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Concierge Punishment

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Concierge Punishment

The USA Justice Reform Act (the JRA) was instituted in the dying months of a certain billionaire’s Presidency. Because that man seemed unable to get his most controversial ideas legislated into law, (and some say fortunately so) the JRA stands today as the most well-known legacy of his administration.

The JRA saves the government billions by simply keeping petty criminals out of jail. Also it serves as an alternative justice system for those charged with petty violations of laws and regulations, such as traffic infractions. In short, rather than see a judge in a courtroom, a person charged with an infraction or a petty crime can elect to appear before an “Administrative Case Manager (ACM)” who examines the evidence, hears the defendant's statement, examines the defendant's record, and then (if warranted) assigns a fine and/or a physical punishment.

Strangely, despite the obvious pain and humiliation involved, it seems that many citizens prefer the simplicity and speed of corporal punishment over drivers license suspensions, years of probation or even incarceration. Also, the JRA system doesn't allow lawyers, so defendants are potentially spared thousands in legal expenses. So legal entanglements that drag for years in court can be dealt with cheaply and quickly with the JRA system.

As you doubtless know, those “physical punishments” are given at Public Punishment Centers by specially trained Punishment Administrators (PAs). Corporal punishments administered at those centers range from modest spankings and paddlings to severe strappings.

“Concierge Punishment” was instituted about five years after the birth of the JRA system. Naturally politicians of a certain stripe believe that private enterprise can always outdo government, so there was pressure for alternative privately-operated punishment centers. But politicians from the other side of the aisle claimed that the proposal reeked of elitism. They feared that alternative private punishment centers would simply be a way for rich people to avoid “real” punishments.

Unfortunately, even though the JRA allowed for drastically reduced jail budgets, that didn't stop politicians from cutting Punishment Center budgets. The result was that sometimes people waited weeks for their punishment appointments, and sometimes under-staffing in the centers resulted in people uncomfortably queuing for hours waiting for their scheduled punishments to be finally administered. So Punishment Centers acquired a rather bad reputation.

Fortunately a legislative compromise was reached that satisfied the concerns of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. “Concierge” Punishment Centers were established for those who could afford to use them. These centers offered quick appointments and would be adequately staffed because they were supported by user fees, rather than by tax money. Any concern that punishments here would be compromised was solved by one simple procedure; the actual punishment room would feature government-supplied Punishment Administrators. That made a sort of administrative “firewall” between the actual punishment room and the rest of the Concierge Center. Also, Punishment Administrators would be assigned randomly to Concierge centers, and only on a daily basis, reducing opportunities to bribe or otherwise compromise them.

This resulted in a system that worked! Concierge centers reduced the workload of Public Punishment Centers by a significant percentage, while at the same time contributing support to the entire JRA system by contributing taxes and fees.

Actually the term “Concierge Punishment” has a clever double meaning. To most people, the word “Concierge” implies some special high-class service, like the Concierge at a fancy hotel. But there is also a little known medieval meaning for the word “Concierge”. Back then, a Concierge was an officer of the king charged with executing justice.


Mary Adams, the CEO of a small but prosperous technology company, was speeding down an unfamiliar road en-route to a conference, where she intended to do some serious networking. It was a sacrifice for her to leave her office, but she needed to increase the visibility of her little company by attending these affairs. Always efficient, she used her driving time as “office time”. So as she drove, she worked her phone hard, making and answering calls, e-mails and texts. Mary was a good driver, but distraction never improves one’s driving.

On that winding two-lane road, Mary’s car accidentally clipped a bicycle! The rider wasn't badly hurt, but was taken to the hospital. His bike however, was a total loss.

Naturally, she stopped to render aid and summon help,

At first, Mary told herself that it wasn’t her fault. There was no bike lane, so the bike had been sharing the lane by riding along the road edge. There had been a car coming from the opposite direction, so Mary had unconsciously drifted over just as she passed the bike. With sober hindsight, Mary realized that she had allowed herself to become distracted and too rushed. What she should have done was slow down until she could pass with sufficient clearance.

Independently, the investigating police officer arrived at the same conclusion. Not only that, but because he discovered that Mary had been using her phone whilst driving, he ultimately charged her with several infractions. The most serious one was “Reckless Endangerment”.

Mary did the right thing. Before even consulting her attorney, she ensured that the man had proper care, and purchased him a new bicycle with her own funds, having it delivered to his home.

Only then did she consult her attorney. First they arranged to fairly compensate the man for his pain and suffering. Finally, they addressed her traffic citations, “On a first offense all of these can be disposed of by paying a substantial fine.” the attorney explained, “but 'Reckless Endangerment' is a serious charge. People get jail time for that”.

“That can't happen,” Mary exclaimed. “Truthfully, my corporation is at a crucial juncture. If I can't function, hundreds of people could end up without jobs.”

“Well,” her attorney responded, “If the stakes are honestly that high, then you should consider JRA, the Justice Reform Act, because that would guarantee a result that will keep you out of jail and ensure that your corporation isn't affected. But I warn you, Reckless Endangerment is the highest type of offense that can be adjudicated with JRA, so you could receive a maximum punishment.”

“Errr,” she said wrinkling her nose thoughtfully, “The JRA means corporal punishment right? So I would be paddled, like in high school years ago?”

“Well, yes, we’re discussing corporal punishment,” he explained gently, “but most punishments are worse than your example. Yes, some defendants just get a few wacks with a school paddle, but you almost killed someone!”

“I'm tempted to risk that punishment,” she replied, “especially with a professional like you to defend me. Surely you can get me off with something less than the worst”

He swallowed hard, “Mary, I can’t. The JRA doesn’t allow lawyers. That's why us lawyers hate the JRA. It costs us millions in lost business every year!”

“Then how would my case be decided?”

“Well first you must apply for JRA treatment of your case. With your clean record, that will surely be approved. Then an Administrative Case Manager (ACM) hears your case. It would be just him and you in a little office. He studies the officer's citation and your record, and then hears you out. He adjudicates on the spot, with no appeal possible. Assuming he finds you guilty, he will assign you an iron-clad appointment to report to a Public Punishment Center. You should expect the maximum punishment; twenty swats with a heavy leather strap to your bare bottom!”

At the words “bare bottom” Mary felt a surprising frisson.

Unaware of Mary's momentary distraction, he continued, “That appointment will be 'iron clad' unless you’re either hospitalized that day, or choose to be punished sooner, which is what I would suggest. Should you fail to show for your appointment, you will be arrested. And you don't even want to know what happens then!”

Mary shivered at the thought, “You mentioned dealing with my punishment sooner, how and why would I do that?”

He leaned back, (as attorney's do when they are about to deliver some particular insight) “The 'why' is that once sentenced you don't want to dread your punishment for perhaps weeks before it finally happens. You're better off getting it done and behind you as soon as possible.

Yes, she agreed with that!

He continued, “The 'how' is a Concierge Punishment Center. You pay for a quick appointment, and it will be an appointment that really means something, no hours of waiting in line with dozens of other naked people.

Mary's eyes widened, “Naked?”

“Yes,” he responded, “Read up on it. All JRA punishments must be bare bottom. But for security reasons, simplicity, and just to shame you, they actually require you to strip naked.”

She shuddered, “So Concierge Punishment Centers are the way to go?”

“Oh definitely! For someone like you they are worth the expense. Sometimes you can be sentenced in the morning and have your punishment completed that same day! They do everything possible to accommodate customers, and they treat you with full respect.”

“But,” he continued, “Remember this; your end punishment will be exactly the same as if you were at a Public Punishment Center. And don’t forget, you should expect the worst possible punishment.”

Mary shivered, but she hadn't gotten to be a CEO without learning to face reality, “Okay, don't hold back, tell me what to expect.”

“You're sure you want to know?”

She nodded.

“Well the Concierge folks will prepare you the best that they are allowed. Take no pain medication for 24 hours before arrival. They will test your blood! The Concierge staff will give you no medication either, don't even ask! They may apply some soothing salves before and/or after your punishment, but none will contain pain killers. Is that clear?”

With a determined look on her face, she nodded, “So how do they 'prepare' me?”

“Well, first they have ways to calm you down. They’ll offer you herbal tea, guide you through meditation, give you a massage; that sort of stuff. And then, just before you go in for your punishment you have the option of...”

Catching something in his tone, her eyebrows raised, “Option of exactly what?”

For once, she saw a lawyer blush! “Well they offer you a warmup spanking, and you're crazy if you don't take it. The thought of that strap on an unprepared bottom is horrifying.”

He hesitated, his face reddening anew, “And along with that warmup spanking they can give you a...err...special massage. You see, arousal is a natural way to temporarily block your pain receptors.”

After catching his meaning, Mary's blush matched her attorney's.

He finished lamely, “After that, they send you straight to the punishment room. It's important not to delay.”

He went on to describe the punishment process, and the aftercare provided by the Concierge service. In the process he admitted having been there himself for traffic offenses.

To Mary the whole thing sounded horrifying...yet it didn't. She was of two minds.


If nothing else, Mary was a moral person, and wished to be known as such. The instant her attorney departed, she called in her personal assistant.

The lady stood shocked and appalled when Mary instructed her to arrange a morning appointment with an Administrative Case Manager “ASAP” to have her citations adjudicated. “And then,” Mary continued, “I'll need an afternoon appointment at the best Concierge Punishment Center around. After I see that ACM, my Concierge appointment is almost certain to be necessary. But should that ACM dismiss my case, I'll be delighted to pay the Concierge Center's full fee anyhow.”

“Naturally,” she added dryly, “don’t schedule afternoon business for that day, and preferably no meetings the following day because I won't be sitting much.”

Before dismissing her Assistant, Marry added, “I'm aware my traffic incident is common knowledge in the company. That incident was my own fault, so I don't mind folks discreetly learning how I pay for it. Put nothing in writing and certainly leak nothing outside the corporation, but I'll leave the dissemination of that information to your discretion.”

Red faced, the Assistant left to arrange her boss's punishment.

Later, Mary went online to pay a rather substantial service fee to the Anderson Concierge Punishment Center to officially confirm her appointment. They sent her a brochure of rules and suggestions. Prime among the rules was no painkillers within 24 hours of her appointment, not even aspirin!

One week later:

Her morning visit to the Administrative Case Manager had been simple. She had presented her case in the best light possible, but the facts were damming. As her attorney had feared, he sentenced her to a full twenty strokes with a heavy strap. After that, Mary was too nervous to eat lunch. Besides, her Concierge Punishment center appointment was shortly after lunchtime and she had been advised not to arrive with a full stomach.

In response to the Center's suggestions, she used her private washroom to exchange her usual pencil skirt for a full, loose one. Obviously this would be easier to replace over a livid and swelling recently-punished bottom than her tight skirt.


Part of the service, a liveried driver in a luxurious sedan arrived at Mary’s office to whisk her to what he referred to as “Anderson Center”. She sat in the back seat and sipped the supplied mineral water while trying to calm herself. The driver had seen it before, but kept a straight face.

The building was so plain that one could drive by it forever without wondering its purpose. She assumed that it was designed to conceal it's real purpose. The driver solicitously opened an inconspicuous door labeled, “Anderson Concierge Punishment Center”. After slipping him a tip, she ventured inside.

Contrasting with the building’s plain exterior, the inside was tastefully and expensively carpeted and decorated. She later learned that the colors were scientifically selected for their calming effect. She was offered tea and then invited into a private office for registration. The first order of business was to provide positive identification. Tutting apologetically, the lady clerk deftly pricked her finger to draw a single dot of blood. The dot went into a machine which the lady explained checked for drugs in her system and recorded her DNA for positive identification. “This test will be repeated by a Punishment Administrator, but it's better if we uncover any irregularities than for him to! We can simply send you home, but to them painkillers in your system would be a serious and punishable offense!”.

Then the clerk handed her a form with a three boxes to choose from, “1) I wish to retain the option to leave before punishment, 2) I hereby relinquish the option to leave before punishment, and, 3) This is a Non-JRA visit.” The clerk explained, “Most people choose number two, that way you are 'locked in' so that your punishment definitely happens and you can't be tormented by the urge to flee.

The first two choices made sense to Mary, but the third one confused her; “What's number three?”

The clerk blushed, “Well, some clients just come only for our preparation ritual. They seem to crave it.” In a conspiratorial whisper she explained, “I think it's the last part that they like, they call it the 'spank and wank'.”

Mary was sophisticated enough to understand, so merely nodded. She initialed box “2”, and returned the form to the nice lady.

She wasn't prepared for the clerk's next question, although in retrospect she should have been, “Would you like a male or female attendant?” Mary had to stop to consider. By now she understood that her attendant would see her naked and would touch her, sometimes intimately. The thought of a strange man doing that was embarrassing, but the idea of a woman doing the same was downright repellent!

“I’ll take a male attendant please.”

So moments later Mary was introduced to her attendant, George Baker. She accepted his hand, and he squeezed it reassuringly before reaching for her file. On noticing her pending punishment, he was professional enough to refrain from whistling, although he pursed his lips.

Recovering, he gave her a reassuring grin, and said, “Hello I'm George and it's my job to get you through this.”

He took her to a pleasant little office, sat her in a comfortable chair, offered her tea, and then talked. His style was so slick and conversational that they had covered several subjects before she realized that she was being interviewed. Professionally, but without intimidation, he extracted basic medical information from her, determined that she had never been spanked before, and (without even blinking) ascertained the status of her monthly cycle. (Fortunately it wasn't that time of month for Mary.)

Finally he took her to another room, “This is your private bath and shower. Start with a shower for the relaxing effect. When done, towel off and don only this provided bathrobe. I'll be in my office.”

She showered, dried herself, and desperately wanted to at least wear panties. Still she obeyed, snugging the luxurious robe around her nakedness.

Next George helped her through a guided meditation session, and then led her a room which was dominated by a luxurious massage table.

He spoke gently, “Mary, that robe definitely has to go before you visit your PA (Punishment Administrator). So to get you comfortable with that, now is a good time to give it up. In fact, our repeat customers usually don't bother with the robe. Is that okay? It will make your massage that much simpler. Don't worry about me, this is all in a day's work for me.”

Bravely, if reluctantly, Mary doffed her robe, standing naked before George. Now frankly, neither George nor Mary were built like models, but both were reasonably well-formed specimens. George had strong arms, a narrow waist, and a pleasant face. Mary was a shapely, auburn haired, compact woman in her late 20's. She was too career-focused for marriage, but had no lack of potential suitors. With a professional eye, George saw a woman in good shape; her stomach flat, her breasts high, and her skin taut and unblemished.

He helped her onto the table, massaged her muscles somewhat and then applied lotion before starting her whole-body massage. As he worked, he explained, “We have certain lotions that we're allowed to use before and after your punishment. They’re soothing, but unfortunately aren't allowed to contain painkillers. He massaged her until she felt like she was floating!

Finally he remarked, “I think that you're ready for the final touch. Do you know what that involves? By now Mary was relaxed enough to joke, “That's the spank and wank?”

He laughed, “Yes, that!”

But in a serious voice he explained, “I need your explicit permission for those. Is it okay if I give you a warm-up spanking and may I give you an intimate massage?”

She spoke clearly, wondering if she was being recorded, “I understand that there’s a good reason for each of those, so yes, both please.”

“Yes there is an excellent reason, you wouldn't want to face that strap unprepared!”

Reminded that she was getting closer to “that strap” Mary shivered. Butterflies partied in her stomach.

He sent her for a last bathroom break. On re-entering the massage room she found him seated on an armless chair with a white towel across his lap. He patted his lap invitingly.

Her stomach aflutter, and feeling silly, she awkwardly laid across his lap. Showing surprising strength, he lifted her hips to guide her into position.

He explained, “This isn't supposed to hurt much, but to stimulate and overwhelm your pain centers. Still, it triggers emotions in some. If you feel like crying, just do it. I'll start gently.

He snapped on a pair of thin surgical gloves before proceeding.

True to his word, his first spanks to her firm buttocks left only a tiny sting. When he had imparted a vague blush to her twin mounds, he targeted a lower area. Feeling her immediately squirm, he explained, “Sorry, but your thighs are fair game for the strap. We can’t fail to prepare them.
Then he paused, “That’s barely starting your spanking, but let's try some massage now. Relax and spread your thighs. Remember, this is okay and I'm an expert.”

With difficulty, Mary obeyed. Her body (or perhaps her mind) objected to his invading fingers at first, but George was skilled and patient. When she finally started to surrender, he withdrew his hand.

“That's a good start, now more spanking.”

The next interval of spanking was harder than before, but Mary barely noticed. She had just started to respond to George's “massage” and had been disappointed at its interruption, but now the spanking wasn't bad either! Her bottom glowed distinctly pink when he paused again to massage. This time she immediately welcomed his probing fingers! As he worked, her mind floated into her private fantasy place.

After that, for a few wonderful moments he spanked with his left hand at the same time that his right worked between her thighs. The combination was the most intense sensation of her life!

At this point, most women would have totally given themselves up to this rush of sensations, but there was part of Mary’s brain (the CEO part of her) that was constantly evaluating and planning. That part “saw” her bottom heaving and reaching up for George’s next spank, after each spank she would thrust her groin down against George’s educated fingers. She was certainly acquainted with that pleasure center between her legs, but now she discovered that her bottom could also be a pleasure center.

Logically, that “CEO” part of Mary’s brain planed; she would return to the Concierge Center someday soon, she would mark her option sheet “This is a Non-JRA visit”, she would request George, and she would allow him to “Spank and Wank” her through at least three climaxes! “Yes” she decided, that would be a logical investment in her well-being.

But today, there was other pressing business.

Before Mary could “get off” on today’s “Spank and Wank”, George stopped.

“Everybody wants to continue, but we must take you almost to orgasm without actually letting it happen. Are you close?”

Reluctantly, she admitted that she was.

“Good”, he said, “You can ask me to finish that massage after your punishment. But now we have just a bit more spanking and we'll be finished here.”

“This will hurt,” he warned, “But you need extra to prepare you for that strap.”

Without waiting for further permission, he unleashed a fusillade of moderately hard spanks all over her bottom and thighs. She twisted and sobbed, but to her credit never asked him to stop.

But finally he did stop spanking her, and that logical part of her mind knew what the next order of business would be. To George’s astonishment, Mary spoke in her “CEO” voice, “I think I’m about as ready for my beating as I’ll ever be. Let’s get it over.”

“I agree”, George said.

Quickly he helped her to her feet and then urged her towards a certain door. As they walked he explained, “The Punishment Administrators are at the far end of this next hallway. We can’t control what happens there, nor even know which PAs are there today. That's so there can be no collusion, no special deals, and certainly no bribery!”

They turned into that hallway, and she noticed that the Concierge Center's plush carpet abruptly ended at the halfway point. Beyond there, the building's decor suddenly became dull and institutional. At the hall’s end, a lady sat at a desk.

George gave her a reassuring hug, “This is as far as I go. Very shortly the worst will be over, and I'll be waiting here to take care of you. Go quickly because your 'preparation' fades quickly.”

As Mary walked toward her punishment, her brain seemed enveloped in a protective fog. She tingled in several special places from her near-orgasm, and there was a distracting sting in her bottom. Still naked and on display, her pubic hair was matted from her arousal, her hair was sweaty, and her bottom was pink from her warm-up spanking.

Too soon, she was at that desk. She gulped, realizing that she now irretrievably “belonged” to the government-hired Punishment Administrators until they deemed her punishment complete.

The lady was polite but businesslike. She took Mary's name and then repeated the “blood drop” test to verify her identity and check for painkillers. Then she pointed to a door, “Punishment room number two Miss Adams.”

Her heart in her throat, she hesitantly knocked. A male voice bid her to enter.

Inside, her first sight was the punishment table (she had never seen one before, but immediately guessed its purpose) and the punishment tools arrayed on the wall. She nearly swooned!

As she stood dizzy and confused, she became aware of the PA. He was a normal appearing man, so normal that she probably wouldn't be able to recognize him tomorrow. Having a non-remarkable appearance is good for a Punishment Administrator, because they obviously don't like being recognized in public by their former “clients”. In fact, they never use their real names. Most are “Jones” or “Smith” when on duty.

He greeted her politely, introducing himself as “Mr. Smith”. He frowned at his computer screen, “Excuse me while I examine your case.”

Mary's initial impression of this man was good, he had an honest face, and he looked at her eyes when he talked, seemingly ignoring her nude body.

Finally he said, “Oh! Reckless Endangerment! It seems that you almost killed a poor fellow. I wondered why you received such a severe punishment for first-offense traffic infractions, but technically Reckless Endangerment is a third degree felony, much worse than a traffic infraction.”

Then he explained that a third degree felony was the highest crime that could be adjudicated via the JRA. All felonies are potentially jail offenses, so she was likely avoiding jail time by accepting today's punishment.

“So,” he said gravely, “Nothing personal, but it's my duty to strap your bottom.”

Sadly, Mary said that she understood.

“Surely you want to get it over with, but first some preliminaries.”

He had her bend over and put her elbows on his desk while he snapped on rubber gloves. He briefly examined her bottom, looking for any problems that would preclude today's punishment. He was a professional, so he noted that her bottom was a bit broad for her age and slim build. He concluded correctly that her buttocks were probably spreading from years of sitting in office chairs. That was okay with him, it gave him more bottom to work with. He hated concentrating twenty severe swats on a tiny bottom.

He squeezed one buttock, professionally judging the resilience of her flesh. Yes, this lady could safely absorb her punishment. He used a camera to document the “before” condition of Mary's bottom.

Next, as Mary watched with her heart in her throat, he selected an impressive strap from the wall. “We sanitize these straps before and after every use, so this strap is clean. Still, to assure you of your safety, I'm required to sanitize it in your presence.”

Unwillingly, Mary witnessed as he spread a jell over both sides of the leather and then wiped it dry. As was likely intended, she got a closer look at that strap than she really cared for. It was a vicious-looking slab of leather connected to a wooden handle. As he worked, she noticed the apparent suppleness of the leather. He finished by wiping a few drops of Neatsfoot oil into the hide.

“Okay,” he said brightly, “Lets get you ready for business.”

She had a wild urge to bolt when he led her to the punishment table. Her heart fluttered and she breathed heavy, but managed to hold herself together. The table had two levels, the lowest was for her knees and lower legs, and an upper padded area was for her torso. He carefully prepared the table, placing a clean folded towel where her groin would be, and then pulling white paper over the entire thing, as with a doctor's exam table. He pointed out special indentations for her knees, and then told her to kneel there. The indentations kept her thighs parted. Then, with a gentle hand to her back, he urged her torso down.

With a very professional regard for sanitation, he wrapped a towel around her back before applying the wide restraint there. As he worked, he explained that the padded restraint held her torso immobile, but also protected her back from errant blows.

Then she heard motors whir as he adjusted the table to fit her. She felt her bottom rise into the air, making her feel even more vulnerable.

Finally he immobilized her extremities with more Velcro straps, using disposable pads to prevent the straps from touching her skin. He talked in a reassuring voice, explaining that her punishment would “hurt like hell” and would leave bruises, but would cause no lasting injury.

“It’ll all be over in a few minutes,” he said. “Here comes.”

He stood back, hunched his shoulders a few times to loosen up, shook the strap to get it's feel, and then professionally delivered the first stroke with astounding force to the summits of her nether twin peeks.

She heard the leather swish through the air, which made her clench her buttocks, making things even worse. She heard leather meet skin and felt...nothing. Well, she felt nothing for a half-heartbeat, but then her brain finally processed this sudden leathery outrage to millions of clamoring nerve endings.

She threw her head back and screamed.

The Punishment Administrator didn't even flinch at Mary's loud reaction. “Mr. Smith” was among the first PAs hired and trained after the JRA passed in 2019. Literally, he had seen and heard everything since then. Whatever sexual thrill he had ever had from this job had long dissipated. Fortunately these “maximum” punishments weren't common, so he had initially been genuinely concerned about the severity of Mary's sentence.

Mary would have been horrified to know that an accidental byproduct of the table's design (intended to maximize spanking area) was that the restraints forced a knees-apart position, which exposed her most intimate bits to the eyes of the PA. Mr. Smith of course knew this, but was far more interested in properly placing the swats on Mary's bottom as per JRA guidelines.

So “Mr. Smith” was simply doing his job, and doing it professionally. That terrible first swat had been intended to leave a livid bruise on Mary bottom, but the next nineteen would be just as bad.

The current JRA doctrine manual pegged the optimum time between strap strokes at thirty seconds. That gave the “client” just enough time between strokes to fully appreciate the next one. Faster than that and the client would “zone out” after the first few strokes and barely feel the following ones, but taking longer between strokes wasted valuable time. So Mr. Smith timed his strokes exactly “according to the book”, thirty seconds apart.

Also following JRA procedure, he nicely disbursed the first six swats over Mary's cringing buttocks. Each stroke left a livid line across both mounds, whilst the nearly supersonic tip wrapped around to dig painfully into her right hip. The next two swats, delivered with a slight upward trajectory, were dedicated to her undercurves and sit spots. The final two strokes of the first set of ten, delivered with slightly less force, went lower on her thighs.

Naturally, Mary didn't take this abuse well, or quietly. However, she was restrained so thoroughly and so professionally that Mr. Smith simply ignored her struggles. Poor Mary was pulling so hard at her restraints that tomorrow certain muscles would hurt almost as much as her bottom. She bawled, squalled, screamed, and begged, but Mr. Smith just ignored it all as he competently did his duty. The man honestly had no rancor and no hint of sadism nor sexual thrill-seeking. Neither good nor evil, “Mr. Smith” was simply a dutiful and competent public servant doing his job.

Once the first ten strokes had been delivered, the man switched the strap handle to his left hand and moved to Mary's opposite side. The final ten strokes matched the first ten, except that they were delivered in reverse order, first her thighs, then her undercurves, followed by a final six to her buttocks. From long practice, his left arm's accuracy and force were indistinguishable from that of his right.

By the twentieth stroke, poor Mary was exhausted, simply absorbing the abuse as she sobbed piteously. It was a blessing that she would only be able to remember the first few swats.

The beating done, Mr. Smith stepped back and placed the strap on his desk to be sanitized. Still restrained, Mary moaned and sobbed. After examining for bleeding or abrasions he used his camera to document the “after” condition of her bottom. Then he spoke gently to Mary, finally gaining her attention so that he could evaluate her state of mind. When she seemed ready, he removed her restraints and carefully helped her off the table. Impetuously, before he could stop her, both of Mary's hands shot to her bottom. The sudden pain from that contact was so intense that her knees nearly buckled. He summoned the attendant from the hallway desk. They each took an arm to help the hurting and distraught woman out of the punishment room and back down the hall towards the Concierge center.


At the hallway dividing line, George and a Concierge nurse waited to take charge of Mary. At first, she barely realized where she was. Back in George's massage room, they laid her face-down on the massage table and gave her a pillow to sob into. The nurse checked her livid bottom. It would be a mass of bruises tomorrow but the Punishment Administrator had done well, whipping her hard whilst causing no serious abrasions.

From there, George took over. He sprayed a cooling solution on her bottom, and then gave her an “above waistline” massage. Gradually responding to the pampering, she relaxed and her tears slowed.

George apologized that no painkillers were allowed, but he explained that meditation actually works faster than medication. So he guided her through another session of meditation. By then she was still sore, but starting to feel human again.

All through this, Mary remained stark naked. To have anything touching her bottom was unthinkable.

Finally George helped Mary into her dressing room. She steadied herself while he dressed her as if she were a child.

The ride home was in a special unmarked van. It featured a soft divan so that Mary could ride lying face-down. The nurse accompanied her. The nurse and driver helped her in the door of her apartment. The Nurse stayed for nearly an hour, ensuring that Mary was in bed and could be safely left alone.

It had been barely suppertime when that nurse put Mary to bed, so she awoke in the wee hours, wide awake and already feeling better. Against her will, her mind replayed the events of yesterday. Most of yesterday seemed too terrible to contemplate, but her mind kept returning to George's “Spank and Wank”. She wouldn't crave spanking anytime soon, but that unfinished wank was another matter! Her fingers went to work, completing the job that George had properly left unfinished. That felt so good that she did it again a few minutes later, picturing George in the process. Exhausted, she drifted back to sleep.


Unsurprisingly, the following day was difficult, but she doggedly went to her office. Nobody would have blamed her had she stayed home, but that wouldn't have made her bottom stop hurting. She arrived to find that someone had thoughtfully placed a satin pillow on her leather desk chair. Pillow or no, she worked standing up whenever possible. Later that day there was a staff meeting that she couldn't avoid. She walked into the meeting room to find that every chair had mysteriously disappeared. At the meeting everybody stood with her, making her feel respected and understood!


There was one last matter to be dealt with before this entire episode would be behind her. She had her attorney obtain a copy of the AP’s “after” picture from her punishment. She blushed when she saw it, partially because she hadn't realized what body parts would be exposed in that rear view of her. Looking at that revealing picture, where her tortured bottom and thighs framed her most private parts, she almost tossed it into the shredder. But her sense of fair play prevailed. She mailed it to the bicyclist that she had hurt, along with another apology and a plea to keep the photo private. It was proof that she had accepted her punishment and hadn't gotten off free.

After all, it was the least she could do for the man!

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Hi there,

thanks for a very, very thrilling story. I'm an F/M fan but liked this one very much. Hopefully we will read the next part of it ASAP !


2:59 AM, August 18, 2017  

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