students needed to know that Anna had really been punished.  So Cindy intended to use that hairbrush to deliver a memorable spanking.  A spanking nothing at all like yesterday’s little ass-warming.

In spite of Anna’s distraction, she finished her studies early.  This had been quietly planned by Cindy.  Since working with a freshly hairbrushed bottom would be difficult for Anna, Cindy allowed Anna to do her homework early.  This put Anna in a better mood, and distracted her thoughts from that nasty hairbrush that leered at her from the coffee table.

When Anna heard Bill and Sherry arrive, she put her head down on the table and sobbed.  Cindy greeted them, and then went to Anna.  “Anna?  We could do this later, but I think now is best.  Don’t you?”

Head still down, Anna nodded almost imperceptibly.

“Girl, get ready!”

Cindy had arranged the scene carefully.  Bill must witness his sister’s punishment, but not get any gratuitous female anatomy lessons in the process.  She was OK with him seeing Anna’s bare bottom, because a buttock is a buttock, but she would keep Anna’s groin area hidden and not give him a rear view of Anna’s charms as her legs kicked.  She pointed him to a chair directly across from her.

Then she turned her attention to Anna.  She hugged her, futilely wiped away tears, told her she loved her, but then told her why she must be spanked and what she should learn from it.  Then, addressing Bill and Sherry, she repeated the reasons for Anna’s spanking and reminded them what they should learn from their big sister’s punishment. 

Unwillingly, Anna took one last look at that nasty hairbrush that had sat waiting for the last two days.  Then, sobbing openly, she put herself across her mother’s lap.  She knew what would happen next, so she cooperated a bit by raising her bottom so Cindy could slip off her panties.  Cindy placed them on the couch next to her.        

She started off with a hand spanking, a serious one.

Bill and Sherry watched soberly as their big sister writhed, kicked and squealed through an unusually long and hard hand spanking. Their mother didn’t seem to discriminate between buttock and thigh, but simply placed spanks randomly over the area until her hand prints merged together and Anna’s bottom miraculously turned first pink, then red., and finally bright red..

At first, Anna tried to be “good” for her punishment.  She had several motives for this:  First, it seemed smart to appease her mother.  Second, she didn’t want to disgrace herself in front of her siblings, although that was inevitable.  Third, opening her legs, even momentarily to kick, gave her mother access to spank her inner thighs, one of Anna’s least favorite spanking sites.

Inevitably, Anna’s attempts to be “good” were wasted.  All too soon she was uncontrollably kicking, screeching, begging, and twisting her way through her punishment as her bottom cheeks flattened with each spank, and then jiggled back into shape.  Her struggles inevitably wore her out.  With exhaustion creeping in, the girl gradually gave up the struggle until she was limp and simply wailing in response to her final spanks.

There was a pause as Cindy reached for the hairbrush.  Addled as she was, Anna figured out what was happening and piteously begged, “Nooooooooo.”    

Anna became increasingly frantic as she felt herself being adjusted over her mother’s lap.  She found herself over only one leg, with the other pinning her legs down.  Then she felt her mother  firmly pin her wrist into her back and push hard to pin her into place so her unwillingly presented bottom couldn’t escape the bite of  that hairbrush.

. “Nooooooooo mommy, noooooooo.”        

Cindy steeled herself, putting the “bad cop” firmly in charge.  Decades later, this might be called child abuse, but in the 1970s it passed as something a loving parent must occasionally do.  She would prefer to call it “marking” or “branding” but Cindy meant to deliberately bruise her daughter’s bare bottom.

She raised the hairbrush high.  Bill’s eyes got big.  Sherry, already damp-eyed from viewing her sister’s suffering, closed her eyes tightly.  The brush crashed down into teenaged buttflesh with a loud “POP” sound.  Anna jerked, bucked, and then threw her head back and howled.

Cindy’s eyes filled with tears, distorting her view of Anna’s bottom.  She gritted her teeth, spanking with fast, moderately hard strokes.  In Cindy’s mind, Anna was already 90% spanked, this was just the “finishing touch”, so she didn’t prolong it.  She gave Anna only enough swats to produce a particular mottled appearance.  Those mottled areas would become moderate bruises to make sitting temporarily uncomfortable and to provide visual evidence of Anna’s punishment for Anna’s female classmates to see.
Cindy stopped to wipe the tears from her eyes so that she could critically check her work.  In the process, she smeared her mascara.  She held the bawling girl in position as she examined the still-cringing spanked bottom.  Finally, she decided the job was done.  Softly, she told Anna that her punishment was over and that she had taken it well.
The punishment was done, but Anna still lay across her lap sans panties.  Cindy dealt with that little problem by sending Bill and Sherry off to their homework.  “Stay in your rooms until I call you for supper.  I’ll take care of Anna.”

Finally she allowed the spanked girl to her feet.  She gave Anna a quick hug, and then released her.  With her brother and sister gone, Anna was able to rub, do a “spank dance,” and then cry her last tears into her mother’s shoulder in relative privacy.

When Anna seemed somewhat recovered, Cindy asked, “Do you want these panties back on? 
Anna shook her head, “No mom, I never want to wear anything tight again.”

Recognizing an early sign of recovery, Cindy smiled at her daughter’s wry little joke.  With a flourish, Cindy produced a nightgown that she had stashed for the occasion.  She pulled the loose garment over Anna, fully restoring her modesty for the first time in two days.  Anna’s punishment was over.

The spanking marked the end of Anna’s restriction.  Cindy would offer affection, but nothing for Anna’s sore bottom; no ice, lotion, or even aspirin.  Her bottom’s hurt was intended to reinforce Anna’s lesson.

Cindy pulled a quick supper together.  Meanwhile, Anna returned the hairbrush and fetched herself a pillow to sit on.  Supper was quiet.   Anna still had damp eyes, but there was relief in the air.  Finally, Bowman family life could return to normal.


Anna was to have one more fairly bad day.  She looked forward to her return to school, but not to the prospect of putting her sore bottom in those hard chairs.  She would either squirm or stand all day.  Either way, she would make a spectacle of herself and advertise that she had been spanked.  However, to hide her spanked bottom, she hoped to somehow escape gym class.

Cindy walked to school with Anna.  At the entrance, they parted with a quick non-embarrassing hug.  Anna went to her first class while Cindy went to see the Principal.  There, she told him that Anna’s schoolwork was up to date and warned him that Anna’s bottom was freshly spanked. 

“She will be squirmy today and might even need to stand some, but I wanted her ‘partners-in-crime’ to see that she received a real consequence, not a two-day vacation.  Also, see that Anna doesn’t talk her way out of gym class.  We need the other girls to see what happened to her bottom.”

To Cindy’s amusement, the tough old man blushed as that mental image registered in the reptilian part of his male brain,  “Consider it done!  I can only agree.  Often suspensions look suspiciously like rewards.  Thanks to you, word will quickly get around that Anna’s suspension was no picnic.  Parents like you make my job easy.”

The Principal’s praise ringing in her ears, Cindy celebrated by treating herself to a coffee and a sweet roll on the way home.  Now she could give her internal “bad cop” a rest, at least until her next parenting crisis!

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A Sister’s Practice Spanking; Part 4

© Guyspencer 2013
A Sister’s Practice Spanking; Part 4

At the insistence of her mother, who thought she needed “practice” for babysitting and for future motherhood, Mary had been assisting in the corporal discipline of her brother Ed.  By now, she had spanked him several times, always supervised by her mother.  She loved her little (teenaged) brother and had no love of causing him pain, but if he earned a spanking he didn’t seem to mind who gave it to him. 

Mary was also at least theoretically subject to corporal discipline, but had a knack for staying out of trouble, and so hadn’t been spanked for over a year.  She felt vaguely guilty after spanking Ed for the first time, and so had arranged with her mother that should she ever earn a spanking, Ed would get reciprocal spanking privileges.  However, she didn’t feel so guilty that she would purposely get herself spanked!

Unusually, Ed and Mary were raised to be unconcerned over the sight of each other’s bodies, so the nudity involved in a bare-bottom spanking wasn’t strange to them.   

As it turned out, Mary’s luck held for another six months.  Over that time, she only had to spank her brother two more times, because he was also learning the knack of avoiding trouble.  That premonition of a coming spanking for herself, so strong at first, was now mostly forgotten.  The fact is, there were many things to take her interest, boys and her studies being high among them, so she didn’t even think of spankings very often.

Unfortunately, when she least expected it, and when she was just months from turning 18 and being theoretically immune from spankings, her luck ran out.


Morosely, Mary walked home from school.  Normally she would walk with her friends who lived near her, but they were still in school.  Caught cheating on a math quiz, Mary had been sent home early in disgrace.

It all started innocently.  Mary hadn’t even intended to cheat.  At least, she’s pretty sure that’s true.

It was near the end of the semester and final exams were looming at the same time that the class was facing the toughest part of pre-calculus.  Mary had kept up with the class, and maintained good grades, but it was a struggle for her.  Math didn’t come naturally to her. 

It had only been a routine 10-question quiz.  Mary wasn’t doing perfect on it, but she had managed to get most of the problems correct, and the others were good for at least partial credit.  However, there was something about the last question that bothered her.  She had already written down her answer when she made a fatal mistake.  Her best friend and study partner Amelia sat right next to her.  Just as she did dozens of times every day, but was NEVER supposed to do during a test, she leaned over to look at her friend’s paper.  Then next thing she knew, Mr. Maxwell was standing next to her.  He grabbed her paper and (thankfully) whispered, “See me after class.” 

It took Mary a moment to figure out what had happened; she had just been caught cheating on a test!  In her school, cheating was almost a capital offense!  But she hadn’t intended to cheat at all! 

Had she?

After class, Mary hopefully explained to Mr. Maxwell that she hadn’t intended to cheat.  She had looked at Amelia’s paper without even thinking about it.  Mr. Maxwell looked at her sadly.  “So what you’re telling me is that you cheated, but we should let you off because the act wasn’t premeditated?  The sad fact is, I believe you, but I clearly saw you cheat, and I’m not allowed to ignore that.  Let’s go to the Principal’s office and see what he says.”

On that long walk to the Principal’s office, Mary thought of that damn premonition for the first time in weeks.  Somehow she knew that this was it.  Her luck had ran out and her bottom would suffer.  

The Principal gave Mary a fair hearing, but came to the same conclusion as Mr. Maxwell.  Mary had clearly cheated, even if she hadn’t been planning to.  His solution was also similar to that of Mr. Maxwell, bump the problem up to a higher authority.  In this case, the “higher authority” was Mary’s mother, who the Principal knew and totally trusted to do the right thing. 

As he had done months earlier with Mary’s brother Ed, he used his speaker phone to give Mary’s mother the full story while Mary nervously listened to both sides of the conversation.  He concluded with the damming words, “Even if she hadn’t planned to cheat, we simply can’t ignore the fact that Mr. Maxwell saw her clearly and flagrantly do so.  Perhaps it was a momentary lapse on Mary’s part, but she unquestionably cheated on that quiz.”             

Since the school day was nearly over, the Principal decided to send Mary straight home so that her mother could deal with her.  Mary knew now that her premonition would likely come true, and do so today.


Mary and mother sat at the kitchen table.  Mary was still hopeful that mother would see things her way, but she unconsciously scrunched her buttocks under her, knowing that they were in danger.  As mother listened patently, Mary tried to convince her that she hadn’t intended to do anything wrong. 

Finally Mary had said all that was to be said.  Mather sat and looked at her for a long time, so she knew that her fate was being decided.  Mother’s first words weren’t encouraging.

“It’s been a long time since your last spanking.”

“Yes Mom, about a year and a half.  I was really hoping to never have another one.”

“And you really don’t think you’ve earned one today?”

Tears ran down Mary’s face.  She put her head down on the table and mumbled, “I just don’t know mommy, but I don’t want a spanking.”

Mother bore in, “Over the last year and a half, you haven’t always been good have you?  Sometimes you’ve been bad and were just lucky not to get caught; right?”

Mary gave her mother a “deer in the headlights” look, guilt written all over her face.   (In fact, Mary had made trips to the mall with her friends when she had told her parents their destination was the library.  Each of those lies was a serious spanking offense.)

“Don’t answer,” mother warned, “because I can see it written on your face.  I’m not asking for a  confession, but my point is that I can’t go too wrong by spanking you today.  You’ve been pretty good, but you have also been lucky.”

Unhappily, Mary scrunched her buttocks under her again.  Now she knew that she was about to get spanked. 

“The fact is Mary, you cheated on that test, and there’s really no way for us to get around that truth.  Perhaps it was because you weren’t paying attention and had some sort of momentary lapse, or perhaps you just finally got caught. So before I tell you what is going to happen today, I’m going to tell you what will happen next time you get caught cheating; if there is a next time.”

Tearfully, Mary waited for her mother to continue.       

“What will happen next time is that you will receive a long and thorough spanking.  And then, you will wait in a corner until your father gets home and whips you with his belt.  Understand?”

Mary sobbed, but nodded her understanding.

“Now we get to today”, mother continued, “You have created enough doubt in my mind that I won’t give you the belt or make you cut a switch, I think the hairbrush will do just fine.  OK?”

Given the situation, it was really the best that Mary could hope for. 

Mary put her head down in her arms and blubbered, but nodded that she understood.

“And tomorrow morning, you will deliver two notes to the Principal.  One will be an apology from you, and the other will be from me telling him about your punishment.”

“Yes mommy,” Mary blubbered.

“One more thing.”  Mary turned her tear-dampened face to her mother, “Those things I told you not to confess?”

Mary nodded guiltily.

“I have my suspicions, so your father and I will be watching you closely.  If you want this to be your last spanking, you had better change your ways.

Mary nodded again.

Mother looked at the clock.  “I’m sure you remember our conversation about Ed spanking you.  Are you still OK with that idea?”

Mary had been thinking about herself, not Ed, so the question startled her and made her think of the “big picture”.  Swallowing her tears and her self pity for a moment, she replied, “Errr, yes.  In fact, I already told him about that.  So we’ll wait until he gets home from school?”

“Yes,” she said, “that should only be a half hour or so.  When he gets here, I will let him do your warmup spanking, and then I’ll spank you with the hairbrush.” 

“Errr mom?”


“Would it be OK if Ed did that part too?”

Mother thought about that for a moment, “Why Mary?”

“Because it only seems fair.  I’ve done the same to him...well, not with the hairbrush actually.  Also, this might be his only chance.  I hope this will be my last spanking.”

Mother considered carefully, “Yes, if I coach him a bit he should be able to give you a good hairbrushing.  OK young lady, get yourself ready and put your nose in the corner until your brother arrives.”  
It will sound odd to many, but Mary and Ed had been raised to be comfortable with the sight of each other’s bodies.  Spankings were usually totally bare events in this household, but the nudity itself wasn’t intended as a humiliation.  Mary knew what “get yourself ready” meant.  It meant to undress.

It had been a long time since Mary undressed in a public room of the house, so it felt a bit strange even though she wasn’t normally self-conscious about such matters.  She started with her shoes and socks.  She dropped her skirt and slip, folded them neatly, piled them over her shoes, and then did the same with her blouse.  After the slightest of delays, her bra and panties followed.  Without being told, she left for a moment and then returned with “the” hairbrush.  Her mother waved her into a familiar corner to wait.

Mother smiled thinly when she noticed the girl clench her white bottom cheeks.  Anticipation was intended to be part of Mary’s painful lesson, and that was clearly happening.

When he walked into the house, Ed was shocked to find his sister standing in a corner, obviously prepared for correction.  “Wha...what happened?”

“Mary will explain that to you,” mother said smoothly, “Mary is about to be spanked and she has requested that you do the honors.  Do you need to do anything before we start?’ 
Ed’s mind swam for a moment before he could form an answer, “I just need to drop off my books I guess.”

Remaining in charge, mother ordered, “Mary, go use the bathroom and then place a spanking chair in the usual place.”

With new tears running down her cheeks now that her spanking was imminent, Mary rushed to obey.       
After her bathroom trip, she re-entered the kitchen to find Ed standing awkwardly.  Spontaneously, she grabbed him in a hug.   She was barely able to sob out the words, “It’s OK.  Ignore whatever noise I make and just do a good job.  This might be your last chance.”

Ed was too tongue-tied to respond, so he touched her bare body lightly & shyly, returning what he intended to be a loving and reassuring hug.

Then Mary selected an armless chair from the dining table and moved it to the center of the kitchen.  Mother motioned for Ed to sit in it.

Then, in an old family ritual, Mary stood before her mother and her brother and explained why she was about to be spanked.  To her mother’s approval, Mary didn’t mention her doubts about her guilt.  Mary would tell him later, but not now.  Since Mary’s punishment had been irrevocably decided, neither Mary nor mother wished to confuse Ed at this moment.

Mary ended with a choked-out confession that startled mother, “...and there are other things I’m guilty of.  I...I haven’t always been good.  Mother was nice enough not to press for details, but I promise to do better.”

By now, Mary’s reserve of bravery was nearly depleted.  With one last, barely audible remark to her brother, “Give it to me good, but you’ll need to hold me down,” Mary put her bare body across her brother’s lap.

Ed had been on the receiving end of Mary’s spankings several times, and had heard mother coaching her, so he had a pretty good idea what to do.  Purposely, his first few swats were too light to bring a response.  Gradually, he increased the force until Mary started to respond.  Then, remembering Mary’s request to “do a good job,” he increased the heat a bit more.  Now Mary’s movements became downright urgent, so he was forced to hold her tightly to keep her on his lap.

Ed was at an age where any stimulation, physical or mental, was liable to result in a rigid, and often embarrassing, tumescence.  Having a naked girl, even his sister, do a horizontal jig across his lap while her buttocks danced and rippled from the effects of a spanking provided enough stimulation to make a “woody” downright inevitable.  Ed gulped in embarrassment and pain, but fortunately Mary was far too busy to notice that protrusion against her left hip.     

Mary didn’t take her spanking silently, even though this was just the “warmup”.  She sobbed, shrieked, begged and kicked through this first, relatively gentle, part of her spanking.  Ed wasn’t looking forward to seeing her reaction to the hairbrush, and was just as happy that mother would do that part.

Even though he had grown up quite familiar with his sister’s body, Mary’s antics provided the boy with sights, smells, and sensations that were new and guiltily stimulating.  As her legs flew, and as they later opened so Ed could reach those tender inner thighs, Ed was treated with an intimate rear view of the female anatomy that was like nothing he had ever seen before.  And her aroma!  It was a mixture of girlish sweet-smelling toiletries, sweat, & fear; all combined with something unmentionable and musty, a spoor the male part of his brain identified as uniquely feminine.  And the sensations!  The sight of her rippling, roiling, reddening buttocks combined in his slightly addled brain with her pained and increasingly energetic movements.  He even noticed that her increasingly red-tinged buttocks seemed to radiate warmth.  

Perhaps it was just an optical illusion, but her buttocks seemed to swell as they absorbed their punishment and took on color.  Ed never thought of his sister in sexual terms, but now her bottom looked much more feminine to him. 

Since Ed had heard his mother’s tutorial before, and because he had suffered through so many “warm-up” spankings, he really didn’t need much advice from his mother.  As Mary had predicted, she didn’t take it bravely.  Mary screeched, begged piteously for respite, and didn’t cooperate well.  Ed had to tightly restrain her torso and her right arm, and still had a struggle to get the job done.  In fact, mother restrained Mary’s legs part of the time because she tried to curl then around to protect her bottom.  Finally the warmup was done.  Mary’s bottom had attained an even pink shade, she was near exhaustion, but seemed to have plenty of tears left.  Ed looked up at his mother for approval.  

To his astonishment, she handed him the hairbrush.

Ed looked at his mother, his question written on his face.  “It was actually Mary’s idea,” she explained, “after all, she has spanked you enough times.  Besides, she doesn’t seem to get spanked often, so this could be your last chance.”

Ed looked like he might refuse, so mother cajoled, “You won’t harm her.  I’ll be right here to supervise.”

What actually made up Ed’s mind was something not apparent to mother; Ed still had a raging erection and didn’t wish to either move Mary or stand up just then.  So he accepted the hairbrush.  The delay gave poor Mary a chance to regain her breath.

The first few swats were designed by mother to simply “calibrate” the force of Ed’s swing.  Naturally, the logical target for these “test spanks” was the only bare bottom in Ed’s lap.  With those first few random hairbrush spanks, Mary’s buttocks took on a splotched appearance.  She squealed and kicked with each swat.

All too soon for Mary, her hairbrushing started in earnest.  Mary had been loud before, but now she outdid herself.  Her former squeals and screeches now became frank screams.  Mary’s throat would hurt for two days later.    

The next few excruciating minutes were the worst of Mary’s life.  When mother finally declared Ed’s job finished, Mary’s entire bottom and thigh area was bright red, spanked just short of bruising.  Just short of bruising, that is, except for the her sit spots and the fleshy summits of her nether cheeks.  There she had been carefully “branded” with marks that would make sitting a trial for a day or so, and would take a week to fade.

At first Mary seemed inconsolable.  Feeling like a bully, Ed rubbed her back and spoke soothing words until she quieted and came to her senses.  Only then, at his mother’s suggestion, did he release her from his lap.

Mary had vowed to herself that there would be no childish and embarrassing “spank dance”.  That vow was obviously forgotten, because the still-nude girl danced and rubbed enthusiastically.  To her regret, that rubbing brought feeling back to her bottom, inspiring a new burst of tears. 

Mother slipped from the room and quickly returned with a robe and pillow.  She slipped the gown around Mary, and then gathered her into a hug.  She hugged for a long time before pointing the girl to Ed.  Mary climbed into her brother’s lap for a soothing cuddle.  Clearly, she held no hard feelings.

Then mother placed the pillow on a dining room chair, and ordered the unwilling girl to sit and write her note to the principal.  Mary still sobbed as she wrote, so the note would be difficult to read.  No matter, the tear stains on the paper would tell the principal all he needed to know.

Ed continued to sit in the chair as he watched his sister write the note.  For a couple more minutes, he would remain trapped there by his adolescent male physiology.  More importantly, he was dealing with a whole new amalgam of thoughts and emotions.  Oh yes!  He was confused, bemused, a tiny bit guilty, slightly aroused, and even proud at having done a credible job on his first attempt.  More importantly, a totally unexpected connection had been forever forged inside his brain; sexuality and spanking were now indelibly, seamlessly, connected.

Thirty minutes earlier, a boy had sat down in that armless chair to deliver his first spanking.  But something big had happened!  Now, figuratively speaking, it was two different young men who cautiously stood from the chair and surreptitiously adjusted themselves:

First, was the young man who would mature into the involved and loving father who never had anything to say against spanking, but who never seemed to spank his children.  Ed felt he had a good reason why not, but would never vocalize it.

Second, was the young man who would turn into a devoted, sensual, but demanding lover (later husband).  The lucky lady who won him could look forward to countless exciting bare-bottom sessions across his lap, normally followed by mind-blowing sessions between the sheets.

In short, that afternoon a top had been born.          

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A Sister’s Practice Spanking; Part 3

© Guyspencer 2013
A Sister’s Practice Spanking; Part 3

The score was two to zero.  At her mother’s insistence that she needed “practice,” Mary had spanked her brother Ed twice.  Since Mary hadn’t been spanked in over a year, Ed hadn’t had a chance to return the favor.  Strangely, Ed didn’t seem to mind.  Because of the way the siblings had been raised, the bodily exposure wasn’t a problem to him.  Further, to him “a spanking is a spanking” regardless of who actually does the job.  Mary had no plans to ever earn another spanking.  However, should it ever happen, Mother had agreed Ed would be given the chance to reciprocate.   Still, Mary stayed on her very best behavior to ensure that it didn’t happen.  Football practice had bulked up Mary’s “little” brother, and doubtless he was capable of delivering a devastating spanking!

As it turned out, Mary wasn’t the next person to get spanked.  Nature was triggering all sorts of changes inside her brother, some which tempted him towards impulsive or aggressive behavior. Every growing boy eventually faces this problem, and they all need to learn to control their impulses.  Sometimes Ed learned the hard way.  Today was such a day.

It had started out innocently.  Ed had a disagreement with a teacher over a test question.  In the end, Ed had been proven right, but not before the frustrated boy had called the teacher a “bitch” in front of the whole class.  Naturally, that behavior couldn’t be ignored.  So Ed found himself in the Principal’s office.  As Ed watched, the teacher and Principal talked to his mother on the speaker phone.  The teacher carefully admitted that it was her error that had initially frustrated Ed, although his behavior was still unacceptable.  Mother agreed.   Ed’s face blushed bright red as his mother told him to come straight home after class and to expect a spanking.  The Principal was pleased with that punishment, and trusted the mother to deliver, and so sent the embarrassed boy back to class.     

Poor Ed had the rest of the school day to dread his punishment.  Ed’s forlorn guess was that his neighborhood friends would see him cutting switches for himself that afternoon.  Unfortunately the family’s most dreaded punishment, a hiding from his father’s belt, was also a distinct possibility!


After school, Ed obediently walked straight home.  Clueless, Mary stayed behind to work on a group project in the library. 

Reluctantly, Ed walked home to face his mother.  It wasn’t as bad as he expected!  She sat him down at the kitchen table and poured them both tea.  This was a new experience for Ed!  He had no particular love of hot tea, but somehow sharing tea with his mother made him feel almost adult.  That effect had been carefully calculated by his mother, because “growing up” would be the subject of their “talk”.

“I think I know what happened to you today,” she started, “it has to do with growing up.”

This immediately captured Ed’s interest, both because “growing up” is a subject that interests any boy, and because she seemed to dangle the possibility of some excuse for his behavior.

“Lots of changes are happening in your body because you are changing from a boy into a man.  Some of the changes we can see, but others are happening inside you.  Your body is manufacturing new hormones, and they change the way you feel.  Those hormones can temp you to act impulsively, even aggressively.  That’s likely what happened you today, you must learn to be more careful in the future.

This emboldened Ed to ask. “So it wasn’t really my fault that I was disrespectful to Mrs Clymer?” 

“Oh no!” mother insisted.  “You knew what you did was wrong, so you should have resisted the temptation to misbehave.  Your hormones are a ‘reason’ you had that bad impulse, but never an ‘excuse’ for giving in to it.  Do you understand the difference?”

Instantly, Ed saw any chance to avoid punishment vaporize before his eyes.  He looked down at the table in consternation and shame and then clenched his buttocks in unhappy anticipation of his coming punishment before answering “Yes mom, I’m sorry.”

“Good, she said.  “That’s exactly the lesson I want you to learn today.  Since kindergarten, you’ve been learning how to behave properly.  Even though changes in your body might tempt you otherwise, our expectations haven’t changed.  You must learn to recognize those feelings, and learn not to act on them”   

“Yes mom,” Ed said morosely, “I’m sorry and I promise to do better, but now I get spanked?”

She spoke firmly but not harshly, “Of course you’ll be spanked.  Didn’t I already tell you that?  I just want to ensure that you understand what happened so you don’t repeat your error.”

“It won’t mommy, I promise!”

“Good!  Fortunately for you I’ve already talked to your father.  Since this is your first time for this, we’ve decided to go easy on you.  Today you just get a good hand spanking.  If it ever happens again, you get at least a good switching if not your father’s belt.  Is that clear?”

“Yes mommy” he said with relief.

“Do you have any questions?”   

“No mommy.”

“Then since you’re done with your tea, you may prepare yourself for your spanking.  Put yourself into the corner until your sister arrives.”

Obediently, Ed undressed, folded his clothing, stacked it neatly and then put his bare body into a familiar corner.


When Mary arrived home from school a few minutes later, she was shocked to find her brother naked and in the corner, obviously awaiting punishment. 

“What happened!” she said to nobody in particular.

“Your brother was disrespectful to Mr. Clymer this morning.”  He’ll tell you the full story just before you spank him.  Do you need to do anything first?  Put your books away?  Change?”

“Yes, I hate to keep him waiting, but I’d like to do both quickly if you don’t mind.”

“Go ahead Mary, your brother can wait for a moment.”

As Mary ran upstairs to drop off her books and to exchange her school skirt and blouse for far more comfortable slacks & top, thoughts of his imminent spanking caused a tingle in Ed’s groin.  He groaned.  Frantically he concentrated on math problems in a futile attempt to short-circuit the process that was hardening his penis.  He hoped that Mary would take a long time to change her clothes, or perhaps start her homework.

It wasn’t to be!  In a mere three minutes, Mary was back, ready to do her job.  Unfortunately, Ed wasn’t ready.  His penis was locked at full attention.

Seeing Mary, mother moved a kitchen chair into the customary position and waved Mary into it.  Then she called for Ed.

“Err Mom, can we wait a few moments?  It’’s not a good time right now.”

From behind, mother noticed that Ed’s ears had suddenly blushed.  She guessed the problem and responded with her particular brand of directness and tact, “Ed, do you have an erection?  Is that your problem?”

Still facing the corner, the poor boy squeaked and nodded.  

“That’s those hormones we were talking about.  That’s another thing that they do.  Unlike your behavior, your erections aren’t really under your control, so you may wait.  Mary and I will work on supper, you just tell us when you’re ready.”     

As they worked, mother quietly educated Mary about “inappropriate erections”, explaining that they can happen anytime and are “just a part of growing up as a male”.  He also reminded her that females have a similar condition, except that they normally aren’t obvious, so “we get away with them.”

Perhaps ten minutes later, Ed called with a tremulous voice, “I think it’s OK now.”

Mother called him from his corner as she and Mary wiped their hands on a dishtowel.  All this talk about “changes” and “hormones” prompted Mary to take a closer look at her brother.  He seemed to have more hanging between his legs than she remembered, but the biggest difference was the luxuriant patch of pubic hair now surrounding the base of his penis.  Last she noticed, that same member sported only a thin mustache of hair over the top.  Also, his chest was sprouting hair.  Yes, her little brother was growing up!  

Mary went to him and gave him a hug.  “Sorry,” she mumbled.

“It’s OK, really it is,” he replied, “I deserve it, and I’m only getting a hand spanking.”

Surprised, Mary looked at her mother for confirmation and received an affirmative nod, “Yes, this time he gets only a hand spanking.  It’s his warning to take control of his emotions that are probably triggered by his hormones.  But if this happens again, the story will be very different.”

On this sobering note, mother required Ed to explain why he was being spanked.  As usual, she made him tell all, using full sentences.  When Mary heard that Ed had called Mrs. Clymer a “bitch” in front of the whole class, she knew that he really was lucky to only get a hand spanking.

All too soon for Ed, it was spanking time.  Mother said, “Mary will do the warmup, and then I’ll take over as before.”

Ed’s response surprised them both.  “Since it’s just a hand spanking, can Mary do it all?”

Mother looked at him severely, “Are you trying to get off easy?”

Ed colored, “No mom, you would never allow that.  I thought your idea was for Mary to learn how to spank, besides I’d rather not change laps.”

“I’m willing to let her try,” mother decided, “but if I’m not happy with the results I’ll have to finish the job myself.”

Mary thought it odd that nobody asked her opinion, but she decided that she had nothing to lose by trying.  She sat in the kitchen chair that had been placed well away from the table.  Automatically, her brother placed himself across her lap.

Mother said, “Start out with a good warmup spanking like before, and then I’ll guide you through the other part.”

Mary nodded, and then started work.  This spanking went like the others, except that Mary was much more confident in her ability.  In just a matter of minutes Ed found himself pink-bottomed, squirming and sobbing as his sister completed a very competent and thorough warmup spanking. 

Now it was time for the main event!

“OK Mary, start with 6 swats to each buttock.  Use the flat of your hand, and do it almost full strength.  Yes!  You did those well.  Now I want you to...”
For Ed, the next few minutes were not only excruciating, but nerve-racking because he could hear what was about to happen moments before he felt it on his bottom.  He quickly realized that  Mary was plenty strong enough do the job.  That was bad, because his bottom stung like hell.  But also it was good because his mind quickly overloaded, so he just  bawled, squirmed, and kicked without actually thinking.       

As she worked, Mary felt the usual mixture of emotions.  She was genuinely sorry for her brother, and didn’t want to hurt him, but she realized that it wasn’t her decision.  If Mary didn’t spank Ed, then mother would.  But also she felt a bit of pride and a feeling of mastery because now she knew that she was strong enough to deliver a real spanking.  After those first few “real” spanks to her brother’s buttocks, Ed’s pained reactions, coupled with her mother’s praise, had told her that she was doing an excellent job.

But for the first time there was something else.  Mary had never connected her brother’s body to her ideas of sexuality because they had grown up together.  But today she made that connection, if only indirectly.  Mary had dated a few times, and even had the beginnings of a romantic relationship with a boyfriend in her class.  But beyond kissing and snuggling, Mary hadn’t yet engaged in any intimacies.  Now she made the connection that the bodies of the boys she dated must resemble her younger brother’s rapidly maturing body.

Just then, mother instructed Ed to open his legs so that Mary’s spanks could reach his inner thighs.  After being cautioned to avoid Ed’s male parts, Mary set to work on this tender area.  This wide open rear view of her brother’s most intimate parts made her think of her nascent boyfriend in a whole new way.  Guiltily, she felt her body respond.  Suddenly she was glad that females were built in a way that hid their arousal.         

After his thighs had been properly spanked, mother showed Mary how to trap Ed’s legs under one of hers.  This would be necessary to hold him in place for the final “roasting” of his buttcheeks and sit spots.

Ed bucked and howled as she briskly covered his bottom with a finishing fusillade of full-strength spanks.  She was appalled at how much it hurt her hand!  Forgetting Ed for a moment, she blew on he aching palm.

The spanking done, she held the bawling boy as she rubbed his back and spoke calming words until he had recovered sufficiently to be trusted on his feet for the inevitable and embarrassing “spank-dance”.  It was then, as she looked down at her brother’s naked and red-bottomed body that she had the premonition.  Suddenly, in her mind’s eye, her and Ed’s roles reversed.  Now it was a bare-assed and freshly-spanked version of herself laying across Ed’s lap blubbering piteously.  Mary still resolved to do everything possible to avoid it, or at least delay it, but now she had a new conviction deep down in her belly that at least one more spanking was inevitable before she outgrew her parent’s discipline.  Doubtless, at least part of that spanking would be delivered by her loving brother Ed.         To Part 4

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A Sister’s Practice Spanking, Part 2

© Guyspencer 2013
A Sister’s Practice Spanking, Part 2

Even though, at her mother’s bidding, Mary had recently spanked her younger teen brother, things between them quickly returned to normal.  Oh she tried to apologize, but he was both forgiving and dismissive.  “I earned a spanking, and I got one.  I know it wasn’t your idea, so don’t worry about it.”

Mary considered telling him about her subsequent talk with mother, where they had decided that Ed would get return spanking privileges should the situation ever present itself, but decided against it, at least for now.   For one thing, it seemed that there was enough weirdness in the house as it was, and also Mary had a way of avoiding spankings.  She was now old enough that possibly she had experienced her last parental spanking.   So even if she told her brother that he might get to spank her, it still might never happen.

Poor Ed only lasted three weeks until his next spanking.  This time it was a domestic matter.  Ed had told his mother that his chores had been completed.  Unfortunately for Ed, she decided to check, and found some only half done.

Ed raised a spirited defense against his mother’s claim that he had lied to her.  The only thing that saved Ed from worse punishment was that he had raised doubt in his mother’s mind over the distinction between two spankable offenses: A purposeful lie to his mother, or a slovenly job on his chores.  In the end, she decided to only punish him only for the second (less serious) offense.   Ed was saved from the pain of the switch or the belt, but his bottom was still in big trouble!  She ordered the boy to fetch her the hairbrush.  With palpable relief, tinged with unhappy anticipation of what was to come, the boy obeyed.  

As Ed left the room, mother called after him, “I think your sister is in her bedroom. Call her down please.”

It was normal for both siblings to be present when either was spanked, but Ed guessed correctly that he would again spend time across his sister’s lap.  He knocked on her bedroom door, and she called him inside.  He told her sadly, “You’re supposed to come downstairs.  I did something stupid, so now I get the hairbrush.”

“I’m sorry Ed.” she replied, “Really I am.  What happened?”

“I didn’t get all my chores done, but I told her differently because she usually doesn’t check.  This time she checked.  I’m lucky to only get the hairbrush.  I guess you’ll be helping again.”
“That’s probably what she will want.” Mary agreed, “Do you mind?” 

“I guess not.  A spanking is a spanking, and I earned one fair and square.”

“OK Buster,” she said fondly, “I’ll see you downstairs.” She gave the boy a squeeze and then sent him out the door.

After a quick detour to the toilet, Ed collected the hairbrush from his mother’s dresser and returned to the kitchen.  There, he humbly handed over the feared instrument and automatically started undressing.

Meanwhile, Mary exchanged her shorts for slacks before strolling downstairs to the kitchen.  There she found her mother watching Ed remove his underpants. 

While undressing in front of his family was hardly a favorite pastime for Ed, neither was it a particular humiliation.  Unusual as it may be, Ed and Mary had been brought up without body shame, so nudity itself wasn’t a big issue.  It was dread of the coming spanking that hung heavy on Ed’s mind, and the shame of having disappointed his mother.

Soon Ed was naked, with his clothes neatly piled on an empty kitchen chair.  Then came a familiar family ritual.  Ed had to explain the reason for his punishment.  That ensured that everyone, especially Ed himself, was clear about why he was being punished, and to ensure that the lesson involved was properly conveyed.  Ed stumbled through the story to his mother’s satisfaction.

Then Mother spoke in a businesslike tone, “I assume that you want a warmup before you feel the hairbrush?”  Miserably, Ed nodded.  To him, the hairbrush felt ten times worse on an unprepared bottom.  Warmup spankings hurt and made him cry, but they are better than the agony of the alternative. 

“Do you mind if your sister does that part?” 

Ed looked at his sister with a hint of last-minute trepidation on his face, but replied “No, it’s OK.”

Just a blur later, Mary found herself sitting in a kitchen chair with her brother over her lap for the second time.  This time, she felt more sure of herself.  As her mother had taught her, she started out with mild swats and gradually dialed up the heat.  At first little happened, but then, in spite of himself, Ed started squirming as his nether cheeks pinkened.  As she nourished and spread the color using spanks of gradually increasing force, the first sob escape her brother’s lips.       

The cocktail of emotions swirling inside Mary’s head was difficult to describe.  She loved her brother and honestly didn’t wish to hurt him, yet he had earned this punishment.  When walking downstairs, she had felt a guilty thrill of anticipation deep down in her stomach.  It had hit her again when Ed had laid across her lap.  Now, with Ed responding vigorously to her not-so-tender ministrations, she felt the same pride that any teen feels on mastering some new skill on the long ladder to adulthood.

“Mastery,” yes, that’s the word!  Temporarily, Mary felt mastery over another human in a way that she had never felt it before.  There would be time later for guilty feelings, but for now Mary simply knew that this spanking was needed, was justified and that she was doing it well.

Ed gasped, groaned and squealed in response to Mary’s spanks.  His tears, at first barely noticeable, now flowed steadily.         

Obeying instructions from mother, Mary shifted her attentions to Ed’s thighs.  His movements now became more urgent, but Mary gamely continued her assigned task.  By now, the boy was frankly crying.  His legs kicked wide, but that only served to offer new areas of inner thigh to Mary’s corporal attentions, and to give the young lady interesting glimpses of Ed’s rectum and a stunning rear view of his maleness.

Ed was initially relieved when Mary returned her attention to his buttocks, but then she drastically increased their sting with a fusillade of spanks significantly harder than any delivered previously. 

Finally Mary delivered her last few spanks, scorchers intended to prepare his “sit spots” for their soon-to-be hairbrush branding.  Ed bawled in full voice.       

Mary looked up at her mother, to see a smile and a “thumbs-up”.  Her job was done, Ed had been properly prepared for the hairbrush.

Later, Ed barely remembered his mother helping him off of Mary’s lap.  He stood shakily as Mary and mother swapped places.  He didn’t hear mother whisper to Mary, “Watch closely how I do this.”  He unfortunately did clearly feel his first spanks from that hairbrush though!

Mary watched carefully.  Poor Ed squealed, screamed, and kicked as mother quickly and expertly branded his bottom with the hairbrush.  She marked his buttocks with sweeping heavy blows, and tenderized his thighs with quicker, lighter spanks.  She finished with memorable strokes to each sit spot, calculated to ache whenever Ed sat for the next several days. 

When she finished, the naked boy was limp, exhausted, and blubbering across his mother’s lap.  The spanking over, mother gently helped Ed to his feet, allowed him suitable time to dance, rub and cry, and then comforted him in her arms.  Once released, the boy hugged his sister and actually thanked her for spanking him.  Mother considered red-bottom corner time for Ed, but decided he had been punished enough.  The spanked boy gathered his clothes and retreated to his bedroom.      


Later, Mary tried to apologize.  Like before, Ed  he brushed it aside, “Honestly Mary, I hated that spanking.  But I stupidly earned it, and it doesn’t matter who gives it to me.  So don’t worry about it.  Just don’t ever try to go easy on me.  They would never fall for it.  If they tell you to spank me, the kindest thing you can do is do a good job and get it over with quickly.”

Mary agreed with a thoughtful look on her face.  This conversation had given her an opening to bring up a potentially embarrassing subject, “Errr... That brings up another matter.  I had a talk with mother a while back and...  Well, let’s just say that you might get a chance to sort of make things even between us if I ever screw up and deserve a spanking.”

Ed smiled thinly, “I sort of thought that might be the way it was, but you haven’t been spanked in a long time.  I’ll do it if they tell me to, but if you never get spanked again that’s perfectly OK with me.  I wouldn’t wish a spanking on anyone, especially you.”

Mary hugged her brother with genuine affection.  As she did, she noted that his shoulders had  widened recently and his arms were thicker.  Her little brother was growing up!  His junior varsity football practice probably had helped.  It was a sobering thought, but suddenly she realized that Ed was plenty strong enough to give a good account of himself as a spanker. 

She gulped, but continued unloading her mind. “I don’t know if I’m as brave as you, so if I ever end up across your lap I might act like a baby.  Still, I want the same treatment that you want, for the same reasons.  Please ignore whatever I say or do, be strong, and just do a good job so it’s over quickly.  I promise not to be mad at you afterwards, but please don’t think worse of me if I carry on like a little kid while it’s happening.”

The strength of Ed’s hug made her gasp, “Don’t worry sis.  I really hope that it never happens, but if it does, you will be in good hands.”

She gulped again at the thought of being across her “little” brother’s lap for an ass-warming, “Yes, she admitted.  Being in ‘good hands’ is exactly what I’m afraid of, so I’ll be on my best behavior to see that it doesn’t happen.  But if it does, feel free to do your best.”
To Part 3

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